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  2. You have to complete the customer satisfaction survey within 72 hours after receiving the invitation.
  3. Winner will be contacted by telephone approximately 14 days after the drawing date to verify potential winner's mailing address.
  4. You need to pay for the taxes if you are the lucky winner.
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  2. Phone Entry. Call 800-658-1584 and complete the telephone survey regarding the service received during your Walgreens shopping experience.

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More Information about Walgreens
Walgreen is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States. It provides access to consumer goods and services, plus pharmacy, health and wellness services in America through its retail drugstores, Walgreens Health Services division, and Walgreens Health and Wellness division. As of January 31, 2012, the company operates 8,300 stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. It was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1901. Walgreens ' headquarters are in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield.

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  1. Your automated phone is NOT useful. A person has to yell into the phone in order to get someone on the damn phone

  2. Ordered photos from desktop computer. Received email confirmation & order #. Went to pick up prints & there were none. Called store later to ask why there was no order when I had an email from Walgreens. I was given the impression if it did not have the phone # I use in the store there was no order. I don't remember the online order requesting a phone number. Does something need to be changed lin online ordering? App is not the answer. Not everyone has a smart phone,

  3. i love the store in orange by village way.they were professional and very caring towards there customers.

  4. I received an email from Walgreens with a survey that was a red egg instructing me to crack the egg after I cracked the egg there was a survey asking a lot of questions about my visits to Walgreens I'm just curious as to the validity of the survey since I am not a regular Walgreen customer thank you

  5. i keep leaving excellent reviews for store 15065 and they tell me they have revived any of my receipt surveys . Can someone please see what going on. I don't go to any other location they always work hard. thanks guys

  6. the deals are always great get all medication done and I love the photo department why cause I love pic

    love walgreens

  7. I must comment on the service provided by Dawn at the McMinnville Oregon Walgreens store. Dawn (Delighted by Dawn) went out of her way to correct photo developing problems and to vastly improve upon another employees brusk, unpleasant attitude. She answered every question and stepped in to explain procedure to correct the results of my prints. Can't say enough about this lady: friendly, polite, accommodating and on!! An employee others should emulate!
    Thank you Dawn for making me want to return to Walgreens!

  8. I'm with Ginger, this is the worse site, it truly dose stink. Why not have one site clearly marked for the survey? Other sites ask for personal information, never did find the survey site.

  9. I am writing in regards to my prescription discount for my dog Foster that I just recently signed up for. I am very happy with this discount program for my dog foster. With this discount I am able to provide him with his medication that I would not have been able to afford. He is sixteen years old and in poor health but he keep hanging on thanks to Walgreen. My dog means a lot to me and I cannot thank you enough for providing me with the prescription discounts. He would not be alive without his medication. I am very grateful for your help.
    Thank you , again
    Larry Sentman

  10. your wagcares.com stinks. it's so confusing and with thousands listings - i never found the survey

  11. Our home town Walgreen, has the best helpers that work there.the store is very clean, and organize easy to fine things. Just a good place to get our medicine and shop. the pharmacists and the techs are very knowledgeable and patience with the customers.

  12. Thank You Lord for our Community Walgreens # 03910 This Entire Team is so Awesome full of kindness , helpful , knowledgeable in all areas of their store . I spend most of my time in pharmacy and wow they are truly Amazing blessings to you all lets continue to stay on Track and Finish this race by keeping the Faith . Thank You Miss Denise Smith

  13. Auto-refills seem to be refilled long before necessary.
    I have trouble finding the survey website.

  14. Tried to complete the survey #0754-7211-473 and your website is so confusing I was unable to compliment my cashier Elizatheth. You need to work on your "user-friendly" approach if you truly want surveys completed on your team members. Elizabeth did a great job - but I am unable to find where to put it on a survey!

  15. I was at the Walgreens, 03367 8011 Harper Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111
    Front register - 05/24/2016 - I believe the receipt was #340 6463 0021.
    Diana M. was extremely helpful with my purchase request. I couldn't find the product and she looked for it and 'found' it. She was professional and polite.

  16. I have always found Walgreen personnel pleasant and understanding in my needs when i am in your stores.

  17. I love walgreens. The staff is always friendly,helpful and always smiling.I think it is our jones co. Ms. way!! Also they enjoy working for Walgreens!!!!!

  18. I was at the Walgreen's in Palm Desert #04756 for senior day and after I came back to the Senior Home where I live, I noticed I did not get my 20% off for Senior Day..I spent $51.59 and the person waiting on me (I think he was the Mgr.) helped me with my balance card rewards of which I got $3.20..but the @0% is no where on my receipt..I should have gotten $10.83 discount. I think my rewards number ending in 1552. My receipt RFN# is 0475-6231-2851-1605-0303. I am a resident of Atria Palm Desert and we came by bus yesterday..Could you help me get my discount back? Thank you
    Marianne Bier
    4300 San Pascual Ave #134
    Palm Desert, 9220-2923

  19. MaryJo was my checkout person. She went above and beyond to help me when I couldn't find my coupon. She patiently waited for me to look for the coupon in my purse, then went back and tee there'd it when I finally found it after I'd already checked out. A big thank you to MaryJo! That is why I shop there. Certainly not for your very confusing sale coupons!

  20. Ignoring the fact that those large families in poverty don’t get the chance to consume much, raise their living standards (especially public health and nutrition) and watch the fuse on yet another of those &#68m2;timebo1bs’ (the demographic one) fizzle out.It certainly worked in the west.


  22. Today I shopped at the Selma, Ca Walgreens, and was helped by Corinna, the senior beauty consultant. She is always very friendly and very informative regarding her department. She is so patient and so eager to help me find exactly what I'm looking for. When I'm ready to purchase, Corinna always looks to see if she has coupons that might apply to my purchases. Such a wonderful, and helpful young lady. Thank you Walgreens

  23. Your photo assistant Theresa at store # 04774 in West Allis, Wisconsin, was extremely helpful today. Not only did she help me download & print pix of my grandson from my camera, she also helped me design a Mother's Day card for my daughter. Thank you all very much.

  24. Upon a recent visit to walgreens looking for cosmetics, I was greeted by a very friendly associate named Donna at the Penns Grove N.,J. store. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the selection of cosmetics on hand. She also guided me to the sale products and available coupons. Its refreshing to have an associate give such personal treatment in a time when prompts and computers fail to offer a person that luxury. thank you walgreens

  25. I only changed to walgreens because of my Ins. I was not happy with the way they changed my perscriptions. i called them and ask to change everything over and they said they could only do them as they came due. It's taken me about 2 months to get them all changed and then Im having to run into town to pick one up every other week. maybe they will finally get them straight but for how it is very fustrating. I just had my last one changed over. Also their drive thru is slower than dirt, its not unsual to sit in line for 15 mins or more. It's not the person at the window's fault , they just need more people back there.If you want the business put people there to wait on the customers.

  26. I want to compliment your ass't mgr at the #02277 Walgreen's, on 10th St, in Marysville, Ca. I feel badly I do not remember her name...nevertheless, I live in the San Francisco area and was visiting Marysville on March 24. I was attempting to find a solution to a problem with my Camcorder. I could not find a camera shop in town (lots of retailers unfortunately out of biz) and at last resort stopped at Walgreen's. Frankly, I didn't believe Walgreen's would have the personnel qualified to resolve my problem....I must confess, I was wrong! The young woman behind the counter greeted me with a huge smile, questioned my needs and didn't hesitate to offer help, took quality time to trouble shoot the problem and resolved my problem. I was truly impressed. I own my own biz and value
    this high level of quality service. You have a super employee who from my point of view, takes her
    position with Walgreen's seriously...she is a treasure, and frankly, she deserves your recognition and I hope you value her service! I would hire her in a heart-beat! And I will look to shop Walgreens much more in the future; you have a regular customer as a result. And by the way, I made a very small purchase of only $18.25, but I assure you I will continue to shop Walgreens.

  27. It took 15 days for Walgreens to fill a prescription I brought in on March 19th. Most of the problem was with the insurer apparently failing to supply Walgreen's with the necessary authorization for the medication. During this time, I checked twice at Walgreens for information to be told that 'we have heard nothing'. I finally received the necessary authorization through the mail from the insurer on March 28th, which suggests that it was available several days earlier. I have the sense that Walgreen's made only one attempt to obtain the necessary authorization. When I finally presented the authorization, the store said it was out of the medication and gave me 5 days supply (out of 90 prescribed) and said it would have the rest on the next day. Three days later, April 3rd I got a phone call that it was ready. It's a good thing I did not need this medication immediately...I would have died two or three times over before it was available.

  28. Trish is a very good check out person, pleasant and helpful, at your Walgreens in West Duluth, MN. Grate place to shop.

  29. AT end of survey I was about to put in my comments but system took me out.

    I shop as Walgreens for other product as well special advisement offer , problem is always always when they have can of Bumble or Chicken of the Sea Salmon on sales at 1.99 no matter what time early or afternoon never ever had it in stock. why? Is to to bring customer in and if that not available they buy something else ? I go to the the one on 2222 Colorado Blvd mostly or at times at Glendale on Brand if i am in that neighborhood.

  30. Drove to our nearest Walgreens to take advantage of the coupons I had sent electronically to my customer card. Sadly the Beano advertised @ $4.00 off was our of stock and the BOGO 20oz. bottled coke would not ring up as shown on my card even though I had sent it to my card at the same time I sent a coupon for $1.00 off Cascade and that did show up. I am disappointed that my trip to Walgreens for the purchase of these 3 items (and possibly more had I not been aggravated)
    ended up with the purchase of only ONE item on my list. I've thought about switching my prescriptions to this local Walgreens, but not now.

  31. store at 725 E. NLTS Anch is the dirtiest store I have ever seen, general store has paper, dirt and philh on floor. I asked when they clean I was told the crew comes in on Fri. to Clean. Not every day????

    The floor in the pharmacy is covered w/ litter and old dirt as if it has not been cleaned in a very long time. Vaccume is needed to take care of this. The plastic gromits around the floor in the pharmacy look as if they have never been cleaned, old vomit, dirt, liquid stains,and very dirty.

    Please hire some one who cares and get it clean.

  32. Store #07751 Oceanside Ca. Dropped off and picked up a presciption today, less than 4 minutes, great service from pharmacy manager Jeffrey Geiger and clerk Danielle. They were courteous and efficient. I am a very satisfied customer, just thought you should know ?

  33. WORST STORE EVER. what HAPPENED to great customer service. or any customer service. stopped at 330 am to buy batteries for work. all batteries were locked up had to wait for long time to get some one to unlock them. then go to pay I didnt have a walgreens card and couldn't get the discount price . store employee did not offer to submit a walgreens card. I will never return to a walgreens again for batteries or for medications.

  34. Always get all I need in the shelf's the attendants are always please to help in any way they can thank you a store of yours just open i my home town Thank you.

  35. To whom it may concern this is regarding all of your customer service rep at wallgreens fairefax and pico they are very good to your . Tiffney-Elizabeth-malissa-jose- hector-randy-art-Julie -dave . hope I didn't forget anyone . thank you.

  36. everytime i walk into walgreens someone is always there to make you feel welcome and very pleasant and smileing i enjoy shopping there and i go almost everyday.

  37. Hi i would like to share my experience at my local Royal Palm Beach Store .#01938
    As I walked in the door I herd him telling a older women to have a great afternoon then the young man see me and welcomes me to Walgreen's. I know that is their job but he was so energetic and just pleasant. I shopped for the things I needed and went to the counter to cash out again very pleasant and smiling when I paid I gave him to much cash and he returned the extra cash to me. His name was Adam and it was on on 03/04/16 at 6:30 p.m. it was busy on a Friday night! I thanked him for the good customer care he was showing! Two days prior had to have management count the drawer at Target were I was shorted $20 on my cash back! Thank You Adam!

    Sincerely, Happy Customer
    Donna Rice

  38. We like Walgreen so much because the is very affordable friendly staff products well organised easy to fine what you are looking for most of all i like the reward,thank you very much

  39. I just filled a prescription at one of your pharmacies and it cost me $88.00. My primary Doctors pharmacy charged me $18.00 for exactly the same item. Really do you have to have a 500% markup? I will be sure to tell my Drs. and everyone I know what you do. I'm totally disappointed in your customer service. I don't plan to revisit your store as long as I can help it.

  40. I would like to complement your Two very special pharmacist that I feel went above and beyond their job requirement. I am very impressed with you pharmacist sung he had tried to help me figure out a way to try to afford a medication I could not afford even though I had health insurance which denied the medication. And to add Your other wonderful pharmacist Laura in the end on the next day I gave her a coupon for the medication and she was able to make the good rx coupon to work and I was very, very impressed.
    Then when I came to get my medication the young Lady named Liz went out of her way also to give my medications in a kind manner and she also went out of her way when I mentioned that I forgot I should have went inside your store because I was in need of purchasing your wal-bourne.
    and she was kind enough to go get that product and ring that up for me also so I did not have to come inside your store. Being it a lot of pain let me say that meant the world to me that all three of your employees went above and beyond their job description.
    Kindly give all three recognition for their excellent service.

    Thank you

    Christie Fisher

  41. Dear Sir,

    I was very pleased with the information and help one of your staff (Mauli) was for me. Being a senior is not always easy when shopping. Therefore, with staff as knowledgeable as Mauli, I was able to complete my visit with ease.

    Thank you!

  42. Vickie, the checkout clerk, was very friendly and helpful in answering a couple questions I asked.
    All the workers that I have had contact with have been very friendly and helpful. That is why I continue to shop in your stores.


  44. I went to Walgreens to try their photo dept. I was having problems, the girl behind the counter saw that I was struggling and came to offer help by giving instructions and staying to watch to see that I finished without more problems. She made feel that I had learned something and not that I was old and unable to learn.

  45. I went to this Walgreens looking for my brand of Ecigs. The ones that were in stock is the old packaging. I explained to Christie that I have had multiple issues with them not working. She opened the packages so I could test them and between to two packages, I was able to get one package that, while the taste is not as good, will hold me until I can find a store that does have them in stock. I do really appreciate Christie going the extra mile for me!

  46. I spend a lot of time and money at Walgreens. The workers are VERY helpful and friendly. I use the Walgreens at the corner of Wadsworth and Alameda, in Lakewood, CO 80226

  47. Today, in your Sunday ad, I found an item I really wanted as a gift for my son. When I went to the store I couldn't find any. I asked a clerk there and he said they had them for Black Friday and sold out {Sharper Image remote Drone}. They never got any in for this ad of 12-20-2015. This was VERY upsetting. Why ADVERTISE and not make them available. The gentleman helping me was very kind and did call four other stores, them also not having the ad item. I asked if I could put on order for one as they were not available and was told that wasn't possible. I really don't understand this kind of ?sale. I really do like shopping at Walgreens but am VERY UPSET at this .

  48. me encanta , ya que encuentro siempre lo que necesito y las personas que trabajan siempre son atentas al servicio

  49. Thank you. We have dinosaur IPhone 4 phones and our chargers were bad. I went to the Muskego Walgreens #11636. I was looking for new chargers and had purchased at Walgreens quite a while ago. Of course there were no IPhone chargers out. I was told that the new chargers had come in and that was what was there. Like I said the IPhone 4 is a dinosaur but we still have. I asked the clerk if it was possible....maybe there could be the old ones still in the back. She called the manager over and I talked with him. He said maybe and he would check. He left to look. He brought back 5 IPhone 4 chargers!!! 5!!!! I bought all of them. Thank you Thank you Tonya and Jeff!

  50. I like the the service At the store at Mariner Blvd. & Spring Hill Dr. at Spring Hill Fl. Very helpful personal. 'Very Good*

  51. The service at the store on Center Ridge road in Westlake Ohio is very good. There is always someone to assist you when you walk into the door.

  52. The experience of shopping at Walgreens was very helpful. The Walgreen's workers were knowledgable.

  53. Everyone is very helpful when i go to walgreens that is way I love to come there to shopping.Jean smith she all way smiling and greeting you when I come in and ask you how is your day or your morning,she is a good lady

  54. I am very please with Walgreens Services the staff is always helpful and are always looking for ways to assist.

  55. Kat was awesome. She goes out of her way to help customers. We really appreciate her knowledge and her customer service.

  56. Friendly, helpful staff. I am retired and appreciate the courtesy extended to me. Thank you again.

  57. Picked up medication faxed to Walgreen's from doctor's office today and the fellow at the drive-thru not didn't ask us about Reward Points (they usually don't - they just ward them to us). It wasn't until we were half way home before we realized we didn't get the points when I read the receipt telling us that we could have earned 100 points!! Not happy as we go there most every week for medications.

  58. I would like to know why when I have 8556 bonus points and I bought 2 jars of gravy for $4.58, I was only allowed to use 3000 points? Neither the cashier or her supervisor could explain beyond " the cash register won't allow more." What's the purpose of accumulating points if you can't use them? Then I purchased , Wal cold & flu nighttime, because the sign on the counter said "get 10,000 pints and I only got 70 , the regular amount for a $7.29 purchase.

  59. I visited your Walgreens in Framinhgam today and the Woman who helped me was Named Amira. I went in to buy a Conair Curl secret and no one could find it but Her. I Love, Love Love Her. She stopped what she was doing and found what I could not. Thank You So Much Amira. What a Wonderful Employee.

  60. Dear Walgreen, I feel the need to advised you of the deplorable condition of the Walgreen store in Red Wing, MN. The store is filthy and has not been cleaned (obviously) in days/weeks. I dropped off a prescription to be filled Thursday and returned two days later to pick up and observed the filthy bathroom had not changed. Garbage running over on the floor, filthy sinks, toilet paper all over the floor, etc. etc. They need to hire a cleaning serves or someone to take care of this facility.
    Due to this dirty store, I may rethink where I have my prescriptions filled and shop. Thank you.

  61. dear sir, im claiming the walgreens survey entry winner and the codes for it are #0222-6411-895 and password is #2150-9040-321 processing and confirming. asking for walgreens gift card at $3,000 plus check $3,000. this is for the survey at store and more balance rewards too. asking for 50,000 balance rewards points too. I want to purchase more things for beauty ,perfumes and baths and shaving creams and razors-shaving too. please help now and answer this rply. it s the labor day holiday. desperately need these prizes moneys and gift cards too. thanks, thanks, iris Campbell.

  62. I went in to a store in Pensacola, Fl. while on a business trip on 9/7/15. The store was at 4497 Mobile Hwy. The lady at the front register, Annette, was extremely helpful. She had several people in line, but got another employee to take me directly to the product I needed. I checked out at another register,but as I was leaving she asked if I found everything ok and told me she hoped I had a wonderful day and invited me to come back soon! I definitely will when I am in that area!

  63. I had to return a product at the Walgreens at 121 N Zarzamora Street in San Antonio, Texas.
    I had been in the hospital for 6 days since August 21 and was unable to return the item. When
    I did today, the manager told me that the time had passed since I purchased the product (8-7).
    I told her my plight, but she rudely INFORMED me that August had 31 days. I did not see anywhere on the receipt that I had ONLY 30 days to return a product. I don't think that she
    wanted me to leave the heart hospital JUST to return an item. I was told by my doctor to have
    complete BED REST for at least 5 days. I drove to this walgreens because it is the one that I
    usually use, Everyone there is usually very courteous, BUT today this manager, whom I have
    never seen before, tried my patience! She had the nerve to tell me that she was being patient
    with me and this was a computer problem. They COULD NOT give me cash back or take the
    amount off of my card. I had to purchase something the value of the returned item ($9.49).
    I think that your return policy time limit is ridiculous and your company should consider extenuating circumstances, especially for senior citizens. Your manager (female) needs
    training in HUMAN COMPASSION and RESPECT for all individuals.
    By the way, the store carts were all outside. Instead of arguing with customers, she should
    have rounded up the carts! Walgreens just lost a long time customer.

  64. Did you get the girl scout cookies at the Walgreens from a sntuedt after the doctor told you to get meds for your fever, where you then ran into 2 coworkers one of whom was difficult enough that you had to buy alcohol and go see your mom in the house you grew up in to soothe yourself, driven by your husband because your daughter had used your car to drive your stepdaughter over to one of her friends for math tutoring after they patched up their conflict over an art easle? Did I get them all? *Grin*Happy TT, ~Xakara

  65. I just came from the Walgreens at 11724 Research Blvd in Austin Texas. The Photo Dept. is excellent. Thank you Kelcey for all your help, knowledge and patience...

  66. The lady in Cosmetics is always very friendly and helpful. This is at the Vicksburg store in Plymouth, MN.

  67. I had a prescription filled only to find that we really could afford that much of an outlay. I went back to the Walgreens store to see if I could return the prescription and have the amount refunded to our account. Sivali and the mnager were able to meet my request with no hassle. we

  68. i show at walgreens 3x aweek the people that work there are very good about help you find what you want and nice thank for havlng good people that work at walgreens store i have shop at other walgreens

  69. Love my Walgreens at Montgomery, Texas 77356 18900 Highway 105

    everyone is great. Sandy is the BEST. I just go in to visit that is how nice everyone
    is when you go into the store.

  70. I am always greeted and should I need help and ask one of the employees one is available. Your prices, at times, beat the competitor and we like that! Keep your employees smiling and cordial and we'll keep returning!

  71. I love Walgreens products and there prices. Everyone always gives great customer service to me.

  72. I love Justin Nguyen in the photo department on Mowry Avenue in Fremont CA.. He is very helpful and he always greet his customer with a smile. He does a great job with all my photos. He would have all my photos ready whenever I go pick them up. He knows me by names. Thank you justin. I usually pick up my photos when he is working

  73. i shop at Walgreens constantly. It may be for one thing or several but you always have what I come in for plus....your employees all have great attitudes and always a smile on their face. Its like visiting your friends daily!!! Love my Walgreens

  74. Just wanted to say what a great staff they have at the Walgreens on Harper/Wyoming Albuquerque, NM. Alisha, Rick and Chris are all great in the pharmacy department.

  75. the best Walgreens in Seminole fl 33772 on the corner of Park Blv and Seminole Blv .The pharmacy and staff is incredible and very quick . I'm always greeted so nicely an most times even by name. I have been to so many Wallgreens and none of then close to this Wallgreens . I hope they will always be there. A scale of 1 to 10 I give them an 11 !!!!!!!

  76. We have been using Walgreen's for over 10 years. Margie and I have always been satisfied
    with the service.
    Today my wife burned her arm with boiling water probably third degree. My first thought was to get to Walgreen's for help.
    The person in the pharmacy was immediately helpful and went with me to the burn medication location. She recommended Walgreen's ' Cooling Burn Relief Spray' after determining the degree of burn injury.
    The results were immediate relief. We will now be able to enjoy the 4th of July with our family.
    God Bless America and Walgreen's.

    Thanks for your help.


  77. What a JOKE this is to "enter for a chance to win $3000" for completing a survey on http://www.wagcares.com! I completed EVERYTHING and it just keeps asking for more and more data NOT RELATED TO WALGREENS. Sad, because Walgreen's probably got scammed into paying this company to collect data and in exchange, offer a sweepstakes. You cannot get to the sweepstakes registration page! What an epic waste of time! Walgreens, you FAILED for the first time in my eyes. :(

  78. Fui atendida en 6700 collins ave soy argentina y fui a comprar varias veces me atendió en varias oportunidades la seta Maria y le quiero agradecer su atención no se como hacer para calificarla pero fue excelente su atención

  79. Jasonf from the Walgreens in Bolingbrook on Lily Cashe Ln, was oh so helpful when I was looking for some bug ointment. He even new there was a dollar off in the coupon book and took care of it for me. He was very helpful and seems to be a valued employee. Keep up the good work Walgreens Thanks Jason!!!

  80. All the Walgreen's Pharmacy employees at the Walgreen's, Cosby Highway, Newport, TN are extremely helpful, courteous and friendly. They well merit our trust in all areas.

  81. Christine, a pharmacy tech at the Walgreens located on Metro Pkwy in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is extremely helpful, friendly, and always goes the extra mile to make you feel special. Since we are required to use a mail order pharmacy company, I do miss this pharmacy/patient interaction. Christine and the pharmacists at Walgreens are always available to help you with any of your medication problems and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied.

  82. To the Senior Management of Walgreens Corporation June 9, 2015

    I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the “Outstanding” customer service I recently received from “Reva” at Walgreens Store # 15151/ 6330RR here in Fayetteville, NC.

    “Reva” is to be commended for going well above and beyond her duties as customer service representative for Walgreens. She has demonstrated time and time again what it means to put the “Customer” first.

    In every sense of the term, “Reva” is a truly outstanding and esteemed individual. The demands of her duties and responsibilities while doing her job are in no way taxing of her true abilities. She always maintains an amazing level of enthusiasm, which enables her to introduce numerous innovative concepts for the improvement of the overall day-to-day responsibilities of her job.

    It’s with a great deal of pleasure to compose this letter on behalf of “Reva” with the sincere hope that its contents will be made available to the members of the Walgreens Corporate Headquarters.

    Due to “Reva’s” demonstrated duty performance and her unlimited potential for the highest responsibilities, I strongly recommend she be elevated to the next higher position of responsibility within the Walgreens store where she is employed in Fayetteville, NC, because I truly believe the store would further benefit from her amazing abilities, and attitude.

    There is a "critical" demand for individuals of “Reva’s” abilities, character, professionalism, and judgment.

    Thank you

    Luis J. Gutierrez

  83. The Pharmacist told me that they dropped a manufacturer for an antibiotic I needed. She went the extra mile & called another Walgreen's who also didn't have it. She then proceeded to call Safeway & they filled the RX i needed.
    I had my other 2 RX's filled @ Walgreen's.


  85. The clerk in the pharmacy was rude. She did not greet me when I drove up to the window and did not thank me nor wish me well as I left. She did not provide me information as to when I could return to pick up my prescription. Her name is Vanessa and she works at the 15th and Yale store #07503. This incident is not the first time she has acted in this manner and based on my extensive experience with Walgreens, this is not the acceptable standard.

  86. the store was very nice clean and the help was very helpful pleasant. I meet the new store manager who was a great improvement to last one.

  87. I went to the Walgreens 06653 and Alecia was very friendly and helpful at check out. I say 1-10 she was a 9.

  88. The Walgreens in matawan nj on rt 34 is the best. Service & staff are great & friendly. Always a hello when you walk in.. But I must say service is slow at the preps. Counter. Should have a drop off and pickup . They have one counter for both and that slows the line down a lot. All in all I would give this Walgreens a. 5

  89. I needed batteries for my camera,Trevor recommended the Duracell ION Charger and batteries.I was impressed with his knowledge and help.

  90. you have lost a customer for good. the people in your pharmacy are the most rude people I have met in my life. I have to go thru mail order for most medications however my pain medications can be filled at the local pharmacy. the last few times I have been any walgreens when I present a prescription for pain medication I get looked at like I am a drug dealer or I have been told that they do not stock that pain medication when just the month before they had it. I have very good friend that takes the same thing I do but they always have it for him. I am sick of being treated like this and will never darken the doors of your piss poor bullshit store ever again. your pharmacy people need to treat each person the same. YOU SUCK

  91. you did not have red nose to fill the class she also over charge me on candy work for publix you real have no clue

  92. I went in for the red nose was going to buy 22 for my grandson class . the girl behind the counter said no we do not have them . whats up with all the adds saying go to you if you do not carry iteam.

  93. We have been shopping at 205 w shaw clovis ca for over 5 years the people there are very nice and helpfuly tammy and asst manger christy are our favorite

  94. I wish the pharmacy could be a little quicker. All the check out people were extremely nice.

  95. Brigette at the Bissonnet store in Houston has been there a long time and I always super helpful.

  96. I cannot believe you sell disposable cameras for $3 and charge $13 to develop it. I feel ripped off!

  97. I have looked on 5 places on this website and cannot find the right place to enter the sweepstakes.

    Why do MUST you make everything SO-O-O HARD????

  98. I would like to commend the pharmacist, Al Rongone at the Walgreens in Wellesley. He was amazing. I was looking for Jean Nate after bath body splash and he knew exactly what I was looking for. He said he used to buy Jean Nate for his own mom every year for her birthday or Christmas or Mother's Day. He searched the isles and then pulled out his cell phone and called the Walgreens in Needham. They had it and he asked them to hold their last bottle of Jean Nate for me. (I wanted it for my mom for mother's day - she has always loved it and it is not so easy to find!) He went way, WAY out of his way to help me! I was touched and amazed! A rare person these days! Kudos to Al!!

    Sincerely, Suzanne Eizenberg

  99. On 5/05/15, I went to store #05528, located in San Bernardino, California, to purchase a can of Tresemme hair spray for my 88 year Mother, as it was advertised for $1.99, with a coupon for $2 off in our local sunday newspaper. However, after going thru the newspaper several times, it was apparent that the coupon wasn't in that Sunday's edition. I went to the store mentioned and approached an employee by the name of Thai about the lack of coupon in the paper and he totally accommodated me in giving me the product for the advertised price- without the coupon in hand!! I just want to express my gratitude to him and acknowledge his assistance.. He's definitely an asset to Walgreens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Friendly, Excellent, Knowable, Professional, Prompt Service. I shop @ WALGREEN'S FREQUENTLY & Would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND WALGREEN'S. I VERY OFTEN REFFER OTHERS TO SHOP @ WALGREEN'S.

  101. I always have the nicest people to help me at my Walgreens on Shaver Road in Portage, MI. I know if I can't find something, I can just ask without it seeming like an interruption to them.

  102. Wanted you to know about Eric Dedcham, pharmacist at Walgreens Bellaire, TX. Eric went well above and beyond in providing service to us. He was considerate and kind. I wanted you to know how wonderful he is.

    Thank you
    Roberta Ness, Bellaire, Tx

  103. I got Body Gel that stated that I would get 2000 point's, for buying this product.

  104. I shopped at Walgreens on Walnut and Court Street in Visalia today. I was offered help by a clerk by the name of Shara. She was very friendly and was very knowledgeable of the cosmetics that I might be interested in. I will be returning to Walgreens for more cosmetics as I need them. Shara went out of her way to help me find the right foundation for my skin tone; that helped me immensely.

  105. Liz, who works in you rWarren,NJ store, is always very helpful in finding the right product. She goes out of her way to see that you find the right department and she is very knowledgeable of the entire store stock. Keep her!

  106. I like what you're doing keep up the good work. From Muskegon, Michigan I shop at Apple, and Getty Street.

  107. I am tired of your sale price and check out price differences, I don't understand why you put items on sale, and charge the retail price. This has the appearance of laziness or perhaps it is done on purpose, Either way it makes your sales associates look dishonest, that's unfair to them and turns me off as a customer.

    John Zelasco

  108. Walgreens is the is the best for friendliness, helpfulness, product availability, and customer service. Stephanie "9" in the pharmacy was super friendly, professional and helpful.

  109. the Walgreens located on Crainum dr. rock hill south Carolina is the most pleasant friendly Walgreen's ever always greeted when I enter and the store is very clean. I love the makeup and hair care , I get all my prescriptions filled there my favorite associate at the pharmacy is Tashelle , she is so kind and always gives me a huge friendly hello.

  110. Every body is very helpful. You need to do something with the automated prescription filling. They refill too early

  111. A young lady named Christina D. went out of her way to help me. She was very polite and extremely helpful. Please recognize her as an outstanding employee. She works at store #09946 at 14127 Cypress Rosehill in Cypress, Texas.

  112. I used the Walgreen's located at the corner of War Memorial and Scenic Drive in Peoria, Illinois.
    I needed liquid Benadryl and could not find it. Myriam came along and helped me until she found it. She asked fellow workers, she went on the Walgreen's website, she got down on her knees to look at the bottom shelf. She was amazing. Our cat Coco needed an antihistamine for a wasp sting and felt better and got some rest after Myriam found the liquid Benadryl.

  113. I am going to Walmart less and less for cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines. I like that Walgreens is smaller. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and always eager to save me money by giving me a coupon or showing me what is one sale. I love shopping at Walgreens. On this particular visit, I was greeted or helped by at least 4 staff members. Lauren #9 checked me out and was very friendly. She excelled at customer service.

  114. The waiting time to pick up prescriptions is way too long. Never less than 15 minutes. The time it takes to reach someone on the phone is also too long. This store is located at 2602 fort worth ave. dallas, texas

  115. Annette at the Walgreens in Chico on Nord Ave was AMAZING. We come to this Walgreens just for her amazing service. She always does whatever she can to help and is always so peppy and nice. SO GREAT

  116. All the people it's marvelous, polite, and professional..I like Walgreens. It's really amazing !!!!!!

  117. I was not given a chance to comment on the person who checked me out at the front register. He is a pharmacy tech, but was working the front register on Friday. His name is "H". He is EXCEPTIONALLY personable and friendly! Seeing him makes my visits to Walgreens a better experience every time I am there! :)

  118. mary is always pleasant and a real sweet heart....the only thing I have a problem with is I have to go out of my way to get my diet cherry pepsi

  119. I would like to say thank you for a lovely young woman who helped me with some purchase selections. Her name is Adrian and she is in the Owens Crossroads Walgreens. We were visiting the area and she answered many of the questions concerning our purchase. Lovely store and wonderful people.

  120. Gita (at the River Forest Walgreens) is an excellent employee. She has been so so helpful to me. I want you to know that! -:)

  121. Jaekob made my visit so pleasant and efficient today 04/08/2015 at the Sioux Falls store on Cliff Ave.

  122. I expressly waited until the 2nd Tuesday of the month to shop so I could get my senior discount. That did not happen. I was just checked out and that was it. Normally the service is great. Not this time. Could have shopped at Walmart and saved some money.

  123. I want to give kudos to Nicci at the Cascade/Forest Hills store! I have been using Retin-A for many years. Since I am over 18, it is not covered by insurance. I generally pay $60-$80 for my refills, with my Walgreen card. Today, it came to $189! I questioned the charge, and Nicci went into action. She determined this batch was from a new supplier and that was their rate. But she was able to reduce that to $74 for me. Yay!
    I used to go to Smelink Pharmacy until they closed years ago, so I was thrilled to see Patti Smelink behind your counter!
    I go to this store, and also the Walgreens in Cascade, almost daily. I have never encountered a bad employee.
    Thank you for providing me with two stores I feel so comfortable and trusting with.

  124. Walgreens is my favorite store in Baltimore, MD I just loved that store and all the great deals I get there. The employees are helpful and very friendly and approachable at the three stores that I do visit. Thanks Walgreens

  125. Laura is an asset to this Walgreen's -- no wonder that she was selected as "employee of the month."

  126. The clerk at Walgreen's asked me to do a survey about how she did serving me, so I went on line to do that because she was very helpful. But the survey asked nothing about the person waiting on me. Where is that survey?

  127. Igor was so helpful in the film department at Walgreens in Troutdale Oregon.
    Thank you

  128. I would like to commend one of Walgreens employees in store # 0400 8951. Her name is Kellie, in the photo shop. She was kind, respectful and courteous, and really helped me a lot. She definitely
    has total quality management skills.

    Joseph Cazzalino

  129. I would like to send special thanks to Angie, she is always very helpful and pleasant. Great job Angie!!!

  130. Employees are always friendly, professional, and helpful. We feel welcomed and valued.

  131. I'm not interested in your sweepstakes! I simply wanted to tell you what I thought of the service I received in your store,#10721.

  132. Always happy with product availability and customer service. Very busy location and service is good.

    My only negative is the appearance of the outside landscape. Very overgrown, dirty and lots of loose trash.

  133. The pharmacy was slow, medication was not even started to be filled! I arived 30 min. after it was sent in by the Dr. They had no one waiting for prescriptions at that time!

  134. The emplyees were very helpful and kind. The gave me my ordered pictures in a timely fashion.

  135. Susan Mayer was great with her customer service. I actually almost walked out of the store without my purchases, but Susan came to the rescue. I think the store that I visited is way understaffed, and there may possibly be some training issues with cashiers. There was a cashier who was assisting a customer with a purchase when I walked into the store, and was still helping the same person, with the same purchase when I left. Honestly, it was about 20 minutes that I was there. Seems a bit long to me to be occupied with one person. Susan was great.

  136. Steve at store #03394 is very friendly and efficient...If there is a wait he apologizes. When entering the store he greets people and sounds genuine. I have several Walgreens near where I live and go to the one on 91st and Beloit Milwaukee 53227 just because of him.

  137. I don't like no other Walgreens but the one listed at Almeda, and Southmore third ward , Houston, Tx.

  138. Thank you so much to Pam who was so kind and went out of her way to help me with my sick child. Lisa filled my prescription so quickly which was so very much appreciated. Thank you both for being there for me!

  139. I did not find what I really came looking for which was sweet potato chicken wraps they only had the sweet potato slices in many case's that has been the case at a lot of stores.

  140. My prescriptions are all too often short of the total amount. Sometimes I have to call and feel as though I must convince the person it was short. Almost suspicious.

  141. The pharmacist at my walgreens is fantastic. The tech, however, is rude, insensitive,confrontational, and should not be dealing with people who require a little extra help. I must admit that I worry about my prescriptions whenever she is working so I'm forced to go in after midnight to make sure I avoid her. She takes great satisfaction in treating me poorly and leaves me feeling bad anytime I have had to deal with her.

  142. Your link to your $3000 chance to win sucks. Can't get to it. You sure wasted your money on whoever designed this for you.

  143. This morning I visited your photo department just as I usually do. I was waited on by Neelam just as I usually am. As usual she was spectacular and I really appreciate her.

    As a company you should feel lucky to have such a good Walgreen Ambassador working for you.

    Thank you for having her,
    Joe Duffy
    Joe Dufft

  144. The Walgreens on Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY does not accept expired medicine for disposal. Why doesn't Walgreens implement a disposal program?

  145. I attempted to enter the survey but received a message that the link was not working - this was after I had entered the survey # and the password. When I attempted again to enter the survey I received the message that the numbers had already been used and that I had already entered the survey. Is there anything I can do to enter the survey for this purchase. The numbers are:
    Survey # 0568-7217-179
    password 4150-3120-321

    Could you check and verify that the enter has nothing in it as I never entered any responses or my name

    Thank you


  146. Deb was very helpful and she often checks if I can use any coupons with my checkout items. Today she helped me by making sure a sale item was correctly put in. She is always so helpful in the cosmetics department and so personable at the checkout.

  147. I get a great service from all employees in my Walgreens store, but there is this special girl named Ember who makes my day just awesome. First of all, she greets me when I enter the store, asks me how am I doing and if I need any help, asks me did I find all I was looking for, talks to me like we are a long time friends (and we are not friends, I just know her from the store). She makes me feel so welcomed and so comfortable at the store like I am at my own home. The most surprising thing is that she remembered my name and calls me by my name each time she sees me even after a long time. The amazing thing I noticed is that she is like that with everyone that enters the store, not just me. Her customer service just makes you feel comfortable and pleasant. She makes always a cheerful atmosphere in the store. Because of that I always stay at the store longer and buy more than I have planned. I am more than satisfied with my Walgreens store (#13949) especially with Ember's service, which is both friendly and professional. Thank you!

  148. When I enter Walgreens a lady name Roses at the cashier register said welcome to Walgreen, that make my beautiful day. Then when I check out, the way she bag those things that o purchased is very satisfactory. .

  149. In general I like shopping at Walgreens! Personal is very friendly and helpful. Store # 02129 Thank you!

  150. Their beauty consultant, Mary, is helpful to me every time I shop there. One week I mistakenly
    left my receipt on the counter with a reward points coupon, & she saved it & gave it to me, along with the receipt, when I came in the following week. I hear & see her speaking kindly & helpfully to all customers in her area -- a truly excellent employee!

  151. Though it was helpful for them to contact my doctor to get an expired refill renewed, they did not follow up when doctor didn't respond until I called to request status. After a week of waiting, they should have done it for both that were expired instead of not even realize 2 were expired. now I'm waiting again.
    in addition they told me my insurance denied a med... a med I have never been subscribed, so I don't know why they were requesting it.

  152. I did switch away from Walgreens for my prescriptions because the drive up service was slow and, otherwise, they did not answer their phone. I did go to Walgreens first because I really like the variety the sense that they provide decent quality at good prices. Their staff is usually a delight to work with the exception I have mentioned.

  153. I enjoy coming to Walgreens more than their competor's stores. It's clean, friendly, and service is fast and efficiant.

  154. The girl that checked me out was very helpful, she helped me find a coupon for an item I was purchasing...All the people there are always so nice, Kandi

  155. I was at the pharmacy department and they were very nice. they took the time out to explain all my medications and how to use them.

  156. I have been helped by Pharmacist "Cori" several times at the Walgreens on Randolph/Snelling in St.Paul. She is always extremely helpful, knowledgeable, happy, and willing to to go the extra step if needed. She caught a mistake with my daughter's prescription & took care of it with the Doctor before I picked it up. I have told many of my experience with Cori and is the reason we continue filling our prescriptions with Walgreens. Her skills, professionalism and joyful demeanor should be recognized!!

  157. Store 09585 is a wonderful store. The photo dept is always willing to help. It is also very clean and associates are polite and helpful. Thank You nancy849120032yahoo.com

  158. I was at Walgreen this morning at the Wahiawa Branch of Hawaii and the customer service lady named Gaylynn was super sweet and gracious. Most of the clerks there are also friendly too.
    Your store is very lucky to have someone like Gaylynn work there and am looking forward to seeing her again!...Give the lady a raise! Thank you!

  159. Rita, the cashier is wonderful at our store, No. Braeswood and Stella Link, in Houston TX. She is helpful to customers who are checking out.
    She greets my wife and me by name, a rare event in retailing

  160. I have always shopped at Walgreens and never had a bad experience until last Sunday morning. at store 06012 the "manager" named Jimmy threatened me in the parking lot. I was exchanging my propane tank and he refused to let me grab the tank on my own, which I always do, so I told him that that was not a store policy and I grab my tank anyways, which I had already paid for, so he got mad and pointed at me and threatened me.

  161. Walgreens in Ponchatoula is great that's why I don't shop at Walmart !! Tamara a sales Woman has always been helpfull all the time....Thanks Walgreens

  162. I am getting to my survey late, but I wanted to say that I visited the Walgreens in Menomonie, WI. Brittany P. was OUTSTANDING with her service. She called me back three times and worked her butt off to help me out. I hope she gets the credit she deserves.
    Thank you Brittany.

  163. great customer service at Walgreens on muirlands & rockfield in lake forest cal. store #03936 I think

  164. I love the service at the Walgreens on 95th & King Drive in Chicago, IL. Items are easy to find and the staff is friendly and very helpful. The pharmacy is excellent and responsive to my questions. This is a great model for the way a Walgreens should be run.

  165. I'm not sure if I'm leaving this in the right place. I was at Walgreens today in west Des Moines,ia off grand ave. and I was helped by a lady named Ameeta and she was so wonderful and very pleasant and helpful to my mom and I.

  166. I have been going the Walgreens on 59th St. for over 40 years. The last year every time I have to pick up my prescription it is not there. I dropped off a script on Sunday I got 5 pills because that is all they had. I was told that it would be ready Monday. I did not go until Wed night 6:30. Because I know it would not be ready. And then they told me it was not in stock. But surprising I received a email that it is ready for pick up at 8:00. This has happen several time to me. I have talked nicely to the pharmastis to ask what the problem is. I am also a diabetic and they never have insult. Come on, do you know how many diabetic there are in the world.
    I would someone to look into this.

  167. I shop several times a week at Walgreens. My husband is in very late stages of illness so my primary use is the wonderful pharmacy service. Rick, the head of the pharmacy, is superb. Micah
    today helped me quickly get medications but all the staff are friendly, extremely responsive, and caring. I like the products and the sales for items I use regularly, especially the over-the -counter
    meds, which are needed. I am a full-time caregiver so I can get many items, including cat food
    (dry and wet) at good prices, household cleaning and other items, and self-care items to meet
    my needs. Kelly and Vanessa and so many staff are excellent helpers; it is a joy to go there!
    Survey #0420-4211-079, Kelly, Password3150-2240-321 and Survey # 0420-4413-708, Password 9150-2250-321, Micah. Thanks for the quality of persons, care, and products. I couldn't do without you!

  168. The store is very helpful for when you need something to get and you don't have enough time to go out to the store and wait in the long lines. Also the store is very organized.

  169. I seem to be stopping at Walgreens on my way to and from just about anywhere for just about anything ! I choose makeup/cosmetics, cig's,health items and so on. I have seldom not been ask if I need assistance and when it is some new purchase, I usually do ! Always a greeting from store associates. Scott with survey purchase # handled beautifully my latest photo order with more knowledge and ease than usual. Much appreciated.

  170. Went to Walgreens on Washington Rd, in Augusta GA (Nation Hill ) on 2/24/2015. Love the Staff everyone always ask do I need any help. I spent maybe 30 minutes in there, buying makeup and Lindsey helped me every step of the way. I hated bothering her, because she was cleaning up. Every time I asked her for help, she helped. She was never rude, she was so patient with me.

  171. Sheena is our pharmacy gal. She is a terrific customer service tech. She always has a smile on her face is is always willing to go the extra mile to help you with any of your needs. My family and I are always excited to see her when we come to the store. You should be very happy to have her as part of your Walgreens team. We are very satisfied. Thank you

  172. I had the pleasure of dealing with you photo department at the Kissimmee Walgreens. I came in to have about 300 pictures developed. Francie helped me to pick all the photos I wanted developed, I didn't know how. She not only helped with that she also gave me a coupon for 33% off. Which gave me a large discount. She was so kind, friendly and helpful. She really went out of her way. When I came back to pick up may photos I was waited on by Brenda. She was very kind, very friendly and very helpful. I believe these ladies deserve to be told by Management what an asset they are to the Walgreen family. I hope I am lucky enough to work with both of these ladies in the future. Hey girls thank you so much for all you did for me and I hope I have the pleasure of working with you again!

  173. I went to Walgreens on 02/21/2915 at 4:37pm to pick up photo and a pill box while it was very busy at store there was no one at the photo stand so I waited and looked around for about 5 mins. Then a young man came around and asked if I needed help and was very helpful.

  174. Everyone was glad to show me the location of my product searches, and if something were not available the employee attitude came blindly accepting that this item would no longer ever be available and that was my tough luck..."That's life, sorry?!" Then he would turn and continue stocking shelves.

  175. On Feb. 19, 2015, at Walgreen's # 09394, Kaylee was very helpful to me. I was scanning old photos, and making enlargements. The computer got stuck, and Kaylee helped me out. The pictures came out great, and I did not cry!

  176. The employees at the Walgreen's in
    Mims Florida have been so helpful to me since we moved here last November. They have that home town attitude to me and that is what I really needed moving down here from ND. The transition has bee mad a lot easier because of you employees at Walgreen's. Thank you from me. Frank Wollschlager

  177. I've shipped at this Walgreens several times, and the same cashier has checked me out. She is a young woman, and has always been polite, professional, and kind.

  178. My friend and I needed help finding an item that was out of stock in one location, and when we asked, the employee quickly found what we were looking for and was very helpful.

  179. This is the second time this month that I did not receive my senior discount while shopping on senior day. I specifically asked the. Lerk if my discount had been applied, he assured my that it had. Wrong! Earlier this month, the discount was also not applied. I never know what my recourse is in these situations. I didn't have the time to wait yo be rung up a second time. If a store is unwilling to honor senior discounts, please don't advertise them. I can shop elsewhere.

  180. The cashier ,Lissette ,was very helpful and even found a coupon for me to save some money...I give her two thumbs up for being helpful and kind.sBm

  181. The customer service was great at the front register. When I spoke with the pharmacist, she was also helpful. On a previous visit, I had to wait longer than necessary when I got a prescription filled as there didn't seem to be any system of being called when the medication was ready.

  182. Visited the Walgreens in Glendora. Dezi saw the front register very busy and quickly opened another register and got everyone out quickly. She was not only helpful, but knowledgeable, and very friendly.

  183. Farhana #9 is extremely helpful every time I shop at Walgreens on Congress & Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach Fl.

  184. On February 11, I received wonderful help from the staff at the Walgreens Pharmacy 10197, 3150 W. Cherry LN, Meridian ID 83642. I had had surgery on the previous day and needed my pain medicine. They immediately got all the necessary information and got it all taken care with out any problem.

  185. Allie at store#04405 2508 W Broadway C.B. Iowa , is outstanding in service. Very helpful and knowledgeable about her job.

  186. Kelsey at the location #05396 (1011 Goodman Rd E, Southaven, MS 38671) is phenomenal each time I visit! She is helpful, professional and always has a great attitude. She consistently makes coming to Walgreens a very pleasant experience and has been one of the reasons that I avoid shopping competitors in the area.

  187. The clerks at Walgreensl iocated in New Orleans, La are so helpful in answering any questions or helping me find an item.


  189. Had a younger guy check out my prescription on 2/10/15 at the Stasney and South 1st location in Austin, Tx. Most helpful Walgreens employee I ever met.


  190. I shop with Judie probably 2-3 times each week during my visit at Walgreens. She is always very nice & helpful. This store is approximately 5 miles from my home but I choose to go out of my way for her service. I have a Walgreens store within 1 mile but they are not always friendly or helpful. If it were my choice I would give her a 12 for her devotion!

  191. I shopped at Walgreens 2/6/2015. At 6:19 pm.
    The young man Dwight 9 was very nice to me and very helpful. Even the young lady that checked me out but I didn't get her name. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your Nice products. I really enjoy them. I save so much when I shop at Walgreens. I saved $10 dolloars this last time and the time I was there before. It really helps for people that are on budgets. You really think about helping people save. Thank you so much.

  192. Your page says that you may take the survey and have a chance to win prize money without a necessary purchase. NOT so...you need to have a survey code and password, which is found on a Walgreens receipt. I did not have a receipt...and I shop often at Walgreens. I also use your pharmacy for my prescription medication. I was extremely disappointed that I was unable to take the survey. Misleading Walgreens! :-(

  193. Thank You Larry at 2200 E. Houston for helping me with my recent Photo order and for being freindly and professional!

  194. I went to the Walgreens on 2200 East Houston on January 26th, My brother had passed away several days before and I needed some 8x10's of my brother for the Funeral, I was a mess emotionally and could not operate the kiosk to place my order. But the Photo Specialist Larry was very helpful and professional, he helped me set up my Walgreens app on my smartphone, then helped me get my order ready within minutes. Larry was so helpful I could not thank him enough. Thank You, Larry, for helping out when I needed it. His Customer service was a 9.

    Once Again, Thank You Larry, For Great Customer Service.

  195. I visited Walgreens on SE Cesar Chavez Blvd Portland, Oregon on February 4, 2015 to get help with an item I was trying to purchase and I want to tell you your manager Candace was extremely helpful, gracious and competent! To get such excellent service in any store these days is almost impossible! This store is on my favorite list! Thank you for providing excellent employees for your shoppers!!

  196. Like the store at Herndon & West in Fresno, Ca. The young lady Sam that help my wife and my self was very helpful in all ways knew the items that are on the shelf

  197. I went to Walgreens on Independence in Plano, Tx 75025 to change my prescriptions because my
    insurance provider had dropped my pharmacy provider I was using. One of the nicest Pharmacist named Jennie helped me through the change, explained what to do and was so friendly. We were so grateful for all of her help and she should be commended.

  198. the pharmacists at 6894 were very helpful in getting my insurance situation straightened out. they made me a walgreen's customer. now if only you'd stop selling cigarettes. . . .

  199. On a number of occasions I have purchased an item and when I got to the register it would ring up a different price than posted on front of shelve. I have not always noticed it until I got home, other times they corrected it and two other time they said it was a mistake and still charged me. I never said anything but today it happened again and when I brought it to the attendant’s attention, they told me did you buy it in the back and I said yes. they said well if it had a coupon they would not know that. I said it was posted at $7.99 and they charged me $8.49. They walked over to the shelf with me and I showed them the price I was told well it must have gone up and we have not had time to change the price. I know it is only .50 cents and if this was the first time I more in likely wouldn't say anything but after so many times I think you need to be more aware of your pricing. This is one reason I don’t use Walgreens as much.
    I don't like to complain but you need to know.

    Dave Sheley
    10437 Almanac Ln
    Knoxville, TN 37932
    cell (865) 256-9070

  200. I love my Walgreens! All the people there are super; but especially Heide and Ray have most recently been outstanding. The Pharmacy people are very, helpful and LISTEN, even when they are so busy.

  201. Clayton greets me by my name and is always friendly and very helpful. I don't usually shop at Walgreens but I have lately because of the customer service I receive. It's a 9 for Clayton.

  202. Danial gets a 9 from me . A very helpful employee , friendly and pleasant. Also Other employees were more then willing to assist me. A refreshing experience.

  203. This is to notify you that your employe Arturo #9 did a wonderful Job for my wife lucy when she asked for help.He was very helpful, and had a great attitude in what he was doing. We give Arturo the Higest grade for his attention which was excellent.

  204. I probably had the best experience today with a pharmacy tech, Evelyn at my local Walgreens in Las Cruces, NM. She went above and beyond her duties and was very personable toward me. Definitely the best experience I've ever had at a pharmacy

  205. The cashier was very helpful when it came to purchasing my product. She was very nice especially since I am not a seasoned shopper.

  206. I wanted to buy a copper-infused back support. Angela spent quite a bit of time with me researching the availability of such a product. (It seems none does exist.) I had copper-infused gloves which have helped me considerably. After I lost one, I came to purchase another pair. I found them only in Large. Natasha found them for me in size Small in another store (my store is #01197 in Tempe, AZ) that was quite far away. Melissa said that store was near where she lived, and she would pick up a pair for me and have them the next day. Sure enough, there they were! What an incredible team and what wonderful customer service. I cannot say enough about each of them going above and beyond what was necessary!

  207. The Walgreens in Naperville Illinois, on 87th and Washington; always have been clean, professional and great in treating me well,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  208. Colton waited on us. He welcomed us when we came in and was very personable and helpful at check out and made sure we got the discounts that no one else had ever offered us before.

  209. Walgreens has products for health and beauty I can't find other places and the staff is always helpful and friendly. The specials make it nice to get things I might not otherwise purchase.

  210. Store #12355 is constantly out of inventory. This has been going on a while now. Also the drive thru is the slowest I've every been to of any Walgreens.

  211. We go to Walgreens in Pueblo West, Colorado and Lola is the cashier that we almost always have. We would give her a 9 +. All of the people in that Walgreens are great!

  212. I was treated poorly by the cashier, Terry.

    This was not the first time this has happened. For some reason she plops a coupon book in front of me when she knows I have coupon items. No other cashier at Walgreens has ever done that. They get the coupon and scan it for me. Is this the new way Walgreens is training their staff? If so, I do not want to be a Walgreens customer.

  213. I developed photos yesterday at Walgreens. I had a couple questions regarding the kiosk and the employee was very helpful. Her name is Dawn and she made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable. She was even kind enough to show me other items in the photo department that I didn't know they carried. I will tell everyone to go to Walgreens because it is no hassle and user friendly - the friendly and helpful employees are an added bonus! Thank you Dawn - I will be a return customer.

  214. I am really happy with Walgreen it's the best convince store and the best service and his offer are fantastic

  215. your 'wagcares.com' web site is confusing. It should be easy to see right away how to enter the $3,000 survey, but it doesn't show up at all obvious.

  216. They are always friendly and helpful. Drug store is the best and they always answer questions about cost, and instructions.

  217. David was so helpful at store number 10133 It is in Salisbury Nc E Innes Street. I found some photo negatives and 4 floppy disks with pictures. He explained that he could transfer them to CDs and did so in less than the promised one hour. Very kind and courteous.

  218. Ana Cantu was courteous and helpful to an elderly lady purchasing a prescription. The respect she provided the lady was impressive and something I have not witnessed in a long time.

  219. Photo Frieda always goes above and beyond with customer service at the Walgreens on Park Ridge Drive in Stevens Point, WI. She makes every customer feel special. What a asset she is to our Walgreens. God Bless Photo Frieda!

  220. The pharmacists have been filling my son's medications since the day he came home from the hospital (he's 16 with cerebral palsy) and I've gotten to know the exceptional staff very well. Please tell them thankyou from my son & I (pharmacy #12624).

  221. I phoned in an prescription Monday to pick up Tuesday. I went in Wednesday they said they put it back and I would have to wait to have it filled. One day they put it back? That actually sounds sickening. You play with medical products that way? Handling them several times? Doesn't sound very clean to me. I need to hear back from you on this issue I will be considering another provider.

  222. I like Walgreens and always have. I don't like your stupid wagcares! You have made it almost impossible to find where you start the survey. Thanks!

  223. My primary reason to visit your store was to pick up meds for my mother. Secondly, I was there to return an item, and Scott was able to do this very quickly for me. He is always very helpful to me, polite, and upbeat. Also, I bought many more items, and Scott checked me out at the front register.
    Your company should consider giving these employees a pay raise, particulary, the ones that work at the front registers: I find them all helpful, polite, and professional.

  224. I visited store #06924 Paoli, PA and one of your associates Doreene Felder was extremely helpful to me. I was sending a Western Union wire and she helped me every step of the process. Without her help I would not have been able to send the money.

    Thank you so much Doreen!

  225. Sir or Madam; i visited your store on rt. 501 in Lancaster on Dec. 31 and was dissapointed to see that there was no bottles of walgreens peppermint anti - acids in round bottle with a blue lable. i ask one of the girls about it, she replied "they must have stopped making them". IS THIS TRUE? I HAVE BEEN USING THESE FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS. WOULD YOU PLEASE REPLY? THANK YOU

  226. I shop at the Walgreens on Picacho Ave. Ruben at the register is always helpful and so happy. He has always made me feel more like a friend than a customer.

  227. Vanessa at store #09258 was very helpful to me and my granddaughter this afternoon when we were there. The store I always shop in is at 1210 Mohawk blvd Springfield Oregon 97477.

  228. Jeses at store#04709 went out of his way to help me find and price the item i needed. Thank you for all your help....

  229. I visited and joined the walgreens store in Prairie-du-Chien, Wi. today and I found many Christmas items 70%off, but your stores have everything I needed. I will tell my friends how helpful the clerks were and how friendly they greeted myself & my husband. I will continue to shop your stores.

  230. I had taken one of your receipt surveys, I forgot to mention one of your out-standing employees.
    I think, almost sure. That, her name is "Penny" short girl, usually in cosmetics Department! Around Christmas, I had a problem finding 3 items of the 3 items that were on my list!
    This nice girl helped me with great patience and concern.
    Just wanted to mention that. I just so happened to forget when I was filling out my survey!
    The store I shop at is: 6 East North Avenue Northlake, IL 60164.
    I like to give credit to people when they do there job correctly!
    Thank you,
    Carrie Gehrke

  231. Able to buy quickly what we need and Walgreen has..friendly employees..love the drive-thru window for our meds.

  232. Wagcares didn't bring me to questions about Walgreen's but asked questions about
    Duane Reade. Never shopped at Duane Reade. Very confusing. Is Walgreen's merging with
    DR or are all Walgreen's stores changing theor name?

  233. On Christmas Day Our Community Christmas Dinner needed some last minute table decorations. A couple of volunteers went to Walgreens to see what they had. When they returned the volunteers where very excited to announce they had gotten a very good price on the items needed. The clerks at the store had been shopping at another establishment the day before when a computer glitch cause them to not be able to do anything but cash transactions. This meant she would not be able to pay for her items, since she had no cash. The woman in line behind her paid for her items. So she paid it forward by helping out the Christmas Dinner the next day! Thank you Penny and Julie and Murphysboro Walgreens!

  234. when I was shopping at the central point oregon store for some vitamins, I didn't realize they were two for the price of one. Steve pointed this out to me and saved me a lot of money. I appreciate his good customer service very much. Makes me want to go back!

  235. Called in last night to see if you still had a product that I needed. A clerk (Roader) went and found the last one. I ask if they could hold it for me. She said yes and asked for my name.
    I went in today and Barb ghelped me. Very plesent and helpful.

  236. Darlene in Redlands CA was very helpful. She told me about some coupons and gave me some good savings. Thanks Darlene!!!!

  237. Debbie at Walgreen's #12053 at 5400 W. Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima WA gave me excellent service on 12/04/2014

  238. I was very upset with the manager (Mr. Wood) at the Walgreens in Ludlow Massachusetts. The Christmas Carols were playing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and the manager sings "I wish we had a new President". I asked him if he said that, he said "absolutely" I replied " Some of us like the President and I think your very rude." He continued to say he can't stand the President. I find his comments very offending and in poor taste for a family store. I will not continue to purchase anything from Walgreens if this is your policy.

  239. I went to the store in Kingwood, Texas. A lady named Shirley was very nice. She offered me assistance and she made an effort to help me although we could not find what I was looking for. She was very nice though.

  240. Desacuerdo con su tienda .Tienen speciales compra uno y el otro a 50 o/o off llego a la casa y tengo que regresar a la tienda.Eso se llama falso anucios por eso ustedes puede ser penalizados por mentir al consumidor.Luego farmacia tienen la mala costumbre de no explicar cuando uno llega a buscar las medicina que si no esta el medicamento complete o tener la desencia de llamar me ustedes tienen toda la informacion. Aprendan a desir buenas noche o Buenos dia. Gracias por venoir a la farmacia de Walgreen y dis culpalce por algun problema .pedir si puedo esperal hasta el lunes no diga tiene que venir el lunes por el resto de medicina.Recompense al cliente y mandele la medicina a su casa cuando no esta a tiempo.Me puedo cambiar de farmacia y areglo el problema .pero no lo hecho por que mi Hermana trabajo con su tienda por 38 year. Areglen el problema.

  241. Everyone at the Cody WY store are always helpful, professional and friendly. I enjoy going into the store and I get treated right at the pharmacy.

  242. I would like to say that Amy the Pharmacist at So.Oyster Bay Rd in Hicksville is such a caring, helpful, and knowledgeable lady. She has helped me so much and with such patience. She is definetly an asset to Walgreens.

    Also, I have just gotten to know Mr Kevin Klein and he has also been very helpful , another asset to Walgreens. The whole staff there all try very hard to assist always.

  243. Great services and great personnel working at Walgreens at 524 Jefferson ave Miami Beach FL 33139, in particular Mrs Claudette which is rated 9 for me.

  244. I go to Walgreens quite often. Mrs. Shirley was by far one of the most kind and open individuals that I have encountered! I will definitely shop there again

  245. My family shops at Walgreens often. The customer service is always excellent. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. On this visit our cashier was Maria on Centennial Blvd. Thank you for your great service to the community.

  246. weekly ad showed eggs $1.29 dozen. The price at the egg section showed $2.99 dzn. There was no sign indicating sale.

  247. Cathy was my cashier last nite at your store. She is always so helpful and always has a wonderful smile!! She is so friendly. She brightens up your whole store!!

  248. Tried for 2 weeks to get a prescription refilled. Was told that the item would be in on Sat. truck so I waited til following Mon to pick up. Guess what... they didn't order them sooo not in stock BUT promised to order and would be in FOR SURE on Sat truck. I was not too happy but can see where a mistake could be made. Went to pick up again today and guess what...they had sold 1 of my boxes to someone else!!! They did give me 1/2 my refill...oooh I'm so happy. Now have promised the rest would be in...guess.... on Sat truck. Saddly this is not the first time this has happened...almost ready to take my business elswhere.

  249. im a regular customer at Walgreen (3201 N. Broadway) and i always have an excellent customer service at the store and also at the pharmacy they are all always warm and helpful.i give Jessica 9 for her outstanding customer service at the pharmacy to me and to all ..

  250. I always receive excellent customer service. That's one reason why I keep coming back. I give Jennifer a 9 for her excellent customer service at the front register.

  251. The Dickinson store on hwy 3 staff has always been friendly and professional they have taken care of my needs and medication in a fast time frame!

  252. Amanda at Walgreens, in Kingsport, TN, at University and W. Stone Dr., deserves recognition for being so helpful, sweet, and nice! She has a wonderful personality and has great people skills. She goes above and beyond to please a customer! Wish more people in customer service jobs, were like her! Thank you very much Amanda!

  253. Sylvia at the beauty counter at the Walgreen's in Wake Forest, NC is amazing! She is helpful and always gets you the best deal possible!

  254. I will never return to my local Walgreens at Sunset and Western in Hollywood until you get rid of that noisy commercial radio or whatever the heck it is that now blasts in the background throughout the store. A sure fire way to drive customers away. What a stupid senseless move. I complained to the manager and she was very nice but said she was not permitted to turn it off. I have frequented that store for years but no more. I'll buy my health and beauty products elsewhere.

  255. Great customer service from Kim !! Really good at her job appreciate quality service when I see it. Thanks Kim

  256. Today i was in Walgreens at 11038 Westheimer Rd
    I got a wonderful service , from a wonderful employee her name
    is Maya, she is striving for a 9. She is really helpful , helped me to get gifts,
    and I was in rush she solved it very quick. She is taking care of her job perfectly.
    Thank you Maya

  257. Everyone was so nice and helpfu to me. I worked on a photo book on the Kiosk machine for the 1st time. I tooked me 5 1/2 hours I hung in there. It was all worth it the book is beautiful!!

    Thanks Walgreens

  258. Darlene is one of the Walgreen's associates that is always friendly and smiling every time I'm in the store. And she always speaks to every customer. I go to Walgreen's instead of the bigger retail stores because they are more courteous.

  259. I went to Walgreens today looking for pink slippers. A tall blonde woman with glasses was SO helpful. She went in the back twice to get the exact ones I wanted. Lesa was the cashier and very pleasant as well--I'll be back to this store for sure.

  260. Associate Drew was extremely helpful to me in the Walgreens store at Brazos Town Center. He helped me to select the proper universal reusable cold pack, primarily. Then after gathering other products, he was working as a cashier with a pleasing disposition and personality. When my wife or I need medical supplies, Walgreens Drugs Store will be first in our minds.

    RFN# 1190-9225-2849-1412-0903

    I wish our 40 employees at Carters' Kids RTC were developed as Drew is. Of course, Walgreens has the asset to help develop its quality associates. Thank you Walgreens

  261. I spoke with a pharmacist last Thursday about my refills. She checked all four and said they were in stock. I told her I would get them later in the day. She told me to let her call me, so I wouldn't have to wait when I came in for them. I received the automated message telling me that my medications were ready for pick-up. I was unable to get in over the weekend. Today (Monday), I asked a friend to stop in and pick them up for me. She was told that there was nothing there for me, and that I had no refills showing in the system. It took several minutes for them to track everything down, and then my friend had to wait an additional 10 min. while they were filled.
    The service has been very good until today. the only other complaint I have is that one of the reasons I chose that Walgreens was because they had a delivery service two days a week. With my mobility becoming more and more restricted, I think I need to find a store that can deliver my meds.

  262. Just wanted to say that the staff at store #06546 couldn't be any more helpful. Would not quit searching until they found exactly what we needed.

  263. Jakie at the Perry, Georgia store is great at customer service. Love when she greets me as I come in the store

  264. I was at the Walgreens in Marlton , NJ and was greet by a charming young lady. Her name is Amber. I got my purchases and arrived in her lane. She was not only helpful but she provided me with excellent customer service. When there was a slight problem with my purchase which was my fault, she took on the blame trying to make me feel like I wasn't the stupid one for not reading the gift card. I walked out of there feeling like I would return just to have her check me out again.
    Thanks for hiring her.

  265. I was served by angie in the pharmacy department at the Walgreens Jackson and Murdock oshkosh Wisconsin..there was a problem with my insurance coverage and I feel she went we beyond and aboveto get things taken care of for me so I could go on my vacation this morning I give her a five star service highly recommend keeping her as an employee thank you Jeff

  266. I received extraordinary customer service today at Walgreen's Store #15921 at 410 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Lily and Latania , in particular were outstanding. Not only did they provide great service for the things I was purchasing, but they went out of their way to set themselves up to alert me when the item I wanted was in stock. This is great service!

  267. Today, Dec 3rd 2014, was at Walgreen 2000E Colfax Ave, DENVER CO 80206.
    A young lady, first name "Kellie" assisted me with a prescription and was not only very attentive to my needs but extremely efficient and pleasant. I hope Kellie will be recognized as a quality employee and be rewarded accordingly with career and financial promotions.

  268. I enjoy going to Walgreens for sale items, but there are not enough salesclerks that can answer my questions on the floor, when I can't find something or when I am in a hurry. Thank you. Most of the time that's the reason I don't shop more at the Walgreens on Williams Drive, Georgetown, TX.

  269. This is ,frome ednia cross:I give walgreens
    100 grade because they or very nice and friendly at10969 106 E fronklin St Sylvester Ga 31791

  270. Gary, the cashier at the Walgreens located on santa rita street, pleasanton, was such a great help to us. My family would love to thank you for being helpful to us.

  271. My experience with your cashier Anita at the location 7850 Enchanted Hills NE Rio Rancho NM was awesome. We went in to buy milk & diapers for our newborn late at night and she suggested we use coupons that we did not know were available on the diaper wrapping and saved almost $2 which is a big deal to us and our growing family. Had she not pointed it out we would have never noticed. Thank you for having such a friendly and helpful employee. I rarely complete surveys but thought she deserves the thank you and recognition. Thanks again.

  272. Shantall at Walgreens in Jersey City(Seaview/Kenney) is always on point!!!! her customer service is the Best!!!!!

  273. your web site gives everything but the survey you advertise about. In fact it gives a lot of other companies surveys but not yours. I can't give the cashier credit that way.

  274. You are guilty of false advertising. Your sign said "buy one Lays and get one free". However, only SOME of the selections actually qualify. Your people were not the least bit interested in my complaint.

  275. I entered for the 3000.00 awarded for taking survey. I didn't get any type of notice or verification code etc when I completed it. How is it determined when the drawing is held? Thank you, William Porter

  276. Hello my name is Aaron, and I like the Walgreen experience Thank You for providing me with that I am look forward towards the next time to experience this experience you gave me.

  277. Pam in the photo department was extremely helpful with my photo Christmas cards. She was personable, efficient, gracious and helpful. I am deeply grateful for her assistance. Thank You!

  278. I go to Walgrens on a regular basis, all the clerks are so helpful Michele in particular very friendly she always has a smile and always has answers to all my questions. Walmart may be less expensive with some items but Walgrens has the best clerks.

  279. kim at walgreens columbus demorest rd is very helpfull and nice to talk to i will allways use walgreens for all my needs and quik service

  280. Kenny in the pharmacy at store #09995 1 Cowesett Ave in West Warwick, RI is so pleasant and helpful! I had a minor issue with my prescription plan one day and I ended up leaving without my prescription. I went back a few nights later as Kenny was leaving and he stopped and helped me fill my prescription. He even went so far as to search for a different form of my meds to see if there was an alternative to save me money! It reminded me of my neighborhood pharmacy back home. People like Kenny create customer loyalty, and I couldn't let his helpfulness go unrecognized. Thank you to Kenny!

  281. why is pharmacy always in furthest crner of store? Reason people go to pharmacy is because they are sick, old or disabled...the longest walk. Kid stuff, silly things that people can walk without problems is in the very front.

  282. I had a very pleasant and helpful experience at Walgreens in Eureka,Missouri. Joyce whom worked in photo department was so patient and helpful in helping me make Christmas cards for the holiday. I will be back to shop at that Walgreens

  283. Deb, at the store in Roanoke Rapids, NC, embodies noteworthy characteristics that every CEO in American would like each member of their teams to emulate. I go to Walgreens because of her presence there. There is a Drugco, CVS, Rite-Aid, and WalMart; however, Deb makes shopping there a personal, comfortable event.

  284. Walgreens is my happy corner always has great displays,helpful staff, and a great pharmacy no complains. I am a very happy customer.

  285. The location in Bellevue NE is always very helpful and easy to find what I need. Many times it's my one stop shopping.

  286. The worst customer service I've ever experienced @ a pharmacy! Dropped my script off and Assoc. told me it would be a half an hour. So left for 45min. and when returned waited in line for 30 min. Finally spoke with pharmacist and He told me I would have to wait another 10Min. 45 min. later I had to go thru the line again and it was finally ready! This whole ordeal was a very stressful and unnecessary waste of my time. Will NEVER SPEND another dime in Walgreens again. I'm serious plus will tell my family and friends not to shop there. This wasn't a narcotic but a low dosage Temazipan for my wife. Too bad but will not be subjedted to that treatment again.


    Ted Blalock

  287. I get most of my prescriptions from the walgreens in Mexico Missouri. Meghan has waited on me several times and is always friendly and attentive. thank you for the good service

  288. Nov 3, 2014 I visited your Walgreens Store at 2502 North 48th Street - Lincoln, NE 68504. There was a young man in training and he was doing very well. His cash draw was short on one dollar bills. He requesting on the intercom help for extra one dollar bills. No management was in site to help. The young lady that was training, went to get extra bills from the other lady working in cosmetics. You should Thank your employees for the Awesome job they did to help a customer get checked out in a timely manner and with Kindness. They should receive the day off with pay for there responsible actions. They belong in management.

  289. I would like to comment on the Pharmacist at the Walgreen #07518 1451 New Hwy. 96 W, Franklin,TN. 615-790-7649. I would like to say that Rick as well as Kelly went beyond the call of duty to get my daughter's medication cleared. Rick spent a lot of time calling the insurance companies, as well as the Doctor's office and when he went of duty he left a message for the next Pharmacist,(Kelly) to follow-up.This is impressive, as I know how busy they are. I have been a Walgreen's customer for many years and have never come across two very compassionate, helpful and empathic Pharmacist as Rick and Kelly. Thank you Walgreen for hiring two such thoughtful and caring Pharmacist who happen to be very nice people.

  290. The check-out clerk was very friendly and helpful. I notice this about her whenever I am there. She appears to love her job.

  291. I frequent Walgreens in Ramsey NJ on Spruce Steet (store# 13704) often. EVERYONE there is so sweet, friendly and helpful. Especially Maria, who greets me by name and is always so friendly. Thank you!

  292. I was in the Walgreens#05453 to print some pictures from my phone. I had never done that before and Derick was so kind and helpful without even my asking. Derick is a true asset to your store.

  293. I always enjoy a visit to Walgreens. They carry a very nice line of nail polish that only cost $1.99 named Sinful Colors. Their makeup selection is great!

  294. I’m very happy that there is a Walgreens close to me, and within walking distance. I truly enjoy the Walgreens # 13902 One awesome man, which always has a smile and cool personality is Paul. He goes above & beyond, as well as knowing how to make a woman smile, I look forward to his awesome service. Living in Mankato, Minnesota, and visiting the store, at 602 S. Front St. is just a couple blocks away. This is by far the best employee I have ever encountered. Paul’s kindness, and smile is so welcoming. I cannot express my happiness with his service enough.

  295. It saddens me that as much as I like your store you make it impossible take your survey, you tell everyone how to do it a thousand times BUT WHERE IS THE DAMN SURVEY ???

  296. I was most impressed with a young lady named Charlene. I breezed in, in a hurry of course as most customers are, and needed a specific item that I had heard about on the radio and of course had no idea where it was located. Besides the cashier Charlene was the only other clerk I saw who was busy taking inventory with a gadget she held in her hand. I apologized for interrupting her and inquired as to where the item was located, just wanting to be directed towards, and she not only stopped what she was doing but took the time to walk me to the back of the store to get it for me. On the way to the front I thought of another item to inquire about and she took me to that area too. She was very courteous, polite and extremely helpful to say the least. Majority of the time, Walgreens always has that type of help. Thanks!!!


  298. Tiffani was employee today at Walgreens... was very friendly, very attentive to my needs, kept a smile the whole time even during check out

  299. Today my pharmacist at Walgreens in Perry Ohio was Tiffane. very helpful had on a great smile, very attentive to my needs

  300. Today and at least twice a month I visit Walgreens for medication fills... yesterday I had some bonus points to use up. The pharmacist took time away from the counter to chat with me regarding the rite vitamins of my interest to go over it with me to make sure I wasn't getting more than I need for a day supply ,this was very helpful

  301. the employee,Marisabel, at the Fontana store was very helpful and cheerful. I needed batteries and she came over right away and helped me . I hope she is there the next time I come in,she was great, she was very positive.

  302. It is always a pleasure to go to Walgrens in Deep River Ct. Your employees are so helpful. Great store keep up the good work.

  303. Impossible to find the survey site. I have complained about this in the past but I still have the same problem.

  304. There is a Walgreens close to me, but I drive to another because of the above & beyond service I receive from the pharmacy. The pharmacist, Kim at store #03780 on Book Rd & 95th in Naperville IL is by far the best employee I have ever encountered. Kim & Dan address my concerns, questions, order.... with kindness. I cannot express my happiness with their service.

  305. the employees have always been helpful & pleasant to deal with.
    Shakti is an excellent employee. She's always smiling & patient
    to explain things if I need them explained.

  306. Walgreens Store 03748 Rhianna Pharmacist
    My Walgreens staff are amazing! I coordinate the medications and five different specialists for my adult daughter who has autism. Making sure your Rx does not conflict with other medications is WHY I come to Walgreens. The Staff GENUINELY care about Sissy and make sure I am fully aware of all possible issues with any medication. If they are out of stock they will search all the closest Walgreens to help me fill her medications as quick as possible - I never have to stress over how to get her medications.
    Rhianna the Pharmacist talks to me personally (by name) and makes me feel as if I am a solid member of my daughter's medical team. With walgreens in my/our court I can make sure the doctor's are kept update and her care is coordinated by a solid team of experts.

    I live right around the corner from health and wellness!!

  307. Nice store in Kerrville, Tx. At times it difficult to get waited on so have to be patient. Have found the clerks are helpful and working at a busy pace.

  308. Sarah at the store located at 4673 Tamiami Trail in Naples Florida was especially helpful and pleasant!

  309. I visited the pharmacy today and I enjoyed the experience wait time less than the estimated 15 mins:) one happy customer.

  310. Regarding Walgreen Pharmacy. I have never gone there once and not found the people working in Pharmacy to be rude or less than helpful. No matter how busy they are, they always do their best to serve me as a person. Not just someone picking up medication.

    I highly recommend their service.

  311. At end of survey, at sweepstakes entry, I typed in my address with spelling out Minnesota in full . It then appeared as Mi which is the wrong abbreviation for Minnesota. Can this be corrected??

  312. store 6538 i've been going to this store for so long that i know everybody, but i would rather checkout with astride she's always smile, and ask me how my day was, she's great want to give her a 9 .survey#06538225667 pass 31407280321

  313. i always go to this walgreens on 1201 s federal hwy for snacks i always look for astride she's very helpful,and always go the extra mile to help me.Store # 6538 survey#06538225627 password 31407280321 i want to give her a 9 she's a very nice lady

  314. service was fantastic. Cindy H #274 was awesome and helpful. Makes ya want to go shopping again.

  315. I went to walgreens (Newton, Mass) today to get a visine eye allergy drops that’s on sale for $5.99. The original price was $7.99. I asked for the store courtesy card so I can get the discount but the supervisor said I had to apply for a walgreens card in order to get the discount. I asked the supervisor if she had a store courtesy card to which she said no. When I told her that cvs has store courtesy card. The supervisor exhibited an attitude as if she could care less. I decided right there and then that I would NOT buy the eye drops at walgreens. I am not coming back to walgreens for future purchases.

  316. I went to walgreens today to get a visine eye allergy drops that's on sale for $5.99. The original price was $7.99. I asked for the store courtesy card so I can get the discount but the supervisor said I had to apply for a walgreens card in order to get the discount. I asked the supervisor if she had a store courtesy card to which she said no. When I told her that cvs has store courtesy card. The supervisor exhibited an attitude as if she could care less. I decided right there and then that I would NOT buy the eye drops at walgreens. I am not coming back to walgreens for future purchases.

  317. Carol at the cosmetic counter knows the ads and coupons well, she helps me save money!password 9140-7240-321

  318. Always greeted with a smile and a welcome. Always asked if need help and that was able to find what was being looked for...

  319. I visited the store located in Lodi, New Jersey today and had a very helpful sales associated by the name of Natalie. She was able to help me find an item that I was looking for, correct an incorrect price, and was quick on the register. She has outstanding customer service skills for a young woman and a great member of your team.

  320. I walked into the store on Boulder and Russell in Las Vegas looking for a specific item. First off, I wasn't even greeted when I walked in. I just got stared at, then followed and watched until I eventually found the item on my own. While standing in line, there was an irate customer who was clearly drunk, and yet the employee did nothing but ignore the problem. When I checked out, I wasn't asked for my Walgreens card, or even a phone number. The clerk didn't ask if I found everything I was looking for, and just stared at me the entire time. I even told HER to have a nice night and was told "okay whatever". I have been a loyal customer of Walgreens for over 10 years and have never been disrespected the way I was treated tonight. We've all had those bad days, but when you are working, you have to remember to be respectful to the customer because they are the ones who keep your company in business, especially if they are giving you respect.

  321. Walgreens is a great places to find all the medicine I need.
    I had a Really bad headache and They had the Headache medicine that I need that didn't cost a lot.
    Really this place is always selling the right amount that I can pay for.

  322. Kate at my Walgreens store #04165 28100 S. Tamiami Trl in Bonita Springs FL was extremely helpful.

  323. We walked to your store on Glenway and Sunset we walked over 5 miles to get there your store manager Rick was standing at the front when we checked out and he heard us talking to the cashier about how far we had walked and he said wow if there is anything I can do let me know he then followed us out of the store and gave us the money to ride the bus home this went far and above any other employee we have run in to in any other store and there are many we fell blessed to have met this young man and wanted you to know of this

  324. Cakika is WONDERFUL. She did a rush order on a photo book for me and it came out perfectly!!!

  325. clerkS at the pharmacy know what they are doing and are alwayhelpful
    in dealing with thiercustomers ,very profesnal would not go any where

  326. store at 15601 San Carlos Blvd Fort Myers, FL store # 3356 checkout person, Nailan, calloed to my attention a mistake I had made that saved me $12.00. She was very courteous, helpful and had a nice smile. She is a valuable employee for you.

  327. person @ store 6832 was very helpful getting me the store coupon for $4 off a large wal-dryl bottle!!!!nice

  328. Nick was extremely helpful in assisting me with making some pictures. I will come back again to have him help me again.

    I would give him a "9".

  329. I visit every Walgreen’s store in every city I go to. I enjoy browsing and the customer service is outstanding.

  330. From the pharmacy section through either shopping and/or browsing the aisles is by far one of the most enjoyable experience one can have in a store. I enjoy the prompt, professional, courteous and helpful service I receive every time I walk in the door. I will continue without a doubt using the pharmacy and the store for all my prescriptions, small emergencies and everyday items for healthy living

  331. The cashier is always very friendly and when the place gets busy,they never let the lines get to long..!!

  332. The sales associate, Deb, was very friendly and helpful in helping me locate the products in the store.
    She made your store look good.

  333. Tony, the Photo Specialist at your St. John, MO store at 3300 Brown Road was extremely helpful when I needed to know how to print photos off my I-phone to help my brother get a transportation ID Card for medical purposes. I wouldn't have known what to do on my own.

  334. I visit every Walgreen's store in every city I go to. I enjoy browsing and the customer service is outstanding.

  335. I was in the store picking up a few prescriptions on July 12 and cristal was helping me. As she was ringing up the scripts there was a co-pay I said to Cristal that I was dual enrolled and should have no co-pay. The pharmacy was busy so Cristal told me she would look into the matter later in the day. She called back in an hour or so and told me that the problem was fixed and that I had a refund coming. I thanked her and when i went in the next time Cristal waited on me and made sure to get my refund to me. Absolutely excellent service above and beyond what I expected.

  336. at the Woonsocket store on Social St. your on your own it seems there are few people around to ask for information

  337. I absolutely love the store on New Hope Road, Rogers, Ar. The staff couldn't be better. They are extremely helpful, courteous and friendly. I have a name there and not just a prescription number.

  338. The pharmacy dept. at my walgreens is the BEST. I have been using this walgreens since it opened. I have never gotten bad service and everyone is always so helpful. We have alot of prescriptions and the pharmacy dept. is the very best. They help with interactions and make sure we understand all of our meds.

  339. The walgreens located at: 4800 W. Cermak Rd. in Cicero, il is to cool, the people there are so

    nice > Linda one of the Hispanic workers she is incrediably nice I give her a 9+ and Gloria too.

    Just good people at this location. I hope there will be Walgreens there forever.

  340. The pharmacist Peter Rizo and his pharmacy assistant at the Aliante are absolutely great. Peter on 7/8/2014 was extremely helpful in helping us fill our sons prescription for medication needed for his recovery from a blood clot. There immediate attention to and helpful assistance ensured that he was able to get the medication even though he is not currently covered by any health insurance.

  341. Has the most courteous cashiers and the pharmacists always take time to answer your questions.

  342. Store #07403 15740 Woodruff Ave. in Bellflower Ca. 90706 I was helped by Shaena. Shaena helped me greatly in the process of me in the photo area. Walked me through the process and has a great attitude. She is a 9-10 on the scale of 10!!!!
    Survey # 0740-3711-574 and 5140-71E0-322 If I put this in the wrong area I am sorry but I have jumped all over this sight to find the correct area to post.

  343. Love my Walgreens ! Linda always checks me out and she just brightens my day when I go in!

  344. I shop Walgrens every week. Winter in Az 7 summers in Minneapolis. Both stores, the one in Minneapolis and the one in Apache Junction, AZ. Go to the Cosmetic department to check out and Kimberly in AZ and Irene in Minneapolis are very helpful. If I can't find something they are right there to help me. I use a lot of coupons and they are very helpful with them. Thank Irene and Kim

  345. I am a winter visitor in Az. Summer in MN. I shop Walgreens every week and I always go to the cosmetic department to check out and Irene in Minneapolis Lake Street Store and Kimberly in Apache Junction are the most helpful two ladies. If I can't find what I want they are right there to find it. . They always are there to help me and they are very patient with me, as I use a lot of coupons and they are very helpful with them. Thank you Kim & Irene. Jorgina

  346. sales persons are very helpful. The lady in cosmetics esp helpful anf Flo at check out was great

  347. I really love walgreens love that the one right down the street from my house is 27hours love that their are always friendly

  348. None of yourwebsites seem to want to accept the Survey from the strode.
    HJow do I activate it- after trying several locations????

    Thank you

  349. On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, I left a prescription at Walgreens at Tustin/Chapman in Orange, CA to be filled. Indicated I would be returning in 3 hours to pick up prescription, though it was 6 hours before I returned to be told that they didn't have the medication and would have to order it. No one bothered to call me and tell me there was an issue in filling it that day. I told the clerk that I was leaving town the next morning and could she phone the Walgreens @ the Venetian in Las Vegas and have them fill it and I would pick it up there. Her answer was that she didn't have the phone number. Well, neither did I but I looked it up, phoned L.V Walgreens and was told it would have to be ordered and they would have it in two days. Went to the pharmacy on Friday and the clerk there knew nothing about the order and said that it must have been a "floater" that had taken the order. So when I returned home on Sunday I called the original Walgreens where I had taken my prescription and was told they had the eye drops in. Picked up the drops and when I got home noticed the instructions were to instill a drop in each eye four times a day. The doctor had indicated I should use the drops once in the morning. I called the doctor's office and confirmed that I was to use the drops once a day and not four times. I called my insurance company and found out that I do not have to use Walgreens to fill my prescriptions. Called Costco and it will be $51 cheaper there, so guess where I'm going to get better service and save my insurance company/me more money? This is not the first time I've encountered problems with Walgreens, but it will be my last.

  350. I love Walgreens...everyone is so helpful, especially the lady in cosmetics
    in the Swansboro, NC store.

  351. This morning I visited the Walgreen's on McKinney and Lemmon. I checked out at the main register at the front as I usually do. Dwight (No. 9) was especially helpful, and I would like to commend him.)


  353. When I shopped in your store today I also had to scan & make copies of photos which I have never done. One of your employees, Lis, came to my rescue and helped me with everything step by step and was the nicest, friendly, and most knowledgeable workers i have ever had.
    She is on a scale of 1 to 10 the closest you can get to a ten for her outstanding attitude & work ethic.

  354. Jeremy at store #09835 made a late evening visit to my favorite walgreens much more tolerable with his polite demeanor, constant smile, and overall great attitude.

  355. I took my phone to the Walgreen's store located at Hurstbourne Pkwy and Westport Road in Louisville, KY 40241 and asked for help in getting pictures printed from my phone - a first time experience for me. While I felt intimidated at never having done this before, the store personnel, John (manager, I believe) and Nick, were extremely helpful and kind. They walked me through the process without making me feel illiterate! I appreciated this great service!

  356. My Walgreens on Kettering Rd in Janesville is the best. The pharmacy is great.
    And Mark who checks me out is so helpful and pleasant.

  357. My visit to Walgreen's on Raab Road in Normal Illinois was very positive. Employees are so very helpful-especially Pat. She is so accommodating and always goes out of her way to help. I appreciate her skills.

  358. Two kind African American young ladies were helpful to me this morning. It was a pleasure shopping at this store which is located in Verona. The company should hire more persons who are as kind as these two ladies. I shall shop there more often.

  359. the workers at our local Walgreens are great, they greet customers at all departments and ask if I'm doing ok, found what I need or found what I was looking for; I just want to encourage the employees to keep up the great work, the local Walgreens is really helpful to that its open 24/7 and on holidays.....

  360. I am always greeted quickly and friendly.When I need help I am helped by friendly associate.

  361. Jessica in cosmetics was extremely helpful. Kudos to her and to Walgreens Store#03847.

  362. I love shopping at your store. I get all my medications there although I find the prices are higher than other places,on the other hand I like the Walgreens brand items. Those save you money.

  363. Bad service at #05745 3620w41st Sioux Falls S.D. I mean Bad. Bad. service .Douglas. D .Lund.

  364. terrible service at 3620w 41st st . rfn#05745916 8462 1407 0603 after seven years I am switching servers I spend $1200.00 APP a month bad manger .at some level.it appears know cares .Douglas D. Lund. this has been goning on for 3 month Plus.

  365. Andrea was extremely helpful in the photo department at the 48th street store in Lincoln, Nebr. I needed pictures for my college preadmission application and she helped me get just the pics I needed at a reasonable price.

  366. Great customer service...when you first enter the store you receive a friendly greeting by the cashier. Their always helpful in helping you find what your'e looking for.

  367. Toni (Walgreens at Swan & Grant - Tucsn) was extremely helpful to me. She went out of her way to help me.

  368. I am a regular shopper at Walgreens. During my last visit, I wanted to purchase a cartoon of Kool cigarettes and was told that they don't sell cartoons for that brand because of the buy two specials they offered for that brand of cigarette. I dont understand the logic. I'm not sure if this is a store policy or what. When I was in Georgia, Walgreens is where I bought my cartoons. Please help me to understand what is going on. The store code is #04760 12105 Pacific Ave S Tacoma, Wa 98444 (253) 535-9302. Please reply, Thanks. Reggie

  369. I visited your Walgreen Pharmacy at your store at 7739 State Ave Kansas City Ks 6/27 14 at 12:44 pm to fill a prescription . The pharmacist at the counter [ Maria ] was very loud , rude and obnoxious . I have done business at your store for quite some time and i have never been treated so poorly except by this one . Needless to say I was reluctant to leave my prescription after she acted so ugly. Before this bad experience your service has always been excellent . Maybe she needs to go back to pharmacy and customer training ?

  370. I just left your Paoli, Pa. store and i had wonderful service and a great deal of help from both Doreene and Sarina. I had a large number of photo's to develop on a new machine for me and both of them were a great deal of help and very, very pleasant to deal with. They went way beyond what they had to do to help. I will certainly go back to that store again because of the two of them.

  371. Inquired as to whether Walgreens still accepted film negatives for outside processing. Was told yes but unsure as to the price charged. Told to expect as high as the $11+ charge for processing a full roll. That I could end up being charged that $11+ fee twice since I was requesting single prints from one group of negatives and doubles from another. In all. I requested 12 prints. Was completely shocked when I was told the total with tax was $40.24. Don't feel I was treated right in this transaction.

    This transaction occurred at Store #13790 on 66/26/14 at 3:51 Pm.

  372. What is the point of having the balance reward program when sales clerks ringing the registers have no idea how to redeem my points? This has happened to me a few times before but today before I started checking out I asked the clerk at the register how I can redeem my reward points. He said he should get a pop up screen & it will tell him. He processed my check out items & told me how much I owe & I paid him & he gave me my change back & my receipt. There was not any points used. I have 11000 points so I should have had $10.00 off & told the clerk that. He said it didn't pop up & he didn't know why. He said I could use it next time as it doesn't expire. I told him I hear this every time I check out. I am getting very frustrated with this. Why don't the clerks know how to take the $10.00 off of my order?
    Thank You,
    Kathleen Fuery

  373. 9800 South Estella Parkway
    Goodyear 85338
    Brittany is the most helpful pharmacist I have ever met. She had worked with during terrible prescribed medication reactions. She has researched the drug information and most affective ways to help me with my disorder. She also suggested specialists to help me with my disorder. I will continue to be a loyal customer. She has made such a wonderful difference in my life.

  374. Dear Walgreens Managers; I have been a Walgreens patron for over 10 years and I wanted to acknowledge Claudia Faia of the Pharmacy. I think that she has gone above and beyond to assist my family and myself me by providing me with answers to how my moms medication could affect her, the many time she took the time to personally came from behind the pharmacy counter to assist and explain over the counter medications and which ones would give me safe and much needed relief to many ailments over the years. I trust Claudia and she is the best example of honesty, professionalism and genuinely caring for the customers. I feel one hundred percent confidence in her diagnosis of everyday human ailments and the same in how she provides my mom with the proper medications that give her the quality of life she so richly deserves. Thank you for your time and thank you for Claudia being a member of the Walgreens family.

  375. I recieved fast, efficient, friendly service when I ordered and picked up my medicine.

  376. I would like to comment Tamekea for being so kind and helpful,she don't mind going out of her way to help a person,and Iwould to thank her and GOD Bless her.

  377. As much as I enjoy the availability of Walgreen's Stores within a two to three mile distance from my home, I will always be very leery of shopping at any Walgreen's after the sun goes down. The riff raff know you don't have security guards and it is just a matter of time before that fact is acted up by the criminals. Your employees deserve better treatment knowing they do not have to work in fear of being robbed and if that does unfortunately happen at least with having a security guard present the matter will be handled correctly and efficiently. You have excellent employees with families and bills to pay and so do your customers. It is a win-win situation to make anyone on your property feel safe at anytime of the day or night

  378. Can not find the web page to complete survey, i mean i found it ( wagcare) but it is not clear.

  379. On June 18, 2014 we went to Walgreens ( at 550 N. Silverbell Rd. Tucson, Az. 85745) to do Photofinishings and were treated very kindly. Rachel Cushman was very helpful, even let us know about their specials and helped us greatly. She informed us that one of our photos was chosen as a VIP photo and gave us a 5x7 one, that we could use later on, for either a Calendar or T-shirts if we so desired.

  380. tried to reach the pharmacy dept. to ask a question , was on hold for 15 minutes! Maybe an increase in staffing would be in order. This was the Corunna Rd. store in Flint Mi.

  381. Order some photos 6/15/14. got confirmations by e-mail that they where ready to pick up. Billy Brooks when to pick up. He was given (1) order. Went back to store to pick up the remaining photos, got (10 more order. Still have (2) orders that I have confirmations by e-mail that photos are ready to pick up. Order # 502693 & 502244. Called store this time to make sure that they where made. Store has no record of order. The e-mail gave the correct store. No one can figure out what is going on. will have to make 3 trips to pick up 6 photos. Not happy!!!!!

  382. The front end cashier Rebecca at the Lima, Ohio cable road store is so helpful and greets with a smile everytime I enter the store.

  383. The pharmacy technician (Andrea) at the Walgreens store #07176 is the best! She is always so helpful and professional. She has really assisted me with some problem I was having with my health insurance provider.

  384. I recently purchased a tracfone card and it wouldn't let me on. I called and they said they had no record that it was swiped. I took the card and the receipt to the store #10324. The manager would not even come forward. In stead he sent a clerk out to tell me, too bad, they are a vendor we don't make good on their stuff. OK, I am stuck with a card I paid 20 dollars for. I live on a fixed income, 20 dollars is a lot to me. I understand it's a vendor but that doesn't help me. I believe the manager should have given me another card and he should have taken it up with tracfone. I told the girl to tell her manager (who would not show his face) I would never be back to shop at Walgreen's again. I have at least 3 other stores to choose from to get my drug store products.

  385. The Walgreens at Walnut St. in Saugus, Ma. are always helpful, whether filling prescriptions or making purchases. Employees are always welcoming & polite.

  386. I visited walgreens on 6-13-14 to pick up a prescription. I stood in line for about 30 minutes before I got to the desk. The employees in the back were not acting very professionally. They were laughing, hollering, one yelling ET wants to go home. I finally got to the desk and stood there another 10 minutes. People behind me were leaving. Not enough help!!!!!!! Do not know---- Not a good visit--Very displeased!!!!!!!!

  387. Racheal at my Walgreens on Stage Road and Bartett Blvd is ask helpful, friendly and professional. She always has a smile on her face.
    She is an asset to Walgreens.
    Please recognize Racheal for her efforts.
    Thank you!

  388. Went to Walgreens store #12143 recently to purchase waterproof adhesive tape from the medical bandages section. In past there was a choice of two brands; the Walgreens brand, and the Johnson & Johnson brand. J&J was my first choice but saw that it was no longer available at Walgreens! Reluctantly purchased the Walgreens brand of Waterproof adhesive tape. Used it once and found it to be far inferior to the J&J adhesive tape - it was poor quality, had poor adhesion, and was far from waterproof!!! One shower and the tape was coming off! Packaging also states 'made in China'. Pls change policy and re-stock the 'good stuff' (Johnson & Johnson Waterproof Adhesive Tape.

  389. Sue & Rick are always extremely friendly & hospitable; both the drugstore and the liquor store have automatic doors which is very helpful when you need a walker or a cart to lean on AND the handicap parking is perfect;I know that if I needed assistance to get a cart from the parking that I could call inside the drugstore and one of the floor managers would be very helpful and anxious to accomodate me as they have done many times with the darn swipers.
    I must tell you that Publix Liquor across the street is cheaper for Cluny Scotch but I go to Walgreens for Sue & Rick and your parking and automatic door; although others have complained that you are higher then Walmart or Target for drugstore items.
    I happen to have Cigna Home Delivery for RXs but your pharmacists are always ready to help me in an emergency when I have run short or failed to reorder.
    Keep up the good work; just put Cluny on sale once in awhile.

  390. Was my first time to pick up my medicine from Wallgreen. I was having some trouble with my insurance card but Tresa from Macarthur Blvd was so patient and helpful. i will definitely go back to walgreens again!

  391. While I was looking for what I wanted, no one offered assistance. I think there were persons stocking shelves, but none of them offered to help me find what I needed. When I found it I was pleased to find it was on sale. But when I checked out, I found I did not qualify for the sale price since I did not have a Walgreen's card. Bummer. And I was not offered a card or given info on how to get one. Not a good way to welcome a customer fairly new to Walgreen's.

  392. The sales assistant, Kendra
    Was extremely friendly, checked to insecure I got discounts that were available which resulted in an almost $30.00 savings that I did not expect. Thank you Walgreen for the Tuesday
    , senior discount. I will spread the word to ALL my Senior Friends. And, thank you Kendra for your professional courtesies.

  393. I find store staff very helpful and interested to assit me in finding the items that I am attempting to find

  394. All the staff at the Walgreens in Floyd Knobs-, IN at Lafollette are extremely friendly, helpful and try to get people checked out asap.It's the best pharmacy I have ever used.

  395. We buy our drugs and several other things and are very well satisfied with the service we get.


  397. Every employee is always very helpful. BUT, our store runs out of advertised sale products much too quickly. Register doesn't always give you sale prices and not noticed til too late at home.

  398. Walgreen,s employees have always been courteous and helpful no matter where I travel.

  399. I always ask for the senior discount on the days emailed to me & even print and show the email to clerks, who NEVER apply them! I always check these receipts carefully; the senior discounts are never there. It's a waste of time to shop Walgreens on senior days!

  400. The pharmacist at my store Ryan, is very knowledgeable , always takes time to answer questions, and provides great personal service.

  401. i love this store always nice clean and good deals , and the attention is great!!!

  402. Ashley on Lafayette Ave in South City St. Louis, senior beauty products, great service, above and beyond. Unusual nowadays.

  403. Ashley at Walgreens in Hamilton NJ was extrememly helpful. I was having trouble in the photo
    department and Ashley was very professional and patient with me and I have to say I could not have completed my order without her help. Thanks again Ashley.


  405. long wait times to drop off or pick up prescriptions. wrong prescription was given to my wife several months ago. got several calls that prescription was ready. Went to store to pick up and no one knew anything about it. Clerk said "oh! that must have been the robo caller.". Nothing was ready. Had to come back later. Various incidents like this over the last year. CVS is building a new store across the street. Will probably be switching to there to see if service is better if service at walgreens does not dramatically improve.

  406. All Walgreen's employees are extremely helpful at this location. Today Krystina helped me, as she often does. She greets me by name,ensures everything is correct, all in a timely manner. I have never seen her when not smiling. You can hear it in her voice! The sun was in my eyes, but I think the pharmacist I spoke with was Lara, who assists the entire family as well. The bond with the customers more than exceeds what one would expect. It makes doing business here a delight, regardless of the dept. Krystina does stand out, though. Thanks, Brenda Schaefer

  407. Walgreens has been very helpful to me. I had bought an item that didn't fit and they refunded
    my money. I had the receipt. Also, I read in the Dispatch about TriCalm and Walgreens carried
    it. OH what a relief to y itching problem!!!! also on sale and a coupon on next order. I hope
    you carry this item full time. IT REALLY WORKS!!

  408. Hoy fui atendido por Marilys en el Walgreens del 1845 en Alton Rd.en Miami Beach, FL 33139. De una manera no solo amable, sino altamente profesional. Walgress debe estar muy contento por contar con exelentes empleados como lo es Marilys.


  410. as far as I am concerned my Walgreens doesnt care at all about their customers. They say if you dont find what you want we will order it. Bull!!!!!!!!! Since right after this store opened I have been asking them to stock cherry coke especially when it is on sale. They did a coupla times but not anymore, so I very rarely go there any more even though it is really close

  411. service always good anywhere in the US we have traveled. However today I discovered the reason I have had pts suddenly disappear! It seems that if I redeem pts & buy something that gives me pts in the same transaction, the new pts are NOT credited to my account! The mgr helped me out & after 15" he was able to post my new ones to my acct, but not ALL of them.

  412. I enjoy the staff at Walgreen on 51st Ave Bell Rd Phoenix, Az. They are very helpful. Keith that work in Pharmacy was very professional and help ne in a timely matter. They greeted me and made me feel good inside. Thank Walgreen for being nice and helpful.

  413. The staff was very helpful & courteous as well has fast service. i will definitely return.

  414. I have had an issue with an incorrect payment in the Pharmacy. Tammy has been extremely helpful and has spent time to help correct the error. Although I still do not know whether or not my refund will be approved, Tammy has done everything she could to help me with the paperwork. I am so glad she is part of the pharmacy and always know she will take care of me with a smile on her face.

  415. I like walgreens in a whole,and the employies are allways nice to me and my friends.

  416. Walgreens 25605 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA.

    Your Pharmacy people are very slow and they need to step up their customer’s service. Customers expect good greetings and smiles on faces. My family and I have been good clients to Walgreens for few years.
    (25605 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA.)

    Your Pharmacy people are very slow and they need to step up their customer’s service. Customers expect good greetings and smiles on faces. My family and I have been good clients to Walgreens for few years.

    I have no issues with any of your employees but suggesting for you to be aware of it.

    I will strongly encourage people to be mindful of this when choosing a pharmacy. No longer will Walgreens be one of my preferred choices.

    Thank you

  417. Your people (Pharmacy department) are slow to give good services to customers. (25605 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA.) They need to give good greetings and smiles on their faces. My family and I have been good clients to Walgreens for few years.

    I have no issues with any of your employees but only suggesting for you to be aware of the situation. People are fed up with the poor service of the pharmacy department.

    Thank you

  418. The service I received today, as always was exceptional. I went to the pharmacy and I am sorry I can't remember her name (petite, Asian, sweet) practically dropped what she was doing to run over to help me. Then there was a huge line up front and Blia said she'd love to help me. She was in cosmetics! There are 2 Walgreen's closer to me BUT I am never going to either because I love your staff so much! Before I became disabled I was in the service industry, I managed restaurants, so I know what I am talking about and there are some things that stand out. Keep up the great work. Patrick and Jamie weren't there today and they are exceptional too! Thank you!!

  419. My service today in the pharmacy and check out in cosmetics were extremely caring, warm, friendly and helpful! I have been very sick and I am glad that my trip out was to your store. They welcomed me and took such good care of me! Thank you!

  420. I love Walgreen's and their new points program. I do very well there. However, when I get the receipt and it says to go to wagcares.com and fill out the survey for $3,000, that IS A JOKE!!!
    I click on everything and still I do NOT get to the one that asks for my survey ###. It puts me into a million other sites for other coupons and then you have to download their sites. I DO NOT like this and don't want to do that because it screws up my computer and then it costs me more money to have someone clean out all the unwanted downloads. If you can't make this part of getting into the proper site for the $3,000 survey, then you can KEEP your $3000. Which probably does not EVER get given away, anyway. I am FED UP with this.

  421. I have been a frequent shopper at your 25 Main St. store in Bristol, CT since it opened; however, I have become deeply disappointed with both the interior and exterior appearance of the property. The men's restroom is in desperate need of cleaning. It is also used as a storage space which I find inappropriate. For the most part the balance of the store is somewhat satisfactory. The exterior, on the other hand the appearance of the exterior of the building and the property is in unsatisfactory to say the least. The landscaping is in terrible condition--weeds and more weeds--shrubs not attend to and on and on. Carts usually are found on the sidewalks surrounding the building--I often wheel them into the store. This location clearly has the experience appearance of any property on Main Street and its sends a distinct negative message not only about the store bit also about the City of Bristol. I hope you are able to make the necessary improvements in the very immediate future.

  422. I was answering all the questions for the $3000. survey when must have hit the wrong button and certainly didn't feel like going over it all again

  423. I answered all the questions and was ready to give my name and all the other info when must have hit the wrong no. I was entering the $3000. entry

  424. I have never waited over an hour for a prescription from any pharmacy. That is just not acceptable. I am going to take my prescription and go to another pharmacy. I was at Urgent Care, they faxed the prescription in so I went to pick it up. The clerk said it did not arrive yet so I went to my car to get the extra prescription they had given me just in case. When I came back with the prescription the other clerk said it was there all the time. My foot was in such pain, I needed to start my prescription. Then I waited 1 hour or more for that prescription. I asked the clerk after 45 minutes when will it be ready and he responded that it was being filled now but that was another 20 minutes or so. I don't think it should take that long. The pharmacist was either that slow or didn't care about people waiting. Or you should have had another pharmacist on a Saturday when it is busy since one clerk said it was Saturday with an attitude when asked why it took so long? I have been a Walgreens customer for many years and I have my prescriptions filled every month only to let you know its getting worst each month because of laziness of the clerks not updating the computers on my prescriptions. I hope I get a good response on this comment if you do read them!!!!!!!

  425. I always have great service, it's like everyone truly cares about you. I love my Walgreens!

  426. I am not doing this for the sweepstakes, I just wanted to let you know my experience. I have been a customer of Walgreens for many years, but that will end soon. My prescription bottles were dated 4/9/14 so I called for my refills. I was told on the recording that they would all be filled. The morning of 4/10/14 I went to pick them up. The pharmacist said I could only get 2 of them. Even though the bottle was dated 4/9/14, they were not filled til the 11th. Why on earth would they put that date on the bottle? Why did the recording say they would all be filled? I understand not being able to pick up controlled substances too early, this was one day early and I was going out of town for mother's day. Later, I called the pharmacy and asked that they have it ready for me at 9:00 am, I was informed that they couldn't do that since they didn't open until 9. She was very unpleasant on the phone and I told her fine, I would just call and request the refill over the phone, of course, the recording said it needed further attention. I was not able to pick up until later that am, approx. 1100. For their unprofessionalism, their attitudes and rudeness it will cost Walgreens a long time consumer. Since my transcriptions can only be transferred once, it will have to wait a little, unfortunately.
    I work as a home health nurse and a psych nurse. We are constantly teaching our patients the importance of taking meds correctly. Nurses use the dates on the bottle to count out drugs to see if the patient has been compliant, very poor that Walgreen's doesn't use the actual fill date. How many patient's have medical providers thinking that they aren't compliant, when perhaps they really are. I will strongly encourage patients to be mindful of this when choosing a pharmacy. No longer will Walgreens be one of my preferred choices.
    I know my meds didn't make you a lot of money, but they made you some. Other drug stores are just as convenient, friendlier and more professional. The 2 people that were working that day, well they cost you whatever I did make you and others will follow. This was at the Macon store on Pio Nono Ave.

  427. I go to Walgreens at 17th and JFK in Philadelphia often. THis time I went to get a passport photo done. I must say that Cat and Lyanne were extremely helpful and expeditious in setting up and taking my photo. It was one of the few times I actually looked good in a photo. Not just thime time, but every time I go to that store, I am extrmemly pleased with my shopping experience. THis store has great sale items and excellent staff who are welcomeing and friendly and competent in carring out their duties and responsibilities. I would say they all go the extra mile to accommodate their customers. Cudos to Cat and Lyanne

  428. Last month my doctor called in my prescription to Walgreens, when I went to pick it up, they had no information on it, none and the excuse was their phone messaging system. So I had my med moved to another pharmacy who had it right away for me. This month my doctor called Walgreens again, while standing in line waiting for my medication, the woman in front of me who had been in the drive up window and was asked to come into the store was told after her long wait, they did not have her medication or any record of it being called in. I told my husband before they told the customer ahead of me they would not have her meds. I was right. I also told my husband they would not have mine either, and guess what...when I was next to be served, they not only did not have my meds but said it was my doctors fault. Do you see a pattern here? Last month they screwed up on me, and this month they screwed up on the customer before me, and then me again. I will never shop at Walgreens again and will be letting my doctor know to never call Walgreens again since they cannot perform their job.

  429. Rachael at the 27th and Ryan Rd location in Franklin, literally saved me $100 a month by her persistent (but polite..) suggestion that I contact the pharmaceutical company about a coupon for my script. I did, and WOW did it pay off!! You Rock Rachael!!! Sincerely, thank you.

  430. Very friendly and courteous....asked if I needed any help and if I found everything ok?

  431. The employees ask if they could help and they were very nice.I enjoy buying items in the store. The prices are not to bad and i just like the store overall. says:

    I like the store and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I like the store overall. It has a variety of things to choose from.

  432. The employees ask if they could help and they were very nice.I enjoy buying items in the store. The prices are not to bad and i just like the store overall. says:

    I would love to win the drawing.I would put the money to good use.

  433. I'm at Walgreens almost every day. Very convenient and I can always count on the staff to be very helpful and warm.

  434. I have always gotten the help I need when ever I visit Walgreens. I love this store.

  435. i enjoy shopping here because the people are always nice and helpful and understanding keep up the good work there

  436. I had to pause in the middle of the survey, and when I returned, I was told time had expired and I would have to start a new session. When I tried to start a new session, I was told my codes for survey number and password had already been used. I am not concerned about the contest, but I very much want to give credit to Becky who gave me such great service today.

  437. OMG - I am so sorry I have not utilized Walgreens Pharmacy prior to this date. Not only are you close to my home and the pharmacy open 27/7 - the staff are great.

  438. I'm a long-time WAG stockholder -- and buy my cosmetics at Walgreens. I wanted to compliment a very helpful employee, but find I'm too late (72 hours? Are you kidding? So strict). Don't want to enter a sweepstakes or win cash; simply wanted to register an opinion. BTW, this site is not helpful -- hard to get to a place to simply give feedback. (I'm pretty tech savvy; an intuitive site is much easier to navigate.) Won't bother to try again as you don't make it easy; sorry I couldn't give Debbie the compliment she deserves. As an "owner" I'm becoming unhappier with my investment by the day.

  439. The employees show me the shelf that had the item, I am looking for. They go out of their way to

    help me.

  440. The employees are very friendly and always offering to help or answer questions about your prescriptions. I recently started going to Walgreens for my prescriptions and they have always been ready or ready in a very short amount of time!!!

  441. Leah at your store #03921 on 10001 n. Macarthur Ave. in Valley Ranch is an outstanding Pharmacy Tech. She is friendly, engaging, and extremely effecient. She always greets me by name and knows exactly where to look or waht to do to save me time and money.

    Leah is an absolute asset for your company! It doesn't hurt that she has the most striking hazel eyes that turn deep blue under the lights sometimes. No don't worry.....I am 62 and married....:)

    She makes getting my prescriptions a joy.


    Tim Van Slyke

  442. I love walgreens....true I automatically go there if I need medicine, I am lucky I need little.
    But the variety of things one can buy there, it's marvelious...from food, cards, perfumes and health care....Don't change......your people are wonderful...really wonderful.

  443. My Walgreens store is excellent. The employees are friendly and helpful, always greeting customers when they walk in the door. I use the photo department a lot this time of year and always get great customer service. Miguel and Kerry are especially helpful!

  444. Fantastic!! Kelly helped me with some photos, and I left knowing I could go through the millions of photos on my phone and make some nice gifts with them. Everyone needs Kellys working for them. He was so nice, and made me feel like I did a great job. Can't wait to tell my commuter challenged friends.

  445. Kathy was at register yesterday. Always very helpful and great customer service by her & of all your employees. Take great care of me whether its Jay from photo department or gal from cosmetics. Wished I could remember names. There's a guy who does stocking to everything else that always goes out of his way for me whether its something minor or not. Your location at Nees & First needs to try to step up there customers service, no one care about anyone or anything! My husband & I try to stay away from that one! Your location @ Chestnut & Shepherd is awesome!!!!

  446. Good customer service.... Cashier Peggy was effecient and personalized service.

  447. Both the counter clerk and today's pharmacist were (and have previously been) way "above and beyond" with regard to their helpfulness and professionalism. Solid 10's, both. And I don't pass out many "10's."

  448. I don't think they really care because I can't find the survey or sweepstakes. It is all a ploy to get my info.

  449. The first time I've came to the Walgreens to take my medicines. Somebody here were very nice. thank you so much.

  450. Pharmacy clerk very helpful and pleasant. An Asian male, but I didn't get his name. Check out clerks very nice.

  451. The pharmacy at Walgreens are always so helpful!! The staff in the store are always so friendly and helpful!!

  452. Your sales help so much in taking care of our health and my dad's needs in assisted living. We also love that you offer shots like flu and shingles and a great variety of diabetic supplies! Your employees also haven't lost that quality of care that so many stores have recently let go of. Thanks!

  453. When I have to go into Walgreen's, the staff all seems to have something to do, and when you need help, you have to get in front of them and ask them what you are looking for....

  454. We are frequent shoppers at Walgreens and LOVE the service we get in the photo department from Michelle V. It is store #03426 at 3610 Plainfield Ave. N in Grand Rapids,Michigan

  455. service is wonderful, I like how they let you know when its time to reorder meds, before you run out

  456. It really makes it difficult to take the survey when you have so many website and all of them tell ing how to take the survey but not showing the survey.

    1. Amen to finding how to take the survey...I think I'll just use the 800 number...Maybe that will be easier...

  457. I worked in the public for many decades so I believe my comments are on target.
    Your workers speak like robots. No genuine cheery voices, no real interest, just something to say.
    Take a look at Trader Joe's employees and you will see what I mean.

  458. Helen, in the cosmetic and skin care section, is always friendly and helpful. I always go to her counter for everything.

  459. The pharmacy staff at this store are fantastic. Some of the pharmacists even call to let me know if there is a concern of a possible interaction or to remind me of a refill.

  460. I visited the Mebane, NC location for a refill on perscription. a friendly and helpful young lady be the name KATIE HELPED ME WITHOUT JUDGING ME. She helped me save money on the script as I am not insured and paying out of pocket. God Bless Her!

  461. I needed to refill an order for insulin for my dog...yes, my dog, "Canine Jones" by Walgreens' heading. There was a problem with the prescription paperwork, stating for insulin, a doctor's ok was needed. Actually, a doctor's ok is only for the syringes. Jae, one of the most helpful of people, took it upon herself to call the vet and get everything sorted out for me so that I did not have to wait an hour or come back the next day. She also assisted with savings that I would not have known about. Terrific gal!

  462. perfecto el trato al costumer todas las lineas bien senaladas y en especial el espanol que es mi lengua.perfect 100 puntos para Walgreens.

  463. I read on my receipt YOU COULD HAVE SAVED BY USING YOUR BALANCE REWARDS CARD TODAY. I was digging out my card but when the clerk didn't ask me if I had one I assumed they didn't work for photos so I stopped reaching for my car key with the card. But the receipt said I could of saved. I am disappointed!

  464. Have been using Walgreens for all my RX and other needs. Not only is the store close to home but the staff and pharmacist truly care about my needs.

  465. I have been a Walgreen Pharmacy customer for just over 14 years (same store (Wells at North Avenue in Chicago.) I have often times wanted to praise the services of the pharmacy staff for I always found them to be pleasant and generous with their time and service. As the years have gone by my number of needed prescriptions grew to almost eleven prescriptions I needed each month. At the same time technology and service has also changed. I am a diabetic and once received regular deliveries of all my diabetic supplies needed. Quite often i was disturbed by the frequent phone calls I would receive from a Walgreens agent asking how my service was and how much more supplies did i need. Even when I suggested I did not need any more , A shipment of the supplies came through within a week or so. I almost had to shout to the caller "Please stop sending me stuff, I have plenty supplies." After a medicare tune up I was told that I must go into the store to order supplies when I need them. That was O.k from my point of view, since i was oversupplied with diabetic equipment that has lasted a long time. Then another advance in technology came about when I ordered all my prescription renewals on the phone. That proved to be most helpful but reordering 10 different prescription often took a lot of my time and your staff"s time. But I continued to order on the phone despite my failing hearing and everything seemed to work out and in my declining years (I am 76) I even occasionally used the free delivery service when I was ill or during inclement weather. Another great new service from Walgreens. Then about three or four months ago I would receive a tee phone message reminding me that my prescriptions were due for renewal. The caller (not a live person with whom I could speak) would "rattle off' the names of the medicines that I needed and asked me to say yes or no to each of them. As a person with impaired hearing who did this recorded voice think I was? Her speech was inordinately fast and she threw out names of pharmacological terms that I neither understood nor even heard. Certainly anyone who would set up this system should understand that most people who needed as much medicine as i do should know that this service is a "NON SERVICE" . The taped speaker spoke much too fast and not very clearly. I would say yes to each one of her questions and ended up getting prescriptions that I did not need. Certainly the customers you wish to serve are not being served by this newer technology. I went into the store and requested that the automatic renewal calling be terminated for me. Again I returned to the telephone ordering system. I also Have limited knowledge of commuter language and I thought that I would try ordering by e mail. Well there's another major mess if I ever heard one. To have the ability to simply list the medicines I need I had to have another password and another sign on name. The name I was given to use had no familiar letters or numbers that meant nothing to me. At my age how many passwords and names am I supposed to remember? I told the Walgreen agent (a real person) that this system is like hitching up a horse to walk backwards. I asked her politely to allow me to hang up and go back to the phone ordering system. You must certainly realize that a greater percentage of the customers you plan to reach who need so much medicine are genially older. Your operations should always consider that factor in all your services. I sure do miss when I would order my medicines in person to a pleasant and trusted druggist I used for so many years. Yes, I prefer not to have to go to the drugstore but I also think that technology should serve the patient not the dealer.

  466. Over a year ago, my insurance required that I change to Walgreens pharmacy. It is HORRIBLE. There are NEVER enough employees, resulting in long waits for ailing customers. They often run out of, or don't have enough of, common meds, requiring customers to make a second trip. In general, the wait for Rx filling is ridiculous--again, due to lack of adequate staff. On the up side, in spite of the pressure and being overworked, the employees remain surprisingly polite to customers.

  467. I had a great experience at wallgreens. I could not afford to buy all of my 90 day supply of benicar...Mr. Palak went beyond his service and save me a lot of money. Ms.Kemal was beign a team player and was taken care the other customers while Mr. Palak was so helpfull and caring. These persons were great representatives for Wallgreens...Thank You for your service.

  468. Every time I go to store number 13690 on Ford Parkway in MN I am so disappointed. The men's restroom is always filthy - not just dirty, but filthy. It appears no one ever cleans it. There are always several scraps of paper towels on the floor and the mirror and other metal surfaces are all smeared. The shelves are also never stocked and none of the staff care. Every time I ask Kait, the pharmacist, anything she acts like I am interrupting the most important thing she has ever done in her life. She always sighs and then pages someone rather than taking me to the area where the product is and helping me to select something. She has never helped me. Even in the pharmacy she always has others ring up orders rather than helping any customers. The pharmacists in the other stores always help the customers. Why is Kait above serving the very people who pay her salary? Yesterday I was in the store and said that there was only one type of iron out on the shelf. She pointed to a special section where she said the iron was called something else. I could not find it so I asked her where the section was. She had a huge sigh again and paged someone else. It turned out to be Cole, one of the managers. He seemed to be able to find the section. I asked him what the difference was and he said, "I don't know." He did not bother to ask the pharmacist or anyone why that special section was created and what was different from the iron in with the regular vitamins. I walked around the corner, set my basket down on the floor and walked out of the store.

  469. I know nothing about drugs and every time when I go where you are, I am very satisfied, the people who work there are very professional and not only help with medications, also help you find what you are looking for if they don't have it and with the best price. Thanks for your service, You are very friendly

  470. Lucy was REALLY GREAT. I was inquiring about cd's to record, and she informed me that if I had a Rewards Card, it would be at the Price that was detailed. We then went to the Front Register, and Lucy noticed that I worked at HEB, and asked how I liked working there. She was VERY HELPFUL and VERY Courteous and I LIKED the way she was Helping me. Like the way that I GIVE my customers. She is a GREAT CASHIER. THANK YOU, for Having Lucy as a Cashier.

  471. I frequently shop at Walgreen's and have done so for years. I am always pleased with their services and their help. I appreciate their attention to customers.

  472. Have always been happy with my shopping experiences at Walgreens. Find what I want, prices are good, staff are friendly and helpful. :)

  473. I use this Walgreens for one of my prescriptions, Sunset Dr. in Waukesha Wi, even though it is not the most convenient. Mary Kay, a PBR, is very courteous, informed and very helpful. Customer focused.

  474. The Pharmacy staff is wonderful. I especially like Lin as she is so kind and helpful. We shop at the jackson st store in hayward ca.

  475. The pharmacy dept. is the best! They are very professional at what they do and very helpful! I would recommend this store to many.

  476. I love the ease of shopping in the Epping,NH store. If I can't find an item, help is always nearby.

  477. Every time I go in there one of the salespersons,Named Julie, is so cheerful and always looking for ways to help me! She knows I love frogs and she always shows me any new ones that have come in! She is very special and hopefully the manager knows this!!!

  478. Ad broke today. Was at Store #11748 in Akron at 2:50 p.m. Already out of Jif Peanut Butter advertised at $2 each which, is an extremely good price. I realize you're limited on shelf space, but to be out of a "Hot" advertised item only a few hours after the Ad started, is inexcusable! Believe it or not, this happens frequently in many of your stores! This store, Arlington Rd. in Akron, Canton Rd. in Ellet - Akron, and Portage Street in North Canton. The closest unit is just over 6 miles from my house and I decided today, that's it, I'm done!
    F.Y.I. - The cashier at this Waterloo Rd. store was a real pleasure! She was extremely polite, had a smile on her face, thanked me and the customer in front of me and wished both of us a Happy Easter! She was sincere and not just going through the motions! (She was a young black lady a little on the chunky side!). Thank you!


    Deno Lorenzo
    [email protected]

  479. On 4/19/14 I was released from the hospital and decided to fill my prescription on this particular Walgreens #01310 not too far from my house. It was a breath of fresh air to be greeted and asked if I needed help; the associate happened to be a Manager possibly the Manager on Duty. The young lady at the pharmacy who was able to speak to me in Spanish was just GREAT, very helpful, and thoughtful. I wish all stores had more associates like this ones in their stores! 183 9580 0042 04/19/2014 1:21PM

  480. This pharmacy has been very helpful with my wife's prescriptions and also with helping me with over-the-counter items.

  481. I am usually quite happy with Walgreens, but today I a most unhappy. It is not so much what has been done to cost me $5.00 today, but the principle: I have acute bronchitis, and was given a prescription, specifically for a Pfizer Z-Pak. The reason is that my Pfizer insurance pays the complete cost of my meds. Instead, the pharmacist gave me a generic Azithromycin 6pak which cost me the $5.00. It is a shame that the Parent company has to keep their costs high enough to recover the cost of R& D, and the Generic houses come in and clean up once the patent expires, when all they have to show is Bioavailability for their copy of the Parent Drug. Now it costs me extra, because you do not carry the name brand. The Pharmacist should have told me you do not carry the Pfizer Z-Pak when he/she saw the prescription, and I would have
    taken it to a pharmacy that does. Not a good policy. Hope you can remedy this, because all of our meds have been purchased at Walgreens for many years!

  482. I shop and the North Bend Oregon Walgreens. There's always someone to help. If the checkout stand is busy they'll open another check stand.

  483. I was treated with an extreme condescending and then hostile attitude by pharmacist "Angie" which was all the name she would give me at the Shirley store on 863 Montauk Hwy store no. 11717. I had purchased two bottles of prescription medication for my children ages 8 and 2. The medicine, I believe, was not mixed with enough syrup flavor and they did not like to take it. I was immediately told by, "Angie", that perhaps I should go back to my doctor. I did'nt respond to that, instead I just asked whether or not that was a solution to this, or perhaps if they could remix the medicine, first? She repeated her assertion and then gave the medicine over to another pharmacist named "Bonnie"(who by the way is always very professional and courteous) and she said she would add a flavor for 2.99 for each bottle which I paid, and then she took care of. While I was waiting though, I saw a sign right behind their counter which stated that if you wanted flavors added to medicine it would cost 2.99. I then pointed this out to "Angie" and said, why would say go back to my doctor when it was obvious that you charge extra for the flavoring anyway. She did'nt even examine the medicine, and there plain as day it says they charge more for the product to flavor it. She then moved toward me in very agitated state saying"Sir. Sir!!" (I wasn't even talking)" I was only suggesting you go to your doctor, there was no need to point anything out to me." (Really!!) So i then said she should act more professionally and not so idiotic. She responded by screaming at me that if I did'nt like it here, then I should take my business elsewhere.
    You know, actually, I did come there because I felt the CVS pharmacy was run by a bunch of indifferent complacent's, but I guess I was wrong for none of them ever talked to a customer like they way this one did. I am going to write a follow up letter to corporate headquarters as well, informing them that they have a serious HR problem they need to address. No one should have to deal with a WHACK-ADO like that, if they are spending their time and money.

  484. Berna was my cashier, often she is my cashier. She is always friendly to any who enter. She loves her job and is very helpful. She is my favorite cashier at this location, my neighborhood .

  485. We do not have a Walgreens very close to our home but there are items only Walgreens seem to carry so we go to the one in Levittown. The employees there are very helpful and pleasant.
    We found everything we went for and saved money with getting a Walgreen card as we will definitely shop there as prices seem to be better than the stores near us.

  486. Kathy is usually the one helping me and she is very nice and always helps me find whatever I need.

  487. all employees at winona mn wg are great, like new manager .Their are two ladies , both named linda and they are so nice and the most helpful employees Ive ever met in a work place. tell them they are doing a wonderful job! Mr. Skappel. Thank you wg

  488. Always a friendly greeting when you walk in and always very helpful at the walgreens store in Moultrie , Ga. Thanks to all.

  489. The staff and employees of the entire store have gone out of their way to assist me in any way they can. The pharmacy personel are great. I love the way they send me an email to let me know when my perscriptions are ready for refills.

  490. I was in Walgreens on Thursday the 10th. A lady whose name is Lynn was so friendly and helpful. The store is in Lincoln,Neb.

  491. the Walgreen store on Brighton Beach Ave. in Brooklyn NY runs weekly ads. sorry to say that I went in on the first day of the sale April 6th and found no product. I was given a rain check. I went back today April 16th, and still no product. maybe your store should stick to pharmacy products and get out of the grocery line.

  492. You certainly have wonderful & honest employees. I had left my wallet in the pharmacy section yesterday & when I called to see if it was turned in they told me the pharmacist Darshana had done so. Since I could not get back that night your employee Lyn said she would get it from the pharmacy & put it in the office. She had done just that & I retrieved it today. It is so great to know there are caring & honest people. Of course, I went to the pharmacy to thank her in person. She should be recognized by management. thank you.

  493. I always shop at Walgreen's, if possible. The staff are always friendly & very helpful. There is no Walgreen's here in Socorro, so I have to drive to Belen, but it is well worth it !!!

  494. The store on Oddie Blvd in Sparks is the best. All the help are so friendly you couldn't ask for anyone any better. I tell everyone to go to WALGREENS IN SPARKS.

  495. Pharmacists are fantastic! When both the insurance company and the doctor's office dropped the ball, the technician's were there to pick the ball up. Great job.

  496. Walgreens store #02054 626 River Oaks DR, Calumet City, IL 60409
    Photo Section Clerk name Amanda. She was so very helpful to me in time of bereavement at the loss of my brother. She went beyond being help and determined to make sure that the cd I needed was correct. I command her for her kindness and compassion . Thank you for having such a helpful and caring employee.

  497. I have shopped at Walgreens for years, and I have never been dissatisfied. Everyone is always so helpful and respectful. I have been going to the same store for years and when I walk in they say "hello Mrs. Jane how are you?' It gives a person a special feeling when they are recogonized by their name. Even when I go to another store, they say"Good Morning how are your today ?" The staff has a warm feeling and a warm "hello" for everyone.


  499. I visited Walgreens for a prescription and was treated kindly and quickly to fill my order. I always enjoy visiting this walgreens because it is close to my house and always has specials on the items I am looking for.

  500. Went thru drivein service ask lady if they had Meclizine 25 mg she said yes it was out front and I would have to come in store to get it, Neadless to say I drove 100 yards down street to C.V.S. aask same question Lady said yes and sold me a bottle of 100, Guess who gets my RX and Drug store business

  501. The Red Bluff ca. store #6188 has the slowest pharmacy dept. I went there to pick up my meds. was #1 in line and waited 1/2 hr. for someone behind the counter.

  502. your new customer satisfaction survey website is ineffective -- cannot go on to it like I used to. I am totally disappointed. Why did you have to change it? OR tell me exactly where to go or to walk thru in order to complete the online survey.

  503. Walgreens is fairly new in our small town. However, I do remember Veronica your cashier has worked for Walgreens since it first opened. She is a wonderful employee who is happy to share her smile and help her customers. I shop at Walgreens a lot and am happy that Veronica is there to take care of me. Kudos on hiring a really nice person with great customer skills!

  504. I went in the Walgreens in Hattiesburg Ms on highway 49.4-08-2014..The young man that help me was very nice and very helpful he said my time limit is 4;30.and i said ok Thank u I left and went to take my son to work went back to the drive-through window the young lady at the window was all so very nice and very helpful ,,Thank u so much Walgreens..Mrs.Williams

  505. I went in on the way home from a dental procedure to get pain medication for my husband who wasn't signed up at Walgreen's. They got him registered and filled the prescription in about 15 minutes, much to his relief as he waited in the car.

  506. Your pharmacy employee, Jessica Redell, at your store, 3100 N. Broadway, Chicago, is outstanding, so kind and thoughtful and knowledgeable. Wish I had her when I was a manager of some 60 people (I'm retired now). A credit to your company. Great job hiring her! I've been a customer at that store for more than 20 years now and your pharmacy has, and has had, really, really good people, Jessica one of the more outstanding.

    Mr. C. Hennessy

  507. I am concerned because no one has claimed to have ever won this sweepstakes. I fill out about 12-15 entries every month and I would hate to think the store manager is just using my feedback to see what's going on at store level. That is a great idea and in this world today, that is what I would expect. Please assure me that this sweepstakes is legit somehow. Thank you.

  508. I was at the Walgreens in Ravinia, IL. Regina Lascaro was my cashier. She was very helpful and made my shopping experience very helpful.

  509. Walgrens on South Boulder Rd in Louisville, CO is a terrific neighborhood store. The staff, from Andrew the manager to the pharmacists are always helpful and friendly and remember repeat customers by name. The feels like a small hometown store

  510. Here in Pekin Il. they are the greatest, I go there all the time i'm on a first name basis with most of the checkers i'd rate the customer service a 9-10 top of the chart they are!!!

  511. Having gone to urgent care on a Sunday morning and needing a prescription I traveled to Walgreens near my home. MISTAKE ,BIG MISTAKE! I arrive to fill my prescription only to be told the wait is one hour. I had been up the best part of the night coughing, wheezing, and running a fever. Drop off your medication and return later to pick it up and a drive through window makes it all right. GREAT feature for a pharmacy. You get faster serice at any fast food restauran. Your pharmacist was busy giving immunizations. I now believe there is more money in giving immunization than filling prescriptions. I will not use your services or lack of again.
    Also I asked for a phone call when my med was ready never happened. I did verify my home phone number only to be told when I returned give your cell so we can text. Not everyone has texting. So I have used you retail store very rarely and now I will go to Meijer, Kroger, CVS, or Rite Aid.

  512. my walgreens store has the most professional and helpful employees . hillsborough blvd and federal highway, deerfield beach , fl

  513. My visit on 04/01/2014 was made so much easier at store #05539-Aimee and Kenzie were
    positively wonderful!

  514. I shopped at store #10470 today and had a lovely experience. They always greet me upon arrival but today I asked if the stretch pants I had purchased were still on 2 for a lower price special. The lady, Christine, said they were not because they had become so popular. As I was going to return the pants she said she remembered me as a customer and would give me the price as it had been. Actually as I am writing this I remember at the same store a bra had rung up at a lower price and they still gave it to me for that price. These people, especially now, Christine, are fair and consumer oriented and I plan to shop at that store more often. Thank you...

  515. I went to our island store on Tuesday, senior day specifically to purchase items to get the 5000 bonus points. When I got home, I saw I didn't get the points because they took the 15% off the required items before totaling my purchases. I fretted all day about going back to correct this problems which was merely buying a couple of boxes of Puff's. Okay, the reason I fretted/was upset is because you have people working in that store that are rude. They will walk right by you & not speak, act like they are angry at the world. However, there are a few nice ones & I was blessed to have ADAM working & he bent over backwards to correct my situation, kept telling me it was NOT a problem, he would come back too because $5 is a lot of a reward. Before I went back I had decided that I would stop shopping there, would try the Walgreen's off the island & if not nicer there, I would start using CVS. However, ADAM was so very, very nice. You surly want to keep this young man working for you. And no, he isn't a relative or friend.....just a super guy!!

  516. Walgreen is my drug store of choice for all our needs. Reasonable prices, fresh foods and
    all we need from the Pharmacy.

  517. Millie was very helpful and accurate.i shop at smithtown store #09497. I will be back.

  518. My wife and I visited Walgreens on Freedom Blvd. in Watsonville,Ca. The clerk that waited on us was very helpful, considerate,humorous...all the while being very professional...his name is Joseph...he took his time with everyone...and we all appriciated his service...thank you...signed John H. Bowen

  519. I was in the Decatlur , GA store on Dekalb Industrial. Adrien Lewis waited on me. I could not find the item I wanted and she remembered that it was being discontinued at that location. There was a discount. Since there were only 4 bottles left, I offered to buy all four if there was a further discount. Adrien tried with her boss who said he would have to check with corporate office and this was a Sunday. I thought she was an excellent employee trying to help me in every way. I thought that the local manager should be able to get rid of discontinued items when and as he could. I bought only one bottle which was discounted at 50% but the price for this item was less in other stores than the original price of this item at Walgreen's, so I really did not get a 50% reduction.

  520. The pharmacist, Kris, at my Walgreens in Ballwin, MO, is awesome. She helped me through a really hard time for months when my husband had three spine surgeries. I talked to her numerous times throughout it all.

  521. It was raining and I was soaked. The lady at the counter let me stay till the rain let up and I bought some socks to replace the ones on my feet that were soaked. Thanks for your help!

  522. So where is the survey? My receipt says "take survey for sweepstakes !!!" Okay, so where is it?
    Walgreens is no longer is a good store to shop. Prices are high! (Example: one coin battery for $5.99, I passed. I bought six of those batteries online for $2.79. Walgreens is high, and the "balance rewards" is a scam.
    I was going to take the survey. Instead it directed me here. Why in the world did you bother to give me a survey# and a password? Looks like I don't need it.

  523. I love the fact that Walgreens has everything I need in an easy to find place. The store is small enough that it takes little time to find what I need and the employees are always friendly and ready to help when I need them. The store I frequent is just a few blocks away from where I live and the parking is sufficient with handicap parking close to the door. I shopped in Walgreens as a child when my aunt worked in the big Walgreens in Salt Lake City across from Temple Square, so I have fond memories of the store and was so pleased when the new stores were being built in our area in easy to access places. I love the products and and the convenience.


  525. online refills are great so easy . store is allways well stocked and clean . staff helpfull and polite.

  526. I'm a Walgreen shopper .Most the time I ask for help,they are always helpful and gentle.

  527. Your Walgreen on 1600 S. Highway 27, Clermont, Fl. 34714, is one of best Walgreens we have gone to. They are caring and give help when needed. The Mgr. Ryan is terrific in helping in anyway
    also. The pharmacy is so helpful and Jennifer is there always with a smile and a great hello.
    store #06218
    3/28/2014 10:55 JoAnn

  528. At a recent visit to the Walgreen's at 5005 Douglas Av, Racine 53402 I had bought in pictures on my IPhone to be printed for a memorial service for my niece. When there was a problem getting the picture to download using the USB cord Heather worked with me to get the app downloaded on my phone.

  529. I only go to Store#10717 @ 140 S.W. Capital Circle, Tallahassee, FL
    I would like thank Judy for all her help no matter which department I need help in. I have enjoyed walking in and seeing her smiling, kind face for the last year, it is like an old style drug store when Judy is working!!!!
    Thank you Judy

  530. I was from out of state and the pharmacist and check out lady were VERY helpful and kind! Kudos to them!

  531. I shop at Walgreens as it in my end of town. I like the photo dept. they are very helpful as I am 83 yrs. old and not tech savy at all. I cry help and they are quick to respond to my plea. Sometimes they do it for me, as I usually end up doing something wrong.

  532. Cashier service in this store is terrible. The average wait on line is 20 minutes. They never have enough cashiers on the registers. I have seen workers standing around chatting, talking on their phones, doing everything they can do to avoid having to help your customers. Horrible. How can you expect people to spend half their lunch break standing on line at your store. Atrocious customer service.

  533. I needed a refill on an rx approved. The pharmacy staff was very pleasant and efficiant and I had my rx in record time.

    thank you Walgreens

  534. i never couponed at walgreens before i coupon every were but thought i try it loved the help i got in seymoure indina best store i every been in people were nice i looked around for dealas oh my gosh i found best deals ever saved 59%%%%%%%on my sales lo i am making it my favorite store of all times ii love couponing so much i told my daughter how nice the people work there was she dosnt coupon she went to walgreens bought stuff said mom they are nice and help full thank from a customer tttttthat handucap due to a fall two years ago god bless walgreens

  535. Just visited your store #15154-on Capital Hwy. in Portland, OR.
    Virginia was so helpful to me and figured out how I could redeem my points.
    She went way beyond what she had to do! Thank you Virginia!

  536. Jest to let you know Gabrielle at walgreens 06405 was extreamely helpful in saving me lots of money providing me with everything that I need ed . Thanks to her she was great.