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  1. Visit the Tim Hortons guest survey official site and enter the Restaurant Number as displayed inside the restaurant or enter the province/ state, city and address
  2. Select the date and time of your visit
  3. Indicate your answers to questions or statements regarding to your visit to Tim Hortons
  4. Choose if you would like to provide your contact information to have a chance to win free coffee for a year

Tim Hortons Guest Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish the Tim Hortons online guest survey at telltimhortons.com, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can get step-by-step instructions to finish the survey. 

More Information about Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons offers a wide menu of "Always Fresh" food and beverages for guests. Its focus is to offer guests every-day, value-priced, quality products. Franchising is available in Canada and the USA. Tim Hortons ' Restaurant Owners are supported in all aspects of their operations by an extensive range of services provided by Tim Hortons and its team of professionals. The Tim Card is a pre-paid, reloadable cash card that you can use to pay for purchases at participating Tim Hortons restaurants. It is the convenient and easy way to pay. You can easily purchase a card online.

Take Tim Hortons online customer survey at telltimhortons.com.

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65 comments on “telltimhortons.com - $500 Tim Hortons Guest Survey

  1. Linda furney says:

    Service was friendly inside. Good selection of baked goods. First time visit!!

  2. Dawn Marie Brooks says:

    Great Service, coffee was great.

  3. lisa moberley says:

    I love Tim s coffee!!

  4. John says:

    didn't like the survey at all you promised for a chance to win and nothing at all John

  5. Gary Anderson says:

    I like tim hortons good servce good coffee

  6. Pat Lynch says:

    Love Tim's...but now that I'm on a low salt diet, I can no longer eat the great goodies, and sandwiches....so thought I'd try the oatmeal, which I had some years ago...you can imagine my disappointment when I tasted it and it was so salty, it also was not hot, so I had to return it for heating up...coffee is still great. The kids waiting on people seemed stressed and not in the holiday spirit, it was around 10am on Sunday morning and busy, but it doesn't hurt to be friendly under all situations.

  7. Lois Smagata says:

    I am really disappointed that the cups this year don't even have Merry Christmas on them. what is wrong with this, were did freedom of speech go to what is wrong with you people that are afraid to say merry Christmas we have our beliefs too and it was in my and my parents century for years wake up and show our old ways Canada.

  8. Sam says:

    I believe all loyal Tim Hortons customers should be treated fairly and should feel that they can go to
    any Tim Hortons receive the same quality of service, the same quality of food and pay the same
    price. All franchise locations should be comparable to the same corporate standards. Why then are
    Tim Hortons on the New York state thruway allowed to
    1) Charge customers $ 0.50 more for an extra large Dark Roast?
    2) Not provide any senior citizen discounts as do all other NYS locations? This is discrimination
    3) Not participate in any on going card promotions?
    I believe Corporate should entertain a serious re-evaluation of these non customer friendly practices

  9. Mimi Butsky says:

    I was in the Tim Horton's in Niagara-on-the-Lake today approximately 12:30 p.m. to pick up a doughnut and coffee and I found that the toilet seat in the women's handicap toilet needed to be replaced; it was not just dirty, but damaged; also the ceiling light was not working. I do not believe that this kind of negligence is acceptable.


  10. Rosabelle Gabourie says:

    The address where I bought coffee muffin is 146 Bloor St E Oshawa,On Canada receipt # : 2101293 Sat Aug 29,2015 15:54:42 Owners name on receipt is Andrea and Jennilynn I was so digusted with the Filth of this Tim Horton coffee in front of the cash register where their is a box for Tim Horton camp donation there was no money in it no who would want to touch it Plus their was small flies in one of your display cabinet and then I see in the other cabinet where their is donuts bigger flies then I see there everywhere big flies I want to report this to health department Please reply.

  11. Noel Cleveland says:

    our store is great 3016 Cloverdale

  12. Doris Corbin says:

    So disappointed with your nutella donuts They are the size of a Timbit but cost as much as a donut for a tasty treat of deep-fried sugar filled with chocolate gooey Nutella which seemed to be missing from mine. Then I looked at my jacket and realized that dark chocolate was all over the front of my jacket. I then looked for a customer complaint form and it was missing.....so I tried http://telltimhortons.com which wasn't very user-friendly. The store number was 1972 but I have no problem with the staff or your product...I just had a bad day!

  13. Regina Sondervang says:

    I could not complete the "Tell Tim" survey because there was no receipt given to me at time of purchase.

    I know Tim's is a Canadian based company and go to various locations all the time, just loving everything I purchase. The one complaint I had at this morning's purchase, well I went to the location on Gratiot an 13 Mile in Michigan and made a breakfast order. Gave the girl my money which happened to include 2 Canadian quarters and was told she couldn't take the quarters. I said why not it's money, she said sorry we just don't do it. It really upset me as the Canadian locations accept American money ! Can you tell me why the USA locations can't upset Canadian money ??

    Thanks from avid customer.

  14. Thomas George says:

    By the way, Just so everybody knows which location # 5333 is, it is at the BUFFALO NEW YORK GREYHOUND/TRAILWAYS BUS STATION, 181 Ellicott Street !

  15. Thomas George says:

    Myself & My Wife had patronized Your store #5333, takeout # 185 on 3/26/15 @ 9:26 A.M I was shocked at how disrespectful Your employee, Melissa treated the lady in front of Us, & then Us TOO!
    The lady was trying to catch Her bus which was ready to leave & the service was taking longer than usual. The lady had told her politely that She did not want to miss Her bus. Melissa told her just wait a minute. After giving the lady her order, As she turned away, she made a nasty comment "If she thinks she can do better, let her try" ! (Loud enough that We could hear it !) Then Melissa got another order & brought it to the window. She called out a ticket number, However, I did not hear what it was. I asked her if that was Our order. She snapped at Me & My Wife & told Us "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU ! ! ! "

  16. Jenny Negus says:

    I went into store 2083 (First Lake Drive in Sackville NS) like I have many times, with my service dog, to get coffee. This is not the first time that this has happened and I am sick of being told, not asked if it was a service dog, that the dog cannot be in the store. After two years of working at the nearby call center, they should know that this is a service dog. I realize that they serve at least a thousand people at the call center, but only one with a service dog. I have gone there almost daily since January, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. two years of going there, they should know that this is a service dog, at least to ask if it is a service dog. If they don't believe me, then they should ask for my DOG GUIDE ID. EVERY service dog is supposed to have a dog guide ID. Not to mention my coffee was supposed to be EXTRA LARGE, but because she was so focused on the dog, she made me a LARGE. Please contact me regarding this.

  17. Jacqueline says:

    I am very frustrated with the tim hortons in Kitchener at corner of Lackner and Victoria. Ive been in numerous times, most recently today and previously yesterday. Both times I ordered the same thing-medium coffee and soup. Today it cost me $5.20 previously yesterday or the day before it cost me $6.20. hmmmm- why the price difference???? When you want to scan the replay card, the girl seems to have no clue (at a few other locations also) so I wonder if the replay card is even getting scanned. Today I noticed the soup combo deal for $4.99 plus tax so I asked how much it would come to with tax as I only had $5.95 on me. Girl seemed confused, paused-so I repeated my request. She still did not ring it in to get me a total price-then she said combo comes with a bagel-so I said could I get a white bun instead of bagal (which I assumed would be cheaper) She said it would cost more, so I asked how much (her till says 5.20 so I ordered it with the white bun) When I get my order, there was no donut. I called her over and she said I did not order the combo! I mentioned I had even mentioned ordering the combo two or three times. I was not in the mood to argue so just took my order and left but I am frustrated that if my order this time came to $5.20 why did the same thing cost me $6.20 the previous day?????

  18. Leonard Hampton says:

    I eat at Tim Horton every morning and i think that they are a very good place to have coffee also we have a coffee club we meet every morning around 8:o'clock my breakfast is a coffee and bagel.

  19. Derek Peacock says:

    Really exemplary service by the counter guy at your outlet in Cloverdale Mall Etobicoke ON. I use a cane and he assisted me in every way. Wish all shop assistants were like him!

  20. Diana Haas says:

    The jelly donuts today were wonderful!!!!!

  21. Diana Haas says:

    great donuts today

  22. Diana Haas says:

    coffee is fresh and hot!!!!! A+

  23. Tim Brooks says:

    I am done with Tim Horton's... its service is somewhere back in the Stone Age. Always raising the prices and services get worse The Albert St North in Regina, Sask is a joke the person trying to take your order through the drive thru can't speak a lick of english...wow

  24. Laura Harris says:

    I stopped and purchased a dozen bagels and 2 pumpkin spice latta (1 for me and my assistant)
    The spice latta's were not drinkable. It was like someone poured the dregs of a coffee pot and added foam. I normally love them, but we both threw them away.
    Very disappointed.

  25. Randy schimmoeller says:

    Very good turkey sausage and egg white

  26. gary taylor says:

    When i get my morning fix i like to have a full cup which i do not get all the time unless i ask to top it up.The sugar dispenser puts out to much.

  27. Jill Leeder says:

    We love to meet at Tim,s on Wed.and Sat. It,s close for walking and driving,and the staff all known us as we,re there often. :)

  28. Gordon Neufeld says:

    We love your coffee very much and like the service at the Sundre store

  29. Gordon Neufeld says:

    We love your coffee. The service is very good at Sundre alberta

  30. Barbara says:

    I am a loyal customer, my husband & i love most of your coffees. But at the Centerville,Ohio the
    French Vanilla Cappuccino has tasted very weak & watered down flavor. This has been since January,2014. I have been going to other Tim's and have been very satisfied. What's up at Centerville store which is very close to where we live? We buy gift cards and enjoy the store, but when i talked to the store manager he just said sorry, nothing he could do.

  31. JOHN GRILLS says:

    I would like to take this time to thank Roshani, Asal, Kalpana, Asha and Rathy for their great
    service at the Tim Hortons at 955 Major Mackenzie Dr. Vaughan. They are great employees
    with superior customer service. They provide all their customers with a smile and immediate service. Service is the lifeline of Tim Hortons.

  32. Carol Bishop says:

    I am so disgusted with the TimHortons here in Penticto BC we have been trying toy purchase your coffee for over a mounth and most times can never buy it. Why you addvertise it and never have it stock at any of the stores is beyond me, it is not just myself that feels this way have spoke to many that are buying other brands in the sores. This just blows my mind.

  33. rick stagg says:

    the night shift at Tim Hortons in Cobourg on Division St. are fast & friendly.....

  34. george gosling says:

    I'm at Tim's once a day in Belleville Ontario Canada and everything is great. The staff, the product and the environment. I do wish they would have some of the food products for us who should have less sugar. The same donuts without the glaze, icing or sugar on the outside. they could be the same price and you would save money. The tops for the coffee could be better.

  35. Roland Provost says:


  36. suzie says:

    Loves timmies but they really should get more people that speak ENGLISH to work there cause they always get my order wrong or something is missing. This happens to me all the time!!!

  37. Sharon Nelson says:

    Love Tim Hortons. Would like to see sugar contents displayed for those of us who need sugar free items.

  38. Gary Darlington says:

    The man on cash, who I believe was the Manager, extended an offer ("take your pick from the donuts in the top row, and I will give you two for one)" to the two ladies ahead of me, and then when I approached did not extend it to me.
    What is good for the ladies should have been offered to me also.

  39. jOHN hOFER says:


  40. Erwin Stanzel says:

    Have lunch about 4 times a month. I enjoy their coffee!


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