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Wal-Mart Gift Card Customer Survey PrizeWalmart

  1. $1,000 Wal-Mart Gift Card

Wal-Mart Gift Card Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not need to make any purchase to enter or win. And a purchase does not improve your chances of winning.
  2. Each receipt is limited to 1 entry.
  3. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are non-transferable. Substitutions and cash redemption are not allowed.
  4. Each person is limited to 1 prize.

Wal-Mart Gift Card Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Customers who make a purchase at a participating Walmart Canada retail location need to refer to the cash register receipt for a survey invitation. Not all receipts may contain a survey invitation. Keep your receipt and visit the Walmart customer survey official site within 14 days after the Visit Date printed on the front of your receipt.
  2. If you choose Mail-in Entry: On a postcard (no smaller than 3 ½ x 5 inches and no larger than 4 ¼ x 6 inches), you need to hand write your complete name, mailing address, phone number and age on a piece of paper and mail it to 2013 Wal-Mart  Sweepstakes, PO Box 6246, Clear Lake, MN 55319. You must mail your postcard individually.

Wal-Mart Gift Card Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Wal-Mart gift card customer survey official site
  2. Choose your preferred language from English and Spanish. Click the "continue" button to proceed
  3. Enter the 5-digit zip code of your residence
  4. Select an answer to the question "Are you, or is anyone in your immediate family, a Walmart or Sam's Club employee?"
  5. Enter the year in which you were born
  6. Select the answer to the question "Do you have your receipt readily available?"
  7. Enter your store number and ID exactly as they appear on your receipt
  8. Answer all the questions to complete the survey

Wal-Mart Gift Card Customer Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the Wal-Mart Gift Card Survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

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3,234 thoughts on “ - Win $1000 Wal-Mart Gift Card Survey”

  1. I use all the time but I never am able to use it for Gordon Food Service surveys. Any chance you'll have GFS in the future???

  2. visit Walmart on Rangeline rd mobile al almost daily. cashiers r busy but yet courteous and helpful. very pleased with stock levels and find what i want and usual buy something I did not need at the time

  3. I like the option to check myself out, and bag my own products. It makes it easier for me when I get home.

  4. I have ordered and had delivered to the store many items in line. My family will pick them up forme. I no longer drive and this would make it easier.
    Wal-Mart has almost anything I need. I love one stop shopping.

  5. I just called the walmart in Middletown vision center wanted a run down of the insurances they take the girl was very rude refused to give me a run down of ins, not professional I am a very very good customer of walmart and was not happy called at 10:06 am, 1/23/18

  6. 7M20P31T893Z
    Had a very pleasant exchange product experience both initially, then at final checkout. I only swapped two items, however, purchased seventeen. The attending cashier was not slightly put off. Thanks

  7. me gusta mucho comprar en walmart, ya que tienen todo lo que necesito, y su fruta verduras y carne son de calidad y sus articulos en si todo lo que venden, estoy muy satisfecho en comprar el la tienda

  8. I had a very good experience at farmacy.
    Very cortecourteous employees.
    Kevin know how to treat a Customer.
    God bless you All.

  9. The pharmacist there is a very nice man the black guy that works there the black pharmacist he's very courteous she's very helpful and just need some more help in the front but the cashiers and better Conn's customer service and quicker service to get meds out

  10. Hi ! my name is Alisa Streeter and i would like to win a Walmart gift card I really would like to have one for the Christmas holidays. Thank you Walmart.

  11. The Walmart Store in West Memphis has a "new" manager in their fabric dept. She was clueless. They didn't have the fabric that was ordered 2wks prior and after being told that it was there in the store but it was in the back and they couldn't get to it, it disappeared a couple of days later and no one had an explanation as to why I was told it was there when it wasn't. I know!! They thought if they told me it was there they wouldn't have to work at getting the freight out of the way and it would be on someone when a I came back asking for it and it was never there! all they had to do was tell me it wasn't there and I could have gone to another store where they could have quite possibly had the fabric!! waste of my time and no one could explain why I was told the fabric was there and it wasn't!! poor customer service and no one even tried to give me a plausible explanation.....they just said "sorry, I don't know" awful

  12. I love Wal-Mart neighborhood (Harvey) because it’s a great place for shopping nice and clean the employees are so loving to the customer .


  13. En tant que grand maman de bientôt 6 enfants, j'aimerais bien gagner le 1000.00$, pour gâter mes enfants et petits enfants. Je n'ai jamais gagné de prix, ce serait bien une fois dans une vie.
    Merci Walmart

  14. Patricia is a cashier at the Greenwood AR Walmart. Of all the cashiers she is the friendliest. She actually looks you in eye, smiles and that is a treat, some cashiers are not like Patricia. She enjoys her job and you can tell.
    I see very few cashiers at Walmart who are pleasant.

  15. Brianna Campbell is a cashier at the Dorothy Lane Store, Dayton, Ohio. Of all the cashiers she and another cashier at this Walmart are the friendliest. She actually looks you in eye, smiles and that is a treat, considering most cashiers at this location do not look at you up. that is. I see very few cashiers at Walmart who are pleasant. Of the three Wal-Marts I patronize this is the dirtiest, the manager is never available. I have not used the restroom at this location due to the fact it's disgusting.

  16. Mark in Chemicals has been very helpful anytime I ask for help in finding products. He's polite, he smiles, and he is knows where products are located. I was a Customer Service Manager at Dorothy Lane Market, I would have hired Mark.

  17. J'aimerais bien gagné un montant de 1000$, j'ai jamais eu la chance de gagner a ce genre de concours. Sa vaut la peine quand meme d'essayer.

  18. Los trabajadores son muy amables me atendieron bien los trabajadores son muy amables me preguntaron si yo encontré todo lo que yo necesitaba los trabajadores bien amable Me preguntaron que si yo encontré de lo que yo necesitaba lo que me gusta de ir de compras en Walmart es que encuentro comida mexicana Yo soy mexicana encuentro de todo en un solo lugar como en Walmart me gusta porque meten Walmart tiene todo lo que es productos mexicanos me encanta que ustedes nos atiendan bien Gracias Walmart que Dios los bendiga siempre como Walmart no hay dos

  19. hello, a la retraite Walmart est l'endroit par excellence pour mo budget restreint tant pour la nourriture, les vêtements et les autres besoins quotidiens. Merci de me rendre la vie plus sereine et confortable. ce montant me permettrait de vivre quelques situations de vie de fa¸on plus agréable
    a bientôt

  20. J'aime magasiner chez Wall-mart pour tout que je sois au Québec, aux Etats-Unis.J'aimerais tant gagner le 1,000.00$. Mon petit fils travaille chez un Wallmart au département de l'électronique, il est étudiant. Merci

  21. I would like to win a Walmart gift card because the holidays almost here and I have two grandkids and I really would like to have a 1000. Walmart gift card. I do have a big family of 7 and it will be a very Merry Christmas for me and my family thank you Walmart.

  22. J'ai magasine chez Walmart aujourd'hui. J'ai été très satisfaite des produits achetés et j'ai économisé. Les prix sont vraiment plus bas qu'ailleurs. Le personnel est accueillant, souriant et serviable.

  23. Je magasine régulièrement chez Walmart, les employé(e)s sont très polis et courtois !!!! Merci !!!!

  24. We had a new wal- mart come to Prairieville La.i am glad the employees are trained to work and serve the custermers which I needed help with At the begging of my visit wal- mart is so easy to get around every item is marked I wouldn t shop any where else wal- mart is my store.

  25. I picked up my photos, I was pleased, however a different photo was included in my photos We

    I have always been satisfied with all my purchases at your stores. Walmart
    has the lowest priced items in all depts. We always look for bargains., WE DO GET THEM AT WALMART.
    I picked up photos that were developed, an extra picture came along with it that wasn't ours, it was funny!
    ID#7l2s5yjd22n SI#01513 UP#005710TE#65TN#06700
    zip code 34684 date of birth 1932 Receipt date 11/02/17
    Thank you. Tony

  26. I think your website needs some fresh articles. Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this boring task, search for; ssundee advices unlimited content


  28. I visited the Walmart Store in St. Johns, Michigan. The lines were very long. There were 3 people in front of me and 4-5 behind me waiting. We asked the cashier and she said they had
    cut hours for a few folks. What is going on? Also I was in the Walmart store in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan this past week and the lines were the same. LOOOOOng.

  29. I tried multiple times to enter contest on your site and kept being rejected'.

    Zip code;48912, date of birth 10/11/32

    Store# 02867 OP#003033 TE#05 TR#02930

    ID: 7L2HX5101GK7

    Please enter me into the contest for Walmart gift cards of $1000 and $100

  30. I use Walmart as my main place to purchase grocery and various other products as they usually have all the selections I want.

  31. Walmart has always been one of my favorite places to shop! Their business is ran wonderfully and the service is phenomenal.

  32. Walmart wants your feedback in the Walmart survey and is offering a chance to win a $1000 Walmart gift card for your opinion and time.

  33. Like Walmart, has a complete variety of food, clothes, tools etc. A one location shopping experience.

  34. ty
    please offer more kinds of ready pac bistro bowl elevate organic salads in the waterford ct walmart deli...ty

  35. love shoping at walmart,, great service I live in poplar bluff mo,,, we have a walmart super center and a neighborhood walmart which is very close to were I live,,,, love walmart and there prices and there employees

  36. My comet is on Sam's Club in Albuquerque, NM. I think the store number is 2483. My beef is with the food court. I eat there about once a week after shopping. The food court is weekly consistent of being out of something. July 4th, no mustard or pickle relish. Week before no root beer. They have been without cups, lids, onions for hot dogs. Today they were out of diet coke. Someone else other then me must have complained. When I was about finished eating the coke was refilled. To late for me. I also ordered the frozen Dannon yogurt which is creamy and delicious. That is only when they don't substitute some other icy substance as they did today and another time. Why isn't this Sam's Club food court consistent?

  37. Walmart does not solicit online for individuals to complete online surveys for gift cards, nor do we send unsolicited emails asking individuals to participate in our surveys.

  38. Could I Please have the 5000 gift card I and my family are in need of clothes,food PLEASE

  39. i like walmart because the price is economic for all and the services is excelent

  40. I would like to thank Wal Mart for selling some of the healthiest foods available. My husband had a heart attack three years ago. We need LOW SODIUM OR NO SODIUM products to keep my husband healthy. I buy can goods, deli meats (black forest ham) which is low sodium and tastes great and you have one of the freshest produce departments! Thank you, we are grateful to your store!

  41. Walmart does not solicit online for individuals to complete online surveys for gift cards, nor do we send unsolicited emails asking individuals to participate in our surveys.

  42. Very pleasent in grove Oklahoma. In branson Missouri I found alot of associates very rude and when You asked them anything you would be inconveniencing them. Grove is my store.

  43. They have very friendly and helpful employees, always asking did I find everything or do I need help finding something

  44. I love shopping at Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart in Portsmouth va has friendly employees and they are so helpful.

  45. 7L0HP8Y639H I Love to go shop at Walmart. I have a great experience every time I go there.

  46. I will no longer be a customer of Walmart. I find the girls in your "customer service" department rude and they do NOT follow through with what they say. I called in 24 April and was told that my request for a password for your on line statements (which I never requested I am 74 and very old school. I like hard copy in my hand) THe pass word was to be posted within five (5) min. yet 24 hours later it still was not there. One of the reasons I wanted hard copy was I authorized. This is very hard as I am on basic pension. Today I payed off my Master card of yours and CUT UP SAID CARD. Good buy and I can not even say good evening to you a 200.00 payment they took 400.00 without a statement I no longer can recoup my loss

  47. I am no longer getting the ID# on the front or back of my receipts from Walmart that enable me to do the survey. Why? Have Walmart stopped offering this?

  48. I love to go shopping at Wal-Mart. People are very friendly there but I have to say some service people are not friendly but that's life. Wal-Mart does have very good prices on there products though.

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  50. Very friendly service.
    Good prices in all products.
    International products available.
    Everything in one place, very convenience.
    Thank you Walmart.

  51. I like going to Walmart over every other department store, I am in Walmart at least two to three times a week if not more. I do alot of online shopping with them and they nearly always beat all their competitors. I mostly pick up the merchandise in store after I order it, it ships fast, free shipping and the staff is always great in store.

  52. I went shopping at Walmart in Chesterfield, Mi on Sunday 3/26/17. and found the employees extremely helpful, I was looking for Sani Strips for my drains at home, it was an item advertised on TV. this young lady in the paint department looked all over, when we were first entered the store the guy told us to go to cleaning supplies. Couldn't find it, so we started for the plumbing area and this young blonde lady helped us and looked and looked checked her smart phone, and finally she found it in the TV commercial area, called Z I think right next to the cashiers, she was so nice, and left without me thanking her, so I told the cashier to tell her thank you, This was my first time at that store. I want to express my impression of all the employees there on Sunday were extremely helpful and nice.

  53. The salespeople were very helpful in finding what I wanted and then loading it into my truck. Of course I always find helpful people at Walmart.

    1. Am trying to do the Survey and the form will NOT accept my email address. It claims it is Invalid. Yes I have entered both boxes with my address as it appears in this Entry

  54. We shop Walmart sometimes 2 to 3 times a week . The only store for groceries especially with the savings catcher. makes no since to go any where else . getting the lowest price possible. Thank You Walmart.

  55. With self checkouts you are doing away with more and more jobs.
    Shoppers need to have more contact with your clerks, as we shoppers are the ones that keep you in business. All there seems to be these days is less and less service and more profit you Walmart.

  56. Had positive experiences with in store and on-line purchases. Employees are always helpful.
    The push for "friendly" has been noticed also. Not among all employees but most.
    I shop at Bachman Lake Walmart and have been particularly pleased with the help offered by Pamla and Jana.

  57. I was at Wal Mart on February 25, 2017 and upon trying to check out the self check out lines were full with long lines, so I proceed to go to cashier counter and only 4 lines were open and the lines were ridiculous. When I got in a line it took me 35 minutes standing to get to cashier then when all items had been scanned the cashier's register drawer would not open which caused more time waiting. After the supervisor got to the counter she was rude to cashier and everyone around was hearing conversation not only making me uncomfortable but I know the cashier was feeling intimidated with customers around.
    I am a big Wal Mart customer to shop or just to get out and look around. I was in Starkville, MS, Wal Mart!
    Thank you,
    Deborah Martin

  58. My cashier today was Christian and she was very nice She spoke, asked how I was and kept a smile the whole time.

  59. Hi I hope in pary I win could I really need it I never own anything in my life I need too pay off bill Lord know I need this I 'm pary for yhis

  60. Store number 03417 is my Walmart I would like to recognize and employee Ron in the frozen food department going through the normal morning routine of checking his shelves I was looking for frozen hash browns I asked him about them he happily went to the back and got them for me helpful employees like this or a great asset to Walmart!

  61. I placed a order with it was the best experience I have ever had with and online order customer service was the best ever order status and on time delivery was great Thanks Arthur Silas Camila Ga

  62. This was my first time shopping at this particular Wal-Mart. Really friendly workers in all the areas I was in, and they were quite knowledgeable about product location. Store is very clean and well organized to provide easy access to needed items. My cashier was Patsy, # 1421. She deserves a "10" ! When I was ready to check out, she was out in front of her lane and let me know that no one was ahead of me. She was very efficient and friendly and made me feel like I was her best customer of the day! I live relatively near this store, so it will be easy to return, do my shopping....something to look forward to. And, since I live east of this store, I found it is easy to make right turns to enter and leave the parking lot, quite an incentive to return!

  63. Something is wrong with the sweepstakes entry website. It will not permit you to take the survey.

  64. Working mom of 3... besides the lowest prices, the best thing we love about Walmart is in 3 words... ONE STOP SHOP

  65. Today I went grocery shopping to store #1624 and when I went to go pay I let the cashier know I was paying with e.b.t and she said that I only got 4 bags (op#6795). I wanted to talk to a csm and know why that was. The csm was nice and let me know why. I had no problem with what the csm told me, but what got on my last nerve was when the cashier said " I don't know why she's complaining if she's getting her food for free." Nothing in this world gives you the right to make such comments to anyone. No matter what method of payment you are making. That is none of her business. Very unprofessional.

    1. She had no right to ask any questions about large percentage of Walmart employees have an EBT CARD ALSO

  66. this morning I visited this store outside was cold but inside was confortable the store was clean and well organize I found what I was looking for at no time at all at checkout cashier was polite and friendly

  67. The store is always clean this include the restroom. But my only concern is at checkout you have 25 or more registers but you only have maybe 4 or 5 open. This just make people leave and go to Kroger across the street. CSC can help too right? They just stand around and watch the line get longer and sometimes it's 3 of the there just looking. One time I left my basket in the middle of the floor and made a comment why ya'll can't help the lines are too long and you have 25 registers but only 6 cashiers. she told me her job was to watch the lines and I said yeah they long too. and then I walked out of the store.

  68. Horrible experience in your Sweetwater North augusta,SC today with a return in customer service by a female representative around 12:30 pm Jan. 30 2017. I feel like I was discriminated 2against for a return on clothing. The cashier sniffed clothes and said she would not take it back. I did not have receipt but tags are on clothing. It's sad we have not gotten further in 2017. I went to another locatiin and there was no problem with the service. Drove out my way to get customer respect!!!

  69. Always have a great experience at the Carbondale Illinois Walmart pharmacy. Veronica is always
    Friendly and atentive.

  70. I shop at wal-mary weekly sometimes twice a week. Great prices, very clean store. And the employees are always helpful when needed.

  71. I had a good visit for the first time in a very long time, thanks to one of your cashiers & I want to say thank you for hiring someone who really cares for the customers . I think her name is Seanna, Serenna, Senna, cant think of her right spelling . She placed my bags in my cart after ringing me out & let me know how important I was as a customer. Thank you for making my day, & going the extra steps. Don't lose her, she's good for your customers, I will have to shop here more often .

  72. Visited pharmacy on this morning service was outstanding, I'm one that has said good customer service is a thing of the past. I WAS CERTAINLY IMPRESSED WITH THE SERVICE I RECIEVED THIS MORNING. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  73. My neighborhood Walmart is great, I am a handicapped customer who needs help unloading my cart and loading my car. The employees at this store provide the extra service with a smile on their face. They are supervised by Adrian, a friendly young man who treats his customers like he wants them to return. Walmart has my vote for best customer service. Thank you!

  74. i have been a [email protected] Walmart since the first Walmart open in Hanover Pa zip 17350 .My Wife And I Been In Georgia is About 4 or 5 Walmart,s Around Roswell Always being treated with Respect.Thank You For Having Employees That Recognize Veterans Of The Vietnam War. THANK you For Having This Survey

  75. I love to shop at walmart,my favorite is I can't wait to see what they have on clearance everyday my Wal-Mart has something different to offer at a reasonable offer.sometimes the price is to good to turn down and I but it even if I don't need it.i love my walmart.

  76. Me encanta Walmart ya que encontré lo que necesitaba, sus empleados son muy amables y esta cerca de mi casa

  77. Good experience although I do not understand why the Pharmacy is all the way past every thing like customer service and etc.It makes us old folks have to do a lot of walking to pick up our Meds

  78. I wish this Walmart card, believe its my favorite store. I loved.......I find everything in that store, that's why I want to win...

  79. JANUARY 15,2017 AT 5:30AM I have been always shopping at Walmart and I find what I need and I had a good service

  80. I have been shopping at Walmart for quite some time, but I never met a salesperson like Iris in the Military Trail Delray Beach store. She was extremely knowledgeable about the story inventory and quick and efficient as well as friendly. She enjoys what she is doing for Walmart and it shows. She is an asset to your company and should be rewarded as such.

  81. I am a regular shopper at Walmart and have always had good service. I always find what I need.

  82. Excelente trato de sus empleados y buenos precios en sus articulos es mi tienda favorita

  83. Walmart is my favorite store. My wife and I visit it at least once a week. We find in it all our needs, at bargain prices, along with our prescription medications. My wife's favorite feature of Walmart is Price Match, which allows us to get real bargains. I can't imagine my life without Walmart!

  84. I like go to walmart there have anything a need for me and my family's thank u walmart for u services to the community and neighborhood

  85. 1-hamburger helper shelf price was $1.50 and checkout price rang up as $1.78; same thing with milk two weeks ago--$2.90 and rang $2.98.
    2-south doors opened before the security guard got there and two TVs and other expensive stuff was stolen. The idiot manager---called arrogant and incompetent-----should pay for that, and not the customers----me. Unhappy customer.

  86. Walmart is great! The store I was in today was great, the staff was friendly and helpful, the customers were great too, considering we are so close to the HOLIDAYS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope I WIN!!!!!!!! Would help my family a lot.

  87. Walmart gives Christmas bonuses to his workers every year. Walmart accepts food stamps from customers.

  88. Very helpful and enjoy the extra open register during this busy season. Still wish you made the great value peanut-butter cups.

  89. On 12/15/16 I went to the Walmart store in Radcliff KY needless to say It was very busy. When I got in line I know I was going to be there a while But when I got close enough to see the chaser I know it was 60% her fault I ask her if she was new got no answer. when I got home and looked I realized she never took my 5 dollars worth of coupon off the order. I dont know why this really got me so mad besides if you are going that slow I would think she would have remembered that I had given them to her. I would say it by no means was the worst
    trip there but sure wasnt the best.

  90. This would make my Christmas if I could win. I love going to Walmart. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Social Security does not do much to help and this would be a Godsend.

  91. I would love to win $1000 dollars. I shop a lot at Walmart. I feel like a kid in a candy store. They have a lot of items for the home from electronics to clothes and also food. Getting this money to shop would be like a dream come true for us. I would buy a curved television with the money as you have this item also. Pick me please.

  92. Great place to shop especially at night when it's not so busy and in the morning times when everyone still asleep

  93. I had a on line pickup which went very well. I didn't have to wait at all they had plenty of help so I was in and out fast. Looking forward to the next visit. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  94. Was in Crystal lake, il store for few last minute holiday items.
    Mark the Mgr opened another lane & was as friendly as pie. They wer e just calming down from their rush..yet he was so friendly & helpful. Made our holiday sweeter!

  95. I love shopping at Walmart..One of the employees is always ready to help even when he is busy..He actually takes the time for the friendly..and goes above and beyond..Mexico Maine Walmart is the best..and I congratulate this man!!

  96. Shopping at Walmart is easy, especially when you have a store employee by the name of Eileen helping you to find items needed and I couldn't find them. No wonder I like shopping at Walmart.

  97. Easy parking, store is clean and employees are always around to help customers if needed. They are very friendly and helpful. Walmart could lower the prices on their big screen T.V.'s so I could buy one for my wife who wants me to have one!!!!

  98. I love Walmart and I injoy going almost every day cause the workers are nice and helpful when you can't find something and Walmart show all their respect once you walk through the door

  99. My customer service rep was very nice and polite and very helpful. The next time I visit Walmart I will definitely try to find this same person,

  100. Exelente tienda,la mejor calidad de sus productos,y precios, la atencion es inigualable gran variedad de productos al alcance de vuestros bolsillos gracias .

  101. Exelente tienda,la mejor calidad de sus productos,y precios, la atencion es inigualable gran variedad de productos al alcance de vuestros bolsillos gracias de antemano por todo lo bueno que nos han dado.

  102. my experience in Walmart has always been awesome, prices are low can get more for my money there since my husband is on disability I can get more for my money.

  103. I truly love the Walmart on Yopp Rd in Jacksonville, NC. They are always friendly and there to help whenever you need them.

  104. Wal-mart is the best store because have special price. my family and me enjoy when visit walmart.

  105. I have been a Wal-Mart custmer all my life and my family too. We do all our shopping there starting from groceries shopping to Christmas shopping we have always been a loyal customers. And the service and staffs goes out their way to serve you.

  106. muy satisfecha con los servicios de walmart todo lo que busco lo consigo y a muy buenos presios es mi tienda preferida

  107. we want to compliment your staff, professional, kind, courteous, and very customer service.. Angelo and Lena.

  108. Me encanta comprar en Walmart,todo lo encuentro allí,y tiene precios muy accesible y productos de buena calidad,para mi y mi familia ? es la numero UNO. LOVE WALMART???


  110. I tried to enter sweeps other day & you told me to continue, I would need to sign in again, & you'd take me back to where my entry was interrupted. Have not been able to do so. Instructions are not clear to follow. I could use the $1000. Please reply

  111. Cashier "Pat" informed me of changes in Walmart policy while completing my transaction flawlessly. She inquired about my interest in Walmart Credit Card and she made change efficiently for my cash transaction. Walmart is my favorite supercenter!

  112. lockhart,Tx Pharmacy Rocks. They have gotten me through some tough times being a double lung/heart patient. thank you John, Jenny, Felicity, Chris, Ida, Tiki, Sara. Thank you

    Cecilia V.

  113. Walmart offers shoppers the opportunity to chose and purchase needed items at one location. Without WalmMart, people would have to shop several different stores in the hopes they might find needed items. Thank you Walmart for making shopping easy and enjoyable.

  114. I shop at Wallmart just about every day. The staff and management are superb.The store is very clean. the food is fresh. Overall great prices. I don't go to Publix nor WinnDixie any more.The store where I shop is in Hallandale Beach Fl. 33009

  115. I did not like that the cashier I went to the way she bagged my items I brought a bottle of dawn and when I picked it up it had a top but she had to hae took the top off because when I got home all of it had pour out in to my bag asnd all of it was wasted

  116. The lines are always too long. Its hard to get any help in a timely manner. The store is always a mess. ( 7JZ8LY15FBB6 )

  117. I was in a long line and Kelly came and open up the next line she was very help she got out I just had got off from work and stop in to pick up few item and she is what you call customer service thank so much Kelly (7JZ8DSHMWL9)

  118. I purchase cq10 100mg btl 50 on aug 19 the rollback price was $6.00 but at check out I was charge $8.88 which price was correct? thank you

  119. The cashier I went to today is the one I look for every time I go to this store. Her name is Lisa. She is very friendly and very nice. The store number is 04323. If she is not there I will go to whoever is available.

  120. I love Walmart! there is not one single thing that I can't find there I go there just about every single day! The store is conveniently open early in the morning so I can't ever go wrong Amen for Walmart

  121. Went to the neighborhood market Walmart ( #03354) in Henderson NV and the cashier was very rude. I will don't be back.

  122. The store was clean and the service was great and refreshing for an early morning shopping experience. Thank you Store #3035 for the awesome service you provided this morning!

  123. Mr. Roberts

    Visited your Abington Mass. 02351 store today and was so pleased to find such a clean and neatly organized store . This made for such a pleasant shopping experience.
    I'm a 72 year old former Wal Mart employee and understand the work that you and your employees put into this .

    Thank You

    Richard Johnson

  124. sometimes the workers know about your request and sometimes not but some will be helpful to direct you and some not. customer service returns are good. good mannered, but the self checkouts are sometimes torn up which are quick in the transactions with our the wait.

  125. I usually go to the super center in Rockton, Ill. I have a friend that Ive known since the age of 18. I'm 55 now . She works there. My cousins boyfriend works there also. I find it very convient to shop there being its pretty close to where I live. the prices are competitive also. Before work sometimes I go there for a Banana Nut Muffin or a Blueberry muffin with a small jar of milk.
    I like my grocery bill there also. Its close convient and saves me money. What else could you ask for!!

  126. We shop at the neighborhood market located on Gateway Drive Greenville, N.C., there has always
    been "I am Glad to see you" feeling as you enter the store. I can not name one person because
    that would not be fair to the others. So everyone I rate "10"

  127. Shopped at the Chesterfield WalMart this afternoon. Shairka checked out my order. She is the fastest and most helpful clerk I have ever experienced at a WalMart store. She should go far in the Wal Mart world. Thank you very much, Shairka, you were great and fast and very friendly!

  128. there were employee a girl and a man talking together, i waited until they are done talking, what i understand the man is giving instruction to the lady. after they are done talking the lady is walking towards me so i want to ask her where can i buy lady's underwear. i just started saying Hi before i said my second word she said walking pass me i didn't clock yet.

  129. Everyone has always been very helpful, & courteous to me each visit . I've started using the pharmacy . & The staff are very nice, & I love the money I'm saving . Thanks so much, I shop there often .God Bless

  130. I called and visited Walmart on route 31 in cicero, ny.i spoke to a sales person named bob and when I went to the store,saw bob.he was WONDERFUL. !!!! so customer service oriented.took the time to assist me.

  131. I love shopping at Walmart because of the quality of goods and the prices. Shelves are always well stocked and the employees for the most part are very helpful.

  132. The employees are very helpful. I just wish some things were in stock more, seems snap fastners, size 16 are always out, bot in white and silver. I do 99.9% of my shopping at Walmart

  133. I shop frequently at our new Walmart location and it is certainly a pleasure. The store is always well stocked; neat & organized; and have some of the most pleasant Cashiers I've experienced. I would, therefore, like to give my kudos to Angelina for being such a fast & friendly Cashier. Great job, Angelina, there should be more like you.

  134. En français svp....Merci, j'ai comme toujours aimé mon expérience et les économies de votre magasin

  135. I have always found the employees at this tore very friendly and always willing to make your shopping experience delightful. Thanks for selecting such wonderful people! Sheri Dawson

  136. On this occasion i visited the Pharmacy and everyone is helpful, nice, and greets you will a hello,I have been taking care of my husband for 7 years now and the manager as well as her entire staff go above and beyond in seeing that his meds are filled and work effortlessly in getting insurance to cover as well as doctors order's. I couldn't of done this alone and i am greatful that the staff at walmart pharmacy are there to assist. Thank You. Christine Langley

  137. the casher sam very nice but that never don't have disabily cart nthat u can ride in huntsvill texas sore, so I will start going to Conroe store for now on.

  138. I don't think I have ever had a checker to be rude to me. I'm in that store 3 + times a week.I like the one stop shopping. I didn't notice my checkers name. She was so nice and I did notice her smile.She told me to mention this number 7jyymhc9lgw.

  139. Guess who yes i'm back. store #5429 Charles ZALDO, I was with Charles on opening day have a picture with him on the grand opening. This store is also very clean and well stocked.The staff also A+ service. As you see I love my Walmart .Charles when will I get my own parking space.L.O.L.
    We picked up a 6ft sub and a sheet cake from you great job order was ready on time the cake was very good my friends ask who made this for you I told them Walmart he was surprised. You have other customer coming to you.Charles keep up the A+ service see you soon my friend.


  140. Just wanted to share a great experience I had at Walmart store #4218 JONATHAN MORRISON as you see I love Walmart shop daily sometimes just like to say hi to the staff sometimes my wifes makes cookies for them Walmart has great team members. JONATHAN, thanks for the help on finding something for me that I could not found. your store is clean and well stocked.Again always make you feel at home and part of the Walmart family.JONATHAN, the A+ service starts with a caring manager and great training you give to your staff. See you soon.


  141. I have been a customer for over 29 years. Always will stocked always clean and always get A+ service.A special Thank's to David Hakhamian store #2777 and his team BERNIE,JENNIFER,LOREDZO,MATILDE,DAVID,WILLIAM,KIMBERLY,ANDREA. Also you will be missed Robert the best cashier every passed away after 15 years with Walmart I will be at the funeral Friday July 29,2016 David again thank you for the great service you and your team do. Always make you fell at home and part of the Walmart family. It is on my bucket list to someday
    to be a greeter but I just found out Walmart stopped doing the greeting.I LOVE MY WALMART.

    Mike Schuessler

  142. the girl was so busy talking to a coworker she charged me for several bags. I told the manager who seemed to think it was no big deal. I don't steal from you, so don't steal from me. Monterey Rd, San Jose< CA . Only one self check out was open, the other seems to be blocked, the other was closed. open up these check out stands.

  143. Workers are very helpful and it was nice when Sharon opened a register, so we got waited on quickly.

  144. Don't go to the vision center in the Thibodaux La store, some of the workers are so rude. Don't help with your glasses.

  145. i do all my shopping at walmart, everyone has been kind and helpful all the years i have shopped there.
    cant say nothing bad about anyone at any walmart stores

  146. I was in the store yesterday and wrote my check and the girl at the register says I can't give your check back.I asked why, because that is always the way it is done. She said the register says not to. I spent about 15 minutes trying to get the check before a lady finally got my check and said the girl is fairly new.I said "Well you didn't train her very well.I don't know what her intentions were.But I must tell you I don't appreciate it.

  147. I usually but $300.00 to $400.00 when I go shopping, but they were out of quite a few things, and I had to go elsewhere..Most of the time the employees are very helpful and nice, but sometimes you can over hear them complainng about a certain manager or sometimes an emplyee..I do not think this is a good idea for the public to be hearing.

  148. As other shopping stores you will find very good workers and some not so good.I have found in most wal mart stores they are really mostly friendly, helpful employees. This is really, along with prices, what makes business a success. It sure makes shopping more pleasant.

  149. I have always had not only good service, but very nice employees help also. They are truly a
    good group of people, always ready to help.

  150. The service is wonderful the people that works in any department is very pleasant they take time to answer all questions. the prices are great. I go to walmart before I go anywhere. I tell all my friends to try walmart before going anywhere. I Love Walmart

  151. I always have a great experience when I go to Wal-Mart in Mount Pleasant, WI, especially when I go to pick up my prescriptions. Kelsey is a great pharmacist and knows me by name. She is very helpful if I ever have any questions that feel need to be asked. The employees at this location are always very helpful when I'm walking up and down the aisles looking for something. They always ask me "Can I help you find something today?" and I find that very comforting.

  152. The cashier KEYONNN was very nice to me and my mom today at walmart in west burlington iowa!!!!!!!!

  153. we live in Milton N.Y. and go to the Newburgh one today i purchase'd a 20lb bag of Cat Litter the Casher was very nice in the lawn and guarden

  154. I shop at the Wal-Mart in Clinton, Utah. The pharmacy personnel, especially Christy, are most helpful. They keep me informed about my medicine. We also grocery shop there. We love it.

  155. I shop at one of two Walmart stores, one in Forsyth, Il and the other in Mt. Zion, Il. Today I was at the Mt. Zion store and I had a personal problem (nothing serious, just embarrassing) and the people at the store were most helpful and kind in assisting my husband and I. I must say, however, the people at both stores are always pleasant and helpful.

  156. I go to the Walmart in Springmills, WV and they are the nicest people there. If you have a question as to where something is they will take you right to it instead of telling you where it is. The checkers are always very courteous and always smiling. It makes your day when you have a nice checker.

  157. First time being in a Walmart for years. This one is so very nice, clean, new and very spacious you don't feel like you are running into people and carts continually. Everyone was very nice and helpful no scarcity of employees to help you.
    I was particularly happy to see that this store has a very large food section and even carry some organics. I would love to see more organic foods and some organic dog and cat food also. I like hydrated animal food.
    I, of course, spent more then I intended, which is a good thing for you and your store!
    Grace was my cashier in the new Burbank store, very sweet. Thank you and I'm sure your store in this location will continue to be a gig hit!

  158. I found everything I was looking for. I shop more in Fordice Ark than anywhere else Its close to me

  159. I had a great customer/employee experience today, usually and always I check out at self checkout to avoid human interaction, but sometimes this is not always possible....however the cashier at self check out was very helpful; and pleasant! Her name was Krystal at store #511 in Sumter, SC @ 17:21:56 She was able to make my shopping experience a very pleasurable one!!

  160. everything was just fine & yes i would visit it again & again as things are reasonable

  161. The ladies in the pharmacy are really really nice and fast too. I wish every pharmacy i walked in to would be like that.

  162. My experience at Walmart was very pleasant today. The cashier was pleasant and cheerful. I am a senior citizen; and while I was getting my debit card out the young lady put my items into my cart voluntarily! Very unusual!

  163. I had a very good experience today while shopping at Walmart. As always, the people are friendly and willing to help you when asked. The selections are many and the pricing is fantastic.

  164. I was called a disgusting, repulsive and inaccurate name when leaving a Walmart store today, which was "Nazi", and I really do want you people to know that I am Jewish and not a Nazi at all. If this sort of redneck filth continues in the future, you can be assured that I will take legal action against the individual using this insulting epithet.

  165. We had a great Cashier named Margaret. She was pleasant, quick and was knowledgeable of her store number 11 here in Mountaion Home, Arkansas. We shop Walmart very often and she made our trip very nice today. The bathrooms both Men and Women's we used were clean and smelled like they had just been cleaned. Thank you for your nice store and workers we ran into while shopping.

  166. Hello Walmart. I was into the Alma Michigan Walmart store #1440. My biggest comment is Their isn't very many check-outs opened when my husband and I shop out their. I was their yesterday and I swear to god, their was only 4 opened check outs opened. This is not including the self serve ones but they were also loaded, people standing back into the clothing lines and down to almost the main interest line coming into store. This is very sad. I was about ready to just leave my basket and walk out. A lot of customers were pissed of due to very few check outs opened. I can tell you again even when their is not as many as yesterday, there still is not many opened. Now come on, you folks hire people for help. Get more check outs opened,! or we will be doing our shopping at Meijers from now on. Meijers has a lot of check outs opened and plus their self check outs. Have Alma Walmart open back up their check outs on the south end they did have when they opened up. This very sad to send you this letter. But if this keeps up im not a customer for your store no more.

  167. I purchased a money order, got my hair cut, styled and bought a few groceries and
    toiletries during my one stop to get it all done visit to Wal-Mart today. Saves me time and money.
    I love it.

  168. For the most part the Walmart in Copperas Cove serves it's purpose. I wish the merchandise had more variety ie; Clothing and household items. The shelves are not stocked with enough supplies, I needed 4 pillows they had 3 available.

  169. I shopped at the Kenai, AK Walmart; the clerk greated me nicely and was very courteous. ID#7jywrl1kfxzb

  170. I want to complement RUTH On her fine service at the checkout counter.
    Store #00072
    July 9, 2016

  171. I got a coupon on a can of your Alpo dog food it said buy 8 cans of Alpo dog food, get a 4.5oz package of Alpo TBONZ dog treats. well I looked and looked couldn't find any so I asked MICHAEL in photo to see about some help he looked couldn't find any either called someone to help me I waited a HALF HOUR and he looked up and said didn't anybody come I told him no he said he was sorry I told him oh you guy's will hear about this and how NOBODY helped except MICHAEL. lucky for you guy's you have someone like him. I guess you don't carry the treats so I'll use it somewhere else luckly it doesn't expire till next year. I want a gift card for my trouble. And give Michael a raise.

  172. Visited Walmart on Sheridan drive in Amherst NY this morning. The clerk who checked me out was exceptionally courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Info from receipt as follows: July 8, 9:12:44, terminal SCO10852.

    He really deserves a pat on the back.

  173. Very good experience recently at one Walmart store compared to several visits to another Walmart store close by over 1-2 years. Really a big difference!

  174. I shopped for Sebretts hot dogs today and found 6 or 8 packages all outdated. Gave up looking but put them all on lower shelf. As I walked away two employes came to that spot looking for something, notices the hots out of place and began to put them back in place. I called to them re the exp date and they did take them out. I like your bakery but do not like most of your store. Your prices are not lower than other stores in area . e g cool whip $1.77. Can get it for $1. I won't buy meat because prices are too high. Later today, my granddaughter siad she fell on a wet floor in your store. No one checked to see if she was hurt!

  175. I am very happy with Walmart, always find what I need very clean, service is always helpful

  176. This survey had nothing to do with Walmart. I enjoy Walmart employees and like to shop there, but you survey did not ask that.

  177. The only problem I have with my Walmart is that the self serve check out computer always, and I mean every single time, has problems not sensing the item after I've scanned it, or constantly says "Unexpected item in the bagging area. Please remove item." If it's busy which it almost always is because they never have enough checkers, then I have to wait until the Associate can come and put his/her card in to make it work again. So, actually I'm always gambling on whether or not to use self-check out or just go wait in line. I probably spend the same amount of time waiting for a turn with a checker or for the Self-Check-out Associate to come help. But today's Self-Check attendant was very attentive since it was early and not busy.

  178. I shopped at our local Harrison, AR Wal-Mart (the second one in the chain) this morning. Customers were cruising around with a lost look on their faces. Wal-Mart either had or was in the process of moving everything. The paper goods and soap were where the shoes used to be, etc. I
    asked probably at least four clerks where something was located. They were courteous and either took me to the product or pointed the way. I did notice as I looked around that there are more signs pointing out the products. A good improvement. I noticed the makeup isle was "lit up" another good thing. So as we all scoped out the store to find what we were looking for, we became more familiar with where things are located now,

  179. There are some problems with Chairs for people that can not walk around the store. Some need work they do not run well. Other then that it is a good place to go.

  180. Very happy for the great survive l have visited Walmart ever since they opened the doors in Casper wyo.


  182. The only problem I have had was that I buy something and like it and go back to get an other one and they are out and never have them again.

  183. I went to the Walmart at 30 Memorial street, Avon and that of 700 Oak street in Brockton, Massachusetts to buy certain items and the two ladies who attended to me on these different locations were all nice. I actually went there to buy scrubs for my work as a nursing assistant and I had in mind of buying 4 tops and 4 trousers. I got 4 blouses quiet alright but the trousers were too big for me. I am size 14 but found out that size 14 were too big, more than over size. but due to the fact that 14 was more than big for me, I went for the small sizes which were too tight, it never did occure to me that I could chose medium sizes. I left and went to 30 Memorial street and it was still the same thing. as I was about paying for the other things I bought, the cashier asked me if I got what I wanted, I was surprised because she didn't know my predicament. I told her no that I wear size 14 but I discovered that 14 is more than extra large here. She advised me to go check on Medium and when I did, they were exactly my size.
    I was really happy that Joan made my day

  184. We have gone to Wal Mart many times and it isn't getting any better. They only have a couple check outs going and the lines are long. We have seen people eve leave their cart and just walk out. This is the Red Wing, Mn store. (55066). We were there yesterday and they had about 4 lanes going and people were lined up at all over and had full carts. We waited for at least 20 minutes to get thru the line. They should have call for back up as busy as the store was. We are very disgusted with this store and will be going to the Hastings, Mn (55033)store as I have never seen a long line there at any time. And they are friendly and courteous and very helpful. I'm sorry but as I said very disgusted with Red Wing.

  185. I visited the Panorama City store # #02668 on 4/29/16. I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful employees you have working there. First of all, I dealt with Carmen in customer service. I was very stressed out and anxious before I came into the store because I had just transferred with my job to Los Angeles and moved in a short amount of time. Carmen saw I was distressed and asked me right away if she could help me. I needed to exchange some things and there seemed to be a lot of confusion when I came in previously, but the second time I came to the store, it was Carmen who immediately came to my aid and said for me not to worry, that she would take care of everything. She took charge and put me at ease by fixing everything for me. She is an asset to Walmart and the reason why I will be shopping at your store again. Another employee I would like to mention is Adam. He was a big help as well and made it a point to check the merchandise exchange to make sure I had correct items before I left the store. Adam and Carmen are valuable employees and important people to the Walmart company. Thank you!!!

  186. I shop 3 different stores in Indpls. The price are way to high for you get. The help all needs to be replace. And Yes I agree with on comment they need to speak GOOD English and understand it, so they can help customers. 95% of help is very lazy. When you go to check out and cashier is on the cell and keeps texting or talking instead of doing their job. Need to also get a new clothing buyer. You have nothing that is respectful that can be worn to church and there is no petite sizes.
    Sad to say but company is getting to be trashy. Meijer will be building store soon and I will as many others will be shopping there. Some people goes 15 miles out there way to shop a better walmart, because of the problems in the stores. You need to hire older and more reasonable, body tattoos and piecing's, or pants hanging where you see their behind. There needs to be a dress code. If a person has these things they need to be cover. I could go on I'll stop. 1 more thing complaining in front customer about their job.

  187. Someone needs to get there at together. Walmart has without question the worst produce department I have ever seen. If it were not for pre-packed produce it would look even worse.
    The rest of the store does not look much better. I spoke to two "Managers" today and they asked
    my opinion and I gave it to them. The entire produce department should go on a tour of the local
    supermarkets to see what a produce department should look like ( Weis,Giant, Shadymaple just to name a few.) When I was talking to the "Managers" the one item I spoke of was lemons and low and behold I go over to get some lemons and there were none there. I was not going to waste my time asking for someone because that leads to the next problem. I have a problem when I ask a question and that person does not speak English, even though they are living here. What they speak at home is fine however at work it is not. That is just part of the problem I could go on but I will stop.

  188. I always have a great experience at Fairmont, Mn. Walmart. I picked up a script and Linda waited on me. She was friendly and very helpful. I also save money by using Walmart pharmacy and need to save as I am retired.

  189. I shopped during my lunch hour and was surprised that there was no wait to check out. Kim was the cashier. She was very nice and did a great job.

  190. I always loved shopping at Walmart,but I can't get around good no more. I have back problems an cant walk very far. Y'all are a very good store to shop at. I'm just a 66 year old woman who is crawling threw life an hoping my tralior will last till the Lord calls me home. Keep me in your thoughts. Thank You

  191. VERY disappointed with my visit to Walmart today, (Fathers Day). Waited 45 min. at the Deli. Only one employee to service a line of people. Not sure where all the other Deli employees were. Then when I checked out, the milk, (which was suppose to be on special) rang up incorrectly. The cashier told me it was only for whole milk. I showed her, it was indeed whole milk that I bought. She didn't have an answer and I didn't have the time to find a manager, etc.
    Our Walmart (19100 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte, FL) needs new management or something. I guess I will be looking for another place to spend my hard earned money.

  192. I shop Walmart often and find that the wait at the checkout is terribly long, especially on Saturdays. Today I waited for 20 minutes in the 20 items or less checkout. Very few checkouts were open and people were getting frustrated. The cashier, Linda, was doing a great job; there just weren't enough of them.

  193. My experience at Walmart today was great everything is in groups and speedy checkouts. Shop at Walmart at least 2-3 Times a week.

  194. Employees at Wal Mart in Rochelle are always very helpful. Sometimes I can't find a product and they will take me to it. If I can't reach something; they will do it for me...always a please and thank you. Well done, WalMart

  195. Walmart excellent pharmacy, love the way you notify when prescriptions are ready. The Pharmacy Techs are so pleasant and helpful, and affordable prices. If you can't find it at Walmart, can't find it anywhere.

  196. I use wal-mart stores cause i am a single man shopping at wal-mart makes it affordable for me.

  197. I have been charged twice for the same item, I called customer service to have the operator tell me I might be able to speak to someone. I was left on hold and had to call three times long distance before I could talk to Customer service. I spend a lot of my hard earned money at Walmart and I felt like my complaint was important. I think I will have to go somewhere else to spend my money where I feel I am appreciated!

  198. It is an honor to speak on one of your Employess by the name of Dinisha Scott. I came into your store on June 11, 2016 at 1:43 p.m. Walmart you have hired a jewel to your company when you hired this young lady. Friendly, personable, knowledgeable, willing to go beyond the call of duty to assist. An employee like Ms. Dinisha Scott is very hard to find. Someone to represent your company and location in a special way.



  201. Rosabel was pleasant and cheerful while she checked me out at the Brady, Texas store. The lady in the key department was also very helpful and cheerful. I did not get her name. 6/15/16

  202. line one light on but no one would wait on you 3 women stood out in isle talking to each other while customers went line to line to be checked out

  203. Since your have added the grocery, meat and bakery departments (in your Dawson Creek BC) it is now a one stop shopping experience. Thank You

  204. i just wantyou to no walmart pharmacy on crater rode in petersburg virgina has the best people working there very sweet and never ill or angry they keep you smiling no matter how bad you feel they are wonderful and should e reconized for there kindness ive been to other walmart pharmacys and they were not very nice these people diserve a reward for kindness id#7jykqxrd1y2 please they need to be shown they are the best

  205. thank you for allowing me to participate in this survey from walmart thank you very much.

  206. Great experience today. We had Cheryl to help us(in Apple Valley) with registering an item, basically walking us thru the process. Very helpful and understanding and funny too!

  207. Awesome cashier and customer service, had plenty of registers open for the customer and nobody was waiting to check out....

  208. everytime i go to wal-mart i have the best experience . angie is a very good cashier and i give wal mart a 10. angie is very good at her job.


    kimberly elder

  209. The store is close to our living area and convenient for shipping with very organized procedure for the customer in the store. I would like to recommend Walmart store to my friends.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Martin Na

  210. all the cashiers just stand around when store is full and only have 2 registers open

  211. i shop at wal mart very often i reall like being near a wl mart when i need it i live in vidor tx and i think lol we need the next super center thank you

  212. I shop at the walmart, 5700 Hopkins road 2-3 days per week. I go in there 7am-7:15 am in the morning. There is only one register open. There are other shoppers in the line with a shopping cart of groceries. But there are customers in line with less than 5 items and we have to wait in line because there is no express or self check line open. This is always the same senario. Today there was a customer in line she had a shopping cart full to the top with groceries,. She was kind enough to allow myself and another customer to go in front of her because we only had three items to purchase,.. How is it that the customer thought more about customer service than the walmart managers. I will stress the point again this happen every time i go to shop at walmart in the morning, only one register is open....

  213. I am so disgusted with the store in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Not enough checkers & have to wait very long to get checked out.No matter when I go there are Not enough checkers! This is also a big tourist town & the place is always full of people. 2-3 checkouts are Not enough. Store runs out of staple foods always too! I live here & hear many customers complaining every time I go in there!!!!!!!!!

  214. we shoppe at wal-mart several times each week. you usually have everything we are looking for & your employees are usually pretty helpful.

  215. I recently shop at the Walmart and everything I was looking for my vacation trip. The sale clerk was very helpful and friendly. Thank you for all your help and the great prices as well. I shop at Walmart at least 3 to 4 times a week. The cashier was very curiosity and she ask if I found everything I was looking for as well.

  216. Sirs. I purchased a Samsung phone(Galaxy Prime). I was having trouble with the storage card and did not
    know how to fix it. We took the phone into Walmart Rt 11 Cicero NY. We meant Sean and Audrey at the counter. they were very patient and understanding with us. Audrey showed us how to move our data and stayed with us until it was complete. They both told us if we ever needed any more help to come back again. they were both polite and courteous. Thanks so much for the great service. We will be doing more business with Walmart because of these two people.

  217. I checked out in your Winder Garden Center and used my debit card. I told the cashier I had a debit card and to my shock it was put through without my putting in my personal code number. I do not like that. It is dangerous and I certainly hope you will stop this practice. Some lowlife could clean me out. :(

  218. I shop at Walmart several times a week. On June 02, 2016 I went to the Indiana, PA store#02318 and bought a cartload of groceries. There were many people also in the store with cart loads of merchandise. However, we waited for at least 25 minutes to be checked out, due to there were only a few registers open and the person running the register we went to was very slow and seemed like she hadn't a clue as to how and work quickly. OP#000065. I feel starting on Thursday evenings there should be as many registers open as there are on a Friday or Saturday. I felt like just leaving the cart there and walking out. I saw the manager walking around, he could care less how many people were waiting in line, and also were very frustrated about the service. We usually shop at the Walmart in Punxsutawney PA, but due to unforseen circumstances we had to get our
    groceries in Indiana, PA Walmart. I doubt I will go back soon due to slowness and people that have no idea how to do their job.

  219. The people at wal-mart are very friendly and helpful. I only wish you had more things that were made in America.

  220. I was in your store #03166 on 06/01/16. I was purchasing some item, when your employee
    Ms. Ashley saw that I was having a problem with the self checkout register. Ms. Ashley immediately
    came over and saw that their was a electronic problem with that register. Ms. Ashley then ask all of the customers inline to please move to register #3, where she open that register and check all of us out. That was a AWESOME thing to do. Ms. Ashley manager was not in the store at that time so I wood like Walmart to know that you have a grate and loyal employee in Ms. Ashley she is a EXCELLENCE PERSON. Thank You Sylvia Wilmer

  221. This is a joke, this survey site will not let you into this website. I have tried multiple times.

  222. The staff at Walmart was very helpful and there was no waiting time before my check out!

  223. I visited about four times to day. Twice I got Ann as the checker, she was nice and friendly. The other two times I went to the self check out. Over all the employees are nice and friendly and always willing to help when I need it.

  224. I had a difficult problem with a new Trac phone. I took it to Woodland, CA Walmart and Jose in electronics kindly fixed the problem which included contacting trac phone. It was a lengthy process but he showed no sign of impatience, irritation or annoyance and kept me informed along the process. He is a real asset to the Walmart store. Thank you very much, Jose.

  225. When I lived in Parma Heights, I always shopped at the Parmatown store, I moved to Richfield, Ohio. And now I go to the Fairlawn store, I don' have a life and I am at the Fairlawn store 2 or 3 times a week. But now I have been ill and I have to stop once a month to pick up my prescriptions which include six kinds of pills, two types of insulin, test strips 90 count And the Pharmacy always has my order ready for me so I need to stop only once to pickup everything. But I still go in a few times a week, at the pharmacy they know me by my name which is important because it shows that they care about you. The one person Andrew a every nice young man and you should reward him for his effort. I used to own my own business, which I sold a few years back to retire, but if I had people like Andrew and the rest of his staff working for me, maybe I would not have sold my business so soon. Andrew and his staff are the only reason I go to the Wal mart pharmacy. I an go anywhere, but I go to Wal Mart because of Andrew and his crew. They all should get a raise yeah right or at lease a at a boy or even another pin for their name tag. I will stay with the Pharmacy as long as Andrew is working for you. P.S. I pick up a lot of prescriptions from this store. I man a lot. You can tell Andrew and his crew who sent this write up. Also I tell others to give this store a shot. Again where Andrew goes I will go. Thank You All and God Bless America and God Bless Fairlawn Wal Mart Pharmacy.

  226. Today, May 28, 2016 I was at the Grand Forks ND store and needed an electric card do to physical
    disability. I first tried one cart, the battery was very low, then tried another, it too, was not charged up, barely made it back to where I picked it up. I stopped a Walmart associate and asked if there were any available carts that were charged up. He called for one and within just minutes two other associates came with a charged up chart for me. I much appreciated the quick service as I can't stand very long due to back pain. Thanks for having really accommodating people working for Walmart.

  227. I love Walmart stores really don't know how we made it before the stores became so conveniently located. have never been treated with anything but respect in any walmart that I have done my shopping in.

  228. me embiaron un correo electrónico notificando que me gané una gift card de 1000 que tengo que hacer para dirección es:calle azucena numero 7 parcelas Imbery Barceloneta p.r. 00617

  229. Also, Wal mart is never stocked and it DOES take weeks to get items back in so when I ask for them, don't tell me they automatically reorder and will be there within a few days. It simply isn't so. Especially at Wal Mart in Newton, Iowa. They play favs with their employees and some of the employees are horrible to the customers but never get fired. Upper management must be the same way because they never seem to listen to the customers. I could tell you sooo many stories.

  230. My checker this morning, Nadege, was definitely a 10. And the others are right, your site is a nightmare to get through. There must be 100 surveys but not the one on the slip.

  231. I got a survey card on my receipt your site is not a easy one to get through I not good at working my laptop but wont to tell you about Sergio the guy who checked me out he was very nice he a ten I just cant get to survey I had a stroke and this upset me make easier to do I was at the Redlands store in calif. so give my checker a good what ever you give them his worth it my email is [email protected] com and here id number 7jy7zvlbkv5 Evon Fry

  232. I think I just was on a bogus website that looked exactly like the Wal-Mart site. It did not ask me any survey questions. I will never try to participate in anything like this again.

  233. YTK this is my third time shopping in a Walmart, my experience was okay, I think the isles are too cluttered only one person can get through an isle at any given time.

  234. My only complaint is that our Walmart needs to be larger, I shop there all the time.

  235. I'm not interested in your contest. I only wanted to comment on how poorly the store is being stocked, especially the grocery dept. You are often out of regular items for 1-3 months!!!!! I have already cut back my shopping at Walmart because of this. If I cut back any more I won't be shopping here at all! I thought Walmart had a computer monitoring the stock situation of its' stores???? So, what is going on? Is the computer program bad, does the store in Lancaster have very low priority, or is it just incredibly bad management??????????????????? Please don't respond in writing. The only acceptable response will be seen in the store.-JB

  236. Walmart is a grate place to shop .especially when you have kids, grandkids I will gracefully to recommend Walmart everyone.

  237. I have never had such a bad experience shopping at the West side walmart as I did on May 18th .I usually do our major shopping for the month on the 3 rd Wednesday of every month as that is when we get our SS check but on that day I walked in to a full blow invetory .Hundred people thier at least .Couldn't get to half the things I usually get as they were in the way .At least 9 of the things I usually get they were not stocked I usually spend at least 175.00-200.00 their every 3 rd Wed I walked out spending just a little over 100.00 So today thinking I could go back and get the items they were out of and that they restocked but not the case .2 days later they still have empty spots where the items I wanted are suppose to be .Needless to say I ended up spending more then my budget will allow because of this Which means I will have to cut back on something else this month and that is very hard to do as my husband and I are both older and not in good health .I have been a loyal customer for yearsI am not a happy camper !
    Sincerly Judy Woodson
    Cedar Rapids Iowa

  238. The checker distracted me when asking me to fill out a survey, then she failed to check the bag holder to make sure that I got all of the things I purchased. I left a bag with two items she should have made sure that I had. Someone else got a free pound of sausage and some potato salad from the deli that I had planned on having for supper. Thank you Walmart checker at New Boston Texas I really appreciate it. ID # 7JY7WB1Z2G8 ST #00181 OP# 003698 TE# 06 TR# 09615 REF # 614000191048 TERMINAL # SC050058 5/19/16 18:31:05

  239. Karen was my checkout person (7JY7SB389NC) on 05/18/16. She was attentive, courteous, and helpful. Often cashiers are curt and short but not Karen who did her job well as she inquired about my needs. Thank you for the chance to comment.

  240. I was in the Ottumwa Walmart and a girl named Greg waited on me and she was so helpful and nice I wanted to comment on what a good job she did. I to am a cashier so I know when a good one thanx for hiring her she rocks

  241. Mary Jayne was my cashier today.
    She did a wonderfully efficient job as always.
    By pricing items in the cart, I did not need to
    lift them to the line.
    Thanks so much.

  242. I was in the store at 16:34:33 5/16/16 Mike was my cashier. He did his job and did it good. There was a customer before me he was a man buying something from the pharmancy. Mike rang it up the man said that it was not the right price. So he called for a manager. They are not very quick at
    helping there cashiers. We stood there for about 5 min. which would have been fine but she had just came in from outside and was walking by when Mike had to ask her to come help. Than he told her what was going on and she said for him to give it to him at the price he said. Than later said that she didn't believe him for that price. Thank god see waited for the man to leave before making that comment. If that is who you want for your managers. I just want to say shame on you and your company. my ref. number is 613700283550.Terminal # MX568295

  243. The service at the register was fine, but it always seems to take too long at the deli. There are either too few people working, or one person working and several others doing something else.

  244. Shopped in garden center, found what I needed. Cashier called for backup so my wait was short.

  245. I was completely dissatisfied with the fact of doing a store revamp and not restocking items on the shelf. I had to go to Meijer to get most of what I came into your store to get. This is unexceptible in my book and just lost your store business!!!!

  246. The associate pointed and said which aisle to go to but didn't come with me to answer questions. I purchased 2 products and 1 was not priced correctly, but was cheaper than marked, which I appreciated. The self check out would not take my gift card, so the associate did it at the cash register. I thanked her but she did not reply to me.

  247. The cashier that I had today is one I have experienced many times she was wonderful, courteous, and friendly I will go out of my way to use her line when I am there. Today was a wonderful experience store was stocked well and all the employee's were friendly.

  248. When we lived in California, I did not like going to Walmart because the employees there were almost to the point of being rude if you asked for help, the cashiers barely said hello. In Aberdeen, North Carolina, a completely different story--every employee is polite, friendly, and helpful. I love this store! Maybe they should do some training here on how a customer should be treated!!!

  249. Wish we had a Walmart like the one in Cambridge closer up here they seem to have a bigger variety to choose from and better prices on some things. I use the Pine City Wlamart because it is closer only reason.

  250. My family and I like shopping at our local Walmart store( Clio, Mich) We find everything that we need and at very reasonable prices. Your Walmart workers have always been nice and helpful with smiles on their faces. It just goes to show if you treat your workers right they will like working for you. Kudos to you all!

  251. Dear Walmart:
    My husband and I were so excited when we learned we really were going to have a Big Walmart store in our area, Tigard, OR. Time goes so fast, I am not sure how long ago that was, but, NOW we go to Walmart 3 - 4 times a week and buy almost every single item needed there. From the first time we shopped at Walmart, we noticed the friendliness of the employees. Today when I returned an item, Cheryl, an employee in Returns, told me about your survey and that you were giving 6 $1,000 prizes plus others. She even circled my ID # 7JY6NZ2287GD. All employees at this Walmart are just like Cheryl, going out of their way to show they care. Thank you Walmart for coming to our part of Portland, OR. Charlene Anderson

  252. I love to shop at Walmart, I can find stuff easy and if not I just ask for help and everyone is very helpful, and my cashier was very nice, her name was Whitney, and she explained everything to me how to apply on line and gave me a Golden Ticket, and my ID # 7JKY6TKP3NX, for the sweepstakes drawing.

  253. Very nice...The pharmacist..Amanda at the Belleville Store was exceptionally helpfull fo me...My Son came here from a different state and his Medicaid hadnt completed in there system yet and Amanda went out of her way to get me all the scripts for him that she could even a coupn ...she was very very helpful and would be a great loss to Walmart to lose her...

  254. My visit to Walmart today was like any other day that I go, the pharmacy employees are the best, I have to go to the pharmacy at least one time a week, and most of the time I am waited on by Melissa, while waiting on the prescription, to be filled, I do my grocery shopping

  255. I love Wal-Mart every time I need something that is the place I go to be able to purchase everything at once. I go at least once a week if not twice.

  256. THE FULTON, MS. WALMART, People are the best.Lindzey was very polite and service with a smile. The man helped us mixed our paint in paint desk was very helpful, I'm sorry we did'nt get his name. we were there around 3 pm today, at Fulton, walmart in ms. 5-9-2016. I don't like doing survey's, but these were nice people,

  257. Thanks to Serene in the Lancaster, CA store who made the day at Walmart even more pleasurable. Walmart is my store of Choice, I mean where can you go and get your groceries, clothes, jewelry, appliances, TV, Computers, snacks; the list is too long. Yeah Walmart!

  258. I simply love Walmart. It has always been my store of choice. I have found some fabulous items at Walmart and of course the lower prices add to my purchasing experience. I don't know what it is, but people are always smiling (customers) as we stand in line to pay for our purchases. Yeah Walmart! Hope our Lancaster store will never close. Yours Truly, Sandy Williams

  259. hi. where is the survey that the attendant told me about? it is not showing on this page,as well as ur video has no sound to hear what they are saying... i am looking for the 1000 dollar gift card survey,but is not on this page at all. please help. person that waiting on me was Linda. date of 5/4/2016, in Waverly Iowa. note; i was just reading comments below, and disagree with what they say,as i have never seen at any walmart more then only 2 registers open for service. and most of the time u have to wait to check out. so i really like to know where they are saying it is so fast to check out at too. please get me the information on the 1000 dollar survey,thanks.

  260. I enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart neighborhood market. Everyone is friendly and I am sure of getting the best prices without looking for coupons and checking around the other stores which saves me time. Thank all of you so much. The code on my last visit on my ticket is 7jy6hh185098. thanks again for your service.

  261. I like to shop at Walmart because it has everything I need. I only need to make one stop. Cashiers are always friendly and if I'm in a hurry, they have plenty of self-checkouts too.

  262. The Cashier named Skylar was most polite and efficient to each and every person in line, both before and after me.

  263. I am in Walmart at least 4 times per week. The cashiers are always nice and helpful

  264. It was busy when I was there. Found everything I needed. Service was helpful. Mission accomplished. :)

  265. Visit today well. Store was crowded but was able to move through smoothly. Clerk was friendly.

  266. Disappointed that you stopped carrying Rothbury cinnamon and apple bread. My family really loves it and it makes wonderful french toast.

  267. this store has got it all together, have never had abad shopping, at walmart in Kearney,ne thanks for being here,really helps me a lot

  268. I domost all my shopping at Walmart the employees are very helpful and courteous.

  269. the walmart at Chesapeake square in Chesapeake,va. is well stocked and employees are very friendly. but the checkout lines are long, they have 30+ check out stations and only 6-8 are open. this has been an ongoing since store opened.

  270. Cashiers are usually nice, but items are sometimes hard to find or the shelves have not been restocked

  271. Was a very nice visit. My check out clerk was Paula at the Walmart in Bourbonnais Il. 60914 2080 N. Street Route 50. (815) 937-5100. I bank at Woodforest bank in Walmart and love it. I have never had a bad experience at this Walmart. Thank you

  272. Employees are very helpful and nice. The pharmacy needs some work. Pharmacists seem to want to hide. One male pharmacist threw a prescription at me when I told him I had taken the medication for several years. It had been renewed. He made a comment "Well, since you already know all about it." Then threw the prescription at me. Havent seen him working there lately. Very rude man.

  273. Your survey went so fast I could not answer your questions. I like shopping at the Walmart in Gretna, but I shop at the one on Hi 2 and the one in Lincoln near the Event Center. I visit about once a week unless I run out of basic like milk, eggs and bread, then I go 2 a week. I like the layout of the Gretna store best, always get a handicap place and never have to wait in line forever like at the other stores. And George gave me the card to do this survey, he is at the Gretna store.

  274. the Walmart in St. Croix Falls, WI could use new shopping carts they are old and most are hard to steer and push when you have a bad back. But other wise the people there are friendly.

  275. How can I enter the sweepstakes when the ink on the receipt is so light that I cannot read the ID number that is required????? I have asked other people and they are complaining about not being able to read the ID number on theirs also.

  276. I would like to comment on a couple of employees at the Vallejo Walmart Store. They are Marlene, Shawnalee and Gloria. They helped me out on Friday 4/22/2016. They all have excellent customer service skills and they should be recognized for it. They are all assets to the Walmart Family.

    A very satisfied customer,

    Stephanie Rogers

  277. I find the service at Walmart located on North Ave., and Kilpatrick St., in Chicago, Il very good. There hasn't been one instances where I've needed assistant and haven't received (I believe)the best that Walmart has to offer.

  278. I had another wonderful experience at Walmart in Coos Bay, Oregon. My cashier was Ann and she (wonderful lady) double bagged my frozen veggies without me asking! She also made sure my grocery bags were light enough for an "old" lady of 74 to handle! Thank you Walmart.

  279. Vincent in the laundry aisle at the Walmart in Norcross GA was extremely nice, pleasant and helpful on April 15, 2016. They need about 20 more like him. Employees like him make me want to go back. Very few in that store make eye contact with or speak to customers. Customers are the reason Walmart employees come to work and get paid. With no customers, no paycheck!

  280. Patsy at Walmart in Brady Texas was very friendly and very efficient. Thanks goes out to Patsy.

  281. When I filled out my survey a few minutes ago, I didn't see a place to make a comment on any of your employees. The cashier that checked me out was one of the friendliest you have ever had. Her name is Brenda. She is at the Taylorville, IL Walmart. She worked on Monday, April 18. I was there at 14:02:53 by my ticket. Please pass this one. I believe in people being recognized and she definitely needs to be. There are others there that are nice and pleasant but she was beyond most of them.

  282. I went to walmart to get a battery for my riding mower.As I took the old battery in,service reps.met me at the door and assisted me with the battery.I have never seen so many smiling faces.They were so helpful and the store was so clean.Walmart is my store,always has been and always will be.Thanks walmart.Hilda Martin

  283. Didn't need to ask anyone for help today since I knew what I wanted to purchase and where it was located in the store. Found an open register and the cashier was very nice and friendly. Her name is Diana.

  284. Love Walmart in Lake Wylie,SC People are so friendly and helpful. They always go above and beyond.

  285. We had a weekly trip to Walmart and we had 3 different people ask us if we were finding everything all right. Yes we did and then some. We went to the check out lane and still had a real nice checker which is always a plus. When you come across someone who acts like they are happy with being at work makes for a better shopping trip. Also thank you for hiring senior citizens that is always a nice thing to see. We will continue to shop at Walmart in the future.

  286. I would like to take a moment to commend a few employees at the Vallejo Walmart. They are Kelsey, Peggy, Mary, Christina and last but not least your new employee Quise. I was in the store on Wednesday 04/13/2016 and received excellent customer service (as I always do). Kelsey, Mary and Christina helped me on different days, but Quise helped me on 4/13. Please recognize these employees as they are truly assets to the Walmart family!

    A very satisfied customer,

    Stephanie Rogers*

  287. Nice an friendly cashiers very clean store St#00912 OP#001225 TE#05 TR#04427 I like to shop here all the time an i feel comfortable

  288. i do all of my shopping at walmart. the service isw great and very friendly the produce is always fresh and wonderful meat.


  290. i am a coustomer at walmart im at walmart at tewksbury just about 3 times a week i shop there all the time get my precriptions i love walmart but there is one gentelman is very rude i had him a couple of times and he is rude to the coutermers why is he still there there are other people that had told me the same thing i dont know his name can you take care of it all of your other workers know who i am they are all nice like i said im there all the time my name is deborah wright and u have my email hope to fix this problem
    thank you

  291. Your employee number 002286, Lois Williamson is absolutely wonderful at store number04365 in Omaha NE. She is extremely polite and kind and friendly. She needs a raise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. I was at your store in Goshen Indiana at 2304 Lincolnway East Sat. April 9th @ 10:36. The cashier made 2 mistakes and we had to go back to the store twice to get them fixed. Overall we were overcharged by over $10.00. The first mistake was she rang up the wrong cigarettes. We realized that when we got to our truck. The second mistake was that she rang up a package of cheese twice. We didn't notice that problem until we were looking at thr receipt later that evening. So I had to go back to your store the following morning and get my refund on that problem.

  293. Love walmart. I can always find whatever I need and the prices are great. I am always pleased with the courteous, friendly service.

  294. Love to shop at Walmart prices are great and I like the deli very much. The people there are always friendly and courteous. Have been going to Walmart since the store opened its doors. Love it.

  295. I have always been treated with the upmost curtesy and respect and your emploies are very helpful, I do 90 % of my shopping at Walmarts do to the fact you have most every thing I need and the price is right.

  296. I would like to comment about two more Walmart employees if I may. The first employee is Michael G at the Vallejo Walmart Store and a new employee by the name of Tiba who was recently hired and works at the American Canyon location. I received help from Tiba yesterday at the American Canyon location. He was very helpful and doing a great job after only a week of employment. Please recognize this employee. Michael G. is a cashier at the Vallejo store. He is also a employee that should be recognized! He is very helpful also and has excellent customer service skills!

    A very satisfied customer,

    Stephanie Rogers

  297. i in joy shopping at walmart .everthing is whare i"m looking for it, and i find it at a discount

  298. I love the Deli and Bakery for all my parties needs, like Bridal & Baby Showers, and Graduations parties. A one stop shop and less work on me. They are always very nice to work with, and has even helped me out in emergencies. The Alpena, MI Wal-Mart. 49707 is always willing to help and do a great job.

  299. I love shopping @ Wal-Mart, reasonable prices, and our cashier Cindy @ the Alpena, MI 49707 was very pleasant.

  300. We are regular Walmart shoppers. Last visit the clerk or our line was very pleasant. Always a good feeling to have someone like this to realize that we are real people shopping. Clerks name if Mindy. Very nice. Good addition to Walmart.

  301. the clerk that was at the check out line was very pleasant, and was very helpful, good customer service, her name was Marcia

  302. I don't go to any other stores except for jewel osco that is in my town. I always come to Wal-Mart.

  303. Thanks for your sacrifice by making, Walmart shopping so convenience to the shopper with cost effectiveness.

  304. I was at walmart today with 3 of my grandkids and they all had their own money and we all enjoyed being there. We had a nice day and they really enjoyed paying the cashier her name was mary and the id #is 7jxlljc1jsh thank you.

  305. I loved my experience in Walmart. Each time I go there, it brings me joy, and when I'm there, I know that it's going to have a great day.

  306. Madison Walmart is very nice; it is clean, friendly and pretty busy. David Boner is the manager at mthis store. I did not get the cashier's name but she was very knowledgeable & super nice.

  307. Your survey on line is completely inappropriate for usage. I attempted to take the survey and entered and was completely overwhelmed with what can only be referred to as internet gobbledygook, which means confusion amidst words with no meaningful assistance. Not knowing where to go next, after several attempts, I concluded that the only intelligent thing to do was to make a comment. If you wish to have people complete a survey of their experiences at Walmart, management should make it more readily available on line.
    A very dissatisfied, long time customer of Walmart. Maybe Costco is more relevant.

    R. N. Chrusniak

  308. Another trip to the Tahlequah home town Wal-Mart. I just love this cashier she is always so friendly and funny. She is always pleasant and enjoy going through her line. She if very quick and polite. Keep up the Job! ID:7JXLCV3FWO

  309. One of my many trips to Wal-Mart in Tahlequah, OK. Pamela K ID:7JXL8K3DQS was very pleasant and helpful with my checkout. Thank you.

  310. Another pleasant trip to the Vallejo Walmart Store. Marlene, Cashier, took care of me at the end of my shopping. She was very pleasant with all the customers in line today (as she always is). I am so glad that we have a Walmart Store not far from my home.

    Manager Mike, keep up the good work!! It really shows.

    Again, a very satisfied customer.

    Stephanie Rogers

  311. Karen was our cashier and she was very courteous to us.. and every time we have gotten into her lane shes always with a smile and kind words to make our day.

  312. I would like to commend Cashier, Duane of the Vallejo Walmart Store. Please recognize his efforts. He is always friendly and is very helpful to me when I visit the Vallejo store. He is truly a asset to the Walmart Store.

    A very satisfied customer,


  313. The Vallejo Walmart is the best. I would like to comment on 7 hard working women who work there. Tecateur, CSM, Linda, CSM, Crystal, CSM and Sharelle, CSM. The cashier's I would like to mention are Tessa, Cashier, Susan, Cashier and Marcie, Cashier. Please recognize these employees who have given me excellent customer service whenever I come into the store which is at least 4 to 5 times a week! They are truly a asset to the Walmart Family.

    A very satisfied Customer


  314. Always go to Walmart for everything I need S convienent and everyone is always very friendly and helpful.

  315. My visit was on 03/20/2016.
    The sales persons were more than friendly and curtious I had bought 20 items and was in an out in avery short time .
    I had no problem in finding the items i needed an the check out lines extremely well staffed
    job well done wal-mart thank you.

  316. Hope I win, could use the 1000 for groceries. Spend quite a substantial amount per month in the Regina, SK store on Gordon Road. Definitely would be welcome and a wonderful surprise!!

  317. I use walmart all the time and get most stuff there. I am not vert happy wiyh the new credit card
    system. Ever since they put the gold key on them it is very hard for the cash out machine to except
    them. I guess I will have to stop using my walmart card. IT IS HANDY BUT A PAIN


  318. ID# 7JXKYS17YFNC --- Vickey did a great job @ the check-out!, hope she gets credit for it. She's a 10!

  319. I am trying to give customer satisfaction for two of your cashiers; Cindy and Georgie, at the Sanford NC Store. Your survey doesn't ask about them, rude. They are a credit to your store, personable, helpful, professional, and great people. Please leave a survey that allows the customer to voice their opinions about the service they receive.

  320. the store is way to big.i bring an elderly person shopping there and she is exhausted by the time we are done shopping. she will get a electric chair to ride in but most of the time there is none to be had. they don't have enough of these chairs.another problem is when we are looking for an item it is almost impossible to find some one to help you.also where is all the stuff that is suppose to be made in this country.most of it is chinese junk.

  321. you are so helpful to other people, your kind to other people,and you help people when they need help.

  322. Cashier was very helpful, polite and cheerful. Enjoyed doing business with her.

  323. I am please to say that Walmart's deli is always helpful when it comes to helping me prepare for my meetings. I am an American Legion Auxiliary unit president that likes to have refreshments after meeting. It enhances our comradeship because of the tasty menus that I can choose from without being overly cost.

  324. Walmart is the only "store" in our town. By that I mean there are only two other grocery stores
    and they can't really compete with Walmart. So, it is really busy especially on the first of the
    month. That is when there is really a need for more cashiers at their station. Seems like that
    at noon or about 5pm people are really coming in to do their shopping and guess what cashiers
    go to lunch and at 5 shift change. Also the Pharmacy really needs a "do over" You always have
    to wait 30 minutes or more. Nice people though. No complaint about your sales, cashiers. or
    pharmacy people.

  325. Wal-Mart is a great place to shop.The people are really friendly and the prices are unbeatable

  326. I am with terry;i I was also unable to find the survey for the gift card drawing;service very good however

  327. Roger Wey
    At the Falmouth,Ma. Store pVickie was very helpful and went beyond the call of duty to help me with me Photos and DVDs

  328. I always have a good experience when I go to Walmart. Patricia Irving is a great and friendly cashier. Thanks for all you have in the store. You can find almost any thing.

  329. Today was the last straw, I do not know how many more times I will do this! The Pharmacy messed up my order again. I am paralized in a wheelchair and do not drive, again they left out a perscption and have to go back to the store. Like I said I do not drive and have to make arrangements to even get there in the first place, I even call first to make shure all are ready, and it never fails one is left out without letting me know, they have a big staff that trips over itself but they don't know what the other ones doing com on and long lines to drop off and pick up I am thinking about changing pharmacys, please help them get organized PLEASE!

  330. I have tried for 3 days to enter the survey for 1000 gift card, i am not being directed to it at all, and cannot find it, your things are way way to hard to find,

  331. They also provide a diverse group of people to work in their stores. They also have good products for your money with the economy so high these days!!!

    I love shopping at Wal-Mart!!

  332. we are very happy with your store it's where we shop all the time .we are very happy you make it so we can find anything if not there's someone there to ask.

  333. We were very happy with our shopping done at Walmart. The people were very friendly and helpful. The lady at check out was very friendly and we believe she is the oldest worker at this store. We have had her before and she is always friendly and upbeat. This store is in Porterville, Ca.. If you get a chance you should shop there. Very friendly and helpful people.

  334. I tried to take your survey but it wouldn't mark the stars. I tried to click on the one I wanted, like how I liked your store, friendly employee, and so forth. It let me fill our your store # and store ID and such but would not let me click on what I thought about shopping there in Catoosa, OK. It was the first time my husband and I had been in the Catoosa Wal-Mart. The cashier, Teresa T., was friendly and acted like we were special. She made our day!

  335. I think the pharmacy needs your attention. In Mtn Home, AR., the assistants are rude and seem to
    have a agenda of their own and that is to get rid of the customers, instead of helping them, the pharmacist makes excuses for their rudeness. It takes 72 hours or more to get the precriptions
    and at other Walmarts that I have gone, this is not the case. It is awfully hard for a patient with a
    heart ailment to be able to wait for these precriptions. I do not plan to stay with this pharmacy because of the rudeness of the assistants and the pharmacist.

  336. Very helpful sales associates.Willing to help customers find items
    The register associate called Mary C was friendly and courteous.
    Enjoyed my shopping. experience today.

  337. Had a very pleasant experience in the DELI. dept. The clerk who served me, Evelyn White was very product knowledgeable, served me very quickly, and she was very friendly. Please thank her for me.

  338. the associate in fabric was so help full she explained the types and uses of the fabric I needed. I chose the fabric and was out in no time. Time was import to me, I am making four boys vest for a wedding. Thank you very much!

  339. 2/1/16
    Yesterday I was assisted twice at the Walmart in Marinette, Wisconsin. This was very important because they quickly found what I couldn't because I had an appointment to keep on time.

  340. I am trying to take the survey. I have been doing this every time the cashier gives me the receipt .
    I have been shopping at walmart Rowlett since it was opened. It keeps cutting me off asking me if I want to shop at walmart. What is the problem? Please advise.

  341. Sunday is one of the worst days to shop. But I must admit today was a enjoyable. I think it was because of Melborne.

  342. my code is 7JUYDFRPVBC Only a few in the store but 30 minutes to check out!

    The "cherry juice 089519200121" seal was open and it all leaked on the floor of my truck.

    This was at Kietzke Reno Sat AM

  343. The person helping me in eye glass shop was very helpful and knowledgeable. Faith Faber was one who helped me and my husband at the Shelby Twp.Michigan Store. She was friendly and a good person to have working for you, thanks Faith Faber !

  344. can not get into the site. All kinds of adds etc. Had a very good experience this week at your store. Sterling Colorado, Brinda was the cashier. What a gal. More cashiers should be like her! Such a joy. thanks Brinda

  345. your suravey crap is hard to get to make it work Went to the one on sales slip and it is very misleading Go to one deal and make it work not 20 I don't have all day to read a bunch of crap. should be just click and go to make it work I clicked 5 - 6 suarvey things and all I got was suraveyback, but nothing to put mine in on wouldn't work.

  346. Thank you for letting me express my feelings about Walmart. Although I do like the store very much, most of the time the products are not stocked right away and that is a problem with the Toledo store in south Toledo. This store is on Glendale Ave. in Toledo, Ohio. They has vastly improved the place and it does look a lot nicer. I am very impressed. But, I can see for myself the amount of shoplifting there is in the store. I have seen myself the people doing this and have notified management about this numerous times. I would like suggest to Walmart to hire people who have the experience to become Walmart security for the store. So that these people be reprimanded for their crime and pay their dues where it is needed. Thank you!

  347. I had a very pleasant experience in the photo dept. The gentleman in charge showed me how to access my photos and select them for printing, and it was done quickly.

  348. Gentlemen:

  349. Even though I've worked for Publix for many years, I do shop at Walmart BECAUSE their prices are lower. I also love the fact that not only can I shop for groceries, but everything in between. I'm all in favor of the ONE STOP SHOP deal.

  350. I Always find everything I need at Walmart. & the staff are helpful.

    I always find everything I need. the staff are always very helpful. I love Walmart

  351. I enjoy shopping at Walmart. They have all what you need, the prices are really good and the employees are always ready to give you a hand.

  352. Soy una persona que visita a Waltmart 2 y 3 veces por semana,me encanta las facilidades que ofrece Waltmart.Y el servicio de la farmacia y optica,gracias por ofrecer buen servicio.
    compro desde que vivia en los Estados Unidos y llegar a Puerto Rico y encontrarme con la misma cadenas de tiendas de Waltmart es fabuloso.....Gracias

  353. I was in Walmart capilano yesterday . looked at my bill today .I bought 3 toblerone bars but was charge for 5 ??? . Stupid me didn't check my bill at the till . that will never happen again. I only was buying 9 items .Got charged for 11. Was it that difficult for the clerk????

  354. This test is HARD to find! everything in the way to prevent you from taking it! I like the store and the people there. if you want to get the info you need. How abut a in store computer for just the survey?? To stop the run around and make it easer for people to take the survey! I would stop for a survey!

  355. I was in the store tonight to pick up prints from the photo lab. There was no one in the photo lab but a gentleman in the electronic dept agreed to help me although his dept was very busy. It's unfortunate that Walmart Morse Rd in Columbus don't have enough employees to man the photo dept at such a busy time of the year.

  356. love this Wal-Mart because it is close to where I live but I would like to see more people working so get people taken care of and get them out the door their is time's I stand in line for an hour or two just to check out and when u wont to fine some thing u ask a worker he or she don't know where it is or have never heard of it and I go and fine it myself I think all workers should know where every thing is and can take u right to it but any way I had a great guy that took care of me and my Husband he was realy nice his name is Dakola he was realy sweet I don't know his last name but how is first name is how he put it down on paper so I how I see him again if so I well go to him and have Dakola take care of me and my Husband

  357. I was shopping at your store # 03644 Hillcrest Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23322 this afternoon and discovered when I got home I was missing a bag of meat products. I have tried calling your store with no answer several times. I live in Moyock, NC 27958 and wanted to know if the cashier that checked me out, turned in the bag after I left and who do I talk to to get my bag before I make the trip back to the store. My number is 757-390-0831 - Thank you.

  358. i really don't care for walmarts. most of the stuff is china junk.what ever happened to made in america. also not enough check outs open,and very difficult to find workers to help me find what i'm looking for. the store is way to big.not enough riding carts.i usually take a friend their who needs a riding cart and never can find day when we were there two teenagers were each riding and fooling around on the riding carts.i really miss the stores that use to be on main not like box stores.


  360. I do most of my shopping at Super Wal-Mart. Clothing, prescribed meds and groceries. They get 80% of my pay. I like to go shop early morning before work or before 3rd shift. Most of those instances I have to wait in line for a while because of 1 cashier on shift. One instance, 20 minutes with cashier trying to process a gift card. She nor the manager could process it. After 20 minutes, the gentleman never offered to use a credit or debit card to speed the purchase. At the end of 20 minutes, I had 5 minutes to get to work, luckily all I had to do was to go across the street. I had to leave empty handed. So did the other person in line 2 people behind me who also worked at the same place I did. He informed me he was behind me in line and had to leave also empty handed. Here of late I have to spend time in line longer than I think is necessary. I love Wal-Mart and like to shop there. Maybe more training for employees or more employees on duty.

  361. I shop at Walmart in Coos Bay 2 to 4 days a week I fine every thing where it is suppose to be.
    Should need help very nice worker. I get my tires at the store and my oil change. I live by myself
    lost my wife a little over 2 years ago, move here from Louisiana to North Bend. Most of my need I
    get at Walmart.
    Thank you
    Mr. Carroll Guidry

  362. Walmart service is great and the employees are very courteous and helpful, Very pleased with service and shopping at Walmart.

  363. I love Walmart! I can find just about everything I need there. I will be so glad when the new one on Hwy 301 opens in the spring. It is closer to my home.

  364. I was very pleased with my cashier today. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the money and she was patient and helped me figure things out.

  365. I'm in Walmart ever other day.. Also I can't find the $1000 Survey I have the GOLDEN TICKET too...UGH!!

  366. I am looking to enter contest for 1000 Wal-Mart gift card. I am not looking to shop online. why am I not able to find anything about contest entery for Canada?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Dummy Wal-Mart. please don't waste people time you stupid bunch.

  367. stupid. no contest all lie. nothing for Canada. zip code only ask you for us.

    Dum. Wal-Mart survey is scam. don't waste your time. I spend well over 40 minutes looking for survey entry. could not find it. I live in Canada and it only ask me for US zip code. Stupid. Dummy walmart.

  368. I had several layaways for xmas, my first was put in on 11/1/2015 pick up on 11/20 for a total amount of 436.00,on the same day put in another layaway,time of service really sucks,it seem like no one was working together,0n 12/5 pick up my layaway for 153.77,o my god it took1; 45 mins wait time it made my husband late for needs to be better arrangerment for xmas . I think we would love a gift card

  369. I always find something I need in in your store, even if its not the item I went in for. I am amazed at how fast I get out when the store is always so full of people. I have too say they are all so very friendly.

  370. I have bought my entire christmas for my family for many years t walmart. I am a retired man 63yrs old.I was in your keokuk ia store today and found a chest type freezer i wanted. I walked up and down the isles looking for an assentance and never found a single one.I went clear to the paint dept before i found someone to help me. I would think and being a retired parts store owner that this time of year you wouldnt have to look all over the store for help.Walmart used to have an associate for every department.

  371. Store is slow in reordering products and a lot of vender items are not stocked on a weekly basis.

    Store is clean and employees pleasant.

  372. you make it too hard to locate survey........and as long as I have shopped at wal mart I have never heard of anyone winning a gift is a scam..........................I am I know what I am talking about......................

  373. Could not get help to get xmas lights off of top shelf went some where else to buy them spent $85 you need more help Walmart

  374. Walmart runs out of products and are slow at re-stocking.
    Walmart guite offering 25# bags of rabbit pellits the use to race off the shelf. Most times I visit Walmart there are only one or tow checkers other than the liquor stroe even during high volume time. Lastly we there are items in the sales sheets at the Juneau Alaska store does not have a lot of those available saying they didn't about the to order the items. those living in the Contenental US done get that Alaska most notiable June have to order 10 days out to male the barge for shipping north. Thanks for your time. Larry Paul

  375. Walmart is located on my way home from work. I stop there 2 or 3 times a week. I get everything I need to keep my house hold running.

  376. I so love Walmarts and they are always so convenient in just about every town across the U.S.A. They employ friendly people that are always smiling and willing to help nomatter whats going on outside the store in life. I hope they will always be open and ready for me to spend my hard earned money for such a good value in merchandise. I LOVE YOU WALMART. so BE SMART, SHOP WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!

  377. I use an electric cart when I shop. They are always clean and charged. Door greeter is very helpful in assisting me if needed. Floor people through out the store also if helpful in locating and reaching items for me.

  378. I go to Wal-Mart quite often, my experience is usually very good. I know the holidays can be stressful time on the workers. So I make it a point to be very polite to the workers at Wal-Mart,

  379. Had truble getting the site it said take the survey on line and only got one question and was not able to put in ID number of 7Hxq1cbol32

  380. I love Walmart!I go there at least once a week. I have a plaque that says "If mom's not home, try Walmart"!

  381. My husband and I love walmart.We shop the at least once if not two or three times a week. Thank you for you time and deals.The Employees that Ive seen work hard.

  382. I usually find everything I need at the Walmart in Rowlett, Texas. I even get my van & truck serviced there, as well as tires when needed. Almost every employee is very friendly.

  383. Where is the customer survey. I came to this site to so customer survey but it Sims like you guys just wanted my comment. well where is the serve for 1,000 contest?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    wasted my time.

  384. when I walk in the Walmart there always a person stand by the door greeting, smiling and ask me if I need any help, which it is good and make me feel welcome.
    that's include the sale floor and cashier too.

  385. I always have a positive experience at walmart.

  386. I have tried several times to sign up for gift awards but all I got is ads. I will not try another one of your surveys. They are a waste of time. I do like shopping at Walmart though.

  387. hope to see a gift card i keep filling out theese questions and all i get is a bunch of fake emails saying i won a giftcard but gives no way to retrive it wow ....i love to shop at walmarts..

  388. I love the customer service I received at the Ripley Walmart in West Virginia the workers where extremely helpful and polite. The store was extremely clean and aisles where all in order. Makes the visit better and exciting to see all the sales going on and the new items that our out. Thank you for great customer service.

  389. I tried to enter your survey after a Walmart purchase. You have multiple confusing sites on line, the site I chose was impossible to access. Why offer customers surveys if they are bogus and impossible to access?

  390. We shop at least once a week, like most everything about the store except the shopping carts. Walmart has the worst carts, wheels bump along, carts are hard to steer. Put better carts in the stores and the shopping experience would be much better.

  391. I used the self check out and the attendant was not busy so she offered to help me check out. She was so pleasant and helpful and was a lovely person!

  392. I used the self checkout and needed assistance. at store # 00628/op 009049/TE 49/R 06175.
    When I asked for help because the self checkout was completing the process after one item scanned and it did it twice the Associate came over removed my credit card and receipt & said "there". Well I answered, ""You're a lot of help".
    I then went to a regular checkout op#000202/TE 14/TR 01482 and the cashier was willing to hear my story, provide the managers # and name when I requested it and was very polite and helpful. I still have my receipts to prove my story.
    I then proceeded to check on my vehicle's oil change (check in 959am)(Complete 1216pm) and I let them know that that was a long time to wait even after my shopping.
    My phone number is 843-209-6634 and I again have all receipts.

  393. I like the smaller stores but dislike the 15 minutes it took to take this survey and not sure it is even complete.

  394. the ink on my receipt is not making it easy to type an id#...or do you do this on purpose so not many can enter?

  395. What a joke! Spent 45 minutes trying to fill out survey then locked me out! We drive an hour and half to get to our closes shopping center which is wal-mart, the store is over run with illegals and has the rudest people in the pharmacy so that I no longer get my perceptions there. If it wasn't that I was on a fixed income and the low prices at wal- mart I won't shop there!!!!

  396. I do most of my shopping at both your walmart stores in Paducah,ky. both of these stores are really nice stores. the employes are very sweet and very helpful. I also shop at sam's and it is of the same quality. GREAT!!!

  397. thank you walmart you always smart in everything, you many choise 4 buy any product
    anytime we want

  398. Walmart in Atoka, OK has never failed me for pleasant employees, clean store and items that I have needed.. Bathroom ALWAYS needs attention, but because of uncaring customers, not employees..and I won't ever try Black Friday again..that was scary. Overall, the new flooring, arrangement and grocery section got us up to par with bigger city stores. Please encourage your people to keep the hometown "caring".. This store is a pleasure to spend a few hours in..for visiting friends, family and meeting new people.. oh, and shopping too!!!!!! Thankyou, Walmart...

  399. My husband and I are in our seventies and he is in bad health. It sure would be a great blessing to win.

  400. I would like to win I have a car that barely runs and living with someone, it would be nice to win .thanks very much

  401. Like shopping in store sometimes it is hard to get someone to help you, and the check outs are to slow.

  402. I was pleasantly surprised at the low prices in the "market" of the store. Definitely will shop there again!

  403. I just sat here at my computer and filled out this survey at least 3 times in a row, and the site still wouldn't let me submit my claim. Now that is not right. I'm really feeling like they don't want to give away anything to help their customers. Oh well, maybe I might shop there again to see if a different receipt may work next time.

    Signed: Tyrone S. Hall
    Extremely disappointed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  404. today I went to Walmart .very nice visit, assoiates very nice,and helpful.i love Walmart and the merchantdise.

  405. I was there at 12:10am and at 12:15 and stop to pick up chicken tenders and the girl said that it would be 8mins well i check out and she still didn't do the chicken tenders in so i left at 12:33 so 8 mins turn into 18 mins that's when i check out and left so it took longer then she said and i was going to get 2lbs of chix and 1lb of cheese sticks.

  406. I have traded at Walmart for many years, good prices, service and can take care of my medical and automobiles in one trip.

  407. We shop at Walmart in Gardena also in Cerritos and stores all across the country when traveling in our motorhome. I wish you would put Bob Evans frozen biscuits and gravey back in the Gardena store We love shopping at Walmart

  408. I like to buy in walmart because is easy shop and always have whatever we need an other reason is we can buy food,electronics,cars needed etc that the reason i love shoping at walmart

  409. I love Walmart because whenever my family needs anything,we say "lets go to Walmart"..whether its for a school project or something for dinner.Hunting,fishing or buying a new table...Walmart has it all! I don't really shop other stores because Walmart always has what we need at the right price...saves time and money...the people who work there always always go out of their way to show you something you're looking for with a smile ..

  410. sometimes employees are very nice, sometimes, at the same location they are not. However, my main concern is the lack of checkout areas that are open at any given time. I DO NOT like self-checkout for several reasons, the biggest on being that PEOPLE need jobs and being a checker is a JOB. I hate waiting in check out line longer than my shopping experience takes. Please consider your coustomers AND employees and create more check out lines. Believe me, everyone will be happier!

  411. hard to find the survey-keep sending one different places and not one comes out right.tells on the reciept to go to and its does not come up-make it easier to find or have the right address

  412. My mother gets all of her over the counter medicines there. If it isn't the "Equate" brand then she is not interested... she lives by it. It's easy on her pocketbook as well. So I am in there at the least 3 times a week maybe more.

  413. I like shopping at Walmart. The convenience of 24hr shopping is a plus. I can purchase so many things from so many different departments in one stop.

  414. Well, we have purchased 2 vacuum cleaner's with the same manufacturer flaw, eventhough your
    customer service staff did not allow us to swish companies and there by, perhaps, get a better
    working vacuum cleaner. Next, it well accepted your Mchenry Store is very customer service
    oriented while your Park Plaza Store, Modesto, is less there for you and less nicer.

    So, we have hired Coit to do the job at $315.00 for carpet cleaning, and we will be back attempting
    in returning the vacuum cleaner although you Walmart refused extra money along witht the cleaner and previous payments for a better vacuum cleaner performance, we also, spent additional
    $200.00 in groceries,etc., moreover we spent that bi-weekly, and deserve much better treatment
    in hopes our race is not the problem, Thanks.


  416. Tried to do survey and didn't work.. Tried to find item in store and no help around didn't work. Was not a very good experience.. Would love the $ 1000.00 gift card. We shop there all the time from out of town.

    Thank You, Scott

  417. Could really use the gift card and the survey winner money would be all spent at Walmart for house hold stuff.

  418. my cashier was pleasant.
    my only gripe with every walmart i have ever been is the stocking people. they come barreling down the isle with their big carts and expect the customer to stop and get out of their way. RUDE!!
    they see you coming and instead of stopping to let you pass they just keep coming.
    next meeting......tell them to be a little more polite.

  419. My question to you is why was I not asked to answer questions about my visit in Antioch? I t was good even with construcstion and our clerk Yolanda was excellent but your survey didn't even ask one question. also I was given an ID number on my receipt and that was not asked for which is, 7HX9FZY6MJ9. OK.

  420. 7hx96762c9h was so friendly and, polite. very Manerable, sweet and kind Hearted. love coming to Walmart, to shop and, eating from the deli. Easy to find what you want there. Store is always clean and, well maintained. Best part they have plenty of wheelchairs for disabled people. Love Walmart.


  422. Marc zweben was so help, he took his time to tell me about your survey and your rewards... I did not know you have rewards... he was very,very help..and wonderful.. he made my day...

  423. Is there any other store to shop at?? I think not! Where else can you go to get the best pricing, all the products you use and if the price happens to be higher than another store, you can price match! Walmart is the go to store for just about all your needs. It's my store and I shop there!

  424. Love our local Walmart in Dayton TN. Mrs Alice is a wonderful cashier and has become a family friend. She is great!!!!

  425. dear sir, im claiming the walmart and walgreens and giant eagle surveys today. asking for the gift cards at $5,000 each. plus applebees restaurant survey too. also, $2500 gift card winner and thanks for the surveys today. I have waited all summer for this event. please respond soon and please activate codes #pch card#383-14-10-12 and pch/actnow,pc#252,pchbonus codes entry winner,actnow,pc#W71, confirming and processing entry gift card prizes. please send next day mail arrival. im 58 years old and has large family.also, beachwood mall manager too. thanks, thanks, happy holiday, write and call soon, thanks, PUBLISHERS,john yeager, sweeps manager and thanks,blonders advertising., thanks, iris Campbell. [email protected]

  426. Our Walmart is a great place to shop. The people working there are just great, both in the sales department and in the auto /tires or battery section. Fast, correct in finding what was wrong,and real fast in getting it fixed. It is a frendly place to spend some time as well as money

  427. Like always I love to shop at Walmart. They have almost everything I need at a Low Price,than other stores,most of the time.

  428. Really they give you a receipt you can't read. So you can't get and put in the info to do the survey. Walmart doesn't want to give you anything FREE.

    I now remember why people said surveys are a big pain and not worth the time.

  430. I always find what I need and add matcing is great I can get every thing without running from store to store.

  431. I Just Love the Walmart at 3111 Browns Mill Rd in Johnson City,TN. 37604-This Store is much cleaner than the Walmart close to Jonesborough,TN. the people that work there are much more
    Helpfull and nice to you and they always have a nice smile.and there produce is real nice there.
    I even buy my Gas there.I always get a gift card to get the discount off my Gas.Such a Great
    thing.!! Linda Hamlin Jonesborough,TN.37659

  432. I love shopping at our Walmart, because its up the road from my work. So I go and shop there when I get off from work in the morning. The people there are very kind and friendly and when you need help there's someone there to help you. I also like shopping on internet at Walmart, its so easy to get on the wed site and shop . Our Walmart here in Uniontown, Pa is clean and always smells good. I know that is strange to say, but when you have a sensitive smelling nose and you are allergic to smells, you don't have to worry about this store giving you that problem.
    Roxanne Minerd

  433. I shop at Walmart at least once a week, sometimes more. The one where I live needs a new manager, the one we had got a promotion and moved on. This one does not keep the stock in good and she has dropped a lot of the sugar free and fat free items.

  434. El servicio es bueno en esta tienda, todo se encuentra en su sitio no hay necesidad de estar buscando un trabajador de la tienda para encontrar lo que buscamos . casi todos los días hago compras en esta tienda pues me queda mas cerca de mi hogar y lo que mas me gusta es que yo misma puedo pagar los productos que compro sin tener necesidad de hacer fila ni demorarme para pagar con una cajera.
    También encuentro muchos productos a buen precio y hacen muy buenas rebajas cada cierto tiempo.

  435. They were out of Weed/Grass Killer; and had a new product Lawn Helper only. Meat prices were very good today. A product you need is "Crunchy Pretzel", Shake + Bake.

  436. En Walmart siempre encuentro todo lo que busco y al mejor precio siempre y sus empleados siempre son muy amables, serviciales y muy profecionales al momento de brindarme ayuda. Gracias Walmart por ayudarnos a ahorrar dinero y vivir mejor.

  437. Wall Mart came to Shippensburg Pa. in 2004 /5 and I have shopped there practically 100% of the time and saved hundreds of dollars. Glad they are here, never had a problem with them.

  438. I absolutely love Walmart. The pharmacy is very helpful and the customer service workers are very kind and attentive to my needs. I absolutely LOVE shopping at Walmar. Any Walmart. However my two most favorite stores are Antelope Road in Antelope, CA and Watt Ave in Antelope, CA.

  439. Thank you for the chance to win $1000.00... I've never won anything before! I've been in Walmart every since I was little, and now I'm grown... the "Only" place I shop! Just Plan Wonderful!!!

  440. Am from the islands, And now living in Florida. Ive been shopping at all kind of stores And i haven't been to any that give me that feeling of just wanting to shop till i drop feeling like Walmart.

  441. The store in Camden has very friendly workers they are always around when you need help.It is a very clean place shop.

  442. I ' buy in Walmart Stores Since 1988, because is the ever shipper store we can find in Fl / araund the World.

  443. Clerks were very helpful, even leading me to the article.
    Also, I hope the company will install a check out register
    close to the grocery department. They recently up graded
    our Walmart into a super Walmart, and the check out is
    still the same, so I have to walk far from the grocery items.