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Shaws Listens Customer Survey PrizeShaws

  1. Weekly $100 Shaw's Gift Card

Shaws Listens Customer Survey Sweepstake Rules

  1. You do not have to make purchase to enter or win
  2. Each entry is only eligible for the one Monthly Sweepstakes
  3. Hand or e-mail deliveries of entries will not be accepted

Shaws Listens Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question, need receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You are can still finish Shaws Listens Customer Survey via smartphone, it may take more than 5 minutes to finish

Shaws Listens Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Shaws Listens customer survey webpage.
  2. Click "Begin Survey" button to start the survey.
  3. Enter in the text displayed in the image below and click the next button.
  4. Enter the survey code from your receipt and click the next button.
  5. Select all departments you visited based on your most recent visit.
  6. Answer the open question "what are your overall thoughts, feelings and impressions of this Shaw's location?"
  7. Rate statements like "Based on your most recent visit, how likely are you to recommend this Shaw's location to a friend or family member?" based on your most recent visit.
  8. Select answer to the questions like "Other than Shaw's, which of the following neighborhood stores do you shop most often for groceries?"
  9. Select answers to the questions about yourself like your gender, age etc.
  10. Enter your name, email address or phone number.
  11. Enter your personal contact information in detail if you agree to join the sweepstakes and click "Finish" to finish the survey.

More Information about Shaws
Shaw's has been serving New England communities for over one hundred years.Shaw's and Star Market continue to thrive. They do business in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. You can use your Shaw's Rewards Card every time you shop at Shaw's and save on your favorite items. When you sign up for a new card, you 'll gain access to a shaws.com account, where you can create a customized Recipe Box, develop a weekly meal plan and save Shopping Lists.

Good things are just around the corner at Shaws star market. It is the place to save on the things you use everyday. Part of SUPERVALU, Shaws serves you high quality and fresh food. ShawsListens.com is how Shaws reach customers in an online method.

Win the $100 gift card at ShawsListens.com.

About Shaws Listens Customers Satisfaction SurveyShawsListens.com - Shaws Listens Customer Survey
Survey Website: ShawsListens.com
Survey Incentive: Weekly $100 Gift Card
Host Website: survey.medallia.com
Marketing Support: Medallia

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82 comments on “ShawsListens.com - Shaws Listens Customer Survey

  1. John Barrows says:

    How do you take a survey when the site doesn't open up???

  2. Jailyn says:

    January 14, 2010 by Kathleen Quiring If you’ve been reading my blog or engaging in real-life coonsreativn with me in the last couple of months, you know that I’ve been reading, thinking, writing, and even starting to practice Natural Family Planning (NFP). You know that I came across the idea when I came across Engaged Marriage, and after having Dustin tell me more about it, I began writing about it myself.

  3. wilma maisano says:

    I was at the shaw's market in Cranston at sakonasset crossways on 12/2.
    I needed help finding a particular coffee and an associate -Claudia- was extremely
    helpful and very pleasant. the store no. 7625

  4. Paula says:

    Just went to my local Concord NH Shaw's at Fort Eddy Road...And have a few comments regarding the store, it was getting busy due to the holiday but it seems to be very well run people putting out sale items... One thing that impresses me is the new manager Tyler C working right along with his staff....He has eye of the tiger!!!!! The store is clean and he is always polite with a nice hello.....If I had a business I surely would want someone like him keeping things squared away...

  5. beverly a. clark says:

    yes, when I need help, they are there answer or help. thank again.

  6. [email protected]o.com says:

    I have been treated right everytime I go to shaws

  7. connie amentola says:

    I enjoy shopping at Shaws, I love you bakery dept What I have noticed is when I am looking around for something I cant find one of your workers who is in the isle will ask me if I need help. I think that's great

  8. elcha says:

    I shop the Augusta, Maine store 2-3 times a week. Everyone is so very nice and helpful but Devin and Carol are exceptional.

  9. Charles Liftman says:

    what survey ... I tapped in but a mysterious hand took the throttle and completed the survey as I watched, wondering how I screwed up

    In any case, I visited the Sharon MA store today, bought only a loaf of bread, but was very cheerfully greeted at the register by "Jacque" . My family does most of its shopping lately here. The store seems brighter, some prices better than in the past. Your toughest competitor if just a few miles up the highway: BigY, with frequent "buy 1 get 2 free" sales. Their regular prices are no bargain, some Shaw prices are better.

    I wonder why dated products can;t be purchaed on the "sell by" date ... "sell by" does not literally mean "sell the day before."

  10. Mark Gilbert says:

    I shopped there today and had a very good experience at the Deli with Jen.
    Very pleasant and helpful

  11. Lori Winston says:

    I love Shaws!!!

  12. Jane M. Clark says:

    I can't seem to find the survey on my computer, just a lot of talking about it.

  13. Marilyn Geyer says:

    Very satisfied shopping experience. The cashier Shelly was very friendly

  14. Dean Paone Sr. says:

    I really enjoy going to the Waltham Shaw's, there very helpful to me and my wife and always go out of there way to be kind. they seem to enjoy there work because everyone is always happy or smiling great store...

  15. Dottie says:

    great store and customer service

  16. Victoria Ovian says:

    Shaw's Market, Northbridge, Ma. (Whitinsville, Ma) is a very nice store and every shopping trip there is a pleasant experiece for me. I just filled out all the questions using my receipt dated 04/18/14 and I clicked on "Read the rules and I could not submit my entry! Why?

  17. linda obrien says:

    they listen when I have a complaint & try to make it right. always have what I need. Most of the cashiers are friendly. very good service

  18. Nurys vargas says:

    This supermarket save lot money and their products are very fresh

  19. elizabeth heller says:

    My cashier Matt S. could not have been more helpful. It was a delight to end my shopping with his assistance!

  20. Debbie says:

    since the store has been sold and the new owners taken over the prices are much better. I have always tried to shop in my neighborhood but this town does not make it easy. especially with no tax new Hampshire not very far away. the people are very friendly and knowledgeable.

  21. Clarke Higgins says:

    I feel customers are more like family than consumers. I look forward to shopping even if for minute amounts. Recently attempted to enter survey but search engines couldn't find it.
    Trx.185 Oper181 Term 6 Store 7595 02/13/14 12:17:35 I hope this suffices for survey.

  22. paula duffy says:

    love Shaws your meats are the best good buys great service great people

  23. Karen Bedwell says:

    very friendly and helpful staff

  24. Deslourdes says:

    since i moved from NY to Randolph 27 years i do my shopping at shaws, i love it managers, cashiers, deli all the departments they are helpful, customer service also very friendly. i love shaws.

  25. Virginia olsen says:

    I love Shaws I'm sorry when a couple of my stores closed. I live in Mass. But I shop in Rhode Island

    • Virginia olsen says:

      I love Shaws I was very up set when my store closed in Mass. But I usually do my shopping in Rhode Island, and I will continue on doing so.

  26. Jane M. Clark says:

    If I do have an overcharge it gets taken care. Never had a major problem and since lower prices and I am on Foodstamps I shop at Shaw's more.

  27. susan killion says:

    my last visit to your store was very pleasant.gentalman named doug in produce was very kind and helpful.was very engaging and approachable.then off to the deli where another young man named frank was helpful.spoke with me regarding your sales and was also very engaging.i noticed the difference between before and after.i like after. thank you for listening and keep up the good work,sincerely susan killion

  28. Payton Silvia says:

    I had wonderful service at the Wareham Shaws. My cashier was very polite, smiled, asked how my day was and even got me a cart due to how heavy my things were. His name is Robert. The store number is 7653, the one located on 127 Marion Road. I will definitely be back again!!

  29. Dorothy Berg says:

    At the outset, I would like to emphasize that Diane Berg is not responsible for anything I have to say here. It is my observation that there is a great need for a reorganization in the Randolph store regarding what is expected of your employees. My daughter, Diane, is an outstanding employee at your store. She is always willing to work her shift no matter what!!!! However, when it comes to asking her to give MORE she does not say NO. After working ten hours today, the day before New Years, she was asked to stay another hour. Along with that she had one break at 9:30AM and was offered another one at 6:00PM as she was ready to leave. This was very poor planing. Diane had plans with me tonight bbut stayed the extra hour. IIt seems apparent to me that you need to hire more people and stop taking advantage of the employees you have. Once again I want to say that this is my doing not Diane's. Mrs. Dorothy Berg

  30. jasmin muray says:

    Nasrin A from the lynn, ma Shaws market is always so nice to me and make me want to wait in her line every time I'm in the store. Make sure you tell her what a great jobs she has been doing. Thanks

  31. joe avella says:

    I recently was in your Sanford store looking for a plant for my wife and found the clerk there very knowledgeable and friendly, her name was Rita.
    I also want to commend the cashier who checked me out, asking if I found everything I was looking for with a smile and seemed to genuinely care about my shopping experience...her name was Charlene.

  32. melissa a degnan says:

    customer service very friendly and helpful...........:)

  33. Mark Royall says:

    I love Shaws. They always have what I need. And Fun Too!

  34. carrie morris says:

    your works are not in good moors

  35. Debbie TAylor says:

    went to Shaws in Raynham toady and two cashiers open and no baggers. The manager was hopping back and forth to both registers to bag. 4 of us in one line and I had a two week carriage full. Very slow no staff.

  36. Deborah Plant says:

    I have decided to stop shopping at Shaws because the store no longer donates food items to the local food bank. I typically spend between $175 and $200 every week as I buy for my family and my daughter's family. Last week I started shopping at Hannaford's as they continue to donate to the food bank.

  37. Michael Fosburg says:

    This occurred in your Newburyport, MA store. It's a compliment and public Thank You I wish to make to and about Eric Clothecy, your Produce Manager if I recall correctly. On Sept 13 he helped me locate an item not in his Dept. and not specifically on your self. I wanted, well, my wife wanted a specific brand. Eric first looked with me and for me. We were both unsuccessful. Then he found the person who could help me find a suitable substitute.
    Thks, Loads,
    Michael Fosburg
    West Newbury, MA
    [How to I make sure Eric's manager and that person's manager reads this comment -- ?]

  38. Mary Ward says:

    The cashier Marge @1070 Iyannough Rd Hyannis MA.she was very pleasant good service.she was helpful with self service check out,I felt like a valid customer.It was my first shopping @Shaws from today on it will be my grocery store.Thank you for Marge.

  39. Maren Vasatka says:

    VERMONT - You stopped mailing your store flyers to Monkton Vermont over a year ago and it has basically stopped me from shopping at your store and even your newest no card all coupons policy still hasn't got me back to shopping at your store. I think it is foolish to stop the flyers coming to Monkton because we have no shopping here in Monkton so we travel to buy groceries. We are located 6.5 miles to Vergennes Shaws - 7 miles to Bristol Shaws (which has restaurants we like to frequent) and 7 miles to Hinesburg which has Hannafords and we do get their flyer so I tend to shop there, which I never did before your flyers stopped coming. I prefer to get the flyer in my Sunday paper because I sit down make my list cut coupons to match it and go shopping and I prefer Vergennes or Bristol but head off to Hinesburg instead. I am only on your website today because I only need two pie crusts so it is easier for me to go to Vergennes as it always would be if we got your flyer.


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