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Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. Each person is limited to 1 entry each month
  2. Each household is limited to 1 prize
  3. The winner is responsible for all taxes, and all other costs associated with acceptance or use of the prize

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 3/5. It takes about 10 minutes to finish. There are 4 open questions. Your receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page is for Tablet. There are 4 open questions. You need to enter your personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page is for smartphones. You are not recommended to finish Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, for it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Customers who made a purchase can visit Safeway customer satisfaction survey official website to take the online survey.
  2. For customers who want to enter without making a purchase at a Participating Location, or without completing the survey, hand-print your name, complete address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, birth date, and e-mail address on a 3” x 5” card and mail it to one of the following addresses:
    US residents:
    Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes,625 Panorama Trail,Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.
    Canadian residents:
    Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, 17-7000 McLeod Road, Unit 135,
    Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7K.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit Safeway customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Enter the required fields from your receipt
  3. Rate questions like "Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at our grocery store?", etc. based on your most recent visit
  4. Select your response to questions like "Did you redeem one or more Just for U offers as part of your shopping trip?", etc.
  5. Rate your Just for U experience with regard to "Ease of redeeming coupons/offers", etc if you have it
  6. Leave your comment on how they might improve your Just for U experience
  7. Select your response to  questions about the departments you visited, etc. and leave your comments or suggestions for improving the departments you visited
  8. Select answers to questions about your Checkout process and leave your comments if you have any
  9. Select answers to a few more questions and answer the open questions about the best part or the worst part of your experience
  10. Enter your contact information such as your name, phone number, etc.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you can 't finish Safeway survey online successfully, the video below made could help you.

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2,695 thoughts on “ - Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. steve at store #1448 was a super help to me two trips to safeway very helpful in finding things . also took time to show where they were located in the store.....This guys a keeper!!!!

  2. Store 0474 Safeway pharmacy employee Sherri is AWESOME!

    My insurance was presenting issues with filling a prescription Sherri stayed worked continuously until I got my required medication was approved.

    Please pass this on to all higher ups & to Sherri herself.
    Thank you

  3. Roger was very friendly and helpful. I enjoy shopping when I have someone like Roger checking me out.

  4. Your cashier Michael at the Safeway Community Markets, 690 Fremont Ave. Los Altos, Ca. was very rude this morning at 12:34 p.m., Feb. 8. He mumbled a phrase that I did not hear clearly so I asked "beg pardon?". He gave me an impatient look and did not bother to answer. I have been a Safeway customer for 30 years and have never been treated like this. Safeway management should re-train its employees like Michael to retain faithful customers like me.


  5. What a rip off when the directions do NOT allow me to enter the numbers required, as the example provided does not match my receipt. Shame on you!!!

  6. I went threw Lorie counter today we were talking about Vets. She is a wonderful cashier. Always very sweet and polite.


  8. I would like to express my sincere appreciation with "Lidia" who works at Safeway Store #1711. She is a totally an efficient, respectful and humane individual - I often wait in her line because for the good feeling I have about her.

  9. Jill has always been rude. After i put my groceries in the car i walked back in the store and she was still yelling at dustin. He was wonderful helper . Very nice young man . But i dont beleive she has the right to talk to him infront of customers with such disrespect. He was helpful nice and polight maybe she can learn something from him . Dustin you are wonderful and jill i will never go in your line again 300.00 to get disrespected no tbank you she needs to learn better customer service and how to respect her coworkers when she has dinner rush

  10. I had the worst costumer service by jill your cashier. I spend 300.00 dollars in groceries and i help bag my own groceries she ask how many bags used isaid im not sure. After coming here fot so long you should know by now to count them .i said you should be thankful i help u bag .she was rude then trirx to blame her bagger i was bagging before he showed up. It was her fault .she disrespected her bagger. She should not be up front shes has no customer service.

  11. Also I want to say thank you to Betty in customer service and John a cashier at Safe way store #985. Happy Holidays!

  12. I would like to express my big thanks to the stuff of Pharmacy at Safeway store #985 at 2350 Noriega street in San Francisco: Thuy Vo, Alain Tam, Peiyi Guan? Kareena Campjino. I am not sure if i wrote all names correctly, sorry about that. All members of phar4macy stuff are highly professional and attentive to there patients. Thank you very much all of you gays! Happy Holiday Season! Merry Christmas and happy New year!

  13. Had a positive response from Kelley on where to find some items. Additionally Kim was very good overseeing the operation.

  14. Yvonne at the Safeway in Ft. Mohave, AZ was most helpful & I wanted to let you know that the Starbuck counter is in very good hands. She is an outstanding representative of both Safeway & Starbuck high quality service. Thanks

  15. I teied to compliment your employees at this site, but the adds frustrated me and turned me off.. Do you really care how your folks are doing or just seeking another buck in advertising Honestly, this site sucks!

  16. I shop all winter at the Safeway #1207 in Sedona, AZ, and am always happy. Excellent produce and generally good meats and fish, though I'm not much of an Atlantic Salmon fan, so always hoping for Steelhead or wild-caught King. Want to heap praise on your morning checker Victoria, who is terrific! I enjoy her (admittedly brief) cheerful friendly contact, to the point where I'll wait a little longer to share a moment with her. Have nice things to say about Kim in the same store, as she is also cheerful and friendly. Thanks for hiring (and keeping) great people. It makes my morning brighter every time. (PS In summer I shop Safeway on 56th in Yakima, WA

  17. For quite number of years our group of companies has purchased gift cards at Christmas time 2016 we did not purchase from Safeway This year we will probable not purchase from Safeway.
    The reason is: It to complicated. I personally do not understand on line purchases. I just want to talk to a person give my order Pay and pick up the gift certificates. Thats it finished. I do not want to run through the list trying to figure out which one to choose. Our order would be for 100 $50.00 certificates. simple. Thank You, Dave Gibb

  18. Good shopping experience at Safeway in Sidney Nebraska, but when are they going to fix their entry doors? I was carrying four bags of groceries and couldn't get out! A large red floor mat was wedged in the exit door and I could neither get it open nor shut. Doors haven't worked well for a long time...time to get them fixed!! Please, time to get them fixed!!

  19. My shopping experience was one of pleasure. Because of the helpful and friendly staff all my
    questions were answered in a polite manner. I enjoy shopping at my local store.

  20. was shopping at the Safeway at Hayden and Chaparral, scottsdale, Az . on 11/18/17. I usually have a good experience when shopping there. Even though there have been some negative changes since Albertson's bought Safeway. The original crew is still great, but our wonderful neighborhood Saveway has lost it's class. If wanted to shop at Walmart, we'd go to Walmart! The new Albertson's imput has really distroyed the wonderful store we used to have is gone. I must say, I met the new meat dept mgr. whille looking for a special sized ham. Daniel was great! So nice and helpful, actually found a size i can use. This happened after I had asked for country pork ribs (another day). and when I got home I had nothing but pieces of pork made to look like ribs and packed...The meat was so bad and tough. I actually threw it out. Now that is nothing but fraud!.There was a time I bought everything at Safeway, not any more ! The atmosphere and quality of this store is being distroyed. But thank goodness for the rehireing of Daniel in the meat dept..

  21. Our Farmington, New Mexico. East Main St. Safeway Store is the worst for having the least cashiers anytime. Fridays being the worst. It is not at all uncommon to wait in line for 30 minutes to check-out. This has been as long as I can remember. Please help.

  22. I find Harry T to be a great checkstand person. He's affable, helpful and doesn't make mistakes. I give him a big 10.

  23. This is for store 2286
    Why is Monica not at self checkout because the new girl is not good for one she sits there or she never there please but Monica back to self checkout she is way better over there

  24. I visited your Safeway store #1932 today 11/15/2017.
    I was very put out the way that there were displays in the isle's. All the isle's are just wide enough to have 2 shopping carts going in opposite directions. Having the displays setting
    in the isle's are very unconvenient for the shoppers. If this is the way you take care of your
    customers, I'll take my business else ware. Whole Foods is just a 1/2 mile down the road.
    All the safeway workers at # 1932 are fantastic. Maybe you should learn from them.
    I'll be in the same store this weekend. If there isn't any improvement by then, I assume you
    don't care and I'll do my shopping else ware.

    Chuck Schneck

  25. I shopped at the Moses Lake, Safeway store, number 3252, and was helped by Brian who didnt leave my side while a customer service lady was being extremely rude. She sent him back to exchange a turkey and he couldnt find what she wanted so I went to help him.. He stayed with me and helped me carry it to the car so it wouldn't squash my groceries. So polite and professional. I think he works where ever he sees a need.

  26. We have shopped at the Newcastle wa Safeway for years, and you have worker that I think is great at her job,when I have problems finding things, she will always take me to my item and with s smile,her name is Diane.

  27. We find Rhonda to be one of the most helpful and friendly store employes we have dealt with at store 1471.In general most of the clerks are very cordial and helpfull

  28. I would very much like to complete my survey entry, however, the receipt does not print out like the one shown in the example. On my receipt the information is listed as Term 9, Tran 3694, Store 8906 (for which an error message pops up saying the store number is invalid) Oper 135, and then the date. There is no where to enter the survey access code. Ergo, I cannot complete your survey and I cannot enter to win $1000 in Safeway Gift cards.

  29. I shop at Safeway in Salmon Creek Washington about 2 to 4 times a week. Because the store is 1/2 a block from my real estate office and the gas points are very good, I like going there. Last visit I was served at the Deli and checked out by Michael. I was impressed with this young man. His ability to do a great job in providing what I asked for, plus his professional manor.

  30. Love the small store @ 40th and Donald in Eugene, OR. Go there every week, sometimes more then that because we also use the pharmacy. Today Hans waited on us. He was the best. Did a great job. Fast and courteous. It's a friendly neighborhood store.

  31. Store 917 in Brighton, CO is the best! Janie Reyes is by far the best checker there. She is very friendly, helpful, fast moving and does her job well. I will for sure continue to shop there.

  32. We shop at Safeway once a week, and we always look for Denise. She is the friendly cashier I have ever meet. It is like seeing your best friend or friendly therapist. She just radiates sunshine and happiness. She is one of the reasons I love to shop at Safeway.

  33. On Saturday we were at our Canby Safeway to return bottles and were experiencing great difficulty. I asked the worker who was trying to help us if we could hand count as NONE of the machines were accepting returns and she said I would have to ask the manager. I went into the store where the manager was working a checkout as there were so many in line; he noticed me standing there waiting to talk to him. Before he could assist me an elderly lady asked for help and he went to find her item and I left the store. He followed me out of the store when he had finished assisting her and asked me how he could help. I asked if we could have a hand count as all the machines were down and he instructed us where to put the carts when finished with our count and he contacted the bookkeeper to write up our slip. I found his helpful and professional manner to be a 10 for customer service. From pitching in on the registers, helping enquiring customers and going out of his way to follow me to get my needs met. His name is Todd Reynolds. He is to be commended for his customer care, a definite score of 10 goes to him.

  34. Obviously you don't publish negative experience remarks. I went to fill out my experience on 9/14 and your message said I had already done a survey within 15 days. I have never never completed a Safeway survey in my life. I wanted to express my dissatisfaction with my visit, and because of it, I will have to return to this store #1887 to collect overcharge monies. Just 4 you cpns didn't reflect my price on bananas at 59 cents lb. Plus I had a 50 cents off cpn on eggs that was in the Sunday paper and good at Safeways and Albertsons, and it didn't come off my egg purchase either.

  35. My experience with the pharmacy dept has been outstanding. Especially with "Joy" and "Ge Ge" in the 2nd street, Brentwood, Ca 94513 pharmacy.

    Not sure what the full name is for either of the pharmacist, but they are the best. Every prescription that I take there is handled professionally. I appreciate the personal greeting I get each time I go there. They remember their clients by name and that is very special.

  36. Clarice at Safeway store#2709 is always very welcoming and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure your shopping experience is a positive one.

  37. Tooday Paulnat store 1550 was very helpful and considerate. I would give him a 10 in all categories. Thanks

  38. I shop at Sonoma Mtn parkway shop and use the deli almost every week. Jeff is always cheerful and helpful.

  39. I have shopped at Safeway for 20 years everyone who works at the 20th ave store in Denver. The pharmacy people are wonderful Jeffrey and Natalie are especially nice and helpful

  40. Nogales Safeway is my favorite store to shop at in Nogales, the people there are so nice especially Peggy, Letty, Teri, Luis and Tony

  41. I called Safeway and spoke to Norexys in Customer Service. I was really very impressed with how quickly she responded to my request. I could just tell in her voice that she really cared about her job and customer satisfaction. If every employee was as responsive as she was, that would be great. She has made me a satisfied Safeway customer.

  42. Julie cashier #9718 works at the Safeway in woodland,wa She's such a good cashier very friendly and has a professional side to her. The customer's love her and so do I.She deserves big kudo's because she out shines alway's on top of the game! Her customer service should be above 15. Thanks again for being there! I'm a very happy customer. Marcia Lee

  43. I had a great check out experience on 9 Aug 2017 after hard day at the office and encounter a young lady, Ms Jendi Lewis at the Safeway store Store # 1465, 5146 Stevens Creek, San Jose, CA. Jendi is very professional, caring and with very positive attitude which made my evening. Great employee. Kudos to Jendi

  44. I am very happy with the service I receive at the Smokey Hill store. I am not happy to hear that you plan to close this store, it is always very clean, stocked,& very well lit.I have been going to this store for over twenty years & got to know quite a few of the workers, they are all very friendly & polite. I also go to the Hampden & Tower store, but I prefer the Smokey Hill store.

  45. Whenever I Need to find something in Safeway, I find myself going to the bakery department. There is a young lady there by the name of Eureka who always take the time to tell me where to look for something. Today, she took me to the area and helped me look. Although Safeway did not carry the product that I was looking for, you have great employees!

  46. Why are the Signature Sugar Wafers not on the shelf anymore? Did you stop baking them? I'd like them back. My husband loves them.
    Judy G Brown

  47. I shopped Safeway this morning as I always do when I went to the deli dept. in St. Helena I asked for help and asst. with pricing. Mirna who was busy unloading supplies stopped and helped me with pricing and also helped me make my purchase correctly all with a positive attitude I feel she is a credit to your staff and I don't mind saying so Thank you John Urias

  48. went to st helens safeway today (7\29\17) & our cashier was Kim, Kim was very polite & was even nice to the lady ahead of us that was very rude to Kim & us. Kim has always been one of our favorite checkers, a pleasure doing business with her.

  49. I shopped on 7/26/17 at the store on Maria ave. in Sunnyvale and purchased some shrimp and later that day I opened the package and it was bad. I took it back and the butcher Robert was very helpful in replacing it..Thanks

  50. Beth in the meat department was very helpful picking out a roast for me and then gave me cooking instructions

  51. I shop at my favorite safeway which is sandpoint idaho. i love the new look in the produce dept. very nice and im glad josh is there. he is doing a great job.service at the check stand is awsome i always gothrough ann's line. she is so very happy and has lots of energy and smiles to give away. its not just a great shopping day it is a great shoping experience. great job josh and ann and one more thing. kelly your manager is a very hard worker. cant believe a store manager gets down and involved like her. nice job safeway. you have awsome employees

  52. I go to the meat department every morning to get in on their deals, I especially like talking to Peggy Sue. She always has some good ideas for me.

  53. I have shopped at Safeway a long time and we think that Kim Clendenin is a very nice and helpful. We kid around and its always fun. She is always pleasant towards Everyone. And really I think they are all nice just like I said before everyone is pleasant. I like shopping at Safeways. If you ask anyone on the floor they help you find what you are looking for.

  54. Store 316

    The store manager, Travis deserves all 10s for a personal rating and store rating,

  55. Store 316 179 Branham San Jose

    From John Fomby

    The store Manager Travis, is a excellent example of what a store manager should be. Travis is courteous, and a caring individual. He always has time to listen to his customers which makes store 316 a inviting and warm place to shop.

  56. The manager of Starbucks whose name is Melissa is a wonder lady with great customer service

  57. The deli clerk saw I had only a handful of items and told me he could take my order over in the deli. This was very helpful. He was very friendly as well. My thanks!

  58. I have shopped at the Safeway store on 15th Ave and 125th(#1586) for many years. In fact we shop there 90% of the time. I have found Devan in the Meat Dept. alway helpful 100% of the time.

    Truman Ellis

  59. I had a great check out experience yesterday with Mama D at the Check Out counter at the Safeway store at 20830 108th Ave SE in Kent WA, Store # 459. I always seek out her line when I shop at this store and she is on duty because she is so friendly and efficient.

  60. GREAT customer service today at the deli at store 971<foothill hayward. Maria had great service i recommend her to make your sndwich it was a bomb, keep it up 971 place to get a sandwich

  61. Byron in the produce department at the Safeway on 14th st S.E in Washington DC has been very helpful with a Professional attitude and is always willing to help when i have a question.

  62. Byron in the produce department has been very helpful every time that I have been in the Safeway on 14th st.SE in Washington DC. Byron is very professional and respectful

  63. Randie (who delilvered order number 10479649) was exceedingly gracious and helpful when delivering my order.

  64. I returned some meat items and Aaron was gracious and accommodating. I was quite pleased with Aaron's attention to taking care of his customers.

  65. Your survey is a joke!!!it does not work and takes forever to complete.

    Bertha at forest grove oregon. bakery does an amazing job in customer service. She is always very helpful in picking the best breads and deserts for our special occasions. She works so hard and shes always smiling and friendly.
    Please pass this survey on to the safeway store manager.

    Thank you

  66. Eddie in produce was an incredible help today by pointing out fresh fruit and veggies. It made our food look good as well as taste fresh, too! Thanks Eddie for your professionalism. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Dan Pepping

  67. i was in pak and save Safeway in south san franisco on june 30 and had the cashier SARAH. 4399 .she was very friendly and cheered me up and other customers around me. Great way to start 4th of july off knowing people can be nice. She bagged my grocery and offered help to car. i enjoy shopping here.

  68. Received a cheerful greeting from DJ in dairy.Cashier Bernadine was very pleasant on limited checkout lane. She went the extra mile by bagging my ice cream to keep it as cold as possible without my asking.
    It is always a pleasure shopping at the Fountain Hills store.

  69. Maureen at the Benicia safeway is the best. Always helpful and friendly. She put together really nice flower boquet for my granddaughters recital.

  70. I enjoy shopping when Beverly is working as she takes time to answer my questions and help me check out. The other day she answered my questions on the patio furniture set and patio heaters you have for sale. Store 1485

  71. Love to shop at Safeway when Candi is working, real nice person and fun to talk with,

  72. I had another wonderful experience at the Starbucks today. Lawrence, Macie, Tea, and two other girls are always so wonderful to me. They know exactly what I need, and make it happen in a timely fashion. At times I see the employees working alone, and they still get the job done.
    I refuse to go to any other Starbucks. To me this one is top notch! I would also like to recognize the store Manager Chris Day. He is a wonderful person, many times I have stood in a long line and he sees me from across the store and immediately opens up a new line for me.

    Chris always has his eye out to help people. This is a wonderful Safeway. I will not shop any where else! These employees really make the difference in a persons day:)

  73. Des Moines WA. Safeway.
    Mike the checker always very engaging, helpful and all around friendly.
    Always a pleasure to go through his line .

  74. East Wenatchee Safeway customers of the Deli Dept. are so fortunate to have the most helpful employee, Amy who always gives customer service up and beyond regardless of how many customers are waiting. Whether it slicing a special order or putting down a fresh order of chicken, she always makes the customer feel special. Thanks Amy, I will always return for your help, know you have given the best possible service and always put a smile on my face when I leave. This is the kind of person that deserves a "10" and a SPECIAL THANK YOU!!

  75. i shopped today at your hawaii kai store #215 377 keahole st. hon.
    outstanding service by clerk marla [FLORAL SHOP ] i needed some milk, the shelf was empty
    she was very happy to get me 2cartons from the stockroom, with a big smile .
    it is very nice to have some people like marla .
    a big MAHALO

  76. I was at Safeway on center street in Salem Oregon, and employee Ronald B courtesy clerk was very helpful and helped me look for an item I could not find and Ronald B was able to locate it for me in the store and even reached up and got the item for me due to me recent operation

  77. I was shopping and needed assistance in finding items on May 27 2017 . Jacob at the Sonoma Ca. store helped me find every item for my Spaghetti dinner. It made the shopping so much easier. He was professional and friendly and above all patient . It an enjoyable experience.
    Ed Brayer

  78. Sonya was a big help what am asset to your company. In the bakery cheerful made me feel welcome

  79. Special thanks and recognition to one of your young employees, Brandon Beal. I have been an avid coupon clipper for years. While in the Webster store yesterday, I spotted one of the special items that required access to the Just 4 U program on my cell phone. I sought out help, and Brandon very patiently helped "an old lady" with her new fangled smartphone, with apps, and getting into the Safeway Just 4 U program and explaining its workings. Wonderful. He was patient, kind and professional, and I left the store impressed and happy. I will be a real fan of the program from here on.

  80. I am a weekly shopper at my local Safeway, #1678 store and find all the personal wonderful. I do want to give an extra super heads up to a Jack in the fish department. He does an excellent job being very informative ! He is one of the reasons I do my food shopping at Safeway.

  81. I routinely shop at 2 different Safeway Store locations in my home area. I would like to comment on the STELLAR job that both the General Store Manager, Mike Stuckwisch and the Assistance Store Managers, Crystal and Chung continue to carryout at this location in Great Falls, VA where I reside. The store is always, clean, well stocked and organized, plus the employees are always helpful and pleasant.
    The second Safeway Store I shop in less frequently, is located on Conn. Ave. in Chevy Chase, MD. I would like to inform you this store, is always a mess and routinely not well stocked. The employees are less than helpful w/ an "attitude". This store unfortunately is a poor representative of what a Safeway Store attempts to provide to the consumer.

  82. I shop very often @ the Safeway store #: 1525. I am wanting to commend the customer service person : MINA #: 8264 on her excellent and professional customer service to not only me, but, to other shoppers that work with her at her customer service counter. She is the best.

    Ted Aiken

  83. I often go to the 5479 store in Cave Creek Az. One of the cashiers Rosina is always helpful and friendly. She knows both my wife's name and mine and is always cheerful and outgoing. We always have a great experience and continue shopping at this safeway store. All the employees are very helpful.

  84. I often go to the 2255 Gellert store in SSF. One of the checkers, Sarah 10 4399, always remembers my name and greets me. She is always cheerful and helpful. Everyone in the store is ready to assist. Great experience!!

  85. I often go to the 2255 Gellert store in SSF. One of the checkers, Sarah 4399, always remembers my name and greets me. She is always cheerful and helpful. Everyone in the store is ready to assist. Great experience!!

  86. I shop at the Ken Caryl and E470 location. I was not sure of your store number so I asked a nearby attended who did 1599. I have been to many Safeway store and this one was the cleanest and most organized in my opinion. The employees that did pass me in the aisles greeted me with a smile and asked if I was finding everything ok. The checkout was speedy and friendly. over all this store cares that I will continue to shop.

  87. you have a wonderful store the people that work there are always willing to help but you have one that always greats me when she sees me with a big smile and ask me if I found every thing her name is Vicky one day I wanted a small cart she went clear down stairs and got me one to me that's called customer service what a gem

  88. I should mention my mother shopped at Safeway in the late 40's when I was a little boy. It was located at Alemany blvd.and San Jose ave. in Daly City. That store is long gone but I'm still buying our family needs at Safeway.

    Tommy Glasser

  89. Purchased 4 dozen roses in last 2 weeks. Service from Stephen was a 10! My wife and daughter were very pleased to receive such beautiful boquets for birthday and Easter. Today I checked out at lane 5 and I can honestly say #5589 made my day and experience vey warm and enjoyable. Hats off to two great employees. Thank you for providing fresh products for my families consumption and enjoyment.

    Tommy Glasser 415-971-2740 cell

  90. I shopped today at Safeway Community in San Anselmo, California. I was helped out a lot by Erika. I had a problem with a receipt and coupon and she took extra time to sort it out. She was very friendly and helpful.

  91. Bruce is very professional and keep a smile on his face early in the morning, which is nice to see.

  92. I returned blueberries that were either moldy or had a preservative odor today and Debbie in customer service was wonderful. I have ever returned produce before and thought it would be an issue. Lisa in produce was so helpful and we discussed the problems with some shipments. Kelly at checkout was also so friendly. This is why I am a loyal Safeway customer!

  93. Want to send great thanks to new employee Tisa Preston for doing such a great job in her first two months. Very nice thoughtful person and hard worker. Glad she is in the store I shop at woodland wa. Will be a great addition to the store. Thankyou... kevin kesty

  94. This Thank you is for Nicole from Reedsport Safeway, For always being the special person in helping my family out. :)

  95. Thankyou goes out to Julie cashier 9718 at woodland safeway . She has a super personality and great customer service each time I am lucky to have her as cashier. She knows her job and makes you feel comfortable while your there. Along with Erin, a super young lady who has been there a long while, they make the best duo that I enjoy having to help me make my shopping trip a good one . Thankyou to both . Appreciate them both. Kevin K. 3-19-2017

  96. Miss Julie cashier #9718 @ the Safeway in WoodlandWa 98674. She has awesome customer service. She will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Customer service means a lot to hear and it shows!! Her scores are all above tens and the store also keep up the good work it shows. Thankyou for making me feel comfortable in your store .Marcia lee 03/15/2017

  97. Charmaine in produce at 44th & lowell is so helpfull and so nice. Its been a great improvement in this department since shes come to this store. Always a pleasure seeing her smiling face.



  100. on 2 15 17 at 11.30 am. i gene bova had one the worst days of my the store 2707 6445 pacific ave. stockton ca. cashier named vera she was so hatefull towards me and such a discusting attitude and foul language came out her mouth to me. in front of at least 20 customers in several lines herd me and arguing.i also told her i was disabled she laughed at me ' disabled state of ca. dept. corrections.she faces behind my back very ugiy she did that in front of other customers like she was a comedian.she represents safeway in a public forum very bad for safeways perfect public image. i love safeway i shop no where else at least 40 years . i spent 184.18 that day. her name is vera. cashier was so good to me got me a new safeway card.and shimika roberts front end manager and stella padilla so very good to me they all apologized for vera s behavior several times very comforting. i will mail a copy to corperate office and to the store manager kiki owens. its a much larger report. write her up with heavy corrective action. money off vera check keep her away from public contact thats the third time she has done this to me.i take it any more. thats why im writing this letter to you. im a very loyal customer.

  101. Store 1493. I would like to recognize one of your associate working at the Pharmacy. Anne is dedicated to her work and her Safeway customers, she is quick, efficient and do not hesitate in taking the phone to solve issues with insurance. Thank You

  102. Store#247. This has been my Safeway store for a long time...always a pleasant experience.
    A special "shout out" to Lonna who is always friendly and smiling @ check-out. are

    Diane Plowman

  103. Just a heads up on your help at Safeway (Chap & Hayden-Scottsdale) For the most part most of your help stands out. Just wanted to give a extra nudge about Courtney. Always helpful and goes out of her way to help, nice smile and makes you fell welcome and not just a #.

  104. I transferred a prescription from Walgreens to Safeway on 2/23/17 and Elisa and Kat are wonderful, they helped me get my husbands much needed medications for acid reflex and high cholesterol priced down from $100. to $9.95 I rate their customer service skills at a 10+ Thanks Ladies

  105. Mark in seafood is so friendly and always smiling!! He is always there to help me, even if its the meat department! It is a pleasure to see him whenever I am shopping. This Parker store is so fantastic!!!!

  106. Lowell from the Kapahulu Safeway in Honolulu gave me outstanding service.
    He was attentive to my needs, patient, very knowledgeable about the
    produce, and made shopping at Safeway a positive, uplifting experience.
    I shall shop more frequently at Safeway because of Lloyd's kind help in the produce

  107. Richard Ferrell says that his cashier today, Leighann 2954, of store #2719 in Menlo Park CA, was most helpful and courteous. That she couldn't have been more charming or efficient.

  108. The Sherwood, Oregon Safeway has an outstanding Produce Dept. It is very complete, displayed beautifully for both appearance and ease of shopping. The produce staff are knowledgeable and obviously have pride in their work

  109. The Safeway store in woodland, wa #1762 is the best deserves above ten scores! And Julie cashier #9718 cares so much for her customers and makes sure we're all satisfied! Big Big kudo's for such good customer service! Way about ten scores for her.
    Thankyou woodland Safeway
    Thankyou for Julie!!!

  110. Martha in deli dept shady grove rd Rockville md has been my dream come always help even last minute cooking large orders of chicken for me whenever!!!!! I call her for any help please recognize her very very satisfied customer

  111. Dillon Thompson always helps me with getting boxes to put my groceries in this is going above and beyond his job

  112. Allen Tabor always goes above and beyond to make his customers fell good to shop at 383 in Moscow Idaho all the people there are very helpful and seem happy with there jobs

  113. Visit the Safeway pharmacy at 80th and Wadsworth at least once a month. Giao is usually there to help me. She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She knows my name and is always cheerful. The other employees at the pharmacy are also just as friendly but Giao is my favorite :)

  114. We shopped at store 488 and had Ruchi as a cashier. We had two shopping carts. One was half full with regular priced items and the other was packed with 50% off items. She did a great job with scanning and was so efficient. It was a large order and she was very happy that we had shopped so well and took advantage of all the deals that Safeway has to offer. Great lady!!

  115. Store#247. I have been a customer of this store for quite some time. I have always found Joann to be friendly and very helpful. I appreciate her efficiency, as well. Thanks for being a part of an enjoyable shopping experience.

  116. Store # 2640, Brenda and all at the meat dept really know the products. I always have lots of questions and with a smile it's never a problem to answer all.Thanks

  117. I wish to give a grand and well deserved compliment to Lisa of the Safeway Pharmacy in Placerville, ca, on Missouri Flat Rd. Safeway store #1724== she was so very patient with me as needed RX info of an Percription vs and over the counter item required by my Dr. Lisa was so patient and gave her undivided attention to my needs, I highly commend her and thank Safeway that Lisa is an Emplyee for you in Placerville, Ca., I don't have a computer so I come to our local library, Many thanks, a long, long time customer of Safeway, my card is no. 41012403431 again many thanks for a dear employee named Lisa in the Pharmacy dept. of Missouri Flat Placerville, Ca I love the points for my Gas too, thank you, best regards, Gloria Ward

  118. STORE 3298 FENIGA was excellent with a problem I had and very friendly. Normally I shop at the other store but went there yesterday. By far the friendliest checker I have had there. Not saying the other are bad.

  119. Amy is a cake decorator at the McMicken Heights Safeway store. She is a true artist!! I ordered her spider designed cake for my grandson's birthday. It was absolutely adorable!! I give her top rating of 10 and would highly recommend her to everybody and anybody who needs a special cake for a very special occasion.
    My grandson LOVED the cake!! And it was the talk of the party!!

  120. Kelly was so very sweet, asked a personal question about how my day was going. She asked it I wanted separate bags for anything, which I so no. All the while she ket a smile on her face. Wished me a great evening and asked if I needed help out. Totally satisfied . All of you employees are so very helpful.

  121. Amy the gas station attendant was awesome. Just didn't know if you guys knew you had a baller employee outside in the gas station lot.

  122. The survey is NOT allowing me to input a December, 2016 date, yet the bottom of the receipt states Contest ends February 4, 2017.

  123. Shout out to Charlene at Starbucks!! She's so very kind and gets my drinks perfect all the time! She definitely deserves 10's!!! Thank you Charlene for being so kind!! :)

  124. Last night I needed a prescription filled quickly and the first pharmacist said it would be 2 hours. I have a daughter that is very ill and I needed to get to Seattle quickly. I started to cry and Andrea came to me, asked me what was wrong and proceeded to get me my prescription for my husband that he needed right away so I could make the trip Kevin made a huge effort to get me checked out quickly and on my way. You have a special great crew in Mt Vernon. I have heard people get angry with them and for something they can't help. Maybe you should ask them what they need to get the help they need. They are good people, so treasure them and help them!!!!!!

  125. I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to RUBEN at the Safeway in Prince Frederick, MD. It's rare these days to find someone that can perform their job and at the same time be friendly and helpful. Ruben is a great asset to Safeway. His positive attitude will take him far in life.
    I would also like to say THANK YOU to Jesse and I'm not sure of the female manager's name that assisted me with the Farberware stamps. People like Ruben, Jesse and the female manager are why I have shopped for many years and will continue to shop at Safeway.

  126. Christine in the floral department at Safeway in Sherwood, Oregon, was extremely pleasant and efficient today. The store was packed with shoppers preparing for an ice storm. It was a pleasure doing business with her.

  127. Blanca went out of her way to help me get a copy of Sports Illustrated magazine. The store was out of copies and she gave me her personal copy from her home. This was just after Arnold Palmer had died. I was shocked that the store was out of the magazine but Blanca came to my rescue.
    Thank you so much,

  128. Karen in the meat dept. has been very helpful
    she is both knowledgeable and friendly
    Boulder 28th st / Iris store

  129. Came in the store got some items only thing was the cashier was a asshole being a smart ass. Tried doing a survey but won't let me online.

  130. Safeway- We only have two major grocery stores in our area. I was in to buy frozen hashbrowns for my crowd coming for Christmas and I could not find any. For high demand items extra stock should be sent so we won't be discouraged and just head to Walmart when it opens this spring.
    Thanks, Kristi

  131. Damn, I hate the safeway survey, so complicated with rules and so much garbage appears when you Google the survey.....please hire a better public relations firm....Damn.

  132. Why is this safeway survey such a difficult thing to do ( should be allowed to complete one every time I shop as different associates help you)....and why when you "Google" safeway survey so much garbage appears relayed

  133. I shop at the Astoria Oregon Safeway store. My checkers name was Lizzy. She was so polite and friendly, I was more than happy to complete the survey. Here is the problem ! I cant find my receipt. I shop here all the time. Great store, Great staff. Please tell Lizzy I tried, and happy holidays. Marion Phillips

  134. I shop at the Kingman, AZ store#1887. Never had a bad experience and all the employees I've dealt with are friendly and helpful. The cashiers, carry-out employees, deli personnel and the butchers are all thumbs up from this shopper !! Happy Holidays.........

  135. I have been a customer at Safeway for at least 10 years, (Housley Road, Annapolis). You have new management and it's a nightmare now. Produce are not available. Registers or self check out are not open at 6:00 am. Manager is rude. Staff starts having personal conversations while helping out a customer. Eating and phone at the register. No carts. Deli person talks about how he wants to be home instead of helping customer. Missing the old crew!

  136. The Lander, Wyoming store has a bad odor coming from the meat/seafood department. It is noticeable when one enters the front door.This is not a new problem. It has been going on since the store was first opened. I have complained several times over the years. The response was usually a blank stare. I would think that customers would be hesitant to purchase any meat or seafood under those circumstances.

  137. Just had to tell you how much the improvement in the produce section of my Warrenton VA store has made me happy. Always have been a safeway fan of meats and signature canned veggies and fruits but have seen the produce section of all grocery stores looking sad and wilted. After shopping at other stores and unhappy with the horrible sight of the wilted and bruised romaine lettuces I hit the new and improved section of my safeway and was blew away by the gorgeous greens all crisp and fresh on display. Well done and thank you.

  138. Your idiotic email site will not let me do your survey...keeps saying the site is incorrect....God I hate dumb sites like yours !!!!!!!#!!!

  139. John in the produce dept was so kind and helpful at the Deer Valley Antioch Ca store 11/29/16. He walked me to the produce I was looking for and we shared memories of our childhood at this time of year which made my heart smile!

  140. I shop at the Marysville, wa. safeway store and had excellent help and service in the seafood department by a wonderful friendly person named Victoria. She is great.

  141. I'm a regular shopper at the bay street Safeway in SF. I'm very pleased with the produce department . Jim and Cory are very helpful and knowledgeable .

  142. Safeway in Williams, Az needs HELP. Waited at customer service for 15 minutes and gave up. Not the first time, think the person's name is Sam, shopped for some time and he finally showed up. Some of the yogurt was outdated (I was there was 7 Nov, pull date was 20 Oct). This is the only store in town and I plan on making a list and shopping in Flagstaff at Bashas or Frys.

  143. Want to commend Kean L. of my Jefferson Street, Portland, Oregon Safeway Produce department for great service. Asked him for new location of small boxes of dates- he went with me and started checking their sell by dates- he went through at least 30-40 boxes and they were all expired(entire stock). Then he gave me a thank you card and a free larger size of another brand of dates! Very impressive.

  144. I love the floral dept at safeway's clearlake ca store. they have an awesome selection of flowers
    and bouquets and joyce always makes the me the most beautiful arrangements, they always come out looking just how I wanted them to look. she does a great job and she's always very helpful. so thank you joyce for your great customer service and thank you clearlake safeway
    for having such a great floral dept.

  145. Safeway in dallas,oregon has an employee Denise who works in the deli & is always so cheerful and is fast at waiting on you with a smile all the time.When I had a bad thyroid attack she was getting off work and i asked her for help and she made sure i was taken care of and made sure i got home ok,Can not thank her enough.Thanks again Denise

  146. Store 929 has an employee that works produce dept.His name is John.I have back problems and without him knowing that he has helped me numerous times in different departments.Good service is hard to find.So I really wanted to bring his great work attention.

  147. Store 4513 is a small store with exceptional stocking of items and customer service. Manager Kathy is always very visible & active: answering questions, shelving, helping customers, etc. Please let the store manager know that two employees gave excellent assistance while I was doing my weekly shopping REF 76001925373 $106.92 - Kanobe was stocking shelves and took time to help me find exactly what I was looking for. He was genuinely courteous and made me feel like my request was important. If it weren't for his help, I would not have had success. Jereme was checking people out. He was new to me shopping weekly. He is excellent at both being efficient while at the same time connected with me in an easy-going friendly manner. This positive experience with employees is what brings me back to this store weekly.

  148. Michele, in the Floral Department, was very helpful and friendly. She arranged a beautiful bouquet for me. The flowers were for a lady in my church that turned 101 that day--she was so pleased. I will definitely be back.

    Thank you Michele!!

  149. do my groseries at Safeway for almost tree decades. very friendly service. very convenient lotto outlet. also good parking. good prices.

  150. This is in regards to the downtown, Lincoln Safeway in Port Angeles, Washington.

    I enjoy your seafood department and shop there frequently. Upon several occasions, Robbie Potter and Pam W. have been friendly and very helpful. They have come to recognize me by name and know what I am searching for.

  151. shopped at safeway#253 and shannon was very helpful making sure i got all the store coupons,thank you very much for your help.

  152. I shop at the Safeway Store on pacific ave in Woodland,wa. I'm very comfortable there the employees are very nice . Their's one employee that really stands out her name is Julie cashier#9718. She's always very helpful and gives excellent customer service she talks to the customers like she's known them forever . She's the only cashier that ask customers if they will the survey. She really should be noticed for experience and good humor . I was there this morning 10/3/2016 .
    Marcia Lee

  153. Every time I go to the safeway store in gladstone oregon i go to the deli and I am greeted by a wonderful smile and great customer service by a Lady known as Cynthia. She has always went above and beyond to make her costumers happy and make's sure their needs are met. Thank you Cynthia you are the reason I continue to come back to this store and deli.. I give her a 10+.

  154. Cynthia at store 4387 was a big help to us she went out of her way to go into the back room and get soda for us

  155. I just finished shopping at store # 3410. I have shopped there a number of years. Nick has made my shopping experience pleasant because he is friendly and willing to make small talk.

  156. The employees of the floral department at store 533 are so friendly and helpful they deserve a 10.
    Alex created the perfect head wreath ( if that is what you call it) for my daughters maternity photos. I didn't know exactly what I wanted she listened and came up with the most beautiful piece. Thank you Alex for making the day and pictures even more special.

  157. Yesterday, I was shopping at store #1491 in Scottsdale and encountered Orlando in the Produce Dept. I have known him for a long time as a fellow employee. I used to shop early at this store because he worked the wetrack at night and I knew that all the produce would be perfect and fresh.
    Yesterday he told me that he had become the manager of the produce dept. I know that he has always been efficient, kind and a real pro. I am very pleased for him since all the changes have occurred with the recent purchase of the Safeway stores. I have to give him a two thumbs up!

  158. Just left store# 319851, I have to tell you I have had a bad day today, but after dealing with clerk Haleigh my day went from bad to good very nice very polite and very helpful you can tell she is going to move high up the safeway ladder.

  159. We shop at safeway mostly because of the airmiles we can collect. A number of the people who work there are not really helpful or friendly. Especially at customer service. If you can find anyone to help you at the customer service. I see that safeway is not very busy these days. I buy what is on sale each week and do appreciate the air miles.

  160. Cashier Lisa at #1291 in Fountain Hills, Arizona is the most pleasant cashier. Always smiling,friendly yet professional. She always recognizes me as a regular shopper. Occasionally I will ask about a product I may not have tried but am curious. Lisa knows Safeway products and I have never been disappointed once I have tried them

    I am fortunate that I get to shop at a store with such great employees...Doug, Janet, Maisey, Tammy and Payman are always one step ahead to make my shopping experience a pleasant one.

    Thank you each of you. See you again soon.

  161. Hi I always shop at the Safeway on 1725 pacific ave. woodland,wa store #1762 .There's a cashier name Julie #9718 she's always helpful and treats customers like her friend. She works very hard and it shows how much she cares about her job. She's a very good asset to Safeway she deserves all 10 if I could give her more she would deserve it.

  162. I enjoy shopping in store #1680 in Silverdale, WA. The employees are very helpful and very pleasant. I use the Self Check out and Wes (9833) deserves a 10 as he is friendly, very helpful and helps in many ways. He is a great guy!!!

  163. Debbie in store 1587 was vary king and vary willing to help while she was on lunch that is awesome thank you DEBBIE

  164. I like Safeway,other food stores seem to be uptight. In Safeway the staff are real people, not robots.

  165. For the last decade I have been purchasing a product from Safeway,recently I have tried 4 stores all out of stock! Product Safeway Select Orange Seville Marmalade. Is it officially discontinued?

  166. Connie C at 0290 the Parker Safeway customer service always has a smile and is very helpful; I've been there when it's a big weekend and everyone is crazy and demanding and when it's sort of slow she treats everyone with the respect deserved if you spend a penny or a million. everyone gets her smile and good attitude feeling.

  167. i was in branham and snell store, the bakery department. Cattleya very helpful, she sliced all bread for me and very kind. thanks

  168. Visited store number 0333 on 08-09-2016. Recently moved from Kennewick, WA to Richland, WA. Transferred prescriptions but was hesitant because of am eight year relationship with Yolks on 27th Ave. I miss the people and store itself. They remain like family today because of their loyalty and service. Kelley picked up on that, and went to work quickly filling my prescriptions and issuing a twenty-five transfer coupon. As thoughtful and nice as that was it was secondary to her time and personal effort to welcome me. She was able to connect with me and that is the reason I'm visiting tour site today. I expect that she will be there on my next visit. Don't lose her!

  169. david, ralph the butcher, wendi the checker, mannie the produce gut. and cara the asst mgr are all supper in the store. very accomadating. been shopping here for 35 years and love safeway....

  170. My cashier was Dianne she was pleasant and helpful and the person bagged my groceries was the self checkout cashier who came over to help as he was not busy.The store was clean and the employees where pleasant which was surprising since the rodeo which runs 9 days ended Sunday and it usually takes its toll on local employees in all retail businesses. Your staff was able to bounce back from the hectic pace frontier days creates and return to the normal everyday pace that people appreciate.

  171. The New cashier at Moses Lake Safeway her name is Louella she is WONDERFUL! she is a multitasker for sure! she is helpful, patient & professional Moses Lake Safeway needed this employee! I have been through her line 3 times now she has never had a helper one of the times she was the only cashier on the floor & the store was super busy (she did call for more cashiers but none came) Louella kept a calm sincere happy attitude!

  172. I have been shopping at the Juanita Kirkland, WA store for nearly 20 years I know everyone at this safeway. The staff for the most part are always nice and willing to help. I was astonished to hear the courtesy clerk who was called to help me with my carry out, say "do I really have to?" that's never happened to me before. I told Abigail not to worry she doesn't have to help me. I just had back surgery the week prior so I could've used the help, but I certainly wouldn't want anyone to help me with that kind of attitude. So I took my own groceries out that day. I really think that the overall behavior and demeanor is a reflection of upper management and front end manager who runs this store. I will try not to ask for a carry out next time.

  173. Shauna was a great help when there was a line to wait in, she came over to open a new checkout place.

  174. Always seem to have friendly service and any needed help in my shopping trips. It is a pleasure to shop at this Safeway. The sales are also a reason that I am attracted to this store.

  175. Store # 1109- 2090 Harbison Dr, Vacaville, Ca

    After a long and exhausting day, my husband and I stopped into the Deli Dept to pick up a sandwich.
    We were greeted by Gina Jones who provided great customer service and was very pleasant.
    Gina also makes a great "turkey pesto avocado sandwich" !
    She even mentioned how great it was to work for Safeway. Wow what a compliment !!
    Employees with a great attitude and who provide great customer service are a asset to their company. Outstanding job Gina ! Safeway is lucky to have you !
    Joe and Sylvia Alves





  177. The survey today does not work and says the link is totally incorrect. Something is dreadfully wrong with this site.

  178. store 8158
    Abbott road very good customer satisfaction. Manager Voichita,very pleasant always going the extra mile to help her customers, very pleased with the results. She makes sure lines are being used efficiently.

  179. I placed an order with safeway delivery on July 17th, 2016 and I cancelled it July 22nd because it was supposed to be delivered on the 18th, they had so many excuses as to why my groceries hadn't been delivered I got tired of listening to them now I can't do any grocery shopping because they have my money tied up and I can't get it back for 3 to 5 business days the way I see it is why would you take payment for something you haven't delivered if anyone asks me about this service I will definitely tell them to stay away from it.

  180. Store 3008 Employee 9124, Alice, a pleasant and efficient customer service clerk. She knows all of her customers names before you even have your groceries on the belt. She is always very polite and wonderful.

  181. Just an important comment: the Safeway in Olympia, WA on the west side of town on Cooper Point Road has had good employees. There was for a time a security person who may not be there now, who was a blonde woman and we heard she came down on customers who were not a problem. Recently, there have been crowds there and twice while there a customer was treated rudely by other customers. The employees are all good and were busy. There was no criminal behavior, but very rude.

  182. Shay in the Starbucks at Safeway Store #1724 is always very polite to all her customers and treats all with courtesy. She seems to know all their names and know what drink they are going to order. I have seen her look down the line and ask if they want their usual and have it ready for them after they pay. She is a real sweetheart.


  184. was at store 0520 in anchorage ak was very please with the gentleman that was working on carts went got me ice and very friendly and ask if I need any more help ON CHECKING OUT CARRIE AND BRENDA HELP ME VERY FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL WOULD RECOMMEND THIS STORE HIGHLY

  185. Stupidest survey I've ever seen, not even sure if I've even actually taken it. One question? The survey site is confusing. Way too many links that have nothing to do with the survey. The only reason I shop at Safeway is because its across the street from my office. The people inside are polite. I was trapped at the gas pumps by a maniac once and there was NO ONE in the booth. I'm on the phone calling 911 when the attendant finally walks back from her break and YELLS AT ME to get off my horn. Complained to store manager, he ignored me. Complained to Corporate, they referred to regional VP that eventually called me. After investigating she left me a voicemail and told me if I wanted an apology I could call HER back. You don't get my big dollar grocery purchases.

  186. This is a comment about Iliana Alas, an employee at the bakery department of the store #1196:
    This lady is an excellent representative of the high quality of Safeway services. She is always friendly and affable, efficient and quick. Another example of excellent service at the same department is Alejandra. They are always a lovely example of a goof humor. Congratulations Safeway, I believe these ladies are also a reflection of the positive administration of the manager Sergio/Serge. Blessed be............Guillermo Oliva.

  187. Vangie at store #249 is one of the best cashiers Safeway has. She is always friendly and quick at checking everyone out, even the boat people with 3-4 shopping carts of food.

  188. I was in the Safeway in Sacramento At Fair Oaks and Howe. I wanted to let corporate know of the outstanding customer service I received. It was from a lady butcher (her name stated with a J - and I lost the receipt with her information. At any rate, she went out of her way to get me the exact cut of meat that I needed for entertaining that evening.

    I hope there is a way you can look her up and let her know that truly appreciate her customer service.


  190. My experience at Safeway was great. The cashiers are always friendly and courtesy clerks are very helpful. I like the fact that I can purchase already cut up fruit and the yogurt parfait was delicious!!

  191. I would like to commend Faye and Erin from store 0423 for outstanding customer service.
    They are both extremely positive and helpful everytime I enter the store. They are the only
    reason I shop at safeway versus any other store.

  192. At my last shopping trip to Safeway in Newport Oregon Katie working in the bakery was very friendly and greeted as soon as I walked up to the bakery counter and ask if she could help me. She was most helpful.

  193. I shopped at Safeway today in Prescott VAlley, AZ. My cashier was the most helpful employee. Her name is Kathlina. I mentioned I couldn't find any watermelons and she went, herself, to find me the last watermelon in the store. She was so courteous. If I have the opportunity, I will use her as my cashier next time. Overall, I really like my Safeway. Aisles are wide and clean. Other employees have been helpful in the past but Kathlina was GREAT today!!
    Thank you,
    Carol Meathrell

  194. I shop at Safeway in Newport Oregon employees are extremely helpful Kendra is a new employee working in the produce dept very friendly and helpful

  195. I shop at Safeway Store 236 in Sun City, AZ. I am always impressed how nice
    and friendly Lynne is when I go through her checkout line.

    My only negative comment is that there aren't more options for low sodium
    turkey breast plus I feel $10.99 a pound may be competitive but is
    too pricey. I would buy the rotissarey (spelling) sliced turkey but
    I have to trim all the fat & who knows what from each slice before eating it.

  196. I am a regular shopper at the Clearlake Safeway. One of my favorite employee is Marietta !868. She is not only a professional, she is always friendly and has a huge smile on her face. She greets customers by their first names and is always appreciated.

  197. Came into Safeway in San Mateo California saw my favorite employee. Safeway employee Gina always a hard worker keeps quiet knows her job well, say few words with her then leave, gives me a good feeling when I leave, would wait in long line to be checked out through counter by Ms. Gina. Safeway should hire more "Gina's".

  198. Charlene (Starbucks) at Vacaville store was friendly and gave great service. I would give her a 10 on the chart. But, the non-ending questing prevented me from doing that. I do not want endless emails for different products. The survey i would give a bog zero.

  199. Alex at Safeway Store #1494 was so very helpful with checking the availability of the product I was purchasing. Checked on the floor at in the back. None available so gave me a rain-check. Very much appreciated him going the extra mile. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give a 10. Thank you again. rpn

  200. Please allow me the opportunity to praise your manger at the Crofton/Gambrils. Md. Safeway store.
    The manager, Kathryn, is one of the most dedicated employees of any business establishments I have ever encountered. This woman is a mult-itasker who takes the place of several people. Kathryn's consideration towards the customer is above reproach. In my opinion the store is under staffed and she's doing all that's possible in order to compensate for it. Another outstanding attribute is that if given an opportunity to in anyway to find fault with Safeway Co. she will not take it. This is the mark of a very dedicated employee, a definite company woman who does not take the easy way out. She can be found behind her desk, behind the cash register, or a mop in the ladies room. This lady deserves recognition above and beyond. If only more organizations had staff like this.

    Kathy Yorke
    Michael Reese

  201. I have always had great service at all safeways .
    I had a issue today w/not finding a just for u special of coarse Armida at Campbell CA safeway cust service made sure I was happy with my products !

  202. I was shopping at Safeway today and found everything that I needed, upon checking out I was greeted by Javier and as always greeted with a smile and asked if I found everything I was looking for. Javier quickly checked my purchases out and bagged them and he explained to me about the survey. I was again thanked for shopping at my local Safeway and as always I walked out feeling like my purchases there were appreciated.

  203. Employee - Valerie #1907 was very friendly, professional, courtese and very helpful. Full fill all my request.

  204. I enjoy shopping at the Union City, CA Safeway Bakery. Excellent customer service and over the top presentation.

  205. I love the Safeway at Via Linda and Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, AZ. The entire staff is friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help. Mark keeps everything running smoothly with the cashiers and you never have to wait a long time for check out. Love the Deli and the Fresh Seafood and Butcher Center. They are always will to provide Gives it a nice feel to a large chain.

  206. Russ made me aware that I was eligible to receive a grilling set as I bought 4 greeting cards. I would have missed seeing the award at the greeting card section.

  207. I shop at Safeway Store #1142 in Kirkland, WA. I have the pleasure of seeing your employee Cindi #8836568. She is always in the self checkout counter. She has always greeted me with a smile and is very cheery. She helps me with any issues I have when purchasing items or am in need of finding what isle something is on. Today I was in an unhappy mood and when my back was turned she put a little note in my grocery basket "Smile" with a smiley face. Made my day. She is a dedicated employee with Safeway and I always look forward to seeing her when I am there.

  208. While shopping at safeway in Hazeldell, Vancouver, I misplaced my checkbook and glasses at the grape section. When I arrived at the counter I semi-panicked. Matt, Peggy, Lisa and Rhia all pitched in. Together they located my checkbook and glasses. As you can well imagine in this day and age, losing these items had the potential to be personally catastrophic. Please note and thank each of these personnel for their service and aid to a local shopper and long time customer of Safeway.

    Thank you, Michael G.Smith

  209. I am writing to let you know that I was offered excellent customer service at the Washougal, WA Safeway #1687. Our cashier, was Jake and he always goes above an beyond with his warm personality and excellent customer service. In fact, whenever he is working, we always go through his checkout line. He is a valuable asset to the company!

  210. I am writing to advise I was offered excellent assistance when I couldn't reach an item from a high shelf and looking around, I could find no one to help. I went to another department and asked a young man, who was stocking meat who stopped what he was doing and came to assist me. This was over and above going out of his way, and I very much appreciate his excellent customer service skills. His name is Chauncey Bryant.

    Thanks very much
    Donna Turner, Safeway customer.

  211. I have been trying to complete your survey and give positive feedback for one of your terrific employees at the McKinleyville Store in McKinleyville, Ca. Your site keeps blanking out on my computer. Last night I was part way through giving an example of why I was so pleased with the young man who helped me at the check-out counter. His name is Justus (?) Lorenzen. He was so very pleasant and friendly. Answered my questions and was so helpful. It is a pleasure to have help from someone with a wonderful, helpful attitude, who seems to truly care about the customers satisfaction! And, this isn't often found at this particular store. Each time I shop at this location I plan to look for and go to Justus to check out.

  212. A lot of customers get quite upset when on the Express Line people show up sometimes with two complete baskets and the checker takes their checkout putting a strain on all the ones with just a few items.. I have seen this happen dozens of times, especially at the Safeway store in Stayton, Oregon. These people can read but to hell with everyone else because they know the checkers will check them through and out. Why even have an Express Line if this happens so often? Many, Many people have complained about this issue.

  213. The employees at the Florence store are all very friendly and helpful. It is the only grocery store I go to since I moved into my new home.

  214. I have been shopping at the aptos safeway since 1990,I have met many wonderful safeway employees..Last week I went to the soquel, 41st ave store and met CHERYL,, SHE HAS A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR AND IS ALWAYS FRIENDLY, AND THAT IS THE REASON i WILL GO BACK TO THE 41ST AVE STORE AGAIN.

  215. I just wanted to make sure that one of your employees, Joel who works at the Northgate Safeway in San Rafael, Terra Linda, Nr. 9513 went Above and Beyond to help me twice, yes, at 2 different shopping times. So please give him 2 times a #10 for excellency!
    Thanks Joel!

  216. Every one in the store is very helpful, if you are looking for some thing they will take you right to the item, Colville Wa is great service .

  217. store #1975 in Fountain CO, the cashier is very unprofessional. The bagger that I got didn't know how to bag. Yogurt on the bottom and heavy dog supplies on top. Everything was mixed up with no like items at all. Both the cashier and bagger were young and just talked the whole time to each other about other employees. That is so unprofessional, where is the supervision? they had not idea that they were doing, maybe some training is in order. I go to this store about once a week and the service gets worse every week. no one is very friendly at all.

  218. went through the town of Ephrata Wa stopped in the deli customer service was wonderful the gal even let me check out there with no hesitation I believe her name was Melissa she asked me if I needed salads and I didn't even think about salads the food was fresh and wonderful!!

  219. We have been shopping at the Safeway Store #939, 3334 Alhambra Avenue in Martinez, CA since 1976 and have found that it is the best Safeway in our area! The Produce is always fresh, the employees are always friendly and extremely helpful, the store is clean, and I can easily find everything I need in one store! On my last visit, Latricia was our checker and not only was she helpful, she was funny and very friendly! I have found all of the checkers to be so and that's another reason why we shop there! keep up the Great Service Safeway #939!!!

  220. I want to give a HUGE shout to Toni in the floral department in Broomfield CO - #2624!!!!!
    She is an AMAZING worker and I think she should be recognized for her tireless efforts!!!!!

  221. I do all of my grocery shopping at Safeway Hilo! And one of my more pleasant experiences there is at the Bakery Department! No matter how busy I find Terry she is always pleasant and helpful!! I did not purchase anything today but asked her questions of different breads!!!The answers will help me in my future Bakery shopping!!! If I gave her a score a definite 10!!!!

  222. Always satisfied with assistance I have received. Cashier # 129 is always very helpful.

  223. I would like to Thank Billy for being such a nice cashier. Everytime I come to his line, he always friendly and polite. He is also a wonderful bagger.

  224. Our visit today 5/11 was fabulous. Your cashier Lorenza is wonderful. Every time, we go shopping, we hope to have Lorenza to wait on us. She is very friendly and professional. Her personality makes our day. Don't let her retire and give her a raise. Benson, Az safeway.

    Thank you

  225. i want to thank joe b from safeway a

    Address: 3375 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558

    Jefferson Square, 3375 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558
    i want to thank joe b for his helping haert at safeway i give him a #10

    Phone:(707) 225-3037
    Jefferson Square, 3375 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558

  226. I love our Safeway! We have the best of the best @ our store. A definite 10 going on here! Thanks Safeway!


  228. I would like to thank Sandy J for her help in the bakery dept. She was kind and very helpful in helping me with a cake for a nurse. She was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was happy.

  229. My favorite Carrs ( SafeWay ) employee works in the customer service department, probably the busiest department in the whole store.. Her name is Brenda and she works in store # 1808 in Kenai Alaska .. I started shopping at Carrs 16 years ago when I first moved to Kenai .. Brenda was the first employee I met shortly after I started shopping there .. I had some question on trying to locate a certain type of product and Brenda promptly found it for me and we have remained on a first name basis every since ..Brenda does amazing work for Carrs and I have witnessed her do this work for the last 16 years .. I'm 78 years old and respect good work and effort in employees who are so customer oriented, especially us older ones, who aren't quite as sharp as we once thought we were ..

  230. I picked up my prescription today at store # 3255 in Spokane, WA at Hamilton and Mission. I was very pleased to be greeted by Jessica S, the associate in the pharmacy, who was extremely professional and kind, in her manner and with the questions she asked, before handing over the prescription. Somehow this visit stood above and I wanted her boss to know what a phenomenal job she is doing for us on the other side of the counter. Thanks Jessica for making me feel I was important!

  231. I shop since 15 years at my Safeway store on Chaparral and Hayden in Scottsdale, AZ. I am very pleased with Jared, who works as a cashier. He is so polite, helpful and extremely fast at check out.
    It is a pleasure to get treated so well. Thank you, Jared. Furthermore, this store is extremely nice, and carries everything one needs. Thank you, Safeway's.

  232. I have been shopping at Burns Oregon Safeway for several years The checker Kelly is so very nice I always try to go to her check stand as she always remembers us, we live 70 miles out in the country Burns is the closest town for us and we only get to town mabey ounce or twice a month . Kelly remembers us by name knows where we live and what we buy and the brands I have trouble walking and if I need help she is always ready to help me or get me help .Every one in the store is very helpful but Kelly is just head ans shoulders ahead of what you expect in a checker, I have shopped in many stores in many states and towns and she is by far the friendliest checker I have ever had . I think the store is 10 and the manager is JJ Martinez

  233. I just got home from a Safeway in Martinez. I think the store # is 10 if I'm not mistaken.
    My cashier was Pam, and wow she's so great. She was so friendly to everyone made me smile and laugh. Also others in the line next over it was great we were all smiling and laughing when leaving.
    Her bagger was kind also, he got in on our laughter while still bagging my groceries. His name is Johnathan. I wish all Safeway employees mingled like that at all times. Also let your employee's relax, then most of them wont be uptight and have the customers feel there vibe.
    There is one manager there, a lady she's tall and let me tell u she stold at the doors staring the checkers down. I wanted to say something to her so badly. So I left your store hating it. I feel she was out of line. Your employees are not SOLDURS DONT LET ANY MANAGEGEMENT STAND OVER THEM AND LOOK DOWN ON THEM. I guess she wasn't there today!!! Thank goodness

  234. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to have Becky at the Hamilton & Mission store in Spokane, Washington help me with a floral display I need to put together for a client. She was friendly and helpful and truly demonstrated what customer service should be. I will definitely be returning to her for our companies needs in the future. I give her a solid "10" for service and customer appreciation.

  235. store 8552, peggy j. is the best cashier that I have ever had. she is always in a positive mood ane seems to know every one by name. I always stand in her line even if is the longest one and it is worth the wait.

  236. I use Store 462 to fill my prescriptions. Everyone there is awesome! Especially Martha! Staff know me by name, are always friendly and helpful. Martha is who I deal with directly a good portion of the time and you couldn't ask for a friendlier, accommodating, cheerful person! I am highly satisfied with the service and am happy that I get my RXs filled there. Once again, Martha is wonderful!

  237. HiI enjoy reading your posts ? thery are very informativeI wanted to ask about cls;#koikin&i8212nI wante dto buy this product but could not find it at any of ther pharmacy stores here in it made in India?please let me knowthanks

  238. Store #1581 Ms. Toni Case is always so pleasant with a smile she makes a person feel very welcome. I definitely will be back.

  239. store 1834 Mis Dina Ampa was a very helpful and friendly staff with all smile and a pleasant attitude definitely comeback and recommend to my friends

  240. I had a great experience while shopping at store 1834 the staff are very friendly and helpful.i walk in and Mary joy Vitug with all smile and greeting, its a great feeling it makes you feel at home and making a good connection

  241. I had a great experience the other day! the employee was very kind and professional! even off hours she was more than willing to point me in the direction of the items I needed. Great job. I would definitely recommend to others to shop there! 10/10

  242. I shop at the Belmont store #1138.
    I do occasionally shop at other neighboring Safeway stores.
    I will vote Belmont store #1138 has the best team in the store!
    Every team member I encounter always help with a warm smile when I approach them for help
    Today's (April 10th) experience...Darrel (meat & fish department) would stop what he is doing in the back to come out immediately when he sees me to help answer my question. Just great customer service!

    THANK YOU Safeway Store #1138 make my weekly shopping a fun trip.


  243. Went to Safeway on 4/9/16 had the most horrible experience with the cashier first she over charged me by $52.00 so I had to go back in get my money refunded than I get home and half of my groceries were not even in my bags had to go back again to get the rest of my groceries. This is the second time Safeway had screwed up. I thought I would try again and shop there but I guess I got screwed again.. Sorry Safeway but even Walmart doesn't screw up that bad

  244. I had a good shopping day at Safeway at Firestone, Colo. Tele # 303-833-2844.
    My Cashier was Toni. First of all, Toni had a smile on her face, made me feel good.She was very helpful. I am a Senior Citizen. She put the Grociers in my cart. Asked if I found everything & whether I needed any help out. She certainly goes beyond the Cashier job in helping me. I will definitely go through her lane again. I told my friends about her, and how helpful the rest of the store is too. It is always clean & and I find everything I came for. Thank You.

  245. Shopped at my local Safeway in Sun City, AZ today. Went thru Michelle's line. As always she did a great job.

  246. On 3/5/16 I had shopped at Safeway store #1138 in Belmont, Calif. When I got home I discovered that I somehow forgot 4- 12packs of Mug Root Beer in my shopping cart. When I went back to the store to see if they were still there I discovered a very alert courtesy clerk had found them and put them back on the shelf. I would like Safeway to know that courtesy clerk Chris Jenson and Marie turned my mistake into a happy experience. After showing my receipt to Marie she was able to give me my forgotten Mug Root Beer. Thank you very much to Chris and Marie.

  247. Fresh cut fruit is an awesome addition....employee named Teresa made sure I got what I needed.

  248. My husband was awaiting discharge, after surgery, from Sky Ridge Hospital in Lone Tree CO. I had to get medication for pain. The Safeway Pharmacy was open (Walgreens & Target weren't open) even though it was Easter Sunday, but only Roy was working. He had so many things going on all at the same time, yet he took the time to try to get my insurance to cover the medication. He was so busy, yet he was so cheerful and kind and went the extra mile over and over and over. He is just super. Safeway Store 1548 in Lone Tree, I hope you can find a way to honor Roy. He surely honors your customers. I also want to tell you about Aimee, another of your employees. She saw that Roy was alone so she went over and pitched in, helping him any way she could. She too exemplifies kindness and respect for customers.

  249. I recently ordered a sheet cake from the bakery at the Safeway on Bernardo,Sunnyvale#1196. Lucia was MOST helpful in executing the design I requested, and Alejandra baked the tasty chocolate cake with custard filling. These two employees are to be commended for their
    excellent customer service.

  250. Commendation for excellent services at store #767 of courtesy clerk Avaid and store manager Michael Quinn for understanding my predicament about return of the partially cooked pumpkin pie early march, and excellent services again of Courtesy Clerk Avaid and of cashier Jacob today (3/30/16). Excellent customer service will bring me back to this store over again.

  251. I was a customer @ store number 0534,Tammy in the deli dept. was so helpful, she went above and beyond what I expected. she was a delight!

  252. On the 27thof March I shopped at our Safeway storehere in Kodiak. I placed an order for a custom cut prime rib which was cut by Rudy and it was the best prime rib ever. Rudy always processes my orders for me and he does an excellent job and I really appreciate it. My check out employee was Julie and she smiled and seemed genuinely interested to have me as her customer. Mike has a great team in Kodiak and their training shows with the customer service they provide. My hat goes off to all of them. Thanks! Benny Daquilanea

  253. I'm sure he is the undercover boss.. Always so friendly and helpful.. Is he the owners son ? Great looking employee always clean cut. Favorite cashier.

  254. Scott H in the Greeley, Colorado store in West 10th Street has always been very helpful, courteous, and conscientious. I appreciated his assistance in getting the Monopoly tickets for me after I completed the self checkout.

  255. James Russell is an outstanding produce manager. He is always going above the expectations of customers. Very very management material !!

  256. some girl named Marie was throwing the food onto the cart, looked mad and was yelling. Also was very rude.

  257. Mark is always very courteous, energetic and always smiling every week I go in. I am a bargain shopper and always check out the meats that are drastically marked down. Pak n Save always has some special going on that I like to take advantage of. The store location is great and convenient as it is located by Walmart and various other stores.

  258. Aimee is always fantastic every time I come to the store near my work. If it wasn't for her customer service I would go to a more convenient location. The location she works at here in Medford (5469) is not the easy for me to get to but her customer service makes the trip worth every time. Thank you AIMEE!

  259. I would like to commend the staff in the pharmacy at Store #2661 Waldorf Market Place in Waldorf Maryland.

  260. Kevin is one of your baggers and is a very sweet and pleasant young man. He went out of his way to find a product for me, I really appreciate shopping at the Lk Oswego, Ore store on Lower Boones Ferry Rd. I am a regular coustomer there and 99% of the staff are always helpful and patient with coustomers. Judy who works evenings is my favorite cashier.

  261. I recently moved into the Puyallup area and needed to find a special beer for a relative. I called several stores (not Safeways) for a special order and was getting discouraged. A friend told me to use my local Safeway... so I did and, WOW, am I ever glad! John S. listened attentively to my situation and gave me great confidence that he could get my brother's favorite beer. He called me when the 'special order' arrived and made it all seem so effortless! Safeway really saved my bacon and I have John S. to thank for keeping the peace in my family :)

  262. yesterday I shopped at Roosmoor Shop Center in Walnut Creek, CA. Bought a yogurt quick cup. I asked where I might get a spoon. Cashier: Aman produced one immediately. She is the one who suggested that spoons be made available next to the kiosk displaying these items. great convenience which was not present in the past. great accommodation. Aman should be recognized

  263. I went to the Safeway on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa the other day to find some fruit to put in a fruit salad I was making for dinner. A worker named Cody Leveque was in the produce section when I was there so I asked him what kinds of fruits I should use and he was so helpful! He was so kind and had a great attitude. Thank you Safeway!

  264. Lynden Safeway is the Best!! Alda and Lori where so helpful today! They make my weekly shopping trips fun. I suffer from extreme anxiety and they both go out of their way to make sure I am okay during the entire process.

    Gary is an incredible checker and I only shop on the days Gary, Alda, and Lori are working.

  265. We really enjoy our shopping experience they are so helpful. I don't think there has been a time i'm not ask if they can help us when were shopping. We were in the produce department and A.J ask if we were finding everything ok.
    When we walk in the store if Steve or Gayla are there and see us they acknowledge us and have something fun to say. We just really enjoy our experience every time we go to the Safeway store.
    Then to have Rosie fill our bags and actually see she enjoys her job and the people. I would give this store A 10 they are GREAT !!!!!!! store 3285

  266. I had excellent customer service from Cameron in the produce department. He helped me by getting several things that had not been restocked. This is not the first time. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to help at all times.

    I also received excellent customer service from Kimberly at the cash register. I love my Safeway store #1235 on Nob Hill Blvd. in Yakima, WA.

  267. It has taken me several days to find the correct website to post comments about the excellent service I received from Anthony in the Meat Department on 3/18/16. He was extremely helpful and had an excellent attitude despite being busy. He is an excellent addition your staff. Please pat him on the back.

  268. Sunday evening 3/19/2016 two Safeway employees were very helpful and kind to me. Roberto in the meat/seafood department and Jerry in the produce section in Safeway store Fort Bragg California. They should be acknowledged for giving great service to me, a frequent Safeway customer. Roberto came out behind counter to help me understand dated frozen shrimp and to find
    a frozen shrimp package with longest date. Jerry helped me find bok choy and when he saw last bok choy was wilted, he went to back of store to brng out fresh bok choy. I had not expected such promp service and was very thankful for their help.

  269. On March 15th after checking out I looked at my receipt and I was charged 2 time for an item when there wa only one of the item .... Also I bought 6 bottles of wine and I was charged 7 bottles.. One too many. I went back to cashier named Julian and said I had to go to customer service and wait..... The customer service person named Nicole did credit me for what I was overcharged. Pt his has happened on several occasions in the past. I have learned not to drive away before going over my receipt. Not once did anyone apologize or say sorry for the inconvenience.... I would train your staff to give better customer service!!!

  270. 1). Both Steve and John W are excellent representatives of your company. They are customer oriented and always very helpful. Safeway store #558 Newcastle, WA

    2). You recently removed "English Muffin Bread" from the bakery shelf and placed it on "a special order basis" That requires two trips to the store, one to order and one to pick up the product. That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! According to the store personnel that is/was a very popular item and has been for years. Please put it back on the shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. I am very happy to shop for ALL of my groceries at the Sequim, WA store, #1448. They are friendly and helpful. I love the atmosphere, the people that work there really seem to enjoy their jobs!

  272. I neglected to say the store in Annandale is in the state of Virginia. In addition, this store gets super busy and I find all the employees to be very pleasant and helpful all the time.

  273. My visit to the Annandale meat department was very satisfying. I was looking for a special cut of meat I could not find since leaving NYC; I spoke with Manus Byrne, the manager, about what I needed, although he was unfamiliar with my request, he asked me questions regarding the type of meat, usage for the cut, we talked, he was very patient with me. Manus was very pleasant, interested and offered to try a cut of meat for me, he asked me if I had shopping yet to do, asked me to come back in 10 minutes while it attempted the cut of meat I requested. Ten minutes later I went back to see what Manus had cut from our discussion and was extremely pleased it was exactly what I wanted.

    It is unusual to find someone willing to go out of his way, do more than is required of him, needless to say "Manus is the man to go to", even if it is just to say "hello". I very much request he be rewarded for his patience, understanding and assistance.

  274. #1 wouldn't let me on to your cap for the day.....#2 I went into a Safeway store today, everything there went fine except I knew I needed so much to get the next tier up for the gas discount which I did and my receipt showed I accomplished that goal, now there isn't a gas station near this Safeway store so about two hours later I drove a few extra miles to another station, they said I didn't have the credits I thought I had and my receipt said I had (this is the first time I have used the gas credits with you) well they said I had to wait until the next day so I can come back to use them, not my neighborhood I already went out of my way, needless to say not happy because I went to the point of making sure I had enough. I want you to know your rival makes it a lot easier, never had a problem with them but since I was so close with you I thought I'de give you a try, not again, I learned my lesson the hard way.
    P.S. It's hard to get into your suvey........The people that work for you are great no complaints.

  275. on 3-17-16 went to Safeway in Bisbee Az. wanted BBQ wings, were all out, Dora from the Deli told me to wait a few minutes and went back and made a fresh batch for me. i wish all employees were as Awesome as her!

  276. On 03/12/16 had a nice experience at my local Safeway---Guerneville,CA---The butcher there---Marlow (sp) was exceptionally helpful about fixing the mix up on the price of the ribs we were buying----Thank You-----Pete Nesteroke---#410 1778 8557

  277. Peggy J checker8552 was very helpfull and kind, as she was cheking me out today . she has execelent people skills. i will feel honner to shop at your store again.

  278. I shopped at Safeway store number 1485 today and Jensen in the meat department was so helpful in helping me to find a special type of steak that I was looking for. He has such great customer service was such a nice and pleasant young man.

  279. Kenny in the Service Deli took care of me today. He offered me excellent customer service and answered all of the questions I had. When I left the deli, I went to the front end and was greeted by Jarrod, who was quick and efficient . Overall my shopping experience was great! This is the Safeway on Main Street in Salinas Ca

  280. I recently shopped at the Damascus store in Oregon. I purchased a cake. A week before I had brought in a picture of something I was looking for. Wow Mary did a wonderful job. Plus it was a lot cheaper than a "bakery" and was beautiful. Great Job!





  282. I just wanted to say I was waiting for help today in the Safeway store on Martin Way and the butcher (Elijah) I think, the Asian butcher who was helping someone else was just as courtesy with me as the two girls. And as a Vice President of an Aerospace company I thought it was important for me to let someone know. over the last few years the meat has gotten better and the service in the meat department has also. its because of him and the others in the department that I enjoy shopping at Safeway. I also have seen a lot of turnaround in the store but thank you for keeping these guys. I also want to say I saw something about a $100.00 gift card? If that is true please give mine to the butcher as they deserve it! Good job Elijah. sincerely Phillip Arroyo

  283. The Fortuna Store #975 is very lucky to have a wonderful person working at the store. She is one of the reasons I continue to shop there even though it is cheaper to shop at the grocery outlets or Costco. This person is Ariel. She remembers names, goes out of her way to say hi. In a world where everyone keeps their head down and hurries along it's nice to have someone take time to ask how you are doing and mean it. Not only is she a great person but when things get backed up she hops in and checks out customers at twice the speed of most checkers. She is truly a great asset to your store. It's always a little disappointing when I don't see her when I shop. don't let this one leave!!!!

  284. I was very happy to see the produce guy Randy smile and talk sports with me while I was grabbing avocado's. Also, when I couldn't find the coffee section, a woman Marcy? I think. She was so nice and helped me find whole bean coffee. Love this store!!

  285. I wanted to compliment the Tahoe City, Ca. store manager John Bushee, meat cutter, Ron Owens, Ceaser in the deli and Evelyn whom we regular customers will miss when she transfers to south shore!! This is a hard store to work and all work very hard like Karen and Andy in the vegetable department.. Thanks, Eric Peterson, 530-546-5681, Carnelian Bay, Ca.

  286. I wanted to comment and compliment one of your staff members who is always very helpful, courteous, fast, and friendly. She works as a Cashier and her name is Cathy, #9502 from my receipt. Whenever I am in your store in El Dorado Hills, CA I always receive a cheerful hello and welcome from Cathy. If I have a question or concern, Cathy also assists me with finding a resolution. She is an excellent member of your team and you are fortunate to have her working for you. It is obvious Cathy enjoys her job and I observe her being eager to help other customers as well.

  287. I shop at safeway on sutton way in Grass Valley. Michelle Evans #7490. Always has a smile and friendly. And is fast.

  288. GENENE is the best customer service employee.
    She solves all the problems, always greets people with a big smile and makes sure that customers are satisfied.
    She works at Safeway in Pacific Grove CA.
    On a scale from one to 10, I give her 10

  289. Amber Krantz is a wonderful MGR she is always has a smile on her face and no matter what she is doing will always stop to answer your questions our help you find what you are looking for . Great job in your store.

  290. On the 26th of February I went shopping at the Safeway on Cypress and Churn Creek. I went to the meat dept and talked to Mike from Corning and told him that I wasn't happy with the rib eyes that I had bought because of the gristle in it and that I was going to go to R&R to but my meat from now on. Mike showed me how to find little or no gristle in the stakes and other meats. He then gave me a couple of rib eyes and told me to let him know how they were. Needless to say I was a happy camper and that I will but my meat at safeway Thanks Mike

  291. I just wanted to let someone know about one of your awesome employees Tatyana. She has been very helpful in the bakery, on which bread to get for dinner, her customer service is always pleasant and has a generous/cheerful attitude which makes me feel like a valued customer at Safeway. Monroe, WA.

  292. I shop at the safeway in Golden, everybody is so friendly and helpful, they have a great manager name Kelli,she makes you feel so welcome, when you shop there.

  293. My shopping at Safeway today was very satisfiing. Mack in the liguor department was very helpful,as always. I had large order [20 case of wine] He order it... call me when it was avalible for me to pick and even help me load it on to my truck. The clerks in this store are always helpful, caring and professional.

  294. I have had several cakes made at your Danville, CA store bakery on Camino Tassajara. I wanted to let you know the manager Johanna always makes my cakes and I am very picky and have certain designs I always want done. The cakes she makes me are absolutely adorable every time. Today was no exception I took a napkin in to her to make the cake look as close to the design on the party napkin and the cake was all they talked about at the party. She is invaluable to the company.
    And I want to say a big thanks!!!!
    Shari Wagner

  295. Ivy and Claudia are very helpful and pleasant to work with while shopping at the Redmond, Oregon store.

  296. I have shopped Safeway for years and have gotten very frustrated by the lack of ease to leave a comment on the "OUTSTANDING" Pharmacy employees working at Safeway Store 1922 in Port Angeles, WA.

    I'm not trying to leave my comments for money or coupons or any reason other than the service they provide each and every time I call, have a question or need a RX filled.

    Your staff has quite literally saved my life. I have "life threatening allergic reactions" often putting me in ICU. Kylie, your Pharmacist, has caught problems with prescriptions written by multiple Physicians who didn't take the time to actually read my file before they started pushing their pen across an RX pad.

    I often wonder how it is possible for your staff to perform at such a high level when they seem to be "habitually understaffed" and overrun with rude, impatient customers and maintain strong customer service skills while defusing even the rudest of the rude, disrespectful customers.

    Kylie, Kim and Danielle are incredible assets to customer health and safety and hopefully will get the additional staff I believe they need and deserve to continue giving the services we your customers' need. Our health and safety depend on your staff.

    I am not friends with, related to, in any way, to your employees but my life has been impacted in a very powerful, positive manner on multiple occasions. My hope is that they will be told how much they are appreciated and trusted.


    Olivia Bohonis

  297. i was just on the survey site and it sead i could not take survey becouse i was on there 15 days ago well i have never been on the site befor for ever so dont know who is using it

  298. My Safeway store is the best, the one in Kings Beach, California and to top it off you have wonderful checkers esp. Carla., keep up the good work!

  299. We have shopped at the Diamond Heights store, San Francisco for 35 years and want to commend your employee Zandra for all the service we have received from her. She is always friendly, knowledgeable and a joy to deal with. It makes grocery shopping something to which we look forward. Please ensure she is recognized for her work. Thank you!

  300. I have been shopping at store #0982 San Ramon CA. The employees have always been very helpful. There was one employee that has gone above and beyond to help me. He is a butcher in the meat department. His name is Luis. I went in the store several times during the week of 2/17/16 to gave some meat specifically sliced for steak jerky. I was buying over 20 lbs. This gentleman went out of his way to make sure the thickness was right and make sure that I was a happy customer. He made sure I did not have to wait which was phenomenal since I was on a short time frame. I will always return to this service counter and store due to his diligence.

  301. I have been shopping every weekend at the South Lakes Safeway in Reston, VA for at least 20 plus years! I have experienced nothing but friendliness, and smiles. I am always greeted as I walk through the store shopping for the week ahead. There is always someone who asks if I need something or just if they can help. The store is always clean and neat, and the atmosphere is always friendly. I have gotten to know quite a few of the friendly and helpful staff and have always enjoyed laughing with them, but I want to give great thanks to cashiers, Louis, and Bob, and all the others, including a manager named, Skip! When you are at the check out counter, you can always look forward to a nice chat with the friendly cashiers, and/or a nice laugh! This is the best Safeway I have ever shopped at, and will spend many more years there, I am sure. Dedicated Reston Shopper, Beth Oden!

  302. I came in today to buy flowers. and I can't express how wonderful Dorothy was in helping me. I gave her some kind of idea what I wanted and she did an exceptional job. the bouquet was beautiful. and done in about 15 minutes. WOW ! sincerely Carol Gulliford

  303. I have been going to Safeway for all my needs for a long time, the Safeway on the corner of Braham and Snell in San Jose CA, store #316 and I have to say that they have a great crew working there, in every area they all are willing to help with a smile on their face even when it is really busy. I like the way they ask if they can help me fine something because I can not walk too much anymore which that is a great help they even bring the item sometimes to me. My last experience was 2/16/16 and the cashier was very nice I did not get her name but she put a # 10 on my receipt maybe that is her employee number, anyway I want THANK everyone there, and I will continue to shopped there, I am enjoying the Monopoly game.

  304. At the deli counter in Lake Stevens, WA, I asked Taylor what item was on my just for you advertisement, she asked if I had the APP on my phone, I explained that I did not. She said she couldn't check but would give me the Just For U Price anyway. Very good customer service, not asking me to go out of my way, and not acting like it was out of her way. I appreciate that about Safeway.

  305. I came in on Wednesday 2/10/2016 to the Sebastopol Safeway, looking for a bouquet of flowers for my girlfriends daughter who was getting recognized as a senior cheerleader at Analy High School basketball game. I picked out 2 dozen roses and took them to the counter. Linda helped me by offering to arrange the multicolor bouquet for me. What a FANTASTIC job she did with the floral presentation. They looked beautiful and the recipient was very surprised and pleased. Several people asked me which flower store I got them, they were amazed to find out it was from the Safeway Floral department.
    Kudos to Linda and the staff at Sebastopol Safeway.

  306. I believe your meat department needs to do a better job when wrapping the meat. I do not feel it is my responsibility as a customer to ensure blood does not get on everything. My clerk was so upset that there was blood on things that she forgot my coupons and corrected me on the fact that the proper thing would be for ME to use the provided plastic bags. Nope, not okay. I lost $4.44 in coupons today, and got treated like a kindergartener. Maybe if the store owner had not been flirting with her, this transaction might have gone better. I do not go into this store often, now I remember why.

  307. Angelina is one of your best employees has such a positive attitude always cheery and happy from the Santa Rosa California Marlow store. She always puts a smile on my face.

  308. Larry at the S and 19th store in Sacramento Midtown is AWESOME!!! He is so helpful and always has a smile. He knows the products like the back of his hand. His number is 2975356. 2/3/2016

  309. I was shopping at store 257 2/02/2016. I have to tell you I have never met such a couple of rude people in my shopping experience. The first was Devony at customer service. She started helping me and then stopped to chat with a cashier about the cashier's problem. No notice of me standing there waiting. Very brusque, no hello or thank you. No sorry I was OVER charge for item. I asked if the refund included the tax, she said there is no tax on grocery items??? I left with a bad taste in my mouth. I shopped with my mom (83) and we went to check out. We picked up soup that we thought was on sale, he ( Tom Coughlin) didn't say anything like hi, how are you? just started checking us out. My mom said isn't that soup .69, he said not that is a safeway brand on sale. I said oh, then we have too many soups, we are only allowed 4 with coupon. He said what do you want removed, I said a flavor. He said what else, rudely!! I said oh I am sorry I didn't realize she got 6 cans of soup. Then he continued to check her out. He said the amount due, but I didn't hear him right, I told my mom the wrong amount due. He interrupted and said no its this amount, xxx. I was surprised at his whole attitude about checking us out. I asked him if he was a manager, he said he was one of them. WHICH makes it even worse, I asked him what department He said grocery. We left, he barely said thank you to my mom, no remarks to me., I was seeing red, and I knew I would not be shopping back in that Safeway again. Your people in that store don't seem to realize customer service skills are not dead. There are too many other stores to shop in to put up with their attitude.

  310. I shop at store #1536 and buy flowers every 2 weeks.

    Brenda in the flower dept is always very helpful in helping me with my selections.She is always very courteous and extremely helpful.

  311. Remember "CHEERS"... on TV? Ashley and Jason run the Starbucks kiosk at your Safeway store on Dewey Drive in Fair Oaks, CA (#1895). They'll remember your name and your drink, too. In fact, my drink is usually started as they see me entering the store. I have been coming to this location for my morning Starbucks for several years. Ashley (manager) and Jason have always been "cheerful" and as baristas always make the perfect drink. Many of their customers come to this store just for "the CHEERS" experience. It doesn't get any better!

  312. I visit Safeway in Vallejo (store #989) at least 3 days per week and the service provided by Ms. Kimberly Taylor and her staff is always exceptional! The smiles and greetings always makes you feel so comfortable to be shopping in their store. It is always so wonderful to see such great customer service when you visit the store, and wonderful to have a store manager and staff like this in your neighborhood supermarket! You all are greatly appreciated Kimberly and staff!

  313. I visit the safeway store on king rd in milwaukie Oregon quite often and Vicky is always there to greet me and help me find things and help me take my grocerys to the car she is awesome

  314. I shop at your Safeway store # 1276 your assistant manager Jeffrey Gross makes it a pleasure to shop there he is always so courteous and helpful just his whole attitude he gives great customer service and always saying have a nice day. Cashier # 0574

  315. Good service and a nice and neat store. Well organized. Thank you for having such good employees! And friendly too!

  316. since our last statement, we would like to do a shout out to the new management, plus the gal in the meat s, she is awesome, we have notice the erea is much cleaner, the meat s are fresh and if you need a special cut she is right on it,, I believe her name is Cecilia, we do miss Carol who also worked in the meats and fish. the produces is looking fresh and kept up on.. so 5 stars goes out to Guerneville Safeway for the first time ever... we thank you Krys Sandy 707-239-2634.....

  317. This is MS.Janice Brown again I left out the store. I was shopping at 1525 Wilson Blvd. store 1048.In Rosslyn VA.

  318. I was at your store on Friday the 21st. I just want to Commend your Entire Staff for their Work Proformance. They were Awesome! I was in register line One. These two Ladies were caled the Dynamic Dual which they were. They made my shopping Experienced not only Quick but Fun. Thank you Ms.Marilyn an Ms. Pattie you two are Appreciated.

  319. In December, I went to the Safeway store on Veirs Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20851. Service can be spotty at that store,, but on this day, Iyani was my checker. I have been ill and have a tremor which makes it difficult to handle packages.. She saw my difficulty and pulled everything together for me. She had a very kind disposition and made me feel supported and safe. If all the staff were like that, I would go there all the time!

  320. I went today and was assisted by the cashier very quickly. I hate waiting in long lines so I was happy that they had enough cashiers to handle the customers. My cashier was Davis - very nice guy. Thanks, Linda

  321. To whom it may concern, I went to my local Safeway store(0910 1554 first street Livermore California)To see if they could help me with a problem I never seem to find enough of a certain brand cat food, so I have to go to another store to finish my shopping(cat food) I got talking to Reese Melchior the asst store manager. He was bound and determined he was going to solve my problem and he has and I do not have to worry any more. He was so helpful so understanding to my plight.we certainly can do with more young men like this when we have problems and know that all we have to do is ask, I actually fine the people at this store are very nice and take time out
    for you from the store manager(Ben Beede) right down to the baggers. I hope this will go on for a very long time.Thank you all
    Yvonne Clem

  322. The deli did a great job getting a last minute huge order together for a big meeting.
    Thanks Rosalie
    10 out of 10 service

  323. I would like to thank the Pharmacy staff at the 9262 Rainier Ave. South store for their expert assistance to my wife and I. We keep coming back because Michelle and her team are the best.

  324. I was redirected to the Safeway pharmacy as my regular did not have my needed item in stock. I was told the prescription was going to be @$250.00. Being on a fixed income I felt doomed. The pharmacist, Angela Hoeft, Jane & Amanda went to work for my benefit and saved me $242.00 for there efforts. Many thanks to the crew @ 27152 main st. Conifer Colorado,80433

  325. during my visit today 1/18/16 at deli dept.safeway at westborough,miss Elvira the one assist me for my order at deli dept was very helpful and respectfull and most of all she is very clear respond of taking order,thats why I give her 11 grade for her attitude for assisting costumer!

  326. during my visit to safeway today in the produce department,i encountered two worker stella & another person I think his name was ted, my experience was a great one,they both were very helpful in answering my questions & took the time to help me purchase produce. thank you to them both

  327. Mario G at the deli counter in the Foothills Parkway and Baseline store in Boulder. Co. did an excellent job on a special order and deserves a 10 rating.

  328. I was at store 3729 today joe was very helpful and efficient he gives the customer his up most respect

  329. Excellet service from all in the store. Very friendly and welcoming. To name a few, Sally, Debbie, Susan, Tom, Hope the produce folks and the deli ladies and guy.

  330. I really appreciate Tom (pharmacist) at the Issaquah Highlands store. He is always extremely friendly, warm and welcoming.

  331. store 1451 was quite busy yet every check out person seemed to be particularly friendly; down right jovial!

  332. You are charging way too much for seedless red grapes. I was so disappointed with the price $5.99 per pound. I'll not buy them there anymore.

  333. Just want to let you know i really love the service at Safeway on Hamakua dr. in Kailua, the departments always look great and even if the employee is busy stocking or cleaning they always stop to make sure the customers are finding all they need. I was looking for a very nice bone in prime rib for new year and Allen right away got the very helpful Meat manager who cut us the most delicious 5 bone peace of meat. Kathy in the floral got out of her way to show us the beautiful arrangments available in the nicely stocked cooler. Checking out is always a breeze with all the help and carry out if needed, my daughter and I always enjoy that store, we feel so welcome by all the greetings we get whenever we shop, I also want to thank the Pharmacy for always helping when I pick up my medications.

  334. I went to the deli where we were greeted by Charlene and she was so nice and helpful. when we were done we asked where the onion mix for a dip I needed to make and she took me to the mix I needed. when we checked out Savanya ( not sure of spelling ) was also really helpful and nice. I will be back. 10s across the board

  335. Lisa @ the Alhambra Ave store in Martinez, CA was cordial and personable, yet professional - not an easy balance; but she is able to pull it off. A true expert in customer service...

  336. Your survey web site really leaves a lot to be desired. I went to that site and all I saw was advertising for recipes! I am not sure what that page was designed to do but, all it did was make me furious. There is absolutely nothing on that page that refers to a survey. I really didn't care about the $100 gift card that you use to bait you customers with. I did care about conveying how efficient your Safeway Pharmacy Staff at store 1293 was. Cora, Betty and Raven do an excellent job and should be commended on their efforts.

    Enough said, fix the website it sucks!!

  337. The downtown Grants Pass, OR Safeway store is really great. I've been shopping there for 20 yrs. and have always found the personnel there very friendly and helpful. I've also noticed that many of the same faces continue to be employed at that store and they are happy there. Chris, in the meat dept., is outstanding and will help anyone who approaches her, even if it's not about her dept.

    Thanks for providing Grants Pass with a quality store and quality personnel.


  338. I had extraordinary assistance today in the bakery department. While shopping for fondue ingredients, I needed a sour dough round for the cheese fondue. Unfortunately, all the prepackaged loaves are sliced. There were no bakery loaves available when I asked. BUT, a lovely lady by the name of Rosa offered to get some in the oven and bake them if I had a half an hour of shopping. So I did! With the extra time, I bought way more than I had come in to buy, but it was worth the wait for the fresh warm bread. She was assisted by Samantha and they were both just wonderful in getting me what I wanted. Please let them know it was appreciated. I shop at store #997 and let me tell you, I come a bit of a distance to do so. But folks like these make it worth it. Again, please acknowledge their wonderful customer service.

  339. Late eve one of Dallas, OR's Deli employees-- Kate --spent quality time with me on the phone, finding the composition of one of your greek salad dressings.

  340. Store#1899, Roseville, California. Excellent customer service from cashier Judy. I only shop at this location for the care and client service rendered by your entire staff. Special mention must be given to Bakery Dept. manager Nancy for making sure that OROWEAT 3-SEED brand bread is on shelf schematic. I purchase this particular brand each week. Thanks also to exemplary and outstanding client service from all your personnel. Sincerely...Jay

  341. I just wanted to comment on a fabulous employee you have at the Calistoga/Highway 12 Safeway store. Her name is Roberta. Several weeks ago, she was off duty and standing in line for the Pharmacy. I approached her because I recognized her to be one of the cashiers, asking for directions on some items. She didn't hesitate a moment, left her pharmacy line and took me to the items I was looking for. I have been meaning to let my highest compliments known to the Safeway management. Yesterday, Roberta helped me as she walked down the isle I was shopping in. If there were more staff like Roberta in Safeway or any other store, for that matter, the shopping world would be a much more pleasant and attractive place. I know that every time I go into Safeway, I look to see if Roberta is in. It is so much better with her around. She is efficient, most helpful and kind. As one who has had experience managing staff, I give her my highest rating

  342. I would just like to say I was in the Santa Cruz Mission Safeway. When the lost all there freezer and Frig. stuff. I was amazed at how the whole coworkers from manger all the way down to baggers they were working like team work. As people were taking out all the spoiled stuff. As soon as it was empty some was filling in all new stuff. I fill that the higher up should give this store a high 5. For working to get everything right and dealing with a lot of bitchy custmers.

  343. The bakery department at the Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, is superb-especially Ana. The bakery deserves a ten rating and Ana a 12, although it doesn't exist.


  345. I went to Safeway here in FAIRFIELD, CA on one of the busiest day of the year to get my last minute grocery and was expecting the worst. But I had a different experience instead - I went to the meat department and couldn't find the ham that was on the weekly ad. A gentleman, (I believe he is the butcher), by the name of MIKE, helped me by going back inside and get me some with the better price, even shared me some cooking tips. It was such a great shopping experience which does not happen a lot at grocery stores specially during the Christmas Season. Thank you very much and Happy New Year.

  346. Ordered my feast for Christmas for all our family, including 5 teenage boys, and they loved it.
    Tanza from the Silverdale, Wa Safeway took excellent care of us.

  347. The staff is always very helpful and friendly when I visit the store each week.

    Thank you to all and happy holiday.

  348. Steve in the meat department here in the Warm Springs store in Fremont California is the best butcher we have ever had!

  349. Deli manager Jody Benevitez was extremely helpful. Great guy, went out of his way to make our shopping experience great.

  350. I had a company Christmas party I was shopping for and Priscilla asked if I needed some help. I needed 2-20 pound prime ribs, Priscilla asked me when I need them by and coordinated with the meat department to have them ready for me before I went to work. While the transaction was being completed. Priscilla noticed a man pushing a FULL shop cart out of the store and ask me to wait one second. She quickly asked the man what he was doing and if he had paid for the merchandise. The man abandoned the cart and exited the parking lot. Priscilla is an excellent employee and gets a 10+ in my opinion. Providing myself with outstanding service and saving Safeway hundreds of dollars in merchandise that was trying to be shop lifted. This took place at the Harbor bay Safeway.

  351. I tried several times to get to the survey as I wanted very much to let people know at Canby or safeway, what a jewel they have in Leesa. How ever, it is impossible to get to the survey. I tried over 1/2 hour and couldn't every get to the place to take it

  352. I went to store2856 and I a unable to find my stuff went to costumer counter after that Mr.jerry help me out.

  353. Just want to simply fill out the Safeway survey, typing in does no good, you get multiple sites one want you to download, not interested. Make it simple one site fill out the survey=done. I love the people who work at store 1449, service is perfect, prices are high and not local produce?? had another "10" visit today from Sherry 12/18/15 at 14:37 1449 07 0091 4357. she was very friendly and we talked none of the old required communication you used to have, that was horrible. After like 25 years I just started going to Fred Meyers, not as friendly but all check stands are open, no lines, wow what a concept and their prices are noticeably lower with local produce, (we live in an apple area). Safeways staff at Wenatchee Store is still the best!!!, upper management not so much,strange directions from way up, not personal, feel sorry for the employees.

  354. Sylvia in the bakery at store 171. What an 3 West Linn Oregon was very helpful. What an asset where did you find her.

  355. Heather and all the help at the Mendocino Avenue Pharmacy has just taken my hands and helped me out with all my medications, and I take a lot. She in particular has been my guardian Angel, but Steve the Pharmacist, Hilda has been so patient with all my needs. I've thanked them over and over, but which I could do more. Love to all of these wonderful caregivers!

  356. Melissa nidros in the deli in Ukiah California was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!!!!!! she made me several party trays that looked and tasted amazing!! I will be ordering all my party trays here from now on.

  357. I haven't found an employee who was not helpful, including the
    manager, Brent.
    Marie is one of the employees who deserves special recognition for her
    friendliness, product knowledge and overall customer service.

  358. Was very pleased with my cashier Jackie today. She was very nice and helpful. She is an asset to your company.

  359. I go to the SAFEWAY all the time I can not tell you how helpful they are I ask a lot of ? in the Baking and the Meat ? Del . I know they are working so hard . but it that they take the time to help me out .that I love about Safeway. from Sarah & Mike to Lillp & LILY. AND ALL THE REST OF YOU AND I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW YOU ARE a BIG THANK YOU.the Safeway in Cheney it the store I go to all the time. I would love to let you know you are a 10 in my book.

  360. I want to compliment the the cashier Marie for her great customer service at Safeway she is one of the reasons I will return to this store that I don't shop at on a regular basis.Thanks Marie.

  361. Went to Safeway Half Moon Bay today 12/13/15 for flowers.
    GAIL was sooooo helpful and nice.
    I wish everyone was as nice and willing to help as she was today.
    With her personality she should be at the very least a store manager.

  362. My husband and I have shopped at Safeway for years at Elliott and McClintock in Tempe. As far as we are concerned, and others who we have talked to, can see how many things have changed, and not for the good. First, many times we go in and you are out of stock on items, certain milk product for one example. The salads that you could not keep in stock by your store name of Safeway are now by Taylor and are not near as good. Your Safeway brand of the Kale was awesome and could not be found because they were gone as soon as you put it out. I won't buy the Taylor made salad because the dressing taste terrible compared to what you used in your Safeway brand. There does not seem to be as much help and they are not near as friendly. The checkout people are not as friendly, and I get tired of helping bag my own groceries and not even be asked if someone could help me out. Even a few of your employees say the same thing about your new organization. Your displays are not near as attractive. It has just gone down hill and we will probably start going to Fry's down the street on Guadalupe. What a disappointment that you sold out, or someone took over this organization. With all the stores around that we could have gone to, we always went to Safeway but it is just not what it use to be

  363. Store 148th lynnwood employee PJ is the best florest ever thank you PJ for making me the beautiful flowers for my wife's birthday. Please take care of PJ she is an exceptional employee i won't go any were else for flowers love this store......

  364. The Safeway on 15th in Longview Wa. 98632, has the most knowledgeable and helpful Patisseries baker. Nicole Lemmons was very helpful and answered several bread questions I haD. I wish I could do the survey for Safeway, but am finding only this comment space in relation to the survey address given by the corporation print out. How sad they will never know what an asset they have in this employee.

  365. I love the friendly Florence Safeway Store #9117
    Renee A is the best!
    She is always professional, full of smiles and helpfulness.

  366. Renee A was Amazing!
    Friendly, efficient and oh so helpful.
    This time of year it can be hard to remain joyful in the face of people who are not,
    but she is always a constant light of smiles and joy!

  367. The employees at the Prunedale store are always very friendly and helpful. they make shopping there a pleasure.

  368. Fairwood safeway #519 Wash.

    I would like to thanks Kristiana, for all her help that she has
    given me. i would also like to say, I think she is a vary hard worker
    i'm always seeing her giving Costomers help, and helping her co-workers.
    I would like to give the store a 10 but i can only give it a 9 at this time.
    Kristiana keep up the good work and thank you.

  369. I just want to comment on 2 employees in 2 different Safeways in Portland OR. I was looking for candied lemon rind, a common baking ingredient.

    Safeway#1 (1100 NE Broadway: I did't find it, so I asked 2 different employees. The first one tried to be helpful but didn't have a clue. The second employee told me that it must be in the spice area and if it wasn't there then they don't have it (Christmas baking – hello!!!). I asked him if somebody else could help me find it, and he answered:"I told you that we don't have it, and no one else would give you a different answer" and disappeared. This was not my first negative experience with an employee at the Broadway store (although there are some older employees who are always friendly).

    Safeway #2 (2800 SE Hawthorne): I couldn't find it there, either, but Deanna, one of the employees who didn't know what and where it was, went out of her way to help me find it until we spotted it in the produce section.

    What a difference in attitude! If I was to give stars after my experience today, I would give 1 star to the one employee in the Broadway store, and 5 to Deanna on Hawthorne. In general: Broadway 3, Hawthorne 5.

  370. I have been a customer of Safeway store #1062 for over 25 years. I have always had great service i really enjoy talking to Dave the store manager always very helpful especially if i need something and i cant find it in the store.

  371. I'll continue to shop my Safeway store because Vicky is great -- always pleasant, attentive efficient, & great at bagging my groceries.

  372. Safeway Store# 1828 cashier Denice always has a smile and welcome back attitude. Every time I see her she is always smiling even if she does not have to. It make it for a better day for me since grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. I have to admit the deli group at this store are always so kind as well.

  373. To the people of the fairwood safeway #519
    I have shopping at your store for years and it has been a joy to shop in.
    I just would like to say thank you to two of the ladies that work in the deli
    dept. Elizabeth and kelly. It is all way nice to see then. with Elizabeth & Kelly
    i now i'm going to get good service and a friendly smile and a kind Thank you.
    they are also a joy to chat with.

    Again thank you and keep up the good work Ladies.

  374. I shopped at the Edgewater Safeway yesterday, Saturday, at 1:30 p.m. My order totaled $170.
    It was extremely frustrating to me and many other shoppers to have only 2 check-out lanes open. I was the third in line of big orders with six shoppers behind me with large orders. The other open lane had the same condition. This is absurd for a busy holiday Saturday afternoon. I heard many comments like "Giant is not like this", etc. I observed a gentleman at the service counter wait for at least ten minutes for help despite the fact that a call was made several times for "service counter help needed". Is this the way to operate a very busy store on a December Saturday afternoon? Thanks for listening - hope you heed.

  375. Safeway almost every morning at Pleasanton Bernal store Ca. I would like to thank Sylvia Flores from deli for the great service she provides. She so friendly an polite and she always makes my mornings!! We need more people like her in this world!!! Its my safe--way in getting a great start for my Day!!! Thanks a million!!!!! By the way, store SUPER clean!!

  376. I shop at Safeway store in Orchards in Vancouver WA. And there is a girl named Alisha that helps people with there groceries.And she is good hard working girl

    I shop at the Safeway store in Orchards in Vancouver WA. And there is a girl named Alisha that works there and she is a hard worker. Safeway needs more people like her.

  377. Shopped at Safeway on Sunrise Geri was very friendly and good at her job. Happy with service.
    My only complaint is the store is always way to cold to linger and shop.

  378. I recently shopped at Redmond Oregon Safeway and wanted to thank Zach L for the wonderful service and the compassionate nature of this young man. He made an old woman feel welcome and was willing to help me out. Way above and beyond the normal cashier!

  379. I recently shopped at the east main Safeway in Farmington New Mexico and received excellent customer service from Tim L.

  380. I just wanted George Kallus, store manager, and Deanna, Service Manager ( I think) to know that Laurie at the Randall's Store # 1066 always goes above and beyond with her customer service. The last day in which she helped me was 11/21/15. I was exchanging some wine and in the mean time found a few more items. She was working the service desk... she was so helpful and let me purchase the extra items as well without a problem. It does not matter where she is in working in the store -- the Customer is always # 1. Thank you!! Linda Lykos ( spelled Lykon - # 4518) on my Randall's card.

  381. of S.F.Angela @ #1711 store in the Marina deserves a BIG bonus this Christmas!
    Went out of her way to accommodate me. Thanks Angela.

  382. Please get the 10 per cent pharmacy coupon in the system to work correctly.......
    This is the second time I had to go back to get my discount. The personnel doesn't even know how to use them. VERY AGGRAVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    I worked for Safeway to 21 years, it seems to be slipping...
    [email protected] l

  383. I regularly shop at the Strabucks Store on Century Dr in Bend, OR. I commend Jennifer & her team for an incredible well done job. I love that you all greet your customers with smiles on your faces...The store is always clean, well organized and the staff could not be more pleasant, courteous & professional. Thanks for always being so friendly...especially at 7 am. You guys ROCK!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Lynne G

  384. Shopped at Burlingame store. Belinda was my checker. I give her a 10 out of 10. Karla was the bagger and I also give her a 10 out of 10. Hate your survey site.

  385. Tuyet 0245 Receipt #0078800501561511221013

    at Safeway Camino Alto in Mill Valley is just a wonderful checker. She is always pleasant and efficient. 10 out of 10.

    I would like to figure out how to compliment her but I can only find the survey that wants ALL your personal information.

    Thanks so much. Jill

  386. Melissa in bakery answered my question with great knowledge of products and pointed me in the right direction. I appreciated her frankness and to the point answer.

    Laura...always helpful, friendly and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly and we are all getting through the lines in an efficient way. She will open up a lane herself quickly when necessary. She makes sure we have everything we needed.

  387. I love shopping at safeway .The people at the walnut grove safeway are great in ever way .Two of the gals that help me take out my grocery Riana and Toyoko are the best . I will always shop there. THANK YOU .

  388. I shop at the Idaho springs co. safeway. bill, the cashier has ALWAYS been so good at his job!!he is informative,kind,funny and respectful!!!it has always been a pleasure while checking out with him!!

  389. store 950 is awesome and all the deli staff are incredible!!!! enjoyed the experience and all the associates they seem to enjoy their jobs!!!

  390. Dan at store # 1605 is so friendly and helpful--he is the reason I shop at Safeway! Keep up the great work, Dan!!

  391. LOVE our Safeway in Deer Lodge! We have a great store manager in Mr. Greg Logan and the employees in our store are the best!

  392. Jennifer and Heather, customer services representatives, in store at 7375 East Arapahoe Road Centennial, CO are the most cordial and helpful employees that I have experienced in ANY Safeway store in the last many years.

  393. store #0593 in Anacortes is always a 10! love the Deli Dept. there, and Jodi and Sharee in the Floral Dept. are always a great help (and always have smiles on their faces), also 10's!! great experience today, as always... thank you.

  394. Wpc I shop at Colville safeway, I love it. Everyone is so helpful. I also really like how clean it is.. The produce department has been updated and is so easy to find produce.

  395. I bought my groceries at store no. 3247. Mike M qas my cashier. He was very helpful in giving me information about one of the products I bought. He was certainly a category 10.

  396. One day my car was not working and no one would help me. This very worried lady who woked at Safeway in Vacaville C.A let me use her cell phone to call my husband. As she continued collecting the carts, I went to purchase something. I came back. The car started. She let me call my husband again. Thank you again LINDSAY! I give you a 10!!!!!!!!!!

  397. I have been buying at Safeway for as long as they have been in my neighborhood. I have yet to run into a clerk or manager that didn't meet my expectations. Their smiles are the best to make their customers feel good, as well. I have lived in Ballard (north Seattle) for almost 60 years and I have found Safeway to have every item I have ever needed!!

  398. Cashier Ernie at Shattuck Ave. Safeway in Berkeley is great; friendly with everyone and especially
    great with the baggers. Many of our baggers who work at Safeway have challenges--he is so
    supportive of them and they do a really good job.! He is also friendly with customers.

  399. Juneau AK. Kerry the manager is THE absolute best. She got to the bottom of the problem I was having that was being dragged out for over a week with promises that Savannah never made happened. Thank you Kerry. That's why you are in charge, because you are in charge!

  400. Chehalis, Washington. What a great store. Judith in the meat dept is very friendly and helpful. She knows where everything is and will take you right to it. What a great employee to have.

  401. I was at your Kent Store and you were out of my favorite salad. Marci went out of her way and made me some of that salad! Very friendly!!!!! 11-01-15 12:17 1966 34 0010 0704 $12.56

  402. Your employees are extremely pleasant and helpful. Very well managed store. Also, love your chicken too.

  403. I like to shop at this store because this the best on produce and all foods,and service have the store

  404. I found Nathan at Hawaii Kai Safeway to be a very personable and reliable checker...also love Jan-she greets all customers by name BEFORE she looks on the receipt!

  405. I just wanted to let Safeway know they have 2 outstanding employees Phyllis in produce and Ren'e at checkout. It is nice to go in and be treated like we are valuable.
    Thank You
    Diane Christean

  406. I recently purchased an item from the Bakery at the Newberg store location. I find that Kelly in the baker dept. to be most helpful and courteous.

  407. wanted to let you know that i was kinda taken back by an employee's action at the seaside, or. store. Kristina went out of her way to take me to the item that i was inquiring about. that was the first time an employee of that store has not just spouted an isle number. Made my shopping experience a pleasant one

  408. Bakery Department staff at Coal Creek store 558 are extremely helpful and went out of their way to provide additional delicious "Morning Buns" when they ran out. The ladies are always friendly and accommodating….quite the asset to your store!

  409. I am very satisfied with the store. It's very nice. Prices are a bit higher than other stores but it is nicer to shop there at your Safeway than any other stores within my shopping neighborhood. I like your lighting and your parking is decent. Your cashiers are always polite. If I need a little extra help due to my disability, I ask and they are willing to help load my trunk or my cart for me.
    I gave a lower rate because I asked a male cashier where the toothpics were and he told me aisle 15 and I went to that aisle, having to walk up and down slowly, but toothpics were not there. So I had to go back and tell him. Then he said, "wait here and I'll check." He found the toothpics and brought me 2 types and I chose the "Round" type. I said, "Well, where were they because I looked very carefully." He replied, "They were moved to aisle 16 and I didn't know." Normally this would not be an issue unless I was in a hurry which I was not in a hurry. I was tired. I have chronic pain on and off in my right leg, back of knee. It flares with overuse. For the rest of the evening at home (at least 3 hours), I had to use ice on my knee & leg. This flare of pain made it difficult for me to cook dinner and serve my family. I was limping in pain most of the night until I used the ice pack. I could not handle the loud television noise so I could not watch a movie I rented on Vudu called, "The One." I was perfectly fine when I walked out the door to drive to your store at around 2:30 pm. today. I bought $25 worth of items so I was walking before having to stand while waiting for the toothpics. I went to another cashier to check out, a female named Sharron, and she was very efficient. It also looked like the receipt was accurate so I paid the right price for my items as advertised - this is a big plus in my book. So many stores make it all very confusing. None of this comment is meant to damage any of your employees, as I said they are very polite and helpful. I just had a very difficult time tonight since the chronic leg pain returned after shopping.

  410. I am a regular at store#1654, this is my store. All of the associates are extremely friendly, helpful and attentive however Henry is the one that make me feel like im seeing an old friend. Thank you for maintaining your customer service standards, although prices are a bit more than most, I continue to shop at my Safeway for the customer service experience. You can put a price on that!

  411. Deli Department. Excellent Service. Todays wait person was Laura. Lots of smiles. I have always had the best personal service at Safeway. Wait persons will drop what they are doing to go out of their way to accommodate you.

  412. We get very good service at your Lovelock, NV. store. Paul calls us by name every time we check out with him. Excellent employee. We would like to see some fresh or frozen bakery items and more fresh flowers especially around various holidays. Also some of your marked down meat in our meat dept. looks pretty grey; not appealing. Also your choice of greeting cards are very expensive, especially for us seniors.

  413. I ordered and picked up a birthday cake from North Bend, Or store #1557. It was a wonderful cake and so moist and so wonderful tasting. It was a German Chocolate cake with Happy Birthday, Keith written on it. It was served at a retirement center at my Father's birthday party there. I got so many compliments on it and was asked if it was homemade, etc. I was proud to tell them where eit was purchased and I want the cake decorator, HEIDI, to get credit for the incrediable job she did. It was even better than I had hoped for. I certainly will have her do another cake. Thank you.Betty

  414. Dorryle in the meat dept was so helpful to me today he provided personal service to me in a friendly happy manner hope I get to see him again next week
    I give him a 10

  415. Teresa, in the Pharmacy at the Rose Street Safeway is always very helpful, very friendly.
    I am Valued Customer 2725

  416. I have always been happy with my Safeway Store #2054....the service & friendliness are always
    There when I shop. I can easily find what I need and someone is always available to help me if
    I do have trouble finding something.

  417. some employees are not friendly at all. But everyone in check stands are very nice. C/S in front is not as friendly as they used to be

  418. Ive never been able to log onto survey site yet but would like to let the powers that be know what a nice atmosphere we have at our fueling station in Moses lake. and although its an older store it always is clean

  419. trying to get to the safeway survey is a freaking pain in the a**. so guess i won't be participating since it seems its a maze to even get to it.

  420. I was so impressed with how professional, courteous & fast KATHY, the manager in your Westminster, CO store was! I will make an effort to shop at her store more often for this reason.

  421. Safeway is lucky to have Sarah in their Raleigh Hills store. Her gracious manner and smile is a pleasure to enjoy. I always feel as tho I have been shopping with a friend.

  422. Hopefully this message will get through to store management in Bend Oregon for Brandon Jones
    Asst. Manager in Produce - he thoroughly accommodated my request for special items and think he does represent Safeway well in customer service.......Store # 1504

  423. I am trying to leave kudos for a store employee and am having difficulties in doing so .....
    Brandon Jones of store #1504 was most helpful and is definitely s people person and most gracious being on front line ...... KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS

  424. trying to do feedback survey on Ana who served me at Safeway Deli 10/13/15 11:48 11451 33 61 2766 her service was excellent. I filled out the sweepstakes survey but for some reason the website would not do the customer appreciation survey...Please send a link to my email. thanks

  425. Giseppe in safeway produce department was very helpful. I would say that the produce department is excellent. Also have an very selective meat department. My only comment would be is lacking in cashiers for speedy checkout. All cashiers are extremely efficient and friendly.

  426. Always very helpful. I'm a older lady, on oxygen and they go out of their way to help me.
    They will run all over the store to find me something that I forgot. They unload my basket.
    And always call for someone to help me out of the store and load my groceries in my car
    for me.

  427. Richard of store # 3134 was phenomenal. I came to the store at about 9:45pm only to discover that my iPhone was not with me as I entered the produce section. I looked in my basket but nothing. I went to my car and again nothing! Panic sets in but I remain calm. I asked a few staff if anyone turned in my iPhone and the answer was no. I then asked if I can leave my name and contact info in case someone decides to return it. As I did, Richard suggested if I had "Find my Phone". It's an app that helps someone locate their phone on a PC. Richard took the time to load his iPhone and log me in and we were able to see it moving from the location of the store to 34th and Hawthorne. I was able to find the person who found it on the sidewalk. I was able to retrieve my iPhone from this homeless person "Jason" without incident. Thanks to the quick thinking Richard, I was able to obtain my phone and come back to continue my shopping. Thank you Richard. Please hire more quick thinking young men like Richard.

  428. I was going to fill out the Safeway survey but when I have to go thru forty different sights . just to find the right page you can keep your feedback. And it is not the store. but the upper management that seem to find the survey companys.

  429. I have seen improvement in the brightness of the store as well as the service and freshness of

    produce. The manager seems to be devoted to detail of cleaness of the store and customer care,

    I hope this trend continue to improve and contribute well to the community, I don't want to feel

    forced to shop elsewhere, I want to support the neighborhood supermarket but I also want to

    feel that I'm receiving the best.

  430. I shop at Safeway on a regular basis. I have always received excellent service, everyone is always helpful & polite.

  431. Completed on line survey today. Would like to let you know after shopping at Safeway today at Store #1289. Located at 8377 Elk grove-Florin Rd. I would like for you to know that the employee who help me to my car with my groceries was named London and he did OUTSTANDING service.

  432. Pat (Oro Valley Store) was extremely helpful when I shopped there. She went out of her way to help me, way out of her way. I can't thank her enough.

    Jim Hawkins

  433. Clerks are always helpful and make you feel like you have a friend helping you!! I commend Cindy and Steve at the Lincoln Heights store in Spokane !

  434. Safeway store #1899, my second great shopping experience. This time I wanted to mention the names of most of store's helpful staff that I had the pleasure to encounter with their most courtious assistance since I have a cast on my foot from extensive surgery and shop by myself. Thank you to Dawn in Deli, Josh stocking on the floor, Peter a manager, Nancy F. manager in bakery, Tee in meat dept., Vivien at checkout and Vinnie H. that assisted me with delivery of groceries to my vehicle. I look forward to my continued business with Safeway and this store!

  435. Leighann at the Menlo Park Safeway does a great job as a Safeway Cashier. She always has a smile and welcomes her customers with great enthusiasm.

  436. Doug was very helpful and enthusiastic in the produce dept as well as Brad in listening to my story today in the check out dept.
    Thank you for the up beat experience!

  437. I thought/think I took the customer survey for the $100 gift card. Your website is a bit confusing. I have been shopping at Safeway for around forty years and have always found the employees very courteous and helpful during my visits.

  438. I went online to take a Safeway customer satisfaction survey and I found your website confusing, time consuming, way too detailed and was not the speedy survey your employee described. Thus, I am aborting my survey, as I have spent way too much time trying to navigate the process. But, I find this similar to trying to get explanations from store employees on products which you have discontinued. Therefore, I am going to Yoke's, Fred Meyer, and Albertsons to do most of my shopping, even thought I live just over a mile from your Richland store.

  439. I love going to the Wailuku Safeway on Maui. Warren was helping out at checkout and made my experience enjoyable. I love going to that store and seeing my former students hard working being successful.

  440. i had a great experience at the 4240 Merchant Plz Woodbridge safeway. The cashier that checked me out was Nyillah Yansaneh. She was so sweet and nice. She took the time to help me find an item. She was very professional. You guys are very lucky to have a person like Nyillah in your store. Date visited was 10/07/15. receipt number 129853263933

  441. I would like to commended Andrew for a great customer service I recieved tonight at the deli department for helping me. The deli was closing when I arrived however Andrew didn't hesitate to help me. He is a great asset in your store and to your customers.
    To Andrew thank you so much. (specially i was hungry :))

  442. Ken at the Pace and 17th Ave. Safeway is a valuable employee. He works in the produce department and he is always helpful and accommodating each and every time I am in the Store. He always offers help and assistance and lets me know if there is a good deal going on. I appreciate his guidance and recommendations on certain vegetables and fruits. He also lets me know when something is out of stock when it will come in to the store. I feel Ken is an asset to Safeway and he is one of the reasons I shop there.

  443. I had a great customer experience at the Hilo Hawaii Safeway on 9/29/15 from Terry in the Bakery Department. She went out of her way to help me get a cake, for an event the next day, after the bakery was closed. I'd give Terry a "10" in customer service.

  444. Food is Food, But when served by someone that takes the time to give you personal service, and shows that they really care about helping you find what you need. Well that just Awsome...Te lady that helped me at the Sandpoint, Idaho Safeway,happens to be the seafood mananger ..her name is Heather..( I looked at her name tag....There should be more people like this in the world...

    Aloha KG

  445. Nathan in the meat dept was extreamly helpful and polite! Burney store in Ca. Give him a 9.5......

  446. Great store in Auburn, Ca. Clean and friendly staff and managers as well. Been shopping here for the past 15+ years. Prices are the best in Placer County stores as well.

  447. Loved Tanya @1576 in the deli she was friendly and most helpful had a excellent shopping experience

  448. Sarah in Produce is the most helpful young lady that I have run into in the Newberg store.

    She is a 10 in my book.

  449. Store #2624 - Broomfield, CO I wanted to purchase Folgers coffee. Current ad pictures, French Roast. This 'flavor' was not on 'sale. Store has 7 flavors of Folgers, ONLY 2 were on 'the stock up' sale. Did not buy coffee, will go to King Soopers or Walmart. Walmart matches prices. Soopers has all flavors on
    sale for $6.99. Very disappointed!!!

  450. Marcella is a fantastic clerk. She is very warm and can hold a decent conversation. She is an added asset to the store.

  451. I would like to thank Stacey Denny for taking so much time, helping me with the selection of the balloons, I bought. She was cheerful and gracious.

  452. We shop safeway at least twice a week at the Cherry Park, troutdale safeway. We look for Stephanie, our short haired cashier we just love her... she smiles and is the most helpful of any cashier in the store. My husband and I are retired and she always sees to it we have help if we need it and she gets items we often forget. She can answer all our questions and is the best example of Safeway we have encountered.... Hats off! Stephanie for all you do for the older people like us... you are kind and helpful and we appreciate you.... From Joseph and Morgan Hjelm ( we go by our middle names Bill and Katherine). is 9112 her cashier number?

  453. I asked Kaitlynn at 593 if Safeway had gotten any organic apples back in the store. So she showed me where they were. She was very helpful in some other thinks I need too. Since then I have seen her help other customers when I'm in the store. She knows what's in the store and is very pleasant to talk to. You have a great employee.

    Ruth Holcomb

  454. I was very pleased with the service I received from the butchers in the meat department. The cashiers were very helpful, too. Overall I rate my shopping experience at store 1990, Santa Clara California as a 5 star establishment.

  455. I agree with with araby joyce. The survey format sucks. However, Raymond, the PIC at the Hazeldell, WA store, went out of his way to help me and I am very satisfied with Safeway.

  456. I went to the Safeway Store #3251 on 9/21/15 and was helped by Roberto (10) in Produce who went above and beyond in service. I just want to say thank you to him and let his management team know that I really appreciated the friendly and efficient way in which he helped me. He went out of his way to collect 3 boxes of Udon noodles from the back so that I could pick what I was looking for! Thank you Roberto!

    Cathy Tella

  457. I have been shopping every morning at your Centennial Safeway store for years and I would like to acknowledge Michelle. She is a great start to my day. She is always pleasant and such a delight. Thanks Michelle!


  458. Cashier Earon was as usual most helpful and solicits customers even before we get to his stand. Friendly personality and always makes certain to have a carry outside person available. Love your store and now see more of the items I like being carried with the sole exception of the Bubba Burger with onions that I know is still made by the Bubba Burgers but no longer ordered by Safeway.

  459. We wanted to acknowledge Rayna who works in the pharmacy in store 2932 here in West Seattle. She has consistently provided excellent customer service whether it is answering questions sensing something is not right, and in general always being there for us. She even knows our first names!

  460. I had another fine shopping experience at Safeway today where Margo checked me out in a simply delightful and efficient way. You need to up your 1-10 scale to include 11 for individuals like her! I have had the pleasure of her cashier services on numerous occasions and I know of what I speak. Subsequent to that I went back quickly to get two items at self-checkout. Chris helped me as he has before. Sure, sure, sure, self checkout is easy for simple transactions most of the time. But today, I had a tricky transaction which required his personal attention, and personal attention is what I got! My experience is that virtually all Safeway employees (at this location) are top flight, and I mean TOP FLIGHT! It's the people that make this store the store it is.

    With the beauty comes a beast: prices have exploded up! Do you wait till next year for the next 20% increase or is that a Christmas present? Maybe you can get it in before year end to boost 2015 top-line so the purchase price Mr Private Equity made doesn't look so bad? Hopefully outstanding employees get a Christmas bonus? Ha Ha, aren't I hilarious?

    Great service (provided by outstanding employees) goes a long way, but are you guys really trying to price yourself into a new stratosphere? Are you really trying to "milk" as much as you can, as big as you, can as long as you can, for a big flip? I hope your timing is good because you guys are really playing Russian roulette. When the customer base leaves in droves because they are shell shocked, market share will be hard to recapture. Gas rewards only go so far I'll have you know. Gas prices have come down anyway. How do "gas and grocery" total go up so much when gas are down down 20%?

    The Safeway employees at this store are great! I hope you treat them better than the customer because I feel pretty beaten up. Starbucks gives a free coffee beverage to its customers on their birthday (mine is tomorrow) maybe you can give some free paper bags? It can be inflated like a balloon after use. I know they cost 10 cents (retail) but your cost is probably a fraction of that and margin actually improves if customer value of the gift given exceeds the out of pocket cost (of the bags) to you. You have your own math I'm sure but you guys are squeezing the "little man" like no man's business!

  461. For a large corporate business, our local Safeway store has the most friendly and helpful employees I've had the pleasure to deal with. Another positive aspect (especially our local store) is the cleanliness and uncluttered appearance of the displays and isles. Shopping at grocery stores can be a chore and burden; however, Safeway seems to make shopping there a pleasant experience.

  462. I always go to the Safeway on Braham and snell. Everyone is so nice there. I always check out in lane that Dylan is in. She is so great always wants to help everyone. She always greets you with a smile and calls you by your name. I go to that Safeway because of her. There should be more people like her she is so happy and pleasant to talk to.

  463. My daughter and I were in a big hurry to help celebrate a surprise birthday party when we realized that we needed to have some balloons filled. We ran into SW on 41st Ave, Capitola and Beatrice & Wanda greeted us at the floral department with a big smile! They rushed to help fill the balloons in a matter of no time! We were very lucky to have such a team help us and we were able to make it to the party in plenty of time. Great customer service!!

  464. Always a pleasure dealing with Beatriz, at Safeway 799. She always has a smile on her face and makes my shopping experience a positive one!

  465. Dave in the wine department at Cupertino Safeway has always been very helpful and courteous. Great customer service.

  466. I enjoy the quality of the meats and the selection of the beer and wine, the produce is always fresh and if you need help someone is always there for you.

  467. I would like to acknowledge a young man named Albert in the Deli Department in the Florence Oregon store. He was very helpful and extremely patient and courteous with me and my wife. He has a great attitude, which a lot of young folks lack these days. He is a great asset to your organization.

  468. Very nice store in Florence, Oregon. First time visiting and I will return. Customer service was friendly and very helpful.

  469. Anthony Wong is the energizer bunny at Safeway #1849. He has helped me with produce issues, located items for me and is an all-round "super employee". Every store would be lucky to have a clone.

  470. The Safeway here in Vallejo #989 on Admiral Callaghan Rd is one of the best run stores I have ever visited. The store manager, Kimberly Taylor is so on the ball with her customer service that it is scary! :) Really a top notch operation run by a perfectionist who has terrific people skills. Great job Kimberly!!

  471. I shop at the San Jose Safeway.
    Robert Murray is such a good helper. Very professional, kind and caring person. He is always attentive to help when I need it. Excellent worker. The type of person I can trust. He helps me specially to bag my groceries, to unload them in my car and he does it in an orderly way. Thanks so much Robert.

  472. Lupe usually helps me check out. While I have issues with your current meat department, she has always resolved my concerns. Lupe goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

  473. I shop at the Safeway at Cirby and Sunrise. Candace is a person i really think she is awesome. She is good at building rapport. She is always smiling and willing to help. I could go on and on.

  474. I was in store #1493, Zachary help me very much. All the yogurt I wanted was soon to expire, he went above & beyond to go to the back & get a longer date. He also made sure I got the sale that was being offered with the yogurt. I shop at that store a lot & often disappointed with service & products, he really came through! Thank you very much Zachary!

  475. We use to shop at Safeway a lot. Not anymore since it was sold or whatever. The prices have gone up and the deals for the week aren't deals when I can get it cheaper elsewhere. We really liked Safeway and there was always someone to help or available cashiers. Not any more. If it's true Albertsons took it over its quite obvious. We won't shop there either because they are quite proud of their products enough to charge far more than their competitors. We liked the meats at Safeway but that has even taken a nose dive. No more for us. Fred Meyer has really stepped up to the plate and now has our loyalty.

  476. Howdy Howdy, its that time of day today buy that lottery ticket we all have in our pocket. See ya Love Vic V64$ evv121664$ some of my patten or such maybe some of my context of such since 1999. did lots of trademarks of such or some characters.

  477. I have been shopping for Safeway for years in the Natomas area. During today's visit John T in produce and well as Susan the cashier were extremely nice and very professional. These two employees of Safeway making shopping at Safeway a very enjoyable experience. Thanks again to both John T in produce who assisted me in picking the right Watermelon and just for being so friendly, as well as Susan the cashier she brought a smile to my face and was very polite and professional. They are outstanding employees and looking forward to seeing them both again in the near future.

  478. This survey is totally incompetent. I'm responding because an employee really helped and now you are totally BS. It's now legal.

  479. I got stranded in Canby Or a couple of nights ago and came apon the Canby Safeway. The early morning staff was wonderful helping me arrange transportation home. A special thanks to Ryan on night crew, Sharman and Charlene....they really helped me out of a jam!
    Absolute 10 out of 10....

  480. We were shopping for friends in San Ramon, and were pleasantly surprised to have Debbie help us at the check out. She was very courteous and nice to us. She even walked over to our side for helping with the card reader. Debbie and the Safeway would be part of the reason if we ever decide to move to San Ramon. Thank you Debbie from the bottom of hearts.

  481. Always was happy with the service at Safeway...the prices used to be very competitive but not as much anymore

  482. the young man name raymond was at check stand and was very helpful today and he is at the 81st street store in hazeldell . thank you raymond you are a asset to safeway.

  483. I have shopped Safeway with confidence in the products they carried for at least 40 years. I LOVE the floral dept in Homer, Alaska. We currently live in Chewelah, Washington and I have been noting a change in Safeway that is unsettling. On a summer chicken sale of the Safeway brand I "stocked up" on chicken. Never ever again . . . I came home to packages of chicken that still had pin feathers in it and it was poorly plucked to be sure. I bought "T" bone steak in family packs this summer that looked beautiful but it appeared as though under the top T bone . . . the rest of the steaks had the "eye of the T bone" removed. SHOCKING ! ! Mind you . . . I shop Safeway stores from Colville, Washington to North Spokane and can't really say which location(s) this happened at. In any case . . . I am much more careful of the products I buy at Safeway. Not sure I can blindly trust that the product is going to be good.

  484. I am not happy that the wine area no longer seems to carry my Puzzle by Newport wine. would be nice to see it back in the room.

  485. Yari, Carlos and Judy are the best. My request to have my bags packed heavy because i lift weights is accomplished ....they are always happy and pack the groceries approiate for the type they are. frozen together and produce the same. They are the reason i continue to shop at Safeway and no other grocery store.

  486. Went to the downtown Corvallis, OR store thinking we would get just a breakfast bar. We found awesome fresh baked goods and in the parking lot BBQ ribs so reasonable. Left will lots more goodies than we had planned to buy. All of the staff were helpful and cheerful on a dreary morning. That little store has lots to offer and so easy to access. We will return.

  487. We were in Newport, Oregon for a week and used the Safeway for our marketing. We had help from a woman in the "fish" department who was engaging and helpful. We got great fish there. Her name is Chris B. We are living in New York and don't get that kind of help here. She was just appropriate and lovely. The whole staff at the store was well trained and accommodating. They are good stewards for your brand. I do not need gift card as there are no Safeways here. We thought you should know you have good staff.

  488. Your Customer Service Representative Jon at the Mililani Marketplace (Hawaii) location was extremely courteous and friendly as I approached him for assistance a few days ago.

    He had just exited the area but walked back to help me with a refund.

    Jon seems happy but it would be nice if he could receive at least some recognition for making people feel special. I L*O*V*E this store!

  489. Just to let you know. safeway USED to be a very good place to shop, not any longer. The prices are Far Too High and Over Priced !!!! Even your $5.00 Friday deals are higher than your competitors regular prices. It makes me think somebody in corporate is smoking Crack ! I Myself and many of your customers are very Disapointed in your performace to the public and that is why you are loseing customers. You still need to focus on your customers If you want to be a store for the 21st century and you Must pay attention to Customers Needs.....

  490. Safeway Orinda plays an important part when it comes to social link.
    We have many retirees in town and many come regularly to shop and to have human contact, like they would do on a marketplace in the old world.
    When you go there in the morning, it doesn't take long to see the interactions between the customers and the employees. Farzeen is one of those outstanding clerks who is worth a lot in term of public relation for Safeway.

  491. Since Arnie has taken control of our local Safeway in Benicia, CA everything has turned around. The checkers, Moe, Colleen, Beverly and the other workers have a much better attitude and aim to please. The time waiting in lines has been drastically reduced and service has improved.

    Thanks for changing things around.

  492. I shop at safeway "2080,I have shopped at this store for twenty-years. Today I had one of my favorite cashiers. Robin is such a sweet lady,always pleasant and very helpful.

  493. At Safeway Store #1464, on August 27th, at 3 pm, Susie waited on me in the floral section in her superbly friendly manner. Wow, does she know her flowers! These aren't just flowers she's arranging; these are her personal friends and they must match up a certain way. When they do, she produces an absolute masterpiece. Her personality is as beautiful as the product she produces. That is why I keep coming back to buy flowers for my wife at Safeway, because the bouquets reflect a warm personal feeling, and are not just an assortment tied together with a ribbon.
    Carl B. Lind
    Colonel, US Army, Retired

  494. Shop Safeway store #1614 all the time. Staff is always courteous and helpful. Judy and Fran particularly. This is my favorite store for years.

  495. I want to let you know I've noticed a huge change in the Safeway I shop. The checkers are professional polite and customer focused. Today Jenna, was the checker. I'm totally impressed, with the changes that has taken place. Compared to a couple of months ago, its totally changed. I used to go to the other store in the neighborhood, when I was in a hurry. But, will go to safeway in future. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  496. I was at the safeway Saturday night and the caddy wasn't very friendly or helpful I need a propane exchange he did not offer to put the container in my vehicle or my groceries walked away without a have a good evening or any parting comment my mother works at this safeway and she is always being reminded about practicing customer services with all the new employees this store is hiring I don't see the same quality of service like in the past

  497. Kim (Corte Madera, CA) was a delight to checkout with. She was sweet and made my Safeway checkout a great experience. A definite 10 for personality, efficiency, and an overall great experience.

  498. 25 Aug 2015 Shopping at Safeway Benicia CA Christine was my cashier. Christine was helpful, personable and did an excellent job. She has helped me other times with special grocery shopping problems and made sure my needs were met. Safeway Benicia is lucky to have Christine an employee that cares about the customer!

  499. Bruce was cheerful and fast at checkout. Asked if we found what we were looking for. Love Safeway

  500. Liza (Vacaville, CA) ranks a 10. She goes beyond doing what is required and what is needed. She is definitely a 10.

  501. I just love you new lady Linda S. she is so friendly and goes out of her way to help you.
    Her number is 10

  502. Excellent customer service at store ##2664
    My cashier today was Clarence. He always provides excellent customer service.
    I rate his customer service at 10.

  503. We have been going to the same Safeway for over 20 years and Paula Lynch has always given us the best service and willing to help with and problem. Paula always goes out of her way to make any customer satisfy.

  504. The safeway that I shop in is really good, the only problem that I see is getting service at the salad bar. At times I have to wait about 10 minutes to get service, I think it is because employees are serving hot dishes to customers.

  505. I love the service at Carrs Safeway in Nome Alaska with Store Manager Tim Motis! Cheerful cahiers and helpful folks in the isles. Everyone friendly and going out of the way to see we have what we came for. Thank you Safeway!

  506. I always shop at store no 1207 in Ahwatukee and my favorite checker is Susan. She is always so helpful and polite and nice. I like the manager George and Don also. Tina and Carlos are always helpful at customer service. All in all I always enjoy my visits to the Safeway on 40th st and Chandler Blvd.

  507. Amanda D works in the Deli department and was very pleasant very helpful I have had more than one visit with Amanda she is a delight and I rate her service a #10

  508. I live in Mill Valley and I really appreciate that we have a Safeway Camino Alto Store in MIll Valley California. And it is near my house. Today I had to go twice because I forgot some things. It was great to have this store so close to my home so that I could return to finish my shopping. But best of all, Safeway Camino Alto has excellent service. Today I want to recognize Adriana Alvarez who is so personable, helpful and dedicated to helping customers. I needed some house cleaning materials and groceries. Adriana was so helpful. She helped me find the things I needed in a jiffy and I was so delighted! What service this Safeway has! From a scale of 1--10 ten being the highest, Adriana scores a 10! Thank you, Adriana. My name is Cristina and I live in Mill Valley and today is August 16,2015

  509. I visit Safeway store #2795 in Upper Marlboro, MD, a recently rebuilt store. It is beautiful,
    well stocked and well run. Mr. Craig Gross listens when I have a problem or a comment.
    Today I called him because I am so impressed with one of the employees, Emmanuel. He helps
    me out to my car each time and brings the motorized cart back into the store. He is polite,
    Helpful, considerate, neat, thoughtful and is always trying to make life easier for me. We discuss
    how the motorized arts need to be arranged so they can be recharged and I can get into them and disconnect the cord. I COULD NOT SHOP AT SAFEWAY WITHOUT THOSE CARTS! The old
    store was smaller and I knew where everything was, this one is excellent and a joy to shop in.
    Thanks, Pat Grigsby

  510. I shop Safeway in El Dorado Hills Calif and would like to single out 3 of the stores employees as a credit to the Safeway company.
    They are Sean, Tina and Denay. All three of these employees make shopping in your store a very pleasant experience. They are always helpful, courteous and friendly.
    They are a credit to themselves and your company.
    Thank you

  511. I shopped at the Chevy Chase DC Safeway today as I have for 40 years. When I got home and checked my receipt I found that I had been charged $2.58 for 2 Danish pastries that I did not buy and weren't in my sacks. I assume that I paid for my checker's (Jennifer) lunch.
    However, the Ass't Manager was helpful, gave my a raincheck for meat that was a $5 Friday special but wasn't there. She also explained why there have been no frozen vegetables for about 3 months. Safeway apparently is changing the packaging.

  512. We have shopped weekly at this store for over 20 years, however, over the last year it has gone down miserably. I try to avoid the store. Many long time employees are gone and replaced by new ones with attitudes. The bakery staff are downright rude and the roll bins are never filled. In addition, the prices are outrageous. I have gotten to the point that I do most of my shopping at Frys and only go to Safeway when they have attractive loss leaders. Fortunately this store is located in a shopping center that houses the gym I go to daily so I don't have to go out of my way to stop in.
    This store is a sorry one and I won't be sad to see it go at this point.

  513. Shari Barnes was extremely helpful and went out of her way to make sure I had what I needed in the meat dept. even going as far as tracking me down in the aisle to give me my order, and extremely friendly and smiling she deserves a 10 everyday! Store 3521 Aug. 6,2015 at 8:52 a.m. Eastmont & Grant Road, East Wenatchee, WA.

  514. Tony at S. 38 th st safeway was friendly and smiling always. He made our visit home even more pleasant. we'd give him a 10 any day.

  515. The Safeway at 38th and Main in Vancouver WA is great! Good service and they always seem to be very helpful.

  516. The Safeway at Hawthorne & 27th Ave. is close to our home and is the very best grocery store for us. We shop here for year and still like the store and the services and the people who work there.

  517. Your survey site is too difficult to even follow! I visited the Safeway in Castle Rock, CO today. The checker, Victoria, was very efficient, fast and friendly. If I could figure your survey out, I would take it, but ain't gonna happen I guess.

  518. just have to say love going to the deli and getting fresh made sandwhiches always polite and very friendly auburn Washington safeway is the bomb very friendly people kim in the deli is so nice and always friendly and treats you like your the only customer around when there is a line of people

  519. Lillie Zimmerlee works at the Safeway store in St Helens she has helped me a few times and she always does it with a smile it great to see young people who work hard . Thank you Great Customer Service

  520. Want to commend associates Steven and Victoria at the Highlands Safeway in Issaquah Washington. Was at the sore to buy some items, and my car would not start when I was ready to leave. I also left my cellphone at home, because it needed to be recharged. Both the above named associates were extremely helpful helping me use the store phone to call AAA, helping me to watch for the truck from inside the store (it was 90 degrees outside), finding another phone number for me. The people in the cafe also helped opening a Sprite bottle, finding me a cup and generally kept me calm in a very stressful situation. Kudos to all.
    I am not interested in any possible reward, just wanted to send a recommendation.

  521. Don't like the survey . But I want the do a survey the Thank you and complement Bob Nunes for helping me today during my visit @ Safeway in Country Club Stockton Ca 8/7/2015 thank youso much for your services Sincerely Mrs Baeta

  522. Went to produce and no sweet corn. Employee said the new shipment had not come in. Went to Bakery and asked for an Angel Food Cake. Employee said the Baker did not make any this morning

    Check stand lady was very nice and courteous. Pinole California

  523. Your survey website is so darn confusing -- I don't have time for this stuff. The only reason I tried to do the survey was because I like my checker very much at the Olympia Westside Store. Her name is Lori. She is always so friendly and helpful which is more than I can say about most of the other employees there. I hope she never leaves..

  524. kim in the deli is always helpful and tells me to have a great day and she makes really good sandwhiches the best ..........auburn Washington store

  525. I've been trying to take the Survey, I went to, and wasn't able to
    see any site that had the survey. all related sites (e.g., shop on-line at safeway, rules for the
    survey, etc.) didn't help. i'll try one more time, and then give up!

  526. Roseville's Floral and Mz. Debbie garcia are the supreme best! She orders flowers for me on oh so many events. She is bright, courteous, and knowledgable...Could not live without her and BLOOMIN GARDEN!

  527. Sue at the Albany Safeway is very helpful, friendly and competent. I always am glad to get in her checkout line.

  528. I went to the Safeway store in Issaquah WA. and I ask The Butcher Jared Freeman If he would cut me 4 Rib eye 1and quarter Inch thick and he did what a nice young man I would rate this meat department with a 10 Star rating.
    Your Truly
    Don Fink

  529. The Canby, Oregon Safeway has improved so much in recent months! The produce section is awesome now. I really appreciate the organic section. Thank you for all the efforts in making this store so much better!

    Agnes Vangsnes

  530. I'm not sure if Safeway had stopped pack groceries for the customer.
    I was at Herndon location purchased large quantity of the same item and tried to be helpful told the cashier total items in the shopping cart and paid by credit card. She gave me the receipt then move on help the next customer.
    I had to quickly push the shopping cart to the side to ask for bag to pack my own groceries. I can understand the policy changed but she was packing for the next customer. What a shopping experience !

  531. Briana helped me find some items at Pack 'n Save at 3889 San Pablo Ave. in Emeryville, CA on Sat. 08/01/15 - she did a good job and was very nice to me.

  532. Worst survey site EVER. I spent 10 minutes, asked my husband for his thoughts and we agree... if you want my opinions you need to make this user friendly. I don't want to join "I Love Survey" I just want to tell you about my Safeway shopping experience.

    Get it together pullllleeeeze...

  533. I enjoy shopping at the Safeway at 11275 Via Linda in Scottsdale. I have never been disappointed and the customer service is consistently good.

  534. This is one of the most difficult sites I have ever used or tried to in this case. There is no obvious way to enter the site no is there any Safeway logo to guide one through. I don't think you could make it any more confusing if you tried. Please fix this as I would like to make positive comments about my local Safeway and the team that runs it!!!

  535. Linda, manager of the Issaquah Safeway meat department, store 1624 went out of her way to help find solutions for an upcoming wedding. She worked hard to maximize Safeway specials as well as value added services Safeway provides its customers. Her efforts really pulled us out of a jam.

  536. I really love the cashiers. I give Renee a number 10 (5842) and Ramsey a 10 (8298). They are always helpful, kind and cheerful. I know it must be trying sometimes but they are wonderful employees for Safeway.

  537. I've spent 20 minutes trying to find the survey! There are no clear instructions and no matter where I click I end up in the survey instructions or another marketing site about surveys! This is bogus! DOES ANYONE READ THESE COMMENTS? I'm tired of wasting my time with a poorly designed site...I need to get ready for work.

  538. I'veWhere is this been encouraged to take this survey many times . so here I am! Now what ? This thing has given me a Headache ! I'm 72 years young, new to computer, & it's 2A.M. Where is this leading me ? The blur of self answered form ?'s left me thinking " I should have gone to bed...........Mike Wehnau

  539. After doing my shopping I was about 4 feet from the door to leave, and I heard over the speakers that you had some really nice things, vases and a lot of other floral things on sale!! I needed 3 vases and a pitcher to make floral pieces for my friends. I had been on Amazon ALL morning and nothing was nice. When I went into floral you had All of the colors I needed and the sizes!! Michele took the time to show me the variety of vases and glass bowls covered in colored twine, they were perfect!! And she also showed me a wonderful Pitcher in Aqua that was perfect for what I was doing. Everything that got turned out to be the finishing touch's to the gifts for my friends. If Michele hadn't taken the time to make the announcement I wouldn't have been able to do any of this. The prices and the product itself were just what I needed!! Thank You for 40 years of really great service and product!!

  540. Jesus Fucking H. Christ! Stop all the goddamn fiddle-fucking around and make it real easy to just go straight to a site where we can take a safeway survey in order to possibly win a $100 gift card!

  541. For heaven's sake!! I finally got to this site. There is no obvious place to "click" and proceed with the survey. There's just the dumb "how to take the survey" video that runs on and on. I find no where to get TO the survey! This is NOT a good site. It should be MUCH more obvious than this!

  542. I really needed a last minute birthday cupcake for my co-worker and your cake decorators Marisa and Kathy where VERY helpful. I couldn't thank them enough.

  543. On July 17, 2015 I had to purchase Hebrew Wieners for a funeral reception, Dustin, Jennifer and several others were very helpful to me. This was at the Safeway store #0400 at 3707 N. Main St. in Vancouver, Wa. 98663.

    I do most of my shopping at this store because it is the only grocery store in the downtown area of Vancouver. I can walk to it and I often do. The only problem is that it is an older store and it is smaller, and sometimes there are products they have for a while which I like, but then they don't keep them on the shelves because of lack of space. I have to find another product.

    Dustin was especially helpful for me on the 17th. I really appreciate him.

    Thank you

    Delores Ruge

  544. jeulz at store #1143 is a very kind helpful knowledgeable clerk I've ever found in stores. please reward her for going beyond her job.

  545. Shelton, at the Wheatland, WY Safeway store, was most helpful to my husband and myself when we visited the store on July 26, 2015. We were traveling and were unfamiliar with the store and Shelton took the time to direct us to the right area more than once. VERY helpful and VERY friendly!

  546. The Pharmacy service at the Woodland WA store provides service that is admirable. Philip the Pharmacist treated Matt Barela's multi pain prescriptions with energized interest, kinda like it was for his own family person feeling poorly. That day his helper Audrey mirrored this excellence, plus they worked together with synergy. Another time it was Jodi...who really shone as she dealt with irritable people and handled a crowd, I watched and I was one of the distressed with the surprise insurance restrictions...Jodi turned over the near finished line without a peep about her heavy service while a gal was on lunch break... these fine folk reflect great Management...I know from years as an employee and later owner...leadership lets in good-service that reflects care of the customer...God Smiles...Lady Lynn

  547. on 7/25/15 I purchased five sandwiches in the deli and a Suzi waited on me She was very efficient and quite quick I was pressed for time and she waited on me very efficiently and did a remarkable job A very worthwhile employee quite personable thank you Safeway

  548. I wanted give 5 stars to my server at Safeway Starbucks Zach ; he is often there to my perfect order with a smile and nice comments on how my day was (as I visit Safeway quite often). He is sincere and very kind. Thank-you for hiring such a nice, curtious young man.

  549. I was helped by employee #2322. He helped me get a refund on an item that I was
    overcharged for. Very helpful and professional.

  550. Randy, at safeway CleElum store was very helpful. he works in meat dept. but still helped me with items often sold out by ordering what i needed also called when arrived at store. great service from Randy.shE

  551. I am very pleased, as a new resident of Brentwood, with the Safeway on Balfour Blvd! Store is clean and it's easy to find what I need, most all of the time. When I've needed help, all the employees are very helpful. Checkout is good ... either through self-check out or the regular lines. There always seems to be a box-person helping the clerk -- I like their friendliness. Staff seem cheerful and the products excellent throughout the store, but especially in produce dept where fruits and vegetables are very fresh and displayed in a good way. Thanks!

  552. Your employees are trying so hard to get points for being "nice". I stopped at safeway on my way home from work. The lines were very long. The cashier spent so much time trying to "win" this contest that people were walking out of the store and leaving their purchases. The two customer's before me did not speak English. She went on and on. I have never seen it take so long to ring up two items and reminder that the lines were long. I only had one item. Safeway in Pittsburg had a lot of angry customer tonight. There is a line between being nice and being productive?

  553. I frequent the Safeway store at Tatum/Greenway in Phoenix. I tried to take the survey and it keeps on stalling. Anyway, I wanted to let Liz (Customer Service Manager) know about 2 of her Cashiers that provide excellent customer service. The 2 cashiers are Michael & Gina. Both of these people are upbeat & personable!! I always look forward to them being on the registers....a true pleasure...

  554. I shopped today the Contra Costa Blvd. location in Pleasant Hill Ca. I have to say my time there was a great one. Kim the cashier was helpful and engaging. She was cute too.

  555. I been a customer at the Safeway Newark, CA for more than 25 years. The new associate named Staci, she has an excellent customer service skills, very helpful and pleasant. You made a right choice hiring her.

  556. The Survey ran too quick and couldn't read it,plus it automacily answered all the questions without my input. I wish the pharmacy would order my Mertformin from a company that doesn't have pills that stink of fish. It's disgusting. I have to take them for my diabetes and I'm new to Safeway and never had that problem before. The clerks seem to think it's natural.

  557. I experienced one of the worst service failures ever with Safeway. The deli counter/sandwich line at lunch time was staffed with one person when the deli had 6 people and although I asked twice for assistance no one came over. This was at 12:20 (lunch time). I counted over 9 people served while I waited for 15 when I was NEXT in line. The sandwich line had 6 people lined up before anyone came to assist. No apology, overcharged, out of bread, out of deli meats, and the staff had a disposition of being annoyed. I telephoned two days later and spoke with Neelam (Safeway - Downtown Sacramento near 19th and S?) who was pleasant, apologized, asked me to come back and compensated me with a gift card. I frequent this location due to my work location. Neelam was amazing and has more than made up to a horrible experience. Neelam is what makes Safeway a place I like to shop and patron.

  558. I would very much like to compliment the bakery department in the Trinidad, CO store. Lucinda Lovato goes above and beyond to make sure her customers get the products the way they want. Please note and reward this fine employee because it is people like her that make me come back to buy bread at your store and not Walmart.
    Note for improvement at this location, milk products are almost always at due date or past due!
    Thank you,

  559. I always shop at safeway 1436 cherry in the bakery an outstanding person to work with.she always right there to help with any question and shes always has a smile on her face always take time to say hi to us.good job cherry two thumps ups for you! rate 10

  560. Lisa and Miguel at Safeway 1550 (Seattle - Roosevelt) are very helpful and friendly. Pleasure to shop at their store.

  561. I shop the Safeway store on 53rd street in Corvallis OR, Cathy in the meat dept. Is an outstanding person to work with. Cathy is always right there to help with any questions I might have she always has a smile on her face and always always takes the time to say hi to us and make sure we know about all the specials in her dept. All in all she is customer service is excellent !!!

  562. My cashier today was Noah at the Rancho Cordova, ca. store. The store was very busy but Noah worked very fast and greeted everyone including me and my family with a positive attitude and a smile. He is an excellent cashier positive employee and made my families experience today a very positive one. Thank you.

  563. I tried doing this earlier on my phone and I don't think it worked.
    I had to get some flowers for my sister-in-law yesterday and this young girl was so helpful I really
    appreciated all her help because I was in a hurry and I was in and out. Thank you Stephanie.
    This was at the Safeway at on Washington Blvd. San Leandro. The store number is 994.

  564. I use a power chair find everyone in the store will help me with something I want on higher selves. I shop at Safeway 462 I appreciate Alice amoung the many who work at this Safeway. thank u

  565. I have been shopping @ Safeway store #543 on Yelm Highway in Lacey 98503
    for 22 years, all I can say that all employees specially Nicole's Pharmacy staff are very helpful und friendly, all other employees are friendly and kind, naming just a few Cindy, Kat, Kama, Liz, and of coarse the very nice and helpful Skip the manager. I am happy to have such a clean, always stocked shelves, wonderful store close by. And the produce section rocks.
    I am overall very satisfied with this Safeway store that earns a clean 10. from me.
    Karin K.

  566. I wasn't able to find the survey, that's fine with me. One of the things I like best at Safeway #799 117 Morrisey Blvd Santa Cruz is the morning courtesy clerks, Tom, Jim, and also Jeff. They do a really good job. They are the main reason I shop this Safeway.

  567. I don't like thin cuts of meat to grill, when I asked Vicki C at store 1951 on 7/16//15 @12:05code 0086 8852, for a special cut, it was " yes Mr Scott" and " will this be ok sir" and "thanks for letting me be of help". wonderful lady, but this is where I shop because I am an older man and the gals all look after me which makes me feel very comfortable, it's like being at home

  568. I have appreciated Dee's helpful service for many years at store #1047 in Lake Oswego, OR.

  569. I want to personally thank Monifa for the exterordinary service provided for me today. She realized that I had not put in my telephone number due being involved in a conversation. She corrected the sale for me to include my telephone number. I thank her so much for bringing this error to my attention and making the correction (without my having to request the same). In addition, she is always professional as I have often been checked out by her.

    Thanks again Monifa

  570. I don.t mind taking surveys, but it takes to several ones that was no included to get your $100.00 and then it does not take you to the spot to claim your $100.00, then I am very disappointed.

  571. I do my weekly shopping at Safeway in Stayton, OR. A couple weeks ago, I went in and there was a man ringing a bell, saying he was Mike the Sample Guy. He is awesome. We have grown to listen for the bell and say hey it's Mike the Sample Guy - with that he comes with his samples. This man is so friendly. Tonight I went in to get a few things I ran out of and as I was walking out, I saw Mike. He wasn't doing the samples, but I held my hand to my ear like I was listening for his bell. He saw me and laughed. He told me to wait, he would be right back. In a couple minutes, here he came with a cold Safeway bottle of water. Then he explained he isn't always the sample guy, but proceeded to ask if he could take my groceries out to my vehicle. What a wonderful way to end my day.

  572. Safeway
    store #2856, Bernal Ave, Pleasanton..great experience today with Debra checker and Becky bagger...can't find survey, so just wanted to say thanks to both these lovely ladies.

  573. I shop at 707 Contra Costa Blvd. Monica (cashier staff in the mornings) is "very" friendly and helpful. The bakery staff is also friendly...when they choose to help out. When I need assistance, some of the bakery staff will walk right past me as if I was invisible; it can be very frustrating. I make eye contact some of the bakery staff members and some will quickly look away and continue their task(s). I understand clearly each employee has a job to do; making the customer feel like they are a bother or inconvenience leaves a bad feeling behind for the customer. The customer is the reason a business exists.

  574. I had issues with this survey,not easy to follow. I am a new customer with Safeway, the store is clean and easy to find things. The first time I went the gal who checked me out was not that friendly. I was informed that if my coupon could not be scanned, I would not be able to use it because it was store policy not to type in coupons, which I disagree with! I was not sure I would be going back, but I thought I would give it another try, Cindy was very friendly.

  575. They are very nice there I like the way they help when you need something And Lauren is very nice you need more like her THANK YOU

  576. I had trouble taking this survey.what a screwed up system I have been a Safeway shopper for over 20 years. I shop at 707 Contra Costa Blvd. I shopped there today and Monica Waited on me. She is a great employee you should be happy you have her. On the negative part you guys need to stop charging for bags. I think you guys are rich enough. You customers would be happier.

  577. I visited Safeway store #2754. In the floral department Carrie helped put together a floral arrangement for my mom which was beautiful. She then did two more for two residence at the Pioneer home for me. Best customer service ever! Carrie was so helpful and made three elderly woman so happy. Safeway needs more employees like Carrie who care about what they are doing and the people they are helping.
    Thank you!

  578. I visited store 2932 and Joshua Gale decorated my friends cake, and he did an excellent job. He went out of his way to help us have a perfect cake for my friend, Johnny. He gave the best customer service I have ever had at a grocery store or bakery. He should be commended.

  579. Outstanding customer service ! The meat department at the Soldotna Safeway in Alaska was more than helpful. They took the time to help me and also help finding the right price. I cannot asked for anything better than that. Thank you Safeway, I enjoy my shopping experience every time and consider you one of the BEST !

  580. We shop @ Safeway in Surprise, Az. and always find everyone . . . whether it be Soft Goods, Pharmacy, Produce, Meat, etc., to always go the extra mile to help. If you have a confused look on your face, they take you immediately to the product ( s ) you are looking for. The Store Mgr., Katie, is always professional and friendly . . . eager for your shopping experience to be a memorable one. I don't know of any other Pharmacists that will call you and find out how you are doing as this particular does, #1997 . . . Dawata, Ian, Trish, Amy, Jen and all of the others that I haven't learned their names . . . they are interns, and are always helpful, as well. I could go on for a long time of what this store means to my wife & myself . . . but, I think space will soon run out. Luis, in the meat dept. & George, are always giving us tips on how to cook our meat from Safeway . . . the best cut to buy, etc. There is a box-boy (not for sure if this is PC name for the position), but he has some physical difficulties . . . using hand braces to walk . . . and he has more energy and the 'want to help' attitude than most other employees . . . he's always offering to push my cart to the car for me . . . and I find him the most admirable young man . . . he will, hopefully, go a long way with Safeway . . . they have over-looked his disabilities and looked within this sweet, young man! WAHOO TO SAFEWAY FOR LOOKING BEYOND DIFFICULTIES THIS YOUNG MAN HAS, AND HAS SEEN HIS ABILITY TO MAKE SO MANY PEOPLE DESPITE THE HARDSHIP IT IS FOR HIM TO WALK . . . EVERYONE SHOULD SEE HIM AS AN AWESOME EXAMPLE ! ! ! We have the best people at store #1997 . . . and if you had a hard time finding this survey . . . SOMEWHERE there is a problem . . . I had no problem . . . and I didn't get annoyed trying to think between the lines to help employees receive the kudos they should for a job in retail that is, for the most part, a thankless job. I've seen people be so rude to the cashiers & carry-out personnel . . . and I have stood up for my Safeway employees ! They are to be commended for always being pleasant, when circumstances are NOT ALWAYS GREAT! Store 1997 . . .. you deserve gift cards . . . we don't ! God Bless our Safeway Store #1997 ! ! ! I don't care that WINCO is right next door . . . Safeway is my store ! ! ! ! ! HOORAH ! ! ! LOVE MY PHARMACISTS & TECHS ! ! !

  581. Cyndi has always been the friendliest cashier at Safeway in Surprise for the 9 years that we have lived here . . . professional, always willing to give you expertise information on products you ask about and quick & efficient. There should be 10 of Cyndi . . . she is an asset to the Safeway Corp.

  582. Our Kenai Safeway; in Alaska, is in my opinion the best in the state. My only suggestion, please work on keeping fresh chicken and Chinese food available in the deli department. I can not count on the times the Chinese food was hard and old, even at times not made correctly. I stopped buying the crispy chicken, because of how dry it was. I have made it clear many times that the deli needs some love and care, but no one seems to be listening? I have since stopped going to the deli, and I have noticed the lines that once kept me from the yummy Chinese food, has all but disappeared. Other than the deli, there is not much that could be improved upon. I think our Safeway has the freshest fruits and veggies in town! That is more than enough to keep coming back. But also some of the most helpful and courteous employees around too. Thanks Safeway, D.L.M.

  583. Sheryl at store #1651 is always smiling and happy. She makes my shopping at Safeway enjoyable.
    Sheryl makes me feel very special.

  584. Again I tried to enter the contest with my receipt from 7/08/2015, and again I could not find the correct survey site. I am giving up trying to win a $100.00 gift card, and I will probably shop less at Safeway because of this. I am tired of the hassle. I don't want to learn about engineering or any other company or have to set up an account with someone to try to do your survey. Your store manager, Debbie Buhl, should be told of these problems.
    Thank you

  585. My Safeway is at 3334 Alhambra in Martinez, CA. I have been shopping here since 1976 and won't even shop other Safeways because they have everything I need and I know exactly where it will be every visit. They also have the freshest and best tasting produce of any store in the area! Tyler was very helpful at my last shopping visit on July 10th. I recommend Safeway to everyone!

  586. I would like to let Silverdale Safeway #1680, how very impressed I am with Alex from the customer service department. She is very professional and friendly. She is always willing to suggest movies and keeps calm during busy hours. Thank you for having such great service at the customer service department.

  587. The Safeway store in Seaside OR has some of the most helpful staff of any store that I visit. The store is always clean and well.

  588. We came to your Chelan for a quick vacation, really enjoyed shopping at your store, many employees were so helpful, we did have a long wait at the Deli but Amanda and Kelly R were outstanding thank you for your amazing service and being so kind to our children we will be back for sure...

  589. Now, I've been trying to download this survey site and nothing happens. Would love to answer any questions you have.

  590. Our visit to Safeway at Bancroft and Treat Blvd. in Walnut Creek has always been pleasant. We have been buying our groceries here since 1978. The service has always always been pleasant. Not only the service but all the products sold at the store!

    Thank you for your good customer service.

  591. Visited the safeway in lynden WA, and I was surprised at the excellent service and customer appreciation shown to me and my wife. Thank you CINDY N. and SCOTT W.

    great store, definitely coming back to staff like these two mentioned.

  592. Staff is friendly and courteous, But your inventory control is terrible, Two main items that we purchase are often out of stack, about every third visit. The items are Schweppes 1 liter diet tonic water and the other item is Lucerne Belgium Chocolate Toffee coffee creamer.Waste of gas and time driving to the store for those items.

  593. I have always been very pleased with the service at Safeway. I tried to fill out the survey, but found the web site and all of the ads and pop ups frustrating and impossible to get to the actual survey.

  594. Tried to do survey today, but of course it was a pain in the ass to find the right survey. I did one before and was able to get right away. My shopping at Safeway was very good, this survey nonsense not so good.

  595. Nazanin at the Alamo, Ca. Safeway is always friendly and helpful.When I shop I make a point of using her checkstand.I travel an extra few miles to shop at the Alamo store...even the manager says hello and asks if I found everything I needed..a well run attractive store with friendly and efficient staff

  596. Could not complete survey because it would not continue. Very disappointed at you web site and felt it was NOT easy to navigate. Shop daily at Safeway.

  597. Dan H. in the meat department of your store in Blossom Valley/Mountain View, CA was especially thoughtful and helpful. A good man.

    (Please do not send me any offers, promotions or anything else, thanks. I simply want Dan's good service to be recognized.)

  598. Having been trying to take the "survey" but nothing downloads from the site!

    As usual, the pharmacy staff at store #3250 in Alexandria, VA 22302 is extraordinary. Don't know how these guys and gals keep it so positive - but they're always prompt, friendly and efficient.

    I would like to take the survey!

  599. I went to the produce department yesterday. 7/7 There was no Belgian endive, so I asked
    and employee for help. Great help. Went to the back and got a new box. Very professional
    and such a pleasant manner. His name is Anthony. Rather made my day, Thanks so much.

    Then, the check out clerk, was rather exceptional pleasant. I had quite a day in your store.
    And I've been shopping there since it opened? c. 1973 when we moved into Campus Commons.
    (Nearby residential area) His name was Jim.

    I particularly got the names since they made by day. Thank you, Safeway. No emails please except a reply

  600. i really love diane and nextis janet there the most wonderful girls at safeway in ft mohave az

  601. Safeway is a pleasant store to shop. The cashiers and floor personnel are friendly and very helpful. The store is nice, neat and kept clean. Know where things are when going in and helpful to know when you want a quick in out.

  602. was shopping at your Severna-Park store on Benfield blvd (410) 647-9487
    on Friday July 3 2015 ... and wanted to thank "Phil" from the pharmacy dept.
    for outstanding customer service, sorry i took a lot of his time. not only did he help me, but he was helping others. it was very busy in there. and never once did he lose his cool, or ever get an attitude. i give him a 10... and i want to also thank the front-end manager, for her excellent customer service. and for her telling me about this survey.. i hope you do something good for them.

  603. Could not find where to participate in survey on this site.

    Ridiculous attempt by Safeway to obtain valid information, great idea - useless process.

    Wanted to compliment Youssef at store 3472 on July 4,2015 for being excellent for all he does to help customers. Give him a 10 out of 10 with 10 the highest.

    Give the person who designed this site for an employee survey less than 0 with the highest being a 10.

  604. i use store #2080 & rate them a 10 every time. Your survey is vague & self-interested...not for Safeway use.

  605. I have been trying to take the survey for a month now and cannot get to it not very userfriendly

  606. on my most recent visit to Safeway, I couldn't find an item that I hoped they would have. I asked for help, expecting the clerk to point at where to find it. Instead, she came from behind the pharmacy counter and took me to the rack where the item was located. Her name is Kassandra Perez and I appreicate her help. I'm very glad to have purchased the item as well.

  607. is there a reason you never carry la victoria salsa ranchera and milk-bone trail mix

  608. i shop at our local safeway#0989. this is regarding mrs.kimberly taylor,manager at safeway at 774 admiral callaghan lane in vallejo ca 94591, in the 29 nine years that i have shopped at safeway. i have never met a more professional, friendly and efficient person as Mrs. taylor.
    qualities that i find extremely rare in other stores. you are very fortunate to have such a person on your team. Jacob A. Leyba, Safeway Shopper. shopper #0121

  609. I was asked to complete a survey by a checker in Newport OR, Debbie H.
    I was not told I needed a receipt code. I was not told this is a marketing gimmick to phish my information. I wanted to provide positive feedback for that good employee. You folks botched it up big time. Sounds like Alberston's garbage to me.

  610. Always friendly people there except the customer have a attitude when I go into and though the store.

  611. I would like to give 2 of your employees a At score for their outstanding customer service in your deli department. The location is store 1467 Safeway on callow Ave. in Bremerton WA. The employee's names are Joel Marsteller and Aimee Fletcher. They went above and beyond to a young and older customer. Thank you so much for having them as part of your team.

  612. Ihave spent over an hour trying to find the place to let you know I appreciated the kindness of Chris who was in the hot weather bar-b-queing at the 185th store in Hillsboro, Or. I get all kinds of surveys but nothing for giving my receipt and my support for him. This site seems to be where I should do it and gave a demo but cant find where to fill out.

    Don't offer people to give feedback until you simplify this website.

  613. I have been shopping at the Burns Oregon Safeway for years. Kelly is always my favorite checker.
    She is always helpful, fast and knows who you are the minute you walk up.

  614. Gina is always a joy to see at Safeway. She treats people with respect and kindness even when they aren't nice to her. She always has a calm personality.

  615. I must admit that I am a daily customer at Safeway Starbucks in Cottage Grove Or 97424....Mariah has a strong work ethic...very impressive for a young woman...Fernando is equally motivated and has a great attitude and responds well to the public...Alec always has a smile and works hard...

  616. Hi...I have tried multiple times to enter the Safeway survey, but it keeps asking for a survey code. I would love to complete the survey in hopes of winning a gift card. However, since I am unable to complete the survey, I would like to say that I am very pleased with the updates that are and have been completed at the Safeway store in Clearlake, CA. The employee's are great. They are friendly, professional and make your trip to the store a pleasant experience. That includes, cashiers. baggers, the deli, bakery, all employees. One of my favorite employee's is Teresa, if I am correct her number on my receipt is 5634. When you go through the check out line in her lane, you always leave with a smile on your face. She is friendly and professional all in one. The safeway store number on my receipt is 984. I just wanted to send this information since for whatever reason I am having trouble with the survey. I thought it was important for you to know the satisfaction at this safeway. Thank You Kathy

  617. I love safeway Tahoe city! I have lived here all my life and have always hoped you guys would expand with a bakery? im loyal to your store as you have the best staff. Please add a bakery as you would for sure get all the business on the North shore. the only reason some locals and tourist shop at savemart is the bakery. so many people come on vacation and really are disappointed in that. I hear it all the time as I have a business also. Tonight was a girl named Aubrey she was so awesome and super happy. Please please please expand like Truckee and Kings Beach.

  618. The store was dirty. I could not find fresh garlic in the produce department and you were low
    on soda water and tonic water. There was no one to ask although employees rushed by me as if
    going to catch a train.

    I do not like this store with the drug store in the middle. I avoid it! Take a look at your store at
    the Marina District in San Francisco.

    The checkout clerk was pleasant.

  619. Leinani at the Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii store is always a pleasure to deal with. She is always smiling, helpful, efficient, and a credit to the Safeway organization. She always gives a lift to my day.

  620. Florist Heather at Safeway 1993 is a real gem. She is always so helpful; you can be sure that she will create an amazing flower arrangement.

  621. My cashier Asmeret at the Rainier Beach Safeway (#1965) was very helpful and friendly as always. She always has a cheerful attitude and asks if you found everything you needed or need help taking your purchases to your vehicle.

    I wanted to take the survey, but I could not get to the survey site. I would still like to take the survey! I only reached the survey site to continue taking surveys online to earn cash.

  622. customers are being asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey,, I have tried every listing and keep getting "INVALID CODE " TRY AGAIN,, SO WITCH SAFEWAY WEB SITE DO YOU HAVE FOR THE SURVEYS?

  623. Bree, is always helpful, cheerful, happy to check us out when others act like it's a job. For Bree its a pleasure. Store # 1535

  624. You have too much to sift through to find the survey that I gave up. I do want you to know that Joel foster from the Terra Linda store is always so nice and he was very helpful today. M

  625. I am a 14 year long term resident and shopper of this Safeway Store #1993. I have had a consistently friendly and helpful experience at your check out line. Robert S. is one of the employees at your store with a happy professional personality that always puts a big smile on my face. I really appreciate the staff and crew that works at this store. I feel as if I've become part of a family. Robert always remembers me and my sons. We have grown to feel very welcome at this Safeway.
    Thank You for all that you do to provide a great place to shop.

    Ms. Davis

  626. ALOHA
    I continuously use and enjoy the Kihei Safeway. Many of the crew is important and Veronica who works at the self use cashier station is EXTREMELY helpful and is VERY able to help a lot of "quick moving" people and still keep everybody smiling and happy.
    This Kihei Safeway is a wonderful spot to shop and it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I said and MEAN that!!!
    David & Ruby Makuch
    [email protected]

  627. All staff are very friendly. Ethan, Leta, and Tabi are names I remember off the top of my head. Jon, who is not a checker is very nice. He read a package label for me when I forgot my glasses.

  628. I shopped at Safeway, Mililani, Hawaii, on June25,2015. I wanted to buy Jello, in the Dairy case, but I couldn't reach it because the shelf was too high for me to reach. Gary Young, SafewayStore Manager, happened to pass by, and asked me if I needed help. He got the jello for me and even got me a cart. He went above and beyond to help me out. I really appreciated his awesome service!!!! I will always shop at Safeway, Mililani, because of Gary!!!

  629. Jeanette was the cashier lady today that assisted me in checkout. She is very nice and professional, but she always is when she checks me out. Travis bagged my groceries and was very professional as well. No complaints.

  630. Safeway stores are the best, the town that I live in, has only one grocery store and that's Safeway I think the managers do a fine job of making sure that the customers are well taken care of and being professional, that means a lot to me, because courtesy and a clean store with happy employees is the goal to keep customers coming back.

  631. The Lodi Safeway store is #1in my book. Everyone is so courteous & eager to assist you.

  632. I love Safeway Stores always nice the one are city closed but happy when i see one in the town we are in.

  633. My Cashier was great. She needs some good help. She was the only one that really knows what to do there. This deli was my favorite one to go to, until the cook changed. The food is not always cooked right now (generals Chicken) I always have problems with the pop machine and today is a good example of this. The Co2 was out and Adrian was the only one who knew how to change it. It's in the back room so I suppose it would take a while to filter up to the machine, but I ended up with an over syrup pop AGAIN. I called to speak to the manager of the store- not there, the back up went home early. The gal that spoke to me was very nice and apologetic, however I still feel dis-satisfied with the 5th Ave Safeway in Yakima WA :(

  634. My favorite Floral Department is at Store #4404. I was a Floral Manager for years and know what it takes --- This one rocks around the clock in all seasons. The dispalays pull me in everytime. They are fresh, appealing and eye catching, but my favorite part is the the upbeat, warm and helpful spirit of the Manager. I will always think of her when I have Floral needs.

  635. Today shopping at Safeway in Cottage Grove Nick went beyond his job to help me. I rate our store a 10. Cheryl in flowers is very friendly and helpful. Russ will always help me. Our store is clean and looks inviting.

  636. Pak N Save is my favorite grocery store. All cashiers are very friendly and extremely helpful especially at the Deli. I love to buy their sandwiches because it's fresh. The store has good parking for the shoppers. The store has fresh fruits and vegetables.

  637. My local Safeway is small and somewhat outdated. I do like the Safeway Organic brands and purchase these often!


  639. When I visit Safeway, it's for more than food or product; it's for a good feeling from Kelly at Customer Service (#3265 Chelan, WA). Kelley is always impeccably dressed which makes a customer feel respected. Furthermore, Kelley helps if it's her department or not; she will go out of her way, and if she doesn't know an answer, she'll find someone who does. I can always depend on Kelley to give me the best advice. Kelley makes Safeway more than simply shopping; she makes my day.

  640. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been shopping at Safeway my entire life. The cashiers are friendly, the food is always fresh, and there is ample parking when I do shop there.

    Excellent job.


    Ernest Chen

  641. Thank you, Mr. Bill for listening to me! It was a pleasure to talk with you and your assistant manager, “Tongue.”
    I think offering your customers flowers at half-price would be a strong community-building gesture and demonstrate a sincere interest in the quality of life for the people who support your presence in this community and who probably can’t often afford the choice of fresh flowers for their dinner table. Think about it. What a positive impact you could make in so many lives with so simple a gesture! And this experience just might inspire you to consider other customer benefits your corporate choices can embody without a circus of applause. Just start doing the right thing – one thing at a time!
    Thanks for listening!

  642. Michelle Lorenz from the Newark, CA store is awesome! Friendly, helpful...service with a smile.

  643. The service was wonderful. Chloe was my grocery assistant and helped me put my groceries in the car. She is AWESOME !! What a great asset to your Safeway Team

  644. I was buying flowers and found them cheaper so I exchanged them, Nik was a great help and friendly the whole time. There was a bit of a wait, but Nik had a smile on for each person and did all he could to help each of us at store 3252, in Moses Lake.

  645. I was buying some flowers at Safeway in Aikahi Shopping Center in Kailua, HI. They were for my wife and I wasn't sure what to get. Then Dani came along and took time to show me the different flowers, adding her touch of expertise with respect to the type of flower, color and freshness. Once I selected the flowers, Dani went the extra step and wrapped them in a most beautiful way. It was five-star plus service. Thank you, Dani for your superb care. Oh, my wife loved the flowers and that way they were wrapped.

  646. I enjoy shopping at my local safeway Store #1291 The cashier was very helpful and friendly her name is Dina and she called a boy, I think his name was Travis to help me to my car. Safeway employees at store 1291 are all very nice and helpful. I give safeway a 10!!

  647. As always, the Safeway #2639 provided me with consistent and friendly service to my needs. The staff, especially Barb are friendly and greet you personally. I love the layout of the products in the store.

  648. Every time I shop at rose st. Safeway in walla walla, I go through Amy's line because she always gives the up most respect and she always makes sure I found everthing okay, and if I don't she always tells me where I can find what im looking for if safeway carrys it. Thank you Amy.

  649. Today at Rose st. Safeway in Walla Walla, Amy at register 3 knew how to do her job along with getting everything done quick. I am very impressed.

  650. I was shopping today at the rose street safeway in Walla Walla, Amy was quick with her service and very kind speaking. She deserves a gold star.

  651. I went through cash register 1 where this pretty chick named Amy was working and had a great conversation along with great customer service. She showed me that I can get points on my safeway card for gas.
    Walla Walla WA rose st. safeway.

  652. Amy's customer service is excellent! I will always go through her check line whenever I am shopping at rose street safeway!

  653. Amy Coyle, her service was on top, she always asks me how my shopping is and if I found everything alright. She also answers all of my safeway questions that I may have at that time. I love going through her line.

  654. Today at 13:52, I came into store #3285; in which is located on 1275 E. Sunset Avenue to purchase lunch items on the go since I was in a bit of a rush. While shopping, I was able to find everything I needed. Once approaching the cashiering area my cashier Gayle was a fun, heavenly person. Her customer services skills was spot on, and she even cared for baggier boy who was in need of water. She responding "go get some water before you pass out", you don't see this level of care in store today. I generally shop at Win Co, but after having a terrible experience I switched to Safeway. I can shop and get points to get cents off gas. A total bonus for me. This level of service keeps me coming back for more each day.
    Thank you Gayle, and Safeway for being a total winner

  655. I started shopping at the Flagstaff, AZ (Cedar) store about 6 months ago and I'm so glad I switched from shopping at Fry's. The prices are wonderful and the quality is amazing. The staff is always wonderful and helpful.

  656. My husband and I were shopping at Safeway Store #2624 in Broomfield Colorado.
    We received excellent service from Cheryl in the meat department.
    The overall store was well stocked and pristine!

  657. Debbie was really efficient/competent & very pleasant to work with at the Safeway on Taft Hill Rd and Drake in Fort Collins

  658. in my previous comment i totally forgot one of the most important message we always look for one cashier in particular her name is darlene at store #248. she is fantastic.

  659. my husband and i usually visit the safeway in old bullhead early in the am 2-3 times a week. we find everyone very friendly and knowledgeable. we find the prices better than most other places to shop.

  660. Im always greeted with a friendly smile and a welcome to Safeway. There is one employee that offerers above and beyond service. bill D. He is always ready take you to an item that i can't find and always offers free samples of Grapes of Peaches or Apples. He always leaves me with a smile on my face and makes me feels Im given special treatment and cares what about making sure my each shopping experience is pleasurable. when an item is out of stock,he also ways goes to back to check to see if there are any. sometimes we luck out and others time the store has not received the shipment. Bill offers to substitute a like item at the same price. Great Service and always very friendly.

  661. During my visit to Safeway on John, i was presently surprised by the friendly service I received by one of your employees. Bill D. in the Produce Department greeted my with a friendly smile and asked my how my day was going.he also asked if he could assistant me in finding something i was looking for today. We stopped at the Grapes and he offered to let me try some of them. As we passed by bing cherries he once again opened the bag and offered for me to take some as he told me how delicious they were.

    I told Bill that I looking for some apples to make a pie for my brothers birthday. He said he had just the Apples that he thought might work perfect for what I was looking for. We tasted several Apples and I desided to go with the Fuji Apples. He then asked me if I had purchased The pie crust and brought be over to the dairy department and recommend the pillsbury pie crust and some whip cream which I purchased.

    After that Bill asked me if there was anything else he could do for me he left me and said if there was to contact him and he would be more then happy to help. He also mentioned that the Strawberries were on sale and they were going quick.

    It is employees like Bill D that make it a true pleasure to shop at Safeway. ill definitely be coming back and doing my grocery shopping there. Im new to town.

    Thank you.

  662. Your survey page is not user friendly at all. After spending about 10 minutes just trying to find it, I still don't know if I did it right. However, Lauren ( the cashier), was very friendly and polite.
    We have been shopping at #5180 for awhile now and will continue to because of the polite service we receive there. Just wish the web page was as friendly.

  663. Stephanie came right over and opened another register and was very friendly. #1643 has always been my favorite store. The blond in the meat department has always been very helpful also.

  664. Always a great place to shop. Dee was warm and friendly checking me out, and the lovely lady in the floral dept. was just as wonderful. Love shopping at Store # 1047!

  665. I came in to see about getting a friend something for her birthday and had asked help from Aurora in the florist department, she was egger to help and asked what I had in mind, she gather all kinds of products for me to choose from, she made it so easy for me.
    Thank You Aurora, she (birthday girl) was all smiles

  666. I shop at Safeway frequently because of location and prices. Safeway carries pet food that our animals eat and the price is reasonable. We also enjoy the Safeway bakery and floral departments.

  667. Your survey site is:
    1 - not easy to find
    2 - the identifier code on your receipt is only 4 digits not the length 'code' I thought was needed initially
    3 - when you open the 'survey' it requests a 'test statement' in a blank box
    4 - And then it closes
    5 - where was the survey?
    Not a user friendly web site. You can do better Safeway. Why not have a direct link from your own website? It might make it easier to find. Thanks.

  668. Jessica D. at the Safeway Store #9415 in Lincoln City, OR is always helpful and smiling - no matter how busy the day has been!

  669. Your Napa Checker, Dan, should be considered as a exceptional person; helpful, knowledgable, and fast.

  670. I can't find the survey! I've been trying for the last 15 minutes....would like to say I am happy with my local Safeway but it's very confusing. I spent $100 there today and wanted to give them my feedback. CAN'T FIND THE SURVEY!!!

  671. I always have a great shopping experience when I go to the Sunnyvale safeway on el camino especially when Shawn is working. She always is welcoming and makes conversation and it seems that everyday is a good day. This girl deserves a raise!

  672. I shop at store No. 1664 (Burien) Lisa Noel, who works in the bakery is
    always so sweet and helpful. She is always willing to go beyond her expected
    job title and look forward to seeing her when I shop there. Love the cake she
    decorated for our office and also the cake was delicious!! Thanks Lisa for a good job!!!

  673. I shop at the Auburn Safeway store and the clerk Darlene Hargle is fast and very pleasant all the time. She is very efficient and always has a smile for you.

  674. I very much like my local Safeway store. My only complaint is that sometimes items I want are not on the shelves. Yesterday there was no Lucerne Coffee Creamer French Vanilla in the "Sugar Free" variety.

  675. I have been a on line shopper for a while with you guys. Today I called them 800 after my order was delivered. Iam a very un HAPPY CUSTOMER to the point I will no longer do business with you. I can not understand the items I had ordered Most of the commom products were not available. I was either receiving 2 items instead of 4 ordered or nothing at all. This is not the first time this happens, One time I had order milk, eggs you guys did not have the item, Today I got 2 different responses, the driver told me a regular cake had to be special order, when in the past I had received with no problems. The customer service employee I spoke to on the phone told me the merchandize comnes from the store, and the reason I did not get the items because I ordered to be delivery to early. I will not continue doing business with Vons, sometimes is the people you deal with make you go somewere else. My order # is 7084899 49976 schedule delivery 6/11/2015. The driver was also late, also not the first time...sorry not even a free product to make up for the poor SERVICE

  676. the safeway #2892 1100 4th Street
    service is bad, food is bad, they don't carry fresh food or what you ask for. Always a line,
    freezers are broke. It should be closed

  677. A good store but I have looked for sweet young coconuts [in brentwood ca] and they were moldy on top. Other than that I am always satisfied.

  678. I visited the local Safeway on May 28, 2015 with a large order for my granddaughters graduation party on may 30. The help that I received was incredible. Everyone was so kind and directed me in the right direction. I honestly can not say enough about three employees in the Culpeper Store in Culpeper va 22701.( Edith -- Greg -- and -- Mike ) also Maria (Bakery) What a team !! You should be proud . I know It made our event a special time Thank-you ! Thank - you Reference # 150529124517

  679. I always get incredible service at my Safeway on harmony road in Fort Collins, Colorado.

  680. this store is always short handed, need more cashiers that do not need to run between the service desk and the registers

    last visit 5/27/15,14:11,3727(5) 44,97417773

  681. Yesterday my daughter and I where at our local St.Johns Safeway in North Portland. We has great customer service from your deli employee Renee. The deli was very busy and Renee was friendly, organized and gave us great customer service.

  682. Yesterday my husband and I had a delightful shopping experience at your Redmond Store, managed by Jeff Nordstrom. I needed a chicken de-boned and when I asked for help Crystal
    personally handled my request, and brought Steve, the meat cutter in to our conversation. They were both so willing and so helpful. Big smiles on their faces, made me smile.
    Then I needed some help in Produce and Steve and I started a fun game of "ask me" and he helped me find 4 different items. We laughed during the search together at how helpful a Produce guy can be! When Ivy checked me out she was totally efficient and helpful. Thanks to all of you,
    there's a reason I drive from Sisters to Redmond to ship; YOU

  683. David-Manager @ Novato Fair Safeway very helpful in helping me find an item I had hard time locating.He really went out of his way to assist me.If all Safeway emplyoees were like David your Safeway stores would be very well thought of-Thanks again David-Date 5/25/15 @ 2:22pm-0979 07 0240 0978

  684. There is a butcher named Tony G. that works in your Rohnert Park, Ca store. He consistently gives excellent personal service and always greets me and has a big smile. He is patient with indecisive customers, and those whose English is still a little green. He is an excellent asset to your store, I look forward to his banter whenever I shop. I find myself passing by to say Hi even when I'm not buying meat that day :-) What a pleasant experience shopping is at that store!

  685. Marta and Jessica are very polite and patient at the check out, and I am known for all the coupons and transactions I do because I shop for other people as well.


  687. I asked Susan for help buying a Blue electronic cigarette. She acted like it was a total inconvenience for her to wait on me. I have shopped Safeway since the old store opened. My how things have changed.

  688. Safeway store in Prince Frederick, MD 20678. I am a regular customer because it is the best store to shop at in my area. Always helpful people, never had any problems. Lady named Janice, at customer service, has always been helpful.

  689. Ashley was very fast and efficient and helped with ease. It was refreshing and we had no clue about Senior appreciation Day and appreciated it very much. Thank you very much.

  690. I live in this neighborhood, 5 blocks from Safeway. I'm a home owner, and I've seen this neighborhood change in the last 12 years. A "Whole Foods" is now going up across the street and that's fine for all the California transplants who are buying up all the cheap houses around here. But I've always shopped at Safeway, and in the last 12 years, it continues to go downhill. Some of the old staff are great, even a few of the new kids. But it switches over so many times, so fast trying to "improve" it's confusing. New managers come and go, the hours change, the pharmacy always has a line 6 people deep. And sometimes it feels like the staff just doesn't care. One guy at the meat/fish dept. is really nice, the checker Sam(women) and Jim always go out of their way to help. But I stood in the self service kiosk yesterday, with the flashing red light for 5 minutes while the one checker talked to a friend. I always try to help the clerks when the homeless people are shop lifting or being a problem. Smile, am pleasant, but I feel it's really changing, and not for the better. It's too bad.

  691. I simply want to compliment an employee and cannot find a simple way to do that. Please help!!!!

  692. Was in produce dept. and Sheila was very helpful and friendly. she answered my questions and even gave some suggestions about cooking. I took home some asparagus and mushrooms that I was not planning on buying. I cooked them the way she suggested and it was great and quick. Sheila is an asset to the company and the department she works in. Also the checker Andi was very friendly. She could multi task very well and she called me by my FIRST name not my last name. She made me feel like family not a stranger she was just meeting. Andi is the go to checker. Also the store overall was clean and neat in appearance. Kudos for Sheila and Andi.

  693. The employees at the Fort Mojave Store are always so helpful and very friendly. I love going to the store.

  694. I shop in your Lake Oswego store 4 times a week or more. It is so convenient to my home. Everyone is delightful and helpful. Jerry Hill, the Butcher in the meat department is so helpful and has given me such great advice about meats and fish, he is so knowledgeable and, I like his great sense of humor. He makes shopping enjoyable. Thanks, Safeway, for having such a great employee. Sincerely, Lana Vance

  695. Safeway is my only grocery store, have been shopping there most of my life. Now I have a way to say how much I appreciate them. Rarely have I ever had any concerns, without fail everyone is friendly and helpful. I hope that I can always have a Safeway where I live. All the clerks are wonderful, but today I wish to thank one of my favorites. Her name is Kim, always nice and knows who I am. She does an amazing job!

  696. I don't normally do these survey things but thought I'd give it a try -- it will not accept the "survey code" from the receipt -- Maybe I am not using the right string of numbers???

    on the receipt there is a line that reads:
    5/28/15 11:28 1746 03 0049 0242

    I used the numbers after the time: 1746 03 0049 0242 and it will not accept it!!

  697. I still cant find the win $100 to take a survey. Looked and looked and looked. Cottage Grove, Or Safeway is the bestest store in town and they staff. if only things I have asked for would show up on the shelves!

  698. I'd like to commend Stephanie B. for her excellent Customer Service skills! I work at the nearby Walgreens and I know the daily challenges encountered when working at the checkout register. Stephanie truly puts her heart and soul into delivering excellent customer service! GREAT JOB Stephanie!! Barb from Walgreens

  699. Some of the friendliest staff. With being on the go I find very helpful employes who know what, where, and if a product is available. And if a problem or question about a product comes up I have the confidence it will be addressed. I have taken this quiz as an thanks to Felieca at store #2993 and all other store staff. Keep me happy !

  700. I love my local Safeway store. Everyone is always friendly. The carry out girl I always get is the best. Her name is Carly Sullivan and she greets every customer with a smile! I love going to Safeway when she is at the end of my line bagging up my groceries. She I the best! Go to Anacortes Safeway and have a great shopping experience with a smile!!!

  701. I love Marco in Produce. Mia is a helper at the self check. I love Nancy and Angel, both are excellent clerks.
    Suzanne is a great helper, esp when i get frustrated at the self checkin machines.
    we have lived at the same address for 25 years and have used the same Safeway all these years.
    I love the staff. They always smile and care about us.

  702. Christina is my favorite employee. She regularly asks if I nee help with getting the groceries to my car. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 5 years and I regularly need help
    She is kind, caring and sweet. She enjoys helping others. She is a 10 in my book

  703. I love my local safeway Machelle Thomas is VERY attentive and helpful. She really cares about every customer and helping them in any way.
    I do get frustrated with auto check out machines, but she remains helpful and nothing seems to fluster or bother her.

  704. Every time I am in the store I see Michelle going the EXTRA mile for one customer or another. Staying late - moving boxes - finding store items for customers - marking prices - asking how she can help. This girl has an amazing amount of energy and I THOUGHT she must be a store owner or manager, they way she displays care for both the venue and the customers. Impressive. She inspires us to come back to the store, even when Fred Meyer has a better price on something. Would rather go where we feel important and listened to. SAFEWAY - when Michelle is on the floor at work!

  705. My husband is very picky. Safeway has a cream and fruit cake he dearly loves. One day I went to get two since we live so far from any store. I found one. I stood by watching the crowd at the bakery all getting their needs met. So I walked up and asked about the cake I needed. two employees went above and beyond their duties to help me. Meg & Jeanette of Laramie Wy Safeway dropped everything to put together that cake for me while I waited. I was so surprised. It made my ailing husband so very happy. Thank you girls. You deserve acknowledgement for your work ethics and public service.

  706. 25/05/15

    Sunday I went to my Safeway store on North Broadway in Everett to get some groceries which my bother was going to pay for over the phone for me.
    Tim was the very nice young man which helped us with this. He was very understanding and patient with my brother who had trouble reading the expiration date on his debit card.
    Everyone at the Broadway Safeway are very nice and helpful. The store is much nicer since you have remolded and the bathroom is MUCH cleaner. Thank you for that. It is a very important thing to have a clean bathroom when you go shopping with your grandchildren. Just having one there for the public is greatly appreciated.
    Ms Shaun Whalen

  707. I shopped at the Safeway in Seattle, store number 1965. I was helped twice in buying flowers for Memorial Day and a present for my wife.

    The woman, Glynda, in flowers was the most pleasant, helpful, kind and willing to do all she could to make my experience at Safeway pleasant. The manager was near by on the second visit as was the other woman who works flowers. Only Glynda was there when I came early to get flowers for the cemetery and Glynda stopped what she was doing on both visits and immediately helped me.

    She very much brightened the day to a quite remarkable degree. She even complimented her manager and coworker for the good work they do. Glenda is quite the Star.


    Jeff Smith
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran

  708. I love the employees and the service is great! My kids prefer coming here than many other grocery stores.

  709. I love the employees and the service is great! My whole family prefers coming here rather than many other grocery stores.

  710. I would like to say that Darlene in the deli was so attentive and polite. She made me feel like I was her only customer and extra special. There was only 1 other lady in the deli that was cutting up meat for another customer. However, there was 3 or 4 ladies in the back room of the deli. they were talking so loud and obnoxious. They sounded like they were having a party back there. No one came out to help Darlene and she had other people in line. They didn't even look out to see that there was other customers or if another employee might need help. I will return to the deli again but only if Darlene is my deli clerk. Otherwise I would walk by and go to another store for my goods.

  711. I love my neighborhood Safeway. If I request something and they can get it, they quickly do just that . and have in the past done so .
    store # 1449

  712. Today I was at your Westhills location and was very disappointed in things you have discontinued since the change over. Your selection is awful.
    Also I was in line at aisle 5 to pay for my purchase and the girl at the till was horrible. I was there from 2:35 pm till 2:58 pm with 1 customer ahead of me. She was extremely slow and not at all friendly. I went to Customer Service and advised them and the reply I got was "Yes we know she is very slow". Really. I have been a customer at this location since it opened and will be hard pressed to go back. Pls pick up your socks and get back to the business we are all so use to at Safeway. BTW your survey is impossible to use. Get with it

  713. I do my weekly shopping at Safeway Store #2469 in Cheyenne. Since Lynsey started managing the produce department I've seen a significant change for the better. All the produce is fresh and attractively arranged. She always greets customers in her department and asks if we are finding everything we need. I hope Safeway recognizes a good employee when the have one like Lynsey.

  714. I have been shopping at Safeway

    I have been shopping at Safeway for about 10 yrs. I was very sad to see the store on Arrogan close, however Bob & Randy are now in the Evergreen store in Spokane which makes me happy.
    They both make my shopping more pleasant.

  715. Lynsey in the floral dept at Gladstone Oregon Safeway was amazing and very fast and helpful! She went beyond the call of duty for me!

  716. I am a frequent shopper at safeway for a family of 4 adults. Today was the worse experience I have had in my store. The cashier was the rudest person I have met in my store. I use reusable bags and use a electric cart, I have a very bad back & heart problems. The young sacker was terrific. I will go back to my store but will make sure I do not return to Lindsay.

  717. Is there anyone out there that can give instructions on how to do the survey? It will not let me even get into the survey. Very frustrating.

  718. Toni in the floral department at the store at 38th and Wadsworth was great working with very helpful and very polite. I would come back to have her help me again. You have a very helpful and friendly florist.

    Thank you

    Debra Anderson

  719. this "survey" is just about as useless as Safeway's "Just for U" program. Its a good thing I like the personal service like I had today at store #382 from Mark R. and Lori.

  720. I'm replying to this survey to possibly win a 100.00 gift card. First I'd like to say there are too many survey options to know which one to choose to participate in the 100.00 daily drawing. Kimberly was my barrista at the Safeway #1794 in Folsom, Ca. Kimberly always calls me by name and remembers my usual request. I see her acknowledge and smile at all customers. I was very satisfied with my encounter with Kimberly.

  721. I would like to inform you that Audrey is the best lady at Safeway in San Francisco in the Western Addition location. I being going there more that 20 years and she see me pregnant with my twins and now my twins are 13th years old and she still do the great job she had done for the last 20th she being there.......

    we love you Audrey you are a great person and worker too....

    Thanks for your wonderful job....

    Karla M Mora