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  1. Had a envelope sent on 02/13/18 by pority mail and was told it would be delivered by 02/16/18.
    Didn’t get there to 02/28/18. Even the boat to China went faster. Next time, I’ll use Fed Ex.

  2. Was purchasing stamps online. Forgot my password. USPS said they can't help me with that and I can't use the same email address to purchase stamps. What! Locked out. Not happy.

  3. no one at the postal organization can tell me why my priority mail package is delayed. I sent out a priority mail package on 20 Feb 2018. That was supposed to be delivered on 22 Feb. Today is 27 Feb status still reads delayed. No one can tell me why it's delayed. No one wants to take the time to assist or investigate the nature of delay. Poor service. I will NEVER use the postal service to mail any critical documents.

    Mohammed Merchant
    512 653 0360
    [email protected]

  4. the Post Office, located at Harris Park, in Westminster, CO is absolutely the best. It is small and one can get in and out quickly, Plus the employee are great, always friendly and nice.

  5. There is a difference in the cost to mail the same size and same weight envelope; the difference ranges from $1.21 to $1.63. Why is that! This occurred at the Northwood branch, Baltimore, MD
    21239-9998 on 2/20/2018 at 10:45 AM and on 2/26/2018 at 10:45 AM. The line wait at this station can be up to 15 minutes before you are at the counter. This may be the ticket number for these similar transactions 840-5210-0115-002-00016-67937-02 and 840-5210-0115-001-00020-56505-02, respectively.

  6. I was at post office, in Mt Sterling, Ky. to mail a pkg to my sister in ohio,, I was waited on by clerk 04,, my experience was a great one.. She helped me in a very kind way,, I was undecided on how to ship but she made it so easy for me,, I left there smiling... Wish everyone could have that experience with pkg sending!!!! Thanks 04

  7. I mailed a pmt for a credit card priority mail on 2/14/18 (I had been in the hospital and was unable to mail the payment when I usually would have on 2/12). Expected delivery was 2/16, the bill was due 2/19 (three days to spare) but much to my surprise the payment was delivered until 2/22. As near as I can tell, the payment didn't even leave to Reno until 2/18. What good is paying an extra $6 for priority when it's slower than regular first class and no refunds for extremely poor service. And the problem is not here in Fallon, NV where it was mailed from

  8. 2/21/2018 I visited the post office in Sequim. I don't always have a great experience there as it seems most times the employees aren't very happy to be working there. Yesterday was different. I was helped by Clerk 20 who actually was happy to be at work and it showed. She was cordial, helpful and cheery to everyone. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. as I have read others comments reguarding their post office, they need to talk to the US postal general to resolve issues. I think I have a pretty good staff in our town, always helpful and friendly as well as courteous.

  10. Por favor como debo saber la situación de mi paquete enviado a lima Peru el 01-25-2018
    # de costumerLA162531810 US

  11. Alamo, Texas
    I arrive at 12:30pm and post office was closed. From my understanding someone is always supposed to be available to help customers. I then arrived at 4:25pm I understand that the office is closed at 4:30pm.The person in charge I’m assuming because she comes from the door located on the right side of the office (women with red/orange curly hair ) standing behind us rushing me to deliver whatever I had in my hand. I’m on the last line of writing the address on my priority mail and she says “well so we can weigh it since we are closing.” I understand they want to get out but still not the way to treat your customers. Because of employees like this one at this office is the reason many people are deciding to use other shipping companies.

  12. I tried to send 2 music CDs media mail, but I was told "no". So I was charged first
    class rate, 3.50 for each, instead of 2.66. There was no reason for this.

  13. Went to to Geneva, Illinois Post Office on 2/15/18. Check 05 assisted me. A rude and disrespectful woman. Refused to issue a receipt for the transaction in the name of saving money. I was told that people who purchase their products on line were not entitled to a receipt. She then informed me that I should be conducting my business in my own city, Aurora, and that I should not be at the Geneva Post Office in the first place. She made me feeling as if I didn't belong in her post office, which is located in one of the wealthiest cities in the Fox River valley. Why???? Because I was not of the right class??? Or race??? Or gender??? Or what ever measure of the day???? Bigotry shows its face in many forms and seldom limits its measure. Their was also another person making comments to the clerk who could not be seen from the window. This person was no better then she and enabled the situation to continue unchecked. At least the woman at the window had the courage to look you in the eye and treat you like a second class citizen. Be warned about this Post Office. If you don't measure up to the standards of the city, there is no need to expect to be served without being lectured and demeaned. Welcome mat out front should read: Rich white people always welcomed; the rest of you should go back to your own cities.

  14. So sad that the price of priority boxes has increased so much.
    And service has taken longer.
    I have decreased the number of boxes I have sent out, to college kids, due to the price. Second reason is the delivery date most of the time is one day longer than expected.
    And the weather had nothing to do with the last one. Box sent from suburb of Chicagoto south central Michigan, took 3 days instead of paid for amount of 2.

  15. I am not getting my Magazine, The Week, on Monday. My brother lives in Bend Oregon and he gets his on Saturday delivered to his house, my friend gets hers at Sun Valley Post office on Mondays and my other friends gets theirs on Monday at the Hailey post office. I am tired of complaining to the Post Master, John McDonald and so now I am complaining to the U.S. Postal Service.

  16. On 2/12/18 I went to the Arlington Heights post office on 6th street in Fort Worth, TX to mail a package. The line was almost out the door. I thought, " This is going to take some time!" I had to get a box and fill out a label and didn't know exactly what I needed. One of the postal employees was going down the line checking what each person needed and quickly getting it for them. The line went very quickly and all the workers were very courteous & friendly. I was so impressed by their service and attitude that I asked, " Could you move to Friendswood?" I just want to thank them for their great service. They made my day!

  17. Am always looking for the cheapest way to
    send books.
    The mail carrier was helpful

    Always comparing with UPS to see who is cheaper when
    shipping books

  18. Cindy & Jolene were very helpful as usual! Kevin the post master is a very helpful man. I appreciate these folks very much!!

  19. Mason, Oh post office is terrific! Employees smile, are friendly, and I rarely have to wait in line. Excellent service!

  20. I love the Petaluma McDowell post office. I had a wonderful experience with clerk #9, as she helped me figure out postage on mail art done by my students.

  21. I think the Post office at Harris Park, Westminster, Colorado is absolutely the best. There is rarely a line, the people who work there get you in and out quickly, and always with a smile on their face. I will go out of my way t use this Post Ofiice,

  22. Jose, located USPS 16150 Aviation Loop, Brooksvile FL 34604. I had to mail my Jewelry to my Jeweler in Boca Raton FL. Insured for $125,000. Jose knew my Jewelry, and so diligently Packed and Secured It With Tape Everywhere. So No One would know what was in it. He is so Professional, Personality Plus, Always Ready To Help You, In Any Way He Can. It is a Joy To See His Smiling Face When I walk In. He is definitely an Asset To Your Organization.

  23. Clerk No 11 at the San Jacinto, CA post office is always very helpful and today she was no exception! Thanks to her advice I was able to mail my grandkids valentines so they will receive them before the 14th.

  24. On February 2, 2018, I went to the Post Office to mail letters and two packages. One package needed a box or something, so I brought my own tape dispenser. As I looked around for a proper box in the racks in the lobby, a very attentive postal employee named Monica behind the counter asked what I was trying to mail. I showed her and she quickly offered me a suitable alternative that saved me several dollars in postal fees. She quickly helped me place the item in the envelope and processed the charge before I had my wallet out of my pocket. She asked if I needed any stamps, which I did, and added them to my total sale. Because of Monica's skill and customer orientation, my time in the office was less expensive and lasted about 15 minutes less than I expected. Way to go, Monica! Great job! Incidentally, I did not need to use my tape dispenser.

  25. 840-5945-0027-001-00029-26453-02

    I went to the El Cerrito post office to buy 600 stamps. I asked Michael to show me the commemoratives and he says they don't have enough and that I should go to a different post office. I refused to go. He spent 5 minutes arguing with me, but he had enough stamps to sell me and I bought nearly 600. This was not the first time he was refusing to sell me stamps. This is a POST OFFICE. Why can't I buy stamps here? I have a post office box and do business -- big mailings.

    When I left, there were five people in line and no one else had opened their station. This branch is mismanaged. Michael in particular needs to be retrained.

  26. I just started sending things through poshmark and I’m new to the Rensselaer area. I printed my label out and brought my item to ship when the store opened. I needed to get a box from USPS (the priority flat rate box) and I brought my package and label up to the counter ready to be shipped minus the tape for the label to stick to the box and the woman responded that I needed to have my own tape. Two days prior to this experience the woman who helped me did a wonderful job helping me with my first experience. I just want to know why I would be required to have my own shipping tape when I don’t even have a box to ship my item in? I think the clerks need to be more genuine and understanding for people who don’t regularly send mail instead of quickly trying to get customers through the line to speed the mailing process along.

  27. I so thankekful the youhave an berry god attendet in the posstal Office in Sbure
    the name is Melissa
    she is berry Helfful thanck berymuch an attentive

  28. Tracking #70151730000074943519
    Sent letter, certified mail, on Jan.16, 2018 address to Bakersfield, CA 93309. Est. delivery date: Jan.18,2018.
    " in transit " for two weeks at Bakersfield postal offices and delivered on Jan.30, 2018. Certified Mail without Certified Services.

  29. The service at the Aldie, Virginia PO continues to be superior, after all these 15 years of using it. The polite and professional service rendered is above anywhere else I have resided. Long live the Aldie PO!


  30. I can honestly say that in the past 37 years that I have been getting our mail at this post office there is the best team ever working there from Vivian to Chyna n Angela of course they have it going on. I don't ever go in without being made feel like I am the most special person in the world if I go in feeling low I come out smiling every time, Vivian is the most stylish lady I have ever seen no one else before her even comes close, Chyna is a sweetheart I call her beautiful because she is n Vivian words can't express her beauty awesome smile, I don't see Angela as much but she's sweet to. They r always on the ball n always a pleasure to be around, hope things always stay the same n they never leave..

  31. I am very disappointed in the length of time it’s taking a priority mail envelope to reach it’s destination.
    I was told it would arrive on 1/29/18. In tracking this envelope, I found it was delayed. Why was it delayed?
    It finally arrived at the Summerland Post Office this morning, but it hasnt been delivered to its destination yet. Why??

  32. Trying to track a package is horrible on this occasion. The tracking information has not changed in 3 days. It still shows in transit to the location city. When I try and reach someone to ask a question I get into the tracking loop with no option to talk with someone. All I want to know is where my package that I sent is. Is it at the post office? Is it on a truck?? Is it lost?? I have no way of finding this information. No one seems to care !!!

  33. The USPS has lost my package to the Social Security Administration containing time sensitive documents for the 2nd time in less than 2 years. You are unreliable and incompetent. None of your online systems like "filing a complaint" or "tracking a missing package" work. Your so called "customer service" line has over a 2 hour wait. That is not customer service. I am filing a complaint with my state's attorney general's office. I am calling my congressmen to let them know what has happened and to tell them I don't want my tax dollars going to such a dysfunctional institution. I will alert my little local media outlets so that people who want their package actually protected and delivered will use a reliable carrier like UPS or FEd Ex.

  34. The person who helped me at the Tucson branch was very helpful and professional.This was an enjoyable experience,quick in and out.The survey I never did find.

  35. My experience this time was excellent. The Asian postal worker is very efficient and knowledgeable. Past visits have not been satisfactory because of the volume of customers to the few postal workers. At peak times there should be more workers to service the customers. At times I have waited 45 minutes to an hour. Randy

  36. Clerk 06 at the Salem Ma 01970-9998 downtown office was amazing. She had so much patience with everyone, extremely friendly and helpful. I was expecting to pay alot more to ship my package to Florida, but she offered so many options that I had no idea about. I'm so pleased with this employees skills I had to write. Thank you for a great experience! Jennifer

  37. The post office in gravesend Brooklyn Ave U , truly has to be the worst ever. Bedsides it not having a dropbox for packages like every other normal post office. They usually have the same two women working the windows and they always have terrible attitudes. I hate having to deal with those people. I really wish they can be replaced by new and younger people.

  38. 840-5370-0160-003-00015-22215-02. I worked with Teresa at the Nashville Arcade office and she was extremely helpful and courteous. I enjoyed dealing with her. She handled herself very well considering that she was alone during the rush lunch hour and handling lots of people. She kept it up even when one of her coworkers finally came back, and was playing with her phone while all of us waited out turn. I appreciated Teresa's patients dealing with us even when we got cranky.

  39. As always Lawnside NJ Post Office has what we need and more......cheerful, knowledgeable, and ALWAYS putting the customer first! On a rainy day like today, there was the sunshine as soon as we walked in the door!

  40. Ron, Deb, and all the people behind the counter at Lancaster WI usps are very friendly and helpful and I look forward to going into the post office because I know they will brighten my day. I try to do the same for them and we are all happier for it.

  41. The clerk at the Rice, Texas, post office is always pleasant, cordial, and friendly, quite helpful in answering questions, and is efficient in fulfilling our requests of purchasing stamps and mailing packages. He definitely knows his job and has polite and sincere customer service skills. He is clerk: 01; date of service was 01/17/2018.

  42. I used the stamp dispensing machine on Sunday, 14 Jan 2018 at the 1655 N. Mayfair Rd , Milw. WI address to purchase (4) panels of Forever Stamps, but rec'd only (3). I returned on Tuesday the16th to ask a clerk on how to get the missing panel. Without hesitation he went to the machine and checked the outlet chute for 'sticking' panels, but found none. He then went to the back room and came back in short order with a panel free of charge with no comments and no paperwork required. (whew). He knew his job and should be commended for doing it. The clerk is #20. (Transaction #777)

  43. I am a frequent user of the local post office where ALL the clerks are very attentive and efficient.
    Clerk #7 most frequently assists me and seems to anticipate my needs. Always pleasant and attentive!
    It would be very helpful to make the access to the survey more easily accessible!

  44. Thank you for the opportunity to reply. I had a most pleasant experience yesterday when I visited the Middle Island P.O. Marie (or possibly her name was Maria-clerk #05) was probably the most helpful and pleasant postal employee I've ever had to deal with. Greeting me with a great smile, she was happy to help with the package I had to ship. I left with a wonderful feeling for the rest of the day. Please thank this lady for me.

  45. Clerk #14 was very help with shipping my package. She asked for my credit card and another proof of ID. She would not accept my credit card because I did not sign it even with showing hear my drivers license. This the only place that mandates this.
    If the card reader would accept the chip I wouldn't have had this problem.

    On another note: Our mail delivery from this post office leaves a lot to be desired. We missed two days delivery this month and some days it gets here after dark. (6:30-7:30pm)

  46. Survey was hard to find. Too much writing. Reply should have boxes to enter instead of having to scroll up to see the next step. This survey is maddening ...
    Nancy at Canoga Park, CA. office. 91304-9998. 1/18/2018. 1:32 PM. Clerk #10. I shipped a large box to Sydney Australia. My clerk was kind and courteous as she was verifying the information I gave her. Other than one computer didn't work and wait was longer than normal, it was an excellent experience. This survey is a different animal.



  48. Survey is way too hard to access. Have tried several times in the past. I have always received excellent service at our Hamburg, New York office.

  49. Cannot take survey since it is too complicated. I expected a survey, like I normally get with other suverys, not a set of instructions.

    Too bad, your man did a great job today!

  50. My experience with the postal office at Laguna Hills, California is always pleasant. I have been coming a lot lately because my family lives in Puerto Rico and I have been helping them sending them food and supplies for the past 5 months due to the horrible hurricane Maria. Yolanda the postal employee in that branch is very professional, caring, helpful and very sympathetic to my family situation. Keep up the good work.

  51. Even if there is a line the nicest employees work in the Cheshire P.O. Always pleasant and expedient.....great hometown service.....

  52. Really good and easy service!! I've never shipped out a package, only letters and the staff were helpful in getting me the cheapest and most effective option to get my package out.

  53. Tracking #9500113461568010165864.
    Package was scheduled to be delivered to the GDOL NLT Friday 12 Jan 2018. As of 10:00 a.m. Wednesday 16 Jan, 2018 it still has NOT been delivered. It was specifically needed for a GDOL hearing. The postal clerk indicated there would be absolutely no issue arriving as scheduled.
    Excellent job USPS...ed

  54. My Postalexpierience was gr8 my postal person MsJackie was very professional and speedy
    I was getting. My first passport thank you

  55. postal employees will wonder what went wrong when they are privatized, long waits, smarmy answers-not taking responsibility for their own actions. bureaucratic attitude, like they are untouchable

  56. We drive 10 miles out of our way to mail at the Morrison post office, lines are short and they are ALWAYS so pleasant and efficient. the last clerk we had was 05 but each one are great!

  57. Sent a letter priority mail, expected delivery date 01/11/2018 to address in Clearwater, FL. Tracked number (9505 5121 6743 8009 1633 51), message says arrived on time in Clearwater, but as of 2:45 pm on 01/12/2018 still in transit to address. This sort of thing happens repeatedly. Once I sent a priority mail to LA. It was "in transit" for two weeks and never did arrive!!!

  58. I called the Wheeling, IL post office today, approximately 11:45 am, and spoke with a woman as I was inquiring why a note has been placed in my post office box that my dues were to be paid by 1/31/18. I just paid my yearly fee on August 1, 2017 and saw no reason to have received such a message. She was extremely rude and trite with me on the phone. This is no way for an employee of the post office to act to a client.

  59. The industrial station at 55104-5485 has the best clerks and is run like a well oiled machine. i wish I could name individual clerks. my receipt says clerk #17 the bill #is 840-55530258-2-2048639-2 I was there two day in a row and she was delightful, I sent several packages over Christmas and I used the 55104 station for all. All the clerks were great. Even the newer ones. Who ever trains them did a very good job. By the way all my packages we delivered on the day they said they would be. And a few got there a day earlier then was expected. I sent some packages by UPS and did not have a very good experience. Three Cheers for the USPO and the Industrial St Paul Station 55104-5485

  60. The postal office on. Livingston Ave is very excellent excellent service Ms toni is a amazing customer service representative

  61. I frequent the downtown post office in Amherst Ma 01002. It is ALWAYS a pleasant experience—both in quality of service and pleasure of interaction. This makes such a difference to me. Even throughout the holiday period the people there were helpful, cheerful, patient, and extremely competent. I look forward to going there!!

  62. Worst experience with mail service ever! Still waiting on my delivery!!!! Paid $85.80, supposed to arrive Jan 3rd in UK, Customs want £35 off me to deliver it is now Jan 8th, Customs and Parcelforce say incorrect information was given by USPS, I want my money back, I paid $85 to have my own clothes shipped home cause I am travelling and then £35 to have them delivered late!!! Still not got delivery as only just paying now as only just managed to find this information out!!!!

  63. This is not the survey I wanted to take. Did have a pleasant experience at the Palmer, Alaska post office. Clerk #14 on January 2, 2018 at 11:03 am was extremely cordial (I'm sorry I didn't see his name tag). What a change from previous experiences.


  65. I DON'T want to download an app!!! But I do want to say what an efficient and friendly clerk I had at our local Port Townsend, WA, post office. on 01/04/2018. She is a wonderful change to the usually slow service.

  66. Postal survey is confusing and cumbersome to navigate. mis leading ! Just would like our post mistress to be more informative, attentive. Listen to your customers and hear their questions.She appears always to be in a hurry, short and curt w/answers. The rest of the staff is very good. Maybe she should leave the customers to those who like people and do a better job of being friendly. We are the customers !!

  67. I think it is absolutely stupid on the post office part to not allow a credit card that has “see photo I’d” but require a card with a signature. I always sign my credit card “see photo I’d” so that I’m protected from someone else using it.

  68. I usually go to the Cedar Hill post office and they are great at trying to give speedy service even when they are busy, I am at the bard in road post office in Arlington TX and there is a full line with only one attendant and four other employees walking around doing other things but not attending to the customers. It is frustrating when I know the service can be better. I will avoid this post office at all costs from now on.

  69. I don’t know why I paid for my package to get to its destination in three days when it should have arrived there already and it didn’t next time I am going to use a different postal carrier this is rediculus paying for something that doesn’t get there on time

  70. I had excellent service today at the Grantville PO. The person who helped was friendly and engaging. It was a feel good experience. It was clerk 08 at 10:48.

  71. I would have liked to take your survey but I don't download anything off the internet. I will say that my experience at my castle rock post office was as always fast and professional. to 05 and the rest of the staff thank you.

  72. New Baltimore post office 48047 is understaffed. Everytime I go in there there is a line out the door and one person behind the counter. And why can't a supervisor jump on a register to get lines down? Customer sevice doesn't seem to be a priority.

  73. Mia at the Orinda Post office is my most favorite person to have across a counter! She's funny and real...not fake. She has helped me on numerous occasions, once with a 58 piece mailing that took 2 hours!! But she smiled through all of it!
    Thank you Mia!!

  74. The Vallejo Calif. postal workers at the counter have always been courteous, warm and helpful. They make my visit a pleasure.
    The postal delivery folks, from what I saw, went above and beyond the norm. I observed them delivering mail at 6 a.m. the week before Christmas, and again late on Sunday, Christmas Eve.
    We're lucky to have such dedicated postal workers! Thank you!

  75. racking #: 9505 5157 9645 7353 1600 80

    I was told my package would be delivered by 8PM Friday, 12/22.
    It was to be there for a function on Sat. 12/23. It is now 12:23 12/23 and the package still has not been delivered,and i is too late to meet the purpose for which it was intended. I am so upset!

  76. After sending registered mail from ND post office on 12/11, I continued to track online for delivery conformation. After a week of worry I returned to post office and was told a “computer glitch” had occurred and envelope had been delivered but not recorded. For my $332.40 I would have expected better.

  77. I always thought the Albany ny post office branch in colonie, ny was a very good place to go to. Now it's new Bern (28562, glenburnie rd) that takes the the prize! The postal personnel are very helpful and congenial. They go out of their way to assist customers. Keep up the great work!

  78. Always a good service.Associate is always greeting and welcoming me back to return,very knowledgeable.Hope all associates can have the same attitude for giving that extra mile for customer satisfaction.I really like visiting this postal office,and is close at home.

  79. An employee at the Mount Washington post office in Baltimore yelled at me for approaching the desk when it was my turn in line: "I have not SAID you could approach me yet!" When I apologized and attempted to take a step backward she yelled at me again: "Stay where you are!" I did nothing to provoke this rude and controlling behavior. On the contrary, the woman ahead of me in line was elderly, so I had given her a little extra time to collect her things. Meanwhile there was a sign on the counter proclaiming that customer input was being HEARD and VALUED. Judging from the terrible reviews of this USPS office online, I very much doubt it.

  80. This comment does not have anything to do with the Recumseh Okla. post office. I have a complaint about the service in Tulsa!! It should not take 7-10 days for mail to go from Tecumseh to Tulsa. I can mail things to Woodward which have to go thru Oklahoma City and be there in 2 days max! The Tulsa office in the area of 5100 block of S Madison Ave 74105 is pathetic! I don’t even want to mail anything to family members. This needs to be looked at and see what the problem is. I have never had pathetic service anywhere and I even mail packages to Kansas City, Ks.

  81. I live in Powell Butte, Oregon, have a box at that location and I am constantly please with the level of service I receive. Today I mailed four Christmas boxes and appreciated that the clerk discussed the various ways my package would travel and obviously liked and appreciated her job. I also had forgotten my key and another employee jumped up to run and get my mail while my packages were being processed. These ladies are amazing. No UPS for me! Thank you and Merry Christmas. 😊👍🏻

  82. The people at the Lyman Rd. Post Office in Topeka, Ks. are the nicest and most pleasant people. I never mind going to the post office.

  83. The service at Newbury Park post office is warm, courteous, efficient. So great to do business there. Thanks Wendy & Casey and everyone else who works there. I appreciate the new thing they do - check to be sure your address and zip are correct, thanks!

  84. I had a good experience and great help with getting the right stamps for my Christmas cards. I sent off a package the next day and the clerk was great help.They both worked in the Granite Quarry NC post office. One had the number 06and i do not have the other girl number.

  85. I have always had exceptional service from the Belmont, NY 14813. On 12/11/17, Clerk 06 treated me with respect and was sincere in assuring me that my Priority package would arrive to it's destination, Bonita Springs, Fl, 34135, Tracking # 9505 5141 2977 7345 0453 15, in 3 days. It was imperative that it would. I paid the priorty price and felt confident that it would be received in time. Upon tracking it today, I found that it was received in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. today. At this moment the delivery has not been received at the designated destination. I feel that I should get refunded my fee for priorty mail as a breach has occurred. I have been sending priorty boxes overseas to our service men and now I'm uncertain as to whether they will ever reach their destination. In summary, I would like to wish all USPS workers a Merry Christmas. Mine would have been if it were not for this horrible upset!!!!!

  86. I have had numerous contacts with the Walden, NY 12586, post office since moving here last year. The staff are ALWAYS courteous and helpful and the post office is clean and tidy. I hope the local post office stays open because it is a valuable asset to the community.

    It would be more convenient if parking was expanded, but overall I have no complaints.

    I am not sure of this site; I do not want to install a program to just to leave a comment.

  87. My package was delivered to the wrong address and I was told that the mailman would go pick it up and nobody has done nothing. The supervisor won't answer my messages or return my calls.

  88. I have lived in Georgetown, TX. for 2 years after 47 years in New York City where the PO had wonderful people working for them, but none like Mr. Jackson at the Leander Road office (down the street from St. David's Hospital). He is such a gentleman, so efficient, so kind. I wait in line until he is available. What a wonderful man he is.

  89. to whom it may concern, i am visiting here in Ft worth Texas and visited the office at 7101 bryant Irvin rd at 1o5 pm 12/14/17.Since i am unfamiliar with this location I walked in not knowing where the line formed as there were 2 postal workers at the desk 1 was busy the other had no customer waiting so i walked up to here and she told me the lin formed to the right around the cusomers where the postal slips are stored, when I walked around she said she could take me know there was just 1 other customer there who walked in after me. this postal worker was rude and a smart elic to me about what kind of delivery i wanted and to read the prompter, she works there every day and i was out of my element. I was sending a package to Indianapolis, In she said it would be there in 2 days not thinking i asked will they deliver a package on saturday and she said you get your mail on saturday but she said in a snoddy way, after she said to use the receipt to track your package and to fill out the survey and I said to my self I sure will and report her for her insincere way of helping and talking to me the way she did and I hope this comment does not go unnoticed.

  90. Michelle at the 59th Ave and the 101 office in Phoenix AZ was very helpful in helping with packaging and sending cookies to our son in Seattle. She was very positive with us as well as other postal customers. Thanks Michelle for your kindness and help.

  91. The postal workers at the North Highland PO in Atlanta,GA are wonderful. Their service has improved so much over the last couple years. They both work deligently to make sure their work is courteous and efficient. I was in there Dec 14 and line was pretty long but moved smoothly.

  92. The clerks at my post office (Cheltenham, PA 19012) are fantastic! They are always willing to help, answer questions and offer assistance...
    Big THANK YOU to Mehool and Bob!

  93. On 12/13/17, I went to the Clifton Park NY Post Office to mail a package. As I waited in the I was able to observe Postal worker Mark treat each customer with genuine respect and friendship. He was very helpful, explaining services available to mail packages, making sure you had stamps, and explaining how to track your package. Mark interacted with each customer smiling and wishing them a Happy Holiday. Mark not only knows his job well, he appears to really enjoy it! Mark made my day on a very busy time year!

  94. Airport Mail Facility, 2100 Girard Rd SE in Albuquerque, is always a good place to go. Sometimes they are busy but always nice and professional.

  95. I had a very pleasant experience at the Vadnais Hts. MN P.O. this afternoon. The clerk 08
    was very helpful to find the right sized box for my mailing. He went above and beyond any
    experience I have had before with P.O. employees. A long line of customers behind me
    and he did an excellent job of accommodating me. Wish I would have asked his name.
    Keep up the GOOD WORK 08 !!!!!!!!!! You deserve a raise! December 13, 2017

  96. Had a terrible experience at the Centereach PO in NY. Spoke with supervisor Theresa Edghilll who was not helpful or cared about my problems that have been on going with my mail delivery. I did not receive a package that was stated on a tracking number that it was delivered at or near my mailbox. I continually get other mail from similar addresses with the same house number as mine but a different street. They intail receive several pieces of my mail also and sometimes come to my house and bring it to my door for me. I have made several visits to the Centereach PO to let them know about this serious problem but they continue to not resolve the problem. Supervisor Theresa Edghill informed me that she would personally go through my mail prior to it leaving the PO and make sure I would receive my mail only and that it would not go out to other addresses BUT I have just received today a piece of mail that belongs to another resident. This is the most irresponsible person who is getting paid to do a job that she knows nothing about or how to do correctly. I have tried filing a formal complaint with the postal service on their website but just like this site that will not allow you to go forward with their steps the Postal site works in the same way so as not to accept any complaints from the public. Such a disgrace of this system and their employees. The Centereach Post Office and supervisior Theresa Edghill....SHAME ON YOU!!!

  97. I entered the site given on my postal receipt and came up with this site and it does not give me a survey to complete! This is frustrating. I wnt to complain about the Coon Rapiods, MN post office - their service is terrible and always has been - most people go to Anoka to avoid the clerks at Coon Rapids. Yesterday 12/12/17 I went at 3:10 and there were 20 people in line with two clerks at window. At 3:25 one of them "RANDY" put the Next window sign on his window and left - that means one clerk was there to help over 20people with Christmas packages. One guy came out with a rolling stand that you could get stamps from or leave a pre-paid package. only 2 people went to him. Meanwhile, the line kept growing with one clerk - Finally at 3:55 RANDY came back from his half hour break and I still had 5 people ahead of me and the line was out the door. I complained about Randy taking a break with so many people in line and the other clerk "TERRY" said well, we can't do that or we'd never get them. This is awful - the clerk Randy had no compassion for all the people in line and this is unacceptable - either get rid of people likehim or get more people to help out.

  98. I can't seem to open the survey but I just want to say I am ALWAYS happy to go to our post office (on Segoe Rd., Madison, WI 53705). Everyone there is helpful and cheerful. And usually the line is not bad. I feel very lucky and try to use the USPS whenever I have that option!

  99. I have never left a Post Office in tears, but today, I did. I was trying to mail Christmas presents
    To California. I had duct tape on them. I was yelled at by Gwen at the Olive Street Branch in
    Downtown St. Louis to remove the duct tape and purchase the right tape. Two customers in store at this time. By the time I filled out the Priority address forms, there were four more customers. I went to ask Gwen if I could use the priority tape in the store, but did not get the chance. She YELLED that I was interrupting, get back in line and proceeded to dress me down. I am 75 years young and have never been talked to like that. At this point, I gathered my packages and went to Main PO. They were wonderful, used the priority tape

  100. This branch in Houston (Brookhollow) was extremely busy but the clerks maintained a pleasant disposition the entire time we were there, in line and when we got to the window.

  101. For a Sunday the staff at this post office was all so friendly and quick it was so appreciated to see such smiling happy faces

  102. Gaby, the clerk at our Fillmore branch, was an excellent help to me the other day...She went overboard in assisting me to box a package and save some money...Give that girl a raise! She is a real asset to your staff

  103. The site is blocked for the survey, however, they did a great job. There was a long line when I arrived, however, the staff was very efficient and helpful. They moved the line quickly while staying very friendly. Great job!

  104. The Goleta CA post office is extremely well run. If there's a line they add extra people, there's even a concierge who comes out and helps people who are having difficulty (international package, trouble with forms, etc.). The young woman who helped me mail three packages was pleasant and very efficient even though there was holiday overload and lots of people there. After I mailed the packages she asked if I needed stamps and I did. This was altogether a very fine experience and I compliment everyone there on their professionalism and dedication.

  105. I am p o box holder in Cleveland Ohio 44114 for over 30 years from when I had my temporary service the the Old Arcade before Hyatt acquired it and it's always a pleasure doing business there.

  106. The people at the post office in Long Island City facility are the nastiest set of people I have ever encountered in my life.

    I came in a little after 3pm and asked a clerk what I need to do to get a passport because I lost mine. He says “ Oh Good”. An Asian heavy set man. He says “how did you loose it” I said “I really don’t remember when or where”. He says “Oh Gooood” I still with respect said “sir I been quite sick over the years and I didn’t have time to remember the passport number or where I lost it. I was hospitalized for very long time. He says: “ohhh you’re a special case”. He gave me two forms and says “Wait there and someone will call you” full well knowing no one would. More than an hour passed and no one called on me and I asked another clerk “where is the clerk for passports”. Nasty she says “it’s closed”. I told her what he said to me and said sarcastically “I don’t know why he would say that”. I asked for the manager and when he came he explained to me why they couldn’t take me. I understood the reasons but the attitude in this office overall is to aggravate everyone. I am here at the office and they opened their windows almost ten minutes late. I went to ask a question to the same woman from the previous day and she went into a whole song and dance about what the supervisor told me yesterday. Nasty nasty nasty at 9am and late. Instead of answering my question and leaving things from yesterday alone.
    46-02 21st street
    Long Island city
    Post office

  107. To Tony, the postman at my local Post office, 3810 Indian River Rd, Chesapeake, VA; you are an asset to your company. Your services are very excellent. Always a joy to come back. Thank you.

  108. Us postal service of Sikeston,Mo.63801 I was in there yesterday Dec. 7,2017.... 1:17 pm....The line was back to the door. I thought it would be a long wait.... it was a great experience. Honestly the workers helped everyone smiling & no one got upset. They worked for the people laughing & friendly to all. The lady that helped me was very nice & made it easy to understand. Great job Sikeston!!! God Bless yout all & Merry Christmas!!!!

  109. I always receive the best service from the Navarre post office! All of the clerks are very nice. I think as Navarre continues to grow, the post office will need to grow also. Always a line, rain or shine!!

  110. The post office at LaSalle, 3985 s.otter creek, la Salle MI 48145 is a great place with very helpful staff. Very exceptional service, except this year I miss the Christmas decorations. The office was every year nicely decorated and very warming and inviting. I am sure, more people will miss the Christmas decoration this year!

  111. Chris is always helpful and very pleasant i always try and go to his office Knowing that I will always get the best service...thanks Chris

  112. This young lady ALWAYS has a smile when she sees me because I always need extra help. As a senior citizen, it's makes me happy to have someone go the extra mile to make my visit a pleasant one.

  113. When I arrived at the Main there was quite a few people in line. The window clerks on duty did an outstanding job of moving things along especially when one considers several customers insisted on having their questions answered out of turn. Every clerk answered these inquiries with patience while continuing to complete their obligation to their current customer.

  114. Thanks for such great help!
    Clerk:12 was friendly, efficient and had a very full day ahead for her - the line was out the door when I left!
    Happy Holidays. We appreciate USPS :).

    This was at 89134-9998 location, 12/06/17 at 8:41 a.m.

  115. as always clerk 02 brightened my day, by helping me get the cheapest safest shipping option at the oakton virginia white granite dr station. no wait, no fuss. always a good experience, thanks....merry christmas....

  116. This morning at the J Street Post Office in Sacramento I sent 3 identical calendars in 3 identical USPS purchased padded 14.25" x 20" envelopes to different US addresses.
    3 different prices and 3 different weights showed from the weigh scales:
    1lb 0.9 oz @ $9.75 Denver, CO.
    0lb 15.6 oz @ $8.35 Papaikou, HI.
    1lb 0.5oz @ $12.75 Knoxville, TN.
    I question the differing weights AND the pricing: the most costly weighed the least.
    Upon questioning the clerk he burbled more or less that his weigh machine saw different weights.
    Not only is this unacceptable, I also question the pricing discrepancies.
    In my business if a weigh machine was questioned it would be replaced ASAP.

  117. Visiting the Port Royal South Carolina Post Office is always an excellent and wonderful experience. The staff are courteous, professional, pleasant, helpful and always friendly. The level of service they offfer is better than any other post office in the Beaufort area. I always enter with a. Smile knowing that I am going to be meeting high quality professionals who will assist me in my goal. An outstanding Post Office with personality plus workers greeting and serving. Every customer.

  118. The U.S. Post office that I frequent ( OLD REDFORD, on Grand River, in Detroit ) is a very nice place to visit. It's always clean and the employees have professional but pleasant demeanors. We never have to wait in a long, slow line. There is an exceptionally efficient staff here, especially Yolanda, who is dynamic, and so knowledgeable . Thank you for having such a well trained, quality staff.


  120. The guys at the Pagosa Springs post office are doing a great job. They seem to be a pretty happy group even with all the extra work that is created by Amazon Prime.

  121. This post office at Universal City is great, professionals and friendly agents. Always ask if needs anything else. I have used others in the past but since I started using this location I don't use any other even though there are two others closer.


  123. Mailed a package for our business today in Columbus, WI. I am there often and the usual window clerk, Keri, is always friendly. That's mostly what I expect from a business transaction and what I've always gotten at this post office.

  124. Ronnie was cheerful and friendly, which made the whole transaction quite pleasant. Keep it up, Ronnie!

  125. Downtown West Palm Beach staff are short handed but always cheerful, friendly, very professional and always immensely helpful. Rick (Clerk 01) was fast and very helpful with a registered parcel.

  126. Always a delight to use the Essex Fells PO All of the staff are pleasant and service is personalized ( by name even)

  127. Went to the post office at Tampa international airport at 5pm on 11/26/17 and the first clerk a lady she was so ruled, soon I went inside the first she said that my Package was so big it was a bumper and she said that can't not deliver,she could said it on a different way more nicer no she didnt, she was so mean, so I went to the other clerk and he help a lot he said lets see what we can do and didnt have no problem with him and my package went thru, Am sorry a lady like that shouldn't be there at all.

  128. The clerks at the Seward, Pa Post Office are always helpful. They take time to answer my questions and explain everything to me.

  129. I went to the Post Office in Westerly, RI today to mail an international package. The clerk (96) could not have been nicer. She was patient, courteous, knowledgeable and most helpful. She certainly is great ambassador for USPS. Thank you!

  130. The service is really great.The associates are very kind and explain how's the shipping process and the time that it takes to get to the destination.And the associate offers other services.I'm very satisfied with there service.

  131. Lorraine in Bethlehem, PA Wood Street Branch was fabulous yesterday with the 840-5170-0281-003-00023-07484-02 order. She patiently weighed all the Christmas cards, wrote the necessary amounts, and placed the unusual postage amounts on each card. She was so pleasant and was so efficient. She was the most pleasant window personnel I had ever encountered at that branch. Thank you, Lorraine.

  132. Posted a birthday gift from Delray beach, Florida on 1411.17. Paid a fee for postage totaling $25.25. Under receipt number 84053270129002000325642202. With a promise it would arrive
    With seven days. Today in my mailbox the parcel was returned marked no Postage paid, a total of five days after it was handed over to the clerk. Returned the parcel to the same office and clerk and was informed in so many words that the postage paid label must have been ripped off by the sorting machine. There was. I sign or mark of the so called rip off, and it is my honest opinion that the clerk did not in fact paste the postage label on the parcel.she humbly re label the parcel and as far as she was concerned the matter was closed !!! I did not accept this excuse and when I ask that the parcel should be relabel as express delivery in s firm of compensation she refused. I sincerely feel that the postage paid by me should be credit as a firm of apology and comer station. Please comment. Btw. Clerk name was Branka.

  133. Live Free or Die: I am so thankful for the postmistresses at the Claremont, New Hampshire post office. They are friendly, and so helpful. I go often to the post office, at least once a week, and it is always a pleasant experience. They have given me advice on how to package items to get the best rate; they are efficient and kind. At this time of the year when we are especially thankful for the goodness in our lives, I am especially thankful for the United States Postal Service. I tell them they are the best deal around. For only a few cents, I can connect to anyone in any state.

  134. Springfield, Ohio- I go to the PO almost weekly with my job. The wait is long with only 1 employee working at times, But when Tim- Clerk #11 waits on me I always get a big smile and a wonderful greeting from him. He's a great man and a valuable assets to our PO. Thank Tim for being a really kind and helpful employee he deserves a raise for the excellent treatment I receive from him.

  135. Hi.....please give Sonja, at the Greenwood Post Office in Seattle Washington, a huge raise. That woman always makes me feel like I am her only customer. She does that to each and every person that comes to her window. She is really an asset to our Postal Service. She is absolutely delightful. Thanks!!!!

  136. I went to the Rincon Pantano Post Office to mail and purchase stamps. There were three clerks available with no waiting. Two of the three were shooting the breeze and totally ignored me. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, customer service really was lax, and thought a supervisor should take note.

  137. I use the USPS on Reece Road in Severn Maryland and I am always treated with prompt courteous service and with friendly smiles. These postal employees are fabulous and I feel blessed that they are always ready with a good smile, and prompt service. Thank you very much indeed to all of the great Severn MD postal employees.

  138. regularly visit the crown point postal service on main street, never a disappointment, always a smiling face , thankyou usps people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  140. I had a very helpful and friendly day at the Post Office at 105 Teal CT in Danville Va. 24541
    -9998 and I didn't wait long. Thank you Ms. Queen for your help and service. Clerk 17 bill# 840-52500786-2-2747910-2

  141. This was the first time that I have not had to stand in line in the Greeley, CO W 10th post office!! Wonderful!!!!

  142. Just wanted to say every time I visit the Post Office on Main St in Wareham, Ma my experiences with John or Alan are terrific. Both are very helpful in making sure I get the service I need and always with a smile. I love these 2 guys!

  143. Please let me say the survey was fine but wanted to give a " tip of the cap" to Laura and Sandra for their helpful service and friendly manner today at South Weymouth Pleasant st. P.O., USPS the best bargain around Thanks B.N.

  144. The postal service at this facility is so very awesome. They always help with my packages. Very attentive and professional people.
    Bill #840-57600427-1-1267549-1 Clerk 18

  145. Saunders St station in Richmond Va gave me fantastic service while trying to find the correct envelope to ship books. Thank you.

  146. Kentland, Indiana receives excellent postal service. All employees are knowledgeable, eager to
    help and always friendly. Mail is delivered in a timely manner, even in bad weather.

  147. Clerk #24 served me today. I was very pleased with the level of service and her willingness to go the extra mile in response to my inquiries. This young lady was one of very few agents that had a ready smile as she served. Thank you again for a pleasant experience.

  148. Oak Lawn Postal Station has a wonderful employee named Tamara. She was very pleasant , professional and quick to serve her customers. She is awesome!

  149. When I arrived at the Newark, DE 19711 Post Office there was one person to help you and 15 people waiting in line! After at least a 5 minute wait two more people showed up with drinks in hand and took their good old time waiting on anybody. This seems to be the norm in Newark. I absolutely hate going to the post office. I will do just about anything to avoid it! When the girl finally called up she was very efficient! I think a change of personal is due with a better attitude because who works there now is in it just for the paycheck!

  150. The staff at the Mason Post Office is very helpful in assisting me in mailing large packages and envelopes. They have held my mail at times when i have been out of town according to the time frame given on the form. They are all pleasant with a smile on their face.

  151. Usually only one lady working the front desk, but she is consistently beautiful, kind and polite; I come here maybe once a week, can count on it, she's always nice! Euclid Oh ofc on Euclid ave.

  152. The Bemidji post office is totally understaffed. The clerks work quickly and are unbelievably pleasant, but there just are not enough of them at any one time. Last Friday I went in to mail a package and there were at least 15 people ahead of me in line. Four of them left in frustration over the long wait. Clerks were busy with customers bringing in boxes that were not wrapped, labeled or taped while those of us who had done those tasks at home waited in line. Also the parking lot is totally inadequate with frequent fender benders. I usually park two blocks away and walk with my packages.

  153. On Oct. 16, 2017 I used the Stamp Purchase Order envelope for 5 books of stamps, enclosing my check for $49.00 (ck # 2227) and placed same in the outgoing mailbox beside my barber shop. To date, Oct. 24, 2017 I have yet to receive my stamps. Understand a substitute carrier was on duty thy day of Oct. 16, 2017. Appreciate your assistance in locating my stamps and or envelope with the money.

    James Fiesel
    4535 Socastee Blvd., Unit D, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

  154. I have lived at my current address for 38 years. I'm a retired Postmaster. I have never experienced the wonderful service I now receive from my mail carrier(Ebony) She's outstanding.
    My address:
    500 Smokeridge Lane
    Raleigh, NC 27615-6037

  155. went to the Lathrup Village PO in Michigan. Very fast friendly service from Rhonda. Will go there again.

  156. I was very rudely treated by a postal worker at the Quinlan Texas post office on 10/23/[email protected]:49pm by clerk#07, Bill#840-57520476-3-2492812-2 $13.90 total amount due for sending a package from Quinlan Texas to Hernando MS. Saying that for one I live in Arkansas goes against me. Seriously? I had to defend myself with him and he gave me bad attitude. Also I paid in change $10 in a roll of quarters and I had more change to make up the difference of $3.90 he was going to the back I don't know what for and said I was a second class citizen. I looked at the Man waiting in line behind me and I said I may be a second class citizen but my change money still spends the same as his. Look at the tape and the witnesses to. Please let me know what is being done about this matter. Thank you,
    Donna Gibson

  157. I tried to mail a birthday card that had a thick decoration on it, the clerk said it would cost over $3.00 and I am upset by that (the card was expensive) WHY ARE RATES SO COSTLY !!!!! Of course I did not mail the card...I will wait and hand it to the person.

  158. The service rendered at the birmingham mi. post office as extremely helpful it is a credit to the clerk who was extremely courteous and helpful.

  159. The three postal workers at the Western Nassau PO on Stewart Ave Garden City was amazing. This was my second time there and this time was even better that the first. Friendly and helpful, going the extra mile for customers satisfaction. Well done.

  160. Oct 20,2017 Sioux City main PO 51101-9998 10am to get postage to mail a small package
    6 stations, 1 clerk I was 4th in line 15 min wait clerk was efficient, told me that she was the only
    one on duty (cost cut backs) until another came at noon. when I left there were 8 people in line.
    All appeared upset. Your Postal service is the worse of any company I know. You don't have any
    regard for your customers and do your best to lose them. Way to go United States Post office!!

  161. Jim,Was very helpful with my questions about PO BOX service.
    Always in a Good Mood.
    It should be noted

  162. The Granger, IN post office employees especially Myra and Susan always make my visit pleasant . Thank ladies for your expertise.

  163. 10/20/17 Amboy Illinois post office is always cordial they go out or their way to answer any question and make your visit very enjoyable

  164. Dyer, IN Post office has a staff of friendly, helpful and efficient people. Their helpfulness seems to rub-off on the people who enter the post office - their pleasant greeting has entering customers smiling and polite.

  165. Jeanine at the North Fort Myers Post Office and formerly at the Tice Post Office is one of the most pleasant postal employees you could ever hope to find. She is a delight to talk to. She is efficient, always asks if we need anything else like stamps and you could not have a better employee at the USPS. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

  166. I had another Great experience at the Sewickley Post Office. Miande took care of me again. Always Very friendly. She treats everyone as if they are the only person in line, yet keeps it moving. Always friendly. I am here at least 3 times a week.

  167. I’m disappointed with the Capitol Heights, MD Post Office manangers/employees delivering my mail to other customers in the area. October 7th, When I called the office and space me with Ms. Tillery she was very disrespectful and rude. She did say that she will speak with the carrier, however, she needs a class to improve her customer service skills. I also encountered receipt of other customers mail and place it my mailbox to be delivered.

  168. The Utica Michigan Post Office... How come there is ALWAYS a line out the door with only ONE Postal Worker servicing the customer.. Seems there are plenty of Postal workers in the back walking around doing nothing.. Getting tired of always having to wait for service when the workers just are walking around.. Also, how come Postal workers used the customer parking lot when they have their own lot just around the building?.. Seems they all want to park right next to the door leaving very few spots for the customer.. Lazy!

  169. I highly want to praise Yolanda Greene of the Cambridge Post Office.
    She quickly found the cheapest way for me to send a box of cookies, etc. to
    my grandson who is paralyzed at the V.A. Health Center in Seattle, Washington.
    I was short on time and highly stressed out. She proceeded to unpack
    my box and use 2 boxes which were cheaper to send. She was very
    fast, pleasant, helpful and knew immediately what to do. She made my day.

  170. The wait time wasn't too long, I got a money order & a stamp in about 15 minutes or so. All in all I think our postal service is doing a good job at handeling our mail.

  171. On 09/19/2017 from Post office 11239 I mailed big package to Appellate Division, Brooklyn, NY 11201 by certified mail 70161370000074243214 with return receipt 9590940220736132717937.
    So far I have no return receipt.
    Request investigation and response.

  172. I have never seen this a very bad customer service in the post office in the Roseville 2000 County Road B2 very bad customer service. 09/23/2017 9:50 am

  173. it took almost 3 weeks to receive stamps I ordered. I could hav walked to the post office an got them faster. not good !

  174. I could comment about the several times packages have arrived damaged over the years. But what happened today at the downtown Murrieta, CA branch tops all that. I was having a heavy package (70 pounds) shipped. There were some latex paint marks (dry) on the exterior of my shipping box. The employees informed me that the paint was flammable and could not be accepted. Then, the supervisor was called. He sniffed my package ??? and proceeded to tell me again that a few streaks of paint on a box was unsafe to ship. I thought that they had decided that there was paint in the box. No, I told them. It was an antique cash register. They turned me away.I guess we all have regulations to follow, but the folks who pushed the “unsafe dry paint” rule should be jailed for impeding interstate commerce! THE CARDBOARD BOX AND STRAPPING TAPE ARE ALSO FLAMMABLE!!! The amount of danger added by the dry paint is negligible. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your unprofessional treatment of a customer! I have always chosen USPS for my customer shipping, but that ends today.

  175. Our downtown Tulsa, OK post office at 333 West 4th St. is outstanding. Great service by Marsha, Terri and (John?? I think.)
    Excellent professional service with a smile. Extremely knowledgable, courteous and helpful in anything you need.

  176. Visited Grayson, ga Post Office Friday, 9/15/17. Excellent experience considering debit machines were down and computer working very slowly. Young lady was very professional, courteous, helpful .

  177. Our experience with our post office is great. We have very polite and knowledgable people working there. And more importantly friendly service. Always happy going there knowing that I will be treated with respect and have my mailings going out in a timely manner.

  178. every one I've encountered at the Scottdale, Pa. USPS office has been quick and efficient with whatever need I have

  179. As a consumer I find the technical aspect of the postal experience as a useful (tool) in conducting the business affairs or consumer affairs and meets the requirements of a satisfied customer or consumer. Details inside... 840-5350-0217-001-00008-11389-02 #03

  180. Sue at the USPS branch in Hillsdale, NJ 07642-9998 is the nicest postal worker I have ever met. Every time I go in there, she greets me with a smile on her face and is happy to assist. Her pleasant demeanor is matched only by her efficiency. I wish everyone in customer service were like her. She deserves a raise and a promotion.

  181. Zip 60630 has local business mainly condominium bldgs. Inconvenience & hardship created from removal of all 3 mailboxes along Milwaukee Ave 4400N to 4900N. Please look into. Thank you

  182. I live in Garner NC. The post office on Timber Dr (267) need more personnel. I have been in the location several times. Each time the wait is getting longer. Today I had to let you know how I feel. Garner is a fast growing area near Raleigh. I came in on Friday afternoon, you only had one clerk working. The line was at the door. You asked for my opinion. Please hire more clerks or build another location in this area. Code 840-5270-0159-004-00024-74387-02. Please show us that you care.

  183. The clerk provide excellent service. she answered any question I had in a courteous manner. She greeted all customers in a professional style that demonstrated her total knowledge of all the tasks she completed. She handled a large crowd of customers expeditiously. Not one person appeared to be disturbed because there were quite a few people waiting for service when they entered the building. In short, the clerk provided service in a way that customers would try to seek her to have the service she provides.

  184. Clerk impressed me as she handled a difficult situation by handling a long line of customers
    as one customer was sending out 20 plus registered letters. Her multi task skills showed her USPS
    expert knowledge as she was the only clerk available to service us.

  185. My clerk # 10 at Brightmoor station 48223 on Aug 23,2017 @ 11:00am..really made my day..I was experiencing a rough day and didnt get her name.However, I was sending a package and she explained all details with with expertise.She actually taught me how to wrap and mail a package.I think she could see that I was frustrated and she walked me through the steps as she handled the other customers in line..A multi-tasker with patience, knowledge, skill, and a positive attitude is rare today..Thanks. keep up the good work.,and be blessed.Sincerely,Gigi

  186. I am so sick and tired of going into a Post Office and having to deal with rude, curt, poorly trained, insensitive employees. What makes it worse is my taxes pay them good money and benefits to be this way. ( I only go to PO if I have no other choice) . No excuse for attitude at 505 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach SC. Was not busy, no one else was in line. Seems agitated when I asked for Eclipse stamps and regular stamps.
    I am sure I could find some nice, friendly , helpful employees to assist customers or close the PO.

  187. The Woodstock, IL Post Office is so easy to deal with. Their staff is always courteous. Clerk: 05 (sorry I don't remember her name) went out of her way to help us get just the right stamps.

  188. I just wanted to say that Ingra was wonderful helping me today in Martinsville VA. BUT even finding this spot was much to hard. All that above was just blah blah..... This site is not a bit 'user-friendly'. Clean it up!!


  190. We are blessed to have Cathy for our Postal Carrier. Cathy is wonderful. She brings packages right to our front door. She always checks up on our welfare when she doesn't physically see us for a couple of days. Cathy has a fantastic personality. We live at 3058 South Bonita Street in Spring Valley, California, 91977. I believe this is route 22. Cathy is an asset to your Postal Department. We are grateful to have such a wonderful lady for our Postal Carrier.

  191. We received excellent service at the Post Office today - employee picked out the box we needed -
    saved us money, as we had selected a larger box. Very helpful and friendly. Best service I have
    had in years at the post office.

  192. the Susquehanna, pa post office is the worst post office I have ever seen. mail is delivered to the wrong addresses numerous times. mail is NEVER held as directed when the form is submitted. complaints are never corrected nor are phone calls returned as requested. please, the next time you close post offices please put this one at the top of the list.

  193. I received excellent service on 7/18/2017 and really appreciate the kindness shown to me

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  195. I fully appreciate the care and concern the postal service employees in this area have shown me.

  196. I left an envelope with $5.00 in our rural mail box to be mailed to the IRS Cincinnati Oh. I waited 2 weeks for a receipt and what was left of my $5. I never received anything. The answer I got was that I'm sorry, but my substitute said she put it in your mailbox. Where is it? No receipt, no change, I don't even know if the envelope was mailed to the IRS.

  197. My experience at the Dothan Post Office (379 N. Oates St.) was excellent. Your clerk, Shane (#10) is always so very helpful and polite. Receipt shows 7/19/2017, 10:34 a.m., number is 840-53500417-2-2218558-2.

  198. Todd and Deneise
    Jul.18, 2017

    I've had two Spine Surgeries late June and still under rehab. The Rock Hill, SC, Ebenezer Post Office has saved my rehab!! They are Superior when it comes to helping customers!! Todd and Deneise have removed my worries about my mail, that is wonderful for USPS. Thank you so much for providing such an outstanding Post Office, Ebenezer, Rock Hill, SC

  199. Went to the Bothell, WA 98021 post office to mail an envelope of papers. Attendant was polite, happy and even joked around with me. Service was fast and pleasant. Felt better when I left.

  200. Haworth, NJ Post Office Offers Outstanding Service. I am treated with respect,and made to feel like a very special customer. I mail on average 300 to 400 Media Mail Packages per year. Both Don and Steve are a great credit to the USPS. This is the reason -I travel to a neighboring town for their great Service.

  201. Our daughter is in the Air Force boot camp. Lately, I am in the Fishers Post Office a lot. I have needed a lot of help with packages and sending letters. They have all been very helpful and kind.
    On July 11th, I was in the Post Office again sending my daughter a birthday card that needed extra stamps. As I was waiting in line, a mom and her daughter needed help. The mom brought her daughter to help translate. I remember being in those shoes. The postal worker was very kind, patient and understanding. It was a treat to see her interact with such kindness to do their job. In all my visits(which again has been a lot), they have been consistent in kindness, guidance and efficiency. I'm sure they have their hard days but I am grateful for them.
    Fishers Post Office, thank you!

  202. Friday 7/7/2017 I sent five(5) envelopes to various locations certified and was told I could see signatures on the computer. I have not seen signatures but three indicate they were delivered. Two going to Chicago indicate they were suppose to be delivered Monday but it does not show they were delivered. What happen to these two. Numbers 70162710000068404691 and 70162710000068404646. I would appreciate an answer and where do I find the signatures? It is important infomation due to a death.

  203. I am always pleased and completely satisfied at the Apalachin post office. The staff is outstanding as well as professional. And friendly.

  204. Lorna - Clerk : 15 at Coco River at 1130 Creekside Parkway, Naples Fl. is fantastic in
    her job and as a person. She is always cheerful and helpful.

    Thank you Lorna

  205. Just a note to RAVE about a DELIGHTFUL, helpful kind woman by the name of Sandra Sanders.
    Sandra helped me this morning to RUSH a 65th Birthday letter to my oldest daughter...hoping to have it in Rowayton Connecticut in time for her July 8th birthday.
    Sandra is in your "HOPI STATION" office , Scottsdale AZ. and I found her to be VERY NICE!

  206. As always in the Post Office in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, she was very helpful, especially on how I should ship the packages I had brought, which were different kinds of packaging. Very patient with me, so that I learned how to ship the different items well.

  207. Oradell PO 6/30/17 1:05 pm
    Bill # 840-50700238-2-1108125-2
    Clerk: 03
    Always a very helpful and friendly lady to provide great service, just like her male colleague at the other counter.
    Hope I posted this correctly

  208. It's always a pleasure to go to our Lana’i City, Hi. Post Office.
    No long lines because the employees process each customer quickly with a positive attitude and lots of smiles.
    It's a small community and they greet you by name when you get to the counter.
    Lucky we live on Lana’i.

  209. I was in the winder ga location with my 3 kids. We stood in line and Waited for 15 minutes before being called next. After waiting the older black lady called me over to her counter. I showed her my package and all she said was you need to buy tape to close your box with an attitude or pay more and I will tape it. Wether or not thats true i dont think an attitude is necessary. I have been in before and people were more than helpful and kind and took there time with me. I left with my three kids to find tape to seal it up and came back in to see her with smerk and laughed that i was back. A younger black girl was more than helpful with me the second time around. Honestly the rude lady could have give me a small piece of tape to close my small box especially seeing i had my hands full already with an infant on my arm and two other kids to bring in. I to work in the customer service industry and kindness goes a long way. She was extremely rude and unhelpful. I spoke with my mom about this and she said her friend also has a problem with this same lady. Im sorry i wish i had her name. Shes in her 50s/60s with short black hair and is heavy set. A person like this needs training or a different job. I will no longer be back tho the winder location.

  210. i MAILED A PACKAGE LAST WEEK,SIGNATURE --THE vIRGINIA MN post office never scanned it--said sometimes they just put it in the box going to Duluth if the truck carrying it is leaving soon.SO somewhere it got lost and cannot be recovered--Envelope was sealed very good-no chance of anything falling out---Lost $170 --which was very hard for us to lose. Jane Conaway

  211. I was helped by SHUKYU, at the Buena Park Post Office on La Palma where I purchased PRIORITY STAMPS. Shukyu, went out of her way to locate these stamps, from her co-workers. I believe Shukyu was kind and professional, who helped me with a smile on her face. Excellent Customer Service.

  212. I learn new stuft in new things in new ways in get along with others as well in there are good worker in good helper all as well in I like to come back again with in A good company in cooroperate with in a good company in self control in understanding different things very well very good in iI like to come back to the company in come clean in have faith in prayer very good very well thank you

  213. 'Very pleased with the service I get at the US Post Office in Savannah, TN 38372 Every employee there is super....

  214. I am extremely unhappy with our Post Office. Not unusual to get someone else mail. I never
    received an important piece of mail. I was informed it made it to the truck. Good it never reached my home.
    No one to complain to. Not that anyone cares. The post office is t down

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  216. Went to the Glenwood IL. post office this morning to pick up a package that was too large to fit in my PO Box (Tracking # 9405511298152823343661). The front desk lady was friendly and very helpful. I was also able to pay my PO box rental. Yes, there are still some good people working for USPS. Thanks.

  217. The people that are here in Florence OR do an awesome job. Thanks

  218. On 05-25-2017 I mailed a three day delivery tracking number 9505510575627145088500. I went to the post office on 06-01-2017 to find out where the mail was and if they could tell me why it had not been delivered. The front desk lady was very helpful but the post master told her the mail was in Indianapolis Indiana and that is the last place it could be tracked. I asked the lady for my money back $6.65 back due to not delivering the mail. I was informed if the mail was not delivered in 30 days I could get my money back but the post master would not allow her to refund the money. I tracked the mail again on 06-03-2017 and it still has not been delivered.

  219. We never know who may be at the post office , there's been about five or so in the past 2 years.
    About half of the ones they send don't have a clue. Some are friendly, some are NOT. I know this is a very small P.O. ,but really a T.V. going, if it wasn't so loud it wouldn't be that bad,they need their breaks too. It seems like , if you get your mail O.K. , if not that's O.K. too. We know that sometimes there is mail laying in the back. Butler, Ky. 41006.

  220. The Stanleytown va post office is great No matter how busy or what ever Sherry always greets you with a smile and asks how you are doing.Always extremely polite and helpful.Goes out of her way to help you.Always says goodbye come back again and has that smile on her face.Extremely professional,polite and helpful.Thats the only post office I use unless they are closed for lunch.

  221. Clerk #05 at the Swartz Creek, MI, post office assisted me today. Could not ask for a better experience. These gals are the best.

  222. my helper at loridas post office was identified on the receipt as 04. she was so very helpful ,friendly and took care of my needs with no wait . she could be the poster person for those who serve and I thank her !!!! jim

  223. The service at both the Lexington Park, MD and the California, MD offices has and continues to be at the highest level. Thank you for your customer service.

  224. I was at the Warrenville, Il PO on 5/16/2017 just for stamps. I was surprised how quickly the lady helped me. Keep it up!

  225. The service that i received at the Millerton NY postal service was great the ladies there are very helpful and patience .
    they took the time to help me even with my bad english they still try to understand

  226. I have great service this morning mailing my package. Bill # 840-59800376-3-936236-1

  227. on my visit to the Amelia post office the clerk explained how my return can be tracked, great experience, I enjoyed my visit.

  228. Tienen un excelente servicio en la sucursal de calexico muy atentos ,serviciales, los felicito.

  229. I ran into Mountain Shadows post office...the line wasn't long and was able to be helped right away. The Gentleman was very helpful and seemed positive and interested in assisting me

  230. Post Office Located At 400 "D" Street, South Charleston, WV
    Andrew....what a perfect gentleman. LOTS of patience. Friendly. Could not have been more helpful. Give the man a raise!

  231. I was in Bradley, IL for a retirement meeting, and I had to go mail a package at your Post Office. I was waited on a young lady named Monica. She was so helpful and pleasant I thought I should recommend a bonus for her when it is possible. She made the trip an easy stop on my way back to Chicago. Thank you for having suvh a competent person.

  232. the post office at Elmhurst 8027 Broadway Elmhurst NY 11373 Chinese Clerk is always bad behave !!! this morning I went to the post office to send something and she was there so I tried to away her I wanted to go the other clerks who are black women which is very good but I got the bad chinese woman. As I said she always treat people really bad ......!!!!!! she feels that they are helping Free.........I paid on my Credit card and she throw it with nonchalantly!!!!!

  233. the post office in Euless is ALWAYS under staffed! you know when you go there a lot of time will be hot employees arnica and friendly, but who has that kind of time. Often I will go to the one on Hardwood just TO AVOID THE Wit. Its worth the extra drive. This should really be fixed. Hard to remain polite after so much time wasted!

  234. I am Babeker from Sudan. I have a letter of acceptance from ASACollege in New York, which was sent more than three weeks ago but it not yet arrived in Sudan.

  235. I was at the Post Office today in North Miami, Fl. (33181). Service was excellent as provided by Michelle and Jarvis; both employees were very professional, courteous, patient and explained all aspects of sending my packages.

  236. On 4/11/17 I mailed a gift from the Midway San Diego post office to my son in Oakland, CA. Clerk #2 was extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. I wanted extra insurance and signature confirmation, but wasn't sure what forms I needed. No problem! Done in a jiffy and on my way. The gift arrived on time 4/13/17!

  237. On 4/1/2017 I mailed a parcel to a customer tracking number
    840-5088-0048-001-00004-94245-02. I placed a self sticking address label on box and taped over it to make sure it would not come off. It cost me $9.85 to send it to Woodbridge, NJ. On 4/7/2017 the box came back to my store opened and no address label on it. The only way it is possible to have come back to my store is my name and store name were markered on the box. I was totally embarrassed to call my customer and apologize for her not receiving what she ordered. I still have her package as she said she will take a drive down to Ocean Grove and pick it up. But I'm still out $9.85 and confused as to why the package had been opened in the first place and what happened to the address label. Please respond. I do have choices of delivery services. Thank you
    Steve Mandeville
    Comfort Zone
    44 1/2 Main Ave
    Ocean Grove, NJ

  238. 15 patient people in line ahead of me. Good service. but I wonder why they shut down the second PO in San Marcos last year when it was the fastest growing city in the nation!

  239. A priority express package I sent was scheduled to arrive at its destination on Friday April 7 by 3pm. Checked the tracking number and it is not going to arrive until Saturday April 8. Paid a lot of money for next day service ( very important package ). You claim the delivery was guaranteed. How do I get my refund? Thx

  240. Visited post office in Foley
    AL. Postal person was very efficient and processed the customers quickly. My wait was very short. She handled my partial post package very efficiently and politely. Great service experience.

  241. I was at this post office sending certified mail to GA on 4/3/17. I was visiting my daughter in jacksonville. at the time I purchased a book of stamp. Howeve the lady at the counter forgot to give me a book of stamp. I am back in GA. I called the post office but, phone got hung up on me. How can I get my stamp back? I have a receipt.

  242. Have been gone for several day and put my mail on hold at the post office. Did not know the post office hours had change to 9AM and went to pick up my mail AT 8:45 and the post office was shill closed. asked if Daniel was there, as a car was in the back parking lot she answered and came and got me my mail. I want to thank her and Angela the mail delivery person as the are both very nice, polite and helpful. My zip is 96114.
    Again thank you.

  243. Mailed package quickly and was on my way. Attended was pleasant and wished me to have a good afternoon.

  244. within 4 minutes i had selected stamps. made my purchase. attendant was efficient and pleasant. we bothwihed each other a nice day...in dallastown PA

  245. I receive prompt and professional service with my experiences at the Town of Groton US Post Office.

    I note Beth, an employee that I am most familiar with. In all my encounters and from others I observe she is an excellent employee- professional and sharing her warm and wonderful disposition with all.

    While I do not know the names of other personnel at the counter, they are professional and courteous.

    Our mail person at present {I do not know his name) is likewise professional and courteous.

    Thank you all for your service

  246. I went to the post office today and clerk 17 waited on me she was very pleasant she mad me laugh with a joke little she didn't know that one of my resident had just passed away at the hospital I was on my way home he lived at Northpoint Village down the road and I was very sad. When I left I had a smile on my face when I walked in I had a frown. Thank you for that little pick me up I needed it and the other clerk was also laughing with us. How a smile and kind word goes a long way.
    Chrystal Munro Leasing at Northpoint Village of Utica a Senior Community.

  247. I mailed a package on March 14, 2017 at the McAlester, Oklahoma post office @12:23 pm. A young man named Jeremy, not sure of last name, helped me. I was impressed with his professional "attitude". I have never had such a helpful person wait on me at that post office before. Just wanted to let you know, he could be a trainer for other employees dealing with the public. I was not sure how to mail the package, he recommended priority mail, worked GREAT. I know most comments you hear are most likely negative, thought you should know, this young man was impressive.

  248. I was at Bryant at 2234 N. Bellflower Blvd. Long beach Ca 90815-9995.
    I was sending a dvd movie called Paul blart mall cop 2. I bought from the post office, Hallmark- Snoppy Doghouse blank note cards to insert one inside my priority mail small box with Signature
    Confirmation. It was sent out for Christopher on March 17, 2017 and will be delivered March 20, 2017.

  249. I was at post office of laguna niguel to send a package but I made a mistake with the delivery address, when I noticed whent back and Larry the post office attendance was very kind and professional helping me to find and re address the package, thanks to him my package it already delivered. Thank you so much.

  250. U.S. Postal Worker Lorraine & Postmaster Diane are an asset to the Au Sable Forks Post Office. Both are welcoming, helpful and successful at maintaining the operations of our postal service.

  251. The agent was very professional and made my sending of the package very simple,Kudos to your employees.

  252. The Agent was nice but everything he said was mumbled. He spoke English but I was unable to understand almost none of what he said. He did not have a foreign accent.

  253. Joe at the Jolliff Retail in Chesapeake, VA is an outstanding postal employee in every way. Keep up the good work.

  254. Jeanette at the Passport desk on Feb. 15, 2017 was most helpful to me. She works at the 217 W. 18th St. Branch in New York City.

  255. I would just like to take the time out to acknowledge Clerk #24 for being very professional and helpful always. I always enjoy seeing her and observing not only how she does her job but always always very kind and courteous with not only me but with everyone that have the opportunity to be at her service. She make the Postal experience a pleasurable one despite the long lines. I pray that she remains at her current location which is in Mableton, Ga. until she retires.

  256. Bill clerk 09 was excellent and very helpful. He needs a raise. The post office in Bushnell, Fl.All of the employees are great..

  257. I am very disappointed with my mailing experience. My grand daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. She is 6. I made gluten free cookies to mail to her so she would be able to have something while the family ate their girl scout cookies. I made them Tuesday and mailed them at the post office at 9 am on Feb. 1. As of this morning they are still not there. It was suppose to be a 2 day delivery and be there on Friday. Now she is getting one week old cookies. I tracked the package and it left our Viroqua post office on Feb. 1. Ended up in Des Moines on Feb 4 and then was sent to Chicago. Our mail goes to St. Paul and from there should have gone directly to Milwaukee. They live in Wauwatosa. I am very upset by this service. Maybe I should have used FedEx. Karen Sherry, Viroqua, Wi

  258. Re: Bill # 840-5770-0108-001-00017-49956-02

    Amber (06) was great. She helped me prepare our Passport Renewal forms for proper mailing. She went beyond just doing her job and saw to it that everything was in place . She deserves thanks for being so helpful.


  259. I used Priority Mail to mail a package. It took EIGHT days for it to arrive and the tracking was terrible. No expected arrival date - just "Delayed". Weather enroute was NOT the problem. At one point it was logged in at a Post Office just 15 minutes from the destination address but was not delivered. Instead it was sent to a post office over an hour away and was delivered a day later. Totally inefficient. I called about it and was told "There's no guarantee." This took longer than regular ground for NO reason.

  260. Question, , please check, why I am not receiving, (mail in). on my cell phone, I been receiving this service from the time you started the service. My P. O. Box # is 10398...been a client from 1960. I always mention to the sales personnel to please check why I am not receiving this service. My P.O. Box #10398. My cell # 808 699 1954. Note: No (mail in) text to my cell phone for the last 2 years. Please check, Mahalo...

  261. The Parma Idaho 83660 is a disgrace Mail is misdirected to wrong address, and the clerks are very rude. I have complained numerous times about not getting my mail or about getting my neighbors mail. I in the past returned the mail to Post Office but I now try to hand deliver it to right person address. I returned a letter 3 times before I quit getting it. The correct address is across town and is on fifth street plus the last name only have the letter P in common. When I am in the Post Office I hear other people complaining about NOT getting mail until they bundle it then decide to deliver it to just any where. We are being told ALL mail is delivered but no promise they will make an effort to get it delivered to right place. It cost me $4.95 to get a magazine that the route deliver could not find.I do NOT expect route delivery with the amount of snow we have around the box. If I continue to get my mail across the counter then I may never get my box cleared.Too bad these people do not have good supervision.

  262. Have been going into the Sun Valley office for about 30 years. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. They always say hello and ask if you need stamps, etc. especially Emp. #87.

  263. The P.S. left yellow card in my POB January 14, indicating a delivery too large for the box. I was expecting a large calendar but on 1-19, clerks said nothing could be found for my box. Susan called me the next day to say still nothing found. Since then, nothing. Calendar probably fell behind their furniture or was stolen by P.S. employee. Tried to call toll-free number on receipt for stamps and told wait time 40 to 50 minutes!

  264. SITUATION: 01/18/17 Jack Watson Post Office, Fort Worth, Texas. Long time post office box owner here.
    'Carol' is a horrible front desk/customer service employee. Three times/occurrences she has harassed, discriminated, acted rude and all-around ignored giving me proper service.
    *First occurrence, Carol was totally unfamiliar with how I should file a complaint regarding mass junk mail coming to my post office box. She repeatedly and loudly told me she can not assist and 'I do not know'.
    *Second occurrence, I came in the front area. Carol never looked up, never acknowledged me. I walked out after about four minutes silently waiting.
    *Third occurrence, Carol could not sell me two stamps that were considered 'professional'. I did not want any flowers or pictures, just a flag or something plain. She hollered repeatedly, 'what do you want?', from the end of her 'aisle' to me at the other side of the counter. No choices, no options. She is not professional, so why should she know professional.
    Her supervisor, Susan, was not available to review/discuss this poor employee's actions.
    RECOMMENDED ACTION: FIRE CAROL... If not fire her, write her up; if no slap on her wrist write-up, get her to remedial customer service classes immediately! She does not need to raise her voice or be rude or boisterous to me or others!
    *Do not retaliate when requesting service at this post office again.*

  265. Clerks 15 and 18 who are almost always there with their knowledge and helpfulness. I am always happy even if there is a line to get to them when I see the regular man and lady who are there most the time. They are THE BEST. Please keep them at kilmer 21.

    1. Please keep #15 and #18 at the 21 Kilmer location. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. I do not even mind waiting in line when I see their friendly faces there. They are THE BEST.

  266. It is always a pleasure going to my James Island Posit Office (29412-3005) The clerk (#15) who serve me today is always friendly, kind and helpful. I always hope that he will be there when I arrive. It is not very often you receive good customer service these days and it a pleasure to receive the excellent service that this post office renders.

  267. Best experience EVER at USPO!!! This clerk was friendly, efficient and had NO attitude. This make my day! SO much better than Raleigh North Hills/Six Forks location or Raleigh North Ridge location. Those clerks are so awful: rude, unfriendly, with an attitude?

    I hope this clerk receives this reply. Will definitely return to use this location. Thank you.

    Clerk: 6
    Bill # 840-52700612-1-1213918-2

  268. We used the postal service at 101 Brooks Blvd, Manville Post office on 01/10/2017. The person we do not know the name, provided the excellent service. We would love to go to the same post office for our future task.
    Bill# 840-50880240-2-374352-2
    Clerk: 09

  269. Peck Slip
    114 John Street, NYC 10038

    I go to this post office every month, I always receive professional service. The staff has been very friendly and willing to help. I only have good word for this site. Keep up the excellent work.

    Bill #840-5100-0056-004-00011-01204-01
    Clerk: 04

  270. Had the ABSOLUTE worst exposure at the Hillsborough, NJ site. There were in excess of 10 people waiting in line. One of the staff, stated"I go on break", besides poor grammar, the staff member had NO regard for customers. This is not the first time. Typical for a non managed/supervised staff, screw the public. This woman had no regard for what is expected, but then again,they will never get fired.

  271. I just received very professional service at the Abita Springs Post Office. I received my advice quickly and posted my package and gone with enough time to write this message with time I saved.
    Many Thanks
    Clerk was; Bill #840-57000673-2-972168-2
    Clerk: 08

  272. Have never had a problem shipping packages from post office. unlike other major shipping companies, which said package had been delivered but it had not, things i send get there when they say they will, or even sooner. and the price is cheaper than expected. happy with my experience.

  273. I mailed a card with Visa gift card and retail gift card for Christmas. Because of all the horror stories I read and saw on TV about people stealing gifts I wanted to insure it and have it signed for. I asked the clerk at my post office if anyone could sign for the parcel and she told me as long as the person was 18 years or older that they would be able to sign for it. When the parcel arrived at the final destination the individual was told by the postman that they couldn't sign for it and it was returned to the post office. After tracking the parcel I now see that it is being sent back to sender. I don't understand why further attempts weren't made to deliver it again or a notice wasn't placed in the mailbox. I'm frustrated that not only did my family not receive their gift but that I in turn have to turn around and pay for the parcel to be shipped again.

  274. This is about the Pine Plains NY 12567 post office. Pine Plains is a small rural town surrounded by a mostly agricultural community. It used to be well run, very efficient, albeit, in a very tiny building at center of town.
    Now it is at the outskirts of town in a huge dedicated brick building with triple the number of employees.
    Weekdays It opens at 8 AM
    It closes on week days from 1 PM until 2:30 PM.
    It open from 2:30 until 5 PM
    Saturday it is open from 9 AM until noon.
    There are no self service machines for mailing packages or purchasing postage. A person must be there during lobby hours to conduct any and all business, which is difficult if not impossible for the many locals who work for a living.
    It is not a user friendly post office. The very limited business hours prevent many residents and visitors from doing business at times convenient to them. Furthermore, the staff is, in general : rude, disrespectful, arrogant, untrained, lacking in knowledge of postal regulations, inconsiderate, and very often not accurate with mail placement (frequently misdelivering to wrong addresses both physical and PO Box)
    Supplies are often out of stock, i.e., no flat rate boxes, no priority mail labels or other postal forms in stock, and display racks are often empty.
    Conversely, trash bins will be filled to over flowing with discarded PO Box mail, floors unswept, Windows dirty.
    It doesn't seem to be for lack of employees - there are more than enough, or lack of space- it's a huge building.
    Just seems it's not like it used to be. It sure could use some improvements, beginning with longer, sensible lobby hours- hours that suit the community, not the mid day nappers. Do the all have to take lunch break at the same time? Its the only post office with more than one employee known to close for an hour and a half mid day. Ludicrous! Hopefully someone with authority will be made aware of the situation and rectify it, the sooner the better!

  275. Dear Friends at Bremen, Indiana46506 Post Office This Christmas my wife and I had planned to make the 800 mile trip to be with our daughter’s family in Georgia. We made the decision too late to make the date recommended for arrival with regular mail in time for Christmas. When I inquired how much our package would cost to guarantee before the 25th it was way out of our budget. It was at 11:50 a.m., Thursday, the 22nd, that I paid for a regular mail delivery. When we called on Christmas Day our daughter said that our grand-daughter wanted to open the package while we were on the phone. YES! Our package arrived Saturday, the 24th! That package must have ridden on the back of the fastest pony that the U.S.P.S. has in the barn. Thank you once again for going beyond the “call of duty” in service to America! Sincerely, Bill & Sylvia Greenhood 200 Brant Drive, Bremen

  276. Mailed my Xmas pkg to Eugene,OR from Winooski,VT. Clerk asked me if I would like to change the Priority box I had to flat fee bos ($13.45) and save $7.Same delivery date/less $.
    She was just terrific. I don't have here id # because she then went on break. Clerk #04 handled the check out procedure. He was wonderful too. Great service and always dependable.
    Keep up the great work. You folks keep the country running... xo Happy Holidays.

  277. I patronize the Elma, NY post office. It is a pleasant and professional atmosphere at all times even when it is very busy like today. Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

  278. I went to the Harrisburg, Illinois Post Office this morning of 12-17-2016 and was really impressed with the Postal Worker #08, she was extremely helpful and nice to me. I commend her and her curtousy she showed me today.

  279. I went to the MORENO VALLEY, CA post office on Alessandro ave on Wednesday 12/14/16. Delia the postal worker was AWESOME!!! she helped me with my priority mail package. i had to call my son for his correct address, and she didnt even get upset or make me get out of line. afterwards she wished me a merry christmas. The whole time she was kind considerate and very patient. she deserves a RAISE!!!

  280. The Newark, N.Y. post office is a very friendly place to visit. Judy and other counter agents are always friendly and eager to help. Our home carrier (Vaughn I believe) is very outgoing and seems genuinely happy to see you. I recently applied for my passport with Carolyn and all went smoothly. Passport received in 2 weeks flat from the day I applied. (I guess that's also a kudos for the passport service). All of the rest of this "survey" is a lot of BS for some marketing co. Makes the postal survey very questionable. I almost didn't bother.

  281. For 2-years in a row, in early December, my local Moorestown Post Office has run out of Xmas stamps. To me, on December 9, this is both frustrating and shows poor planning.
    If you wish to increase revenue, plan ahead more realistically. Our towns population is fairly static.

  282. I frequently stop at the St. Germain, WI USPS and want to comment on how pleasant and helpful Clerk #06 (Mary) is, she is so cheerful and never fails to ask how my day is going. Mary waves even when I have no need to stop at the counter. Thanks Mary!

  283. The Postal workers here are some of the best I have have ever seen, an always have a wonder smile and, happy greeting for everyone. THANK-YOU.

  284. Visited post office in Oviedo, Florida to mail package. The lady who helped me could not have been nicer. All post office employees should be like her. What a great personality!

  285. I mailed from Perrysburg a large white envelope on the 28th Nov. Expected delivery Wed. to Columbus. Has not arrived yet on Thursday. Where is it?

  286. My wife & I are in Phoenix for 6 months. We finished our forwarding address at the Arcadia office @ 3920 E Thomas Rd. 85018-9998. We couldn't have chose a better P.O. Steve is very helpful in answering any question. He is patient with obnoxious customers.(this I witnessed ). In listening while waiting, all the staff are polite and professional.

  287. I purchased a musical birthday card, but was afraid it would be damaged in the mail. Lorri advised that I purchase a padded mailer and pay to have it delivered as FRAGILE. I appreciated the counsel. Harlan IA

  288. The post office workers at Mt Washington in Baltimore, are always polite, and
    very knowledgeable. I depend on them to send packages overseas etc...
    Wendy in Maryland

  289. Visited the Eastwood 5415 Lawndale Street, Houston, TX location once again today and was assisted by 840-577-0015-002-00010-15722-02. The service was extremely quick (I was mailing out Christmas cards internationally and locally) the lady who assisted me was most kind and professional and it is greatly appreciated.

  290. I mailed a package to a friend and they never got the parcel but the post office claimed it was delivered. I am very sadden because I paid a lot of money for this item.

  291. I forgot to mention that I received this great service at the Woodlawn, NY 10470 branch. They do a lot with a little.

  292. The postal service. Efficient,helpful,courteous. I was helped taping a package I was sending. The package was delivered early than expected. They are great people providing a valuable service.I feel they are under attack.They could use more people. They should provide more services. The lobby could have fax machines, shredders, bank accounts, copiers, an USPS internet service. This would be fair competition, increase revenue and create jobs.

  293. My Name: Anyelo I. Gonzalez
    My Address: 2 Georg Road, Petersburg, Illinois 62675
    My phone number: 201-410-1849
    My Email: [email protected]
    Date: November 10, 2016
    Clerk: 06
    Bill #: 840-56040586-1-535190-1
    Visa ending numbers: 1316
    Approval #: 053111
    Transaction #: 524

    United States Postal Services
    1735 North Lynn Street
    Arlington, VA 22209-2020

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I want to file a discrimination complaint against Clerk 06 from the USPS Office of the city of Petersburg in the state of Illinois at this address. (USPS) Petersburg Post Office, 220 S. 7th S. Street, Petersburg, Illinois 62675-9998. Notice that clerk 06 is the same clerk who I filed a harassment and discrimination complaint against her on October 7, 2016. She continues discriminating me and harassing me. Bill #: 840-56040586-1-535190-1 Visa ending numbers: 1316 Approval #: 053111 Transaction #: 524

    This is my new complaint: Today, Thursday 10, 2016. Time: 10:31 AM. I went to the post office to buy stamps. When I was paying with my credit card, She, (Clerk 06) rushed me, screamed at me, harassed me and disrespected me. She did not let the system go thru intentionally in order to make the transaction fail. She rushed the computed too. In order to do a transaction you have to give enough time to the computer in order to process the transaction. She rushed and forced the computer that`s why the transaction did not go thru. She did all that intentionally in order to bother me. According to her the transaction did not go thru because I enter the wrong pin number something that is a lie from her. The reason why the transaction did not go thru when I enter the pin number to pay, is because she rushed the machine the same way she was rushing me and harassing me, and no because I entered the wrong pin number like she tried to make me believe. Clerk 06 did all that intentionally just to bother me. She did not give me enough time to pay and enter my pin number as well she did not let the computer time to process the transaction. She made me nervous. Every time I go to that post office she did that to me. She is making me sick. She forced me to call my bank to see if there was something wrong (Chace Bank) I called the bank and they told me that there was an issue with my pin number. The issue was caused by clerk 06 who intentionally did all wrong just to cause this problem and to bother me. I enter the right pin number and I had enough money in my bank account to pay for this transaction. That was not the reason to make this transaction fail. Finally, clerk 06 told me to pay it as credit and no as a debit transaction. I paid for 10 stamps $4.70 as credit, something that was no necessary to do, but just because of the problem that clerk 06 cause me intentionally. I pay with a Visa Card, Account Ending Number: 1316, Approval#: 053111, Transaction #: 524 Notice that all this information is on my receipt and on top of this letter. I believe that all this was already planned. I believe all this is part of a discriminatory conspiracy against me and a persecution against me. All this was already orchestrated just to bother me and provoke me and disrespect me. I need help! She, clerk 06 told me in my face that she will not sent what I mailed with a nasty attitude. Please notice all my personal information on top of this letter to make easier for me to process this complaint. I forgot to mention that Clerk 06 obligate me to show her an ID with a picture something that is not necessary to do. She caused me so much emotional stress!
    Mr. Anyelo I. Gonzalez
    A Proud Citizen of the United States of America

  294. Needed to return an item that was not appropriate, I visited the Eastwood post office and the service was extremely great; it is always a pleasure when one receives exceptional service. Hurrah for Postal Workers. In addition the service was extremely fast.

  295. I love the great customer service that I get every time I go to the post office always friendly and address all concerns

  296. I got a P. O. notice, from the Alta Canyon P. O. at 84093, that a package was not deliverable. However, it was. I was outside working in the yard when I saw the P. O. vehicle arrive at our box and my wife was in our house. There was no attempt by the postman to deliver our package. We had to wait a day to go get our package.

  297. Went to P.O. New Springfield, S.I.,N.Y. to mail 2 letters. One had went "tracking", the other was "return receipt requested" The tracking one was CHEAPER to send than the other. Very surprised with that. The staff was helpful and polite. But only problem is/was one more person could help with the lines in this post office.

  298. the 20th avenue post office is a joke,, they never have enough tellers to handle the costumers , its been a very long time since i've seen all 4 teller windows in use. by the way this is in brooklyn n.y. 11204. It also is dirty & unkept its all real shame that they let this office go to crap, its one of the only postal offices in our area, you really should do something about it.

  299. I had a wonderful experience at the local USPS office serving zip code 31082. I was made to feel that someone cared about what I had to mail and even helped me to choose the right postal service to get the package to NY in a timely manner. Thanks

  300. I am a postal worker who wanted to comment on the clerk at the front desk who did a great job, which hasn't always been the case, but I find this web site too cumbersome and impractical to use, like many other things in the Post Office, simplify, simplify, simplify!

  301. My postman (Jeremy) has been my mailman for at least two years. He is outstanding in all ways. Due to our erratic weather in Colorado he never misses a delivery regardless of what happens truly rain, snow, shine or late at night. I'm unable to always get to the post office but he makes sure I have the stamps I order. He is friendly and helpful and I highly recommend him for any and all commendations. Thank you for having such a great employee.

  302. My Post Office in Sandston VA 23150 is wonderful. I was served by Duane twice this past week and he is so cheerful! Very knowledgeable and efficient. He treats all customers with a smile and courtesy while taking care of their mailing needs. The other employees at this post office are kind and helpful to customers as well. Thank you.

  303. The clerk was courteous and efficient. He served me and those in front of me quickly. He asked about any additional services I might need to which I said "no." I was completely satisfied with the customer service at the Berea, OH Post Office.

  304. All the employed in the Floresville office are very helpful and friendly. Only the POSTMASIER is the most unfriendly person I have ever met. He has been their several years and is always a very unfriendly POSTMASIER.

  305. I have always had courteous service but the wait for that service is frequently excessively long. May I point out that the USPS provides services to OFallon, Missouri's population of more than 79,000 with one single Post Office location, while the USPS provides services to Florissant, Missouri's population of only a little more than 52,000 with two Post Office locations. The South side of OFallon is in need of better services from the USPS.

  306. The Chevy Chase Post Office in Chevy Chase Village and it's staff make going to the Post Office a pleasant experience. Thanks to all of those who work there.

  307. On Oct 7, I visited the Post Office on 2024 Jerome Ave in the Bronx. The wait was very long because there was only one clerk serving a line of about twenty people, and the clerk was doing the best she can. I am a disabled person, and when I finally got to the counter, Clerk #11 was extremely helpful, patient, courteous, and kind. Although the line was so long, she took the time to help an elderly person accomplish her goals. I want to officially thank her, and she should be commended for her outstanding performance, and distinguished public service.

  308. The people at the White mills,Pa.18473 Post Office are the nicest folks to deal with. They go out of their way to make your Post Office visit pleasant.

  309. My name: Anyelo I. Gonzalez
    My New Address: 2 Georg Road, Petersburg, Illinois 62675
    My phone number: 201-410-1849
    My Email: [email protected]
    Date: Friday, October 07, 2016
    USPS Certified Mail # Tracking Number: 70151730000033209182
    Clerk: 06
    Bill #: 840-56040586-1-500913-2
    USPS Return Receipt #: 9590940303545163868929

    United States Postal Services

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I want to make a discrimination complaint against Clerk 06 from (USPS) Petersburg Post Office at this address: 220 S. 7th Street, Petersburg, Illinois 62675-9998. USPS Certified Mail # Tracking Number: 70151730000033209182 Please notice all my personal information on top of this letter including the Bill#, Tracking # and Clerk number which is 06. I don`t have the clerk name. Complaint Confirmation Number which is CA130224964 this is the number that a representative gave me by phone after I called to report this complaint. (Which is 800-275-8777) if you want to help solve this issue call me at 201-410-1849 or email me at [email protected] or mail me at 2 Georg Road, Petersburg, Illinois 62675.

    This is my complaint: Today Friday, October 07, 2016 at 10:11 AM, I went to the post office to post a package (a letter in an envelope) via certified mail. The letter is going to: Florence Housing Authority, 110 S. Cypress Street, Suite 1, Florence, Alabama 35630. However the clerk (06) typed in the system the wrong address intentionally in order to bother me. According to the receipt this letter was mailed to this place: Chestnutridge , MO. She type in the system MO which is the state of Missouri which is the wrong state and the wrong zip code: 65630 this is the wrong zip code she enter in to the system intentionally. This is the correct zip code: 35630 This letter or package is going to the State of Alamana (AL) and not to Missouri like she typed in the system. She did all that intentionally just to bother me and cause me emotional stress. When I look at the receipt I noticed that the Clerk 06 made an error intentionally. I notice that the address destination in the receipt was wrong. The Clerk 06 mailed it to the city of Chestnutridge in the state of Missouri (MO) I went back to the post office like 5 minutes later and to talk to the clerk who took care of me which was Clerk 06. She, the clerk told me that she fixed the error that she did intentionally. However I don`t believe in her. According to her the letter will be send to the address in the envelope which is: Florence Housing Authority, 110 S. Cypress Street, Suite 1, Florence, Alabama 35630. This is the correct address. Another issue is that the lady which is the clerk who took care of me yelled at me, disrespected me, and harassed me without any reason. Every time I go to that post office the clerk 06 is always harassing and disrespecting me. When I am paying at the register the clerk 06 always rush me. When I am going to enter my pin number to pay with my credit card at the register she rush me too much and yell at me and make me nervous. The menu to enter the pin number is no even there on the scream and the clerk is yelling at me just to tell me enter your password. She is supposed to give me more time. She drives me crazy. She the clerk 06 yelled at me in from of people, humiliate me, and harass me and disrespect me. The Clerk 06 is telling me or insinuating that everything I mail will not be delivered because she will throw it to the trash. I believe all this is part of a discriminatory conspiracy and a persecution against me. I need help. I feel sad, depressed, and angry obviously after all this hate and abuse against me. I spend so much money in this post office. I go almost every day to buy stamps and send letters via certified mail which cost me a lot of money. The clerk 06 is supposed to take care of me nicely but she instead of being nice to me, she is being nasty to me. With her attitude that she gave me she is telling me don`t come here, get out of here! The lady which is the clerk 06 is part of a persecution against me. She is telling me in my face with her nasty attitude that she will not allow me to go to the post office to send my letters in envelopes or packages. I send all my letters in envelopes.
    One more thing that I want to add to my complaint is that Today, Friday, October 07, 2016 I called USPS at this phone number: 800-275-8777 to let them know what happened to me. I told my story and my complaint to the representative who took care of me by phone nicely. The representative who took care of me was nice to me all the opposite to the clerk 06 who took care of me in person at the post office here where I live in the city of Petersburg in the state of Illinois. The phone representative from USPS gave me a Complaint Confirmation Number which is CA130224964 She gave me this phone number to call which is the same number on the receipt I got: 800-275-8777. I made copy of everything: the receipts, and the envelope in which I send this letter or package.


    Mr. Anyelo I. Gonzalez
    A Proud Citizen of the United States of America… A Customer…

  310. I am glad to let you know that clerk # 03 at your White Plains NY substation is, and has been the most knowledgeable and efficient employee you have.
    Perhaps you should transfer him to your computer site so that it will only take 45 - 60 seconds to figure out how and to fill in this ridiculous survey. Or you can go to a grade school and have a student prepare your site for you. The phone option is just as bad. I'll deal with 'Bill' at White Plains, any time.

  311. I stopped at the post office in Langdon, ND, a small town with big service. The postmistress was pleasant and the building had charming architecture and was spotless. It made my day to be greeted with such warmth, and it was my first time there!

  312. I am participating in this complicated survey to acknowledge my favorite Postal Clerk 01 at 105 McGovern Blvd. Station in Crescent, PA. A small post office but giant in pleasant, courteous service---always!!! Sheilah always goes out of her way to help with my often awkward packages and requests. I always leave these with a smile on my face.!! Please let her know she is appreciated!!!

  313. I have sent a birthday card and a sympathy card for my Mom and it never got to my family in the North suburbs, from OAKLAWN IL.I had my return address on both of my cards.They never got them,and I never got them back.What is going on in the mail system these days?

  314. I have mailed 5 pieces of mail (with checks in them) so far this year that never arrived at their destinations. Two were sent to the same address!!!! Of course I had to stop payment on the checks. I had return addresses on all and none were returned to me! I am disillusioned with the Post Office system and if I have to send anything more I feel I have to send it registered mail to make sure it gets to where it is supposed to be!!! What happened to all that mail I sent out???
    PLUS -- My mail delivery where is live is "slower than molasses" also. I think the whole system needs some revamping!!!

  315. I visited my Post Office at 5855 Lake Otis Pkwy, Anchorage, AK yesterday around 12:30 pm.
    I was impressed by how helpful, friendly and professional EVERYONE is ! I was acknowledged upon entering and ask if I needed help . Excellent Customer Service compared to several years ago ! Impressive and an enjoyable , positive experience !

  316. On August 3,2016 went to Templeton,ma. post office to buy stamps. The clerk, Mellisa was very helpful. She did a great job.

  317. I sent a letter to my son Antonio Gonzalez, address: 308 Eckford St. Apt. 4D, Brooklyn, NY, 11222, on 07/12/2016, from Plaza 41 Wigwam Ave. Waterbury, CT 06704-9998. (First Class). Is possible to know if it has already been delivered? I would appreciate any kind of information to my request. Armando and Mary Gonzalez.

  318. MT mail sorting has been moved to Billings and is terrible. Papers from Great Falls come as late as 3 to 5 days late. Local mail has to go from Ennis to Billings before being sorted, which is crazy when it could be placed in local mail boxes and received the same day. Talk about inefficient! Our local people are great.

  319. In Loveland, Colorado the post office on Cleveland Ave. is so extremely HOT when you walk in it's difficult to stand there and wait your turn. I asked one of the clerks why it was so hot and he said the air conditioner broke a few years ago and they have asked and asked that it be fixed to no avail. They have fans in the back part where they are to make it a little more bearable for them but all they are doing is pushing hot air around. They even have to wear the ice packs around their necks to be able to keep working. I can't believe you make them work in these conditions. I thought the government treated their employees better than that. PLEASE fix their air conditioner. Colorado is getting hotter every year and this is NOT right.

  320. The clerk at the postal office in Lafayette, La. needs to check herself. Not only does she refuse to give you cash back, when its obvious they do this because the machine asks you if you want cash back, but she also belittled a customer who was trying to buy a money order with a debit card and cash, a half payment. She embarrassed this man, making him look like HE didn't know what he was doing, when it was her who made a mistake, then tried to cover it up by saying he couldn't pay half and half. This is a lie, because I just did the same kind of payment the other day. I don't know if she's doing this because she's tired and needs more help, but she didn't have to do what she did.

  321. Ruth Harper
    july 12 2016 5:0 PM

    I sent a pkg to my Grandson to be delivered by 07/08/16 on Friday. It is now 07/12 /16 on Tues
    I paid 22.95 to make sure he received it. My tracking #EL462791194US. I was disapointed to find
    out he still does not have the pkg. What is my course of action.

  322. I went to the store a couple of days ago to get stamps.I didn't know that religious stamps would be mixed in the book I got.If you intend to continue this practice a person should be asked if they want religious stamps.I am a Buddhist and I do not appreciate the inconvience it caused.

  323. Hello, I'm looking for a package to Ukraine USPS Customs Declaration # LC660289789US from 06/09/2016

  324. this is in regards to the Camino Media Office - 1001 Camino Media, Bakersfield, CA 93311-1309
    I have visited many Post Offices in my day. This one is exceptional. They are very efficient
    friendly and go out of their way to make your visit a pleasant one. I will go there for my postal
    business they make it pleasurable. They are to be commended.

  325. i have used the local post office for a number of years, i ell on ebay, and the srvice is lways excellent, with helpful clerks and efficient service, i hope this post offic will remains open,it is invaluable to me, in Petaluma

  326. Monday morning at approx. 10:45a.m. - 11:00a.m., I visited the post office at 2601 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132 to retrieve a parcel for my mother. I encountered three of the most helpful, professional and pleasant female clerks. The clerk that assisted me had to really search for the parcel and in doing was very patient and kind reassuring me that at times the parcels may be placed in other areas, but she left no stone unturned and indeed found the parcel. One of the clerk was #32 according to a receipt. In a time where customer service seems to be a thing of the past, I want to thank you ladies for making my day!

  327. On or about June 10, 2016, my husband and I visited the post office located at 550 Kenhorst PLZ, Reading, PA 19607-3653 to mail gifts to relatives in Levanger, Norway. We were so inexperienced that we kept trying to put everything in one large envelope, causing the wt. to go over by a few ounces. So we would remove packaging from items and try again and again. The clerk, Ms. Kersher (first name might be Lori) was excellent and extremely patient with us. We were close to closing time but she insisted on staying 15 minutes longer to help us. After 40 minutes we finally decided to remove one item and send it another time. This woman is best postal employee I have ever encountered! She deserves an award!

  328. I felt compelled to report the condition of the Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30009-9998
    facility. On 6/21/16 I went to purchase stamps - there were supply remnants everywhere,
    trash overflowing, floor dirty, etc. I was embarrassed for my community and for the employees!

  329. The old lady was so rude today, very disappointed. She needs to retire from the job and
    bring in a person that is more deserving. (10990 Fort Caroline Rd. Jacksonville Fl 32225)

  330. I actually enjoy visiting the post office in china grove north carolina. the ladies are always personable, professional, and happy to help you.all postal workers should go there to see how its done right

  331. please i need direct tel number to your outlet at EAST ALINGTON 1828 E park row DR STE B ARLINGTON. unlike i sent a percel to VIRGINA about few minutes ago and i forgo something that i suppose to add, i and i would be very glad if they can pending the process. thanks. here is my tracking number.9505510956516160163495 address 1113 starview lane north chesterfieid 23225VA Hs Name His ESUE SUNDAY.THANKS!

  332. Jason (06) works in the Atlantic City Post Office. He is highly intelligent. He is great at customer service. He has a lot potential. Give him the job he wants. Don't hold him back.

  333. Why is it so difficult to access the customer satisfaction survey? This is my third attempt, although I've been successful before.

    My Express Mail package has not been delivered on time and is apparently lost in Anchorage, Alaska.

    My local post office here in San Diego (Clairemont Branch) has been very helpful in trying to locate the package. The Manager, Agelia, has called Anchorage to try and locate the package. So GREAT local post office VERY POOR special delivery to Anchorahe.

  334. After loosing my cards and bills in April (and to this date still missing), May is just as bad! Sent my daughter a card for mother's day......she never got it either. I even went out of my area to a different P.O., went inside to a mail drop box, and mail still did not make it to Raleigh, N.C. WHAT IS GOING ON? IS IT JUST ME? I am feeling picked on, and also tired of apologizing for something that is truly unexplainable!

  335. Four phone calls and just a runaround to find my lost package of prescription medicine. They refused to take any blame, and one reply was so far off deck you wouldn't believe it. After reading blogs, I assume it was stolen by a postal worker because it was a drug. The post office is nothing but a federal bureaucratic state, and we are peon's. They are highly trained to protect their own.

  336. I have several instances mailing 81/2 x 11 envelopes...three in 2016. I sent them regular mail, not certified. In the three instances they were never received. All involved money. The last one was a rebate $200.00...never received. I am going to mail it again certified this time with a signature.

    I think it is terrible that it will cost me about $10.00 because someone did not do their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happened at the Joplin, MO at the south town branch.

    I have the receipts from the three instances in 2016. From the comments below the USPS has a problem.

  337. I mailed some bills, checks, birthday cards at the Forestville, MD Post Office. One of the checks was a $200 deposit on a trip (which I missed the deadline). That check was mailed to a local address. I was never received and never returned. Two birthday cards mailed to Detroit, MI was never received by my Uncle. All of this mail was mailed between the 4th and 7th of April. Really disappointed with the postal service, second time in less than a year. Today I used a different P.O. Glad the Bank has free on-line bill pay, otherwise I would be charged late fees for my credit card bills, even when you mail it early.......don't help when the post office loose it.

  338. I went to pick up my mail which I had on a vacation hold . Elsa at the Northville Mich. post office told me their was no Mail (after 8 days ? ) and if I had filled out the card the mailman was delivering it. Well I had to return to the Post Office because the mailman does NOT deliver when you select I WILL PICK UP ON RETURN , on request card. One point about ELSA she is not a people person did not try to help and was very put out by my return. Another service person found my mail and I went on my way.

  339. I entered the Featerville, Pa. post office on a Saturday before 1 PM. I needed to mail an international package, and from the beginning, the clerk by the name of Paul was not pleasant at all. He let me know to hurry because his shift ended at 1 PM. While I filled out paper work, he closed the window, and I had to wait on line, which wasn't a problem. But as I got to the counter and spoke to the very nice female clerk, we started talking and low and behold, Paul proceeded to say loud that sending an International package at the end of his shift, didn't help any!!!
    The lady helping me was quite shocked. Paul shouldn't be in contact with the public if he is such a grouch! Shame on him for making me feel guilty for sending an International package! Next time, I'll use UPS or FedEx, the staff is much friendlier!

  340. Why can't I order postage for a common package rather than just priority mail? I can get a postage label for my e-Bay packages, but not from you. What's the drill? I have to go to a post office, stand in line, deal with sometimes less than competent counter help, and use more gas to gt home when I could weigh my package, print off a label, put it on a package and have my mailman pick it up.

  341. The postal service dependability is terrible. I have mailed numerous bill payments, documents, and letters that never show up. I have one check that was mailed in September of 2013 that has still never showed up. This type of issues causes folks to have credit issues and service issues with providers. In short, the mail service is terrible.

  342. Thank you everyone for your comments. :)imhitVa: I have now linked this to your event. Thanks for letting me know about it. :)Purabi: Thank you, Purabi. I always enjoy reading your comments. :)Deeps: I'm glad you pointed that out because I didn't think about that. Thank you and nice seeing you again. :)

  343. Have purchased stamps and shipped packages from the Bulls Head station in Stamford Ct since it opened and wanted to comment on the outstanding service I receive and how nice and helpful the personal are.

  344. I was very satisfied with the service. I do have one comment. I have sent gift cards in the mail several times. In three different instances it was not received. I discussed it with a few postal clerks and got different answers. I was told once to pay extra and once it was ok to send as regular mail. I would like your feedback as to what I am to do?

  345. ha d a package coming fro m san diego 4-4-16. took 5 days to go to bell gardens usps. tpackage still in bell gardens and this is 4-14-16. no one knows where it is. only 136 miles from san diego to usps bell gardens ca. and it took 5 days? no one with usps knows anything about where package is. when you ship fed ex or ups it ends up with usps. cannot get info from usps. just another foul by the feds.

  346. I was at the Sussex, WI post office on Silver Spring, zip 53089-9998 to mail a large envelope
    and a small regular one, and buy some stamps. The service at this post office is ALWAYS WONDERFUL. People here are the best in the world and the most cheerfully helpful and patient.
    It's a real joy to do business at this location because they are ALL SO HELPFUL & NICE!

  347. My package that I shipped to China on 3/31/2016 (CX195426522US) was sent back to Miami. It was supposed to be delivered within 10 days. Now I my tracking shows that it left Miami on 4/7/2016. Today is 4/11/2016. I can't get any information about the package. Where is it? Why was it sent back to the US from China? How can I find it? How do I file a claim? The automated form is useless because the delivery address is not in the US so there is not a regular zip code, so the form won't take it. I can't get ahold of a human on the phone. I am very frustrated!!!!!!!!!

  348. Visited the post office today to send off Taxes. Ernest was nice and helpful. Customer service at the Roseville downtown branch is always fantastic.

  349. Mailed Income Tax stuff on 4/6/16 from Wilmore, KY to Frankfort, KY. Kept checking tracking... nothing showed except that Wilmore P.O. accepted my maiing. FINALLY on 4/11/16 checked again to find the following info: 4/6 - accepted Wilmore 2:22 p.m. 4/6 arrived Lexington 8:53 p.m. Departed Lexington 4/7 8:03 p.m. 4/11 arrived Frankfort, KY 4:39 a.m. Post office works Friday and Saturday. Where was mailing from 4/7 till 4/11? This was NOT going to another state.. I could have driven it there in a LOT LESS time. Shame on you post office. No wonder you are in financial trouble. People are great... service stinks!!!

  350. Can't find where my package as of April 2 2016 if been in some where for 5 days.
    420569509202394653021723479831 the post office I sent it from can't find where it is.
    Next time I will used Fedex or UPS . Thanks John

  351. They need to get their stuff together. I usually go to UPS and I know why ive been going there and not the Post Office. I stood in line with 15 other people and two people working the counter.After standing in line for 45 minutes i was waited on and then was told I would have to go fill out a card for my transaction that took 30 seconds to fill out and then was told to get back in line. She could have let me fill it out on the side like other people were doing but she made me get out of line and get back in. Very unprofessional. I now know why ive been going to UPS for the past 15 years. Signs should be posted to tell people what to do if they are to lazy to do the work themselves.What a joke!! They also need to hire some good people. Crown Point Indiana Post Office

  352. I am very happy with the my postal experience! The people are always friendly and especially the young lady Janet. She alway helps me because I need a lot of help, I am 91 years old!


  353. Went to the Post Office in North Arlington NJ which is a branch of the Kearny NJ Post Office. The clerk, Arnold Dulay, was very helpful and courteous. The clerks there are always pleasant and helpful. The line always moves quickly and there is never a long wait.

  354. i went in the post office today. 3 ladies were standing talking. I was in line , no one else was there. a man came out of the back looked around and said next in line, and I mean I was the only one. I had alot to do. He did it all for me. A very great person. He is in Kingman and his # was 16. I hope he was the boss, if not he should be. Nancy Speer

  355. I sent two items priority mail from Maryland to Missouri. Promised 2 day delivery time. Items arrived 6 days later to a very anxious realestate broker. Called the tracking number and was told of unavoidable delay. It cost me $12.90, which really isn't the issue. If they are going to promise delivery on time, they should let me know.

  356. The gentleman that helped me today was a professional. I was impressed with his smile and courtesy. It was pleasant one on one personal service. We don't see much of that in todays world.

  357. I must give credit to our local Post Office in Cape Coral FL.When we lived in MD. I never used the Post Office because it was a nightmare every time.I figured I would try to use the Post Office again here in Cape Coral FL.To my surprise it was a fun place to do your business.The clearks always have a smile to greet you and are pleasent to the max.With this great service all the people in line have a smile on there face.Thanks for your service very refreshing.The mail carrier we have is also great to deal with

  358. Our wonderful mail Lady Reina, she provide an excellent service!!!!, thank you for having a very caring , nice, funny, always in a great mood!!!, our location is in Summerlin Las Vegas 89134, I went in person to speak to the manager of that location, it was not possible to met him in person his name is Joe Acosta.

  359. This morning I went to the post office on Lawrence & Broadway. It was about 10:45am, so I thought I would be in and out in no time since it wasn't lunch hour. Boy, was I wrong!

    There were about 10 people waiting in line before me and only 1 person behind the counter who was also doing passports. After waiting for about 20 minutes, we all got sick and tired of waiting and asked to speak to a supervisor. He was behind the window, didn't even both coming out to talk to us and he wanted to know what the problem was, really??? I told him we have all been here for awhile and why weren't there more employees helping us out as the line was getting longer and longer. The only thing he told us was that they were short of employees, honestly as a customer, that is not my problem. There were other people behind the counter just walking around and didn't seem phased at all, of course not, they are not the ones waiting in line.

    I don't even know IF it was a supervisor behind the counter, he didn't even have a uniform on, so it would have been anyone.

    Most post offices are bad, but this location, no matter what time you go there is ridiculous! I for one at not interested in any employee telling me they have not had a break, really! I have never taken a break, I am there to work! They especially take their breaks when the line is long and they don't care how long everyone has been waiting in line.

    I have never met such an incompetent staff (including supervisors) in my entire life. I will NEVER go back to this location again!!!

  360. I took an envelope with papers to be mailed to my tax preparer. the weight was 2.50 oz. cost with tracking came to $6.45 cents. I asked " did prices go up". she took my envelope and placed it in a larger envelope which I never had done before, they usually put the tracking label on my own envelope.. I thought I was overcharged for this mailing. let me know if i'm wrong or right.

  361. Recently made an ebay purchase. Package sent from North Carolina on the 30th of Feb, package destination in New Hampshire. Still Waiting......it is now the 7th of March. Furiously curious as to why it takes almost a week and a half to get a package delivered ON TIME!!!!!!!!! the USPS wonders why almost no one wants to send packages through them anymore.

  362. My husband and I visited the Venice post office today and was assisted by Clerk: 08, a very nice, very thorough and very efficient young lady. We were finished quickly and that is always welcomed when dealing with this post office. My husband and I would like to say Thank you to her as well as whomever placed her at the counter today. Today was a good day!

  363. i was $ .94 short on my credit card to send a parcel to California ( i am the Easter Wolf ) Ms Marilyne waited untile my banking institution added $ 1.00 . thus it is on it's way ! the small things do make a difference! Ms Cindy our mail carrior & Ms Kim are real fine persons, thank-you
    dr.imants dravenieks

  364. last year you shut down a sorting shed in Pocatello Idaho it takes 4 to 5 times longer to get the dam mail my meds thru you post office took 3 weeks because it went back and forth from Idaho Falls ID to Salt Lake UT 3 times before I got it that is pretty bad service the post office mail service is the biggest joke of government services there is come on get your shit together oh I don't get my bills until there due date and have to pay late charges maybe you should pay them but you cant even get the mail on time 1 to 10 I would rate you mines 2 please get it together

  365. Kim ( Clerk Number 12) that work at the Frederick Douglass Post Office at 2833 Alabama Ave. SE Washington, DC 20030 give and provides excellent customer services everyday. Please keep Kim at this site, we need her here with the excellent services she provides to us as customers. . She keep a smile, take time to explain a question that a customer ask. Rating Excellent Services !

    Thank you,

    Annie Harrison

  366. Sent a package marked fragile on 02/10/15 from Cumberland, WI by the time it reached its destination in Orlando, FL out of six wine glasses included, five glassed were broken. With that in mind will not be sending anything other than paper and plastic with you. This causes you to lose customers. USPS Tracking #9534 6112 0120 6041 4600 98

  367. My experience at the Bradford Station in Hayward, Ca. 94541
    is always delightful.
    Help is great. Friendly and timely.

  368. It is outrageous to have to wait 45 minutes in a long line just to mail one first-class envelope, with only a single window attended. I sometimes drive to Albany for their swifter service. This is not right. Why is the Emeryville post office so badly run?

  369. I have mailed a priority mail package that ended up costing over $12 and still has not been received by the recepient. Either the postal delivery can't read, write, or understand an adrress that I made sure was clearly written in big letter and numbers or it was completely stolen. Now I have to waste time with worrying about identity theft and sensitive information lost in someone else's hands. This is why I've gone green and eliminate the mail whereevver possible. Next time i'll pay the extra money, if i have to ship something and go Fedex.

  370. I feel that the postal delivery persons should have a one hour lunch break. In my saying to a delivery person: "Gee, you folks must be awfully healthy with all the excercise you do on the job." The response to me was "We only get 30 minutes meal break, so we eat a lot of junk food, so no, we are not all that healthy." I feel that this is atrocious! I propose more humane conditions for our very-hard working postal delivery people. From Judeen Burkhardt of El Paso, Texas.

  371. I have nothing but excellent experiences with our post office. Helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. What people don't seem to realize while they are complaining is that the people serving them have supervisors and/or managers giving them instructions to follow. These instructions may not make your time in line what you would want. The staff is always courteous, even to rude customers. I have been in lines extremely long and found it a good time to strike up a conversation. A perfect score goes to our post office and the people who work there.

  372. I had to send a package with items to be returned. My experience at the Monroe/Trumbull CT post office was a positive and pleasant one on a busy Saturday morning. The clerk (#99) was very helpful, quite professional and had a warm sense of humor. I admire him for his dedication to his job and his customers. I wish there were more like him!

  373. Had to re-new my pass port. Clerk # 14 was very professional and fast. I was out of there in less than 5 minutes. I mail lots of items and always go to the Edina location because they are fast and friendly.
    Thanks again.

  374. The two postal workers at the Rogers, AR office are doing a great job considering the growing population in the city. The lines always seems to be long but they are working hard and as fast as they can. The new requirement to read all the rates and benefits of more expensive shipping takes unnecessary time.

  375. I tried to take the survey. It would not take my zip code. I live in Elk, WA, zip 99009-9666. It said 99009 was invalid and wouldn't let me ad the plus 4.
    I am very pleased with the Elk Post Office. Pleasant help and quite efficient. Never a problem.

  376. It would be nice if we could receive our mail before five pm.Sometimes it comes even after five thirty.More carriers is what is needed.

  377. Rockaway Beach 11693. Visited yesterday. (Dec. 1) No overseas stamps, one choice of Christmas stamps.

    Rockaway Beach: 11694 Visited later same day. No overseas stamps. it was suggested I use one of each of two of the most dismal stamps I have ever seen - 'Yes I do'! and 'Vintage'I . I had to use two on each of my overseas mailings. What a representation of the US Postal Service!

    Where are the Supervisors/Managers to see that appropriate stamps are available.

    CVS for my stamps from now on.

  378. Especially during lunch "rush" hour there should be the least three postal Service Attendance for faster customer service. Instead of one on front line with twelve customer's in line. Other then the comments the postal service building looks great. It helps all customer's Postal Service Attendance to smile "a lot" instead of "sad faces". Crack a smile. Merry Christmas>

  379. I am very disappointed with the lack of Christmas stamps available at both the Inver Grove Hts, MN and the South St. Paul, MN, post offices. Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. However, the only stamps available for the past 2 weeks have nothing to do with Christ!!! Only Charlie Brown, a snowflake & a decoration. This is most disappointing. Please hire people who will order a variety, since the picture shows that there are other stamps available.

  380. My experience with the USPS: A package that was posted on Nov. 30 arrived on Dec. 6th even though it was sent 2-3 day priority mail. Two other packages posted on Dec. 1st have not arrived in MA as of Dec. 7th (expected delivery Fri. 12/04/15) Hmmmm. I mailed 10 Christmas cards to 10 great grandchildren the day after Thanksgiving 9 arrived can you guess how a 4 year old boy felt when cousins and siblings were opening their cards and he didn't get one? His mother called and was upset with me. Still hasn't gotten there. Can you guess how I feel about the USPS today???

  381. For years, the Ellendale MPO in Ellendale, Tn. has always giving exceptional service. The postmen are courteous, congenial, thoughtful, and kind. With professional attitude, they gently answer all queries and assist at making decisions. These men are truly the best. They are an asset to the business, and represent, quite well, our government establishment We are truly grateful to have them employed in our community.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. James R. Cole

  382. I mailed a package on 11/23/2015 for 2-day delivery. It been 5 days now and no delivery. . What gives? I could have walked to Little Rock in 5 days! I attempted to contact Customer Service, but was unable to get a person. The recording kept me going in circles. The package was time-sensitive, thus 2-day delivery was bought. Please contact me with a plausible answer.

  383. If the package is held in the Main Recovery Center (MRC), what are the chances of getting it delivered to the intended receiver? The USPS Tracking Number is 9534 6131 8343 5294 0390 13, Bill #: 840~59260090~3~101915~1. The expected delivery day was on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Thank you.

  384. I am from Santa Ana, CA. On Oct 21, 2015 I mailed 33 lbs, 0.04 Oz of freshly hand~picked by me Persimmons costing me $68.30 to deliver to Annapolis, MD.. My package sadly wound up in the Main Recovery Center for so numerous assumed reasons as told by our local post office in Spurgeon Station, 615 N. Bush St., Santa Ana, CA 92702~9998. The USPS Tracking # 9534 6131 8343 5294 0390 13 is just that, it tracked where it can be found, in their Main Recovery Station, but not delivered. I found this out after I personally inquired at our local Post Office on Oct 30, 2015. I left my phone number with the staffs and was promised they will find the reason why it wasn't delivered. It is now Nov 23, 2015 ... I'm still waiting most possibly in vain and my friend in Maryland has his watery mouth for fresh Persimmons gone dried with tongue sticking out. Why the package wasn't delivered only USPS personnel knew.

  385. I have rented same apartment in Manhattan, NY for going on three years and carriers continue to cross out my name
    on correspondence or not deliver.

  386. Just about every letter or package I send to Manhattan or Astoria New York, New York City ares takes forever to get there or not at all. Sent a package 2 day delivery 3 days later no package. Says its delayed but do I get reimbursed any money for this delay or non delivery. NO! No wonders they can't be profitable.

  387. The Moorestown's Post Office, and you can ask anyone in Moorestown , is the most consistent inconvenient experience in town . Maple Shade , Cinnaminson and even Mt Laurel offices are a more pleasant experience. the wait time in line at Moorestown Post Office is the longest and the management doesn't give a damn! Thank you for this opportunity and I'm sure you will correct this terrible situation at the Moorestown Post Office.

  388. package sent from Florida to Germany has never arrived . Bill # 1000202868245 clerk 16
    the package was sent 10/15/2015 from ft. Lauderdale

    first class weighing 3.19 oz.

  389. We recently moved from Wells, ME to Biddeford, ME. For 3 and 1/2 years, in Wells, going to the PO was a tedious task. Long waits, innacurate information, and clerks with attitude!! My very first visit to the Biddeford office, and I was again a happy believer in the system!! Clean, large, efficient, and VERY friendly!! More clerks on duty, so hardly ever a line...the service is a 10 PLUS!! The postmaster there looks like he came from a Norman Rockwell painting, and has the personality to match!! Biddeford should be commended for their excellent postal experience!! Well done!
    Patricia Frost
    86 May St.
    Biddeford, Me 04005

    Biddeford, Me.

  390. My experiences with our local post office in Celina, Texas, is always a pleasant one. The people who work there are our friends and neighbors. Their service at the counter as well as in delivery of mail is always professional and timely. Extremely friendly, always remembers my name. Many times the men and women who deliver our rural mail go out of their way to get the mail to us. Not always easy in bad weather. They are always extremely polite and efficient.

  391. On 26 Oct 2015 approx time 10:30 am.... I had been in line at the Post Office in Mountain View Alaska (99504) There was about 5 people ahead of me, two clerks , The post Mistress comes out and says she is sorry she has to send a clerk to another post office so it will be a delay. I left the line and went to another post office. I think the post mistress should have taken over and kept the line going.... I think she should do other duties as assigned.....

  392. While at Sparta PO, Denise a clerk at Post Office was helping a customer care out his packages. The customer was having trouble walking and I think this was so sweet and going above her duty as a clerk. Thank you for been our Post office, the employees make it a GREAT Post Office.

  393. Clerk 06 at the needles post office is great ,polite, and always helpfull, keep it up girl I drive to your location knowing my package's will be handle properly and get to their location on time

  394. I am so frustrated with the mail delivery service I cannot begin to explain. I was to receive a certified letter. Guess what? The attempt to deliver was at the wrong address. No big surprise. I receive a lot of mail that isn't mine. I received 3 voter registration cards. Only one of them was mine. I receive packages for another address all of the time. Seriously, can't you do better than that?


  396. Wow! Where to even begin at the inept service we get from the Solon Post Office. Our "permanent" carrier who ONLY works maybe 1 or 2 days a MONTH is all right, but when we constantly have fill in's we don't get our mail. As a business, we depend on getting OUR mail. NOT the company's next door OR them getting OURS! This happens ALL THE TIME! Our regular carrier left over a year ago and it has gone DOWN hill since then! I could go on and on about the rudeness, lack of friendliness...being on their cells when they deliver the mail (which isn't usually ours anyway!) I would be embarrassed! I have complained and got nothing more than a shoulder shrug. Way to take pride in your jobs there people! No wonder you are in financial trouble!

  397. Ordered "stamps by mail" on August 7, received the stamps on August 29 (3 weeks later)
    and there was no re-order envelope with the stamps.

  398. Greece Branch postal service is always friendly and never rushes you! Thank you for your kindness even when coming just before you close! You are the only ones open till 6pm. When you can't make it to the other post offices earlier it gives people a chance to still mail their packages or letters, Etc... coming to your post office!

  399. Very good experience...better than other local post offices. Small town atmosphere, friendly & cordial. Answered all my questions, and my packages were received as promised.

  400. I went to the, Post Office Port Richey, FL 346684642. As always (Dan] was Helpful, Cheerful and patient.He's Smiling have a Good, friendly Spirit. Very good job

  401. Very pleasant experience at the Connecticut Ave. P.O. Mary, at the desk greeted me with a warm smile, even though she was having a rough morning.

  402. For Huntley, IL. Our small post office is very busy. Not unusual for 5-10 people to be lined up for service. We need a larger facility and more parking.

  403. When I put in a hold mail. My local office tell me they did not get the order. Iwill get a com# back on it. So why do the not get it?

  404. lots of us sure would like to see hot rod and muscle car stamps available to purchase...I mean lots of us...

  405. Just had business with P. O. in Mayer, AZ. Very pleasant experience. Nice, knowledgeable staff. Thanks

  406. May not have tried hard enough to find the correct site to confirm yaw sending me stamps through the mail. I find no problem with the service in fact I find it most helpful, you see I am in a w/c and getting around is a problem. When I mail a request on a Friday by Monday there they are-which is most helpful for me. I realize this I suppose to be a complaint reply site, I suppose, but as I stated, just wanted to confirm the gratification I feel by getting my stamps in the mail-makes me feel SPECIAL! Thanx!

  407. People in the little town of Ashland (23005) like to decorate for Christmas. For the past few years the current Post master won't allow this. The town hall decorates, the police station decorates, other area post offices decorate, but not Ashland. I have asked employes why there are no decorations and they told me that there are decorations stored in the back but the current Post Master won't allow them to be put up. I don't understand. Who is he/she to dictate to the citizens of Ashland how we can celebrate our holidays? Even the White House decorates for Christmas. How about a Christmas tree for 2015 --OR a new Post Master!!

  408. I had a good experience at the postal service and would recommend it to anyone trying to ship a package or anything for that matter. The clerk was very helpful and wrote everything to ship my letter express. I paid the $19.99 that was requested and was there less than five minutes.

  409. I was pleased with the service until I used my credit card to pay for my postal charges. I swiped my credit card through the credit card machine and afterwards I was asked by the clerk to hand her my credit card so that she can see the Authorization code on the back of my card, at which point she personally entered the code into the postal system. Is that the new protocol for the post office when a customer pays by credit card? Postal Location: Michigan Avenue Post Office in Kissimmee, Florida.
    Bill# 1000202589130

  410. I want to comment on my recent stop at the Lake Mary, FL post office on Lake Mary Blvd. where I went to purchase stamps. First, two of the three automatic machines in the lobby were out of order, second, I got in line to purchase stamps to find two clerks working. Shortly, one closed up and walked away leaving one clerk with 14 (yes, fourteen) people in line, and did I mention it was one o'clock this afternoon. I was fourth in line and waited 15 minutes. When I left the line was now out the door. Really? Do you wonder why it's called snail mail or why people are choosing to do everything on-line?

  411. I use the small Vail, AZ. Post Office. Even though they are so busy all the time, and only one clerk is on the front counter, 99% of the time, the whole staff is terrific! Friendly, knowledgeable, quick. I have mailed over 675 priority mail boxes to APO and FPO addresses in the last 2-1/2 years, so they know me very well.
    But I am often in line quite awhile and watch them interact with all customers!
    bill# 840-58520154-2-116343-2!

  412. I just wanted to comment on Clerk #13 at the downtown branch in Fort Wayne, IN. She was extremely helpful, courteous and kind. Hopefully all of your staff members are like her. Congratulations.

    Mayor Tom Henry
    Fort Wayne, IN

  413. I am very pissed sent package to troy mi zone i checked my receipt to make sure i hadn't made a mistake in zip code as it was 2 day priority mail my receipt is correct so how the hell did it wind up at 48099 it was mailed on 21 this is 25 and she still does not have it i will from now on check rates for ups or fed express no dom wonder your going broke

  414. The USPS personnels assigned to deliver to our area here in south San Francisco are just the best. They even get to know us personally. Simply the best. More power!

  415. Could not get into the survey to comment. My question; why does the post office close in the middle of the afternoon? Lathrup Village office on Southfield in Michigan placed a hand written note "be back in 15 minutes" and left folks standing in the lobby! Please don't tell me you are interested in customer service!!!

  416. Every time that I have to go to the Post Office agents are very thought full and complete there job for me. Except for long lines at times!

  417. ZIP code 33029 is Pembroke Pines, NOT Hollywood.
    What is needed for you to reflect that in your records?

  418. You sent the survey card and I attempted to respond, however the code /sb on the email address did not match having a /3 digit address required by the USPO automatic response, hence, no ticket, no admission. Does anybody test these programs first?

  419. On 3/20/15 I mailed some taxes that had to be there by a certain date. I paid for postage, + certified fee + return receipt fee. I never received the return card so I was worried. My daughter got on line and was able track it and it had been received. I waited for 3 weeks and went to the post office (Evans ,CO 80620) and told the lady what had happened. She said it was received, I said I now know, but waiting for the return receipt was very stressful. She said the cards fall off and they do not offer any refund. This is not what we found on line, I paid for a service I didn't get and they said too bad. Thank you for looking into this matter.

  420. i was at the Alief Houston Texas 774110017 area on 4/13/15 Time 10:37:02 am.
    My service was good by the Asian lady she's always friendly. But the middle lady there are three clerks. The one in the middle was very grumpy and complaining to the customers. One was a lady used blue ink. Granted. It needs to be in black. She didn't follow instructions for a passport. But the second customer she had was mailing something out. She was so grumpy and said (this is too much!). Now she's lucky to have a job I have been looking almost two years now.

    She needs customer service skills reviewed.
    She needs to know she is doing a service for the people who still use a post office.
    She needs to learn to keep her problems at home and not take them out on the customers who Still Use the Post Office.

    She needs to Appreciate having a Job

    I'm very very disappointed she is there taking her negative attitude on the customers.

  421. I Thank GOD, for Keeping POST OFFICES open not only in my Area But everywhere, My mail carrier, is one of The BEST.[20774 ].My Prayers are always, with them as they travel and deliver our MAIL, Safely. THANK YOU, May GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

  422. I went to the, Post Office Largo, MD. As always ( Clerk: 04] was Helpful, Cheerful and patient. She's Smiling have a Good, friendly Spirit. I Thank GOD for placing Her There to show, How we should Treat people Like that needs, their Knowledge and Kindness. ALL Clerk, are like my POSTAL ''ANGELS''. MAY GOD BLESS, Them.

  423. I went to the post office at loop station 415Dauphin Island Parkway Mobile Al. 36606 this morningaround 10:30 to pickup a register letter. There was 5 women in line ahead of me so I did not think anything about it until one of the cusomters left the window and the clerk by the name of Windy last name unknown left her window and was gone about three minutes with the five ladies still standing in line. After that she did not start service again for several minutes. as if to say to hell with the postal customer. I will get to you when I want. For some reason I thought the customer came first instead of treating us a third class citizens or as if we were too low class to be treated any better. She is a terrible representive to the public. Now I know at least one reason why you people are going out of business. None of the private companies would allow this to have happened.

  424. I forgot to mention the fine fellows and girls who DELIVER--rain or shine--and always pleasant even in their efficiency. Thank you again for the Ventura, CA Post Office on Santa Clara. Really very fine service and especially good and efficient people. Jack comes often to our house--very fine and efficient--wasting no time, but pleasant!

  425. Our Ventura Post Office/ on Santa Clara is GREAT ! Sometimes there IS a line, but all the Post People are wonderfully helpful and friendly--show us our choices for stamps! help with a needed scotch tape! tell us about how long before the pkg will arrive.
    And whatever I have sent, HAS ARRIVED ! in good order and in good time!!!
    Thank you so VERY much. Margaret Shield csc

  426. On Friday March 20, 2015 in Belmont Shore about 1:30 PM I was in line to mail a package. there was 3 people ahead of me.
    When my turn came I steped to the first window. The RUDE female clerk said in a course voice,
    go to the end of the line. I responded why? She said you have a cell phone in your hand, true
    however it was not in use or even on.

    The female has short reddish hair and setting . She also had a really sour look on her face.

    To treat customers in such a manner is not acceptable. I have a soft voice and am always polite.


    Alex Schombeck

  427. On Friday March 20, 2015 about 1:30 PM I was in line to mail a package. there was 3 people ahead of me.
    When my turn came I steped to the first window. The RUDE female clerk said in a course voice,
    go to the end of the line. I responded why? She said you have a cell phone in your hand, true
    however it was not in use or even on.

    The female has short reddish hair and setting . She also had a really sour look on her face.

    To treat customers in such a manner is not acceptable. I have a soft voice and am always polite.


    Alex Schombeck

  428. I mailed a priority package from Columbus, Oh on 3/13 addressed to a PO box in North Hampton, OH, approximately 60 miles away. It has bounced to Indpls 5 times, Gary Ind 4 times, Cincinnati once, and now Indpls has identified that there might be a problem. The tracking number is 9505
    5110 7890 5072 4092 23. The problem stems from the wrong zip code entered. It should be 45349 and was entered 46349. I have tried to call the number but can never get out of the computer loop. Maybe real people don't exist there. I'm very frustrated. So my satisfaction is extremely low. All I want is for my daughter in law to get her birthday package sometime in March, 2015

  429. I posted a birthday card on 03/052015 on doheny to London ,

  430. Today I was at your post office on 55 Roxbury st ,normally I go to the Norwood P.O.but I was around roxbury so I stop by ,,big mistake cause '''MR. ED'' clerk :03 who took my package had a big problem with ''customer service'' ..first all I always send packaged to Chile ( every other 2 weeks) and I used form 2976 -A,, so I can be available to track my packaged all the way to the finally destination n I'm happy with the service ...but today ''MR. ED'' clerk:03 told me with attitude n rudeness the only way that I can do that is using EXPRESS MAIL OR PRIORETY MAIL...I try to explained to him that I always uses this service n he told me that he have 20 years experience n is not way that I can do that not only that he pass the packaged back to me yield to me very aggressive,,so I told him to call his supervisor n he did,, after waiting for 20 min..supervisor came out n I explained to him the situation n he told me that I was right n packaged can be tracking sending me back to the same window.''MR.ED .clerk :03..he's still arguing with me n even told me that he's supervisor was stupid n did not know nothing about it..well finally after waisting 1 hr.n 25 min..he did the way I told him n it first place ...He was completely unprofessional ,very sarcastic even when he find out that he was wrong..never admitted ...I think ''MR. ED '' clerk:03 should be removed from this branch especially the way he talk about he's supervisor n me...it was a lot it customer there about 15 peoples in line n everyone there agreed with me n told me n front of him that he has problem ,, I hope that someone take this seriously do something about it..

  431. Today I was at your post office on south 8th street in Ft. Worth. As usual you only have one person working and the line gets long. A PERSON WITH 5 PACKAGES TO MAIL (with all the extras ) was at the counter. It took 16 minutes to complete his business. I was number 2 in line behind him and there was at least 10 people behind me. Everyone in line was disgusted with the wait.
    The SERVICE at this facility is always bad, but today was deplorable. Your prices go up and your customer service is at the bottom of the barrel.
    It was funny that the clerk # 8 pointed out the (postalexperience.com/pos at the bottom of my receipt) This was one time that I was certainly going to let you know how miserable your service is, because you don't staff your counters. I know this will fall on deaf ears, because in the past I have mentioned this to managers and they were downright RUDE.
    Your post office at Hemphill and Alta Mesa in Ft. Worth is also a problem...........same thing......VERY SELDOM is there more than one working........when one comes back from a break or lunch....the other one closes up and takes off....doesn't matter how many people are waiting.
    It's no wonder the postal office is in such a dire financial shape.......you don't increase business by treating customers like this.

  432. I look forward to going to the post office in our little town of Riverside, Texas 77367. Petra and Theresa are always cheerful and helpful with no rush but plenty of efficiency. In 26 years of picking up mail from my Post Office box, buying stamps and mailing packages, I have never had a problem at this post office even before these ladies were employed there. Thank you ladies and USPS.

  433. The postal employees at the Warrensburg, MO Post Office are fantastic. I have never had a bad experience...always greeted with a smile by people that care and are more than willing to ensure that the customers' needs are taken care of.


  435. The Carpentersville Post has the best service and the friendliest people I have ever met at a post office. You should be very proud of your employees. Clerk #05 is the best.

  436. We live in zip code 50677 and our carrier is so very committed. She even delivers to the door when it does not fit in the mailbox.

    We feel that a couple of times when she had a substitute we did not receive our Time magazine and maybe it got lost or maybe this sub took it.
    In the post office there are some pretty tired people being polite and doing their jobs well.

  437. Small town post offices locally are very helpful and thanking us for our business.
    Treated more like a small town where everybody knows everybody.

  438. i hate the USPS in fullerton. the Chinese staff here is very annoying. they are impolite and not helpful. i will never be there again.

  439. I LOVE the USPS! I am grateful for mail delivery to my home, I never take it for granted! And I especially LOVE the Priority mail boxes and shipping and tracking! Free sturdy boxes in multiple sizes and so convenient and easy to print postage on-line with an address book available and that there is even a discount for using the service on-line! I LOVE the tracking, being able to follow the path of the shipment till delivery! Awesome! And the on-time record for shipping priority, almost always gets there in the allotted time! Thanks again for such great service! Long live the USPS!

  440. I posted a parcel from Essex post office ,Baltimore Maryland on 01/06/2015 to ALASKA with tracking #9114999944313349809706. When they opened the parcel some of my stuffs have damaged. The pictures of the damaged things was taken and which have showed to one of the post office staff at Essex .This pictures are on my whatsApp of my phone 4434608496. The damaged stuffs are shoe and shirt which worths $150. Look forward to hear from you . Thanks

  441. I wanted to leave a detailed comment but your web site is not very user friendly and I just don't want to take the time to guess what you had in mind. Post office experience at 80918 was good but the web site is very bad.

  442. a Priority mail pkg was sent from California - Tracking # 9114-9011-59815894-3186-63 on 12/15/2014. I never received the pkg due to mail carrier negligence. USPS claims that the pkg was delivered yet I never received it nor did the carrier leave a card that a pkg was available for pickup at the post office. I have no idea where he left the pkg. The door bell never rang. On 12/23/2014 a Jacksonville policeman, Coop, called to inform that the pkg had been stolen from my front steps. The box had been ripped open, the contents stolen, and the remains were thrown down in someone's yard. I filed an online claim which generated a computer response that a USPS representative would be in contact within two(2) days. I still have no heard anything from anyone at the USPS. The website does not allow the proper Form 1000 to be downloaded & printed. I had to go the Jacksonville IL post office and get the form. The online claim status is "case closed". I've come to determine that the entire United States Postal Service claim process is a scam and that the local carrier is lazy and scandalous.

  443. My name is Khanh H. Nguyen, address 3020 Samaria Pl. - San Jose, CA 95111. On Nov. 25,2014, in Hillview Station , San Jose, CA 951219998, at 04:44:44, I mailed a letter - large envelope - to my relative :
    Mr. Nguyen, Hong The
    4811 Vezinz Ave. Apt.4
    Montreal , QC H3W1B9
    The Clerk :16 told me my letter would reach the destination in one week or ten days.
    Now, Jan. 03, 2015, my relative informes me that he did not receive my letter yet. (more than one month ! ). I do not know why. I still keep my receipt from the Clerk 16.

  444. Your survey is incomplete as far as I'm concerned. The problem is not with the service in Levittown, PA. I paid for "Priority 2 Day" service on December 18, and my package was to arrive on Dec 22. It is now December 29, and my package has still not arrived. I could have driven it there faster than that. Next time I'll use UPS or Fed Ex.


  446. I went to the Groton, CT post office last week to get stamps. I anticipated a rather long wait being so close to Christmas. What a pleasant surprise awaited me. In addition to 4 personnel ready to help me there was a fifth person on the floor only selling stamps. What an efficient operation. I really appreciated the time saving efforts.

  447. I went to post a Christmas present at Cumberland Postal store and I got a shock of my life. Most of us have being sold that the post is unfriendly, incompetent, blah ..blah but my experience is contrary. I went with an out of size gift box and was confused because I couldn't find a matching priority box to ship it with. Here comes a staff who not only helped me but did it with love and dedication. I demanded for her superior to thank them for their service and I also asked her for her name. Pls do thank Ms D. Coleman and I hope this is the new face of the post.

  448. I use the post office in Cornish ME. There is a man there that is constantly putting other peoples mail in my PO Box. I have gotten mail addressed to someone in Canada on 3 different occasions. I have also had my car insurance canceled because he put the bill in someone elses mailbox. Just today I had a call from someone who had gotten my mail and opened it. Can someone please address this for me? I am not the only one who has this problem with him.

  449. on the last week of X mass the local post offices should be open longer people have to work all day, and 8 to noon won't work! had to drive 15 miles to find a office that was open.

  450. I posted a complaint about a package sent and it was resolved by the post master of my address very quickly. Good Job.

  451. Went to Ipswich , Ma 01938 today to mail Certified Mail, waited in line for 9 minutes, one clerk on, Postmaster called in another clerk who waited on 1 person then left me waiting while she emptid her drawer so the first clerk Marge could move to this site..then I waited for Marge to sort her rolls, and checks and check in..then she snapped at me in an abusive tone (I am 72 years old, had 14 opeations for cancer, but am Harvard trained) , I objected to her snapping at me and told her so, then I had to check off screen assuring there was no hazardous material in my letter, the cost was $6.46, I had put a $20 bill down with the envelope when the first clerk abandoned me (now there are 7 of us in line waiting) but Marge asked me 3 times if I had anything smaller, saying she did not have change, then asked me to pay with credit card or debit card (now 8 people in line), I pointed out this is the Post Office, I am not paying with credit card...whereupon she opened the drawer and counted out the change>SHE HAD THE MONEY ALL ALONG< JUST DID THIS TO ANNOY ME AND HOLD UP THE LINE!!!!! I mentioned it at the next stop, and peole there say they go to Rowley,no one goes to Ipswich they are just not pleasant. Will you please transwer Marge, Sharon, out, bring back Bill, and don't ignore my complaint

  452. Clerk #6 At Stevensville Mi 49127 is amazing!! She is so helpful and professional !!! She should be commended! Great Job!

  453. Took a large box to the post office in Battle Lake, MN., and was greeted and assisted in a kind, professional manner. The people who work there are ALWAYS very considerate and pleasant.
    I have been unable to get onto your survey site as it states 'is unavailable'.

  454. Clerk#8 at the Hainsport N.J. post office is fantastic- She is not only helpful but pleasant and nice.

  455. My package is late. Tracked to post office in Lewistown MT postal clerk said on truck for delivery. we even said would come to PO to pick it up, It is on truck for delivery. I did not get delivered. I have had to many packages stolen by postal workers. It was a priority 3 day delivery but an extra day due to Tanks giving. but for a postal employee to take it on themselves to not deliver a priority package. Some one needed to be advised what the job is, to deliver the mail especially priority on time.

  456. We have a very Friendly and Courteous mail man. His name is Mike and when he brings the mail to our address Mike helps us to place the packages in the house if they are to large to go in the mail box. He has a great personality, friendly and tries to make everyone see just how much he enjoys working for the Post Office. Things have changed since he started delivering our mail. The Workers at the Kannapolis Post Office are also friendly. We don't mind waiting in line which is just for a short time because everyone at the Post Office tries to get the customers waited on in the shortest amount of time.

  457. very satisfied with the job clerk # 5 at the N. Versailles, Pa. post office did for me mailing my packages. Especially since I got a mile down the road and had to return to the post office realizing I had put the wrong address on one of my packages. Clerk 5 corrected the problem for me. Sorry I didnt get her name.

  458. SUCKS . 2 pkgs, 7 day service. from las vegas. Pkg #1 , vegas to calif to to new jersey to wash st. 10 DAYS. pkg#2 , vegas to calif to massachusetts to new jersey (still in jersey after 10 days) . this coming monday makes 12 days. ????? Bill# 1000201746681. . I always use usps , I like them. But this absolutely stinks and I won't be quiet about it. 2 for 2 on horrible service

  459. I would like to express my satisfaction with the service provided by Becky at the Loganville, Pa Post Office. She does everything she can to help me to send packages to my kids and Grand kids who live out of State. She is just a nice person who looks out for her customers.

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