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  1. Online. Go to USPS customer satisfaction survey official site to take the survey.

USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the survey official site to enter
  2. Select your language preference from the list
  3. Please enter the ZIP +4 code printed at the top of your receipt. You can find it below the post office location and above the date and phone number. Click on "Next" button to proceed
  4. Enter the date and time of your transaction from top of your paper receipt
  5. Enter the clerk number number printed at the bottom of your receipt
  6. Answer some easy question according to your visit to the Post Office, such as "how satisfied were you with the service provided by USPS"
  7. Leave your comments about what should Post Office to do improve your satisfaction with the service you received

More Information about USPS
The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the United States federal government. It is legally obligated to serve all Americans, regardless of geography, at uniform price and quality.

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450 comments on “postalexperience.com/pos - USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Lou F Corkery says:

    I think it is absolutely stupid on the post office part to not allow a credit card that has “see photo I’d” but require a card with a signature. I always sign my credit card “see photo I’d” so that I’m protected from someone else using it.

  2. Amanda Loos says:

    I usually go to the Cedar Hill post office and they are great at trying to give speedy service even when they are busy, I am at the bard in road post office in Arlington TX and there is a full line with only one attendant and four other employees walking around doing other things but not attending to the customers. It is frustrating when I know the service can be better. I will avoid this post office at all costs from now on.

  3. Eugene Zommer Sr says:

    I don’t know why I paid for my package to get to its destination in three days when it should have arrived there already and it didn’t next time I am going to use a different postal carrier this is rediculus paying for something that doesn’t get there on time

  4. Bobbi Cohen says:

    I had excellent service today at the Grantville PO. The person who helped was friendly and engaging. It was a feel good experience. It was clerk 08 at 10:48.

  5. dwight bates says:

    I would have liked to take your survey but I don't download anything off the internet. I will say that my experience at my castle rock post office was as always fast and professional. to 05 and the rest of the staff thank you.

  6. Angela Fresh says:

    New Baltimore post office 48047 is understaffed. Everytime I go in there there is a line out the door and one person behind the counter. And why can't a supervisor jump on a register to get lines down? Customer sevice doesn't seem to be a priority.

  7. Walter Bauman says:

    Excellent service, and very helpful. Today there wasn't even a line.

  8. Edward Long says:

    Very good service line went fast

  9. Donna Pregont says:

    postal worker was very polite and friendly, and helpful.. Enjoy the visit.

    Thank You...

  10. Sharon Parrague says:

    Mia at the Orinda Post office is my most favorite person to have across a counter! She's funny and real...not fake. She has helped me on numerous occasions, once with a 58 piece mailing that took 2 hours!! But she smiled through all of it!
    Thank you Mia!!

  11. P. Stevens says:

    The Vallejo Calif. postal workers at the counter have always been courteous, warm and helpful. They make my visit a pleasure.
    The postal delivery folks, from what I saw, went above and beyond the norm. I observed them delivering mail at 6 a.m. the week before Christmas, and again late on Sunday, Christmas Eve.
    We're lucky to have such dedicated postal workers! Thank you!

  12. Fran Hopkins says:

    racking #: 9505 5157 9645 7353 1600 80

    I was told my package would be delivered by 8PM Friday, 12/22.
    It was to be there for a function on Sat. 12/23. It is now 12:23 12/23 and the package still has not been delivered,and i is too late to meet the purpose for which it was intended. I am so upset!

  13. John Halloran says:

    After sending registered mail from ND post office on 12/11, I continued to track online for delivery conformation. After a week of worry I returned to post office and was told a “computer glitch” had occurred and envelope had been delivered but not recorded. For my $332.40 I would have expected better.

  14. Teresa Gregorio Fadeley says:

    I always thought the Albany ny post office branch in colonie, ny was a very good place to go to. Now it's new Bern (28562, glenburnie rd) that takes the the prize! The postal personnel are very helpful and congenial. They go out of their way to assist customers. Keep up the great work!

  15. Pedro says:

    Always a good service.Associate is always greeting and welcoming me back to return,very knowledgeable.Hope all associates can have the same attitude for giving that extra mile for customer satisfaction.I really like visiting this postal office,and is close at home.

  16. Carol says:

    Very speedy and efficient. Clerk was polite.

  17. Kim Bartel says:

    An employee at the Mount Washington post office in Baltimore yelled at me for approaching the desk when it was my turn in line: "I have not SAID you could approach me yet!" When I apologized and attempted to take a step backward she yelled at me again: "Stay where you are!" I did nothing to provoke this rude and controlling behavior. On the contrary, the woman ahead of me in line was elderly, so I had given her a little extra time to collect her things. Meanwhile there was a sign on the counter proclaiming that customer input was being HEARD and VALUED. Judging from the terrible reviews of this USPS office online, I very much doubt it.

  18. Linda Hosier Reschke says:

    This comment does not have anything to do with the Recumseh Okla. post office. I have a complaint about the service in Tulsa!! It should not take 7-10 days for mail to go from Tecumseh to Tulsa. I can mail things to Woodward which have to go thru Oklahoma City and be there in 2 days max! The Tulsa office in the area of 5100 block of S Madison Ave 74105 is pathetic! I don’t even want to mail anything to family members. This needs to be looked at and see what the problem is. I have never had pathetic service anywhere and I even mail packages to Kansas City, Ks.

  19. Linda Stelle says:

    I live in Powell Butte, Oregon, have a box at that location and I am constantly please with the level of service I receive. Today I mailed four Christmas boxes and appreciated that the clerk discussed the various ways my package would travel and obviously liked and appreciated her job. I also had forgotten my key and another employee jumped up to run and get my mail while my packages were being processed. These ladies are amazing. No UPS for me! Thank you and Merry Christmas. 😊👍🏻

  20. Laura Davis says:

    The people at the Lyman Rd. Post Office in Topeka, Ks. are the nicest and most pleasant people. I never mind going to the post office.

  21. Anna Dean says:

    The service at Newbury Park post office is warm, courteous, efficient. So great to do business there. Thanks Wendy & Casey and everyone else who works there. I appreciate the new thing they do - check to be sure your address and zip are correct, thanks!

  22. andrea brown says:

    I had a good experience and great help with getting the right stamps for my Christmas cards. I sent off a package the next day and the clerk was great help.They both worked in the Granite Quarry NC post office. One had the number 06and i do not have the other girl number.

  23. Nancy J Emerson says:

    I have always had exceptional service from the Belmont, NY 14813. On 12/11/17, Clerk 06 treated me with respect and was sincere in assuring me that my Priority package would arrive to it's destination, Bonita Springs, Fl, 34135, Tracking # 9505 5141 2977 7345 0453 15, in 3 days. It was imperative that it would. I paid the priorty price and felt confident that it would be received in time. Upon tracking it today, I found that it was received in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. today. At this moment the delivery has not been received at the designated destination. I feel that I should get refunded my fee for priorty mail as a breach has occurred. I have been sending priorty boxes overseas to our service men and now I'm uncertain as to whether they will ever reach their destination. In summary, I would like to wish all USPS workers a Merry Christmas. Mine would have been if it were not for this horrible upset!!!!!

  24. Robert Pogue says:

    I have had numerous contacts with the Walden, NY 12586, post office since moving here last year. The staff are ALWAYS courteous and helpful and the post office is clean and tidy. I hope the local post office stays open because it is a valuable asset to the community.

    It would be more convenient if parking was expanded, but overall I have no complaints.

    I am not sure of this site; I do not want to install a program to just to leave a comment.

  25. Kira Bouie says:

    My package was delivered to the wrong address and I was told that the mailman would go pick it up and nobody has done nothing. The supervisor won't answer my messages or return my calls.

  26. Teresa B. Clark says:

    I have lived in Georgetown, TX. for 2 years after 47 years in New York City where the PO had wonderful people working for them, but none like Mr. Jackson at the Leander Road office (down the street from St. David's Hospital). He is such a gentleman, so efficient, so kind. I wait in line until he is available. What a wonderful man he is.

  27. Edward Tunny says:

    to whom it may concern, i am visiting here in Ft worth Texas and visited the office at 7101 bryant Irvin rd at 1o5 pm 12/14/17.Since i am unfamiliar with this location I walked in not knowing where the line formed as there were 2 postal workers at the desk 1 was busy the other had no customer waiting so i walked up to here and she told me the lin formed to the right around the cusomers where the postal slips are stored, when I walked around she said she could take me know there was just 1 other customer there who walked in after me. this postal worker was rude and a smart elic to me about what kind of delivery i wanted and to read the prompter, she works there every day and i was out of my element. I was sending a package to Indianapolis, In she said it would be there in 2 days not thinking i asked will they deliver a package on saturday and she said you get your mail on saturday but she said in a snoddy way, after she said to use the receipt to track your package and to fill out the survey and I said to my self I sure will and report her for her insincere way of helping and talking to me the way she did and I hope this comment does not go unnoticed.

  28. Bill Wolfe says:

    Michelle at the 59th Ave and the 101 office in Phoenix AZ was very helpful in helping with packaging and sending cookies to our son in Seattle. She was very positive with us as well as other postal customers. Thanks Michelle for your kindness and help.

  29. Sara Thompson says:

    The postal workers at the North Highland PO in Atlanta,GA are wonderful. Their service has improved so much over the last couple years. They both work deligently to make sure their work is courteous and efficient. I was in there Dec 14 and line was pretty long but moved smoothly.

  30. Michael Butler says:

    The clerks at my post office (Cheltenham, PA 19012) are fantastic! They are always willing to help, answer questions and offer assistance...
    Big THANK YOU to Mehool and Bob!

  31. M. S. says:

    David did great job in timely handling my US mail needs.

  32. P.M. says:

    On 12/13/17, I went to the Clifton Park NY Post Office to mail a package. As I waited in the I was able to observe Postal worker Mark treat each customer with genuine respect and friendship. He was very helpful, explaining services available to mail packages, making sure you had stamps, and explaining how to track your package. Mark interacted with each customer smiling and wishing them a Happy Holiday. Mark not only knows his job well, he appears to really enjoy it! Mark made my day on a very busy time year!

  33. Eiichi Fukushima says:

    Airport Mail Facility, 2100 Girard Rd SE in Albuquerque, is always a good place to go. Sometimes they are busy but always nice and professional.

  34. Eileen Tate says:

    I had a very pleasant experience at the Vadnais Hts. MN P.O. this afternoon. The clerk 08
    was very helpful to find the right sized box for my mailing. He went above and beyond any
    experience I have had before with P.O. employees. A long line of customers behind me
    and he did an excellent job of accommodating me. Wish I would have asked his name.
    Keep up the GOOD WORK 08 !!!!!!!!!! You deserve a raise! December 13, 2017

  35. E. says:

    Had a terrible experience at the Centereach PO in NY. Spoke with supervisor Theresa Edghilll who was not helpful or cared about my problems that have been on going with my mail delivery. I did not receive a package that was stated on a tracking number that it was delivered at or near my mailbox. I continually get other mail from similar addresses with the same house number as mine but a different street. They intail receive several pieces of my mail also and sometimes come to my house and bring it to my door for me. I have made several visits to the Centereach PO to let them know about this serious problem but they continue to not resolve the problem. Supervisor Theresa Edghill informed me that she would personally go through my mail prior to it leaving the PO and make sure I would receive my mail only and that it would not go out to other addresses BUT I have just received today a piece of mail that belongs to another resident. This is the most irresponsible person who is getting paid to do a job that she knows nothing about or how to do correctly. I have tried filing a formal complaint with the postal service on their website but just like this site that will not allow you to go forward with their steps the Postal site works in the same way so as not to accept any complaints from the public. Such a disgrace of this system and their employees. The Centereach Post Office and supervisior Theresa Edghill....SHAME ON YOU!!!

  36. Margaret Miller says:

    I entered the site given on my postal receipt and came up with this site and it does not give me a survey to complete! This is frustrating. I wnt to complain about the Coon Rapiods, MN post office - their service is terrible and always has been - most people go to Anoka to avoid the clerks at Coon Rapids. Yesterday 12/12/17 I went at 3:10 and there were 20 people in line with two clerks at window. At 3:25 one of them "RANDY" put the Next window sign on his window and left - that means one clerk was there to help over 20people with Christmas packages. One guy came out with a rolling stand that you could get stamps from or leave a pre-paid package. only 2 people went to him. Meanwhile, the line kept growing with one clerk - Finally at 3:55 RANDY came back from his half hour break and I still had 5 people ahead of me and the line was out the door. I complained about Randy taking a break with so many people in line and the other clerk "TERRY" said well, we can't do that or we'd never get them. This is awful - the clerk Randy had no compassion for all the people in line and this is unacceptable - either get rid of people likehim or get more people to help out.

  37. Jan Tymorek says:

    I can't seem to open the survey but I just want to say I am ALWAYS happy to go to our post office (on Segoe Rd., Madison, WI 53705). Everyone there is helpful and cheerful. And usually the line is not bad. I feel very lucky and try to use the USPS whenever I have that option!

  38. Judith Daniel says:

    I have never left a Post Office in tears, but today, I did. I was trying to mail Christmas presents
    To California. I had duct tape on them. I was yelled at by Gwen at the Olive Street Branch in
    Downtown St. Louis to remove the duct tape and purchase the right tape. Two customers in store at this time. By the time I filled out the Priority address forms, there were four more customers. I went to ask Gwen if I could use the priority tape in the store, but did not get the chance. She YELLED that I was interrupting, get back in line and proceeded to dress me down. I am 75 years young and have never been talked to like that. At this point, I gathered my packages and went to Main PO. They were wonderful, used the priority tape

  39. Robert says:

    Tulsa, Jenkins station clerk was very helpful. Lobby continues to need housekeeping.

  40. wechsler barbara says:

    Asked for 12 stamps oversee, I got 12 but paid for 14


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