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USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey OfferUnited States Postal Service

  1. To help USPS provide better service during your next time visit

USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

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  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. Within five minutes to finish. Less than 10 steps, 1 open question, need receipt information.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. 1 open question. Need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. You are not recommended to finish this customer survey via smartphone, because it may take you much time to finish.

USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Online. Go to USPS customer satisfaction survey official site to take the survey.

USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the survey official site to enter
  2. Select your language preference from the list
  3. Please enter the ZIP +4 code printed at the top of your receipt. You can find it below the post office location and above the date and phone number. Click on "Next" button to proceed
  4. Enter the date and time of your transaction from top of your paper receipt
  5. Enter the clerk number number printed at the bottom of your receipt
  6. Answer some easy question according to your visit to the Post Office, such as "how satisfied were you with the service provided by USPS"
  7. Leave your comments about what should Post Office to do improve your satisfaction with the service you received

More Information about USPS
The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the United States federal government. It is legally obligated to serve all Americans, regardless of geography, at uniform price and quality.

About USPS Customer Satisfaction Surveypostalexperience.com/pos - USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: postalexperience.com/pos or postalexperience.com/sb or postalexperience.com/res
Survey Incentive: Help USPS make improvements
Host Website: postalexperience.com/pos
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351 comments on “postalexperience.com/pos - USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Catherine Yoho says:

    The Auburn post office was awesome! I was quickly serviced by a very polite man.

  2. Helen B. Shaub says:

    When I arrived at the Newark, DE 19711 Post Office there was one person to help you and 15 people waiting in line! After at least a 5 minute wait two more people showed up with drinks in hand and took their good old time waiting on anybody. This seems to be the norm in Newark. I absolutely hate going to the post office. I will do just about anything to avoid it! When the girl finally called up she was very efficient! I think a change of personal is due with a better attitude because who works there now is in it just for the paycheck!

  3. phyl vandemoortel says:

    The staff at the Mason Post Office is very helpful in assisting me in mailing large packages and envelopes. They have held my mail at times when i have been out of town according to the time frame given on the form. They are all pleasant with a smile on their face.

  4. Ted M says:

    Usually only one lady working the front desk, but she is consistently beautiful, kind and polite; I come here maybe once a week, can count on it, she's always nice! Euclid Oh ofc on Euclid ave.

  5. Patricia A Pick says:

    The Bemidji post office is totally understaffed. The clerks work quickly and are unbelievably pleasant, but there just are not enough of them at any one time. Last Friday I went in to mail a package and there were at least 15 people ahead of me in line. Four of them left in frustration over the long wait. Clerks were busy with customers bringing in boxes that were not wrapped, labeled or taped while those of us who had done those tasks at home waited in line. Also the parking lot is totally inadequate with frequent fender benders. I usually park two blocks away and walk with my packages.

  6. James /fiesel says:

    On Oct. 16, 2017 I used the Stamp Purchase Order envelope for 5 books of stamps, enclosing my check for $49.00 (ck # 2227) and placed same in the outgoing mailbox beside my barber shop. To date, Oct. 24, 2017 I have yet to receive my stamps. Understand a substitute carrier was on duty thy day of Oct. 16, 2017. Appreciate your assistance in locating my stamps and or envelope with the money.

    James Fiesel
    4535 Socastee Blvd., Unit D, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

  7. Jeffrey Williams says:

    I have lived at my current address for 38 years. I'm a retired Postmaster. I have never experienced the wonderful service I now receive from my mail carrier(Ebony) She's outstanding.
    My address:
    500 Smokeridge Lane
    Raleigh, NC 27615-6037

  8. ann ziegman says:

    went to the Lathrup Village PO in Michigan. Very fast friendly service from Rhonda. Will go there again.

  9. Keith Bowman says:

    Nice and helpful people at Hannastown PO in PA>

  10. Donna Gibson says:

    I was very rudely treated by a postal worker at the Quinlan Texas post office on 10/23/[email protected]:49pm by clerk#07, Bill#840-57520476-3-2492812-2 $13.90 total amount due for sending a package from Quinlan Texas to Hernando MS. Saying that for one I live in Arkansas goes against me. Seriously? I had to defend myself with him and he gave me bad attitude. Also I paid in change $10 in a roll of quarters and I had more change to make up the difference of $3.90 he was going to the back I don't know what for and said I was a second class citizen. I looked at the Man waiting in line behind me and I said I may be a second class citizen but my change money still spends the same as his. Look at the tape and the witnesses to. Please let me know what is being done about this matter. Thank you,
    Donna Gibson

  11. Kathy Agster says:

    I tried to mail a birthday card that had a thick decoration on it, the clerk said it would cost over $3.00 and I am upset by that (the card was expensive) WHY ARE RATES SO COSTLY !!!!! Of course I did not mail the card...I will wait and hand it to the person.

  12. frank annessa says:

    The service rendered at the birmingham mi. post office as extremely helpful it is a credit to the clerk who was extremely courteous and helpful.

  13. Jimmie Harris says:

    The three postal workers at the Western Nassau PO on Stewart Ave Garden City was amazing. This was my second time there and this time was even better that the first. Friendly and helpful, going the extra mile for customers satisfaction. Well done.

  14. robert Pribil says:

    Oct 20,2017 Sioux City main PO 51101-9998 10am to get postage to mail a small package
    6 stations, 1 clerk I was 4th in line 15 min wait clerk was efficient, told me that she was the only
    one on duty (cost cut backs) until another came at noon. when I left there were 8 people in line.
    All appeared upset. Your Postal service is the worse of any company I know. You don't have any
    regard for your customers and do your best to lose them. Way to go United States Post office!!

  15. Ed Brandt says:

    Jim,Was very helpful with my questions about PO BOX service.
    Always in a Good Mood.
    It should be noted

  16. Nancy Harper says:

    The Granger, IN post office employees especially Myra and Susan always make my visit pleasant . Thank ladies for your expertise.

  17. William Lawmorie says:

    10/20/17 Amboy Illinois post office is always cordial they go out or their way to answer any question and make your visit very enjoyable

  18. judy says:

    Columbia Post office has helpful friendly staff. Makes mailing things easy and efficient

  19. Donna says:

    Dyer, IN Post office has a staff of friendly, helpful and efficient people. Their helpfulness seems to rub-off on the people who enter the post office - their pleasant greeting has entering customers smiling and polite.

  20. Joyce Kling says:

    Great service at Aplington post office!!!

  21. Jon Larsen Shudlick says:

    Jeanine at the North Fort Myers Post Office and formerly at the Tice Post Office is one of the most pleasant postal employees you could ever hope to find. She is a delight to talk to. She is efficient, always asks if we need anything else like stamps and you could not have a better employee at the USPS. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

  22. Michael Kerr says:

    I had another Great experience at the Sewickley Post Office. Miande took care of me again. Always Very friendly. She treats everyone as if they are the only person in line, yet keeps it moving. Always friendly. I am here at least 3 times a week.

  23. Kellie Blackmon says:

    wonderful service wonderful customer service

  24. Jannette Stewart says:

    I’m disappointed with the Capitol Heights, MD Post Office manangers/employees delivering my mail to other customers in the area. October 7th, When I called the office and space me with Ms. Tillery she was very disrespectful and rude. She did say that she will speak with the carrier, however, she needs a class to improve her customer service skills. I also encountered receipt of other customers mail and place it my mailbox to be delivered.

  25. Paula Hipsher says:

    The Utica Michigan Post Office... How come there is ALWAYS a line out the door with only ONE Postal Worker servicing the customer.. Seems there are plenty of Postal workers in the back walking around doing nothing.. Getting tired of always having to wait for service when the workers just are walking around.. Also, how come Postal workers used the customer parking lot when they have their own lot just around the building?.. Seems they all want to park right next to the door leaving very few spots for the customer.. Lazy!

  26. Wanda Mills says:

    always fun to post with Linda

  27. Rosalie Evans says:

    I highly want to praise Yolanda Greene of the Cambridge Post Office.
    She quickly found the cheapest way for me to send a box of cookies, etc. to
    my grandson who is paralyzed at the V.A. Health Center in Seattle, Washington.
    I was short on time and highly stressed out. She proceeded to unpack
    my box and use 2 boxes which were cheaper to send. She was very
    fast, pleasant, helpful and knew immediately what to do. She made my day.

  28. Joel V. Johnson says:

    The wait time wasn't too long, I got a money order & a stamp in about 15 minutes or so. All in all I think our postal service is doing a good job at handeling our mail.

  29. Genrikh Vapne says:

    On 09/19/2017 from Post office 11239 I mailed big package to Appellate Division, Brooklyn, NY 11201 by certified mail 70161370000074243214 with return receipt 9590940220736132717937.
    So far I have no return receipt.
    Request investigation and response.

  30. richard nikolishen says:

    Thank you Angie in Ebensburg, Pa. 15931

  31. richard nikolishen says:

    Fast, efficient and friendly

  32. Hussein Emi says:

    I have never seen this a very bad customer service in the post office in the Roseville 2000 County Road B2 very bad customer service. 09/23/2017 9:50 am

  33. ed fish says:

    it took almost 3 weeks to receive stamps I ordered. I could hav walked to the post office an got them faster. not good !

  34. John J says:

    I could comment about the several times packages have arrived damaged over the years. But what happened today at the downtown Murrieta, CA branch tops all that. I was having a heavy package (70 pounds) shipped. There were some latex paint marks (dry) on the exterior of my shipping box. The employees informed me that the paint was flammable and could not be accepted. Then, the supervisor was called. He sniffed my package ??? and proceeded to tell me again that a few streaks of paint on a box was unsafe to ship. I thought that they had decided that there was paint in the box. No, I told them. It was an antique cash register. They turned me away.I guess we all have regulations to follow, but the folks who pushed the “unsafe dry paint” rule should be jailed for impeding interstate commerce! THE CARDBOARD BOX AND STRAPPING TAPE ARE ALSO FLAMMABLE!!! The amount of danger added by the dry paint is negligible. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your unprofessional treatment of a customer! I have always chosen USPS for my customer shipping, but that ends today.

  35. Marc Langston says:

    Our downtown Tulsa, OK post office at 333 West 4th St. is outstanding. Great service by Marsha, Terri and (John?? I think.)
    Excellent professional service with a smile. Extremely knowledgable, courteous and helpful in anything you need.

  36. John almy says:

    Visited Grayson, ga Post Office Friday, 9/15/17. Excellent experience considering debit machines were down and computer working very slowly. Young lady was very professional, courteous, helpful .

  37. Nora Lee Condon says:

    Our experience with our post office is great. We have very polite and knowledgable people working there. And more importantly friendly service. Always happy going there knowing that I will be treated with respect and have my mailings going out in a timely manner.

  38. Sandra Moore says:

    always satisfied always answering my question and been very helpful.

  39. Carole Baker says:

    every one I've encountered at the Scottdale, Pa. USPS office has been quick and efficient with whatever need I have

  40. Dontae L. Satchel says:

    As a consumer I find the technical aspect of the postal experience as a useful (tool) in conducting the business affairs or consumer affairs and meets the requirements of a satisfied customer or consumer. Details inside... 840-5350-0217-001-00008-11389-02 #03


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