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Lowes.com Feedback and Customer Care Step by Step GuideLowe's

  1. Log on to the Lowes.com feedback and customer care official website to complete the survey
  2. Choose the right category you are looking for: online experience, store experience, product and services or Lowe's corpate
  3. Lowe's has put those most frequently asked questions on landing page, just click the link if your question is listed
  4. You can also contact Lowe's for more assistance if your question is not answered online

More Information about Lowe's
Lowe's has been serving people since 1946. They offer so many products, such as appliances, tools, paint, lumber and nursery products. Lowe's does business in several countries like the USA, Canada and Mexico. You can shop at any of their nearly 2000 stores and online. Jobs are offered online too. Lowe's consumer credit card can be applied online as well. The card can be used in store or online for all your everyday purchases.

To send your feedback about Lowe's at Lowes.Feedback.com, you just need to input your email address, first name, last name and zip code. Then you can add your comments about how do you think about Lowes.com and your online shopping experiences. You can also call 1-800-455-6937 for any question about Lowes.com if you prefer phone call with Lowe's customer service team.

About Lowes.com Customer Feedback SurveyLowes.com/Feedback - Lowes.com Feedback and Customer Care
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297 comments on “Lowes.com/Feedback - Lowes.com Feedback and Customer Care

  1. Mary Severance says:

    Sloppy work. Back door does not fit. Screen door let's air in from the bottom. Door racing's or nicked and chipped. Nails/ staples are sticking out. Blood on door. Did not clean up after self.

  2. rOY says:

    I returned a plant on a very busy Saturday afternoon. All employees were very polite about my return and and were informative about selecting a plant to replace the one I returned.

  3. mel sobel says:

    Why is the services at Lowes so bad!!!! It is much better at Home Depot. So much better at Home Depot that I won't be shopping here anymore!

  4. KEN TAPIA says:

    Window install today by Dan . Did an excellent job, very quick and efficient, with attention to detail. Was well pleased with product and install.

  5. Cheryl turckes says:

    I love the floor carpet they installed ...great job and went out of their way

  6. Wanda Lyon says:

    Gene Burleson with Installation Management Services installed a Pergo laminate floor for us yesterday. He was here right on time, very nice and polite and worked right on through until it was completed. Gene answered all our questions and left every thing clean and neat. We have a beautiful floor and are very satisfied with Gene and the installation.

  7. Flo Hainey says:

    I bought some ceiling tiles at Lowes, store #2397 (Warwick, Rhode Island) and was helped by a Rick who not only escorted me to the proper aisle but also helped me by explaining the procedure on proper use, etc. I am returning today to purchase more after much success with his directions.

  8. George Harrison says:

    Two Spanish speaking gentlemen installed carpeting today on our basement steps. They were on time, very cordial, very professional, did a great job, and cleaned up after they were done. Sorry, but I didn't get their names, except for the last name that appeared on my called ID when they called this morning to let me know when they were coming. The name was Bautista.

  9. Richard Wilson says:

    Torin and Cole installed 9 new windows in our 40 year old home. They were both courteous and considerate. The installations were all done to our satisfaction.

  10. R. Adams says:

    We had a new Pergo laminate floor installed in both bedrooms. The flooring was purchased from Lowes & installed by Keller Interiors, Inc. The floors in both bedrooms are beautiful & the installation was fantastic. Edson A. Salinas & helper did an excellent job. After the installation, they did a superb cleaned up job & made sure all the furniture was placed properly. The installers were friendly, efficient and totally competent, I would recommend the product & these installers to anyone.

  11. Ann Martin says:

    Got a new laminate floor from Lowes and had it installed by Focus On Floors. Beautiful floor and absolutely superb installation. Doug Walker and John Calderwood did an excellent job. They did the installation and cleaned up their work when they were finished. The product is excellent and the job is beautifully done. The installers were friendly, efficient and totally competent. I recommend them to anyone interested in having this work done.

  12. Dennis Amer says:

    The gentlemen did a great job installing my applyances

  13. Margaret Himes says:

    Bob Coffey and crew installed a window and patio door.I am very pleased with their promptness and work. Crew members were courteous and very meticulous with measuring and making everything level and square.Trash was carried away or placed in the dumpster.

  14. Annie Heffele says:

    Travis Workman installed my new Christmas present (Bosch dishwasher). He was prompt, efficient and professional. He cleaned up after himself and tested everything before leaving. I am very pleased with his service and would certainly recommend him to others and request him again for my service needs.

  15. David &Janice Myrick says:

    We purchased new Quartz counter tops from Lowes' excellent Kitchen Cabinets deptment at Lowe's in Bangor, Maine. Our counter tops were installed yesterday by Aroostook Solid, Steve and John were wonderful. They laid material on our floors so not to leave any residue from the Quartz plus tracking in from outside. Very polite men and professional.
    Steve when he came to measure for the job offered advise that was immeasurable to us. We had chosen a plain pattern that would have shown seams. We picked another pattern and are just thrilled! Thank-you Steve and John loving our kitchen!

  16. JT says:

    First: Your Feedback send button does not send...nothing happens!
    My feedback: You need to add an "Add to Cart" button for each item when there is a product list. I was ordering several wire rolls and had to select each item, then add it to the cart, which took me to the cart. When I continued shopping from the cart I then had to start over again to get back to the list I had prior. Or, if you can go back to the same place (list) after selecting Continue Shopping from the cart, this would help. Also if there is a way to select items from a list, then be able to add them all at once to the cart, this would help.

  17. Garland Campbell says:

    Lowe's Master Forge Grill Part

    RE: Order 52278911 This order was placed by phone I think May 31, 2016. It just arrived today, September 14, 2016. Several phone calls kept telling me too many times it was on Back Order! Finally I got the notice it had shipped, IN 4 BOXES?!!!!

    ALL 4 COULD HAVE BEEN, AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN, SHIPPED IN ONE (1) BOX!!! Maye a piece of cardboard between them, but all 4 in the same box!!! I emailed a question why in 4 boxes, got a reply that they were too large??!!! Three boxes and all the airbags, a huge shipping waste!!!! Whoever packed them should be taken aside and given some packing lessons!!! I'll be donating them to a packing and mailing store close by.

    I put one to use immediately in the grill and have stored 3 to use later as needed.
    Sep 14, 2016


    Dave from Prestige Plumbing installed our toilet today and did a fabulous job. He is professional, extremely courteous, very very knowledgeable and a complete gentleman.

    He is the best of the best we we ever had. Keep him, you will not find another of his kind.

    Thank you.

  19. J Marco says:

    Lowe’s, Naperville, IL. Our Salesman, Tim, was so helpful with information, in our decision, on what doors and styles that are available. He helped us pick the perfect doors and they are beautiful. I picked out the door handles, but Tim helped with information on those, as well. Over all, we are so happy with Lowe’s, Tim our salesman, and Trevor our contractor. With service like this, we shall be back.

  20. J Marco says:

    On July 22nd 2016, we had our double, front doors installed by, Trevor Squires, who did a great job putting them in. Both doors lined up so well, and he went over everything with us. The beautifully doors are so important, but so is the contractor putting them in. And I thank Trevor and Lowes, for that.

  21. A. Kijewski says:

    On May 23rd; I had Eric Tagariello and associate install my front screen door; which I purchased from Lowe's. I really liked it that they were on time, knew what they were doing and cleaned up after the job was done. It took them no time to complete the job and then they explained everything about the door to me. I would recommend them to everyone.

  22. Janet Muir says:

    Ken Williams did an excellent job installing my blinds. He is professional, courteous and very punctual. I would recommend him to anyone.

  23. Sharon asplund says:

    Israel Dominguez and Irma Guera installed our laminate flooring. They were the best. Very courteous,and they did a great job. Would recommend them to anyone and would request them again.

  24. Ron Jones says:

    Cody & Courtney installed a storm door for me. They were fast and efficient, plus they did it in a timely manner. After the install they cleaned the area in which they worked. I am very satisfied and happy with their work. I would highly recommend them as installers.

  25. James Lyons says:

    the installer was mike Williams, he done a great job and was very fast. he explained every thing that I needed to know to light and take care of heater. was very friendly. he knew what he was doing.

  26. Thomas Whitney says:

    Our installer was Frank from precision Construction. He is a good representative of Lowe's. He was friendly, knowledgeable and fast. This is from Ozark MO Lowe's.

  27. Robert Wassall says:

    Our installers were Don and Laura (store 1683) from Floor Interior Services Corp. They did a great job, were polite, were helpful when required. and cleaned up thoroughly. Couldn't be more pleased with the final result. We probably failed to convey our pleasure to the installers as we received notice of a death in our immediate family just as they were finishing the job.

  28. Bob and Martha Ezell says:

    Today we had Garrett with "NW Extreme" install two windows and a security door. Kudos to Garrett and his helper they were finished and cleaned up in record time. He was going to install a french door also, but when measured it was too small. Unfortunate, but things happen. I Know it was not these folks fault, but they were extremely helpful in getting it returned to the store. Again my hat is off to your professionals for splendid work!!!!

    . Bob Ezell

  29. Charles SToner says:

    Frank Mincks did a wonderful job installing our new shutters. Would use him again

  30. Risa Garris says:

    I love shopping at Lowe's!!!!!

  31. Richard Miller says:

    Ruvery & Carlos from Floor Interior Services Corp did an excellent job & were very professional. Will definitely use them again in the near future.

  32. Warren Rathburn says:

    Joe Campbell, of Larry Campbell installation company, did a really good quality installation of our new water softener. He was polite and completely businesslike. Thanks !

  33. Barbara Davis says:

    I am very please with the Window and Slider install completed by SRS Remodeling. They
    were on time and a very good job. They were very concern about the job and if I was pleased
    with the final work. I would recommend and be glad to use them in the future. Job well done.

  34. Emma Smith says:

    we were very glad that we went with Lowes to do this job in only a professional way, the old fence was taken down and replace in three days. thank for a job well done

  35. Debra Hickey says:

    I had Lowes install my carpet and they did an awesome job. The installer were very helpful and nice.. They made sure everything was cleaned up before they left

  36. Charles & Carla Hopkins says:

    We are very pleased with our door purchased at Lowe's in Martinsburg, WV.
    The Installer (Walt Schaener) was punctual, professional, efficient and knowledgeable in his craft. I will recommend him to anyone who needs installation of any Lowe's products. Our thanks for a job WELL DONE!

  37. Jerry A Nalley says:

    Jim Edwards installed doors he did a great job. He was very good at telling me about the doors. He removed all left my yard clean.

  38. Sharon Vaughn says:

    We have used Lowe's for multiple products in the last 2 years. The most recent was a new set of shower doors. Our store is #303 and we request Kevin Frame from Kevin L Frame Remodeling each time we need work done. He is an excellent installer who is on time, courteous and concrescence every time. He makes sure every thing is in excellent condition before he starts the installations. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants the job done correctly and efficiently.
    Everything is cleaned up and put back to its original condition.

  39. Richard Weber says:

    Installation by Justin Tominson of Prestige Plumbing Naples Florida went extremely quick and very professionally done went through operation of new dishwasher ran cycle and was very neat with his work would recommend him to anyone wanting a installation of an appliance.

  40. Karen Smith says:

    I don't usually do this type of thing, but today we had a new door and storm door installed. And I must say that Jason & Joe were great! The door required a lot of work because I had it changed from a swing out door to a swing in door. They made all the adjustments to the doorway and installed the door beautifully. Cleaned up the area and explained to me about the inspection and how to maintain the door. Great Job, we are just thrilled!!!


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