A $500 J. C. Penney Gift Card JCPenney Survey

jcp.com/survey - A $500 J. C. Penney Gift Card JCPenney Survey

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  1. 10% off coupon

Denny's Guest Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 3/5. It takes about 10 minutes to finish with 1 open question. You need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for Tablet. There is 1 open question, and you do not need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 1/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the Survey via smartphone, but it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

JCPenney Customer Survey Entry

  1. Online Entry: Visit the official website at jcp.com/survey and complete the survey.
  2. Mail-in Entry: Print your first name, last name, address, phone number, email address and month/year of birth on a piece of paper and mail your entry in a stamped envelope to: jcpenney "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Sweepstakes Entry, P.O.Box 463, Lynbrook, NY 11563-0463.

JCPenney Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the official website.
  2. Enter the Access Code printed on your receipt and click the "start" button.
  3. Rate the following questions like "How likely are you to recommend jcp to a friend?".
  4. Select answers to the questions like "Which of the following best describes the purpose of your visit?".
  5. Enter personal information such as gender and phone number.

JCPenney Customer Survey Video
If you have any problem or difficulty finishing the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

More Information about JCPenny
You can always enjoy free shipping anywhere on all orders over $75.

JCPenny is always grateful for its loyal customers, so it offers various rewards programs to thank its regular customers. The best JCP rewards come with a JCP Credit Card. And it is easy for you to get rewards. You just need to join, shop, earn, then you will get rewards. What's more, the rewards are incredible, like birthday gift, earn a $20 jcp reward when you spend $100 on qualifying purchases in-store or at jcp.com and more. So if you shop regularly at JCP, a credit card is a must-have for you.

JCPenney has been serving people for more than 100 years. It always tries to treat customers in a fair and square way. Now it owns more than 1000 stores and people can shop online as well. JCPenney offers clothing, homeware, home decoration, accessories and other products. There are so many ways to shop, and you can use cash, credit cards, gift cards, and so on. You do not have to make a purchase to enter. Just print your personal information on a piece of paper and mail it to JCPenney.

About JCPenney Customer Surveyjcp.com/survey, A $500 J. C. Penney Gift Card JCPenney Survey
Survey Website: jcp.com/survey
Survey Incentive: 10% off coupon
Host Website: smg.com
Marketing Support: Service Management Group

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194 comments on “jcp.com/survey - A $500 J. C. Penney Gift Card JCPenney Survey

  1. Margaret Castine Davis says:

    I was glad to have such professional and caring people to assist me with my shopping.

  2. James says:

    My wife and I were shopping for a blazer and pants, in Memphis. Cheryl, went out of her way, to help us find the items, we needed. She even went to other parts of the store, to help. Thank you, for hiring such a great associate. We will shop again.

  3. Virginia says:

    I was in the store yesterday in the Home Department looking for mircowave oven and items for dressing up the Holidays. The associate of the mane Paul was pleasant with a smile on his face, helped me find all i needed. I will return to your store to shop again.

  4. belinda moser says:

    The last few times I have been to Pennys-Fargo, N.D.- I have had exceptionally good customer service from knowledgeable individuals. I also scored some %15 off coupons when I bought sheets from the sales lady. Happy!--felt like Pennys from 20 years ago!!

  5. Myrtle McIntire says:

    Am glad the "Old Penny's" is back. Walked into the ladies dept. and was greeted and helped. But them came Lisa in the shoe dept. and was I thankful for her help. Tried on several pairs and purchased one pair and ordered another. The lady that checked my purchases out was very nice and helped with the coupon that I had. Overall a great experience and will return again. My access code is: 2368 400 1286 061314 1351 5.

  6. Deborah Bailey says:

    Sumitra was very helpful. My access code 2433 340 8287 051914 1322 5 Please help her as much as possible because she was great

  7. Amparo Muniz says:

    JCPenneys a las que me refiero son de Puerto Rico.

  8. Amparo Muniz says:

    La calidad de la mayoria de la ropa,aun, no es la de hace 10 anos atras.Espero vuelva a hacer aquella JCPenney yo visitaba.Gracias.

  9. Larry Erb says:

    Barbara was very helpful assisting with clothing purchases and obtaining credit card. Thanks!

  10. Theresa Bailey says:

    I have been going to the Salon at Penny's in Birmingham,Al. for 2-3 years. My hair dresser is Sheila and she does a wonderful job. She always listens to me and does what I ask. My first time there the experience was awful and when I left I cried. My daughter call and told them of my experience and I was told to come back and that is when I met Sheila. She fixed me up and now I love my hair. I go every 6 weeks for color and a cut. I am moving and I will miss Sheila and hope I can fine someone just as good at my new place. In Sheila you have great Hair dresser and she is a credit to Penny's.

  11. Greta Mahaffey says:

    First time in store #0907 for over a year. Wow was I impressed; it is now bright; easy to
    navigate; super helpful sales staff. Very nice upgrade - I spent almost $300 and will
    definitely be back soon. So glad you are back to the "Old Penney's".

  12. Richard Ruble says:

    Good experence today.

  13. loubna says:

    i really like the store

  14. Marian Monta says:

    I we especially impressed by the helpfulness of Ruth, an associate at the store in edinburg. She showed me where I could find what I we looking for and helped me find the right size. The tore is vey clean and well managed with lots of room and every article in place--unlike many other stores. A pleasure to shop there.

  15. Luisa Fernandez says:

    This is the best store in the world

  16. Ana I. Rodriguez says:

    Alexander(cashier) at the Mayaguez store was very helpful finding for my son pants in the catalog. he tried different
    brands because the size (32x34) wasn't available.At last he found the size(Haggar).He was very nice and respectful.

  17. Phyllis Massman says:

    Kelley waited on me; she was the most helpful clerk that I have ever had serve me while shopping at JCPenney. I was highly satisfied and would highly recommend her to my friends.
    She would be a great candidate for a promotion.
    Best regards,
    Phyllis Massman

  18. Elaine Parker says:

    I found the associates very helpful friendly and efficient especially Kosal at the Maine Mall store in South Portland, Me

  19. Michele Marie Marquardt says:

    Nicole did an excellent job! Nicole works at the Willmar,MN. She works in the saloon there. She made me feel comfortable and took special care of me. I just want to extend my thank you to her. The whole team there worked well as a team to take care of me. Thank You, again Nicole!

  20. KRISTIE KROLL says:

    the people at the jewelry counter is always extremely helpful, Thay make it work,having trubles placing a order on line thay make it work,having truble finding what you wont thay make it work thay are always happy and helpful injoy shoping when theres people around you like that

  21. Gladysa Sangsland says:

    I love JCPenny! I employees are always helpful and friendly. I always find the exact outfit or gift I'm looking for.

  22. susan spandel says:

    The clerks are very friendly and always helpful.
    This is one of the few stores that has people on the floor to help the customers.
    In most other stores you can't find anyone on the floor to help and if you do find someone they aren't willing to help.

  23. Maria Montoya says:

    I always find a good customer service from the all staff who work there.

  24. chinenye says:

    Sara, one of your employees at the Lakewood mall was an angel recently when i shopped at your store.

  25. chinenye says:

    I have always had a great experience shopping at JCPenny.

  26. emily cervantes says:

    very nice was estephanie at riverside ca location .i will visit soon for my chrystmas shopping

  27. patty stein says:

    Your associates M Wriel(Lamps) and Muriel(Childrens) at the Manchester JCPenny deserve a round of applause they were the best today with all the help they did assist with shopping. thanks to both of you!!!!

  28. diana espanet says:

    i was shopping on 11/29/ and met elizabeth leverock, selling specialist, window coverings in jc penny in lake grove, ny. i have one word for her f a n s t a s t ic. thankyou elizabeth and jc penny. happy holidays jc penny.

  29. s laspino says:

    Nila, was so very helpful .She did show me where the best deals were and she also convinced me to get a penneys charge. I hope the store knows what they have in a worker like her. Nila made my day at jcPenneys. Thany You Nila

  30. lynda prater says:

    I just returned from shopping the day before Thanksgiving, I am really disappointed in the way a "leader" treated me. As sometimes I have a hard time making up my mind, I guess he thought I was trying to steal something. I was bringing back a watch, unopened, because one of the hands was broken, so I was trying to decide on a replacement for this. This is a gift for my son; when I finally did the closest checkout to jewlery was very busy, so I went over to the next checkout which had only one other person in line. The nice salesperson took me right away and this man, named Highroll, ran to take over for her and said to me I should not be in this section I should be in jewelry and why was I not over there? I said because of the line. He said while he was checking the watch box inside and out, that I should never bring jewelry to any other place. He was very rude to me and did not even look me in the eye when I asked him why he was rude to me.I have always gone to any register in any department with anything I am buying. The watch was on one of those store displays where they put the cheap watches,not behind the counter.I think I will shop on line for my Christmas gifts this year,it seems too cold and unfriendly at JCP this year.

  31. Rosario E Alvarado says:

    There no coment just let you know Jc Penny is my second home, every time I fell bad I go to Jc Penny and I fell much better is not only the store but all the people in the store.

  32. Lou-Ann Daniels says:

    My experience at this store was by far one of the best experiences I have had, Mariebell was very helpful on directing me on certain clothes I needed to find due to the dramatic weight loss I had from cancer, very patient with me I was grateful that Mariebell took her time with me didnt just rush me. For that I want to say thank you!.

  33. catherine sanders says:

    I have never had a problem with JC Penny There clothes are of good QUAILTY also i order online always recieve everything i have ordered,

  34. Naomi Dehoyos says:

    Not enough people for registers, when u need it, but over all store is clean.

  35. Emma Mcneel says:

    My husband and I were in the Niles store last evening, we were helped by a young lady Crystal, she was amazing. She showed us what we asked for and then gave us a few suggestions of her own, which ended with us buying a necklace, (which is beautiful).so in my eyes, she truly is a benefit to Penneys.
    Thank you for your time.
    Mr &Mrs. S. McNeel

  36. susy sanford says:

    i love to bay in jcp.

  37. Thomas w.Haussmann says:

    The place was crowded as they had a sale going on and I was looking around for a new suit and looking for help, then out of now where, Kate J. one of your sales staff left the customer checkout and came over and ask if she could help which I was glad to get as I had to get ready for my wife's funeral. she did one whale of a job as did the checkout girl Teddy. with people like that You have a customer for life!

  38. Amparo Eisenmann says:

    I bought a piece of jewelry and my sales Lady Diane was very nice. I always by it from her very pleasant person.

  39. Alfonso Miranda-Daleccio says:

    Excellent service was provided by the stores associate in perfumes section, named Edgardo

  40. betty blystone says:

    Karen was the name of the cashier that checked my cousin an i out at the eastliverpool/calcutta store she was so kind to tell us about this survey she was all around super nice lady


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