$50 IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey

igastore-feedback.com - $50 IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey PrizeIGA

  1. $50 IGA brand coupons

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not have to make purchase to enter or win.
  2. Each person and each e-mail address is limited to 1 entry during each Entry Period.
  3. Prizes are not transferable and subject to availability. No substitution of prize for cash or other goods and services is permitted.
  4. The winner is responsible for all taxes on the prize.

IGA Shopper Experience Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 10 minutes to finish, 2 open questions, need no receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions, need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish IGA Shopper Experience Survey via smartphone, and it may take you more than 10 minutes to finish.

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. You can visit IGA Store customer feedback survey official site and complete the survey.
  2. You can also enter by Mail. To enter without completing a survey, you may send a 3”x5” card with your name, address, email address, telephone number, and date of birth to: IGA Marketing Events Department – CFS, 8745 W. Higgins Road, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60631.

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit IGA Store customer feedback survey official site
  2. Enter your correct zip code and click the "submit" button
  3. Choose the IGA store you visited and click the "provide feedback" button
  4. Select date and time of your visit
  5. Select answer to the question "Overall, how satisfied were you with your most recent visit to this IGA location?" based on your visit
  6. Indicate how important each item was to you in your decision-making process that ultimately led you to make the most recent visit to this IGA
  7. Rate your satisfaction with the statements like "Overall Interior Cleanliness" based on your visit
  8. Select answers to the questions like " Did you encounter any issues during your shopper experience that you would like to bring to management's attention?" based on your visit
  9. Answer open questions like the reason you shop at non-IGA locations
  10. Enter your zip code
  11. Select answers to the questions about  yourself like your gender age etc.
  12. Enter your personal contact information like your name, email address etc and click "Submit" to finish the survey

IGA Store Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish IGA online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to IGA customer survey in this article.

More Information about IGA Store
Founded in 1926, IGA brought together independent grocers across the country to ensure those family-owned local grocery store remained strong in the face of growing grocery chain competition. Take a look at IGA grocers alliances partners here. The IGA Alliance includes nearly 4,000 Hometown Proud Supermarkets worldwide, supported by 36 distribution companies and more than 55 major manufacturers, vendors and suppliers encompassing everything from grocery to equipment items. IGA has operations in 44 of the United States and more than 40 countries, commonwealths and territories on all six inhabited continents. You can easily find a store with online help.

Share your customer feedback and win the $50 coupon at igastore-feedback.com.

About IGA Store Shopper Experience Surveyigastore-feedback.com - IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey
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Survey Incentive: $50 IGA private brand product coupons
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220 comments on “igastore-feedback.com - $50 IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey

  1. Teresa Lucas says:

    So far I love the IGA Supersaver store located 1508 Virginia Avenue in Connersville,Indiana 47331. Everybody I have came across has been so polite and friendly they ask if I had any problems finding anything.Which I do have a little problem but it is a new store so I will get used to it.Thank you for coming to Connersville.I just wish it would stay open later.

  2. ling stone says:

    very good service

  3. Kris Matson says:

    I am glad IGA is opin 24 hr

  4. Kris Matson says:

    I like to shop at IGA in Paxton ILL

  5. gene moore says:

    the clerks and staff or quite helpful when i cant find something,also they save wheat pennies for me.

  6. judith howeson says:

    I love the local Better Value stores, the meat dept. is great.

  7. claude martin says:

    I shopped at the Trenton Maine IGA today and was charged a 15 cent deposit for buying Ocean Spray trailmix . Also bought a small bag of honey roasted cashews and a needham bar . The deposit for trail mix should be removed as this is a resealable bag .

  8. wayne waite says:

    like the store

  9. john Lomax says:

    Very helpful

  10. wendy rossetti says:

    what a rude cashier nate was........too bad it only store in town or I would never go back...

  11. karleen robideau says:

    I enjoy shopping in a smaller store that has everything and always clean. Very good sales.

  12. gary watson says:

    We have a nice store here in town. Fast Friendly service.

  13. gary watson says:

    Always happy with the products and service.

  14. Nancy Nadir Amato says:

    Always happy with variety of products and especially happy with employees who are always friendly and helpful. I do most of my shopping at Adams in Milford Ct.

  15. thomas brennan says:

    i always find what i need frendly help

  16. Doris Reed says:

    I love your store. All the employees are very nice and helpful. Your prices are reasonable.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Friendly courteous helpful

  18. Linda Barker says:

    the staff @ Iga, are very friendly, as well very help full, when i can't find an item and, they help me with friendly, serviceSY, as well with a smile, on all the staff, faces! I used iga all the time, as i love their services, in customer, services, is Very, EXCIELINT, ALWAYS, they make my shopping, easy there when i go too, foodland on National, Ave, in San Diego, County.

  19. Ada Fonseca says:

    Great customer service

  20. Nicanor romero says:




  21. Ronald Grilli says:

    I live in Greenport L.I.N.Y. and go to the IGA in my town there is not much that they don't have in stock. The most important thing to me is when I check out is how friendly the checkouts are always a smile. And if you can't find something they are more than willing to help you. makes shopping a pleasure

  22. lee williams says:

    I visited the williston IGA on 12/18/2016. There was the ruddest cashier named Danielle at around 2pm. I was ignored whileshe conversed with customer ahead and exchanging phone number and playing with the children. That is very unprofessional and is a major concern. I will not stop there again.

  23. Glenda Nuss says:

    Very Nice Store. I go there regularly, sometimes a couple times a week, or more. Very Convenient with Reasonable
    Prices & a nice Selection of items. Like the Deli & the meat departments. The Employees are very nice.

  24. Terry Thompson says:

    Always frindly in Granite Falls, Wa.

  25. Barbara Rain says:

    Do most of my shopping at Rushford IGA. friendly, helpful employies.

  26. Joseph Allen says:

    Just Good People

  27. vita smith says:

    I shop Reese and Rays IGA in Thermopolis Wy..and have for the past 40 some years,they are most friendly and if the item you want isn't there then Dennis will do his utmost to get it for you.

  28. Linda Pfeiffer says:

    It was so nice to enter the Carnation store this AM and see some of the old crew (QFC Locals) there. I have missed them so. Now all you need to do is change the attitude of some of the people you started with. IE. have any of them ever heard the saying "The customer is always right." I was pretty appalled at the response I got from you produce guy when I took back 2 potatoes as they were rotten. He pretty much told me it was my fault as I had not stored them properly. I am a farmer and can store potatoes & squash for weeks in my cold storage room. He just told me to buzz off and I had just purchased them two days before. If I had had the authority I would have fired him on the spot. That is no way to treat a customer. Needless to say, I do my best to avoid shopping in your store. After seeing the gals today, perhaps I will try your store more often to see what other changes are being made. It would be nice if you'd clean up the place as well. Linda Pfeiffer

  29. Lawrence M Adams says:

    I enjoy shopping at KJ's IGA in Waynesboro,Ga.

  30. leslie fannin says:

    the store is great i know where everything is

  31. Trinetta Thompkins says:

    I stop by almost daily to get catfish for lunch. It's so addicting to me. It would be nice to have the price discounted on that for your monthly specials. The staff is friendly and the store clean.

  32. Rodney says:

    The IGA on Breckinridge lane has some of the rudest folks working as a cashier that I have seen. The lady with the long nails for one is not very friendly and I have had this experience on several different occasions. Once I went up front with a couple packs of meat. She starts ringing my stuff up and then when she got to the meat. She stops rolls her eyes and then rings the stuff up. Then looks at me and tells me that the next time to put the meat in one of the bags provided in the meat dept. Then before she finishes, walks off to grab cleaner and towels. Making a big deal of it. I could understand if it had been leaking but it wasn't. Then today I had the privilege of getting her again. I spoke to her and she didn't respond. And when finished ringing me up, she didn't even offer to spin the bags around so i could get them. So I just figured that I would do so. When I turned the bags she just looked at me and was like "excuse me" I am to the point that even though this location is only a block away from my home. I will drive up the street to either of the two krogers or the wal-mart instead.

  33. Bob Carson says:

    This store is bad about truthful and informative sale/product signs. RECENT EXAMPLE...Sweet corn 5/$2 sign placed directly over packages containing 5 ears in each pkg. When checked out the charge was $4.99 . When I went back tO THE STORE AND COMPLained, the response was," That was for the corn in the husk." tHERE WAS CORN IN THE HUSK NEAR but the sign was not even close to that. This is on;y one example of deceiving signing practiced noted in this store in the last several months. They have a monoply as a SUPER MARKET and aaot of the time.pparently get away with this practice

  34. They definitely do not go out of their way to help you.

  35. Shirley Pruitt says:

    I want to thank IGA manager for ordering a couple of items I have asked for. Also I like that they keep their prices down where a person can afford to buy what they need.

  36. susie says:

    7.29 a pound for tater tot casserole? 7 something anyway...last casserole I will buy from Rob's deli.

  37. sheena Edward says:

    Nice place to shop, cashiers sometimes look friendly, i am sometimes greeted. Love the new super j at the Vieux Fort plaza, except the aisle are very small and makes shopping uncomfortable sometimes especially when the place is busy.

  38. Kathie Ermeling says:

    I Love the friendly faces I always see when stopping at our Rib Mountain IGA. They remember me and are always cheerful and seem as if they truly care about the fact that our visit was everything we expected. Everyone is always so helpful to help me find anything I need.

  39. martha hicks rockwood tenn says:

    I moved to Rockwood almost a year ago the iga is the only grocery here other than Family Dollar and Dollar General we decided to shop at the iga store instead of going to Food City in Harriman where we use to shop.This store is great absolutely awesome I go there at least 2 to 3 times a week.The meat is really good and cheaper.We have and do buy the IGA brands they are great my husband only wants the iga 2 pound loaf of bread.They always have great deals and the store is really clean.Now about the staff I wasn't real sure if they would be nice but oh yeah they are really friendly and caring people the treat you like family they are very friendly and the young men that work there I just don't know how to say it but they show you respect they greet you they are very friendly other young guys at other stores are no where near friendly as these guys.if they are working in the isles and pass them they always speak they are all just down home the manager and the rest of the staff are great.I have never met the owners they must be really nice people and im sure they are very proud of their staff they are #1 in my book thank you.


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