- $5,000 The Home Depot Gift Card Customer Survey

The Home Depot Customer Survey PrizeThe Home Depot

  1. A $5,000 Home Depot gift card in each quarter

The Home Depot Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. There are two categories in the Sweepstakes: consumer category and professional category.
  2. You should finish the survey within 35 days of your purchases, check your receipt for more information.
  3. Without purchase, you can still enter or win.
  4. You have less than 45 entries during the sweepstakes period.
  5. You can join only one category in each sweepstakes period.

The Home Depot Customer Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. Less than 10 steps, no open questions and a receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No open questions and you need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. You are not recommended to finish the Home Depot customer survey via smartphone. it may take you more than 20 minutes to finish.

The Home Depot Customer Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Use your user ID and password printed on your receipt to enter the Home Depot Gift Card customer survey.
  2. Handprint or type your contact information and send the mail to the official customer survey team. Find the contact information in Official Rules.
  3. If you are still not clear which entry is right for you, talk to The Home Depot customer service team.

The Home Depot Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Choose language you prefer: English, Spanish or French.
  2. Enter the 5-digit zip code (if living in the United States) or 6/7-character postal code (if living in Canada) of your residence to start the survey.
  3. Click the "Continue" button and go to the introduction page which provides links on privacy policy, sweepstakes rules and a list of previous winners.
  4. Click "Continue" button, enter the user ID and password found on your receipt.
  5. Having any questions or problems during the survey process, contact The Home Depot customer care center at 800-466-3337.

The Home Depot Customer Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish The Home Depot online customer survey at, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can easily complete the survey by following the step-by-step guide in the video.

More Information About The Home Depot
The Home Depot is not only serving customer best quality home improvement items at the best price but also encourages you to use as much of its customer services and other products as well. The Home Depot was established more than 30 years ago. It created the “do-it-yourself” concept which is now very poplar around the globe. The Home Depot does business in several countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. Now you can shop online or search careers online. Gift cards and credit cards are available online too. Special offers are available from time to time. The Home Depot was using several links to host online customer satisfaction survey, this is the latest one and the right one. Visit the survey link and reserve your chance for $5,000 gift card. Home Depot has many offers. When you need your items fast, you can take advantage of Home Depot Free In-Store Pick Up Service. And you 'll be notified by email when your order is ready. However, this is only valid on online orders. Besides, Home Depot also offers credit card. The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card gives you convenient buying power and easy account management in stores and online. If you submit your application online you will receive an online reply. Your card is automatically activated when you make your first purchase online or in the store. What's more, Home Depot offers many discounts on The Home Depot Savings Center. You can get many items at a much lower price. It is really interesting that Home Depot and Lowe's are hosting two most popular online customer satisfaction surveys and their customers like comparing each other. Both retailers have their own customers with great loyalty. What is your preference between Home Depot and Lowe's? If you are interested in sharing your comments and feedback for your latest Home Depot visit, leave a message, you can also refer to's report to learn what the people around you think about The Home Depot customer service. Home Depot has all kinds of special offers for customers in holidays like Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day. Go to The Home Depot store near your home or visit Home Depot online store to get what you need with more savings.

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  1. Bill Jackson was very helpful in helping me fine what I was looking for. He took me to the section where the light was and explained to me what I needed. Thank you Bill

  2. I was at the home depot in looking for radiator covers.a gentleman named Ziggy helped me find them I gave him my measurements and he figured out what I needed and he even helped me bring it up to the.register. he was very helpful.

  3. I was in and out of the store because the service Was so fast and efficient that I couldn't ask for a better experience.Keep up the good work!

  4. The people at the Hamburg, NY Home Depot "ROCK". They are very helpful and courtestous and always make the time to help you out.

  5. Returns are the earliest and the workers know their stuff. I appreciate in flooring and specialty areas Some one usually there to talk to.

  6. Sheryl was very helpful when I had to return and item previously bought at the Home Depot. She was very knowledgeable about the area when I could obtain another one only not quite so wide. The door we needed the bracket placed on was not a normal size door. Meaning we had to have one quite smaller. Thanks to Sheryl I was in and out, what a great lady.

    Carolyn Sue Hardy

  7. The address you can use to get to the survey page on the Home Depot website is provided below, in the ‘links to help you’ section.

  8. s2W The font was too small. I could not read the survey questions. Was there a video explaining it? I give up!!

    1. I was met at the door by two young people from your marketing department. They guided me to flashlights and made me feel welcome. I asked another where the ice melt was and she took me to the aisle and then went and brought it to me because I am somewhat hindered by my breathing apparatus. All in all a very good experience. I had been dreading shopping at HD because it is sooo big. My first comment was in reaction to the website.

  9. Asked at Customer Service Desk where I could find padlocks, was sent to Hardware, aisle 15, found the exact locks I was looking for, went to a open check out line, was given the military discount, was thanked for my service, paid, and was out in 15 minutes. Was perfectly smooth and quick. Great job, Home Depot.

  10. I went to the HD store for under counter lights, and electrical outlets, along with some plumbing needs. The associates were so pleasant and helpful that I was in and out in about five minutes. That's my kind of shopping!!!!!

  11. I went to find information for an up coming wooden floor for information. The gentleman was very information and knowledgable which I appreciated. I saw many listed as inter locking and wondered if it still can be nailed down. He told me, yes. I do so hope he is correct! In my kitchem I had the interlocking wooden flooring and it looked like a jig saw puzzle. Long story short, I want to do my entire hime including stairs. Thanks again for advise. Karen Swanson ([email protected]) card hold name(William Swanson)

  12. I am finding that the friendly department helpers are talking too long having happy chats with customers that they have just finished serving, even when there are other customers waiting for assistance. This morning at the Home Depot in Langley I waited for 10 minutes while such a chat was taking place, thei business was cone, the items were in the customer’s hand and yet Adam continued to visit and share ideas about hot water talks they had known. I waited quietly in full view although I tried to find other salespeople who were free. When Adam finally ended the conversation, he found my obscure little part instantly. I felt he had been rude to ignore me and my husband and I had a similar experience in the faucet section last night. While i love the expertise of the sales people, and their friendliness, they need to be reminded that unnecessary visits are rude when there is a customer waiting.

  13. Доска объявление по всей России Подайте объявление бесплатно на разные темы:товар, квартиру,гараж,землю, авто, автозапчасти, компьютер, бизнес, телефон, коттедж и другое + два вариаций

  14. I had the delivery from Hell. I called the store and the salesperson who sold me the items wasn't helpful. The manager I spoke to was worst. I had to go to the store the next day and Lena Rusinik saved the day. If it weren't for Lena I would not go to Home Depot again. She was very attentive compassionate and effective. This is the Fairfield Ct Home Depot. After spending more than $100,000 at Home Depot you would think they would be more helpful. I will not buy anything from a new employee that wasn't trained right.

  15. went on line to purchase a water heater---home depot had the best price for the better water heater-----service was very helpful and asked my son if he needed help to get the purchase in his truck---we didn't have to ask for help, which was nice and the employee was waiting at the door for us ---nice to be treated that way---thanks

  16. i went to get some wood and left with more great deals. i love this store . every time i go into the home depot store i leave with more then i went there for. also there is all ways some one there to help u find what ur looking for and giving me more great ideas . i make wooden things so i am always in the gulfport store.

  17. My visit was very quick, in an out. Just needed three Mums for decoration for a church dinner. Already had the pumpkins, just needed the flowers. Got the help I needed immediately. Had to wait on one customer in front of me as I checked out - a little awkward holding three mums, but I managed. I always receive excellent help from any Home Depot I visit.

  18. I made a purchase at the HD on East Central Texas Expressway, Killeen, TX I worked with Ms. Birgit in your paint area to match an old and faded paint color. Ms. Birgit was pleasant, confident and extremely proficient. I will continue to visit your HD. Thank You!
    user ID HTK 131817 125293
    Password 17528 125291


  19. Your store manager Felicia Lynam in Crescent Springs KY did a wonderful job in quickly resolving a problem I had with a central vac hose I ordered through Home Depot, on line. She was great to work with and resolved my situation. She is a darn good store manager and a "Keeper". She is a great representative for Home Depot

  20. I had the very most amazing experience with the customer cashier Woman NILDA at the HOME DEPOT STORE located on Soncy in AMARILLO, TEXAS 79124 This Employee Miss Nilda was very polite & understanding. I wish all the Employees were more like Miss Nilda. # 1 in my book. You should be very proud. Don't let her go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have found, with each visit to the Thunder Bay location, that service is consistently knowledgeable and friendly. I have never experienced complacency with the staff. I have found customer service to be considerably above average. I will continue to give my patronage to the store.

  22. we spoke to Jeff Stuart - he was so helpful & spent so much time with us. We ended buying a beautiful door & a nice screen door

  23. I'm a faithful home depot customer because I get the attention and answers I need to finish or start the projects around the house. The convenience and competitive pricing on the items I need makes my trips more enjoyable.

  24. i visit home depot 3 to 4 times a month. this visit i was extremely satisfied with my service. a young man walked up and said can i help you. he checked stock for out of stock and then proceeded to cut some lumber for me and still saved me money. this is the best service i have received ever in 50 years of being your customer. that is fantastic to see your customer improve. it makes me want to get my daughter and we would walk every isle and talk and dream about what we would build if we had everything we wanted. thanks for putting the joy back in HOME DEPOT.

  25. Hi, I went to your Forest Park, Ohio 45014 store to pick up about 10 sheets of 3/4 birch plywood and had a real bad experience with one of your employee, a Kim Michealis. There were just 3 pieces of plywood left, I got hold of Kim, she seem nice at first but when she couldn't get someone to help her get the extra pieces, she got very angry and took it out on me, I think she bi-polar or something. So I went to Lowes and no problem got over 400.00 dollars of plywood. I like your store and prices but not going through that type of abuse. Just thought you like to know.



  27. made some purchases at the Home Depot store #6951 at 3730 sun city ctr. blvd. I was using the self checkout for the first time. Patrick and Amber graciously assisted me. Amber walked me through the procedure. Made it very easy for me to learn. They are both awesome employees. Please give them the praises they deserve. Thank you.

    Frances Rosa

  28. Sales associates are wonderful at the Lakeline store in Cedar Park, Texas. I would highly recommend Margaret at the cashiers area.

  29. my sales associate was very helpful. I was excited about doing my first online post shopping survey because of her. However, after attempting 5 times it won't allow me. Way to go Home Depot.

  30. As a customer, I wished to respond on the basis of my visit to the Boulder, CO, store on 6 July 2017. I made six attempts, all very misdirecting and frustrating. This is a very disappointing process--time consuming and mis-leading. Please do something to simplify, that is, if you really are seeking customer response.

  31. The man that waited on us at home depot was very nice and helpful jgh was his name. He needs to be highly reckonable.

  32. The lady that waited on us was very professional and informative made us feel like we were her best thank you wanda and home depot

  33. Bill Jackson sales representative help me fine 40' Blades for my murray riding mower he was very helpful for me and very polite at store number 0253 at 3300 S.W. 35th terrace in Ocala Fl 34474

  34. I want to tell you about the great employee you have in Gina Davis at the Home Depot, 1919 N. Cicero Ave, Store. We came from the Normandy store to purchase an item they didn't have but this store did. We approached Gina and asked where the lighting was and she took us there, helped us locate the fixture which wasn't easy to find and then proceeded to help us in another dept, going so far as to climb the ladder to see if she could find all the pieces we needed. We were very appreciative of all her assistance.

  35. Just wanted management to know that they have a special employee in Madelyn Ulrich in their Boynton Beach FL store. She spend hours assisting us with window treatments (totaling over $2300) for our new home. She was knowledgeable, patient and had a great sense of humor - very important in retail sales. Thanks for hiring her Home Depot!!

  36. South Plainfield NJ. I need help with the purchase of 3 sheets of plywood. I could not fit them into my car. So I went to the tool rental section unfortunately nothing was available. Bobby B help me with the problem, and now the wood is at my house. There are still good people in this world. Thanks again for all your help.

  37. I am writing to be sure you (the powers that be) understand what an exemplary employee you have in Ernesto the overnight manager at your Oregon Ave. location in Philadelphia, PA.
    I left one of the items I purchased last night, 6/14/17, in the cart and called the store once I had realized what I had done. As my call was well after closing, I fully expected to get a voice mail after selecting the night manager prompt. Not only was I surprised that someone answered, he (Ernesto) was aware of the issue, had my purchase in his care and told me I could come and get it and if that was not convenient, I could stop by today and pick it up. He went beyond expectation to assure it would not only be secure but easily identified with my name, etc. He advised I bring my receipt and of course I would have identification. It isn't just pricing, convenience and product that persuade one to frequent a particular store...there are ALWAYS other stores. But when you find one that you feel respects you, does that little bit extra, regardless if it "works out" or not, that speaks to the character of the folks employed there which in turn speaks to character of the corporate office and the brand as a whole. Even though we, as a society, are ever ready to complain about everything and anything but not at all as quick to commend and compliment, I would imagine this is not your first positive response regarding Ernesto and I am equally sure it will not be your last.
    Michael Boyajian
    USER ID:H88 117009 112847
    I would imagine that this is not your first compliment about Ernesto and I am sure it will noit be your last. W

  38. The best place to shop for my home renovations. I love the gardening area also, so many flowers to choose from. I highly recommend their stores.

  39. I can't find the site to enter $5,000 Home Depot gift card, all I see are other sites for surveys. Why would you make it difficult to enter?

  40. My apology, disabled with TBI cant find correct page to "ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $5,000 HD GIFT CARD!" on bottom of my receipt showing User ID HLN ###### ###### and password: ##### ######. Thank you!

  41. I really enjoy shopping at Home depot. The prices are competitive and the employees are very helpful. I have to limit myself from going there due to I like to buy what I need and want, even though I don't always need what I want.

  42. Your web site to enter the sweepstakes STINKS! I just want to enter the sweepstakes and move on! I don't feel like reading "War and Peace"

  43. Margaret was our cashier and was very pleasant. The actually talked with is which was great. We do a lot of shopping at this store and have always been treated great.

  44. The CSR Susan W at the service counter was very helpful when picking up my special order fans at service desk. She came right to the counter when i approached and ask how she could help. she was very pleasant and had a smile while helping me. Great customer service which you don't see very often these days.

  45. The help that we received in the paint department was wonderful. . . didn't ask for the help was volunteered. . . we were there about 4:15 p.m. The checker (Naomi) was so helpful . . . you should clone these two employees. . .

  46. Shopped at local homedepot this evening. Found a piece of molding that was cut to about 9 1/2 feet but was marked 12 feet and it was in a bin of 12 foot pieces. Someone had cut about 2 1/2 off the piece. My project would be complete with this piece that was cut down, so I found a clerk and asked if I could get a discount of the piece that was marked 12 foot but was only 9 1/2 foot. The clerk said the piece had been cut down and then he walked away. No help, no excuse, no offer, nothing was said about removing the piece or anything else. Thought you should know.

  47. I'd love to win the $5,000.00 gift card so I can out fit my cabinet shop after losing it due to the recent economy. I'm doing what I can working out of my garage now. The staff at the Greensboro Brassfield store are wonderful. They greet you warmly and remember you from visit to visit. When I need wood cut no one hesitates to call and find me help. I've even had a cashier help me pull some plywood off a rack. Now how's that for service!! So thanks to the contractors desk there....Joe and his crew.

  48. Home Depot sells the highest quality of product so I would recommend that you shop there before you go elsewhere.

  49. Home Depot offers all the top brands that their competitors don`t.
    This is strongly evident in the outdoor power equipment group.
    John Deere, Toro, Ariens, and Honda and Echo These are the top brands others don`t have.
    In the power tool dept. same again with the best of the best being offered.
    The House brand Ryobi can`t be beat either.
    I prefer Home Depot over the other competitors do to a superior product line.



  52. always enjoy my going to Home Depot. not as nany associates onthe floor if help is needed vut i am familar with my store (1109) sandhill. with being a homeowner, i enjoy doing projects at home. thanks

  53. Home Depot was, is, and always will be a great place to get help with almost, now I said almost anything. they are not Doctors, Lawyers, Government employees. or Priest they leave that to others.

  54. Signal Hill store at2450 Cherry has an outstanding employee names Marty in the appliance dept. He helped me find what I was looking for even thou it was in a different department.

  55. Store in Firestone C0. is a great place to shop, it's always clean, and the staff is helpful. Glad to have the Home Depot a miles away

  56. Visited the Vanc., WA, S.E. 192nd Ave store today to look for a storm door for my home. I was helped by Mark Z & want to give him a high 10 rating for service, knowledge regarding the different doors & overall manner in working with this customer. I was surprised to hear he is only a part-time employee as he had just helped someone in another department & I observed they also were pleased with his help. He's a great PR for Home Depot & hope a full-time job is in his near future.

  57. January 17,2017 while in your Mt. Pleasant, MI. store your employee Catherine, in the Service Dept. took an unfortunate prier incident ( not from her actions ) & patiently, with a smile on face, fixed everything! Thank You Catherine, you were so pleasant, to do business.

  58. What Code? Way to much "shopper service" garbage to fill out before getting to the survey plus a promise of coupons I don't want and won't use. So I'm not filling out the survey.

    1. I was store 3209 in Lincoln neb and a lady in there by the name of Lynnette was very helpful I could not have asked for any better help

  59. I like coming to home depot on US 19 in Port Richey, always helpful. But all the stuff to get to your survey is a pain in the you know what!!

  60. The employees were very helpful. Thanks for the no stress experience with figuring out what I needed to cover my pipes.

  61. On visiting your store, the service was efficient, courteous, and kind.
    We receive positive comments from our family every time we purchase the gift cards. They are happy to receive them so they can shop with HD and find what they want. It takes a minimum of effort and time on our part, also. The use of our time is so important. We have to drive 30 miles to our store, so that is a concern.

  62. Susan was more than helpful. Had issues as they related to a return item that she quickly solved. She was very professional, courteous and energetic. I prefer Home Depot over Lowes because of people like her. Thanks Susan.

  63. me facina ir de compras a home depot pues tienen la mas grande variedad en herramientas y articulos para todo en el hogar y a muy buenos precios

  64. went to purchase a electric range and a snow blower. applied for home depot card and only got $500.00 credit. I have a very good credit rating. would have liked $1500.00 at least to make both purchases. Wasn't my credit rating checked? I did purchase the range and it will be delivered to me. My visit was very pleasant tho,, and the salesman,, " MAX ", was very pleasant and acommadating. Hope to do more business at home depot.
    thank you

  65. I made 2 purchases today,12-05-2016 at store 1127. I attempted to take the survey but was told the user id and password on both receipts was invalid. I exited the survey, cleared cookies and tried again. The site told me the user id and passwords had already been used. What the hell is going on? I have never had an issue with these.

  66. The Home Depot staff were very helpful and courteous. It was a great shopping experience. Thank you!

  67. was trying to enter the 5000 gift card but was unable to get to the survey. After several attempts I gave up.

  68. on 11/19/2016 I had to return a case of pergo flooring there was a long line and only one young woman working at the return counter she called for assistance which didn't arrive until after she started to assist me with my return items she was very professional as she worked with each of us there to exchange or return items well again today I was in home depot to exchange an item I had purchased and again I was assisted by the same young lady who was very pleasant and professional this time I made sure I read her name tag so that you can thank Ms. Vonda for being so professional even under hectic conditions at store #4637 in Stafford Va

  69. Went into your store to look at refrigerators,Salesman Jon Smith asked if he could help us, told him needed a refrigerator, so after a few questions bout what size we wanted he showed us different models and explained different options, he knew his product,after we decided what size and options we liked he helped us select the Samsung . He told us about Home Depot credit plan which we decided to do and also explained warranty plan. He set up everything and scheduled delivery. We were very satisfied with Jon's professional treatment . Refrigerator was delivered in the time we were quoted and Delivery guys were great friendly fellows who New what they were doing. Refrigerator installed in place and working fine.all very professional. Thank you for our great experience, our old refrigerator was over 30 years old. Tom and Judy Sinnett

  70. Enter the code? What code? None-the-less. My wife (Sharon) and I purchased a washer/dryer set from the Home depot on Burkhardt in Evansville, In. After it was delivered it was discovered by service that the washers controller was a disaster. The replacement part would not be available until mid Dec. Connie Wiliamson (Appliance sales) and her next highers were very understanding and helpful far beyond expectations, and arranged for a return of the machines with refund which allowed us to purchase a different higher priced set, if we paid the difference. Absolutely above our expectations! I cannot describe our happiness and thanks to those folks.

  71. always go to home depot for my home needs . employees always helpful and give great recommendations. very professional.


  73. I visited your store today. Everyone was so friendly and helpful,
    I went into your store for a few reasons, mainly to get a paint sample, Behr paint is the best I am told, so I found a few shades, purchased one for my kitchen.
    As I was walking around I noticed a few items I could really use such as new smoke detectors, and solar lights for my front yard. I am truly in need of a new fence, so I started admiring all the possibilities. I need so much work done at my house, but money is tight.
    Hoping to win this gift card as it could really help me

  74. I always shop at Home Depot very clean and the people are very helpful prices are good bought a freezer today.

  75. We have been looking for a range for a while salesperson was very helpful and trans action when very smooth. Very friendly employees.

  76. Home depot store, Ontario Ohio..........looking for a pressure washer, went to 3 stores. Mennards, Lowes and Home Depot. Dave at your home depot treated me great. He answers all of my questions, he knew his product and could explain to me so I could understand it. " Great guy " All I could get out of the other two stores was direction to where the washers were. no help at all. Bought many items at HD always good service........from now on I will not waste my time at the other two stores, thanks again to Dave,.

    Dick Young

  77. 09/11/2016 Felicia called home office and got me 18 months pay off with no interest. Thank you Felicia.
    09/21/2016 called and spoke to someone, Mark Cuccio, I think that was his name, in regard to me losing my receipt. He was very helpful and printed me a new receipt. Thank you

  78. Durante mi visita a home depot y en busca de muchoas cosas para la remodelacion de mi hogar la atencion del Sr Erbin Marrero y su servicio de excelencia dedicandome el tiempo necesario para la compra de varios articulos no solo en esta visita sino en visitas anteriores sobrepaso mis expectativas. En la actualidad son pocas las empresas que gozan del prestigio de brindar un buen servicio, ya que para muchos existen factores economicos en los cuales las necesidades de unas personas son atendidas como una transacción, no como un servicio personalizado.
    Es más, que un deber como ciudadana, reconocer y admirar la empatía emocional al brindarme un servicio de calidad y excelencia. Porque no solo es sevir, es demostrar un interés genuino.
    Recomendaría y reconozco que el Sr Marrero es un empleado agradable y servicial con amplio conocimiento en sus productos y por consiguiente considero que es un gran activo para su empresa.

  79. Purchased a Storage Shed form the Lorain,Oh store. Was pleased with quality and availability. Most impressive was your employee Tammie G. She was most helpful and informative. thnx again Miss T !

  80. This employee(Jessica) was extremely helpful. She seems like a really good and loyal employee. I would have hired her at my business many years ago.
    Also you have a really good employee in the paint department, I believe that her name is Pamela. She is quite knowledgeable and really tries to help you select the right paint for your job.

  81. I always appreciate this Home Depot for all they do for me. I know when I walk through the door I will be able to get the help I need or be referred to someone who can help me with over and above care. Also I have never had a problem returning an item I may not have needed. I have always been treated with kindness and appreciate those employees that acknowledge my Veteran's status as well. Thank you for all of your help.

  82. Some of the staff at Zanesville oh were extremely helpful, although we had to run around the store to find items. A couple of the staff even took us to some of the locations.
    found some of the items I needed, some the store doesn't carry which it took 2 or 3 staff members to learn that info. Will have to go to Lowe's where according to online it is in stock. (fan blade arms, for one)
    I am giving up on trying to find the survey.

  83. Very often Home Depot at Targee st. is out of basic items like plaster, deck paint 1/2 inch electric conduit.
    Staff is unreliable and outright liars.
    The customer always comes Last at Home Depot.
    I was told DAP, major plaster company, went out of business, I heard Paint manager tell staff to, "Just tell them it's on order", (a lie of course).
    Staff has no idea of stock, and doesn't even know about theproducts the are selling.
    Paint dept is a joke.
    They are out of stock for weeks and weeks at a time.
    If there was Anywhere else to go I would, But Home Depot put the smaller plac es out of business.
    The automatic tellers NEVER work properly.
    Going to Home Depot is an exercise in frustration.
    Don't depend on them having anything you want in stock.
    They don't even unpack the pallets, they just shove them on top shelf, still wrapped in cellophane.
    Most black workers are pretty free with their insults, and just keep you going until you are so frustrated that you just leave.
    Probably the crappiest store I ever shopped in.

  84. I went to the garden and plant section at Home Depot in Stockton, California and I found just the type of plants that I needed. I found that the the cashier Sonya went over and above to help me get the answers to my questions. She was also very friendly and nice.

  85. Your employee Ty Fance, is a hero in my book..on a scale from one to ten...he definitely gets a ten...very very helpful in answering all of my questions about LED flood lights...I found out, I have been using the wrong kind all wonder they did not last long, and my electric bill was getting high.....Ty explained to me, LED lights last a lot longer, and my bill will be better also....Thank You Ty For all of your help

  86. I purchased new Whirlpool refrigerator on 8/16/16. I received exceptionally good advice and professional information while making my choice. The salesperson, Mursol, cashier, and Manager, Tina Almond, were extremely helpful in completing the transaction. They are truly an asset to your company.

  87. My husband went to Home Depot in Springfield Mo. on 8-21-16 to get some plumbing equipment, he came home stating that Steve helped him so much and really knew his stuff. I just wanted you to be aware of the great service that he received.

  88. I had lots of tile to choose today and was 80% satisfied with all the service I needed. The customer service department was great in helping find a couple of items I needed. The young man who helped with the tile was ok.....think he needed a nap. Traci, our cashier was wonderful. Immediately asked for assistance to load tile into my vehicle. Great personality!

  89. I forgot to mention that Veronica works at the Home Depot Store at 13501 S. Dixie Hwy location in Pinecrest, Miami, Fl.

  90. Veronica was very helpful and courteous and very professional in cutting my wire shelving to the correct sizes.

  91. My husband and I went to Home Depot in Fredericksburg, VA. and there we met Selina Torres and she was a blessing! Twice we went to this store to get info about a fence project for our home. Selina is beyond helpful, she was extremely knowledgeable and so friendly that we felt comfortable
    asking questions.

  92. All the employees at the Atascadero location are ready to help find a product and truly enjoy their work!
    To name a few: cashiers Leah, Gloria, Rebekah; floor greeters; plumbing Randy was tremendously helpful-Justin finding floor and trim supplies; paint lady ? got the correct finish for a project using bead board! It is easy to access the building w/no bumpy grates. Most of all they put up with Rufuss!!

  93. I went to the Harrison, AR store to purchase cabinets and other items for my kitchen renovation. Charlie and Mandy were both very helpful, knowledgeable about the products, and very patient with my inexperience. They made a job I dreaded much easier. They went above and beyond to provide more info even though they had to stay over to complete the process. So appreciated!

  94. My husband and I are regulars at the Home Depot on Florin Road in Sacramento. There is a worker there who has consistently helped us above and beyond what any other person in the store. His name is Dave Sewell. We own rentals and some of our requests are not understood by other people in the store. Dave seems to understand what we need and we have always been satisfied with his services.

  95. needed help with my remote garage door opener battery not lasting so in stead of sailing me more batteries the lady; arlissa got me a new one that makes me wont to keep coming to your store,with customer service like that that was just great.

  96. Michelle at checkout very helpful. When line stopped moving due to customer searching for funds she moved the rest to another register to keep line moving...Common sense but rare these days.

  97. Riley in the lumber department of the Poway store was very helpful. He helped me find the right lumber for my project and also went out of his way to provide great customer service by cutting the lumber for me.

  98. I went to Home Depot to purchase a self propelled lawn mower after viewing several different ones on line. I was still uncertain and was assisted by Kevin in your West Seneca location. Kevin was patient, professional, extremely knowledgeable and helped me make my selection. We ever discussed reconditioned mowers that were available. I actually was assisted by 2 other employees (Jan at check out was one of them) and they were also very pleasant and helpful. The gentleman who brought my mower out and helped me load it was just "OK". I've been in customer service my entire life, know good service when I receive it and when I don't, this was a very positive experience. Please share my comments with Kevin and crew and keep up the good work!

  99. i was trying to find the right bag of cement to fix m y porch with the help of Charles he was very
    professional, and seems to know his job most of all his product, leaving the store with the understanding about the product and the know how to used it thanks to the staff charles

  100. I was looking for tile at the Dani Drive, Fort Myers store and your associate Kenny Davis
    was very helpful locating the correct size that I needed. Mr. Davis was pleasant and

  101. We needed a new gas range and we just purchased one at the Olean New York Home Depot and we had the Salesman Wes help us he went above and beyond to help us and we are more than happy..

  102. I wish that the corporate managers know they have an excellent employee, named "DEBBIE E.....". of the Jupiter store in Florida.
    She went above and beyond to locate an item in the store that others did not know of its whereabouts. The item was on clearance; she checked the store computer which indicated three were available. Because the clearance item was moved to different sections no one quite knew its location. Debbie did not give up. She asked 4 employees without satisfaction and escorted me to 3 areas of the store. We finally located the item. You should be proud of an employee of this caliber. Please let her know that I was very pleased. Thank you...ED ROWSEY....(561) 252-8225.....

  103. The staff at the Home Depot (Waco, Texas) was very helpful and helping me find the items that I needed.

  104. Mike at the Tampa, Fl. store on Dale Mabry Hwy was wonderful. He helped us with a ceiling fan issue. He was friendly, caring and efficient. He provided great customer service. I believe he said his store # was 256?. Thank you to Mike!

  105. The paint department need some additional help. There was an extremely long wait over 20 minutes due to customers with questions. I needed paint mixed and had to leave the product because the wait was too long. Disappointed with the service when you saw other staff standing around not busy with other customers.

  106. The man in the paint department was able to make the perfect shade I had dreamed of! I picked a paint chip and told him it was kinda what I wanted but ......he whipped something up and it as perfection!!!!! I appreciate his ability to

  107. I just would like to let Corporate know that Karen Lebowitz in hardware in the Highland Hts. store was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  108. You have two exceptional employees at your W. Reno store in Okc., Ok.Patty Bennett has learned my name and face and somehow always sees me in the store and greets me with a big smile and hearty hello. I do not know how long she has worked at that store but she seems to know where everything is located. The other employee is Betty in the Flooring Dept. You talk about a lady who knows her job and can deal with people. Your store is lucky to have employees of this quality who care in your employment.

  109. CJ was extremely helpful in aiding my elderly friend and myself locate the carpentry items that we needed. As my friend was somewhat confused, CJ remained with us and located all of the items that we required. He was a great help and made it a pleasure to shop at Home Depot. Thank you.

  110. Coventry store 4279 is the best store in R.I. I don't do surveys but I was so happy with the service and people that worked with me I felt I had to say something. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  111. How not to have a chance at winning a $5000.00 gift card from home depot. First try to navigate thru all of this Bull Crap and then try, try again. Finally, just say Shove It and leave!!!!!

  112. Employees were very helpful when I needed help to purchase garden hose washers. The check out cashier was very friendly.


  114. I always go shopping at Home Depot Rainbow and I- 215 LAS VEGAS, always prefer Evelyn as my cashier, soft spoken, polite, helpful, kind and friendly. I like Kristina too at the paint department, friendly and helpful. I have Handyman business, shop at Home Depot almost everyday, everybody is helpful and friendly.

  115. Tamera, Home Depot Klamath Falls Ore. Tamera Is their top employee. Tamera is very kind and patient, she is well versed on Home Depots products, there uses, and is highly knowable as to where products are kept and stored. If Tamera can't find the product you are looking for she will never give you the brush off she will continue to look until she finds the product . Tamera will also work with you until a suitable solution is found to make your home project work satisfactory
    So if you shop Home Depot in Klamath Falls, Oregon and need help be sure to ask for Tamera you will not be disappointed.
    kudos to Tamera!!!! Home Depot is very lucky to have her,

  116. like finding all the things I need for the home at one store. cashiers are very friendly and very helpful to find the perfect person to help you out finding the right part or thing your looking for

  117. Sidney, the guy in the plumbing department. Knowledgeable, helpful, kind, patience, and remembers people-the perfect person to serve HD. Sherri, the cashier was also very friendly and helpful

  118. The Home Depot CaveCreek location in Phoenix, AZ
    Alberto Gongorez in Building Materials went above and beyond to help me with cement blocks.
    He also showed me the gravel and the dryer which I'm looking at for my home. He is friendly and very helpful. Hope he gets recognized by Management as Excellent.
    Cecile Gratz

  119. Went to the Bolingbrook,IL Home Depot to get deck paint and the associate behind the counter could not have been more helpful. Even to the extent of talking with my husband over the phone since I was unsure of what I needed. I will I got his name but he was an older gentleman with gray hair. Thank you for all that you did for me.

  120. First trip to Home Depot in North Carolina- friendly and helpful people- and customers. Pleasant experience.

  121. Waited forever trying to get someone to re-key a lockset. Finally put lockset back and left.
    Will go to Lowe's tomorrow.

  122. I needed 2 items and was not sure about the size of one and the staff was great and very helpful, the other item I was not sure about the fit and once again the staff went beyond and helped me. my thank's for all the help.

  123. The staff is always very helpful and friendly and when asked questions either point you in the right direction or more than likely will even take you to the aisle and show you what you may want. Have never had any problems on returns. Also like the fact that there are 4 stores within a 5-6 mile area of my house.

  124. Cashier Nyreisha was so helpful and very patient I was a little frustrated bringing back a water heater she was very understanding and kind. I love Home Depot !!!?

    Marketplace Ave., San Diego, CA

  125. My husband and I went to the home depot in Rocklin Ca to buy a new stove and Marianne was soo helpful to us! Thank you Marianne we really appreciate all your help! :)

  126. Always enjoy going to home depot, always the right thing to do whatever you are doing.

  127. I shop at the Home Depot every day in the spring to buy plants. Usually I shop there once a week. Workers are always kind and helpful with a smile. Nice store with pleasant workers.

  128. I bought a gas grill today at your store in Oxford, AL and had the best customer service rep to help me that I have ever experienced in your store. His name is Tyler and he went beyond the call of duty for me. I am a single female (older) and do not own a pick up truck. He removed the side shelves for me and wiggled the grill into the back of my SUV. In the hot sun with a smile on his face!! Your stores should be filled with more reps like Tyler!! Give this guy a big raise and promotion!!

  129. The store was packed on Memorial Day weekend in Fayetteville NC. I was buying a washer Shawn and Don was so helpful and patient . While helping us, they were directing other customers to other departments all the time apologizing for the interruptions. I can imagine what the other customers experienced.

  130. Normally I steer clear of bigger stores as I am not confident with what to purchase for my home projects. Being a "guy", I am not one to go ask for help figuring, like reading a map, I can do it myself. Well, on 5/24 I got a pleasant surprise at the Home Depot Rancho Mirage when I met Joe in the hardware/paint section. he guessed I was confused and offered help. He not only took the time to listen to what I was trying to fix at home, but spent time showing me various options, comparing brands and looking for cost effective solutions. Feeling pretty smug, I decided to do some masonry shopping in the Garden Shop where I checked out with Rhiannon. She had kind and personal comment for every customer in line. Her smile was genuine and bright as the desert sun. A couple of us in line agreed that her warmth made it likely that we would have a terrific day.

    Good for you Home Depot.

  131. Extremely bad customer service, Home deport hired a delivery service because they did not have the range we purchased in stock.It was delivered, and installed. The installer cross threaded the connector for the pig tail resulting in a loose connection that left our house with smoke and smell. As of two and a half weeks latter, all they have done is tell me what they will do, but haven't done anything to this point. When I go to the store, the manager hides and has them tell me she is not here!! Customer service out of Atlanta only has voice mail, no return calls!

  132. Within minutes, an associate helped me find everything I wanted to buy.

  133. Was so happy with the service yesterday. Not at all happy with all the dogs in your store with their idiot owners. Heads up! One of those mongrels injures me, I will sue you because you lacked the sense to allow service animals only.

  134. Recife #4739 04 62408 05/25/2016 7634.
    mi visita a home depot, me encanta, variedad de productos, los precios legibles la attencion del personal y lo mejor que lo encuentro en mi idioma me encanta.
    The Home Depot, encuentro todo para remodelar o hacer mi casa

  135. I purchased a tuff shed and a lean to today at the Seymour, Indiana Home Depot. The sales associate, Tre's was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He provided me with multi views of the sheds I purchased with all the options I wanted. I thought I would be in the for hours, but Tre's was very quick on the computer. The Service desk associate, Mystie, completed the sales for me and she was very professional and kind. Tre's even walked me to my vehicle at the end of the sale. All I can say is Professional, Professional, Professional. Job well done.

  136. I went to the home depot on 2300 east main street in Spartanburg, SC, on 05/20/2016. The very pleasant, friendly and polite cashier that attended to my needs was Kimberly. The customer service was swift, precise and informative. There was no line at her station, and I was asked "May I help you" in less than 10 seconds. I was very impressed and will be shopping there again. Hopefully I will see Kimberly again, but I am certain that the rest of the staff is just like her.

  137. Vietnam VETERAN 1968-1969: Fought for my country-Big Red One. Denied discount of 10%
    at Cottonwood AZ Store several times in past year. Have A VA health card/photo-not active
    veteran card.



  139. On May 11,2016 I visited Home Depot store at 440 Boston Post Rd. in Orange, CT. I have trouble walking and needed a motorized chair. There were none in working order at the entrance, I asked Carol (head cashier POC452) if she knew if there any others available. She not only called around, she went to the other end of the store to get one for me. Later, in the garden center she helped me get a gate done (no-ine ekse was around). Then she encouraged me to get a Home Depot Credit Card and save $25 on my purchase. And finally she walked me to my car with all the products I had bought! She was thoughtful, patient, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily helpful. You have a true gem in Carol.

  140. I went to my Belleville, Il store in hopes of being able to match some wood trim paint. The young lady did an excellent job of matching what I needed. She initially tried something, did not work, and she tried it again in that same can, ending up starting over with a different can and got it right. She is to be commended.

  141. I like the customer service u have and that why I like your store and be coming back soon

  142. My husband has COPD .he can not use a push mower any more to mow our lawn.. we needed a riding lawn mower or hire someone to mow our lawn.. I called home depot and asked for an increase in my credit limit ..they were very nice people to talk with we got the increase credit limit and we purchased a riding lawn mower ....I love home depot. !!!!

  143. I found ordering on line very convenient and when I picked up the items at the store the staff were very friendly and accommodating.

  144. I drive past several other big hardware type stores to go to Home Depot. They are always extremely helpful and do not hesitate to help explain or clarify things for me. I do all my own home repairs and as a single older woman, I appreciate their help. It is the only place I shop with confidence. Thank you.

  145. nehéz volt végignézni a videókat, közben azon gondolkodtam magamat vágjam-e földhöz vagy a koetrpeuemmt. Hát Sanyikám azt mondom csináljunk egy eredeti goulash videót, majd poroljuk a seggét ezeknek a pancsereknek. Lenne nézettsége szerintem. adios

  146. Service at Home Depot was great very helpful always ask if u need help finding anything. That always a plus for me they treat u the way they want to be treated.

  147. I had a very good experience at my local Home Depot in Dickson City, Pa. Soon as I walked in, I asked an associate to help me find an item that my husband sent me in for. The associate took me right to the item. Then I went to the check-outs and I didn't have to wait in line. I was in and out of the store within 5 minutes.That makes me very happy. So I will tell all of my friends bout the great service I received. Working in retail for 40 years, I know customer service is what keeps the shoppers coming back. Thank you for a great experience !!

  148. Never had a bad experience at Home Depot. The folks are friendly and helpful
    and the merchandise is always neatly displayed.
    Thank you for always being there with what I need and when I need it.

  149. This store looked like they opened the roof and dumped their inventory in. Hard to find an associate the help you. Person at checkout was very happy and friendly.


  151. Had a very good experience both yesterday and today with the Home Depot garden center hope you don't change a thing.

  152. On March 29, 2016, I purchased from Home Depot Arroyo Crossings a 50 gallons 6 GWH Water Heater as a replacement from my old one which was also purchased at Home Depot on January 9, 2012. I also bought a few accessories such as Drain Pan, and connectors.
    I was very satisfied with the way Home Depot personnel assisted me from the Return Counter to the Payment-Cashier. I remember two names: Jeremy and Evelyn who were very accommodating in attending to my purchases and payment.
    I congratulate Home Depot Arroyo for having such a wonderful employees.
    More power to Home Depot!!!!

  153. just want bosses to know the excellent service I received from Nadia while hunting for specific electrical items at your San Angelo,Tx store. There were no electrical "experts" available for assistance, so Nadia jumped in to help me find what I needed, and did a superb job of going right to what I needed. Thru all this she was very courteous and had a big smile on her face the whole time. How refreshing to find an employee who knew where things were located and came across as if she really enjoyed helping a customer.

  154. Store was very clean an lay out good.was easy to find what I needed an the people was friendly.

  155. It was close to closing time when I was searching all the choices of door knobs! I was leaving for a cruise the next day! As I seem to always be a last minute, work well under pressure kind a girl; I waited patiently for this associate who was assisting another customer! With her help I found what I was looking for! What made my purchase greater still was, she found one less expensive than the one I had in my hand!

    Of course the true challenge remained.....could I install this door knob that EVENING! Happy Ending - YES I DID! Oh... the cruise was great, too!

  156. I went to the store to buy some paint and a screen door. It took about 3 minutes before someone to ask me if I needed something. Anyway a older man by the paint had help me in many ways, because not only did I get my paint but he also help me set up a appointment to get an estimate on my windows for the front of my house that I want to get replaced. He was very polite and I was a satisfied customer.

  157. have always got someone to help me in a very a nice pleasant way and help with information or directions and at check out VANDA was prompt, pleasant and professional at your Midwest City, Oklahoma store

  158. Went to your va beach store and a lady named jeannette helped me find what I was looking for . She explained how to use it and was very friendly . I will look for her next time she made my day stress free thank you

  159. I went to your Liberty Mo store yesterday to order a $200. bathroom item and to get information on a future kitchen remodel (cabinet, counter top and flooring costs) Not only did I not have one person ask if they could help me in the whole store, but the one person available in the kitchen/bath department was backed up and did not even acknowledge I was waiting. Went down the street to a competitor and was waited on immediately, purchased what I came for and several other items and left in less time than I waited at your store. $400. in sales lost for you.

  160. your store employees are great. friendly and knowledgable. I would never shop anywhere else, especially lowes.

  161. Have had good experiences in the past.
    Today was a real pain in the butt. Couldn't get anyone to help me, and after 20 minutes, when I did get assistance, he acted like he was doing me a great favor. This was for the purchase of a framing nail gun in the tool section. Hope I don't ever see him again. That is if I ever come back!!

  162. Always have good service & employees.

    Also want to THANK YOU for letting us pay on time with no interest. It was a life saver for us on the washer & dryer.

  163. Super service from Sarah at your west norriton store. she works in paints but took the time (her time) to help and work with me to solve my computer problems. I never expected it what a great girl to take the time to walk me through the hardware to give me the lesson I needed. HD i'll bet you don't realize what an asset you have in Sarah. Thank God for her patience and her demeanor.

    john a

  164. I was having a real problem installing a bathroom light until Daniel helped me. What a great and knowledgeable man he is. He helped find the solution and it worked.

    Thanks a million Daniel

  165. I was VERY unhappy with the service at Home depot on our order of the 8 cupboards we had ordered we were givin 4 different times when they would be in so we canceled our order . We were very unhappy. Went to Lowes the same day and picked them out and got them the same day.

  166. The staff is very helpful and the product selection is excellent!

    ID: H89 85640 78462
    Password: 16127 78453

  167. Linda checked me out at the store. She was so helpful and signed me up for credit right then. She apologized to the painter, obviously known by her, while we finished my transaction. I have always been a Lowes consumer, but I was so impressed by the service at HD that I anticipate switching. Thanks!

  168. great service at the redding home depot store. Clerks very helpful and more than willing to do what needs to be done to find my product for me. THANK YOU

  169. THIS IS A NON-SOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: My son and I came into the Home Depot in Dawsonville to purchase some very long deck boards to be used in flower boxes. My son had to get back to his work quickly and this kind lady cashier, Susan immediately check us out at the returns desk.

    I just wanted to report this appreciation, as people who are good employees should be given some praise for their kindness and accomidation. Dr. Jerry F. Meaders

    User Id: 120785 120625 Password: 16175 120611 Susan - SDM3607

  170. Commendations for the excellent customer service that I received on 19 March 2016 from Anthony, Maritza, Lorraine and the gentleman who was working in the garden center on the said date after the gates were closed. I am a disabled veteran and all the abovementioned went above and beyond to assist me. I'm now a customer for life. Thank you to all.

  171. I needed to replace a very tiny light bulb that burned out for an older magnifying mirror. I figured that I would not be able to find what I was looking for because of the age of the mirror and would have to buy a newer mirror. We walked into home depot and approached the area where the light bulbs are. Immediately was greeted kindly by Galen asking if he could help us. I was amazed how fast he found exactly what we needed. We were both very impressed how efficient, helpful, friendly, and personable Galen was to us. This guy needs to get some kind of special attention from Home Depot. If I had a business of my own I would try to steal him away from Home Depot. Thank you Home Depot, but thank you mostly to Galen. What a great guy.

  172. Last week I decided to build a small shed. I was able to find ALL the materials at one store! I was also pleasantly surprised when the prices were much less than some of the competitors ! I had no problem finding all my needs and was helped whenever I needed to find a particular item ! WOW !
    This was a great experience at our local Home Depot ! Kudos to ALL of the great folks at the Winter Haven Florida store! Really great job guys and and gals! I would recommend Home Depot
    to anyone who has a building project ! That is the place to go ! Thanks so much for making my
    shopping trip a REAL success !

  173. I tried calling the home depot store at 8;30 am, It took me 5 and a half minutes to get anyone to answer the phone!! Im sure glad im not a contractor who has to order paint over the phone! This store can"t even answer the phone... I shop several home depots this store is not the only one!

  174. Home depot is the best stop store to shop your building and construction materials,the store at blaine is awesome,friendly employees who can assist you with what ever you need.

  175. Today I went to home depot to buy 200 sq. ft. of St Agustin grass. The lady at the check out counter had a snarl on her face and didn't want to assist me with the calculation for 200 sq. ft. of grass. Carol another HD employee came to my rescue and got me what I needed and also got the young man with the fork lift to load up the grass. My hats off to Carol, very caring and doing her job.

  176. It was raining today but the garden shop was closed. The worker didn't care he helped us load and unload 10 bags of soil. Great help!!!

  177. as i aproached cashier,employe Rich,reccomended to apply for a contrectors acc.he was very helpful,for wich i did...

  178. I was in Home Depot today to pick up a special order of tile. I also needed 4 sheets of wonderboard. I was so thankful for the help of the employee who offered to help me by pulling the carts (2 of them ) out to my car & helped load everything for me! His help made the task a lot easier for me. thank you again

  179. I am from Pennsylvania and I recently purchased a condo in Punta Gorda Florida I needed to purchase some items for my condo and stopped at Home Depot in Punta Gorda, all the employees were very helpful and friendly and the store was very clean and neat.
    Will defiantly return.

  180. I purchased a refrigerator for a good price in Fergus Falls. Bonnie Bell Albers was very helpful and knowledgeable and overall did a good job

  181. An employee was available as soon as I entered the store and answered my question for obtaining a gift card. She escorted me to the check out register where I paid for the card and instructed me on how to use the self service register and check out to pay for the card. I tall took no time at all.

  182. Home Depot used to give a veterans discount. Now it seems it only happens IF the clerk feels like it. Lowes does it all the time and are happy to give us vets a 10% discount. Guess I'll just take my business back to Lowes where they seem more pleased to have the business from vets.

  183. I love the table saw that I recently purchased from Home Depot in Brunswick, Ga. And the staff was very helpful with my decision on which saw to purchase. Thank you Home Depot.

  184. I want to make a comment about my homedepot. We have the very nicest here in Kissimmee.I have shopped their for over ten years. They greet you at the door and are so helpful to see that you get what you need. One complaint is that Gale V no longer is in the garden dept. What a waste having her as a greeter. She is a whiz at any thing to do with gardening. Can't you put her back there. I was there yesterday and she helped me with my garden needs and I was back today for pruning shears and more but she wasn't there. Please please put her back where she is so valuable. All the employees were so friendly. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Joan.

  185. I have been a customer of yours since you open here in PR.and I have always been treated with the most respect, and been that I am disable your people have been there for me y thank you all.

  186. I just bought a house, all the blinds are from The Home Depot. just about to buy some turf for the back yard, The Home Depot has the cheapest so far! My Evergreens in the front yard, looks real nice! The rose bushes are even better.

    P.S. Not even done yet. Thanks Home Depot.

  187. Ron was the employee who checked us out, he was friendly, helpful, and very professional. all employees seem familiar with the products you sell and do all they can to meet customer needs.

  188. After this trip of nice workmen ship, we lost our third son my he rest in peace!!!!

  189. 03/03/16
    We to find some salt for my pruefier Linda was very helpful on my trip on this date.
    Told me right were to find items I needed, made the trip great.

  190. I was able to find the tool I needed. Home Depot is my #1 go to. I can always find what I am looking for and at reasonable prices. No other place to shop.

  191. David, Manager of the garden center was very helpful. Went above the average effort.

  192. rocky river oh store very nice, employee Thomas in lumber is the most kindest and helpful person I ever known he always smiling and goes above and beyond his duty

  193. Employees are more friendly and helpful then any other box store, and know more about the product you are looking for.

  194. I had a very pleasant experience at your store. I received help in finding what I was looking for right away.

  195. Elaine Bailey went out of way & department to help us. She was very knowledgeable, gave us great information about the flooring we purchased & gave us a lot of time and attention. She made us very comfortable & totally satisfied. Also, the 2 gentleman who brought the pallet to our car were very helpful & courteous. Overall, our experience was great. In the electrical department we met Hollywood who helped locate a part for the electrical box, he also invited us back & said be sure to ask for him. We left the store feeling very satisfied and felt appreciated as a customer. We will be back.

  196. I have done a lot of business with home depot, mostly in new York where I lived previously. being a recent transplant I now have had the pleasure of doing business with the wake forest home depot in north Carolina. it has been a great experience being treated and greeted with such a forth coming desire to welcome and help a customer! in short I would like to commend those who I have personally come in contact with, Wayne, Jen,Wendy, and Hugh at the pro desk! Ben in plumbing,Adam who's department I do not know but apparently does it all and is always ready to help! Sarah at customer service is always a pleasure to see and abundantly helpful, nice smile too! The pro team whom I deal with practically on a daily is always ready to bend over backwards and seem to enjoy it. Thanks and will see you guys soon.

  197. I have this to say about your employee in your flooring department. April Adams is a wonderful breath of fresh air in a large store like Home depot. She is extremely helpful and is very nolaegable about every thing I was asking about... very friendly and when I am in your store there is nobody else I would have wait on me except her... may wife and I are very pleased all the help she gave us the other day when we were in there.

  198. I will not purchase from Lowes Home Center
    they seem to have some problems with management, Finace

  199. I have always shopped at Home Depot but after February 4th 2016, I have been shopping a lot more, from water heater to toilet commodes. I love my experiences at Home Depot. Thank you for your service. I also appreciate that you honor the military retiree card.

  200. We purchased a Rheem water heater from Home Depot last week here in Kerrville, TX, and want you to know that the whole buying and installation experience was awesome. Through your partnership with Will Fix It in San Antonio, TX, the whole process was seamless, prompt, excellent, professional, gracious, and so much appreciated. This is surely the best experience we have ever had in purchasing anything that needed plumbing. A lady named Violet at your Kerrville, TX store is the one who "started the ball rolling," and it sure scored! Thank you, Home Depot.

    Carolyn and Lee

  201. Wanted to let you know of the outstanding service provided by an employee of yours in the Garden Department. I had purchased a Kitchen Aid BBQ unit, transported in the box home here in Honolulu and assembled it. Not too hard, but the button to ignite the unit puzzled me. Back to Home Depot in Iwalei (Honolulu Hi). Sara took the time in a pleasant, professional manner to assist me. We did resolve the matter and appreciated her earnestness and dedication. I am a former HD employee in AZ 8-9 years ago and can spot someone of value. Sorry, I don't have her last name. User ID 2px3 34246 32613, password 16122 32545. Thank you

  202. I came in to Home Depot to get one drawer front for my new Kraft maid cabinets that needed to be replaced. I didn't want to go to Lowes. Jeff Collins took the time to call Kraft maid and figure out how to get the right one ordered. I was told it would take 5 weeks to get hear but they have called to let me know it is at the store. That was just a week.

  203. home depot is the best place to find all the stuff we love the customer service and the rental section was very gd,we hate lows the staffs are not gd, if we need anything wee will go home depot because off the customer service

  204. Just wanted to pass along a comment on one of your employees. All are helpful, but Arthur S. in tools, at the 7677 E. Broadway location rises well above the pack. I have asked him for help on a number of occasions and have always received friedly, helpful advice and assistance. I am constantly amaized by his seemingly total knowledge of every product in the store. He is the type of employee I wish all employees were like. Kudos to Arthur.

  205. Hi there. I have spent a ton of money at Home Depot. Your choice to take away the small 5% that I get and replaced it with gas from a gas station that I will never use really makes me mad and disappointed that your a follower of LOWES. And not a leader my wife set up my account with you so maybe it was not the right one but still wanted the discount. Remoldold two houses and still not done with my house so won't use your card anymore . Can get more from capital one on points your manigment is great at the Redding store. Paul is great. But you change could change where I shop. No need to stay just at Home Depot becuse I won't use your card !!! So now I can shop around I have seen a lot of top management make bad choices. Too bad

  206. I have been really happy and satisfied with the Alton, Ill home depot store. Everyone we come into contact with was very polite and WILLING to help and never was made like we were bothering them. We ordered a counter top and flooring but we aren't ready for the installment so I having experience the installers yet. But I am sure they will be very knowledgeable and as willing to do their job.

  207. I was today 2/20/16 ( 6:38 PM ) at The Home Depot 3300 Shenango Valley FYW Hermitage / PA 16148 .
    I was totally lost in what I needed and one of you're Employees by the name of David ( works in Garden Dept ) was so very helpful in finding the exact item I needed .This young man never rushed me and waited til I found what I needed . I personally thanked him and also reported it to his manager ..Please let him know what a wonderful Employee he is ..
    Sincerely, Christa Hibler .

  208. I was waited on by Pamela Leicester at the Holiday Florida store. She was extremely helpful and I would recommend a raise for her. She absolutely deserves it.

  209. I purchased a Dryer and Dish Washer from your store at 3001 Plainfield Road in Joliet Illinois. My /sakes Person was James Cagle and I wanted to compliment you on this Sales Representative. He not only was very professional, but was honest and listened to the customer's needs. There should be more sales representatives like him!!!!!

  210. My first visit to Home Depot, TIM, a very nice employee, helped me find what I was looking for-PVC pipe for a project. He suggested a wooden dowel would work better. He was right.
    But when I got home, the dowel was the wrong size. Someone had put the dowel in the wrong "box", but didn't know it until I was home.
    I went back to the store to exchange the dowel. SYED was at the Returns counter. He was very nice and gave me a full refund on my item.
    Next came KYLE, another employee, who walked us right back to the wooden dowels and made sure that I got the right size this time.
    Back up to the Returns counter and SYED took care of my purchase.
    Thank you to all who helped me in my project needs.

  211. Big thanks to Elaine Bailey for all her help and going out of her way to ensure same day pick up of my new Washer and Dryer on Thursday.
    Thanks for your great customer service and answering all my questions Elaine!


  213. I walked into the Johnson Creek home depot to see about purchasing stove pellets. Ken was available as soon as I walked in the door. What a great attitude! So very helpful. I was purchasing 15 bags, he suggested I park at the loading dock. While I went to checkout, he loaded up my car. So awesome and easy for me. I was in and Out! Ken is an absolute keeper!

  214. Home depot has been my favorite home supply store for many years. Because I currently live over an hour from one, I utilize their online shopping services often. Happen to be in Medford and listened in on an excellent workshop on interior painting by Don. Even after many years of painting projects, I still learned new info and my questions were answered. Afterwards, Don helped me find something that will make my next paint project easier. The workshops that I have been to have been helpful!

  215. Home Depot has everything you need to fix the house. Great store, friendly staff, good price.
    Thank you.

  216. I visited HD twice this past week and both times I had to hunt for someone to help me which they were unable to do and/or the part that I needed was unavailable. I went to Menard's and found an informed employee who helped me immediately. HD seems too big with too few knowledgeable employees. In addition, the items for which I was looking were so disorganized. Even though HD is closer to my home I will go to Menard's unless I know exactly what I want and where it is.

  217. Whenever I go to the local Home Depot I am always impressed by the cleanleness and orderly presentation of all the products the people are very friendly and extremely helpful. If I am looking for an item in particular, there is always someone to help me find it,they even take you right to it. I love this store. H8B 140481 140258 16105 140255

  218. It is a company with everything a home needs to maintain, change and create new designs, created for small and large builders. thanks for all your contributions daily

  219. Excellent service as always, however, learned today that you took the 5% incentive away when using your Home Depot credit card. My husband and I regularly use this perk, but finding this out today was VERY disappointing as we pay our credit card timely and in full each month while enjoying this perk. Looks like its time to cut our credit card and visit the competitor's establishment where they still give the 5% for using their credit card.

  220. We got to HomeDepot at least weekly, now that we live in FL and I can play every day, ha!, which I do.

  221. Every person we have encountered at Home Depot has been courteous and helpful. for example----John helped us find our order on the computer to order a matching piece, ---Joe helped us find other products in the store, and Dan helped us a the check-out when an item did not ring up properly. We enjoy shopping at Home Depot for all those reasons. Thank You!

  222. Love the people at the" Home Depot " always have had no problem finding a person to help me find what I need from small items to Large ... I'll always go back because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I know I can get what I need and the people there go out of there way to help in any way they can...

  223. Willie at the Boardman, Ohio store is AMAZING!!!! We need more people like him in this world. Kind, Helpful, Quick, and one of the most positive attitudes I have ever encountered. He always makes my day better!! Please don't ever let this precious gem leave your employment!!! Everyone I encounter at the store is very helpful but Willie is a ROCK STAR!!!

  224. My husband is a disabled Vietnam Vet. We bought many items and the cashier said she couldn't give us a military discount because one of the items was BOGO. Are you kidding me?? We had to buy the $100 BOGO without the discount and then pay for the rest with a discount. What the heck?? Terrible way to honor our veterans.

  225. I was very pleased with the sales person (Nora) Very helpful. My washer was delivered as
    promised and was set up and ready to use very fast. It's use was explained completely.
    very satisfied.

  226. I am very disappointed in your veteran's policy. I was also told that Lowe's has the same
    policy by one of your employee's, this is not so. I have never been refused a military discount at Lowe's.

  227. this is not home depot and they use this to get you email dont do it getting crap emails now you people suck!!!

  228. Shopping in Lompoc your cashier named Qualine insisted on getting me help for loading my heavy items . It took both of us and a couple of grunts to get it into my truck bed! Thank You Qualine

  229. While at HomeDepot the other day I was looking for patio door locks and as I'm checking out the signs on the isles an employee noticed me and asked if she could help...what was I looking for, I wish I would have gotten her name to thank her in this comment, she sent me exactly to the correct isle. Then while checking out, the cashier Jane - RXR4341 was very pleasant and I left your store with a smile on my face!!!! Thank You Jane you made my day.


  230. I was in your Santa Rosa, Ca. store on Jan 30th and was assisted at the checkout by
    Janice JCN0304. I was very impressed with her kindness, efficiency and professionalism in answering my questions, filling out an application for a credit card and getting assistance from someone to load my car. Kudos to Janice -- excellent customer service. we need more like her.

  231. Dear Manager of the Rock Springs, WY Home Depot, Cashier Kristin, KKL4219, was so polite and helpful on my Jan, 12, 2016 visit. She took the time to explain the warranty I purchased along with the item. Even when I have seen her in the store, she has always stopped and asked me if I need any help. I really appreciate the training that enables your employees to be so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you so much.

  232. I am to happy to get help on finding the right type of toilet I needed for my bedroom and how to install it. I was helped by one of the floor personnel. I am very happy with his help. Every time I come to shop a floor worker is always helpful to either recommend a product I need or where it is located.

  233. I find that when I go to a home depot looking for items for for my home projects, I can be pretty assured that I will find what I need. I do appreciate that the people working there are readily available, and wanting to help me find what I'm looking for. This is the kind of service I expect, and want as a customer.
    There will be many more projects in my future, and I will continue to be your customer!

  234. always helpful, has what ever I am looking for. comparing prices home depot is normally lower than the completion .

  235. Employees all had smiles upon my entering the store, the cashier Jamesena was very respectful and caring. Love THE HOME DEPOT @ 579 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn, NY

  236. I have never had a bad experience in any Home Depo. Center and have been shopping the centers for over 15 years .Any problems I had with merchandise was always resolved to my satisfaction in store by employees and or management.

  237. I was at Home Depot and needed some help and Ashley -AMG0696 was so helpful and professional.
    She told care of my needs and is a great asset to your store. She made my visit very pleasant.

    Thanks Ashley

  238. Very helpful with my DIY's....unlike the competition, the employees never say "we can't do that"...they will walk all over the store to find what will make you project work. From now on I will save time and effort by passing the "other store", and head straight to Home Depot. Thanks for being so nice to an old lady in Bristol VA!!

  239. Dear Manager of the Home Depot store in Tigard, Oregon:

    I just wanted to take a moment to praise one your associate's in the major appliance section. Her name was Pamela and she assisted me last night (Jan.27, 2016) in the selection of a dishwasher. She was patient and helpful. I did not purchase a dishwasher last night because of complications of the space in my kitchen, but she did her very best to assist and went way beyond her duty to help.


  240. hace unos dias fui a devolver un articulo que recien habia comprado. Era una cortina plegable, estaba en su caja con todo. la cajera se puso a preguntar por que lo devolvia y trato de revisarlo. su cara era muy seria. Fue desagradable. La atencion de todos los empleados es excelente.

  241. Annette, cashier, she is so helpful that I will stand in line so she will check my material out


  243. Andrea in the paint department in the Billings MT store on King Avenue is the best!!! She walked the paint isles with me until we found the metallic paint I was looking for. Andrea then went above and beyond to make sure the paint I needed was available in the trial size so I wouldn't waste money on having to buy a larger size. Andrea is the greatest!!!

  244. Your employees who work in the Hood River, Oregon site - especially a man named Mike (don't know last name) were SO, SO, helpful. They were there right when we needed help and we would have spent half the day there if these most helpful individuals were not there. I'm trying right now to do your survey, and I hope I can get this right.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Hillyer &
    Cris Arguelles

    Hood River, OR 97031

  245. I purchases several gallons of Behr premium paint.
    The Associates were very professional and performed
    their job very well.
    This was your store at 2912 South Elm Eugene street in Greensboro, NC zip 27406
    I'm a member of The Armed Forces Retiree's Club here in Greensboro and we will
    make this store our go to location for the club house improvement needs.

  246. We went to Home Depot just to check out refrigerators. Of course we had questions, so we talked with James Cianci and he answered all questions, and we ended up buying the refrigerator. He was very helpful and we really enjoyed talking with him. Home depot should be proud to have an employee like Jim.

  247. all of the staff are helpfull, ask them they will gladly help you to locate the item you need, thank you all wonderfull employees...

  248. Employees encountered were friendly and offered advise in selected purchased item. The cashier (Alicia or Ali) did a great and efficient job in checking me out at the register at store in Ocala, Fl
    (3300 SW 35th Terrace). I am not related to or know anyone at this store (I live in Dunnellon, Fl),
    but was impressed with their service. THANKS.

  249. Ever where I went into the store people asked me if I needed help. Also looked online for some thing and called to see if the local store had one and yes they did and asked them to pull that item and hold it for me. When I got there it was waiting at service desk. What a great service!

  250. The service at Home Depot is great, if I have a problem finding what I need I see a Home Depot employee and before I can say anything they ask if there is anything that they can help me with. I find that Great customer service. And extremely helpful is the time saved not looking as long food what I made. Keep up the good work.

  251. I would like to commend Peter Frisch, one of your employees for his dedication to customer service and going over and beyond his job. He measured and cut wood after he got off, outside in the cold at his home, because at the time the store did not have the correct saw to do the job.

    I appreciate his willing to help me with this project, and want to thank him for his community service.

  252. Each time I visit The Home Depot is an experience. I walk each aisle to see what's new in the store. The Garden department is my favorite spot, the florals are just beautiful. I'm an avid gardener, and The Home Depot carries a variety of everything you might want to plant. Each visit is met with smiles and courtesy. Love The Home Depot. Love it, Love it.

    sincerely, Mrs. Wilma J. Clemons

  253. I love to shop at Home Depot anyday. If something comes up, I head to HD first thing. I know I will find a friendly & courteous staff member who is more than gald to help me out. I've been shopping here since they opened. I used to shop at Lowe's but no more, no thanks. I would highly recommend HD to anyone that asks or anyone whom I know is in need of something I know they have. I would love to win this card, but I'll alway's remain a loyal customer. Thank You Larry Nard

  254. Today I was in the 215 & flamingo store in Las Vegas.
    I had a wonderful experience with Simon. Two name plaques which were at my Son's memorial place came unglued from the cement they were attached to. Simon spent a great deal of time preparing the plaques to be reattached to their spot and introduced me to the proper adhesive to use.I am a senior citizen woman and not skilled in these matters and was deeply grateful for his professional and polite assistance.
    Louise Melfi

  255. Like the store. Most everything I need in the outdoor dept.
    Most often does not have the light bulbs I need.

  256. We are living in Pahrump Nevada for the winter in our rv...we buy products at your store almost every we purchased a laminate wood floor to put in our rv to replace the carpet...
    loved the product but when we went to check out we asked for the 10% veterans discount and they stated it did not apply to this purchase...we have never been denied a v.a. discount at any of your stores. we left without getting it and now I am writing to let you know this husband is a 100% service connected and has a valid I.D. and the clerk stated it would not cover this. Please reply with any info you have on this...our total purchase was only 242.56 and we felt that we should get the discount...

  257. This is a commendation letter about Robin in the Garden 4141 S. Arizona Ave,
    Chandler, AZ. I hope this will reach his personnel file.

    My wife and I dealt with him both in the store and when he delivered two 7' tall patio heaters to our home. He is a dedicated Home Depot employee, and he demonstrated this
    to us by making sure we were completely satisfied with our heaters, and that we understood how to run them.

  258. I would like to thank Rod who was very helpful to me on Jan. 11, 2106 to solve a problem I had in matching up a Ryobi Lithium battery with the correct charger for this and a Ni-Cad battery I also had. He was very helpful and went out of his way to be of assistance.

  259. All I wanted to do was leave a compliment for Sara at the 2350 Cortez Road West Home Depot. I used the email on the receipt and it took me to time consuming surveys. Sara in kitchen design department and Salesperson IDCRU6942 were a tremendous help when I experienced a problem with installation of a sink, deposal and faucet. Thanks to both employees for their help.

  260. Home Depot has always been very friendly and always willing to assist me with all my projects. They have more than once solved plumbing problems.

  261. I love shopping at home depot.The people are nice and very helpful. If I have to return something there is never a problem.

  262. Love the customer service at Home Depot. Never have I had a bad experience. I shop at the one in Redmond Oregon. Good place

  263. Need more assistance in the store. We looked for someone to help us for 30 minutes and then left and went elsewhere

  264. I went to the home depot today and was helped by mgr. FLO who was very helpful and courteous I RECENTLY had heart surgery and the item I purchased was heavy and I needed help which she got another employee to help take item to a cash register then to my truck. Everyone was extremely helpful and nice to me. I will go back again many more times when I need something they sell.


  265. On Jan. 4th & 5th I had a new window and patio doors installed by your home depot contractor. He was one of the most friendly and professional person I have dealt with. I spent 50 years as a bricklayer and owned my own business, I have worked with several people in the trades. Matt Moser would rank right up there on top. I am very happy with the product and the service I received and would recommend Home depot and their people to all my friends. Thank you for the service.

  266. Every employee you come across inside the store is very helpful. They do not shy away from helping you out no matter how small or big your question is. A great teamwork altogether!

  267. I enjoy walking around in Home Depot inside and in the gardening area outside. It is very easy to find what I am looking for and on the few occasions when I cannot, any person who works there is always happy to point me in the right direction. Workers at the check out counter are pleasant and helpful also. Carts are always available for moving around with purchases.

  268. Outstanding service. Associates are more than willing to assist. Have asked several DIY questions, more than helpful.

  269. The employee who served me while I was making my purchase was very helpful and answered all my questions. Several people were waiting their turn but the employee was composed and efficient in dealing with all of us. My kudos to her!

  270. The Customer before me had an assortment of bolts nuts and washers, causing the cashier to take almost 15 minutes looking up the price on each piece. SO Frustrating. Tractor supply sells this stuff by the pound. Get with it!

  271. I am a carpenter and I am always in Home Depot. I like t
    o stay loyal to one place but sometimes Home Depot does not carry what I need but I still shop there because I love the service

  272. My store is in Alsip, IL. when you walk through the door you are greeted right away.Then asked if you need any help. Everyone is very helpful at this location.

  273. I bought a carpet cleaner with credit card on-line. I was sent a $98.00 Home Depot card and when I tried to use it, was then told that it had been cancelled. I believe HD owes me 98.00. Cashier Jaimie J_J4367 and Tim at store 2490 N. Pleasantburg Greenville, S.C. 29609 called HD and tried to help me for over 30 mins. They were professional, knew what they were doing and I was very impressed. I can't say the same for HD My user ID is H89 174419 173329. Never had this problem with Lowes.

  274. Para mi ha sido de mucha utilidad el hacer compras en Home Depot donde encuentro articulos variados, de buenas marcas y a un mejor precio, Lo recomiendo 100%. Vivo cerca de una de sus sucursales y me disfruto hacer mis compras ahi.

  275. Home Depot es un lugar de exelentes servicios, buenos precios. Disfrutas viendo la gran variedad de articulos y se encuentra todo lo relacionado al hogar y para negocios. El trato del personal que ahi trabaja es de exelencia. Siempre dispuestos a ayudarte cuando no localizas algo.

  276. ON December 19 we bought a stove. The salesman was Santa and so helpful. We had a very good time HO HO with him and we were in and out of the store in no time. All questions were answered and the Santa salesman was wonderful. My experience was exceptional.

  277. My experience was great! I had a young lady which directed me straight to the power saws. She explained which would be the best item I would need depending on what I was going to use it for. She was very polite and attentive to what I was looking for.

  278. We always find everything we need and then some at home Depot.. Most of the time the sales people are so helpful.. Which of course I have learned that can depend on location.. but our experience with the Sylacauga Alabama location was fast easy and helped me think of other ideas for my home remodel.. so thank you Sylacauga Alabama home depot.

  279. my husband and I were in the Home Depot store on Warner and Goldenwest in Huntington Beach last evening about 5:00pm. We bought a few things and decided to look at ice makers. Asked one fellow where they were and he pointed them out. there was a rack full of other merchandise and one Magic Chef ice maker not in a box. Price tag of $99.
    there were three workers talking (male) and I walked over as I had questions about it. I asked if it came with a manual and one said no. he turned back to his co-workers. I went and told my husband. I again asked one of the three if it was on sale, what was the story… responded it was the last one, the others had sold. never asked if he could help me. He obviously
    was not interested in assisting me. Never moved from his spot. Later said he "was helping some man".
    None of the men offered to help … the store was not busy! - they were just non-interested and rude. I finally found a young lady who was very knowledgeable and got us all the info we needed
    by getting on line. She arranged for another store who had the ice maker in a box to send it out to our house with no s/h charges. that is the type of employee you need! Her name is Zuleyma. I hope I am spelling it correctly. She has long dark hair and is young. I wanted to tell a manager about her help and politeness but there wasn't one around.

  280. I purchased a prelit x-mas tree and was trying to fill in the warranty card for for Nicolas Holiday Inc. Have you read the card? The amount of information required is unbelievable and they want the receipt too! They might as well have stamped on the box "Warranty is worthless!"

  281. Called your store on Highland Rd and I 10 on 12/05/15 and asked a man if he had any Star Showers laser Christmas lights. He said no but a truck was to arrive over the weekend and some would be on it but to get there at 6:00 A M because they went fast.
    I got there at 6:00 A M 12/07/15 and talked with Sonia-SXM3825 and she was overly helpful and said no truck had any on it but she took my phone number and told me if any came in she would call and update me on the status of the item.
    On 12/09/15 she caled and left a voicemail and said none were on the truck and none were expected due to the fact it was a Christmas item and no more were expected.
    I got a call from Sonia this A M and she said someone had bought too many and returned 2 and I told her I would be right over and take the 2 because my granddaughter had wanted one also.
    I have been in business for many years and know when I see a "keeper" and Sonia is definitely one of those.
    I would highly recommend Sonia for any and all consideration related to her review when it comes up.
    Thanks for hearing hearing my praise for one of your employees.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  282. We prefer home depot over Lows. Home depot employees are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We shop only at home depot.

  283. Your represenative, Walter, went way beyond being helpful to me at your Cockeysville store today. He showed me what to buy in several departments and took care of details I would never have been able to handle without him. He is an outstanding employee!

  284. Cecilia -CX5488, Cashier here in Tempe, AZ was very helpful she went to get us from long line
    for a faster check out I am also in customer service field myself so I know a good cashier when I see one

    Thank you
    Janie Garcia

  285. PAUL
    I'm a contractor and spend a lot of money at Home Depot every year. Sometimes when I have an item left over from a job I return it and ask for a store credit rather than dig through my records for the receipt. I recently purchased an item for $42.35. It was labeled wrong so I could not use it. When I returned it to the store and asked for a store credit the cashier told me the return was denied because I used a store credit to purchase it and I needed the original receipt. The following day I returned to the Waldorf Maryland home depot with the receipt and it was denied again because I used a store credit to purchase it. I spoke to the manager and he told me there's nothing he could do about it once it was denied. On the denial receipt there was a phone number 866-550-3133 for customer service. I called the number and was told being that I use a store credit I was not able to return the item. The following day I returned to the Waldorf Maryland store and spoke to another manager and he told me, once a return is denied there's nothing he could do about it and I am stuck with it even though I have no use for it.
    Today I went to the Alexandria Virginia Home Depot and spoke to the manager named Eugene and he made a phone call and had the entire thing straightened out in a couple minutes and gave me a refund. The managers in the Waldorf Maryland store were either too lazy to help me or incompetent.
    I always had good service at Home Depot but I will never accept another store credit.

  286. I was very happy with my purchases. I do like some of the products can't find in town. the people are very knowledgeable in their areas and products. Sara smh2316 casher at the Home Depot on Henry St. Muskegon mi. was very helpful and pleasant.

  287. Home Depot in Kerrville, Texas is one of the friendliest stores I have been in for a very long time. I like to go out there every chance I get and of course, there is always something that I see and decide I "really need it". I recently purchased a dish washer, microwave, hand vac, and various other items that were extremely affordable...Black Friday! Dub Burleson and Johnathon are very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable about all the products in the Appliance Dept. Thank you very much. M.Cole

  288. I purchased some tile at Machesney Park, Home depot and needed more for my project. I was told because it was on sale I would have to go pick it up but that they could call the store and I could purchase the tile over the phone then pick it up. I was handed the phone at the customer service where anyone could here and was asked my credit card number and the security code all the while I am standing in the customer service desk. I told the person after he asked for sercurity code that I was done, I feel this system they have set up for on sale items and what you have to do to get it if it isn't available is terrible. The girl behind the desk couldn't careless about what I was saying about identity theft. ( My daughter had her identity stolen so I know how terrible it really is) I asked for manager, Chad was more than helpful and so was the other manager Chad at Crystal lake store. I have shopped at Home Depot for over 10 or more and always tell people they always are helpful an work with you. I hope you change this policy and I want to thank the Managers at both stores. I value you customer service and when I don't receive it I stop purchasing items at the store. Thank you both managers and the clerks at Crystal Lake Store. Happy Holidays

  289. I just wanted to thank Mark in the tool rental Dept. for all the help he was with me and getting my project done and getting all the pieces I needed to finish it. He was the best help and had a great personality.

  290. I was greeted by larry who loaded up 2 sheets of bead board for me.then took the pieces to john who cut them for me . this was great and very fast. andlarry then loaded them for me. I just had back surgery. I have been back since. same service. thank you very much, les
    this was in belton,mo.

  291. 11/25/15 3:56pm lake havasu city terrible service walked in no one to help you go to customer service cute girl nice tits useless asked to find water softner parts was told it was in the back of the store no help she calls a manager who is 20 ft away I can tell that she is talking to this guy . I go see him he is with a customer so I wait and he tells me it will be isle 36 go to I lsle 36 cant find what iam looking for. look for some one to help no one around pic out 2 hoses and leave get home don't fit return hoses what a waste of time there had to be 20 employes in that store and no would help they all seem to look theother way or just keep walking

  292. I shop at Home Depot a lot, one reason being the helpfulness of the staff. Today I bought ladder that hung out of the back of my pickup. To keep from violating the law, I asked the checkout lady where I could get a red flag. She told me to drive up to the materials door and there would be one in a desk drawer there. When I got there, I didn't know exactly what to do, so I asked SHARON where I could get a flag. She looked in the drawer and there were none. Then she called all over the store trying to find one, or somebody who knew where one might be. Having no success, She picked up something red off the floor, put it in a Home Depot plastic bag and gave me another bag to tie together with the one with the red something in it, and I was on my way. She was very polite and helpful to this old man, and I appreciate it.



  294. our trip to homedepot in salem,ohio was good. the staff was helpful the store was clean and neat! the items we needed were easy to be found and had plenty in stock.

  295. Both Mike Bala and Jeff at store 1941 Waukegan, IL were both very helpful in assisting me in my plumbing projects. I was assisted by another store member there yesterday, however I didn't remember to get a name or opinion card. It is great when you employ knowledgeable people. it keeps me from shopping elsewhere.

  296. Home Depot is almost like a second home to me. I feel so welcomed when I enter and my stay is cozy. I do thank you for the patients and for helping me in all the ways you and your team can.

  297. It seems with the holiday season employees were more interested in visiting instead of helping customers 4mc

  298. I would go to a Home Depot over Lowes any day. I have been in the lumber business for 46 yearsand still go to Home Depot for items not available in our yards.....

  299. I do my business & home material purchases with Home Depot. My wife and I have a handyman & janitorial business so we use Home Depot for everything. We have the contractors credit card so I just use that to buy all my needed equipment and materials. All the Richard's in my local store are all very kind and helpful for my needs (The men in the dept. I use are named Richard). They have even told me to apply for employment with your company. I am a pastor of a local church as well, so courtesy is a big plus. I could do a lot of help for others with their homes as well as my own with $5000.00 from Home Depot. It's a store I enjoy coming to for all my construction needs.
    Sincerely, Rev. Richard Jacobs

  300. Jessica in appliances was amazing at the Panama City, Florida Store and Kristy at the register was most helpful. Great ladies!

  301. The problem at the Brooklyn stores is the company do not have enough employees to help when you want to ask a question. This is based on the time one has to walk from one area to another area to find an employee to help. This is not based on the employees not working, they are working doing other things. When you are able to find an employee, there are about five (5) other customers there who need assistance. As the employee move around in the store to help that employee, the other four customers follow the employee and customer. I like your store and prices, but it is getting very disappointing to have this many problems trying to buy from your store. I am aware that I can order on line. I also like to shop in the store because I see other
    things that I need to buy.

    Helen Coley

  302. Don at the self check out register made my morning today!

    Also, I did not receive 11/19 Pro Event notification until 11/19 (on my work e-mail) which was after I shopped your store today

  303. I have been buying my building materials at the Patchogue,n,y. store since it opened, they have just about everything I need for my home improvement business, the people there are friendly and helpful, I always go to the check out that doris is at she very pleasant to deal with
    , she is a asset to your company.

  304. Loaded my own lumber in cart loaded my own truck while employees were waiting anxiously to go home just keeping the consumer in shape i suppose .

  305. We purchased a dishwasher at the Home Depot on Rt 57 in Hackettstown on 11/17/15. Our Sales Rep was Donna. She demonstrated excellent customer focus. She knew the products she was selling, provided technical guidance and was very patient. She answered all of our questions. Donna made the purchasing experience very enjoyable and productive.

  306. I called HD today in search of a contractor to install home guttering. Your employee (Rose) at the Calallen store was able to help me quickly and efficiently. Rose has helped us in the past with our kitchen remodel and is very good at what she does. I'm sure HD is proud to have such a dedicated employee such as Rose. Thank you.

    Tom Griffith

  307. My home #863.291.0327. I am a 6yr, (1972-1979) honorable discharge US Army vet, SGT E-5. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT YOUR BUSINESS AGAIN EVER. I will compare prices with Lowe's, submit lowest at their store, GET 10% discount on every purchase, and continue to spend $3,000-$6,000 per year only at Lowe's. Why? Because of your policy. I served in 2 combat zones. NEVER WOUNDED! Lowe's provides discount for ALL VETERAN'S! I will tell ALL my associates at the VFW, American Legion, at our retirement community, and everywhere I get the opportunity about your rediculous policy! (only service connected gets discount). You IDIOTS_ they cant perform "do it yourself" task's, let alone go shopping for materials. No wonder your parking lot(s) are never busy! Who came up with your policy? A non-vet, or some other bleeding heart butt-hole? Thank you very little for a terrible shopping experience here in the good ol' USA! Tom Schmuck-660 Century Lane, Winter Haven, Florida 33881.

  308. love my store at saint Augustine everyone is so helpful and very knowledgeable I give it a 10 thanks home depot TROY BOY EVANS

  309. Very helpful. Helped me load up my cart. Helped me find what I needed - both in the garden center and the store. Loaded everything in my car and even put paper down in the trunk to keep it clean as I had purchased mulch and soil.

  310. Somehow I am not finding your survey. The receipt says to enter these certain numbers and I do see your video about your survey, but can't find a way into it so can't participate and can't enter my numbers....

  311. I somehow got diverted on this page to some other sweepstakes which wanted my personal info including my birthdate. In this day and age of information stealing, I really didn't appreciate this. I returned to the original page and found this on the bottom of your site. Much better.


  313. the Home Depot in Laurel, wow no service, can't reach anyone, alway out of things you need, can't complaint to Manager he wont show if you request to talk to him. i complain and no change they are to big and who cares about one customer. i have void cut them

  314. I just want to say that your employee's Dwayne and Brian at the Lompoc California store go above and beyond in customer service. They are knowledgeable and always egger to help, they are an asset to your company.

  315. I really was pleased with Mary. She was so helpful. She is a great cashier and has a good knowledge of the HD product line. She helped me locate the items I needed. I enjoyed my shopping at HD.

  316. I have always enjoyed shopping at Home Depot, its like a candy store for me. I really enjoyed the experience with Deana at the Show Low store. She was very courteous and helpful. That woman was really a joy to work with.

  317. Trish cashier on duty am Saturday Nov 7, 2015 placed my heavy tile in the car and helped me fix my new auto lift gate that hadn't worked in 3 weeks was not only soooooooooooooooo! helpful but friendly as well.

    thanks again Trish
    need more women like you

  318. Olga Bower was very helpful and courteous,the experience we had with her was awesome,she was very patient with us and I hope the next time I`m in there for big purchases, Ms.Bower will be there to assist me.

  319. Always have what I need. Cutting machines were broken for about 2 months and I was forced to buy lumber from Lowes. Greeter knows where everything is located and very helpful.

  320. Every time I go to Home Depot, I never fail to find what I need. I am also very pleased with their
    support of the military .

  321. When I go to my local home depot the people have always been helpful. Most of the time you have what I need in stock

  322. The Muskegon Mich store is the best ever ive been shopping there for years and i still have sum of my first rental house receipts from almost 10 yrs ago in a bag with the rest lol im a horder with my receipts from Home depot but over all there the best and there workers are very friendly

  323. all store employees were super friendly and helpful.several employees approached myself to offer help.impresed d p

  324. This was a great visit to our Home Depot. I shop at home depot weekly because I have alot of rentals. My visit on 10/31 was even better when I needed help with loading materials in my truck and a young man named Caleb came over very quickly and loaded all items in my truck. This was the store at 102n.Academy Blvd Colo Spgs Co 80909. I thanked him and told him I am sending a complement for him and he well deserved it. Thank You again and give this young man a pat on the back.
    Linda Boueri

  325. The cashier was Millie and the employee who helped us was Jody at the Spout Springs store in Flowery Branch, GA. They were both friendly and courteous and very, very helpful!

  326. I want to give thanks to the staff at the Homedepot store # 6861 00008 39175 with store manager Monroe Church. While retiring from the US Navy after 21 years I've found myself having to come home as a single parent and do all of the manual labor around my home. Not having the input of décor from a woman perspective, I've found myself having to rely on the ladies at Homedepot for help. I want to say thank you to the outstanding service provided by Ms. Tina Wood, Ms. Donna Paulson, Ms. Brenda Keith and Ms. Patsy Chapalla. They are the kind of representatives that I would love to receive there help at any time. Very professional and courteous and was also very, very knowledgeable in all my products needs. I want to thanks the Manager and the four ladies in all the help that they rendered the entire day. I went back and forth to that store about four time that day and twice today, seeking out their services, and still received the same satisfying results. Thank you Homedepot for another satisfied customer.

    Retire Navy Veteran
    Larry Graham

  327. I like shopping at home depot because I do so many different things and you have a little of everything.Keep up the good work.

  328. Kelly Howard at the Yuba City store gave me very good service loading my car. Give him a big raise and shake his hand.

  329. Gloria Pizarro was very helpful, pleasant and answered all our questions regarding the front load dryer and pedestal. Gloria has very good customer service skills and professional with everyone she comes in contact with, my husband and I are remodeling our home and have had to make several visits to the store, we see how patient she is with her customers.

  330. person was very helpful, very easy to understand- he knew what he was doing. his name is Ghulam at 1201 Castlemore Ave. Markham, ont.

  331. Henry in the carpet dept in the deerfield store was unbelieveably helpful.....he walked me from one dept. to another until I got all the info. for the project I was about to start.....I asked who I could tell my success to and he directed me to this survey

  332. I remember the early days of Home Depot, when every "Orange Apron" was eager to make your trip to HD a pleasant experience. You not only found (in one store) 'everything you needed' to complete your home project but you also got some unsolicited helpful tips from the O.A. that facilitated the job. That great service is long gone, I'm sad to say. Too many old men with orange aprons are AVOIDING assisting customers…unless your "Tiffany(obviously young/attractive) of October 23, 2015" who commented below. Your FEMALE Orange Aprons- are the only clerks that offer to assist customers and not just point to where something is located. Unlike Tiffany, I'm a grandmother (5 ft & 112 lbs) who (with difficulty) lifted a 40lb bag of seeds in my cart & looked for assistance to lift the other 3 bags I needed. Sandy P.(much younger than I) came to my assistance; and she got me checked out & even lifted all 4 bags into the trunk of my car…..and did it all with a smile :)!! As far as I'm concerned: FEMALE WORKERS ARE TOPS AT HOME DEPOT!! I'm NOT interested in winning your gift card…..I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Sandy P. for making my trip to H.D. a pleasant experience! and to make you aware of how inefficient most of your male workers are.

  333. I purchase your 3/8 ply wood for use in my business but the last few sheets have been delimited and I have lost the use of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the last 4 sheets. When I attempted to let your associates know about this all they did was shrug there shoulders and said "o well" so I will be purchasing my plywood at another building material store even if it I will be a higher cost to me. I felt that I deserved, at the least, a civil answer. I shop at 3103 a lot as a business owner due to the savings and I will shop where I will be treated with respect and my questions answered fairly ether, at HD or some other store.

  334. Colby at the Lenoir City Home Depot was very cheerful and helpful. He loaded 16 bags of mulch for us and loaded it in our car. He was very personable. I tried to give him a monetary tip and he suggested I let Home Depot know how I liked his service instead.

  335. We currently bought Trek decking for our home. Larry Sass from the Bettendorf Iowa store helped us. I had been in previously and got a quote and he remembered me which was nice. Bringing my husband along we ordered the decking nad then Larry showed what the best clips would be to use and showed him how they looked. My husband was wanting to use some clips he had and Larry showed they would not work. He then showed the wonderful screws to use on steps I loved them as they matched the decking. Larry was so patient and knowledgeable and he made the purchase fun besides. I would recommend him to anyone and my husband was just as pleased with him

  336. Ben & Orfy so helpful in trying to locate stock. Also Dexter & Jermaine went out of their way to help me find products. All @ the Norwalk,CT store.


  338. I went to buy bulk and found two similar bulks with different prize. I approached an attendant for the reason. He explained one is per single unit price. The other one is price for two units and offered a lower price. That gave me satisfaction to sure they are the same commodity with cheaper price on more quantity to purchase.

  339. I was on line & this pretty lady named Jamera checked me out, with a beautiful smile. I love Home Depot & their cashiers.

  340. Even though the employees were on a break they went out of their way to help me find what I was looking for in the outdoor plants, and garden supplies.

  341. Went shopping at Home Depot and the checkout clerk was very friendly and helpful Her name was tomi. She answered all questions and also told me some of the items I was purchasing were on sale. This was at the Reno, Nev store.

  342. I have been shopping at your Tustin,CA store since it opened. I have met many very helpful employees but one continues to rise to the occasion: John with the Orange shoes. Nice, helpful and always pleasant.


  343. I enjoy shopping at Home Depot for several different type items and I always find them in stock. Your employees are very knowledgeable and can help me find what I am looking for.
    You could use a few more assistants at peak times though.

  344. Hello Home depot, Today I ordered a refrigerator from home depot Sunnyvale..
    Ray in appliance was very helpful and courteous.
    I order alot of appliances for apartments and will be back when ordering more.

  345. oct 13 2015
    Melinda, in the lighting dept. helped a great deal to my understanding
    of the things I needed.

  346. On 10/4/15 I asked for help in the lumber dept...No one was willing to help me...Then I went to tools/ etc dept...I might have their names wrong but Ed and two other gentlemen went out of their way without me making a purchase..They were great..They helped me more than I had been helped in Home Depot in a long time..Please check with them and give them great credit...

  347. I have many choices of home improvement stores in my area. Have tried them all at one point or another. Today, just as for the last 30 years or so, even if I have to drive the extra mile, Home Depot is where I go.

  348. I went in on a saturday when it is always busy with weekend warriors like me. I needed help and found Robert in your hardware dept. As busy as it was, he gave me his time and worked out something for me to fasten a wire mesh to drywall. I was happy.

  349. I go to your Jacaranda Blvd store due to the superior technical info I get when I have a difficult project to complete When I was there seeking info I met Jen and Rodney who gave me information that enabled me to do my project with the satisfaction that it will eradicate the mold and allom my tile sealing to be completed within a weekend and my grand children and daughter will enjoy a bright and clean shower and feel safe using it. Many heartfelt thanks to both Jen and Rodneyfor their information and time they spent with me ! ! !

  350. I've been shopping in your Williston, VT store a lot recently - lots of projects in our 'new' home. Today one young man was particularly helpful - he was on check out then he volunteered to help load my lumber & window onto the top of my car & he was great & polite & we figured out the tie down together... I'd also like to give kudos to the paint department - they're always swamped but never lose their cool & are great to work with. I like your store... Linda L, Bolton, VT

  351. Thank you for the wonderful service in the paint department and throughout the store. I particularly would like to single out Phillippe and Jose (don't know if I spelled their names correctly, sorry). They went above and beyond to help me with a paint purchase I had made. They were so helpful and accommodating! I couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you and please let them know how valuable they are!

  352. Diane at the Teays Valley Store, WV waited on me today and she was very helpful. Eager to help me find everything I was looking for. Great store and very clean.

  353. Had to visit the Teays Valley, WV store on Oct 5 feeling very stressed and rushed. I went to the return desk and Diane, the associate was so eager to help me and even to help me relax. She takes great pride in her job and we appreciate people like her. She needs to be praised for doing such a good job.

  354. Always impressed with knowledable and respectful personel at our Valdosta Ga. store. Cashier Sandra -SLCO600 so helpful also. Thankyou to all.

  355. I been purchasing home depot products and going to the store and never have won anything in the last five years, wondering whether this is true.

  356. I do all my shopping at Universal Blvd. in Warwick, R.I. We have many apartments to ake care of, and Home Depot fits are needs.
    I want to thank Debbie at this store that goes over, and above to help me. She is outstanding for all your needs. She makes my visit a pleasure, not a chore. You're lucky to have her H.D. !!!!!!!!

  357. service was exceptional at the Tumwater, WA Home Depot. One worker got the ladder to get some high objects down and the check-out lady was so helpful and kind.

  358. I bought 4ft. led bt8 bulbs they were over priced 21.97, should be 14-16. I asked your clerk how much they were and he look and just walked away. I got to check out only one was open other than self serve, which I don't think you should have, the guy act like he had worked there one day.
    Then you open a other line and took the person in the back of the line. Your company is not a place where you can find out anything, you should hire some people from ACE.



  360. I was at the 9115 N Fm Rd 1604 West, in San Antonio in and around the first couple of weeks in September. We bought two Toto toilets, plus the outsourced plumbing service. I want to personally praise (yes, I will also call the store) the help, knowledge, and overall good service of two employees. Brandy, with the purchasing of the toilets, and Tiffany, at customer service, who worked to get us a $50 rebate on the plumbing service. They both went above and beyond to help us and we greatly appreciate all their help. Good help and service is sometimes hard to find, but they both had it in spades! Thank you Home Depot and especially Brandy and Tiffany!


  361. My husband and I are in process of purchasing an entry front door with sidelights and screen door. Want to praise Tom Green who was very knowledgeable and helpful with the many questions we had on 2 visits we made to the Delran NJ 08075 Home Depot. Also Emery Hines, the Dept. Head was very helpful!

  362. I would like to give a shout out of appreciation to Sandy at the Missouri City, TX location. She worked tirelessly to help me return a too large LG refrigerator to the store for credit. Even while I was out of town on vacation, Sandy worked with me to purchase the correct refrigerator and had it delivered upon my return while also picking up the incorrect one. I tried to reward her efforts with a tip; however, she would not accept it as it is against company policy. Furthermore, she stated that her reward was in seeing my relief and happiness with my new LG appliances.

  363. The younger male salesperson in lumber (Jaime) was very, very helpful to my husband and myself. We had planned making a project for tool storage in the garage. After speaking with Jaime, explaining our idea, he then added his thoughts and the how to of making such a stand for holding different yard & lawn tools.

    After our discussion he then volunteered to cut the lumber at the desired lengths for my husband. I do believe that with my husbands older age that he wanted to be very helpful to his elders.

    Very polite, considerate and wonderfully helpful!! You have a great employee with that young man!!


  365. Here are a few items which may be considered to improve the customer experience at your facilities
    1) Cleanliness--when your guest enter your store and have to pass uncleanly un-keep entrances of debris, employees smoking outside entrance --The first impression could be much more favorable.

    2) I see groups of employees consistently engaged in conversations, which one would assume all their duties have been completed and there is nothing else to do -- Hardly, this is line supervisor issues which have not define proper expectations & deliverables to continue to strive for excellence on a daily basis. Just getting by does not seem like a recipe for continued success and move my company to a level where all others are judged.

    3) Emailed receipts--great idea--poor execution . Receipt print out is 3 pages for a simple 1-5 item of purchases due to advertising not associated with the objective, what is the receipt. Need to simplify this to just print receipt in black and white---no color.

    4) You may want to take a look at how items are sequenced in-order of sizes such as screws, plumbing connections ect. Logic and common sense at times is not apparent as to how these are displayed making is difficult and time consuming to complete the purchase.

    5) Objective is to provide a enjoyable and rewarding experience for the employees and the customers who pay their salaries, on a consistent basis.

  366. love the employees at Sterling Colorado, very friendly and willing to help you find anything you may need help with....

  367. The lady at the front of the store that greets people has on more than one occasion checked me out and has always been helpful and courteous.I think that her name is Helen.I shop at Home Depot several times a week and she has always been friendly and helpful, is nice to have employees like this wait on you.

  368. This was the dumbest survey I have ever tried to take. I spent 15 minutes trying to get on & it kept telling me password was wrong. I used one you sent. Not worth the time.

    Frank Riggins

  369. usually am a home depot customer, I need to purchase many things to repaior improve my condominium, when I buy items myself I always ask for employees assistance, they are very courteous and in general I always find what I am looking for. My home depot is located just one mile from my home, so I can drive there any time I need anything, very pleaased with the services.

  370. I was in the home depot last week shopping for some fixing supplies and couldn't find them employees came to me before I could get to them. Good job thank you. I always enjoy shopping there.

  371. On Sunday Sept 20th I purchased a Toro 0 turn riding mower. the two in stock had issues and a very helpful and nice person, named Robert McMinds was kind enough to call another home depo and secure the same mower for me. He and Cory George delivered my mower that afternoon. Great service will keep be coming back time and time again. Robert and Cory deserve special recognition and a big thank you. These guys work at the Gainesville, Fla Home Depot on 4th blvd.

  372. I needed help in finding a fuse for my dryer and I needed a new microwave. I asked for help putting it in my car and was assisted with a young man who put it in my car. Thank you Home Depot.

  373. Been buying supplies and tools over the past three months as we have been finishing my daughters and son-in-laws basement in anticpation of the arrival of my first grandchild. I have developed working relationships with a number of your associates and cashiers. They are all very pleasant and helpful for the most part. I am especially fond of Jignasha JDM4730 and Joe D. They are always smiling and always have something nice to say, and aim to please. Was extremely disappointed the last two times I attempted to return items which I had receipts for. both times I was told I could not return them because the sku on the receipt did not correspond with the item. Since I have been buying exclusively at home Depot I don,t understand how this is possible. May consider spending my next $4000.00 at Lowes

  374. Got to say, It was very nice being greeted and treated as if I was the only customer in the store. Paula (pxz3357) was the person who checked me out Thank You. She.s a keeper I wish all your people were like her.

  375. Damon at the Sterling Heights - 16 and Van Dyke - was extremely helpful in solving a problem I had. He located the product I needed to complete my project.

  376. Amal in the blinds department was extremely helpful every time I shopped at home-depot.

    Above and beyond the call of duty.

    I wish your staff will take a page out of Amal book and do there
    Rather than toss you around like a bag of peanuts

    I liked shopping in the blinds department just because of Amal
    I do hope Home Depot recognize her for her hard and productive work.



  378. The service I received was very professional and fast. The sales representative not only directed me, but lead me to the item I required and a second item that would make the installation go faster.

  379. I had my slab floor installed tiles by Home depot through USIG in Aug of 2014. The first installer refused to use VERSABOND BONDING MORTAR that I bought and went to get ACRYLPRO TILE ADHESIVE which I had to pay. He did not finished the job and 2 other guys came and completed it but they wanted to use the VERSABOND BONDING MORTAR. 2 months later 2 tiles that were installed with ACRYLPRO TILE ADHESIVE started to move. USIG came and repaired the tiles but to our surprise the adhesive was still damped after 2 months. 6 months later 5 more tiles that ACRYLPRO TILE ADHESIVE was used on were moving so Home depot sent their guy from Romanoff floor Co. and these removed tile's adhesive were also and still damped. This guy asked for tile tinset but what I had to use was ACRYLPRO TILE ADHESIVE. He reluctantly used this but showed not much confidence of this product. All the tiles that were removed was installed with ACRYLPRO TILE ADHESIVE and I believe that your original installer used a bad adhesive and if and when the other tiles start to move they should be repaired free of charge even if beyond your 1 yr warranty.

  380. Hello,
    I just want to let you all know that I had one of the best buying times I had in a long time. I was in
    your store on 9/14/15 and the sales person Arlene from DECOR-ASSOCIATS was the best! She let
    me understand just what I needed to purchase. (there should be more people in this world like (Arlene)! I also want to mention the cashier Domenique-DXA5780 was just as sweet. Truly,
    Allen R. 9/15/15 User ID: H89 12532 10031 Password: 15464 10025

  381. I find it very decieving when home depot advertises a item in local papers claiming to match competers price on the same item plus an additional 10% and go to the store and told it is not in stock and therefore will not honor it. So much for home depot's marcketing tactics.

  382. I was very impressed with the customer service, I received from Mary at the Lomita and Crenshaw Blvd. Home Depot on 9/11/15. Mary(user id # 2PX3 3865 3304) was very professional and friendly she is an asset to Home Depot!
    Thank you,
    Donna Carol Buttram

  383. I have never been disappointed when going into Home depot what ever I am looking for and can't find some one is there to point and/or take me to it, I can always depend on home depot for all my house hold needs.

  384. I am so impressed with the fantastic customer service I receive when I go to Home Depot. Ashley Ward, Maria-Angelica Torres, and Maria Angulo in Houston (0584) were so helpful. Even the new employees were extremely helpful. They helped me pick out products and even walked me through ordering products online. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that really cares about their customers.

  385. everyone at the store was very helpful, we had several different people help us and each of them were very friendly, I will certainly go back there.

  386. Shamir from tool rental when I rented a flat bed truck was very helpful and friendly and made me feel comfortable I will defiantly come back and refer him to others

  387. My first visit to the Home Depot in Branson, MO could not believe how helpful and friendly the staff was. This was my best experience at a Home Depot store nation wide. Great deal of pride in this store.

  388. The gentleman that helped me mix my paint was the best person and happiest with a glow, I was very pleased with the customer service. In and out in less than 13 minutes....

  389. Very pleased with the service we received today. The 3 young men that helped us was very helpful and very professional. Will shop there again.

  390. My visit to home depot was far from satisfactory. I was purchasing a replacement photo control for security light previously purchased there, they were not with the lights and 2 staff members i asked did not know where they were and seemed disinterested in finding them. One staff member pointed out a display and said you might find them over there with the timers but did not offer to help. that is where they were.
    I also purchased 2 gals of paint that were advertised as $10 off per gallon.
    On attempting to check out 3 of the 4 self checkouts were not working so I had to go halfway across the store to find a manned checkout.
    After leaving the store I was checking my receipt and saw that I had been charged full price for the paint. I took it back to the service desk to complain and was told it was a rebate and shown the ad where it was in microscopic print. They did not have the rebate forms at the service desk but did send someone to get one from the paint department.
    If I had not wanted that particular brand of paint I would have returned my whole purchase and gone elsewhere.

  391. My visit to Home Depot is always positive - the staff make my day. On one visit I asked a couple of male staff to help me load my purchases into my van and they both replied that they could not leave the task (assembling chairs) they were working on to help me. I approached them later and told them that I was THE UNDERCOVER BOSS, and not happy with their customer service. You can guess how things went from there. Fools!

    I attempted to do the for the $5,000 gift card survey and could not access it?

  392. did not under stand why it took an hour to get my truck loaded after i paid, went to the manger of the store,he said there was only one fork lift .this is crazy on a holiday week end had to pay a mason while we waited not only wasted my time and his time but lost time getting work done at job site. hopefully a company this large can purchase more equipment.

  393. I like to buy tools and garden stuff for my house at Home

    Depot because is easy to find what you need with the help of associate, they are always happy to help you.

  394. Walked in to store made payment at customer service dept. cashier was very friendly. Walked over to see fall/Halloween décor then suddenly witch scared us. I had to leaving with my 4 year old crying it was funny.

  395. I had great help at the Brooklyn Park store on Wednesday. Your survey sight is a pain in the you know what. Jay and Roger helped me alot, and their helpfulness, and their sense of humor (like mine) gave me a great experience. I hope my commenting here gets them the kudos they deserve, I wish I had the patience to navigate your sight, but I don't.

  396. Having recently purchase a home I seem to spend alot of time at Home Depot. It has become my
    "Toys R Us" ! I love it. The staff is courteous, informative and very helpful. I have had such wonderful service. Thank you S. Waverly, Lansing, MI store.

  397. your garden area needs help, you sell a lot of plant that dose not fit the area I live in.
    Also I have been feeling out the survey for more than 2 years and I ask my Home depot have anyone ever won anything from this store. She said No I live across the street from home depot so my husband and I shop there often. So what is up with no one winning from San Antonio Tx

  398. I tried 3 times to simply enter the $5000 speepstakes with my receipt. Each time I was sent off to some other place (Prize Grab)???? and was never given a chance to enter my user ID and password. Your cite is a total mess to navigate.

    My user ID is H89 61887 67887
    My password is 15414 57883

    Please enter me.

  399. As soon as we walked in everyone that worked there was very friendly and ready to help. Also very happy which made our shopping and day even more enjoyable.

  400. Amanda was very friendly, cheerful and went above and beyond to be helpful! We appreciate that kind of service.

  401. We like to shopping at home depot because you will find where ever you looking for that you like to buy and also clean .

  402. Especially enjoy the vast variety in the lawn and garden area. Beautiful array of flowers and foliage.

  403. The Home Depot es un almacen genial en el que podemos encontrar todos los articulos nesesarios para cualquier situacion en nuestros proyectos de trabajos.

  404. Your customer service representative Renae not only has warm glowing smile but was very helpful and any questioned ask she was very knowlegable

  405. home depot es una de las mejores tienda del pais todo lo queuno necesita para el hogar lo encuentra alli felicitaciones a todas aquellas personas que elaboran en esa compania

  406. Dr. G in the electrical department was very helpful in explaining the correct addition to my recessed lighting.

  407. While at the Lodi Ca. Rental Department on Saturday morning at 6 A.M. with no back hoe available they called the Stockton Ca. Feather River Store. They said they had a back hoe I could rental. So I had the men I hired meet me at that location, only fine a cashier (Mat3913) with an attitude about customer complaints. We went thru the paper work on the rental aggreement and credit card deposit, etc. My hired men showed up to find a back hoe that would barely start, a broken levor control, not chained on the trailer properly and a broken crank handle which ment the trailer could not be raised to put on our hitch. And the same (Mat3913) with his attitude. Home Depot get your act together. Or get out of the rental business!!!!

  408. I tried to rent a back hoe this last Saturday for a fairly large project in my yard. I hired two men to run the backhoe for the day. We had to do some planning to bring this all together. Only to fine out the last back hoe at the Lodi, Ca. store had been renter the night before. I called the rental department around 4 P.M. the night before and the unit was there then. I was at the Lodi store location at 6 A.M. to make sure I was the first customer for this equipment. You need to change your policy on renting this type of equipment and let the customer make reservations at least a day in advance. I won't be using your rental departments again until you change your policy to match your competitors. This cost me quite a bit for the two men I hired.


  410. Love the store and everyone is very helpful. If I cannot find in the store I just order it online and have it shipped to the store for pickup.

  411. I just was in the Meadville, PA store to pick up 4 special order windows. I picked them up at the service desk at one end of the store, had to push them all the way to the other end of the store to load them and John, the loader, was no where around. I waited awhile, until some very nice contractors (that were loading their own lumber) helped me. I am VERY thankful for their help. STILL no John-- thumbs DOWN to John, the "loader".

  412. I just wanted to say Thank You to special people at the Home Depot in Thomaston # 8527 and they are Pat & Theresa. For two in a row I went to the store to get some landscaping bricks, not just a few bricks but easy day we got 100 easy day. It was so hot but these two Women ( Pat & Theresa ) got out there and loaded them in our truck. I ask where are the men that can do this they said they could handle it and they did. I didn't think it looked very good on the Company for letting women load bricks but I guess they had to do it because all the men where INSIDE the store doing whatever. Home Depot I sure hope you pay them well, they desire it. Thank You Pat and Theresa. 8/20/2015

  413. I just want to say Lenny in window & doors at the cattleman road store in Sarasota went on an above to special order a screen for me. Then help put it together, when other in that dept said it couldn't be done. Lenny really know how to make shopping a real pleasure at Home Depot.

  414. My shopping at home depot is always a blessing all of the smiles there at entrance
    everything there, is there in its place. I am from Florence S.C.

  415. am always satisfied when i leave the store.from contractors end to flowers just marvelous help.
    my husband laughs when i say gotta go home depot,see you in a few hours lol

  416. A shopping experience at Home Depot is always good. Whenever, the need to ask a sales representative for assistance they are very helpful.

  417. I was greeted when I walked in & efficiently directed to product I was shopping for. Cashier was friendly & efficient. This was just a quick shopping for one item & my needs were met expeditiously.

  418. The Manchester, CT Home Depot, has been very helpful everytime we've been in looking for something, no matter what it is. Thank you.

  419. Customer service is a rarity these days, but the Temple Home Depot has proven itself to me to have the best customer service around. The employees in the customer service area (especially Halie T.) went above and beyond in assisting us in what could have been a devastating experience... As senior citizens we began downsizing and decided to build a small home that could suit our needs. We found the kitchen appliances on sale at Home Depot thinking that we would be finished and ready to move in and ordered them. However, as luck would have it, we met with a number of delays and had to accept the items while still crated. We thought they would be better protected if we didn't open them since they came directly from GE. (Learn from our mistake: ALWAYS OPEN & CHECK WHILE DELIVERY GUYS ARE THERE no matter what). So, the GE delivery people left them on our covered porch. This past weekend we finally reached the move-in point and started uncrating the appliances only to find that the refrigerator was a mess! --dented doors, handle mashed back, etc...-- We went through the process of getting an okay from GE to either fix or replace the fridge, what a joke working with robo phones at GE. Halie T. at Home Depot customer service called and set up the appointment for us, talked with her manager about options and explained that we needed to work with GE first......we tried, but kept having to go back to customer service at Home Depot (in store and on the phone) GE did not provide customer service any other way. I had read the company policy and understood, but assumed that common sense might come into play here and when the repairman saw the damage I thought the first year warranty would allow them to fix it.........he said, no way, it's not my policy, but GE's. After this I went back to Halie T. at Home Depot customer service and asked if we had any other options and she replied, yes, I have talked with my manager and she said "to make it right" for the customer! WOW! It was like a ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders. Halie escorted me back to the appliance division and explained to them that I was needing to replace my refrigerator due to damage and would they help me. They didn't have one in stock, but a young man named Jeremy M. took us to a computer, ordered a similar fridge and it supposed to be delivered tomorrow. They even offered a "loaner" refrigerator so we could continue our move. What a thoughtful and dedicated group of employees. I am now a cheerleader for Home Depot. I'm hoping that these employees (especially Halie and Jeremy) get some type of recognition for their work. Did I mention that they helped me while taking returns, making other sales, answering the phones and handling all the customers around me with a smile and the same attention they had provided me? Again, thank you Home Depot!

  420. I would like to compliment Home Depot on its fine staff; in particular Sonia, a cashier at your 22nd St. Oakbrook Terrace Store. She did everything possible to see to it that I came away with the products I needed. She checked stock, acquired a rolling ladder from the back of the store, climbed up and handed down product, and checked-out purchases. She was focused, persistent and professional. Thank you Sonia. R.G.

  421. I would like to commend Britney (don't know last name) at the Washington Street, Middletown, CT Home Depot for the extraordinary service she provided for me last week. I ordered four outdoor lights online and was notified via email that they would be ready for pickup the next day. The next day, I received a voicemail from Home Depot saying that the lights are not available because they were still on the truck and that I should go the next day instead. The next day, I received another voicemail saying that only one of the four lights are available and that I could pick it up if I wanted to, but the other three lights were no longer available. I called the store and luckily I was connected to Britney who told me should would investigate the matter and get back to me. In a matter of minutes, Britney called back and told me that the lights (all four) were on the truck and would be available to pick up the next day. The next day, she called me back and told me she had all four lights for me. I was delighted. Britney very diligently made sure that I was serviced promptly and that I received the merchandise expediently. Kudos to Britney.

    Joanne Coligan

  422. I went in Home Depot in a hurry and decided not to get a buggy, just carry the few things I needed. Wrong move ! I got nearly to the cashier and dropped my bottle of Floor cleaner, a cashier named Ruthie RXM 1858 was super helpful! She picked up the floor cleaner and took a few of my Items to the register and asked if she could help me with anything else? I said I needed superglue and directed me to it and when I came back she already had me rung up and had me ready to go. Now that is what I call Friendly Service!

  423. you have an outstanding cashier named Ramona RDR5016
    I am frequent home depot customer and I come to three times a day
    She is so great she smiles greets and movese the line fast and I go back to my work happy
    good job ramona!

  424. for our business account we always use the Easley Home Depot location, the staff there is always helpful and the store is well organized.

  425. My husband had a Rigid sander and was unable to receive the parts ordered because of a backorder condition. He talked to Matthew Grannan, Hardware Dept. Head, and he was told to return the sander and Matthew would replace it with a new sander. We returned our sander and Matthew went above and beyond the call of duty to make our visit very pleasant, even helping us find some foundation vents. Matthew is a very valuable employee.

  426. I told Jessica, the cashier at our local Home Depot, I would rate her performance.
    The depot I use the most is at 4502 Center St, Tacoma Wash 98409

    Jessica was great, very friendly and well organized. I will be back often
    I shop here because I can ask for help finding things from the entire staff
    We are residential remodelers so we use a wide range of products
    I like it that everyone has their devise for looking up the info I need on the spot
    This saves me a lot of time hunting around


  427. My wife & I were in need of carpet for our home. We plan on selling it this year 2015. We went to Menards in Homer Glen to check pricing on their rolled carpet available. I was always told the costs were less with the rolled carpet.

    Their were 2 gentlemen in the carpet/sink department. They were speaking with each other "I HAD TO ASK FOR HELP" THEY NEVER INQUIRED WHETHER I NEEDED HELP" I had questions regarding quotes on carpeting for 3 bedrooms. The quote was just given to me without any other options of any other carpet pricing or deals. My wife & I felt as if we were bothering your people for some information the quote took 10 minutes. We decided to go across the street to Home Depot. What a difference in customer service from Menards & Home Depot.

    The gentleman in the carpet department was so helpful, he actually came over to us to see if we needed any help. To our amazement he spent at least 45 minutes explaining the differences in the other carpets they had. Then the pricing on the rolls of available carpets. He gave us helpful suggestions and total costs with padding & installation. We have decided not to use Menards again. The difference in customer service was frightening. I remain an unsatisfied customer. Regards, Mr. S. Chavez

  428. The team @ the Dunkirk N.Y. Store were very, very, attentive. I had 4 workers ask me if I needed help finding what I needed!
    Dan from appliances was the last person who stopped & asked, Dan & the whole team was helpful was very polite and helpful.

  429. I have been an HD customer for a very long time . I also use their services for all of my major home projects .
    The Store Manager G. Bhala & staff- thanks for your help.

  430. I love your stores because they have about any thing I need for home improvement. And the price is good.Where I shop the people are very nice and helpful.

  431. Jericho Home Depot,
    Stephen in lumber dept, thank you for ur advice.You saved me several hours of work.Glad ur at the store which i purchase tools and material.

  432. today I was at my store on bird road and 40th street and I was looking for some pins to fix a curtain I was priviouslly on another store and they want me to buy a new one so I went to home depot and I found an English speaking guy names jeff and he was able to help me to fix my curtain we need people like this guy on all the store . thank you one more time jeff and thank you home depot to have an employee as good as this one.
    thank you very much

  433. July 27, 2015 at 10:42 a.m.

    Jason S. was a tremendous help to my husband and me when he located just the right
    boards for us. Jason also cut the boards to perfection. He truly exhibited the traits
    of kindness, helpfulness, and a genuine willingness to put forth the extra effort to
    make the shopping experience very pleasant. Hats off to JASON S. for his commitment to
    a job well done.

  434. It was end of planting season and the only place I was able to find tomato plants & herbs to replace plants I lost was at The Home Depot. Thank you.

  435. I decided over two days whether to purchase the appliance or not. With the help of Brenda and Jimmy Doggett I bought it. Brenda was especially helpful. Both are great employees.

    Jerry Kmetz

  436. 7/26/15 ext drove 8 miles to clear lake store--bought smallest room air conditioner off floor (5 avaiable--all looked as they had either been opened or returned--I picked the best looking box -- took it home and opened it--had a air conditioner but no mounting kit or side curtins. Went back to store and returned it to a nice lady name Pattie in customer service. She upgraded me to the next higher model which had several intact unopened boxes. I am very pleased with the return results and service but not with the original purchase which cost me 2 trips and 1.5 hrs. Please dont put previously used or returned merchendize out as new stock.

  437. Exceeded expectation Bradley was the best of best,like butter on bread.
    Thank you for all your help. Shout out to Travis young one in training. Home Depot Rocks in
    Fuquay-Varina NC

  438. The staff at the store were most helpful. My problem was with the delivery service We purchased a refrigerator from the Home Depot in Fairborn, Ohio about 2 weeks ago. It was to be delivered this past Thursday 3-7pm. at about 6:30 we received a call saying they were way behind, and would we like to reschedule for early Sat. morning. I agreed. Friday evening we received a call saying it would be delivered Saturday 3-7pm. I told them then that if it was not here by noon, I was going to cancel my order. Well Saturday by 12:15 we still didn't have it. Well after being calmed down, we decided to wait. We did not receive it until almost 6:30 on Saturday. NOT REAL HAPPY !!!!!!!!

  439. I love home depot you can find anything you need love to shop there. Love the 12 months no interests rate.

  440. At the 2450 Chefry Ave Signal Hill H.D. store I had some great experiences with the staff.
    This last Saturday particullary Cameron and Amy in the Garden Dept. Cameron is very professional and helped me with everything really a nice person to have around. It is always uplifting when you have staff helping you with big welcoming attitude and a smile such as Amy. Thank you.

  441. Christy, Jabriel, and Victoria were very,very helpful on everything i needed in home depot. i was told every location that was right on the tools ac conditioners,and fans that i was looking for. They were the best ever. christy jabriel and victoria thank you so much for my experience. good people. they work in durham off of guess road. good people. love them.


  443. From the minute we walked in the door we were guided to area where we wanted to purchase our item. The clerk even double checked with another person to verify so we wouldn't have to run around. It made our shopping even more enjoyable.

  444. staff were helpful asked if needed assistance or find everything we're looking for. some of the merchandise were as lower compare to other store but pretty reasonable. I always like to shop at home depot due to the fact that driving distance is closer.

  445. The employees of Home Depot are always very helpful and polite....and I can always find what I need at Home Depot...........unlike other stores.....

  446. I came here to do a survey for Homedepot and now it wants me to do surveys for others that crap
    just a trick to get opinions. Probably should start going to L:owes.

  447. I regret but I must say that I have been mistreated in your store. I moved into a new apartment last Feb, 2015 and found a damage in my Bath tub apparently there was a strip in the tub that was glued in the Tub. I9 could not take off the glue with soap and water. So I went to your store and asked for advise what to do, I was told to purchase a product called Glue Off, not only did it remove the glue but the porcelain of the bottom of the tub also . The manager would not take responsibility for the damage of the tub, claiming they were not responsible for the product, after speaking to three managers they gave me a product to paint then tub. I was advised by Bath Tub not to use the product and it was not the proper p[product to use. I then sent a letter to the president of Home depot, in March he decided to ignore my message as I did not get any answer. I guess your company does not caRTE FOR THE SMALL CONSUMER.

  448. Tried to do the survey but never could find it. Now every time I open my PC MyWayHomePage comes up (DOC to PDF) and I can't get it off. Thanks you so much Home Depot, I will be going to Lowe's from now on.

  449. good store, hard to find "help" lots of people moving about, but not all that great service.

  450. I was helped by Darlene, in the Hardware Dept in the Evanston, IL 60202 store. She was able to answer all my questions for a future project and was able to purchase all the needed items in one day. Prior to her help, all male sale staff ignored me. No good. I'm only going to this store and to purchase with Darlene's help.

  451. I was totally blown away with the extraordinary help that was given to my sister and I from Susan in your Kitchen Design center. We were not even from the Encinitas area, or even from the San Diego area at all. My sister lives in Santa Clarita and was contemplating remodeling her kitchen, replacing cabinets, counters, etc., and Susan offered her time and expertise to help her. She even made a call to the Santa Clarita Home Depot and put my sister on the phone with her local design person to set up an appointment time. She also helped her get an appointment ASAP for a kitchen measure so that she was able to take advantage of all the promotions that were being offered. I cannot say enough good things about Susan! I would recommend her to anyone that was doing a remodel. She really knows her business, and has such a welcoming personality! She is a great asset to your business!

  452. Awesome place to shop. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Always have what I'm looking for.


    The lawsuit is coming. Someone who is lacking in common sense has placed 40 lbs. bags of potassium salt at or above shoulder height, instead of on the floor, or slightly elevated from the floor. Either a customer or an employee is about to hurt their back or shoulders and will look to Home Depot's deep pockets for compensation. Perhaps it has already occurred and is in the process. I asked some of the employees, and they are bewildered as to the reasoning for this placement. Hope someone sees the light.

  454. Where is the Home Depot survey? I feel that I was tricked into doing a survey for promotional purposes, and I would like to cancel this survey. Thank you.


  456. First... this survey site has too many deceptive links that try to lure you away from your objective so I can't really find the actual Home Depot survey

    Decatur, GA at Snapfinger location: At the store, I hated seeing the indoor plants dying from lack of water. The supervisor sympathized, but said the waterer did not like to be bothered with indoor plants so many had to be thrown out! Lost sales.

    I really wanted to buy pinestraw, but knew from other trips that it's very difficult to get help loading at that store and sure enough today there was no one available to help so I skipped that.
    More lost sales. Gee, I think I'll find another location or different outlet alltogether.

  457. We usually go in on the weekend but on this visit we went on a week day. We have had good service in the past but this particular day...not so much. My husband went to get someone to help us get cabinets down. No one ever came, so we did it ourselves. We were in several different departments, blinds, flooring, cabinets, counter tops, and we saw employees walking around but not one person asked if they could help us. An older lady walked up to my husband and asked if he could get a microwave down for her. Not wanting to possibly drop it or fall he went and asked an employee if he could help the elderly lady. His not so happy reply was " if I can". If you can??? This is your job...right? Then at check out we were overcharged $50.00 because the girl scanned one cabinet twice instead of looking at each piece. I caught it before we left by looking at the receipt, but they were already loaded. So the man that helped us load them said we had to take them back off the truck and push them back inside the store to get the charge taken off and rescanned. By the time we reloaded the cabinets and other purchases my husband was very upset. The store wasn't even busy with customers. We love Home Depot, but the service that day was absolutely pathetic.

  458. i went shopping two days to your store on US19 in Spring Hill Florida. I'm 77 years old and needed help getting several bags of mulch of bags of soil. a girl named Mari-Beth loaded all the bags on a flat bed truck and pushed cart to register for me.another young man put all my bags in my car for me.i was very grateful for there help.

  459. Had a very unpleasant visit with Home Depot today. Cashier made a $252.00 overcharge, I was trying to tell her how many pieces of material I had and said "let's count them". She scanned it with her gun, then gave me a total, and I swiped my credit card. I then checked my receipt because the amount was twice too much. I brought this to her attention and had to refund the total charge, go to refund department, pushing the whole door and 40 pieces of lumber across the building. This was corrected, but all unnecessary taking up valuable time from 2 employees and me being a contractor as well as a Marine Corp veteran. The cashier's expression told me she was not happy that I was questioning the receipt- she clearly made an error of $252.00. Thank goodness I check my receipts.I should not have to do this. I buy here all the time and the contractor's check out does not take military I.D.

  460. I returned a rental and bought a few items to finish the job. It was a downpour outside. Mary the check out clerk was very nice and gave me an extra plastic bag to cover a box of cement patch. so it would not get wet. Service that this is very welcome and will return to shop.

  461. Had very good customer service. Have been shopping at Home Depot for all of my home repairs and very pleased with the knowledge of their employees

  462. Could not have had better service. I am very happy with your employees. Excellent job.

  463. I was at home depot July 5th and i was help by cashier Glennys. She did scan the items that i bought and i told her that the prices are not right. She said let's go check it just to make sure we are both right. She was very polite and did not hesitate to go with me a check the price. So we went together and end it up that i was right.Usually this not happen in other store so i was very surprise from her.

  464. I visted the paint department and was surprised how helpful and knowledgeable Amelia was I use the home depot quite a lot and have never received that level of service before a great pleasure and a reminder that great service is not a thing of the past thanks to amelia

  465. I had a wonderful experience at Home Depot today. I came in to order laminate flooring and met with David. I gave him my sample and gave him my order. He was so polite and complimentary of the choice I had made. He was very professional and even complimented me on having done my homework. When the order was done, he asked if I wanted to put my purchase on my Home Depot credit card and I said "I don't have one." Then, he said, if you apply and get one, you will get 10% off. I said, "Sign me up!" I was approved and saved a ton! I then told him that I was going to go home and start hating my cabinets! Thanks for a great experience. I look forward to my next purchases.
    Cheryl Secoy

  466. I went to the store in Los Lunas NM and I forgot my wallet in the basket in the parking lot yesterday, I noticed i didn't have it when i got home so i started on my way back to the store and looked up the the phone number and called to ask if they could look for it. The lady on the phone from customer service said she would right away and would call me back. She called and said that the kid named Nick found it and gave it to his boss. I thank you so very much. Thank God and Nick for returning it to me. I hope you do something really nice for this young man. Thank You again! Karen Sattler.

  467. I was shopping in the garden section. Home Depot always has a great selection of both annual and perennials as well as shrubs and tropical plants. It's great fun to browse and check out the pots and garden accessories. Typically there isn't anyone except the cashier to answer questions or provide information so I've had to go in search of someone, but this isn't really much of an issue most of the time.

  468. Last week I went to the Home Depot in Rochester, NH. As I was walking around searching for Epsom Salt, Wesley asked if I needed any help finding something. When I asked about Epsom Salt Wesley checked on the hand held phone if it was at the store. It was not available at the store but Wesley went to the front computer, found exactly what I needed online and we filled out the order form and within a week I was at the store picking up my item.

    Wesley was very helpful, and went above what was necessary to find my item. He has great customer service skills and I will make it a point to find him each time I am in that store.

    Today when I went to the store to pick up my item, Deb was working the On Line Pick Up Counter. She too, was kind, helpful, and has a great smile. As I was talking to a friend she got my item, did the paperwork, had the papers stapled together, and a very cold bottle of water waiting for me before I even knew it. How wonderful was that for service!

    Home Depot should be very happy to have Wesley and Deb representing their store.

  469. The guys name Abdul Lateef, Carl, Shae & Everado were very helpful and friendly. They work at Florin of Sacramento.

  470. The service we received was excellent. it was very fast and convenient along with telling the sale associate what we were looking for and he helped up to exactly what we were looking for along with being very respectful and courteous. he was not pushy to sell but was there when we made our decision to tell up about everything.

  471. I love Home Depot . They are very helpful and friendly. Some times I like to just go and look around.

  472. I love home depot. They meet everything that I need for my home. Many interesting products, not to mention their beautiful selection of house plants and gardening items.


  474. I was in store#0446 today and while my husband was shopping for lumber and paint I went to the
    indoor plant department. The plants inside were extremely dry and several dead leaves were on the bottom of the soil. I ask an associate if the manager was available and she stated no, however she
    did offer water from her container. I did purchase 2 small plants and really felt I should not have been charged; but I was. I really feel the indoor plant department is as important as the outdoor.

  475. I'm a kid in a candy store the minute I walk through the doors. I want to explore every up-to-date product on your shelves and floors. I literally could spend hours there. Its handsdown for all the men and women who work there. They are friendly, unsurpassable in every area of home projects, or even larger ones when I had my home constructed. They give a wealth of information that I don't find anywhere else. Homedepot is my number one store for a lifetime!

  476. SURVEY BAG is difficult to use. I can't imagine companies would want their customers to have to plow through all this junk to say they were satisfied with merchandise and services. The next time I see surveybag, I will skip! Bad site!!!


  478. I just purchased a new LG Washer and Dryer from Home Depot..they are on sale right now and
    Lowes has them on sale also..the main reason I chose Home Depot over Lowes was because of the Appliance Specialist Ronnie Marking in Lenoir City Tn...he was sooo very nice and very informative.. I think that is important when you are spending upwards of $2000 on a washer and dryer...he was able to answer all our questions and concerns... I think Ronnie is a great employee and an asset to your company...

  479. I am very disappointed about the way Home Depot handles its veterans discount. Because it does not apply to all products you only know which items are covered and which are not when you check out. Lowes applies its discount to all of its products. As much as I like Home Depot, when there is a choice - and frequently the stores are not far apart - I will shop at Lowes for large purchases.

  480. what a b.s intro, if you want the truth.... you are a great store I love you guys and your team of people are the best .a young man his name was Mario, new guy working hard was not trained in much but had the desire to help... that is what it takes ... if you have someone that will stop what they are doing help this 57 yr old vet and get a dog cage that is on the top of the higher self and smile through out the time then he is what I want working for me... my user # is htj 8818 8161 pass is 15324 8159 the cashier was Carmen ca43oz also nice and got some to help load that item and gave me that military phone is 619 -462-3800 and I stand by my words... thank-you

  481. I used to visit the other home repair store, my last trip was to buy a welder, a helmet, gloves the whole nine yards. I asked a salesperson for some help. His reply I will get it for you. After about half an hour waiting, my son who was with me said screw it lets go Home depot which was a couple of blocks away. I have been back in Lo the other store since (over a year) While visiting home depot for a electrical problem I was having I had good idea of what to do (worked as electrctions helper but I needed help. A lady sales person asked if she could me. After explaining the problem she called her brother who was an electricion on her cell phone and he told me what to do. I did and the problem was taken care of. Now that is service any one would love.

  482. I love shopping in home Depot I can see Me making so many changes in my home and garden. There are a lot of beautiful things and my mind wants to change so many things It gives you plenty of ideas as you walk by the Washer and dryers, refrigerators and the tile are for home improvements. The garden Center is so over whelming with color I could dream of one Beautiful garden all around the outside of our home. It is a great place to shop not only is it a nice place to shop there are so many informed help that know about the items they sell.

  483. I purchases some slate garden stones from the Beaumont, CA store and when loading assistance was not available, Lucy helped load all the heavy stones for me.

  484. Visit The Home Depot store in St cloud, Fl on 06/21/15, my subtotal came to $82.64 before sale tax, given a military discount of $.30 cent, cashier said this is all you can get. I purchase 2 items one for $79.97, the other $2.67, I spent a total of $88.43 with only a $.30 discount, well I see after all of these years I need to change stores. Thank you

  485. Kimmy is very helpful every time I visit the LHC store. she assist me in locating all the items needed for my projects. she is very friendly and professional. She is an asset to your company ad as long as you have employees like her you will always have satisfied customers. Thank you

  486. Good Evening All,
    I recently submitted a review on my Home Depot Store #6330. This was on June 15, 2015 and to my horror I have come to realize I made a mistake on the Garden Center Spec. I mentioned. Her name is Bridget. June 19, 2015 I was in the store again & saw my favorite person & there was her name tag. I was upset & felt I needed to submit this 2nd review to correct the first. You had already approved my first one. I hope u can make this change for me.
    Thank you,

  487. I didn't have the most friendly service today, which is very unusual for the NORTHVILLE MI STORE


  489. went to Home Depot to purchase paint for our front door. We were in the paint department looking very confused when a women from the paint department asked if we needed help.She was VERY HELPFUL to us helping us with everything we needed to refinish our front door.I asked her name she said Shannon, Home Depot really hired a great,friendly and most knowledgeable women. Thank You Shannon I'll show you a picture of the door next time were in.

  490. i have always been pleased with the service and product choices at home depot. your store has never let me down.

  491. We had a young lady by the name of Anastasia at store # 6846 in West Allis. She was very pleasant and funny and had a great personality. The best part of our experience at this store.

  492. The service was excellent, especially I would like to mention Mr. Ivon Joseph ( store # 0266)

  493. Nick Huther in the Pro Department was a tremendous help in selecting a Father's Day gift for my husband and instructing me in the differences in the selected tool cabinets. He showed me several items I might select for birthdays and anniversaries. The most informative help I have had at a Home Depot!

  494. I lovvvvvvve home depot more than shopping for clothes. I can't afford much but I can dream and I do get a lot of ideas for sure. Staff is very friendly

  495. I love shopping at Home Depot Bemidji. We buy al our needs for the home and when we did our home improvement we got all the materials there.

  496. There was no place to enter the User ID or password for the 5,000 Home Depot Gift Card so I am not sure if I am entered or not.
    Although now you have my email address and I may not be entered into the 5,000 drawing.

  497. Good, quick service.
    You do need more people on the cash registers instead of so many Self Service lines.

  498. Every time we go to Home Depot we have a great experience. Employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  499. First when I go into a store I expect to be able to converse with a sales person in ENGLISH not have him stand there and look blank and no hablo English.
    I find this most disturbing and if you can not hire staff that can and will speak English I shall and will take my business elsewhere even if I have to pay a hire price. I also shall tell all my friends about this incident.
    This was at the Villages Store in FL. and to take your survey is a royal pain
    your web site is very hard to navigate

  500. My latest trip to Home Depot which was today, was great as usual. Made purchases in several depts. The Garden shop is my favorite place to shop. Everyone is always helpful & cheerful (Rachel) and the flowers & plants are always beautiful.

  501. the people at the Dalton Ga store where very helpful and had very well manners in helping me with what i wanted

  502. Found what we were looking for easily. Service was friendly and helpful. Had a return and a new purchase and it was all taken care of at the same time without any problems. Appreciate the store and the service.

  503. Customer service was helpful and very friendly. They returned my item back to aisle since we got
    lost and took more time to get to this store who were the only ones that still had the item. They
    sent someone and back and got our item!

  504. I just now tried to take your survey, but, alas, it will not take my user id, or password.
    I did like the instructions said, by entering a space between each "set" of numbers. I made a $70.00
    purchase at 11:46 this morning. It's disappointing to not have an opportunity to participate, in this survey. Todays date:6/11/15. My store is located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.

  505. What happened to customer service in the College Place Store?( Background: Bought a new fridge, had it delivered. Compressor was running, so delivery people left. 24 hours, no cooling. Called the Cust Service #on paperwork, got connected to whirlpool, and told to unplug x 24 hours and shedule a service appt. SERVICE APPT... FOR A NEW!!! FRIDGE! Well, after a long week of doing what we are told, and the service person calling it a severe failure-compressor runs but does not cool, tried again contacting HD to say just give me a new one). Was told the appliance person would call when he came in. No call. Went to store to see him in person, not there or in a meeting. waited 35 min for him to come out of meeting. Left number for him to call. Left number for store manager to call. Waited additional 1.5 hours without a call. Called the appliance dept again. Nobody picks up. Called again to speak with store manger. Waited 6 min for asst mgr to come to phone. He says he can provide a loaner and reorder with ETA about 1 week.. Has been one week without fridge. One more week at least with loaner. Hundreds of $$ of food thrown out. Biggest complaint not $$ for food, not lack of refrigeration, it's POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  506. The other day at your store on Wendover Road in Charlotte, NC. I had an extremely positive experience with the employee who loaded my car. I was having a very bad day and I told him so. He treated me with such kindness and was very caring about my situation. His name I believe is James Barringer and he deserves a major pat on the back.

  507. on this day the service was great, I was able to get in and out in know tine at cashier was the best, 3w1262.

  508. Love the Home Depot store in Ellisville Mo. The employees are fantastic and really very helpful compare to Lowes and other stores.

  509. Longview WA store. Searching for a specific plumbing item. Stood in the isle for 5-8 min. 2 or 3 employees walked by---would not acknowledge us including avoiding eye contact. Then came Brittney, no HD apron or ID. Apparently on the end of her shift. "May I help you?" she said.
    "Do you work here" I said.
    "Yes, just going home."
    I said, "thanks, hopefully someone working will acknowledge us."
    She said, "no, please let me help you, I work in this department etc. etc."
    We found what we needed and she renewed our faith in HD.
    Jim Carpenter
    Kodos to Brittney.

  510. I was in your Lynchburg VA store last night 6/7/15 to pick up a door I had already purchased. The gentleman at the service desk was very friendly and said he would be right with me. As I stood waiting another customer walked up and was immediately waited on. Leaving me just standing there. Needless to say I was not happy. I just walked away looking for someone to help me. I approached a cashier and she was more than happy to get someone to help me. Come time to load the door and no one could be found. Two women cashiers actually came to our rescue and a gentleman never did show up. We have also found that the associates will gladly speak to you but rarely ask you if you need help. What has happened to the customer service that Home Depot used to have?

  511. I was in your Sebring Florida store, which was in itself a very good experience, help at the door and again inside. When Check out time came no clerks at registrars. I found a very nice person who was more than happy to help me. Carlos was his name, cxc3338. Your staff at this store was most helpful and pleasant to me. I will not check out thru a machine at any time, even if I have to shop elsewhere.

  512. Great service by the employee Donald Wyne. He was very helpful, he helped me find the trimmer I was there to purchase.Great teamwork and great service.Keep up the great job! Thank You Donald!

  513. I often go by stores that are out of this area, and I can tell you it's always nice to get back to my hometown Home Depot! It always seems cleaner, and the workers always are more willing to go the extra mile to help!

  514. I think you guys have a great store and I have no complaints on my part, keep up the Good work

  515. We were purchasing wood to build my husbands grandma a picnic table and wanted to compare prices between Home Depot and Lowes. We left Home Depot to check out Lowes and ended up coming back to Home Depot because their quality of service and knowledge was outstanding ! Lowes had almost no staff available nor were they able to help us with finding the right products. We would love to build onto our deck and fill it with beautiful new furniture so we hope to win this money !

  516. I was at the Elmwood location looking for products for my garden. Oais assisted me with selecting the correct top soil and mulch for my garden. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I think he is an excellent employee.

  517. A wonderful place to shop. We buy our plants at Home Depot in the spring. Majority of their associates are courteous and helpful. We always encourage our friends to shop at Home Depot.

  518. I have tried to enter user ID, password - cannot do this????? why sooo confusing? keep getting 3rd party offers?????

  519. Yesterday I had the good fortune of getting David Neal in the Rowlett store to help me with the purchase of a GFI. Some recommendations from David during our exchange saved me a great
    deal of work searching for problems. This gentleman has helped me before and I truly appreciate
    his wonderful customer service.

  520. I find myself at Home Depot several times a week and one of the reasons I return is your employee Barbara I. BIOOLU
    She makes me happy and is always nice and speaks kindly to those who are waiting in line. She works in the garden section at Cherry Hill NJ.
    user id:168830 167859
    pw: 15303 167841

  521. I have taken a lot of surveys, but this one sucks! First off I couldn't get the right place. the print is so small I can not read anything, even using a magnifing glass and still can't see it. It ain't worth the bother!!

  522. My husband and I enjoy shop at Home Depot, specially Garden and out door department. We are working on our front and back yard and turned our plain yard to the beautiful garden with all kind of perennials and shrubs, fountain and decorative garden figuring and angels, it means the world to us . Every Saturday morning we went to Home Depot and did our shopping with much better price and selection than other places and we spent the rest of the weekend work on our front and back yard. Our neighbors admire our work. Thank you for your most kind and knowledgeable employee. I would love to send you pictures of before and after of our garden.

  523. I have been going to Home Depot for over 20 years and have rarely not found what I needed to start or finish a project.

  524. I love Home Depot in Forest lake Mn The staff is very knowledgeable, they answer my questions without having to go find someone to answer.
    Have never had a bad experience there.

  525. In one of my store visits at Home Deport on Gosford, Bakersfield - there was this nice store worker who have been very helpful to me. I couldn't remember his name but he was a big colored guy. He suggested and helped me look for the things I needed for my garden project. When I got the things I needed and paid for them, he offered to help take them to my vehicle, load the cinder blocks and 4 2X4X12 lumber/posts. I wish there are more store workers like him. He is and will always be an asset to the store.

  526. We want to thank you for one of your employees, Dave Dotson, who helped us in the paint department today. He was very knowledgeable and professional and helped us with color and quality. You should keep him in mind for management for the manner in which he treats his customers and his desire to get you the best product for your project. Very innovative. He showed us houses on the computer with color and matching shutters without any training. As usual Home Depot came thru and we look forward to our next visit.

  527. We live in Michigan but also own a home in Tennessee. We are customers in both states and whenever we have ordered online or in the store, employees have always been very helpful in satisfying our needs. Thank you

  528. Home Depot is a great place to shop and no matter what you're looking for there's always plenty of staff there to assist and actually take you right to what your after.

  529. AL verme con las manos llenas me ayudaron de inmediato, cuando fui a recoger mas cosas me atendieron y ademas me ayudaron a pagar en una caja diferente y poder facilitarme ela compra y me dieron opcion de ver que la planta que escogi podria tener una mas que tendria en el mismo precio y esdtaban lindas como las queria

  530. I was re-painting the ceiling and needed a few materials to do it. I had a busy week and needed to find time to buy these materials and when i walked in the store a worker came right away to help me. The worker was so patient and so very helpful, giving me advice on what I needed extra. The Home Depot gave me a peace of mind when I found everything I needed.

  531. We first had a problem with our order; The sales person worked hard to correct the issue, in the end delivered the item to our home on his own time and at no cost to us.

  532. tom (I think that was his name) was very helpful He helped me check the wood for this project

  533. John And Rob who works at the home dot on 75th and McDowell Road in the Appliances Department Thank you so much.

  534. Today my Refrigerator went out I had a lot of food I had brought on Saturday and I was going to half to through it all away and two Angles came to help me from the home depot there name were John and rob who work in the Appliances department. they went out of there way and brought the Refrigerator to my house and set it up. I can not tell you want that means to me. and thanks to those two we were able to save some of the food.

  535. I am looking forward to winning the Big 5000 dollars and you people are the BEST!!!

  536. We shop at Home Depot because it always has what we are looking for and the prices are very good and the customer service in all departments are very knowledgeable and will to help.

  537. I rely on Home Depot a lot. It is like having almost all the stores a person needs to keep the home and yard in good shape. The staff is always helpful and pleasant. I am glad you are in this area.

  538. I was buying a couple items from the garden center and one item inside the store. When I was checking out inside the store, the plant item did not have a scanning code. The cashier just calmly called the garden center for assistance. Within minutes, someone appeared to help. He could not find any information in his hand held computer. I suggested to go back into the garden center to show him the area. First I paid for my other items from cashier Barbara. We had a nice conversation about all the home improvements each of us had done with the help of Home Depot. I told Barbara that my husband and I remodeled our whole house and bought most everything from Home Depot. The other person from the garden city, Joe, and I found the price of my plant and I paid separately at the garden city. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

  539. Janae At the Home Depot located in Oaklawn has superior Customer service skills. She was very attentive and helpful in providing assistance with my purchase. Upon finishing gathering my purchase, Janae saw that I had my hands full and asked if I needed a cart. I told her no and told that I was checking out. She said with a beautiful sincere smile that she could assist me with checking out and asked if I found everything I needed and if there was anything else that she could assist with. I found this to be very refreshing in these days & times when it is rare to receive good customer service. She did all of this with a warm smile and sincere and courteous attitude, She is to be rewarded for this service. This is an exceptional employee and should be recognized for all of her efforts. This one is a keeper!

  540. I have always shopped at home depot I have spent literally Tens of Thousands of dollars at Home Depot however today was the worst day I've had with home depot EVER. Two days ago i asked if they had sod the girl said I don't know you can walk out to the parking lot and see (why didn't she call someone) I said I would look so when leaving I drove over And saw they had some I was on My lunch hour so I decided to get it today, So I went and purchased the sod drove over to get it finding out they were out(which was not a problem) then the person told me I would have to go back to the register for a refund so I went back then she told me i would have to go to customer service that's when I exploded because of what I feel is lack of good training and management I will go back and apologize to to girl for my behavior but i feel like this needed to be said Lowes here I come!

  541. Elethia, our kitchen designer at Home depot 59th Street Manhattan, made choosing a new kitchen a breeze. She took away all of the stress and guided my wife and I through the whole process. I think she knew more what we wanted than we did.