- TGI Friday's Free Appetizer Opportunity Survey

T.G.I Friday's Free Appetizer Opportunity Survey OfferT.G.I. Friday's

  1. A Free Appetizer up to $8

T.G.I Friday's Free Appetizer Opportunity Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 2 open questions and a receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. You need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the T.G.I Fridays free appetizer opportunity survey via smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

T.G.I Friday's Free Appetizer Opportunity Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the T.G.I Friday's free appetizer opportunity survey official website
  2. Enter the 4-digit store number located at the top of your receipt as well as your email address, choose the language you prefer to take the survey
  3. Enter the 12 or 20 digit survey code located on your receipt
  4. Enter your check number
  5. Enter date of your visit
  6. Enter your total amount
  7. Select the likelihood that you are to recommend this TGI Friday's to a friend or colleague
  8. Answer the open questions about the great part that you'd like to share
  9. Indicate your answers to questions regarding the services and products your received in this location
  10. Enter your contact information such as your email address, zip code, etc.
  11. Write the code on your receipt

More Information about T.G.I Friday's
TGI Fridays is a chain of casual restaurants in the United States. Since its establishment in 1965, it has been committed to offering high quality customer service. The menu of TGI Fridays boasts appetizers, entrées, desserts and more.

About TGI Fridays ' Free Appetizer Opportunity - TGI Friday's Free Appetizer Opportunity Survey
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Survey incentive: A Free Appetizer up to $8
Host Website:
Marketing support: T.G.I Friday's

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  3. I was disappointed that we were not notified that your endless apps were not $10 anymore and since they were $12 that they did not add more options

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  5. I had a great experience my waiter made sure everything was ok, I didn't have to wait long on him coming to the table once I was seated. He was very professional.


  7. Always have good service, especially Joel, our meal was very tasty and filling !!
    We try to get there every two weeks, I really love the sliders !!

  8. My Daughter and son in law just went to TGIF last night the food as usual was excellent so glad it's in our area close by the server was quick and very pleasant we definitely will go back this is our second time there and excellent both times

  9. Wow! I can't believe the customer service provided by our waiter Joey. My sister and I live in Las Vegas and we had lunch a few months ago and Joey was our service then and we thought he was wonderful then. To our surprise and we were delighted to have him as our server again. What an asset to your Company.

    Donald and Ronnie

  10. I think this the wrong site? No place to enter the codes? Why can't TGIF get someone who can make things easy? Now I will not get a $8.00 app. In any case We were at TGIF on 41st in Tulsa and our bartender and server Leio was great and he had a big smile even though he was very busy and very little help. Leio was also into a great conversation along with keeping things straight. Leio was really alone so the way we saw it he just took charge. That's real good for a person who didn't have much help. Food was OK beer was cold. The reason I say just OK is it didn't have the portion and taste I'm used too at TGIF. Service was great and thank You Leio. Joe and Patty.

  11. Tried security code several times. All failed. if it is a security code then why does it has to be scrambled Very difficult to read the scrambled letters. very disappointed

  12. I enjoyed my meal very much. The spinach florentine flat bread is fantastic. The entree was the ribeye steak and ribs. Both the meats were very good but I find the ribs are skimpy on meat compared to other restaurants. Your cole slaw is unique and delicious. The service was great at the table but the host was talking on the phone when we arrived and did not even look up at us to suggest we wait. We entered on our own. Your prices are a little expensive compared to other franchises. 26.00 for the steak and ribs was quite pricey.

  13. What an unfriendly site. Totally confusing and a big time waster. You need to revamp your site to make t more customer friendly!

  14. I went to the Pottstown Pa. Fridays #1135 and the service was great but the food not so good!!
    I got soup and salad,the soup looked like it was scraped from the bottom of the pot and not very good. and the salad the lettuce was brown the tomato's were bad!! don't anyone give a rip what they serve people anymore. I will never go back!
    the server was really nice but I guess was afraid to ask how my meal was. NEVER AGAIN!!

  15. My family and I really enjoyed our meal. Our meal totaled $130.30 and we left a $27.00 tip. the waiter took our order and was really great...

  16. I am trying to take the Friday's survey. There is no page to do so. I tried on my cell phone then on my Mac.

  17. It would be nice if when I as a vegetarian get a salad without the meat if the price would be dropped a couple of dollars!

  18. The Friday's survey page for entering email does not work. Will not accept correct email and cannot continue to get the code. Wonder if this done On purpose? Ruined a perfectly good opportunity to give positive feedback. Fix it! If Friday's reads these comments - you should get another survey vendor as this reflects negatively on your business!

  19. I frequent the TGIFriday's at Sam's Town, Las Vegas. I have tried and tried and tried to receive a decent meal with nominal service. The people here are atrocious. The food is YUCCKY!!!!!!!! On Friday, October 3oth, I ordered, waited forever for my meal, it arrived cold. I just left it, walked out of the restaurant. DO NOT believe I will return.

  20. i have tried several times this morning to complete the survey and it seems I can't get past continue on the website! The continue button doesn't seem to activate!

  21. I really enjoy your food. They closed our tgi Fridays down in the Brandon Fl area and I really wish they would bring it back

  22. Ate at the Schaumburg, IL location. Jadilly was wonderful server. She was attentive and not at all pushy. She made dining experience very nice. We will be back.

  23. Food and service great. Sitting at the bar I ordered the Sam Addams 14oz. Octoberfest beer that was advertised on Sept. 23rd on my e-mail for $4. What I received was a 12oz. glass for $5 during happy hour. Was told all 14oz. mugs were stolen. The beer was very good but I didn't want to drop another 5 spot so I ordered the $3.50 Miller lite monthly special, ugh.

  24. My wife and I frequent Friday's #0532 in Poughkeepsie NY. We find it to be a very pleasant experience. We are greeted at the door and seated right away. The server is always pleasant and polite. Friday's of Poughkeepsie is a great place to relax and unwind. The entrees are excellent and of course very tasty.

  25. Meal was tasty, good waitress.381, Kimaly. Good choices on menu. Wished they had hot fudge Sunday, though.

  26. I just wanted to say, I had excellent service and a very wonderful service Waitress. And the Manager was great also. I also really enjoyed my meal. I will back. PS. The Cook that day was also great. Thank You. Store 1947

  27. My TGI FRIDAY'S # is 2580

    My code is ODHXVHDFXQ9S

    Sept. 13, 2015
    We enjoyed our meal except for the CA CLUB; it was only meat and bread, with no mayo, tomato or pickle. Our server was very good.

  28. We enjoyed our visit to Friday's yesterday. The steak and sides were great. The JD burger was excellent. The CA Club and fries could have been better. It was only bread and meat; no mayonaise, pickles or tomato. The waitress was very good.

  29. Dominic was my server. He was excellent in taking care of me. Helpful in all areas! He remembered what I had ordered previously and even remembered the dressing I used.

  30. 03xnd66gzcud is my code, couldn't get the website to work, again was there with daughter 9/8/15 giants game, great service!! Coming back 9/2915 for free appetizer and to eat with my whole family.

  31. Yet again our visit to the Central Valley, NY Fridays was lack luster. The food was excellent...I had the Cobb Salad which was very good. However...the bathrooms are a complete disaster...the ladies room stunk, the floor was uhh sticky!! Yuk! The sink area was a mess. Please hire someone with a fire hose and a barrel of bleach to clean that place. The floor in the bar area also needs some attention. A hostess cleaned our table and left it wet from God knows what was on the dish rag she used...and our server thought it was better to have a gab fest w/a table that came in after us rather than take our order. When I asked another server to order she ran pass saying the classic line...'that's not my table!'...really Fridays?? Get it together please....

  32. Sunday 8/30/15 my son and I ate at TGIF the food was excellent and so was the service. Our servers name was Joseph and he was great.

  33. We Visited The TGIF On Cicero On Thursday 8/27/15 Prior To Flying Out To San Francisco
    The Experience & Service Was Quite Good, With Our Server & Food Being Great!!!


  35. We came in for the unique menu and that special "Friday's" atmosphere. Our Server Candice made our "night out" a night to remember, she was a true delight. I believe we'll be dinning at our local Friday's (Altoona, PA) more often.

  36. the waitress was very kind. went during $10 endless appetizers(very good). presentation of food on plate was great

  37. The service was, the food was good. My only problem with our local TGIF is the changing and confusing offers. Sometimes they have 2 for $10.00 and 2 for $15.00, and other times they don't. They want to sell you unlimited appetizers for $10.00 but it has to be the same appitizer.
    I think they should simplify things.

  38. We have just had supper lunch at Friday with some of our friends who are regulars.
    We had the best waitress, the food was delicious and our experience could not have been better.

  39. This was my second time ever visiting TGI Friday"s and it was a wonderful visit. Friendly service and great food.


  41. Our waitress Debbie D was very courteous and prompt with our order. The burgers were very good.

  42. I completed your survey today but was having a computer issue and did not get my code for a free appetizer. Can you please send me the code to my email. I was in your store on 7-5-15. The store # is 1490. It was at Fairview Heights IL. My survey code is 088F1SBXAE84. It was a very nice visit. Thank You

  43. I love all of your menu items, some are a little pricey for me but I order what I can afford. Service is always friendly and courteous.

  44. Our server was excellent but the food was terrible. Two of us ordered Reubans and they were barely toasted and cold - too much bread - scant amount of meat with just about zero sauce. One person ordered a dinner salad entrée which was just about void of anything but lettuce (this guest owns a local French restaurant). The last person ordered a French Dip which was dry and very tough. I have only ordered salads at this particular Fridays and was so ill last night after eating this sandwich. It was the Winchester location next to Hhgregg. Our check code was 1468 at we were there June 15, 2015 and signed the check at 5:26 PM. Location #0528. There were only about 12 diners at the time and it took almost 1/2 hour to receive the food.

  45. i have been trying for 45mins. to find the all i get is a list of sited, why is it so damn complicated!!!

  46. We go to T.G.I.Fridays when ever we have time once a month or 2 to 3 times a month . Every time we go we always enjoy the visit the food is great and the staff is always GREAT . We only go to a few places to eat out in Vestal and Fridays is on the top of the List !! Thank you Corina S. and Austin and the rest of the staff from Vestal N.Y. where its always Fridays on Saturday .

  47. Everytime we come to TGIF we alway ask for the same waitress. Her name is Nish. She is always a ray of sunshine when we come in. She has the best personality and a lot of fun. She is always quick to get what you need. Love Her.... Thanks for such great service.

  48. I entered my code 06shukgn1wz did the survey and was told the site was full try again later. I tried today and was told that code had expired. My wife and I go to Fridays once or twice a week and the 8.00 you get is very helpful but what happens when your site won't work? HELP!!

    AL Miller

  49. Had lunch at the TGI Fridays 1759 at 12:02 on June 11, 2015, check 1138. Food was good, service was terrible. I work in the office building behind and have an hour to eat. There is no sense of urgency. We got the check at 12:20 and it took 25 minutes to settle and leave. We asked for drink refills and never got them. Not only will we (4) not eat there again, we will pass on the word to our co-workers.

  50. Jessica was very cheerful and polite. She madeour lunch experience very goodand we will return again and hopefully Jesica will be there to assist us.

  51. I was told I could have rice instead of French fries. When it came out, I almost laughed....there was a small portion( about 3 good soup spoons worth) on this huge plate. I'm no Gordon Ramsey, but the immediate impression was"CHEAP!". I asked the server if that was the reason the place was empty at the middle of lunch. She had no clue but did say she made an exception for me, and therefore, I got this pathetic little dollop of freakin' rice! I asked to speak to the manager, but he never appeared. This place sucks. Don't go here.

  52. Good food, great service from Amanda B. However, can't figure out how to complete the survey and get my $8 coupon.

  53. Tori was our waitress and she was very nice, she paid attention to our needs and she was very courteous. The food came in a timely manor and the entrees was great better than the last time we had dinner

  54. Went to the web site entered the information hit continue and it did not do anything .

  55. I was so very displeased with this restaurant, I have never been to TGIF & went to the Cape Cod area for a get away & passed by TGIF, I was so very hungry I decided to stop, what a mistake. Restaurant # 0545 in Stoughton Mass, my food I ordered well done ( a burger) my husband ordered it the same way w/fries, well---- My burger came back med rare, my fries were cold. My husbands burger was so greasy that the bottom of the bun was saturated, & his fries were cold as well. So I found my waiter & told him what the issue was & he offered to bring it back to the kitchen. What happened next? the cook put the same burger ( which I had cut in 1/2) back on the grill & only gave me a fresh bun back. This time the burger was burnt, but my fries were hot yayyyy, so I ended leaving the restaurant still hungry for I didn't eat my burger, & I still paid the bill, uuuggghhh, never going to return, so disatisfied

  56. I filled out your survey last evening and before the coupon code was given to me the computer said the session had expired,therefore I would like to know if it is possible to have that sent to me via email thank you

  57. Our server was extremely courteous and prompt coming back several times to check on us. We'll be back.

  58. Well, finally used my $8 off appetizer coupon. It was pretty good.

    However, the reason I haven't been back, is probably the same reason that I may not be back. After walking in, 2 BT's were on duty, was rainy, and house was 1/2 full. About 2:30pm. 1st thing I saw was a mgr/shift mgr, walk into Bar area with a plate of food. She asked the male BT, he didn't know, asked the female BT, she didn't know. The female went to register, and was figured out that plate of Food went directly in front of Mgr that had, I was embarrassed, and don't even work there! Last time there, watched 3 plates come out, same result. No one knew where food went. Sent an emil to Fridays, but hasn't been rectified. You've been open 4 1/2 mts, and can't take food to a numbered table, seat?

    Your Bar is very nice, and so is the outside patio. However, Bar has never been even 1/2 full, and today had 5 people total. For a rainy Sat mid afternoon, it should have been FULL!!!! With my Stella draft, and a Mic Ultra, those 2 alone were $11.48. Geez, you have LESS that 1 dollar pouring costs, so $11+ is like fraud, right? Beside both heads didn't last 60 sec, and no foam on inside of glass while drinking. A couple came in after me, and ordered 2 Bud Light drafts. They were served with absolutely no bubbles coming from bottom, so you guys have Mastered a Flat beer. Thing I can't figure is that we guests are so stupid, WE ACCEPT this as S.O.O.

    So, don't know if I'll be back. This is bar 101, the very basic stuff that should not happen. It doesn't, so only thing that's happening is very little business. It will get smaller, so maybe the BT's will have a better attitude, talk with enthusiasm, and take better care of people like me.

    Always have a good day, trust you folks will pay more attention, as you're losing Business.

    Alan C Wahl

  59. Where is the survey? Henry at North Little Rock, was one of the best servers I have had in some time.

  60. Our server, James B, was very new and did an outstanding job. Hope he keeps his edge as he grows accustomed to the work!

  61. same old TGIF, horrible food, slow as hell
    hwy 100/494 disgusting, no need for a coupon!!!

  62. Went to Friday's 5-22-15, receipt 008RHCJHDAQG Survey Code, however when I inserted the Code a message came back, Wrong code. checked it three times, still rejected. H E L P !!

  63. I did not get a reciept with the 12 or 20 diget code that I need for the survey. I asked where it was and the server acted clueless.

  64. We were at 82: 3748 with Megan as our server. She was in training but did an outstanding job
    of making us comfortable and eager for a return visit. Give Megan a pat on the back!!

  65. I ha very Good service from server oawzdvreunr, The food was good so was the service was Excellent, I Will be back. Server was 21 Calie J.

  66. survey code OBZVQL5VBLYXgood service, very attentive host, very good food, nice atmosphere

  67. I took my family to T.G.I.F.'s on Grape Rd. in Mishawaka, In. on 5/15/15. The staff from the
    top on down were doing the right things outwardly to make customers feel welcome, in fact as
    my wife and I waited for the rest of our party to arrive we witnessed some training going on.
    That's all fine and dandy, but the experience that evening stank. First off, I realize the main
    thing T.G.I.F. owners are looking at is the cash receipts at the end of the night. In my opinion
    your prices on your higher end entrees are getting crazy. I found that if you order more mid range
    priced entrees, forget about it. For example, I ordered a chicken dish, and I thought it must have come from a Cornish Hen. I brought it to the Managers attention. His response was that the
    serving size is supposed to be a standard 6 oz.
    My daughters order was messed up besides part of it was very late, the waiters response
    was, " hey, the main thing is were having fun, right?" For our party, it was pretty much a bust.
    The staff were scurrying around so fast to boost the bottom line that it was like watching an ant
    hill. There was no value as far as we were concerned. This is why your establishments lose so
    much business to the smaller out of the way places without all the hype that give a value with
    hospitality. People don't really appreciate leaving your joint and having to stop for a Big Mac on
    the way home to fill the void.

  68. Unable to access survey. What is the point of asking to take a survey on the receipt and not allowing us to take the survey?

  69. We love our tgi fridays,, we sit at the bar, clark,,and all the bartenders are just amazing.

  70. Food was very good. Service was prompt and attentive. Had a dirty fork,replaced quickly and apology was immediate. The manager stopped by the table also. An enjoyable experience.

  71. Salvator was our waiter and so very helpful and courteous and a great waiter. Would ask for him next time we go to Fridays.

  72. I did a survey today 5/2/15 for a visit to TGIFriday's on 5/1/15, but the survey said it timed out so no code was received for the free $8 appetizer for my next 0357 check 3545. I would like a code to be able to get the appetizer on my next time. The system would not let me re-enter my survey again...your Q&A section said to contact customer service...but this is the only way to do that since no phone number given. Thanks

  73. We had very good service and the food was wonderful.. We dine at TGI Fridays#1495 and our severs name was Michelle. All the staff at this location was very friendly and helpful.

  74. The service was excellent & very helpful friendly staff.
    It is just waiting we didn't like. Long waiting hours if you don't book online or in advance.
    But apart from that excellent food and service.

    I would definitely recommend to my friends, family and relatives.

  75. Very pleasant luncheon. Waited on by 40 Andrew S who was most gracious, not in a hurry, gracious; listened to an old-man's stories about life and the future. Andrew, AKA AJ, will be bartending so intend returning for a Jameson Whisky Sour.
    Ck 3831; TGI Fridays #2079; Survey Code: OB3F552Y985B

  76. i love t.g.i. Friday customer service is good love to bring my friends and family there I go there one a week it is really a good place to bring your family and friends.thank you all for being a good restaurant, host, a server and a good cook,and good leadership and management.

  77. Mary was our server and she was very professional and kind. We had been there twice this week and she immediately remembered us.....Thank TGIF for having Mary on her staff......................

  78. Our server Tim at the T.G.I. Friday's in Charlottesville, Virginia was so helpful and friendly. He kept coming to our booth asking us if we needed anything.

  79. our server rick at the tgif in central valley, n.y. was very helpful and a good server. food was very good.

  80. I can not access your system to do the survey for the free appetizer up to $8, I was at store #0486 on 4-23-15 survey code #03D2QC65EQS7 Please send me a SURVEY COUPON CODE#------- THANK YOU

  81. I fly over 130 flights a year & eat at Fridays often. Pittsburgh location has always been excellent. I found the pecan crusted salad very good but I order with grilled chicken. My comment is my meal last night connecting @ATL #2472 Concourse T. Server was very good salad was excellent, but the chicken was terrible. Very dry $ pasty. They must have reheated an old piece. Eating out over 120 nights traveling for business you must understand how disappointing this was.
    Randall J. McDonald

  82. As always, the food is great and the service at times not attentive enough. I cannot access your free survey to get a $8 free appetizer. Also, could not access your site on my phone for the waitress or the store manager to use my stripes. I'm still looking for a phone number to call you people and cannot find one!

  83. I'm a little late writing this review. My wife and I visited the TGI Friday's in Jackson, TN on April 4th, 2015. Our visit was the best visit to any restaurant I've ever been to. Our waiter's name was Lucas, I think his code is 412, at least that is what shows on our receipt. This man was so extremely helpful and tentative to us. Our drinks never got below half full. We had the endless apps as well as our entrée and our apps never ran out before we got our next one. He had many tables outside of ours, and his ability to multi-task was unbelievable. The apps were amazing, the entrée was incredible. We will definitely be back. Our survey code was ODGG7A3HJS2Q.

  84. Also could not access program to get the free appetizer on our next visit. System should be more user friendly. Great service by Tara.

  85. Could not access the program to enter feedback and get the $8 off appetizer deal. We enjoy Fridays, and will go back, however, would appreciate the appetizer deal.

  86. Every time we go to your restaurant, we have always had a good time. The staff in your Hattiesburg, Ms. Store are the greatest !!! We've gone at different times of the day,but have always been treated very well.
    I would like to request for you to bring back the Salmon Salad- that my friend was a Great plate !
    Thank You for your time, Sherri Wilson

  87. Love Fridays. It's one of my favorite places to dine and socialize with my friends.
    The food is always good, and the service terrific.

  88. Excellent service by waiter Andrew H. Tbl 31/1we had the 5 appetizer for lunch was delicious .

  89. Our waitress Allie is top notch at eh Leominster, MA Friday's she know when I walk in the door and by the time I get to my table she already has my drink waiting for me and my friend. We go to fridays 2 times per week. She is excellent!

  90. I really wanted to fill out your survey to get the $ 8 app card free. I could not get in to the program that would give me a free appetizer using the survey code. Can I be contacted once your program is fixed?

  91. Could not get in to the program that would give me a free appetizer if I completed a survey.
    Can I get another chance after you fix the program problem?

  92. i tired to access survey for free appetizer but can't get on site .. WASTED TIME!!!!!! not impressed at all... maybe my family & friends won't be coming back to FRIDAYS?

  93. I tried to access survey for a free appetizer but can't get on the site, Not impressed, wasted time.

  94. I attempted to access the survey for a free appetizer but T.G.I Friday's blocked my access,why?I
    think this is just another pr and nothing else,nothing is for free.

  95. absolutely horrendous service we sat for a least fifteen minutes waiting for a server the reseaurant was nearly empty. At least two other parties were seated and left before being served. The appetizers took for ever and were cold, while we waited for a second round of drinks our waitress was socializing with friends and other staff. Clearly the manager has no expectations of his staff Very disappointing. We will not be returning to Fridays.

  96. Martin was and excellent server. Brookfield Wi 1414 Date 4/1/15
    Table 202/1 Trans EIE010980859986

  97. Don
    t have the opportunity to visit TGIF very often but I have been in this one yesterday and today. Serivice was pleasant and prompt. Servers knew the menu and offered suggestions when asked.

  98. I just filled out a survey but missed the coupon code. Can you provide that?
    Cal Langejans

  99. we regularly visit Fridays,everytime I always enjoy myself. The waitstaff is very nice and friendly. The food is very good to. I will be a continued customer at fridays

  100. this was our 2nd visit to TGI, we was so fortunate to get same server as on 1st visit, 48 Brandon. He is exceptional, personable, and very attenative to his tables. Food was excellent, will again return as we are able to.

  101. Visited the store in Tampa Florida 0785 I am not from the area so I cant tell you the street address however; there were 10 people in our party, the first words the manager spoke were we don't have seating for ya'll we wont be able to seat you together. I will tell you this was the worse experience I have had in a long time. The manager was the worse I have ever seen, he was very, very rude it was the server Brittany that helped with this experience. code will not be accepted 04tazg8hkh3. Your manger in this store need customer service training.


  103. Lunch was delicious, service was terrific...prompt, accurate and pleasant. The ladies room was absolutely horrible.

  104. Our service was excellent. Server was very knowledgeable and told our party the best values for our money.

  105. Our party of 6 had lunch at TGIF #1924. Devin W was our wait person. The service was excellent. We appreciated his positive energy. He made helpful suggestions pointing out the specials which we took advantage of. He was very accommodating with all our requests.

  106. It was nice to see the host neat and well dressed. No long hair, no beard, no baggy pants and no sneakers. Name Zack. The waitress Yolanda was very helpful and pleasant.

  107. March 10, 2015 at 6:24pm...The food was excellent and our server Kyle was great. He was very pleasant and most of all attentive. It's nice when you have a server who likes his job and shows it.
    We will definitely be back and tell our family and friends about the great service we received at Friday's...thanks to KYLE you rock!

  108. My friend and I eat at Fridays and really enjoy our self Adam who work at Friday in carl place was so nice make sure we where happy with our meal and that everything was okay. Survey code:
    OOEICZK5KAJL. I will go back there again cause even the hostess was very nice. Thanks Friday it was a pleasure being there, and it really help cause we just came from a co-worker wake.

  109. Our experience at TGIFriday was excellent. Nathan our server welcomed us with a smile and courteous. The food was excellent.

  110. Excellent service and food, My waitress Stevie was the best, Very attentive, kind and sweet as can be.

  111. One of the worst dining experiences ever. We waited five minutes to be acknowledged after being seated. It took thirty minutes to get our food. Our food came before our drinks even though we asked once if our order had been forgotten. The manager stopped to ask how things were, we told him about no food and no drinks, he did nothing. We asked for two empty plates to share our appetizer, we never got them.

    We won't be back in the near future. Keep your appetizer!

  112. I'm very late for my "free offer" and that's fine. I just wanted to let you know that on 2/6/15 my husband and I went to Store #2227 and our server #69 Reggie was AWESOME. She made us feel very welcome, had a great sense of humor, she was very attentive but not overly so. Reggie is the reason we will go back. I say that because out previous visit over a year ago was the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant ever, with poor food, terrible service, rude servers and other staff. We only went back because a friend gave us a gift cert. Also our food was very good this time too. Thank Reggie for a great time!


  114. Took 20 minutes before the waitress came around to offer my son and I drinks. I asked for hot water, lemon, and honey for my drink. All I got was hot water. 15 minutes later, I asked my waitress for my lemon and honey (btw: I have bronchitis/asthma) and she said she would bring it to me. Unfortunately, I NEVER got my lemon and honey for my drink.
    It was at least 35-40 minutes later (from the time we were seated at our table) when we finally got our meal. Great food! Throughout the course of the meal, NOT once did our waitress ever come back to offer my son a refill on his drink, NOR did she ever offer me any more hot water, NOR did she ever bring me my lemon and honey for my drink! She never stopped by to see how our meal was nor asked if there was anything we needed. Our waitress did mention that she was busy; however, I have been in plenty of restaurants that are busier than TGI Fridays was last night and the waiters/waitress ' from other restaurants have always provided great services.
    Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I give your restaurant/waitress a rating of 1 ! I was rather disappointed.
    I ate at the following TGI Friday on 2/25/15 and my receipt reads 6:33p.m.:
    TGI Friday's #2184
    5111 Boulder Highway
    Las Vegas, NV. 89122
    Server: Adrian Table 92/1
    I would hate to see this type of service continue; could affect your business.
    thank you in advance for your time in rectifying this issue.
    Unhappy customer

  115. went to tgif had 2 appetizers and 2 kids meals the check was 42.00 the food was below average..the cheese whiz on the potato skins was not melted and very little bacon... I even asked the waitress not to skimp on the bacon and cheese....the waitress was rude and took forever to come back never said anything like thank you. I did leave her a good tip and nothing. I will not go back. we should have gone to outback and had better food, service and pricing. Get it together.

  116. Lisa was our server, she always has a smile. She always serves us promptly and is very accommodating. We always get great service, great food and great drinks!

  117. Our waitress was Erroll and she was so pleasant and efficient. We had a very good dinner and lovely visit to Fridays.

  118. I ate dinner there this evening with my girlfriend and her son and grandchildren.

    We had no wait and were seated immediately.

    Our waitress, Brittany, was a very good listener and made sure that we received
    everything we asked for.

    Our food came immediately and very good service. We will definitely come back


  120. Food is very good but the service from several waiters and waitress like Nicole keeps bringing us back! My wife and I both like the menu and selections!!!

  121. Although the Jack Daniels flat iron steak was brought out too rare, it was quickly corrected and cooked medium as I ordered it. Our waitress, Brooke, was very attentive -- she mentioned that she was new to Fridays, but she did her work like a pro!! The Irish Coffee at the end of the meal was a perfect finish. Thanks for a great evening!

  122. Our waitress was funny and got the order right without writing it down. She checked frequently to see if we needed anything and had the bill ready when we finished.

  123. We just had lunch at the TGIF's Sudley Road in Manassas. Our Server was Brandy and she was great! We enjoyed the Share 3 and my son had the French Dip. We miss the all-you-can eat and share for $10. I think they should bring it back and charge $15...people would pay it!

  124. Hi! We had dinner at your restaurant on Friday, Feb. 7, 2015. Our waitress Joselyn 34 was very helpful explaining our questions on the menu. Excellent waitress, excellent food, excellent drinks. We were extremely satisfied. Very friendly people when we arrived and seated right away. We will be back again.

  125. I would like to let you all know that my meal was wonderful. The staff was so very friendly & helpful. It was so nice to be able to go in & relax to a good meal & such a clean establishment. Keep up the good work all. I'll be back:-) KLV

  126. February 5, 2015 at 4:15 pm
    Chris #29 was our server when we visited and he was great, very attentive and took care of all our needs. very pleasant man I hope we can get him the next time we are there.
    The food was great the establishment was very pleasant and clean.

  127. Every time we lunch at Fridays, it has been our good fortune to have "Mary" as our server . Awesome young lady, with a smile to match . thank you for great food and great server !

  128. I ordered the Ham and Cheese Sliders with the bowl of soup for lunch combo deal. Well it was never mentioned that it came with fries or lettuce or tomatoes and some sauce had i know that i would have ordered it without that. however since when is broccoli soup a broccoli stem and some white plain soup. Take a lesson from Panera Bread and learn what broccoli soup should be. The server was Mark and he was great!

  129. Our server, Amber, was helpful and very attentive to us on Saturday when my husband and I stopped for lunch. We got side salads and the sizzling sirloin steak dinner. It was excellent. At first I thought the chef forgot to wilt the spinach, but Amber poured a sauce over the steak and the hot pan wilted the spinach perfectly. It was on top of sauteed squash, mushrooms, and onions and the flavor was to die for. I ate every bite. We didn't know that it would also be served with a dish of tomatoes and mozzarella, a perfect pairing. We asked Amber what the sauce was and she told us it was a miso sauce. I loved our meal and we will definitely return.

  130. your site is not helpful at all -- it only leads you to another site about surveys that then asks you all kinds of consumer questions... all I wanted to do was fill out the feedback survey for Fridays... and you site does not get you to the survey about your service and meal at Fridays. it is not a simple direct service... why tie it in with all that other advertising stuff. ugh not happy elizabeth and ps. tried a min of 3 times to go to the site listed on our bill.

  131. I already left a comment, but will leave another! The food and service is very good! I can't say enough about the servers! They are always very friendly and we always feel very welcome. I would recommend the restaurant to any of my friends for dining! Excellent, great and wonderful, that's it!

  132. We love Fridays! Go there at least 3 - 6 times a month. Food is always very tasty and the servers are awesome. Also the manager at Tyrone Blvd N in St. Petersburg is great, they call him TW.

  133. We were very disappointed... From the time the manager and front person argued about where to put us. The first table (for 5) was tiny and dirty.mmat the 2nd table, the waitress was not enthusiastic or helpful. When I asked if my appetizer coupon was good there she said, well it says tgi Fridays and this is tgi fridays . Our soft drinks were all flat. We simply got up and left. Very bad experience that represents bad management. Never again


  135. Not able to do the survey. Food was good, but had gone to eat there because I was told they would do something for a birthday. My daughter was turning 21, waiter said they would do something. They didn't and I was very disappointed. My survey code is 0B3EYBMKNV8

  136. The server working the bar was overloaded. She needed help. She was nice & doing her best, but service was slow. It was an unusually busy Friday lunch hour. I heard her say that to someone. I worked in the restaurant industry for about 10 years so I was feeling for her. She kept going, kept a smile on her face, & worked her way through it. 😉

  137. At Fridays in St. Petersburg FL at the Tyrone location, over the years Ashley has provided me with service far and beyond the expected.

  138. Tried to enter the Survey but the site would not accept it.

    Cathy D. was our Server and did a wonderful job.

    Survey Code: 0A3MZZ7T9WUF

  139. Enjoy the place at Lake Grove place great inside just had a Beer and Fried Mozzarella they were great so tasty . Bar tender very ice

    Decoration in side loved it old style. Didn:t look like Fridays not close to my home but would go back

  140. Very nice waitress. The ribs were great. There was confusion on the promo for free entre with the purchase of another entre and 2 beverages, in that a beer was not considered a beverage.

  141. annoying when you cannot open survey. tired of this with TGIF it is not fun. I really like their appetizers

  142. Entered in survey code less than 48 hours since my visit on January 2nd and said I was too late. What's up with that???


  144. It's BS you can not get the free coupon !! always says it expired and meal was not that great, service stunk . Waitress would not even give me a spoon to share my daughters desert.

  145. Went to TGI Friday Store on 1563 on Friday 01/03/15 at 03:09 and on 01/03/15 at 11:50 trying to do survey to get a appetizer up to $8.00 but says mine has already expired how can that be.

  146. My wife and I were at store #1469 on 1-2-15 in the afternoon. Went to do the feedback that evening and it said the time of my visit expired. Whats up with that?

  147. I accessed the free appetizer survey but was not allowed to complete it. I got a message saying the time had expired which was incorrect as the visit to the restaurant and the survey attempt were on the same day. I really wanted to complete the survey because I was not satisfied with my visit.

  148. Last night my friend and I went for one cocktail and some chicken strips. The Chicken strips were too crispy. Then don't know how this happened, but I paid for the bill on my credit card, and also with cash including a tip. Bartenders thanked us and didn't say anything. There were two different ones waiting on us. So, he got a thirteen dollar and 26 cent tip on a ten dollar bill. One named Derreck.

  149. I filled out a survey and forgot to mention the two bartenders that took care of us, Brianna and Timothy Store #0091. Timothy has taken care of us before. Great skills, great service.

  150. Unable to log into complete the survey. Survey Code 09TG24Q7JWX6 - probably because
    it was the worst food I've ever had there. the fries were not seasoned and were cold. Waitress
    brought replacement - one large plate for two people to share - they were still not seasoned. The jack daniels burgers were only luke warm. Sorry, usually have a good experience this time it was not.

  151. My wife and I had two excellent dinners. We both were very happy with are dinning experience at TGIF.

  152. I too have recently visited TGIF in Onalaska, WI (store 1424) and unable to access the free appetizer site to get my fee app the next trip, disappointing! Survey code is 07WJQMWWVKEY. Can you please send me a valid code to use since your site is not working? I and others noted would appreciate this being fixed, not pleased. LOVE TGIF appetizers I must admit, service is awesome at this location too. Please advise or send one.

  153. For the SECOND time we were not able to log into your Friday's feedback to complete our survey code 0291M1UXIRIV after our December 18th visit to store#0256. We were always able to bring the website up and take the survey and now the page will not come up. Consequently we can't get our free appetizer. Please fix this website as this is not fair. I am stripes member so we go to Friday's often and need to be able to take the surveys we receive. Please fix whatever you changed on this website.

  154. This is the most FUCKED UP SURVEY SITE IN EXISTENCE!!!! I will tell my friends to ignore TGIF surveys. I could not find the actual survey at all!! Fire the web designer and get someone who can create site that can actually be accessed!! The only thing close is a TGIF arrow button that talks about how to get F***ing coupons, but no survey. I hope a subnational group destory's this site.

  155. Food was about the worst I ever had at TGI Fridays; and the service was even worse. Server never came by to offer refill of water or ice tea, food order was messed up and I am not sure I received the cut of steak I ordered (ordered a ribeye, looked like a flat iron cut). Will go to a location other than Springfield, Va next time I feel like Fridays!

  156. I had dinner at TGI Friday on 12/17/2014, really enjoyed dinner. Trying to enter survey code on for free appetizer and system won't accept my survey code 09IQMUIJZ2QK. What can I do to correct this and receive an appetizer?

    Please help!!

  157. Most accommodating. Welcome greeting, fast seating, pleasant server, good service and good food in a very amiable atmosphere .

  158. We ate at TGIFriday's in Moline IL on Saturday, 12/13//14. We had a22 month old child with us. We ordered Mac and cheese for him and when the waitress brought it out she had a soup spoon in it for him to use to eat it. I asked if they had a smaller spoon and she said no. Now I looked around to see that other small children were also eating there so why wouldn't you have smaller spoons? Even a plastic spoon would have been fine.

  159. Kristy (the host) was very pleasant and it did not stop with her. Our waitress was sweet and helpful and service was great. And tip the hat to the cook. Our food was amazing!

  160. Our server was awesome. Sam at the TGIF in Aliante Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. He was very personable but also professional. We were having a congratulations dinner and he made our visit that much more enjoyable. We never wanted for anything. It was like he knew when to be around and not to be. Our drinks were always full, made sure we had everything we needed. We will definitely be back just because of him. What a joy to have servers like him. Thank you, Loreen

  161. I tried for 15 minutes to access the survey - and could never get to it. NOT at all user friendly.
    Our waiter - Jeremy, was very friendly and attentive. Food was great. BUT if this is a family restaurant - the hostess needs to button up her shirt. Boobs hanging out all over was a turnoff.

  162. We have not been to a T.G.I Fridays in many years. It was absolutely wonderful!! We will definitely go back.

  163. I am unable to access this page:
    I want to complete the survey for the free appetizer; however I get an error message on this page. I've completed the survey in the past; this is the first time I have not been able to access this site. Please advise. Thx...

    Joyce Lucas
    rewards member

  164. Loved the restaurant but when I did survey for free appetizer it wouldn't let me finish .Said it wasn't the right name .Didn't like survey.

  165. Noel and Nicole make my day when visiting TGI Friday in Appleton! Very helpful, courteous, sociable and excellent at their job of waiting tables and bar tending!!!

  166. JENNY WAS EXCELLENT!!!!! Reccomended the food. The gift card and joining Stripes WOW!
    The food. Yum yum. ANOTHER CONVERT.

  167. My food was really good! My waitress Pammie was awesome! I will ask for her the next time
    I go back to eat!

  168. I went to firdays to take my sister for her 56 birthday we go pretty often but on nov 25 2014 our meals were not good mashpotates was cold bbq ribs also I spened 45 dollars.the drinks had to be made over still not right

  169. Always love the waitresses, very friendly and helpful. Food is always good and hot and love the artichoke - spinach dip as an appetizer. C

  170. Couldn't figure out how to get coupon, but didn't want it anyway because won't be back. We went because we received a coupon in mail, buy one entree and two drinks get one entree free. But when you get there, there are all sorts of conditions and limitations. Sort of bait and switch. Food was OK, but you can get OK food all over town, including the Chili's across the street

  171. Found it almost impossible to access your webpage to get a free appetizer after having lunch at your restaurant.

  172. Our time at Friday's restaurant was well spent. Our server was pleasant and very polite. We enjoyed our visit there as we usually do.

  173. Your survey format is awful.
    Consider contracting a monkey rather than a hyena to better interact with your clientele.
    If I had designed this interface, they would have justifiably lock me in the basement and fed me garbage scraps. Will try again when really high.

  174. your feedback page is a joke you can not inter your information there is no place and I eat at Friday's a lot my ticket no is 0893n7x22ig4j survey code store no1494 visit was good the food good and not satisfied at all about the survey Charles R England I have 194 points will they work for your food ?

  175. The food was great, as well as the service, and the place was clean... This is our 3rd time going to the restaurant, and will continue to go there in the future with the family.. Thank you

  176. the rib trio is awesome. i've been to Fridays' for the past 4 days for lunch and every day until today was great. today the cajun shrimp wAS AWFUL, NO SPICES OR FLAVOR WHAT SO EVER AND THEY GOT ONE OF THE RIB FLAVORS INCORRECT.

  177. I filled out the survey for free appetizer & wrote #l0645248559 on my receipt but failed to print out the coupon. Can you please send the coupon to my Email as I am unable to get back to the survey to print the coupon. Thank you Joan Thomas

  178. could not finish your survey, would not except e-mail address. my code was 08bqeyfp9ta

    please address this issue. send coupon #


  179. You guys suck at this. My comment was constructive with ways to improve. You really don't care. I hate you guys.

  180. Complaints. Plural.
    My wife and I went to Friday's #2036 in Silver Pring, Maryland.
    The remodeled the restaurant. We dislike it. It looks like 1930s Depression unchic. No walls separate the bar from the dining area and the over the top loud music -for lack of a better term - from the bar makes its way into the dining area. We can't carry on a conversation without yelling or saying "huh?" It's no wonder our society shouts at each other all of the time. You are not a disco. Turn the music down.
    Every time we go there, we end up complaining about the length of time it takes for our drinks to come out. Every time and management has done nothing to improve it. Let me make a suggest. Either tell your bar staff to quit hitting on everything in the bar and do your job. Or get a room where you have a bartender that has no personal customers and just makes drinks. I've seen other restaurants do this and it works great. One bartender can serve a whole dining room faster than two bartenders can serve the bar. And there are more customers in the dining room. You can even rotate the bartenders every two hours. For fairness, and you will find out which bartenders can do their job well and which ones should be fired.

  181. I go to Fridays often. Took my girlfriend there yesterday for her birthday. The food and service was great. Our waitress was wonderful. We had a great time.

  182. Our family had dinner at Friday's Restaurant last night and we had an absolute wonderful time. The food was amazing and our waiter Encuesta Disponible was the best waiter ever! The Midway location is wonderful!

  183. Love Fridays - go there often - but not impressed with trying to find the survey site to fill out for the free appetizer ! Still not sure I have found it...ended up here ! And would be very happy to share my visit there. How about helping me out here ?

  184. The server never came back while we were waiting for our food or while we were eating to ask if we wanted more coffee or tea. The sandwich fell apart while eating and the chicken had little or no Jack Daniel's sauce. It was only on the side.

  185. Our server was Bryce, and gave us the best service. He brought our food in a timely manner, kept tea glasses full, and always delivered with a smile. Thank you Bryce for the excellent customer service!!!


  187. Tried & tried to get into survey but I can't???? Survey code: OCUQ1BWZTV2A. Please send to my email address. Thank you!


  189. My survey code was 08UCDP9H9QD5 and I tried multiple times to complete the survey but was not allowed due to technical difficulties. Please send the $8 coupon to my email address please. Thank you.

  190. Again, for days none of your survey websites work!! What? You want our feedback, offer a free appetizer to get us back in the store for more revenue and can't get the websites to work?!? Says internet connection not found!! Very frustrating when we really want to go back and spend money there. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the TJI Fridays in Conway, AR. Store # 1561 this past Saturday night 11/1/14. Sat at the bar and got excellent service with Tyler and Aggie. Please send code for $8 off appetizer. AND, Please get you IT people involved to fix the survey websites. Thank you.

  191. my survey code is 09PTQSMH9CL2 I didn't get feed back for $8 off appetizers could u please send to email thanks

  192. I was more than willing to fill out a survey detailing my wonderful service and the great food at Fridays . . . BUT I don't want to get a bunch of email from some survey site that seems to have nothing to do with Fridays directly. I will now have to "unsubscribe" to about twenty different junk mail advertisings. I will simply say here that Matt (our server) at store 0491 on November 2nd, 2014, (check 3812) is the BEST. We always ask if he is working when we go in and if possible, sit in his area so that he can wait on us. He is personable, friendly and more than helpful. I sometimes go back to Fridays just to see him!

  193. I've been coming to Friday's for approximately 5 years or so and simply put I'm addicted to your Cobb salad and there just awesome. Every time I've ever ordered one of these salad's, I've never been disappointed, there just an outstanding salad. Very fulfilling and oh so very delicious there's just no other way to describe it and no other Restaurant can compare to one that Friday's put's out. The Cobb Salad, is a complete and just an ole so special salad. Please keep this Salad on your menu, as I'm sure that there are other's who feel exactly to what I'm stating and would NOT want it removed or deleted from your menu.

  194. I'm not doing this for a free appetizer I wanted to write so the good employees get noticed. I was in the DFW airport and sat down during opening. Everyone was very pleasant. Darryl my server was fantastic. He was very upbeat vibrant and helped not only me but everyone around with what they could choose. He should get a raise. I've been in plenty of restaurants and there are always grumpy people in the morning but to be greeted nicely was great. The French toast was very good and he made my chocolate milk just right. I do have to place a shout out to the hostess as well. She greets everyone with a smile and a good morning. She even says it to the people not walking in. Her name was missy. She was very kind as I found out I'm pregnant and I couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch so she gave me both and said we can do whatever you choose. Great hospitality and people like them should be treated as well as they treat the guests. Hopefully TGIF believes in giving to those who give back to them.

  195. Enjoyed our meal and out waitress Rebecca #73 was very piolet and took our orders and
    Served us and got us refills on our drinks.

  196. Store # 1568
    Survey Code 095 000 400 171 210 668 13
    Went to on Mon 10/27/14
    Filled out the complete information on our visit on that date.
    Survey accepted our info & our name, email & other info & when I clicked on continue it did not give us the authorization code for $8 credit for an appetizer.
    It said the process timed out
    I repeated the process & it would not take.
    They said every 7 days.
    I have 48 hours to put this info in & it will not take.
    We patronize Fridays, on the average, 3x's a month for the past 5+ years.
    Please review & forward us the authorization # for an $8 appetizer.
    Thank you
    John [email protected]....973-226-9061
    It said

  197. Almost finished with the survey and it jumped off the screen. Now I can't get the $8.00 free appetizer. Survey code is 02kq45du7sau. What do I did now? Help!!!

  198. Three of us went to the Friday's #0162 .server 19 Monique. I gave her a $ 1.00 tip and put it on my debit card.She changed it from a $ 1.00 to $ 2.00.My bill with tip was $ 12.45, I was charged $13.45.How can a server do that ! She wasn't a good server at all.We won't be back !!

  199. Once again your various websites are not working. Dealing with TGIF on line is a study in frustration; the last time even the TGIF manager could not enter to validate my rewards because of presumably once again inadequacies of your online sites. I don't which is the more enraging--the misfunctions and nonfunctions of your computer connected sites, or your insensitivity to customer wishes, e.g. discontinuing your once unsurpassed fish and chips offering. We once upon a time came two or three times a week; no more, no more. Shame on you......and please fix your computer issues before you issue any more coupons, etc. that tempt one but are de facto inaccessible because of your computer malfunctions.......sometimes Friday's makes even Mondays attractive.


  201. Trying to enter info for free appetizer. Won't accept the survey code. Very disappointed a with your website.

  202. Correction, I did not bother to take the survey. (I guess I also didn't bother to proof read before posting!)

  203. We went to the Woodfield Mall location 8/8/14 and were very disappointed (Check #1224). Waitress, in training, had filthy black dirt under her fingernails. We arrived at 11:10 am, you would think the bathrooms would have been just cleaned before they opened...the women's room was disgusting. Towels and toilet paper all over the floor, garbage cans overflowing, and it smelled like sewage. The food did not arrive until 12 noon, even though the place was almost empty. The fries are served in small bags, when we dumped them onto the plate, we each had 4 or 5 fries. I bother to get a free appetizer for taking their survey, we will NEVER eat there again

  204. waitress was very helpful with helping us choose what to have, was very friendly should more people like her working for you. her name was cathy and her # was 52.

  205. I also always have trouble with your web sight.

    I want to take advantage of your point system ( for each dollar I spent there.)
    also the free appetizer

  206. I always enjoy dining at Friday's great spot me and my husband. We been going there for years and will continue for years to come. We love the appetizers and dinner. Great place

  207. I always have trouble on your website. Please send me your phone number at the Corp. Thank you

  208. Jamie was helpful, pleasant and did a great job as always. We ask for her if she's available.

  209. my experience at TGIF has been very good. My husband and I have eaten there so many times I can't even count the times. We go there for special days like birthdays, anniversaries and just when the mood strikes us. We have eaten at TGIf more than any other restaurant in Las Vegas.

  210. We dine frequently at the Altoona Friday's-- we were greeted at the door and promptly seated the waitress came immediately and took our drink order and our food order, checked back several times to see if we needed anything asked if we wanted dessert all the staff was very friendly.

  211. We were greeted at the door when we arrived. Seated immediately and our waitress came to get our drink order right away. The food was delicious. Especially enjoyed the broccoli and cheese soup.Our waitress was not only efficient but very friendly. When we left the hostess held the door open for us and wished us a good evening, We will be back!

  212. It was the day my mom and I had in a long time. The service was great and the food, oh the food was wonderful. We will do it again when I have the money

  213. Have to say I've been going to Fridays for many years. Only had one bad meal. My favorite bartender is Ian he has just been great. I do go in for a drink and some sort of appetizer at least once every week or two. Always feel welcome. It's a pleasant experience. Also have been taking my friends there.

  214. I don't remember if Susan Mayer was the women I spoke with a few days ago about your web sight not accepting my survey. The woman told me she would send same. Today is Aug 1st, maybe I am too impatient????

  215. Ordered all you can potato skins and spinach dip with drinks. Ate One/.5 of each and was not told by server eat in only. Manager does not listen to what you say. Waitress told manager that I was not notified properly, and shut I'll insisted I was in the wrong fir insisting to get the rest of my food that I paid for. I personally that that deal is not clearly not, as is is in small print on the bottom of the so customer can not see clearly. Rip off is starting to be the name for tginfri fridays if this policy continues, would not tell anybody to visit. If they do, ask all kind of questions on policy of taking leftovers home. Spent $27.00, over priced,customer rip off.

  216. Bad if you wNna have a a few drinks my bf and I got 2 drinks each he got a jack and coke and I got a Long Island and grey goose cooler which was 10$ way over priced our bill was 40 bucks just for that terrible

  217. my husband and I went out on a SATURDAY early evening (5:30pm) to FRIDAYS. We had a coupon from our stripes account for a free ribs or steak entrée. We ordered the ribs only to be told they were out of ribs!! So we proceeded to order a ''steak'' meal. My husband got the sirloin w shrimp. When we received our bill at the end of the meal, they couldn't accept our coupon due to the fact that it was a ''combo entrée" . Needless to say, we went out for a free RIBS dinner, ended up having to get steak, and then had to pay for it too. Unfortunately, our dinner at FRIDAYS was disappointing.

  218. the wife and i had the multiple 5 apps. they were absolutely delish! abby,our server was extremely efficient and helpfull. your food has always been super good.

    thanks a bunch for your free offers
    don&nancy scott

  219. I had not been in T.G.I.Fridays in a long time and was very pleased and surprised @ our wonderful service and food.

  220. I could not get to the survey. It keep taking me to weird page, it is so frustrating. The chicken was too dry, the shrimps was so little for the price. The waiter keeps coming back to check how we doing but there is no utensils until we asked for it. Not going back!


  222. The service was great! Our server was really helpful and patient with us while we decided on our orders. Definitely love Martini's on Wednesday!!!

  223. I'm trying to leave feedback and can't get to the actual survey. I just keep being sent in circles.

  224. Service was excellent, our server was very helpful and patient. You have a great menu and it took a while for us to go through all the interesting selections. It is the best Fridays I have ever visited and look forward to visiting again.

  225. I really like the menu, however the service time could be faster, especially when dining during lunch break. Too often have to wait to get wait staff to take order, however there are some employees who are very, very efficient at their job (problem - turn over of staff appears somewhat often).

  226. Waitress spoke very loud each time she came to our table, she came to the table so very often asking how things were, it became a bit annoying as we had our mouths full of food and she would wait for a response, odd behavior we thought.


  228. Appetizer took way to long and it ended up coming out with our other food we ordered way after it. Wasn't to busy, but service was slow to.

  229. The food and service was wonderful. Fridays is the best restaurant in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Excellent food and excellent services and u have excellent excellent excellent coffee the best in town

  231. Writing about Brenda D.
    Exceptional waitress made our visit to Friday's in Augusta, GA a very pleasant experience.
    Have since introduced eight (8) of our friends to have lunch at Friday's on Wednesday7/16/14.
    Note: we have lunch together every wednesday

  232. When we go we specifically want to be served by B.J. If and when we go to eat and he is not working, we will make it a point to come back when he is.

  233. Food was excellent and service was also . Jeffrey is a very personable young man and friendly and very helpful. We will definitely be back soon.

  234. Service was wonderful. However, the noise level keeps us from talking to each other. Too frustrating to try and hear your dinner companion. Might think twice next time.

  235. Had dinner at Victoria Gardens T.G.I.F. Wait time was not bad, under table cleaning was not good, wife stepped on a lemon wedge as she was sitting down. Wait staff was courteous and friendly, and the food was delicious,look forward to another visit down the road.

  236. Arrived at TGIF around 10:30PM, had to wait to be seated, then had to wait to get a server, had towait to get our beverages, then had to wait to get our food after requesting how much longer, had to ask for napkins and silverware as we waited for food. Food arrived it was OK, not the best family experience. Not sure if it was new employees but didnt seem on top of their game to ease us or make us feel that service was an important goal.

  237. I misplaced my rewards card and I hope that Ayeisha was able to enter them on to my total! The $10 apps were great!

  238. the server akilah at the green acres location is awesome, she was very attentive and funny, she really turned my day around 2 tumbs up!

  239. The server was very nice. He did not suggest the all you can eat special, he says people eating the house of profits, very considerate of the young men for the house. I mentioned I had stripes he didnot ask my phone # to add the points. I have # 166 stripes. This is the most important thing, I went to the ladies room no soap to wash my hands, the disabled room had none either, the first thing I thought of that the servers could not wash hands either an they were serving us, wondered about the cooking staff! I should have reported to the right place but did not. Listen an do something about this problem. Thank you.

  240. Hi! I really love Fridays! I have been trying to take the feedback survey since June 29th. I don't seem to be able to find it. I wanted to do it for the appetizer. I think that site should be more user friendly.

    Thanks anyway.......RS


  242. not good burger was burnt cheese soup had a big gob of brockley in it for a 17$ meal bad will not go back

  243. I am having a trouble to get my script number to inter my computer and said need a help from a customer number. I was there in yesterday I had a steak & shrimp was so good.

  244. went to tgif and the service was very poor. We ordered pick three and the moz sticks were cold, and one was empty one stick was brought when we were leaving. The lemonade was served in a dirty glass, the server tried to wipe it off the glass would not come off brought q fresh glass. The order was taken at 1:26 got food and 2:05 and the restaurant was NOT busy. bought two sandwiches besides the pick three. I don't know what took so long.

  245. we enjoyed the food and our waitress lily R. as very accommodating . the TGI IN VERO BEACH had a bad odors there. Ihope they do something about that .

  246. Amanda our server was very polite and professional. food was good and made to order.

  247. Everything was fine except the slaw on the side was nothing special. Server Jerome was great!

  248. Enjoyed our experience. Food was fine. Server Jerome was friendly, helpful and accommodating.

  249. Page was my waiter at the bar. She was very courteous and professional. Food was great.

  250. I am sorry you wouldn't let me do another survey at TGI Fridays. Friday we had slow food but tastee and it was after a rush so wasn't as clean as usual. I wanted to let you know today we had no wait time excellent wait service and the place was spotless. This is the way we usually experience. My son ordered a steak med well for his friend unable to convince her to go medium rare. When it came it was dry and they brought it back and made us another. They also remembered us! That is always nice and makes us feel welcome. Another note, I use a portable oxygen concentrater and often need to plug in after out shopping, they accommodate me by seating us in the table in bar area by the outlet. This way I can stop and eat rather than having to go home. Yay!

  251. How in the world does one complete the survey? The website does not give that opportunity. Your instructions cannot be entere as asked.

  252. We go to Friday's at least 3 times a month if not more, I am a stripes member and it is a wonderful deal, Michael was the server and he also was wonderful, the food was very good

  253. I visited tgif in Hackensack n.j. store 174 it was ok the waiter was totally occupied but we still had a good time and the ribs are my favorite.

  254. How was our visit, We had a party of 14, (1st) it took about 1/2 hr. to get our drinks from the bar. (2nd) they mess up on the salad order, (3rd) When the food started coming out, not everyone got their food at the same time, (4th) 12 people were finish eating and the other 2, ordered a salad with chicken, got their food when everybody else was FINISH, (5th) we had to send back a rib-eye steak 2 times and they still got it wrong both times. We were told the reason the food didn't come out the same time was because the way the waitress put it in the computer, To me this was unacceptable,, After this meal I am sure T.G.I. Friday's lost a few customers. I will tell people about the service we receive. They took the steak off the bill.

    Now that's was how our meal was.

  255. Service was good, food was good, dining area clean and the waitress was accommodating! What more can a diner ask for

  256. Just ate at the TGI Friday's on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. Great food and great service

  257. We stopped at the TGIF in St. Cloud, MN. We had the sizzling sirloin and Chicken over spinach and veges. Our server was Brian. He was great and the food was terrific. It came with a tomato and mozzarella salad. We ate every bite.

  258. iam trying to leave a message about the free appetizer an it won't let me do it sorry

  259. We had a large party, 15 in all. The service was excellent. Our waitress (Grace) was very cheerful and thrifty, always had a smile on our face. She served everyone like we were members of her family. The manager even visited our table to see that everyone was happy. Food was very good. Thank-you for a great experience. Great atmosphere. Store #0458. Longmont, CO

  260. I had the flatiron steak $13.00. It was tender and cooked medium rare to perfection. It was tasty and looked beautiful. Our waitress (Tiffany) was super. We talked about steaks, the ribeye verses the flatiron and I agreed with her that the ribeye was good too but a little too fatty for both our tasts and, she like me, liked the flatiron steak a little better. Nice atmosphere, good golf tournament on tv, good food. Like they say: "It don't get no better than that.

  261. i shouldn't have to join shop at home to get a free appetizer the next time i come in to fridays. i may may have to choose another resterauant to eat at. the shop at home will slow down my computer.

  262. We ate at the bar on June 21st. Our bartender was helpful, courteous and prompt with all of our needs. She made the dining experience very enjoyable and we look forward to returning and eating at the bar.

  263. On July 20th 2014, an event was held at a local school, not know the business would pick up late. The store reduced the number of servers and was short handed, but with limited staff they were able to serve large number of customers. Thank you for everyone pitching in including the manager on duty.

  264. We enjoyed the food. We got seated really quickly and the food came out very fast and our server was very awesome. My servey code: 033U96W5DGGN

  265. Server was extremly helpful, going out of his way to get information for establishing a password for me on my "give me more stripes" account. He actually got a message via e-mail at our table to the home office. Our fish and chips meal was also very welcome.

  266. most times we get excellent service. last time we had a server, must have been new, a little rusty in dealing with customers.

  267. My date, and I experienced a wonderful,l caring, attentive employee name Beth,
    as our waitress, employee ID 46 in Tulsa Oklahoma.
    Beth was the kind of employee that will have the customer returning
    back to the restaurant.

    Shout out to Beth.
    Beth keep that great smile and winning personality. You made James,
    and I feel so welcomed.
    James and Linda

  268. server was good and attentive to our needs..very pleasant.neat and great..always enjoy our meals there... rest. overall A+ thanks gmk

  269. we dined at Fridays on Tue 6 17, the service was gr8 (Sarrah) she was most polite & knew the Menu very good the only thing that was wrong was the French Fries were to Salty But I never said anything so the Matter couldn't be resolved but the Steak (10 ounce ) I had was very well done I ordered it Rare it came out Rare which is hard to find around here We have dined here before & will morw then likely go back the People are very nice Im a Retired Chef & I no theres a lot more to cooking then just tossing it on a plate This Fridays in Robinson Twp Pa is very good food & service I tip my Hat to you guys
    Thank you

  270. The greeter was very understanding and helpful as we asked for a seat without air-conditioning blowing on us.
    The food was excellent. The waitress was very curt and very unfriendly.

  271. Every time I go to write something i have trouble getting into your survey for a free appetizer.Love going to Fridays at Oakwood, Hollywood Florida Store # 0196, hate doing surveys. Went Sunday. Always a warm greeting from Heath, sat in the bar area and met a lovely young server Steven 308.
    Doing survey in this manner I lose my free appetizer. Last time. Customer service outside of restaurant leaves alot to be desired.

  272. Brianna was very friendly to us and gave us excellent service which made the meal very enjoyable.

  273. Emma S., our server, was very cheerful and helpful with the menu. She helped make our visit enjoyable.

  274. I enjoy Happy Hour at Fridays with my friends. The Staff is very attentive and friendly and we all have fun.....

  275. Disappointed with our seating. Told the young lady we needed more light for my husband to read the menu. She was going to put us in the area that was lighted from the windows, then another hostess came and said no one was serving that area and put us at a table that was darker. Then just as we ordered a party came in and was seated in the area that we had wanted. And our waiter Jordan took care of them. Now if the hostess had any customer service skills, she would had put us in that area and had a waiter service us. We had that happen many times at other places. Here is my husband, a Korean Vet on a cane and having trouble with reading menus since the printing is so small and his eyesight is not like it was before. No respect. This hostess was more interested in talking to her co workers.

  276. walked in at 11:30 pm after work. order 2 small draft beers, a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup. receive a bill for $24. have ordered identical meal other times for reasonable amount don't know exactly. ask to see manager, hardly anyone in place, wait 10 minutes, leave in disgust!

  277. We appreciate our server Kaci. She's helpful and bright which made an enjoyable dinner for us. We will be back soon.

  278. Karen was very helpful. Really like the 3 for $15 or 5 for $22 appetizer combos.

  279. My husband and i loved our visit at t.g.i.f. This was our first visit. The food was great, and we did not have to wait long at all for a table, or our food. The food was great. My husband do not like eating out, but your baby back ribs changed his mine. WE WILL BE BACK.

  280. Our waitress was very knowledgeable and helpful. She was in the process of training a new waitress and setting such a good example. And the Pink Punk Cosmo was delicious. Will be back very soon.

  281. My husband and I were celebrating our 24th anniversary with the Jack Daniel Ribs that we like very much. My ribs were fine but my husbands were so tough, he could not cut between the ribs. Usually the meat falls of the bone as mine did.

    We did not comment to the server as it was not his fault. We were at store # 0176 on June 7, 2014. Our check # was 787

  282. the host and waiter were very helpfull by recommending what was very good to eat and stopped by periodically to make sure if the food was good and made sure that my water was filled when it was empty. Very friendly staff and was a good experience

  283. Tosha service was excellent. Would come again & have here eevery time if I could lol

  284. Michelle and Arion are fantastic bartenders and servers. They always have something nice to say and big smile on their face. They always get the orders right, and serve them promptly regardless of whether the order is drinks or food.

  285. Omgosh my boyfriend and I luv TGIF!!!! Great peeps working in the Boynton bch Florida location!! Joey... Michelle Deluca.....Brandon..... Bryant...... Kelly!! Thanks for great service... great food and a great time!!!

  286. Excellent food. Good service. Pleasant atmosphere. Reasonable prices. But this website needs improvement.

  287. i totally understand how busy this location can get, Ieshia was great, i just think she may need a little more help or have a person answer phones and take orders and a runner. you have three young ladys standing in the front doing nothing, im sure they can be trained to take a order or two.

  288. Had a good lunch but one person will not have anything to do with me. Its hard To go back.

  289. My husband and I had not been into your Riverhead, New York restaurant located on Long Island in quite some time. We were impressed with your new menu and the food was very good. The service from being seated, to the waitress taking our order to the waiter who served our food were great. Keep up the good work!

  290. Great Service would recommend to all
    Getting the coupon however was extremely difficult for a non-savvy computer person like myself...taken me awhile and still didn't get the hang of it

  291. The service was phenomenal and the food was mouth watering, the server (Candace) was the best I have had since going to TGI. I would recommend for all to ask for her- I went to the TGI on North Ocean Avenue- unsure if township is Coram or Selden- PHENOMENAL

  292. I used the free burger coupon & was supposed to get back 20 stripes. Restaurant #2408
    said I had to contact you to get them. What do I do?

  293. Got a receipt for a free appetizer but the register cut off the store number at the top.
    The survey link not available anywhere on TGI Fridays web sites that I could find.
    The SURVEY CODE was useless to me. Maybe the required info should be in the middle of the receipt.

  294. Had very good service food was hot and the waitress was very helpful. I WILL continue to come

  295. Thanks to the outstanding service we received from Monique 317, our experience at Fridays was delightful. The food was great and we look forward to visiting Fridays again in the near future.

  296. We frequent T.G.I.Fridays quite often because the food is very good and the service is excellent,
    no complaints.

  297. the staff was very nice and welcoming. we sat at the bar for an after work and the bartender was extremely friendly and served us very well. the food also was delicious. we had 1 grilled chicken wings medium spicy at the beginning and we went home with 4 at the end. the wine was superb and there were a range of choice. it was a nice night out.

  298. We had the most amazing waiter on our visit to the T.G.I. Fridays on Grape Road in South Bend. He made our dining experience absolutely delightful with his cheerful service. His name is Jessie B. We will definitely be returning to T.G.I. Fridays.

  299. Fridays food is fantastic. Had a wonderful waitress named Tonilyn she was so sweet and polite. Will be going back soon.

  300. I went with my family for lunch including 2 little ones, The waitress was helpful and very kind with the little ones...We enjoyed the food, and the service

  301. Our waiter, a young boy with blue eyes, was excellent. Couldn't ask for more. Polite, willing to be sure all was fine.

  302. We love Fridays. We eat there every Thursday nite and they treat us like family. However the last two weeks I tried to do the survey feedback for a free appetizer. The waitress told me to call the 800 number but I can't find it yet. Each time I have tried to sign in (many), it won't allow me to "continue". What's up??? Dee Harris

  303. El servicio fue exelente y Kelsi es una persona con clase y calidad del servicio acorde con el Restaurante, yo lo recomendaria ampliamente.

  304. I eat out a lot. The last few time I have ate at this TGIF's I have not been happy about the quality of the food. My steak was not cooked well done like I asked for, it was rare, and the veggies were cold, this was the time before this one. I didn't even eat The steak, the waitress knows that I didnt eat the steak and was aware that it was rare. This time there were no sauce on the Bruschetta chicken, very very dry. Those are the biggest issues.

  305. Food very good,service was good.Prices have jumped up but with stripes rewards seems to help with that some of the time,otherwise,enjoyable experience and will be returning.

  306. Horrible service on sunday night. Staff looked miserable and in a rush, not wanting anymore guest when you guys didnt close for another two hour. we were one out of about 5 tables in the entire restaurant. Never returning to your locstion.

  307. great appetizers, would like to suggest you add the mini tacos (full size) to you dinner menu,
    and the shrimp was delicious too. We had terrific waitress as well

  308. Great location, great place to be.Service was so good it should be a bit faster.We waited for the food up to 15 minutes.Amanda server #61 was very polite and funny. Definitely I will be there back.

  309. It was the first time we had ever been here and the food was great! the waitress was very nice and helpful. Her name was Allison.We will be back again!

  310. food was very good, large portions, served hot, excellent value!! Great server also!!

  311. Our waitress was extremely friendly, and very knowledgeable. She was a very pleasant person.

  312. My fi fiancé & I was very unhappy with our service.we waited a long time for the waiter for everything

  313. My boyfriend and I always eat at the bar. We have a favorite waiter Ross. It is always fun and very excellent service. It is cozier there and you can make new friends if you choose to.

  314. I have been serching for that restaurant that accommodate everyone no mater what occasion it is and I find TGIF Irresistible and an awesome place to gather at the food and atmosphere is always a good experience in my City

  315. you give out receipts with information for surveys, if completed we receive any appetizer up to $8.00 on next visit. I spent 1 hour trying to find where to enter my code for said survey. Lots of luck to all, doesn't exist!

  316. My husband & I had an early meal in your restaurant May 17, 2014 @ 4pm. We waited several mins for a hostess to appear. The couple ahead was complaining that the employees must be on break. After the couple ahead of us was seated, we waited & felt completely ignored for several more mins. We should have left! We had no napkins or flatware on our table. When our food came we had to go find someone to give us utensils. I ordered soup, the waitress Vicky, ask if I wanted crackers, & I replied yes, please. Never saw crackers. I used the ladies room & the cleanliness was deplorable! Our bill was not brought or picked up in a timely manner. I had never eaten at this restaurant & was very disappointed with the service. I will not go again.

  317. Shamel Was very good, he check up on our table to make sure every thing was good. I eat out every day and am telling some of the restaurant around here have very poor customer service, I was very happy with my services today i would not eat at chill's or Applebee anymore thanks guys the food, and the water are very good.

  318. My son took me to Friday's for Mothers day. The food was delicious, and the service was impeccable. As usual, it was a wonderful day for me, thanks to my son, and the experience at Friday's.

  319. We decided last minute to go out for mothers day dinner. It was late (10PM) so my husband called various restaurants to see who was open late. We ended up at store 1755 in Phoenix. We drove about 12 miles to get there. It was worth the drive. We were greeted and seated wuickly, our order was taken and served quickly. Food was very good. I really like the dragonfire chicken, please don't ever get rid of it. We had a pleasant experience. Would recommend it to our friends and family. Thank you to the crew at store 1755.

  320. We sit in the bar section tonight with my daughter,and Maria was a very sweet a caring waitress with her,she liked talking to her about her cast,she was awesome!!!!

  321. I always order the CJN shrimp and chicken pasta,i think you should put more on the plate!

  322. I was REALLY impressed with our waiter Sam....he definitely heightened our dinning experience

  323. we do really Fridays...however, tonight I decided I would do the survey when we got home....I was told to download.....I did not do this...I was willing to answer a survey...not download something into my computer...we go every 2 weeks...Friday nights.. in cross county, yonkers, 10704...staff always great...very professional...very nice, we always sit at always on...I guess we do not receive $8 appetizer...because I will not download...but great great staff very good most of the time

  324. Love T.G.I. Friday's, we go there at least once a week. We love Jenna our favorite Waitress at the WhiteMarsh Friday's. She knows what we want before we ask. When she is not there, we then ask for Alania, and when she is not there we ask for Sandy. They all take very good care of us. That is why we like our Friday's

  325. My friend and I planned to go to dinner. He worked a very long day only to discover most restaurants seem to close early on Monday. We literally drove for about an hour (8:15 -to around 9:15 p.m.) We actually found one restaurant that advertized they were open until 11:00p.m. We went in, seated, and informed they were closing in 10 minutes. Again, This was before 9:p.m. Finally, we were about to go to a fast food restaurant when we saw T.G.I. Fridays. We were really impressed that they are open late. Our experience just continued to get better and better. We enjoyed very prompt service. Our waiter (Brian) was VERY helpful. He explained the menu as it was my first time dining at this restaurant. He listened to me revise a salad to meet my dietary restrictions only ONCE and nailed it!!!!! I am very happy to say my friend who orders salmon on a regular basis, LOVED the salmon. We were SO happy. We ended a night that started out so very frustrating with a "night to remember". Thank you to all the staff and especially Brian. We will be back!!!!

  326. Very good .... love the happy hour appitizer's...........but you truly do need better's who know how to make a mixed drink.....Seriously

  327. A young man who lives in New Smyrna Beach said he was new on the job as a waiter. He was a delight, very personable and did everything possible to make our visit pleasant. Good luck to him. Also we experienced trouble finding the correct number of stripe points we actually had but the manager took care of one of our meals even though 0 points kept coming up.

  328. disappointed I couldn't get the 2/10 ribs and lettuce for take out, lady I was getting it for is handicapped and not able to come in

  329. Ithis was the first time I came to Fridays,we enjoyed our lunch and appitizers very much. be coming again

  330. enjoyed the service and the various foods verymuch,we intend to come again

  331. I always enjoy the food and drinks when I visit any Fridays but I especially LOVE mt neighborhood store #1817

  332. Great service and food. Compliments to the cooks. Food was delicious and steak done to perfection. Server was personable, courteous and knowledgeable

  333. I really enjoyed my dining at tgi friday's the atmosphere was just right. the food was great,the waitres was very attendant and courtesy,I hightly recommend tgi for my next dining out.

  334. I have ALWAYS enjoyed eating at Fridays The service and food have always been very good.

  335. The waiters are always good. I have favorites. The food is usually very good.

    1. Fridays tgi is very good in Cincinnati, ohio ok westside of town ps ms wendy hardy

  336. Had to wait at least 10 minutes until someone asked if they can help me.Then after my order it took another 15 minutes after I finished my drink and another 10 to get a salad.

  337. Everything was great. Server must have been new - took her three times to get my bill correct.

  338. Everything was great. Server must have been new - took three tries to get my bill correct

  339. Everything was great. Server must have been new - took her three times to get my ticket correct.

  340. Impossible to very difficult to enter/find specific web site to redeem coupon for free appetizer up to $8.

  341. Especially the waitress was very helpful and very cheerful, understand our needs as we are deaf, asking us how our food was, excellent service. The food was fabulous too..
    Her name is Melissa, we can go back on the weekend which she works.

  342. After I finished the survey it wouldn't accept my personal information. I didn't get the code for my free appetizer.

  343. Today me and my family visited tgi Fridays in Manhasset,ny. store#15 with my stripes reward I had a coupon for a free signature burger in which I ordered but, the rest of my party had no problem placing orders for salads and appertizers,except for my wife who wanted thr two for $12.00 meal. The waitress said the computer system would not then accept my stripe rewards coupon. Ithought by putting her meal on a separate check would be ok. The waitress said she could not do that. I never heard, you cannot get two checks to a table when you ard dining with a 4 or more people. I did not make a stink about your rules until, the family sitting next to us, had the same situation,and the waitress honored that family by offering two checks for the table. When I heard this happening,I asked my server why she could not do this for us,her response was the manager, oked this because it was a birthday coupon. does this make any sense for steady customers or is this just acts of discrimination,or unfairness towards us thank you

  344. Burger today was extremely salty and the fries were cold. Service was great but food was disappointing.

  345. Our Server was ALEX J.....he was very upbeat, polite and made sure we were taken care of properly.

  346. Our dinner was delicious. Enjoyed the fried green beans. Our waitress, Nikki was very pleasant and nice. We like going to TGIF.

  347. The food good, our waitress, Kimberley, was very attentive. The manager came over to check our order, inquired if we needed anything. We sat in a booth in the bar area, our only complaint: the music was too loud! The bar area had only a few patrons.

  348. Went to the one in Destiny USA, Syracuse, NY. The food was good and the bartender we had was VERY pleasant and courteous and even had a sense of humor, her name was Adriana. The other bartender was John, he was also lots of fun. Will definitely go back again.

  349. the best grilled chicken salad i ever had. good service friendly people. had a good time iam going back.

  350. I was not very happy when the pork chop dinner, fish & chips and green bean side was dropped from the menu.Now they have dropped the endless soup & salad. I am not going near as often as I used to go. When we visit the grandchildren at Christmas in California we visit Friday's more in 2 weeks then we do at home in 2 months because the pork chop dinner is on the menu.

  351. This was the worst service and worst food Iv ever had at any Fridays! I will never go to the Fridays in Erie, Pa again!

  352. i love going there to eat, great staff, stuff to look at, great food. become a ritual to go there now

  353. I love going and eating there, that has become half the fun of the casino. at the gold coast. the enviroment and all the things to look at are awesome. i do wish you had drink cups that says vegas on them or tgif vegas on them to take home. that would be so cool. love the staff love the food. thanks!!

  354. The food was spectacular. It has been a long time since I have been to a Friday's, but not anymore.

  355. I like the atmosphere and service is always good. The food is good and reasonably priced.

  356. I can't access my account to my card. 0287000019915136.
    I think the phone number associated with this account is 5187913223

  357. Our dinners were delicious, our waitress was very courteous and helpful. The reastaurant was very clean and inviting. Would recommend this fridays to anyone.

  358. We visited Friday's after 10pm on Monday, April 14th. Most other restaurants were closed, or would have been too near closing to be hospitable to two hungry locals. This was not the case at your Crossroads Mall location on Hwy 49 in Gulfport, MS. They were shorthanded, and the waitress was busy. That was obvious, so we were going to seat ourselves. But she quickly and courteously greeted us, mentioning that we might like to sit at the booth nearby, which was clean set. During our entire visit, she was warm and friendly, and quick to recommend menu items we might enjoy. She anticipated our needs, but without staying too long at our table. That was just the kind of service we needed on such a chilly, rainy night! I only wish I could remember our waitress's name so she could receive a personal commendation along with the tip we left for her.

  359. Our servers name was Unique. She was so pleasant, always had a smile on her face.
    Could answer all our questions about our rewards card. Came back several times to see
    if we needed anything else. Wonderful personally.

  360. Our food was very good, our service was great. All in all we had a very positive experience and always do when we eat at a Friday's.

  361. Food and service was very good.
    HOWEVER, RE: the shrimp scampi - shrimp should only come with shell on the tails. It was VERY PLEASANT to have to remove the whole shell … messy and very difficult.

  362. My friend and I had a very pleasant lunch. Our waiter Nelson gave us the best service. He explained to us in detail on how to get the specials on our next visit to TGIFridays.The food was excellent. For sure we will visit with more of my friends. Stay tasty.

    Veronica Valdes and Alice O'neal

  363. it is always refreshing when we take our family or church members to Fridays. I love how upbeat everyone is. and my favorite dish is cajun shrimp and chicken pasta and that wedge salad!

  364. I am disappointed that you discontinued my 2 favorite entrees, which are filet mignon and Aussie steak.

  365. Just want to say how great Elijah was helping us decide on our luncheon choices. The service was a 10 and the food was delicious. Thank you Elijah.

  366. I have tried to fill out this form 3 times. I get just so far, and then it disappears and jumps back to almost the beginning! I have already spent 25 minutes - it is very frustrating!
    Lillian Branham

  367. Our waitress was outstanding, name was Melanie in Novi, As always the food was perfect and always a pleasure to dine there.

  368. Outstanding food & service BUT I just about FROZE as we were seated right next to the door.
    It was a very busy time and with the door opening every other minute, it was not at all

  369. 4/6/2014
    Survey Store # 0440
    Survey Code [email protected]

    I want to give a Kudo to Anthony. The only reason that I come back to Fridays (it is out of the way for me) is because of bartenders like Anthony. He is gracious, professional and attentive. What more could a customer ask for?!

    Kristine Layne

  370. It was very nice that they called back on my take out order to let us know that they did not have pepper jack cheese. We always sit out side and they do check back with us to see if we need anything. Please keep up the great service.
    The only real complaint is that when we go to the bar, they walk past us never acknowledge us and say I will be right with you. Its very frustrating just standing there waiting to put an order in. They need to acknowledge patrons right away. Other than that we enjoy our visit.

  371. Great food and service. Keep up the good work I been going to Fridays since 1996 or longer.

  372. The Best ribs in town, I also love the mashed potatoes. Great service. Keep up the good work.

  373. Very warm welcome and seating assist. Team servers very attentive and cheerful. Liz is always aware of everything tasty, okay or any further needs/wants. Enjoyable place to visit during lunch time.

  374. Bartender was amazing.. Service was good, but slow getting food out. Over all food was good salad was little brown and not enough cheese on salad. But loved everything else. Thanks

  375. ur service sucks up in Thortnon colo- the food was burned the Steak was cold and rall-the service
    was bad .they were like Roborts they didn't ever stop to talk to you.are you ok .then kept going. how sad your people have to run like that. Shame on your Manger :(.they gave us some money off but still. you need to change ur service for people .went in on 03/30-and it took around 1/2 hour to get are food. Need a better Cooks. Thank you for your letting people put Comments on your website.Good luck with your Places

  376. Love their food, great customer service, great location ! Honestly I have a TGI Friday's within 1 1/2 miles from my house, however I choose to go the extra distance to go to #0346 Opry Mills Mall location ! They sorta know me by now...hey, that's a good thing ! Fast Eddie GSX

  377. It was our first experience at the Fridays in Asheville, NC. Tom our server was very nice and quick with the service. Thank you for such a great experience.

  378. The food and the service was great. Our sever was T.J and she was terrific, very friendly and took good care of us. We will continue frequent this fine restaurant in Bel Air, Md.

  379. Visit the Friday's in Murfreeboro. Jessica chk#6284 was our server she was awesome and very attentive. Jessica suggested the Cheese Sticks since my hubby and I wasnt for sure what appetizers and boy was she right for suggesting that they were AWESOME. Great food and great service a great combination. survery code 03ITN8JTUQ62


  381. Food was great as usual. Server was very attentive her name is Brandy. The store
    number is 0434.

  382. The food and service was great! The only negative comment I have is that the bread in the French onion soup was so hard I couldn't even cut it with a knife. The soup otherwise was good. The server was very nice and explained all the specials. Great experience!

  383. I really enjoy having dinner at TGIF's, the atmosphere is great and the service is wonderful. Mostly I will take my daughter out for lunch and dinner and we enjoy small talk about each other's day.

  384. HAD A VERY NICE AND POLITE WAITER. It's good see people still smile ;
    nd go out their way to see you smile. Thanks, Chris Tucker:) Oh and the food was great!

  385. Are food was cold, They did not bring are complete order and we had to ask 3 times for the rest of are food.

  386. I had the best time at tgif Fridays so good had the two for ten deal and a great drink skinny blackberry magarita the appitizer was crispy green fried beans and fried shrimp so good great service

  387. bar tenders very helpful picking out draft beers ipa's

    always call us by name, greeting us and saying goodbye.

  388. the bar tenders are so helpful. give suggestions on all the new draft beers IPA's
    always call us by name, food prompt, hot and always delicious.

  389. Thank you for having specials that are affordable for two people to eat without breaking the bank where the food is good and the price is very reasonable.

  390. salmon over cooked crunchy crispy the waitress was a joy very attentive and helpfull she deserves a highfive chef a no five

  391. our waitress Katherin was excellent and also bartender Eric was great as always a great team

  392. My guest and I were disappointed after receiving the $48 charge for the meal. We interpreted the 2 for $16.99 as - 2 for a total charge of 16.99, not for each separate meal. The service was good. The food was good. But we left the restaurant feeling less than pleased. There's a little bit of difference in what the bill finally came to-$48. MY BAD???

  393. Service was very good, waitress was very friendly and helpful. the food was outstanding and just right portions for lunch.

  394. March 15 2014 was
    The 1st time my husband & I had went to t.g.I.f & the people there were very nice. They had no problem answering any question I had...I just wanted to say THANK U & we had a great time. :-)

  395. We ate at Friday's twice during our stay at the Orleans Restaurant & Casino in Las Vegas, dates March 12 thru 16. We were very pleased with the services provided by Dean & Jamie. They waited on us during the time we spent at the restaurant. Dean & Jamie were very professional and helpful. The food was excellent. Next time we go to Orleans we will definitely make it a point to eat at Friday's.

  396. Service and food was wonderful. Restaurant staff was friendly. The place was clean and inviting.


  398. Server was very cheerful and helpful. Both our meals were excellent. Really enjoyable experience. Thank you.

  399. Our server was very attentive and helpful in menu suggestions. He made our dining experience very enjoyable. We would visit again soon.

  400. tgi Fridays is always my first choice for a good meal, I have been enjoying the service for twenty years.

  401. Never got my stripes rewards --- most people nice in Clifton TGI except for l manager, Amanda ---- touch, unfriendly and not helpful, abrupt - makes me want to go across the road to Applebees where they are always nice pleasant and helpful

  402. I have entered the code for a free appetizer 3 times only to be told that the number is incorrect. I carefully checked that I had entered the correct code.
    From looking at other complaints, it seems that your site has a big problem.
    The food and service was okay, but not being able to get the coupon doesn't make me want to return.

  403. The printout from my last visit, 3/7/14, to store #2408, is partially unreadable. I tried two times, unsuccessfully, guessing at the survey code. It appears that it may be 0CNLDLXX1RJJ but as I said, the printing has partially missing ink and in at least one it's a total unknown letter (I guessed as an X). What do I now do to get my credits for my $39.37 bill? Thankk you.

  404. we had a great experience at Fridays good food and a great server.

    1. our server was Phil, we rate him a 10 food was delivered to use in a timely manner and everything was hot.

  405. Excellent service Excellent food. It is very nice to see food actually look and taste as good as the advertisement looks!!

  406. My wife and I were impressed with our server Olivia. She has great customer services skills. The food was delicious and served in a timely manner. It's to good to know that there is still some great customer service especially with the younger generation.

    We will certainly return again.

    thank you,
    Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Campbell

  407. Enjoyed our lunch very much! Excellent food and wait staff . Will return very soon.

  408. just did a survey but chick to the next page but I didn't print my coupon first so I lost the page to print

  409. We were disappointed that the menu listed as an available sandwich. "pull-ed Pork" which we went especially to purchase and were informed, by the waitress, that due to a change in menu the item was not available. If that be true it should not still be listed on the menu.

  410. Ate at Union Square, CA store today and had a great Salmon dinner.
    Lala was very attentive and helpful.

  411. We were so fortunate to find a restaurant with great food pleasant waitstaff, a selection of beers to please even the most discerning pallet and management who seem to not only sincerely care but actually enjoy being on the job. Every time we go to Friday's, we are pleased with all of the above. That, plus our "third daughter", Shaina, keeps us coming back and will for the foreseeable future.

  412. The server was most attentive and served the food at the right timing. The food was delicious as always. We have never gotten a bad meal at this Fridays.

  413. When I'm at Fridays I always try ti eat in the bar area. They are always so friendly and helpful and never rush you.

  414. I tried to fill out survey and you would not accept my email address I tried other email addresses and still the same out come

  415. we went to tgif in port orange fl.i didn't see it till later,but the girl charged me $2.69 for a cup of hot water.i had surgery and I cant drink caffine or I bring my own tea bags that are decafe.asked her for a cup of hot water and that is what she charged me.i think that is terrible.
    we go to tgif all the time in Pittsburgh,and never had this happen.

  416. We enjoyed our meal and the service was great. Amber was terrific. The only complaint was that there was no senior or military discount. My parents dine at places that offer these discount. We would be in more often with these discounts because we love the food and service. We hope to get Amber again.

  417. My sister& l enjoyed eating at tfig's. The food & service was great. We wii be back.

  418. Our waitress Ariane was not very attentive, we waited several minutes for service, drinks, straws, re-fills, take-out food containers, the bill. I can tell she was a smoker b/c while she was taking our order she was coughing, yuk! I've never had bad service at TGIF, I was disappointed but the food was great!

  419. My waitress Patti, was very helpful and the food was Great. I had a wonderful dining experience.

  420. the host Stephanie Anaya was very helpful with what i had in mind. it was a delightful diner and is well appreciated.

  421. Our server Gina at the Hazlet site is excellent. Always aware of the needs of customer. This comes from years of serve in the restaurant business.

  422. We play trivia at TGIFridays each week. I know that if we let Brad go in alone Kristi would take care of his order with kindness and efficiency. She's a real Gem

  423. The skillet garlic shrimp dish was overcooked. The cheese was brown and stuck to the
    skillet. Waitress offered to order another one but I didn't want to wait any longer.
    Other service was good.

  424. did the stupid survey,and when tried to enter store number and code would not let me enter. so wasted ten mimutes of time for nothing. thank you.

  425. I love the place the food is good and the service is excellent but every time I try to do the survey It says it cant take the receipt number and Ive done it 3 times

  426. Yes I wished I'd been given more time instead of 48 hrs. to give a good comment on some of your servers at the Opry Mills location. So this is me telling you all that the employees there don't just do a good job, they do an excellent job ! I'd worked in the hospitality industry for 25+ years and believe me I can't tell you all how many different restaurants I won't even go back to because of lousy service ! On the other hand, I do intend to give credit where it's due ! Awesome servers there at TGI FRIDAY'S #0346, most notably Nicole and Heather ! I could go on and on, but hopefully you all will get the idea...good servers, good food, and all around good people there will definitely keep me returning, and also referring this fine place to many of my acquaintances and guests ! Please convey my enthusiasm to these young ladies for a job above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak. I did tell the management there how well these servers do, however, I do wish to take it to the next level and ensure that this would merit more than just a pat on the back ! Please tell them to keep reaching the sky's the limit !

  427. Food was excellent and the variety of different options. Loved the tomato and mozzarella salad. Unique And the waitress helped me choose what I was looking for

  428. My husband and I go to the Friday's on 192. Chris the bartender always takes care of us. We go a least once a month sometimes more. We went one time during the day, and had a bad experience we sat at the side of the bar, and there was an ex employee sitting across the bar the bartenders were more involved with taking care of her then with us. Chris was off that day we asked!!!!

  429. I visited the Fridays on Frontage Rd and found my server Misty to be very polite and efficient.
    She went out of her way to be patient even though they were very busy at the time of my visit.
    The hostess was very helpful getting me the shuttle back to my hotel. The food was very good and served hot. I would not hesitate to visit again.

  430. We had a very friendly server this afternoon (13 Sue Lue) who cheerfully took our Florentine flatbread back to the kitchen because it was gummy. She returned with a new tray of toasted or grilled. crispy flatbread. We rarely complain about food, but the bread was very nearly uncooked. She was polite, efficient, very friendly and made us feel comfortable and important. The food is nearly always great, warm, well cooked and tasty. My salmon was cooked perfectly.
    One of our favorite places to eat. Frequent flyers at Friday's.

  431. The service was very slow. She made a mistake on the bill three times. I am in the stripes club and she charged for the salsa and chips. We also ordered from the $12.00 menu and was charged regular prices. Service wasn't satisfactory at all. The food was very tasty though.

  432. our waitress was attentive friendly and knowledgeable. we didn,t even think of having an appetizer until she suggested one. The food was so good my husband ate everything..we laughed because he is a pickiee eater.

  433. I love your Jack Daniels Burger. Also love the hospitality. The waitress was wonderful to my wife and I. I tried to get my free appetizer could not find where to put my code.

  434. Fridays is a fun place to eat. We always sit at the bar to eat. I love the Jack Daniels Trio & the Jack Daniels sauce. They make great Lemon Drop Martinis.

  435. It would be difficult to repeat this wonderful dining experience, but we will be looking forward to doing it again soon.

  436. The service was excellent and accommodating for seating where we requested for a late
    lunch on Valentine's Day. The Cheeseburger was excellent, the meat was superb and cooked
    as we requested. However, the onion rings I had subbed for French Fries were bad. They were
    short thin pieces and very OVERCOOKED. I've had better onion rings at other restaurants. I didn't
    complain, but I didn't enjoy them.... Location, So. Cooper, Arlington.

  437. From the moment we walked in we were given the best courtesy one can ask for. I had "call ahead" privileges and it was honored even thought it was an extremely busy evening Valentine's Day.

  438. We enjoyed the food, the only thing I could comment is I was asking for a glass of water and the server probably forgot about it. It got busy and I think there was short staffing.

  439. Bartender Needs To Quit Serving Short Sized Drinks & Be Checked Out By Management.
    Hide Details
    Stuart Baty

    [email protected]

    Stu - Marge Baty
    Last evening (Sunday), my wife and I stopped by your San Mateo Friday's Restaurant for drinks at your bar and dinner afterwards.

    My wife ordered a half liter of house white wine. The bartender on duty brought back a glass of that was less than half full. I told him politely that my wife ordered a half liter of wine and not a small single glass of wine.

    He insisted that what he brought was a half liter amount, and that was all that he was going to pour for her. Rather than make a scene around around your other customers, we accepted his short pour.

    When I returned home I took a one (1) liter water bottle and filled it with water. I then filled up three (3) large wine glasses from my one (1) liter bottle.

    Your bartender is pouring short drinks and is screwing your customers as he did us. Also at other Friday's, during your Happy Hour. their bartenders have poured me a house gin martini at your Happy Hour discount price. Your bartender last night said that a gin martini is not included and charged me full price. (Your Happy Hour policy is not consistent from one Friday's to another).

    Our dinner at your restaurant was excellent, but our bar experience was terrible and bad your future business.

    Fridays Restaurant in Pleasanton recently closed, and if your bartender continues to pour short drinks, I'm certain more of your chains restaurants will be closing down.

    Sincerely, [email protected]

  440. Love Fridays! My husband and I go there frequently. We always have excellent service. Our favorite server is Brian. he is at the Novi Mi. location.

  441. exellent service at new orleans casino vegas server Jessica awesome go back anytime for steak and lobster extremely delicious


  443. My wife and I had dinner at Friday's in Greenville, NC on Tuesday evening Feb. 4, 2014.ervice was great, but my wife ordered the appetizer platter and was quite disappointed. The wings were rubbery and the chicken strips were sort of tasteless and crumbly/dry. She did not complain to the waitress but I doubt she will go back.
    My meal, a steak with mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash was satisfactory.

  444. Service by Bartender Maggie is PERFECT you should give her a merit increase. Thank you for the GREAT service.


  446. Went in on 1.28.14, 6:30pm. Wanted to order appetizers and drinks. Server came over about 5mins, took our drink order and when we asked to order our appetizers at the same time we were told m" I can't put your order in because I can't promise you will get them before you have to leave to the show". She walked away, leaving us saying what did she say, what did she mean? It is true we needed to leave by 7:15 to get to the theater. Now, it took her a few minutes to get our drinks, a glass of wine and a bottle beer, but when she returned we asked what she meant, she said "we're business and I can not guarantee that I can get your order out." So we did not order appetizers. Here's where it gets tricky, three couples came in when we did and they all got drinks and appetizers. One couple came in after our party and they got what they wanted. We felt wow what just happened?! Almost in unison we thought because we are Hispanics? No. But we did feel shafted. We are not regulars at this particular TGI but we do frequently visit others closer to home or on vacation. TGI Friday's #1903 Costa Mesa, CA

  447. Store# 2082. Travis D. Was a great waiter. Helped and answered all our questions about menu and checked up on us. Also manager checked with us at end of dinner to make sure all was good. We will eat at tgif again soon. Also the dragon salmon dinner os well loved in our party.

  448. We had dinner last night ar TGIF and have been trying to do survey for appetizer both of our computers would not allow us to put any of necessary info into selections. I am pretty upset about this since we always have had no problems Ellen Krantzw

  449. Although, I do not go out to eat often, I was quite disturbed during my recent visit to TGI Friday's in the fact that an orientation for 3 new hires was taking place right next to my table. I met a friend for lunch to catch up and was extremely annoyed that this orientation was going on right next to the table I was sitting at. There was another dining room area with only one couple who must have known one of the employees in that they were engaged in a lengthy conversation. Perhaps in a less busy area or an off site venue would be a better alternative to holding an orientation.

  450. the food was amazing. the service was great. the food was on time. the waitress was very kind and did a great job..thank you for a pleasant time. Great meal!

  451. My waitress Maricela, was extremely helpful when I forgot to bring my TGIF 20per cent coupon. She used her cell phone to access my TGIF emails. She works at the TGIF restaurant near the Yorktown shopping center in Lombard, Illinois. She was such a nice person.
    Thank you Maricela.

  452. The first person who served me was a little snippie with me when I asked her a question about the appetizer specials but other then that I had a really nice visit.

  453. This is the SECOND time the free appetizer coupon has NOT worked. Both times they said it was used already. DID NOT HAPPEN. Food and service was great, but disappointed about coupon.

  454. I look forward to lunching at TGI Friday's store #1140 in Henderson each Friday after an earlier appointment. My favorite waiter, BJ, I always there to assist me with my food selection. The food is great and so is the service.

  455. I look forward to enjoying lunch each Friday. It coordinates with an earlier appointment and my favorite waiter, BJ, is always there. He knows my eating abilities and helps me select the food right for me..

  456. After a long day, it was nice to enjoy a relaxing meal with some friends. The food was great and the service was awesome. Our server, Mary D., was attentive to our needs and knowledgeable about everything on the menu! Plus she always came by our table with smile! We are definitely coming back to Long Beach Town Center TGIF again!

  457. As always, we enjoyed our time at Fridays. My friend and I meet there for a meal and a time to visit.
    The food is always good and the servers are so nice and friendly.

  458. love goin to t.g.i. Fridays and sit at the bar area the bartenders are friendly,nice and fast on ordering. I love the wings there always fresh and hot and the drinks are very good..that's why I've made t.g.i my spot on Thursday cause I love there specials....

  459. Everytime of late that i attempt to get my free appetizer, the computer refuses me - this is getting to be very annoying as i frequent Fridays very often and spend a lot. I see people coming in for take out with all kinds of coupons and i never can get what i believie i am entitled to according to your advertising - so the cure for this i suppose is to find somewhere else to spend my money even tho i enjoy yur Jack Daniels steak and burgers etc.etc.

  460. Went to TGI Friday's today in Watertown, New York. Waitress's name was Elise. She was the most considerate waitress we have seen in a very long time. Very efficient and polite. Could not ask for more in a waitress. Also, the food was excellent!!

  461. Very slow at first; no one greeted us or got our drink orders... Then the manager came & everything was great afterwards!!

  462. stop by fridays 1/20/14 and it was very pleasent my server was very nice and sweet and food was delicious

  463. We enjoyed our self the food was excellent and the waitress Ms.Tammy was great she made my daughters day!!!!!!!!

  464. I had a delicious burger and fries yesterday. It was so big with so many fries that I brought half home and ate it for dinner!!! I love going to TGI Fridays!!!! Such a sweet waitress named Casie C!!!

  465. I had a delicious burger and fries yesterday. It was so big and with so many fries that I brought half home and ate it foe dinner!! I love going to TGI Fridays !!!! Such a sweet waitress named Casie C. !!!

  466. Our lunch at TGIF Estero, FL, Coconut Mall was outstanding. Rita, our server, is the Best ever and Megan, the hostess is very friendly, and the two make our experience a really fun affair. The Dragon Salmon was DA Bomb, the spinach flatbread and ahi tuna crisp delicious as well as the stripes chips with yummy dips. I always enjoy the Raspberry tea and think this place is TOPS. Highly recommend.

  467. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Coconut Point TGIF, Estero, FL today, January 16, 2014. Rita was our outstanding server and Megan, the hostess was extremely friendly and helpful, also. My husband;s Dragon Salmon was delicious, my Ahi Tuna crisp very tasty, spinach flatbread along with the stripes chips & dip wonderful as usual. I really enjoy the raspberry iced tea and visiting our favorite lunch restaurant in the area.

  468. Our service was great ! The waitperson ( Amanda ) was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and fast, Food was awesome and portions were perfect . Great value ! Will be back soon !

  469. My friend and I have a standing date at TGIF every Saturday Night. The staff is very accommodating, pleasant and work well together. The manager, Mike checks on every table to "trouble shoot" any anticipate problems, as well as help as a "runner" to help expedient all hot platters to customers.

    Thank you

  470. On Saturday the 11th of January, my wife and I had salmon at your Onalaska, Wi. location. The food and service was fantastic. This was our first try with salmon but it won't be our last.

    Good Job !

    Thank You


  471. Our server was very nice and helpful in showing us how to redeem points for a free meal. the service and food was good also.

  472. Food and service were excellent. Waiter made suggestions that were helpful. Devin (the waiter) interacted with us in a friendly manner and was thoughtful in his suggestions. Prompt service.

  473. Your survey is confusing and keeps saying the survey code is incorrect.
    The code on my receipt is 099 001 200 191 010 155 64. I entered it several times
    with and without the spaces between numbers and it says that the code is incorrect.

  474. Meals were outstanding! Waitress was very helpful with our entree choices. As always a great experience at Fridays!

  475. My mother, father and my experience at the Westminster Mall CA restaurant was HORRIBLE. Absolutely, unfathomable. In a nutshell, my father's chicken appetizer was served...well unless Friday's has a new type of SUSHI...Chicken Sushi on the menu. That's right totally uncooked, pink and uncooked. That is so basic...the worst restaurant in town couldn't do that. I have pictures to show how rare. And since I did the complaining....guess who gets the bill. My parents food $0.00 My food and drinks $8.00 for wine and $18.49 for my flat iron steak. I mean even the guys standing out in front of Home Depot know you should comp the table. Don't get me wrong charge me for the drinks. But, I mean my meal you charge. Don't even offer us a dessert. I have pics of the RARE MUNCOOKED CHICKEN and the receipt. Also, this is inclusive as a notification that if my father becomes ill this evening that $18.49 is going to be know....uhmm got it ...Right? yes, a very very expensive exchange rate. I will add the manager got their phone number to call in the morning to see if he is o.K. We mwill see if the phone rings...stay tuned!!

  476. had dinner at Colorado springs on 1-3-14, the food was great and service was the best made me feel at home, will return with out a doubt.Give there manager GOLD STAR FOR HIS JOB HE IS DOING

  477. I like the helpfulness of the staff to explain the menu and several choices of the 2 for $20 or the addition of the $5 for three other entrees.

  478. I was in Friday's on Monday 30,2013
    Myself and two friends and I can honestly say it was the WORST service I have ever received.
    The reason why I am sending this email because I had a coupon & needed the manager and the manager finally came over after 15 min.
    I explain to him the service was awful he left to use the coupon never to return to do or say anything.

    Friday's at the BLVD / largo MD

  479. My husband and I went to have dinner at one of your locations and experience the worst service ever. The drinks although were virgin, was watery and tasteless. Our server brought us the drinks and never came back. I had someone else bring our food and never came to ask if we needed any condiments, so I had to ask another server to bring it. My husband is a chef anf he ordered the cajun chicen & pasta and you could look at his food and see that it was sitting in the window for a while so he sent it back and it took so long by the time his food came I was done with mine. My steak was supposed to be medium well and it was tough and dry. Before I forget, we oedered the spinach flatbread which was cold. Our overhaul experience was awful and its not our first time there but it might be the last. I went online to do the survey as soon as I got home and when I entered the survey code it said that it had already expired. according to the receiptwe had 48 hours to complete the survey. My receipt say 5:10pm 1/1/14 and it is now 5:52pm 1/1/14 survey # 064 001 200 012 010 958 52..... Dissapointed

  480. Quincy was our server,did an excelant job-very polite young man. Very good food.womderfil frozen margarita.

  481. After waiting half an hour for a table we sat down & our server gave us the menus then left us for 10min, came back & asked us what we would like to drink, we asked for 2 draught beers 2 for 1, he said the draft taps wernt working & the bottled beer isnt 2 for 1, so we had water & iced tea .after putting them on the table we were ready to order but he said he would be back in a min he then went & took someone elses order, came back 15 min later we ordered our food came out & the pasta was so dry it was all stuck togetheri had to ask for extra sauce that took another 10 min it was the worst exsperence ive ever had, it was in West Boca fl, code number 1516 There was no one picking the phone up that kept ringing, no one seemed to know what they were doing it was a mess, The place is filthy the lamp shades above the table were full of dust it is nasty.

  482. After spending 5 minutes trying to enter the survey, I QUIT! The site kept telling me the store number was wrong. (TGI Friday's #1908) Then the Survey Code was wrong. (05800240019121008890). Furthermore, my Fish and Chips was cold! Since the waiter never came back and I was hungry I ate it anyway but informed him when I received the bill.

  483. We visited the TGIF at Destiny USA 2 days after Christmas at noontime.
    We did not have to wait, which was nice.
    Our waitress, Jenna, was incredibly friendly and speedy. She answered all of our menu questions.
    When the drink order was done wrong by the bartender, she quickly noticed and changed it for us. I can tell she really listen to her customers and cares about their experience.
    She deserves a raise!