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More Information about Dollar Tree
As a company who respects customer needs and their feedback, Dollar Tree collects customer suggestions and their shopping experience. Dollar Tree, who is trying to have a store near you, is selling housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, seasonal décor, and more! Everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion... and every single item is only $1 or less.

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  1. I found things that I wanted and found things that I needed I had a good experience at the store I really like Dollar Tree store when I first walk in the store somebody said hi to me and said welcome to Dollar Tree I was really impressed the cashier was good she knew what she was doing very kind person the survey code is 312- 8-0978 533 900 00

  2. Always enjoy going to the dollar tree with my friends! We enjoy the employees, who are always helpful when looking for items and the cashiers are always friendly with, 'enjoy your day!'.. wwe will be back for Easter shopping! ♥

  3. Вам не нужно будет объезжать десятки организаций, тратить свое драгоценное время и деньги, оплачивать командировки, услуги транспортной компании для поверки измерительных приборов!


  5. Love Dollartree, very clean store, helpful staff, could use more cashiers. I would shop here before any other Dollar Stores.

  6. I have shopped at dollar tree for yrs and the one in my town has gone down hill, nothing on the shelves, customer service is poor, I keep going back to keep finding the same issues time after time, what has happened to the manager that was there for yrs, she took care of everyone, always had the shelves full and the store was clean with great customer service. I think its time to find a new place to shop sadly. concerned customer

  7. I visit Dollar Tree stores for RELAX AND SLEEP, in the health vitamins area. I buy them because they help me sleep. Its hasn't been available for a long period now. I ONLY go to DT for this, and buy various other items while I'm there. But if you carry this item, I have no need to return to your stores! THANK YOU.

  8. There is foot deep hole at the drive in to your store in Chiefland, FL. Are you going to wait for someone to damage their vehicle and sue or are you going to fix it?

  9. I love the prices there they have everything what I need in the Price Is Right they are very helpful whatever I need it cashiers are wonderful keep keep up with the good work all my friends love to shop there and family even in Cashiers help me out of their way when they're working help me find whatever I be

  10. Was at store #5331 on Sunday 12/17/17. Store is on Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ.
    The men's and ladies rest rooms were blocked with boxes. I was told the rest rooms were not working and to use the restroom at the pizza store across the street. This was at 10:55 am.
    My wife and I paid for our merchandise and left. I hope that you provided rest rooms for use by your staff and they do not have to walk across the street to use the rest room. There were no signs posted that the rest rooms were broken. There was no indication that any work was being performed to make them operational. Thank you. Charles

  11. very disappointed today. I shop at this location 2-3 times per week. but today encountered you rude mgr Griselda incompetent staff. I asked for a number for corporate and was told didn't know that information by a staff member. the mgr was at a register, I got in line she said she was taking the next customer in line, I went to the end of the line she then opened up the line. she shoul have taken care of me.

  12. Was very disappointed tonight when I went into my local dollar tree. One register open while the other cashier was on break. That's not the problem. The problem is when your on a register that won't accept debit/credit cards. I don't usually carry cash( like tonight). I stood around and waited until the other cashier came back from lunch to buy my items. I really needed the items. Why would you not change registers if yours is not operational? To tell a paying customer that you are just gonna have to wait till the other employee comes back from lunch. Not loving dollar tree tonight. And on black Friday no less!

  13. love this store so close to our residence, customer service in this very helpful
    and polite. They stock you carried is very helpful to our community. I live in a 55 community
    snd all of them use this store. thank you for pitting this store the store is #5106

  14. Store#104 love that this new store is so close to my home. Makes it very convenient. The store is always clean,well stocked and there staff is always friendly,helpful and polite! Always a great experience!!

  15. I was in store #3783 today 11/15/2017 around 12:45pm and it was busy with only one register open for about 1/2 to 45 minutes with the line being very long. The thing that bothered me the most was there was another register open, but the young stated she was closed. In the meantime the line just grew with no help from her or the young man with whom she was talking with. I don't know if it was a shift change or she was off, but it was very rude and unprofessional to have all of us customers waiting in line for one register when there was another register and person who could have assisted (team work). Horrible Horrible very poor management!!!!

  16. Store was well stocked. Customers were plentiful. Problem with checkout. Only (1) cashier and 20 people in line. Grumbling could be heard among those standing in line. I approached the cashier to ask if there was additional help? After some time help arrived with a not too friendly smile. she was on lunch break and hadn't finished her lunch. Root problem: Not enough employees.

  17. love shopping staff is freindly stores are clean I walk out spending less money.I go to walmart cant leave there spending less than 100.00 and not have many groceries I can go to dollar tree and spend a lot less keep up the good work thank you for your great prices


  19. The employees make you feel really comfortable and really welcome they quite to help you if you need any help n always they walking around with a smile 😊 in the face.Love this store to much...

  20. Jenni is the best employee at the dollar tree. She is always helpful, kind, always busy doing something, either helping a customer, stocking shelves, or answering a question that someone has, or ringing up a customer's order. She should get a raise! She is a hard worker! Never takes a day off. She is the only reason that a lot of people come to that store.

  21. October 24, 2017 at 6:05 pm
    I have been your store many times and I have seen employees that don't care about the company that they work a customer is to much trouble to help .just there for the paycheck.employees just hanging out and bs with each other. Now I noticed that the new manager Bridget you have is doing a spectacular job of taking care of the store.she has a tough job making sure that everything is going well. Very pleased with the manager you have.I have noticed what a change she has done to this store. The store is located in Springfield TN. And I will always shop this store again thank you!😀

  22. I have been your store many times and I have seen employees that don't care about the company that they work a customer is to much trouble to help .just there for the paycheck.employees just hanging out and bs with each other. Now I noticed that the new manager Bridget you have is doing a spectacular job of taking care of the store.she has a tough job making sure that everything is going well. Very pleased with the manager you have.I have noticed what a change she has done to this store. The store is located in Springfield TN. And I will always shop this store again thank you!😀

  23. The Dollar Tree Store is the best thing that ever happen for seniors on fixed incomes. You can get everything you need to hold you over this next pay day each month. I don't know what I would do without it? And, I mean just that!!!!!!!! and for people on disability too. Thank You in Advance. customer for life. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND FRIENDLY SMILES.

  24. Dollar Tree Stores are the best places to shop. You can always find the thing you need at a very reasonable price. I always find something new every time I go in just to check things out. The workers are always pleasant and the to assist you. Great Store at Great Prices.

  25. I LOVE DOLLAR TREE !!!! It is awesome ! I only have one complaint ! I know that
    "Dollar Tree Corporate Executives" and an awful lot of their people under neath them are doing pretty good for themselves ! Dollar Tree is a "Gold Mine" ! Whom ever came up with the idea was and still is pretty brialiant I must say ! When I go in there I don't come out without dropping at least $50 to $75 bucks for odds and ends ! Don't get me wrong I love the store period !
    The problem I see that bothers me is that I see grown women mainly busting their butts off running that place playing cashier, manager, scheduler, shelf fixer upper etc. ! I live on Long Island and when I hear that someone in charge with all that responsibility and has been a loyal and hard working employee from what I've see working as a Manger for 10 years and making only $14/Hr is totally degrading to me. Usually anytime I go into a Dollar Tree Store there's one cashier and 5 or more people on line with over 20 items each ! Then you'll see the some one come out in their green Dollar Tree recognizable smock and open another register. After talking to them and asking them something about seeing the manager you get a response
    "I am the Manager" ! Then I'm shocked ! They have you running around all over (because I've been in the store an hour I've seen them) doing everything and you're the Manager !
    They need to send out an "Under Cover Boss" to see how some of these people really care and work and go out of their way to help people ! And I give the workers 150% praise for that because I believe we are in this life to help others get through it as easy as possible ! Just holding a door, picking something up for someone, caring how someone working for you feels ! It's not all about money but I sure know "Dollar Tree" is raking in the dough big time ❗️❗️❗️❗️

  26. I visit store # 1396. ( 650 Wolcott street suite 70 Waterbury CT 06705)We love it and shop there all time. 10/17/17.

  27. I visit store #7073 on Creston Rd, in Paso Robles Ca and it is the best kept and stocked dollar store I have been in. We love it and shop there all the time.

    October 11, 2017

  28. visited store 4114, 2222 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 ib 10/6/17 at 13.37.

    The Mens room was discusting. It probably has not been cleaned for 6 months. A sign says wash hand before returning to the soap nor paper towels Next time I frequent this store if same condition exists a call to the Health Department will be in order.

  29. I was in your store at eastern bypass Richmond ky store #28 on 10/5 2017 at 12.30 pm . when we were checking out the line was backed up down the candy isle. TARA was working her but off tryiny to check out customers get ballooms for people you had a worker sitting in isle messing with stuff on shelf I ask her if she had any body to help check' with a really smart attitude she said no she can handle it. you had a lot of mad customers that day what ever she was doing could have waited 10 or 15 minutes while the customers got cleared out.a pass dollar tree customer.

  30. I was shopping at the Dollar Tree on Padanaram Rd., Danbury, Ct., this afternoon. There was one cashier, who I must say, was friendly, efficient, and very apologetic to the more then 20-25 customers who were waiting on line. All this time, the manager and assistant manager were in the manager's office. I have worked in retail for many, many years and the main priority is to wait on the customer. I feel this manager showed no respect for we the customer nor for his employee. He put her in a very stressful situation. The name on the bottom of the receipt is Elizabeth and I truly feel that you should be made aware of the position that she was placed in. In the future I will consider changing my shopping location!

  31. In Rhode Island, the Putnam Pike, Greenville store is, hands down, the best, cleanest, peerless staff of employees, always helpful. This store maintains a greater variety of items than other stores. I don't know why this is so, but my decision as a customer will be to spend my $$$ here.
    Nearby, I have other Dollar Tree Stores which I no longer visit due to uncleanliness, poor variety, and other problems. The day I found the $ Tree Store in Greenville, I no longer worried that what I need will be stocked. Thank you, especially to the hard working employees.

  32. rxy. thanks for the dollar stores. i can save lots of monies shopping at them. if i need a product at the regular store and i know it's less expensive at the dollar store, i go to the $ store. keep em growing.

  33. I was going there at least 4 times a month.
    Will not be going as much now since I was informed that
    they No longer re-load the Green dot debit card...

  34. The dollar tree in La Mesa is nice, clean, but several of the staff have NO CLUE the new gal didn't even know that there was a cart that could be taken outside- and cashiers seem to scan more items than I buy- they don't seem to be able to count if I buy multiples.
    Fortunately the young man that is some type of manager is very nice and helpful -
    Twice I've been overcharged. - That I am aware of- I now check my bill- even tho I have over 80 items each time I go!

  35. So I walk into what I think is a newer store on Kennedy Blvd in Union City, NJ. Every Dollar Tree I walk into is in complete disarray. Floors are not swept, shelves are not recovered and mostly empty. I understand that your primary obligation is to your shareholders. As long as consumers come in to purchase and employees show up to work corporate does not care what kind of condition we have to deal with. How about increasing your staffing and to improve the conditions of the stores and the work conditions for your employees.

  36. The cashier today (Sally) was very friendly & nice.. I go into this particular Dollar Tree @ least 10 - 12 times a week & I rely on the cashiers friendliness as well as all of the employees to be as helpful as possible. After all they are there to earn their pay & if they don't like their jobs or if they don't like a persons skin tone then they are in the wrong business. I bring this up because I have had to deal with that sort of behaver in this store, so when one does show friendliness & being helpful -- I'm overjoyed for the rest of the day... Thank you Sally!!

  37. The cashier a young gentleman needs to learn cs skills. I have been in his line a few time and he NEVER say hi, today his shirt (green) was half way on and inside out, which I find very tacky... I received change back he tossed in my hand the bills he kind-of held them out? Does not say thank you, good bye, go to hell or anything after the transaction.. Never even a halfway smile. If he doesn't like his job he needs to find a new one. I will go out of my way to the Dollar Tree on 120th, 10 minutes further just to avoid his rudeness.

  38. I love that Dollar Tree has gone in so near my home. It's my first stop when shopping for a greeting card or small goodies for my grandchildren.

  39. just walked into grocery heaven! brand new store,here in san antonio,tx.right next to Big Lots!!! where i used to shop! i loved the whole experience. staff still stocking items but very polite and helpfull considering the crowds shoping at the same time were, in a way, a bit of a pain,i'm sure. your prices are terrific and very right on. telling ALL my friends,you have to go to this store,and i'll certainly go back many many times, i told the mang. thank you for thinking of us, the consumers. Freddrick.

  40. Your contest/opinion pages were as small an ant....impossible to read and jumped ahead before any item could be read or completed. Unable to comply with anything.....needs a lot of improvement for your company to collect information on your customers opnions!!

  41. Your test goes to fast to answer, could it be slowed down, I'm 81 and have trouble seeing and reading. If you could slow down I'd be very appreciative.

  42. The store was organize well and the store rep. were nice and very helpful! Store #3533 The store associate: Tyler was nice and informative!

  43. I love the deals at the dollar tree helps save money for people who is on a budget . Nice workers an clean stores

  44. I like shopping at dollar tree but I would like to know WHAT IS THE "NON PRESCRIP" ( $0.05)
    Tax is for????

  45. HI, I have come to this store in Lake Placid since it has opened and they are always truly friendly and I see how they work together as a team, the managers Cindy and Tina are always quick to help their cashiers when the line is long, and are always happy to see and notice the customers.

  46. why do u have a manger and they can not help u or mange your store the line is back up we counted them 25 paying women men standing in line w/one line open we ask for help your manger turn around and walk away from us like we are nothing i ask you what kind of store are u run u need better people in your store that is willing to help this is not good for business DOCTOR ANTHONY.

    1. I like the frozen fruit but every time I have went in there every other day for the last four or five weeks they have been out or they haven't put it out and are not interested.this is at the store in Columbia Tennessee,1412trotwood ave store no.5494. I love shopping there but they could at least keep it stocked.

  47. I would like for Dollar Tree to know that I will never shop at Dollar Tree again. I have been to the store to pick up my order 3 times and I still have not gotten it. No one seems to know what is going on at that store. I am not even sure if I will ever get my order and I am very upset about it. I think something needs to be done with the management at the Dollar Tree in Cedar Springs. I have always loved shopping at Dollar Tree but this experience has really put me off. I know my order was not for a lot of money but it was for something I wanted.

  48. I don't have a lot of money. I am retired. Shopping at dollar tree help me so very much' I pray I well win the Sweepstakes some day. Thank You'

  49. Store located Mockingbird at Abrams Dallas Tx very pleased with prices and service

  50. Thank you for opening the new store in Clearfield,Ut. # 7051 !!! And every time I go there I get this very cute girl name Paulette, i want you to know she is AWESOME at customer service, always so nice and friendly and always ask me if i found everything, every business needs a Paulette !

  51. Im very pleased with tge customer service from tge staff at dollar tree. The staff is always friendly and supportive with any questions we have, mine and my families needs are met! Thank you very much to tge dollar tree staff:)

  52. Love Dollar Tree. Only wish there was a better selection of
    cards "FROM THE GROUP".

  53. I had the most amazing experience at store #889 1466 N. Woodland Blvd. The store manager Al and cashier Jess went over and beyond customer service. My son is in the Military and I usually send a care package. I had 10 products with 10 coupons but the machine would only accept 4 coupons per transaction, the manager AL made sure that all my coupons were accepted and processed. He was amazing, thank you so much and I will return.
    Happy To Be a New $-Tree Customer

  54. I was deeply disappointed today at your Overland store when I went up to checkout with four
    egg poachers for gifts to the ladies at church. They were taken from me as "recalls"!

    I don't know if any consumer laws were violated, but my contention is if it was a recall it should NOT have been on the shelf to purchase AND when I commit to purchase I shouldn't be denied!

  55. Thank you!💕 love shopping at your store. .great prices I'm a single mom on a very tight budget you make my life a little easier😊thank you!!!!

  56. the dollar tree on boardwalk looks bad a few months ago when krystal was running it it was nice the new boss Kenny don't know what he is doing and plays favoritism. krystal should have got the store

  57. My favorite items to purchase at $Dollar Tree are cards. They have a large variety including birthday, weddings, etc., and special holidays.


  59. Shopping at any of the Dollar Tee Stores is a wonderful experience. They have great choices of items and friendly helpful staff. If you are into flower arranging, decorating or crafts---this should be your first stop.

  60. Tryin to enter code but can't get to right page. It has sent me to 6 different links. How do I enter code????

    Than you, Ms. Lewis

  61. I love this store, I can always find what I'm looking for and also what I'm not looking for. I have also done some online shopping and that was satisfying as well.

    Thank You

  62. I like shopping at Dollar Tree, because of the value, and assortment of everyday products, convenience too

  63. Store#2473
    We are in this store almost everyday & very much appreciate all the employees. They are always very nice & helpful!!
    today Bonnie checked us out & she is ALWAYS very pleasant, has a nice smile & is always helpful & patient. She is a great asset to the store!! We all wish the store could be much larger!!

  64. STORE#1173
    ATHENS, TEXAS 75751

    This store should be commended for going beyond the call of duty for putting their customers first. The Sales Associate,Becky, is a true role model for what leadership stands for. She is constantly working on the floor with her employees stocking, checking and answering customer questions. This is my favorite store in our area because of the pleasant atmosphere and great selections for all occasions. However, corporate should allow more employees to assist with the work load instead of a few having to do EVERYTHING.
    Store #1173

  65. i tryed to fill out the survay but it wont let me put in my postal code and i really wanted to enter for the 1000 dollar price!!.but i still think its the best service and place to shop!!!!!.

  66. i think the dollar tree is the best place to shop for all your needs,and the poeple working there are the most respectable and hard working poeple for the customers!!!.

  67. I thought the mugs were a value purchase today.
    items are the reason I shop there.
    Wish the books had more biographies
    Overall, a good store for inexpensive items of need.


    Doylestown, PA

  68. re your store in Seneca SC, it was very understaffed (12/9/2016) when we were there. one customer actually walked out because he had to wait so long to check out. the two ladies that were working there never stopped moving - they were/are hard workers. the outside management of your stores is incompetent. you should listen to what your employees are telling you needs to be done and what is wrong with your current practices. this store was grossly under-staffed on this day at this time. plus it does not have freezer section, which your other stores do. we will not be going back. your stores in West Union & Central are much better run - NOT THE FAULT OF THE EMPLOYEES AT YOU SENECA STORE!

  69. I was shopping in your Spanish fork Utah store and your clerk Rosa was just awesome. She was kind and help me feel welcome. The store was very busy and she did not even make me feel like I needed to hurry or that she was over whelmed at all. I would get in her line any time and wait as long as it took to have her wait on me. Thank you Rosa and you for hiring such a good person. Mrs. Laurie Bates

  70. The Dollar Tree at 3202 S. Belt Hwy in St. Joseph, MO is a total disaster. It is a very dirty store with trash all over the floor & none of their items are faced or arranged nicely on the shelves. This was my first time shopping at this location & it'll be my last! Never have I came across another Dollar Tree that was this trashy!

  71. Hi I am in a small Kansas town of 900. We do not have any place to shop other than the gas station next to me. There is at least 10 miles to the nearest towns. I would ask if you would look into possibly bring a store into this community. Thank you.

  72. The store in Thibodaux La looks trashy. Empty Shelves. The store Manager Heather. Told me she doesn't hire white people. FYI I'm Spanish. What a racist thing to say. I'm thinking about doing a lawsuit because of that.

  73. Just wanted to say thank you for opening a new store in Kelso,Washington. The store was clean, well stocked and employees happy and helpful. I am a happy customer who will be returning.

  74. i shope just about every wk at this dollar tree onmilitary cut off in wilmingtonnc

    always find great items thesales lady is so nice.
    1547083662020018 SEv Thanks pat jackson

  75. Store 6478 Miami falls area,,, Parking lot scam going on,,, while in side shopping my car was towed away... Not jest mine.... Not a happy customer at all......won't be back....
    Not to that store..


  77. I love dollar tree. My favorite miscellaneous store. I went to two today. Got great service at first but not so great at 2nd. He was probably new as had not seen him before, but he needs more training.

  78. I find the stores have a good line of product, but I am going to my local WalMart now instead because living in central Florida it gets really hot sometimes getting over 100* but when you ask why is the store so hot we get that the Corp. says that the stores can not cool them down. Here is a real problem

  79. The store was cluttered so bad, I did not finish shopping, I stop, I was more afraid of falling, from so many boxes down each aisles, could not shop from looking down to see where I was going, Never seen a dollar tree so cluttered. the time was on 09-01-16 @ 20:34 check out in lane 1 #5665. cashier was great store just was a mess, met a nother gentleman, he stated the same thing.

  80. Love shopping at the Dollar Tree Store in Ingersol, Ontario. Canada... . the staff there are friendly and always ask if they can help... some days it is a yes and other days I manage myself.. as i am handicapped and use a walker ... the products are great and most of all the price is right... just saying..

  81. I am very disappointed in store#5585.
    This store is relatively new and I enjoyed it because it was so well organized and well stocked.
    However on my last visit 8/30 I found that it is in a mess and it's not the first time I found it this way.
    The selves are empty and whatever is on them is in shambles all over the place. Stock in boxes all over the store and cleanliness is gone. The current staff are no longer friendly or helpful.

    I have no intention of continuing to shop at this location and will go to a different location.
    I hope that management will improve before it gets to a point that it will lose customers and close.

  82. the store had friendly staff. Also ; the products are of reasonable price. I can, also ; get things there, that I can't find in other stores.

  83. I am happy to shop in dollar tree store because all things is in order and easy to find that good,in portland is the best store that we have with the lower price i love it

  84. store#239 sales associate Tamni 8-9-2016 10:49 she will not use my bags (grab bags) and looked at me like I was a ass for asking but was happy to give me 12 pls.of her bags all but one fitted in my grab bag I will be going to the dollar tree some where but not there

  85. I love to shop Dollar Tree Stores! Look for them wherever I go. Today, visiting my regular store, #2428 in Northport, Al. was not a pleasant experience! It was 100 degrees outside and when I went inside, I could tell there was no AC in the store. At check out, the cashier said it had been off for 10 days!! Dollar Tree should not expect their employees to work under such conditions! Working day in and day out in such discomfort is unreasonable. Plus, your customers don't want to stay too long either!

  86. I would like you to know how very pleased I am with the service I receive in this store #5681 in Hudson, Fl. The cashier [Brenda ] is always so considerate and willing to go the mile to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The first thing you hear is "welcome to Dollar Tree" and can I help you find something. The last thing is "Thank for shopping Dollar tree". I'm in your store several times a week and I always enjoy my shopping in your store. Please commend Brenda for her wonderful work and attitude toward her customers.

  87. Store 863 on South Avenue in Boardman is entirely to warm. The temperature has to be in the high 80's year round. I feel for the poor employees who have to work in this sweat shop! Turn the air up for goodness sake!!!!!!!

  88. Store #6374 is on my route to work and almost every morning I stop in to grab some snacks or just anything. And it never fails whoever is on the register they are always kind and courteous from the time you walk in the door until you receive your receipt. Everything in the store cost a dollar but their customer service is priceless.

  89. I love the dollar tree stores, I sometimes just drive around to as many as I can find just to see if the same things are there or what they have thats different. Lisa Looney drom Hemet, ca 92544

  90. I visited your store # 3954 and could not believe how organized and clean it was. I use your stores a lot but they are always so disorderly and not clean. I was really impressed with that store. The assistant manager (her name was Sherrie or Cherie) was very helpful and was spending her time organizing and cleaning the store. The sales associate when she was not waiting on the customer help her. They made Dollar Tree more than just a job, it was a reflection of their work ethics. I just wanted to give these two ladies a high five for the wonderful job they're doing at that store. Wish there were more people like them in them.

  91. This Dollar Tree Store (Store # 2912, 2001 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29205-3720),
    is a great Dollar Tree Store to shop in. I especially love the way that the Sales Associate, Ulanda, greets people when they come in, and helps customers with a smile, if they need it.

    Thank you for providing me, and other customers, with such a great shopping experience at this store.

    J. Johnson
    Columbia, SC

  92. The Dollar Tree is a nice clean,organized store that I enjoy shopping in. I find so many items that would cost so much more in another store. The employees are very helpful if you can't find something you want. Love the card section.

  93. store needed to have more supplies out on stock there were materials still in boxes throughout the store. Not bad to pick up items for $1..

  94. I have just returned from your location on Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg, California. Needless to say, I am somewhat perturbed! The line had 18 people in it ( I counted them) with one cashier! The cashier had to keep explaining to the customers that she was the only one there. Now I ask you what kind of Customer Service is that?

    My neighbors and anyone else that shops there will definitely be informed of this ridiculous situation. It not only makes is hard on the customer but also for the poor cashier, who has to explain to each customer why the line is so long! Unfortunately this is the only Dollar Tree that is near by.....but after this experience I will drive find another dollar store!

  95. I came in to store 601 about three days ago, and a cashier name Katasha said something so sweet and true about me that I didn't want to realize. I told her about my day at the hospital and I told her about me having a stroke and a heart attack an now I have a pace maker, and she look at me and smile, and said well at least you are still here with us. I just smiled at her, note that I've hadn't smiled all day.. I thought about what she told me all day. She really is a very sweet young lady.. Always a pleasure with her. Love My Dollar Tree!!!


  97. The new store in Mesquite, Texas #6334 that just opened is great. The employees are very good at their jobs and the store is great. But there is only one parking space for the handicapped. This is a big problem because a lot of handicapped people rely on shopping there to budget their income. there needs to be more spaces for them. THANK YOU

  98. As A Stock Holder, I am sending this outstanding report about a Dollar Tree Store I visited todaY, 5-31-16. The store No. was 636, and I complimented the Manager about how organized and clean the store is. How ever, There is a store in Landover, Md. Rt. 202, that is a MESS. It is always dirty and crowed with items in the floor with hazards for shopping and walking through the aisles. I visits many stores and find most of them fair but the store #636 should be a model for all the rest. Thanks for listening and visit the stores more often to assure their cleanliness etc.

  99. Love Dollar Tree The greeting cards are all Wonderful!
    All the cashiers are all friendly and I always enjoy shopping there.

  100. I love the dollar tree. It's so much fun. It's like a treasure hunt. I always find myself saying wow, when I'm in there. The only time it's not fun is when I get a cashier with a bad attitude. Today when I went - store 1890 at 13345 worth ave. woodbridge va 22192 ..I got a cashier named Deshapreca she was in the 1st lane near the door, she was so nasty, I said good morning she didnt respond, so I said it again, still no answer, then I said this lane open? she said the light is on, I said I see how this is going, when I got home I noticed she had rung me up twice for the same item cheating me out of a dollar. I dont think nasty people should work in the public, spoiling others good feelings.

  101. I do Not want to receive emails. I completed your on line survey thinking I was completing the Dollar Tree Stores survey. I choose to opt out of future email alerts/advertisements. I do not appreciate being misled into completing a lengthy useless survey.

  102. RE: Store #5116 This is the worst store On any given day you go there the shelves and frozen food are empty. The lines are always long with only two cashiers working when you ask to open more lines they say they dnt have enough workers and management goes back in the office. the store are not clean and when you ask management if they are going to get anymore of a product they dnt know. The managers are very unprofessional in front of customer. The store is located in Harlem 301 w.145th St NY 10039 Sale ASSo, Medinah Please check into this store. we deserve to be treated better this area bring in a lot of business for your store. Dnt take us for granted. Thank You

  103. The store has so many great choices, I always get much more than what I went in to buy

  104. I go there every chance I get and I always receive fantastic service!!Great store!

  105. Excellent people skills. I go in here about three times a week. The employees are kind, thoughtful, positive, and are very good representatives of your company.

  106. I'm wanting to know how can I purchase the terrikai chicken it the small box it isn't the one with the pic of rice with it. I used to get it at M.Vernon,IL but they quit

  107. I like shopping at the store in Albany, Oregon always clean and the people working there are helpful.
    One thing that I miss are your maple leaf cookies, you have not had them in your store for a year.

  108. The cashier pressed the wrong key after I entered my password on my debit card. She cancelled the transaction. It would no longer accept my debit card. I was a good thing that I had another debit card to use. The cashiers should be more careful when pressing buttons. I was embarrassed.

  109. Today at your store #4088 located at 2618 Eldridge Parkway B6 TX 77082, I was witness the most Bizarre thing ever. As I waited in line for cashier to ring me up, she said I will ring up after the three customer in line behind you. I was shocked and aske her ( middle aged Afro –American lady ) why she said because I have too many item and the lady 's behind me have fever item. I protested and demand to talk to a manager she called another sales associate name TAMIKO to ring me up while she engaged talking with another Afro American lady near the counter. When I asked where is the manger she said she is the manager, than I asked to give me the central office phone number, she I don’t know, go and google it. I been always done shopping in Dollar tree stores not only for myself but also my students project. It was the most unpleasant experience I ever had shopping there. I can't believe how this lady had been hire as your sales person, and become the Branch manager. I don't know if is due to lack of proper training that she is not following the basic regulation of standard business, or due to lack of management accountability. On either case hope you will be able to look into it, and stop hiring such unprofessional people representing your Company.

  110. 3/25 tonight I went into your store on sunrise highway in Patchogue to pick up a few things like I've done so many times a week for a couple of years now first I asked your so called manager about a product you have had many times little bitch got so sarcastic I wanted to smack her fresh mouth then I get what ever I needed to get I go to pay for my stuff and the line is down the aisle many people where complaining for them to open up another register I felt so bad for the woman on the register when she asked that little bitch of a manager to open that little bitch told the other girl she was to busy to open that people just need to wait. Then I forgot something and I had to go back I got there at 9:55 and the store was locked the sign clearly says the store is to close at 10:00 pm. If this is who dollar tree in trust there store to I feel sorry for you because that store will not last in this town

  111. Store 2973 a very clean store, well stocked and the employee's are very friendly. Nice size a lot of great deals.

    Thank you.

  112. Awful experience on 3/21/16 at store 357 in Largo, Fl. As I enter there is a hand written sign on door for P/T stocker. Hand written! I am in store to buy sympathy card, a puzzle for grand daughter and dog food, I review store, what a mess I see! First the floors are just filthy, gum all over the front end, down 6 aisles that I walked there were 27 case stacks, blocking product. In toy aisle I had to go to stockroom "open door" and call out for assistance, no response, I call out again, as I call out the third time a man comes around the corner and says, I quote "I ca not leave as I have the back door open" he was unloading a truck. Talk about inventory, holy cow, it was floor to ceiling all over the place. Way, way too much! I asked for help getting a puzzle off the top shelf, too high for me to reach, I'm 6 ft. Tall and it was still over my reach, how could a lady get it?
    Well, I found my items and got in line to checkout, number 5 in line, cashier never called for help. I got checked out, cashier said that will be 3.21 and what pops up on register screen, 4.21, I told cashier about it and her words were, "I told you 3.21, didn't I."
    Rest assured I will never shop your stores again, I was just stunned how each associate disregarded me and didn't offer any apology what so ever.
    I spent over 40 years in retail, from bag boy to D/M and never experienced such disregard for a customer.
    Right from the get go your store was a turn off, hand written signage on front door, floors so dirty, case stacks presenting a dangerous situation, employee attitudes and amount over inventory.
    What more would a company about customer satisfaction, so you can stay in business?

  113. Hi my name is Steven Kinczylo,

    I am just writing you a letter to tell you about a Dollar Tree store in Winnipeg MB,located on
    Portage ave and Donald.St in downtown Winnipeg. There is a young supervisor working in that
    store by the name ADAM. I,m letting you know he treats me and other costumers very well while
    were shopping there. Adam deserves a promotion or a good report on his employment record
    for his great work by treating his customers +myself with respect. Please tell the head boss in that
    store in Winnipeg about this OK! I quite frequently shop there a lot to buy diet coke cans a lot.
    I talk to Adam sometimes mostly about the weather in Winnipeg. HE always tells me have a good day and come back again. The only thing I should say is switch over your drinks to Pepsi products
    because they taste better. That's just my preference.

    Thank You for letting me share this message.


    Steven Kinczylo


  115. Very clean store and very friendly employees will shop there again and I will tell all my friends and family about it

  116. I like the quality of merchandise and the value. Prices are reasonable. Sales are Great!

    Survey code 3714 0717 6487 0000

  117. First, let me say that I love Dollar Tree. I am retired on a fixed budget and have to watch my spending. I usually shop at the Dollar Tree in my small town, but yesterday I shopped at another store near where I was doing other shopping. I was thrilled to find items that have not been available at my regular store for several months. The bread was fresher, the store was neater, larger and much better organized. I spent more than I had planned to spend because of those reasons. The staff was very polite and knew more about their products. While I like to keep my tax dollars in my own town, I more choices.

  118. I live right across the street form the store and go there a lot the manager is a super nice guy and so are his staff . They opened a dollar store in the Mall but no way not for me I will stay where I am appreciated and give them my dollars .

  119. i loves the dollar tree stores its clean and everyones just so helpful.and i loves that everything is a dollar.

  120. First time in the dollar tree in tillsonburg on broadway help full and vary friendly, i will continue to go back. thank you to awesome employee's there :)

  121. I enjoy browsing at the store, no hurry, lots of different items, it reminds me of a country general store of when I was a kid....many...many years ago...

  122. Today 2-2-16 the nile's dollar tree this is third time we have gone to this dollar store and we were very impress how this young man and the cashier went out of there way to help us out. when we came into the door it is not an automatic door open. but this young man came running to open the door for the three of us who were in a electric chair and 2 walkers. and he told us if we need help just call him and he would help, and that he did also the cashier saw that lady having trouble carrying the basket in the electric chair and ask if she needed help Gloria said yes she followed her to the drug area to get her mouth wash. she told her I'll put it up front for you. you don't have to carry it around. It is great to see that people don't act blind toward handichapped individual. these two youngster make us seniors glad to see they were raised right to respect older individuals . I have the young lady's name is Latoria from the receipt but the gentleman we don't have his name but we told the manager about them. our hats off to great employee's like them.

  123. I always enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree. I find what I want and it is always only $1.00. Lots of times I find many things that I did not intend to buy. It is a fun place to visit.

  124. I love the Dollar Tree Store. The people that work there are always so friendly and helpful.

  125. I shop the store in Lithonia, Georgia about 2 times a week. The personnel are all very helpful. Nancy can tell you where anything is and will help find it for you. Keep the friendly smiles and greeting coming. I feel so welcome.

  126. I live in Butte Mt. Our dollar tree store is high volume and under stocked. The shelves are so
    bare I will drive to Bozeman tomorrow to shop their dollar tree. This is a constant issue and
    I have talked to managers at both stores. Consider giving better service to Butte.

  127. Eventually found some juice that did not have high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient.
    The utility lighter I bought did not produce a flame after about 10 lights. I can still see the gas level in it.

  128. This morning after 800am my husband was walking outside of the dollar tree store. He slipped and fell on a box tie. He landed on his left arm and is hurting. I have been reporting this dollar tree frequently for the litter in front of the store and parking lot area. This dollar tree is located is in Weslaco Texas on W. Highway 83. One of the workers was in her car and asked if he was alright. He said yes and left. Now he is hurting from his left arm. Please call me at 956-756-0015.

  129. Vivo en city of gardena por mas de 20 anos. Nunca en mi vida me avian tratado tan mal como lo hicieron hoy dia 01/06/16 en dollar tree store 5460 localizado en 1310 w rosecran ave gardena ca 90247 vendedor a cargo Willian a las 10.20 de la manana. Esta es mi historia sali del gym fifness 19 esta a lado de dollar tree store . sali cansado y necsitaba comer algo de proteinas . entre a dollar tree. y mire un paquetito de nueces y almendras y otras cosas mas como ingredientes . pague un dollar . bueno habri el paquetito dentro de la tienda y dentro del paquete no contenia nada de lo que indicaba el paquete.i deseccionado del producto, di media vuelta hacia la caja rejistradora y le dije al vendedor si podria cambiarlo este producto por otro producto. no pedia el dinero solo pedia un cambio. EL vendedor me dijo no por que ya lo has abierto. le dije solo quiero cambiarlo por que no contiene nada de lo que ofrece el producto. la compra solo fue un dollar . pero dime quien te regala un dollar en esta vida. Le dije al vendedor un poco enojado solo te estoy pidiendo que me lo cambies no quiero el dinero. el vendedor en forma inrespetuosa me dijo que me salga de la tienda . me enoje mas y le dije que el cliente tiene la razon . me contesto bye .
    le dije dame el numero de la corporacion de dollar tree. me dijo espera . no me hacia caso me tuve que pone al otro lado de la caja registradora. realmente le quiria romper la cara por malcriado.
    en forma sarcastica me dio el numero y me dijo buena suerte numca mas regreses a esta tienda.
    le queria romper la car pero me contuve. el savia que los telefono de la corporacion de quejas de dollar tree no contestan el telefono. queria hacer el complaint dentro de la tienda para este vendedor sepa respetar al cliente. ya no lo quiero ver a este vendedor en esa tienda por que la proxima vez que valla posoblemente le rompa la cara. estoy enojado por el trato espero que los encardos de esta tienda agan algo al respecto.

  130. The store on N W 23 was one of the nastiest store I have ever been in. Want be going back.
    In Oklahoma City Oklahoma

  131. I am just so upset on the condition of our Hooksett N H Dollar Tree, as a customer and former employee it just is so depressing for me to shop there, that store under the management of Alex Mitchelle was one of the nicest stores could shop in all employees took pride in there store and kept clean and stocked for our customers now it is filthy under stocked and just disgusting,the only reason I shop there is the prices but even at that you can handle ever find stock on the shelves. Well I have said enough, there are some great people that work there but under this manager they can only do so much, he does not take pride in ownership and does not work as a team ..

  132. When I go to Dollar Tree, I can as a rule get everything I need there.
    Around the holidays I can what ever I need like at Christmas time I can get everything I need
    for gift giving. It's fun to shop at dollar tree, come Easter I'll be going again,
    Please don't ever leave us if you do I have no idea od how I'd be able to get my Christmas
    or other things. I want to thank are Dollar Tree for being there to help us when we need there help
    and for giving there time to us at the holidays.

    from: Columbus, Ohio Janet

  133. I shop at store # 4306 frequently. On Dec 8 I purchased 2 decorative tins. They were not big enough for my purpose. Due to holiday demands I didn't get back to exchange them until last week. They refused to allow my return with original receipt. I showed them the statement that says, " We will gladly exchange any unopened item with original receipt". I was as flexible as could be--I said I would take the discount value, I would accept an exchange, or full refund. The clerk said the manager refuses to allow the return of holiday items.
    What about your policy that any item can be returned (as stated on every receipt)?

  134. I visit store # 4591 at 3137 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA 30906 on a regular basis because it is convenient for me. I need to tell you that this store is A HOT MESS. It is not clean and it is very unorganized. Someone needs to clean the isles and organize it better. The manager is there all the time but she is usually on the phone. I worked retail for many years and this is just unacceptable. There needs to be a major overhaul on the way this store looks. I cannot blame it on the Christmas season because it is a cluttered, unorganized mess the whole year round. I hate to keep harping on this but have some pride in your company.

  135. Me gusta la tienda de dollar tres por su variedad de articulos pero sobre todo que esta super económico.

  136. Just a few minutes ago, I was one of two customers in your store. The sales associate, Jessica, was engaged in a casual conversation with a young man, obviously the only other employee in the store. The lady customer ahead of me was transparently perturbed that Jessica was more focused on her 'chat' with the boy than she was in taking care of her customer. The boy was 'chatting' when I walked into the store, and kept on talking until the minute I left the store. Meanwhile, Jessica (almost oblivious to what she was doing) inadvertently gave me a penny more in change than was due. I have returned the penny, along with a letter to your New Haven Store #6088.It's fine if your employees want to have casual conversations while they work, but if a customer is at the register, I'd think that would take priority over "chitter chatter". Just a few days ago, I had the same kind of experience at Dollar General, just down the street from your store (and very convenient for me). Two clerks were more focused on how the customer ahead of me SMELLED....and I ended up being charged DOUBLE for my gallon of milk, all because the employees were distracted by their personal conversation. It wasn't worth going back to Dollar General for my $2.85; but, it worth noting that I'll probably not be shopping at Dollar General anymore when Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Kroger and Walgreen's are all within the same proximity to my home. I know these employees are not highly paid - nor are they highly motivated to provide any kind of customer care. But, having spent a career in sales and customer service, I can tell you that the "little things" like this can add up to a significant lack of customer loyalty. Ron Oetting, P.O. Box 1, New Haven, IN 46774-0001

  137. I was at the Dollartree on Commercial Drive by the Skytrain; I didn't get good energies from the Cashier. Not even a smile either.
    No Christmas spirit I guess.

  138. I went to the West Springfield Mass Store# 1159 and Sheila was working and was no courtesy from here said Hello to the other customers but me. I hope there more polite and courtesy in these stores thank you

    Jay Paul

  139. I like dollar tree except the one i go too has lots of boxes and clutter from unplaced items. Kinda claustrophobic.

  140. This is the best Dollar Tree store I have been in. The store is large and very clean. New product
    is constantly in the store. Great with seasonal and holiday change overs. Very pleasant staff.

  141. Dollar Tree Is the best place to shop because they are so nice to me dollar tree is the best best I recommend you to go.

  142. My name is mrs smith and I'm writing to you tonight of what I observed Dec 18 2015 at approximately between 4oclock and four thirty. Customer was walking shopping around when Kim the assistant manager gave the customer a dirty look approached her and said whats your problem I'm going to punch you customer was silent and manager and myself approached Kim. When Kim was approached Kim moved and swore at the customer and stated to her for no reason your going to be banned from store I approached the customer which her name was Joanne I heard and said you okay I heard Kim threaten you customer applied I'm okay and was quiet didn't say a word. I think Kim was very rude and yelling and threatening customer I heard Kim say I was banned from walmart going after cashier and I will do it to you. I've been in that store multiple times and the language between those two managers is not professional also putting down their general manager he's s----- and useless I think the other ladies name is holly and seems to swear a lot in front of us customer it's not called for all the bad swearing not professional they both are in the wrong profession I've been going their for a long time and the way they both treat their staff is bad. I love that little girl Alexis very great worker always pleasant and helps me she knows her job. I hope something will be done because I won't be shopping their especially with my grandchildren and the language from those two ladies. Thank you mrs Betty smith

  143. I love love love our dollar tree store!! I never have a bad experience and the customer service is outstanding! I go there at least 3 times a week and I am never disappointed with the quality of the items or the customer service. If I have a question about an item the sales associates go abouve and beyond to help me receive the item I am looking for. Overall fabulous experience each and every time I go and now I have even gotten my husband ( who hates to shop) hooked on your store. Can't say enough good things. Keep up the great work. It is very appreciated by this customer.

  144. I shop at the dollar tree on 63rd and may in Oklahoma City, Ok, and the staff are always attentive and friendly;however on December 13, 2015, the person in charge interrupted my check out clerk to scold her like a child about taking a 18 minute break instead of 10 minute break. A person with managerial skills would know to be not only respectful of customers, buy also of staff that show up to work for promisssory notes at the bare minimum that does not even cover the cost of living in the United States, and that has no value, and job that has people in charge that have no humanity, just like the savage world that has continued to pass out Slave label to us, and treat us like we are less than human even though we are the Indigenious people of the Americas, specifically the America the Republic of Morrocco. The Moors- The Olmecs-The Asiatic. If possible please pass this knowledge on to the staff of Dollar Tree. We are the people whose Legacies have stolen. thank you

  145. I enjoy shopping at your store only thing is you cannot use the restrooms they have them posted as out of order all the time.

  146. I can always find cards, cleaning supplies, paper and plastic items and now even Christmas decor without brewing the ban!

  147. Willmar, MN store is dirty and unorganized!!! Stuff in every isle and empty shelves, over stocked store room. Stuff should be out on shelves!!Very understaffed. I feel sorry for those who work there.

  148. I go to dollar tree everyday too have a diet pepsi and ice cream I Love the people that work their.

  149. The employees at Dollar tree are always very helpful. The store is stocked with very good bargains. I always leave with more than what I went in for. Isn't that what business is all about?

  150. Latoya, your employee at store number 5939 is always so very nice and polite. You have a real asset to your store.

  151. I left a long comment but used the auth code on my sales slip. Then told I used the wrong code. I hope you rec'd my happy appraisal.

  152. very good store to shop at because they carry a lot of good items at a reasonable price and staff is very helpful.

  153. I shop in the Lenoir NC Dollar Tree and find wonderful bargins. I wish the store was larger with more parking. The isles are very crowded. Wish you carried more craft items, such as wreaths. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and make you feel welcome. I really save money when shopping there. Louise

  154. I enjoy shopping at the dollar tree. I do find the staff very friendly and curtious . Bargains are great . Plenty of items to choose from . Thank you . Doreen

  155. The Coalinga, CA dollar store has pretty good selection, that being said the store has a very high staff turnover; staff express their unhappiness with the manager; staff does not acknowledge all customers (they do not smile, say hello, or say thank you); only one line even though manager is not busy she will not come and help and that seems to be most of the problem.
    Very poor customer service. I try not to go there unless I really need to because the customer service is not good most of the time. Please feel free to check it out! 11-22-2015

  156. i enjoy shopping at your stores,because you can find a variety of good products and other things that you often need around the house.

  157. I LOVE DOLLAR TREE. It has everything that I need. I have gottin to know the Staff at the at the 5 stores in my area. They are always helpful. Where My Grandchildren was little I would give then some money to spend. It was like when I was little and shopped at the Five and Dime on shopping day. Keep up the Good Work.

  158. I love to shop at the Dollar Tree . The staff are very helpful and pleasant. They keep the store so clean and wonderfully organized, with almost anything you could possibly need. I love to make crafts and this is the best place to find what I need.5 stars to the dollar Tree!!!!!


  160. i love shopping in the dollar store great store love to win a 20.00 gift card ang 1000.00 will help pay my bills

  161. I have always loved going to the dollar tree. there are always new items, prices are awesome can't beat them. Employees have always been very friendly, store is always clean.

  162. I was shopping at my local Dollar Tree store and I noticed that they were not playing the usual Christmas music over the P.A. system and I inquired about it with the cashier at checkout. The cashier told me that they had to stop playing the Christmas music because one customer had complained about it. I am outraged that the store would do that over the objection by one customer because I am certain that if the Dollar Tree customers were polled about it, the majority would be in favor of playing the traditional Christmas music and telling the one complaining customer that the store will not offend the majority of its customers to satisfy one unreasonable one.

  163. This is misleading, I don't need instructions on how to take a survey, I just want to do the survey!!! This is the reason I don't bother with the computer version of feedback and use the phone line and I 'm sure there are many more just like me!!!

  164. Can find all items at cheaper prices although there is a problem getting items once it is sold out. ex: holiday items once gone there gone.

  165. Shopped Dollar Tree today and as usual (Sisco and Angie) were just as polite and cheer full as they have always been when we have been to the store. Sisco greeted us with a happy "welcome to Dollar Tree and Angie was putting up stock and greeted us the same way when we went down an isle she was working." We have a dollar store and family dollar store with in 3 blocks of our home but we are happy that Dollar Tree opened a store where they have. We will be regular customers at this store. You are lucky to have these two people representing your company.

  166. This store is frequently sold out of moth balls and often sold out of bread. And more diet soda to choose from would be good too.

  167. the people who worked in the store and its managers are very helpful and also know the products at
    their sites. One thing hard at times was to locate the item you had bought before on a store nearby. Plus your website merchandise doesn't indicate if the store in toronto carries them. I also find a difficult to find the merchandise on your website.

  168. I can alway's seem to find the things that I'm looking for out of a vast array of items at a nice fair,logical thinking first of the people price's which is basically what all the store's should learn from you do. Like the (Good Book) say that You Reap What You Sow. You're Sowing Good Seed & Reaping a Good Harvest - Way to go DollarTree - two Thumbs Up. "GOD BLESS

  169. I love to shop at Dollar Tree. This store reminds me of the old five and dime stores of yesterday. I can buy snacks, decorative items for the holidays, household items at an affordable price.

  170. The dollar tree has lots of new items with good quality. Always love to see what they have. And the staff is very friendly.

  171. I love to shop at Dollar Tree. I go there all the time to get many supplies. The staff are friendly and the prices are great! I can't buy a coffee at those prices anymore. For camping supplies I go here too because if something gets damaged or broken...big deal. I will replace it from Dollar Tree. I always let people know about Dollar Tree. And how great it is to shop there. I will be back.

  172. I'm having a hard time entering the contest. I punched in The Dollar Tree as my favorite and
    that took me to my facebook but then nothing.

  173. Fountain Hills, Arizona Dollar Tree Store,
    Today I received exceptional assistance from one of your managers (I think) named Randi,.
    She was very curious and gave me service beyond the norm,. I thank her very much.

  174. sales associate Letitia
    store#2320 13233 aurora ave n
    seattle wa 98133
    is a nice cashier an cares for costumers, I will shop
    at dollar tree'''

  175. I love this store. However, when I called 1-877-368-2540 and they asked for survey code, they said it was incorrect. I was reading from my receipt. Survey Code 9713. What gives?

  176. you can get your house hold needs for so little and make your new house like new with all the products from the dollar tree :)

  177. I love the new dollar tree they put my neighborhood it use too be a family dollar they both are good stores .

  178. I love The Dollar Tree Store. Every time I go in for one (1) item; I come out with at least
    10-20 items. Can't beat the snacks, etc. Just need more personnel. A separate person
    for balloons when the store is busy or a special counter just for balloons. Wouldn't mind working there part-time; can't stand too long though.

    Would recommend for all family and friends.

  179. I have visited store #4465 in Tampa a few times since moving her a few months ago. The service is very friendly. There is a gentleman employee that always greets me when I walk in by saying "welcome to dollar tree" and he always has a smile. Great customer service.


  181. I just left a Dollar Tree store in Marshfield WI. and I will never go back in there again the girl who checked me out was in such a hurry that she shorted me 2 dollars when she gave me my change back and I didn't realize it until I got home. She started to check out the next customer before I was even out of the way. I found her Customer Service skills very poor!

  182. Just want you to know I will not go in any other dollar store. I usually shop at your stores in Rutland and Benninton but stopped in Burlinton, Vermont on my way out of town. In the stores I have been in the employees have been very helpful, but I can tell you, the woman I dealt with last night, was the best. Cared about the vases I bought, got me a box, and was pleasant and friendly. You should be commended and lucky to have the people you have representing your stores! we have Dollar general popping up all over, which I hate! I live in Manchester, Vermont and shopped occasionally at the dollar store there, not sure of the name, but mostly junk. We used to have a Ben Franklins there, which was great for a needle, buttons, etc. There is nothing like that now. Would you please look into that area, there are two new hotels being built, we have an annual horse show event and just a lot of tourists. It is a beautiful place to visit in any season. Just wanted to let you know, where you come across just plain rude clerks, that I have always had a pleasant experience in your stores. Thank you.

  183. What a blessing store, I enjoyed shopping for so many items that assisted me with decorating my house and others. Most people shop at this store because of the great prices. We thank you and your staff for helping all of us. God Bless.

  184. my first time shopping at this store,I really enjoyed the layout of the store well organized and clean.Store3250 (19870)Sugarland,Tx.

  185. I can't find the survey web page either.. Very frustrating. Your employees are always rude and do not care about their customers. It's a shame .

  186. This website is useless. I often find great bargains at your store, but I have a terrible time trying to find the right website for your survey - right now I ran into a million websites which bear your name but do not take me to the actual website. I cannot find the right website, and I do not have time to waste trying to find it. You really need to make the website more easily accessible.

  187. Kathryn provided the worst experience.... As a 1st time customer this associate was rude, as she proceeded to raise her voice at me, that she did NOT CARE, that I had to wait, not once did I raise my voice at her after she insulted me & the assistant mgmt. just stood there & did nothing... Asked her why she allowed her to talk to me that way.... Store 5363

  188. I always enjoy shopping at Dollartree, because the employees are always nice, no matter how busy they are. Plus, whenever I go there, I always end up buying more than I planned.

  189. I was in your store a couple of days ago and liked what you had to sell and workers there were very nice and helpful also told me about this and to go on it if I wanted to. So here I am..

  190. Store # 5803 is my very favorite. When you walk in the door you are greeted by the fresh fragrance and clean, bright appearance of the whole store.
    The staff are all friendly with such wonderful smiles they brighten my whole day!
    The shelves are well stocked but not cluttered or messy. The isles are clear so you can peruse without running into things.
    Shopping here is indeed a great highlight of any day!

  191. The employees are generally courteous & do what they can to be efficient. By that, I mean there are times when an unexpected (?) # of people come into the store when no expected. With over 20 years of my own experience, I know how that goes !!!

  192. I really like the dollar tree for many reasons: `
    I get all my batteries there
    I get all my wrapping paper, cards ribbon and tape there plus many other things

  193. I visit dollar tree about every other stores come close to the customer service.and the prices.i save money every time I go to dollar buy a dish at the dollar tree for $1.00 but at walmart it will cost you $3.00.what a heck of a deal.keep up what your doin.

  194. I agree, very hard to find the survey response area. Two employees working together, never noticed I was trying to get through aisle; too busy on their phones and talking to each other.

  195. impossible to enter survey. so much easier at other stores such as walmart, sams club, etc, tried this store approx. 6 months ago and same old same old

  196. been going to Dollar Tree since the beginning of your stores. The one place left where people who have to stretch their money can shop and get quality merchandise...

  197. I always my shopping experience in dollar tree. they have such a wide range of products.

  198. Wonderful friendly employees. Store is always organized and clean. Seems to be a very happy atmosphere,

  199. I have been trying to get my comment printed but for some reason it won't allow it. The only complaint I have is that your workers and especially your managers are highly under payed ! It's a sin to pay your store managers a measly $14 dollars and change per hour. Your stores are not an easy task to keep the shelves stocked and so neatly at that ! You have a lot of items that are small and very tedious to stock and keep looking so enticing ! That all falls on the managers and the workers ! They are the ones keeping your stores in business and and filling your pockets with millions of dollars ! I believe we are on this earth to help each other get through this life as easy as possible ! Please try and think about your employees ! They are the "Support Beams" in the Sky Scraper you are building !

  200. Where does the comment go if I post it and it doesn't appear? I would like to say that the Dollar Tree Stores are the best thing since Apple Pie &Vanilla Ice Cream ! I love going into the store and when I do I feel like I did when I was a kid going into a candy store ! They have wverything you can imagine from little toy gadgets to dishes and glasses on your dining room table ! The only thing that makes me feel bad is that most of the workers that I have dealt with are very cheery and helpful but I believe they aren't getting paid enough. I feel bad for them because I know it's a lot of tedious and time consuming work just to stock and keep all the stuff on the shelves and very neat and organized at that. I spoke to a manger in one store and she was only getting like $14 and change per hour. To me that is degrading for any human being. This woman put her heart into what she was doing and I felt really bad that she was struggling in life working for a big franchised store and wasn't reaping any benefits from the large amount of sales the store was making. I usually go in there for a couple of items and come out spending well over $60 bucks each time I go in there ! Lol ! You can't help yourself. I know that they have this in mind with the whole idea that everything is $1 dollar or less ! It's a great concept for the owners and the consumers alike. But the poor worker who makes this all possible is the one on the bottom of the "Totem Pole" !!! I love your store and would die if they ever closed them down. Please think of your workers, the "Support Beams" in the SkyScraper you are building ! Thank you for your time and I hope you can really hear what I'm saying. If everyone helped people get through this life alittle easier it would be one helluva a ride going through life !

  201. I can't find this comment that I posted that is why I'm posting it again ! I would like to say that the Dollar Tree Stores are the best thing since Apple Pie &Vanilla Ice Cream ! I love going into the store and when I do I feel like I did when I was a kid going into a candy store ! They have wverything you can imagine from little toy gadgets to dishes and glasses on your dining room table ! The only thing that makes me feel bad is that most of the workers that I have dealt with are very cheery and helpful but I believe they aren't getting paid enough. I feel bad for them because I know it's a lot of tedious and time consuming work just to stock and keep all the stuff on the shelves and very neat and organized at that. I spoke to a manger in one store and she was only getting like $14 and change per hour. To me that is degrading for any human being. This woman put her heart into what she was doing and I felt really bad that she was struggling in life working for a big franchised store and wasn't reaping any benefits from the large amount of sales the store was making. I usually go in there for a couple of items and come out spending well over $60 bucks each time I go in there ! Lol ! You can't help yourself. I know that they have this in mind with the whole idea that everything is $1 dollar or less ! It's a great concept for the owners and the consumers alike. But the poor worker who makes this all possible is the one on the bottom of the "Totem Pole" !!! I love your store and would die if they ever closed them down. Please think of your workers, the "Support Beams" in the SkyScraper you are building ! Thank you for your time and I hope you can really hear what I'm saying. If everyone helped people get through this life alittle easier it would be one helluva a ride going through life !

  202. Why did my last one post at the top of the list and the one I wrote about the employees low,low salaries disappeared ? Can youeplain that ?

  203. Where is the comment I posted ? Why don't they post the comments as they are submitted ? It would take me hours to get to the most recent comments because there are 2,476 of them and the web page may show ten at a time ! What's up with that ?

  204. I would like to say that the Dollar Tree Stores are the best thing since Apple Pie &Vanilla Ice Cream ! I love going into the store and when I do I feel like I did when I was a kid going into a candy store ! They have wverything you can imagine from little toy gadgets to dishes and glasses on your dining room table ! The only thing that makes me feel bad is that most of the workers that I have dealt with are very cheery and helpful but I believe they aren't getting paid enough. I feel bad for them because I know it's a lot of tedious and time consuming work just to stock and keep all the stuff on the shelves and very neat and organized at that. I spoke to a manger in one store and she was only getting like $14 and change per hour. To me that is degrading for any human being. This woman put her heart into what she was doing and I felt really bad that she was struggling in life working for a big franchised store and wasn't reaping any benefits from the large amount of sales the store was making. I usually go in there for a couple of items and come out spending well over $60 bucks each time I go in there ! Lol ! You can't help yourself. I know that they have this in mind with the whole idea that everything is $1 dollar or less ! It's a great concept for the owners and the consumers alike. But the poor worker who makes this all possible is the one on the bottom of the "Totem Pole" !!! I love your store and would die if they ever closed them down. Please think of your workers, the "Support Beams" in the SkyScraper you are building ! Thank you for your time and I hope you can really hear what I'm saying. If everyone helped people get through this life alittle easier it would be one helluva a ride going through life !

  205. It is interesting how much you can buy for a Dollar, But in a Regular store, it runs about $3 or $ dollars over for the same brand, and the other brands that the dollar store sells, is = over the other brands,

  206. I love shopping at the dollartree store there is so much great stuff in the store that I can put in my house and use for craft think you so much

  207. I love this store located 2740 west 16th st Yuma az 85364, always very helpful and employees always have a smile on their face, I recently bought a sunscreen from loreal for $1 score......almost $9 value at walmart and its amazing thank you once again Dollar Tree!!!!!!!!!

  208. Large, clean store with wide isles, merchandise neatly shelved, and very courteous checker. I always find what I want.

  209. our dollartree is great except for the fact that they don't have a restroom. I have had to leave or not even think of going in because of this.

  210. dollar tree is the best store to go to i love to go there i thank god for makeing these store i save so much money every thing is a dollar it help me in my family save i pray to god that yall be here for ever

  211. My dollar store is within walking distance and I like to walk with my grandkids and let them choose 1 choice each. They have fun too.

  212. Our Dollar Tree store in Angola, IN is full of such great buys. I go there often, especially for the cards, party choices and the cookie isle. I save lots of money in this store. Love it!


  214. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the store and variety of items. Love the prices, too!

  215. We enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree in Angleton, Texas because it is conveniently located in town and it's full of value items we can use daily.

  216. We have only one Dollar store in Butte, Mt. Dollar Tree is it. I like shopping there and find all sorts of items.

    However every time I go into the store the aisles are full of unboxed merchandise. I wish the shelves were stocked in a timely manner so the aisles, that are way to narrow to begin with, were out of the way. I've only seen 2 cashiers in the store so I don't know when they are supposed to get the shelves stocked.

  217. Have been to the Dollar tree in Plainville Ct. on New Britain Ave and everytime I go in there are no carriages, spoke to the manager who by the way, was very very nice, and she said that she has asked for more carriages for her store and does not get them. They only have a few and need more for the amount of customers they get in their store. She looked all over in the parking lot for me and they were none, so she finally found one in the back of the store that had some cardboard in it and emptied it out for me, or else I would have left the store and went somewhere else to shop. Then an elderly lady came in and she couldn't find a carriage either. Please try to get more carriages in that store because I love to shop there.

  218. Hey, this is all new to me for really of all of the times I've been going to dollartree I've not really payed to much attention to the bottom my receipts but, I did this time. That's why its imperative to analyze & read everything.

  219. Had to pick up a few household things that I needed and some dental items as well. awesome price total - $7.42 is why I come to the store several times a week. Forget going to the big stores when I can get everything that I may need at Dollartree with much better prices.

  220. I enjoy going to the dollartree it has a good selection merchandise for me to choose from along with a small chat & a great smile here at 5032 Dixie Hwy which is truly a nice place to shop.

  221. ur clerks at our Dollar Tree in Grants Pass OR are very courteous and helpful..I was waited on by Curtis and he did a good job..then he went outside and all over to gather up shopping carts for ur store..almost running..did a great ur prices, and quality, and ur return policy

  222. I love shopping at dollar tree, it is one of my favorite stores to shop.
    The cashiers are always so pleasant, and give good customer service.
    The associates are so helpful, they take the time to show you where
    you want to be. Thanks to Dollar Tree Associates. I shop at the one
    in East Over, and River town, and when I'm out of town.

  223. Sonya was a great and very welcoming person at this store and even told one customer why would he ever shop at Walmart when they have everything at DollarTreee right there in Gainesville!!!, she is indeed a great asset!!! Thank you

  224. I had to carry my items purchased today in a box because my Dollar Tree had run out of bags AGAIN !!! This is getting old. I stated I am going to start bringing in my used Kroger bags so customers will have something to carry their stuff to the car with. This is happening a lot !!!Store#3305 4753 Dixie Hwy Fairfield, Ohio 45014-1847 This is so unprofessional and embarrassing for employees to have to explain to customers we have no bags here is a box.

  225. Love the Dollar tree in Streator. Looks very nice, things got changed around a bit, lots of new ideas. Most of the staff super friendly.

  226. i shop a average of 2 to5 times a week in hawkesbury ontario
    so the entire staff nows me
    i had a bad experience whith your maneger gerry
    i purchase 2 extentions for electrique appliance but i found others at my house the day after i haddent opend the extention so i went back to the store to exchenge them for to other items of the same value an your store maneger said it wasent possible
    strange 4 month ealier some other employe did an exchange dissapointing

  227. love going to Dollar Tree. always find bargains. people on social security cant always afford to shop in the big grocery stores but we can always afford Dollar things at Dollar Tree. thank You for making our life affordable. one item that I like but can no longer find is French Vanilla Cappachino. the store I shop at is: Gretna LA #2710 The survey was not working so I couldn't do it. Please enter me in the prize drawing.

  228. Always love shopping at the Hellertown store !! I just hope that some one looks into the supervisor that works there (the crazy blonde lady ) When she does move away from the office which shes always in there when i go in she has carts of stuff all over the store makes it very difficult to shop but makes the other employees put the items back She is a slob just how she walks around and dresses and makes more of a mess for herself and every one else I work myself in retail and maybe she should come work with us at our employer and see what fast fun and friendly really is HINT HINT !!! what a miserable person Every time i go into the store and she is in there she never says hello how are you nothing just walks past to demo something else wish i knew her name didnt see a name tag maybe shes past her prime to be "large and in charge "

  229. I like The Dollar Tree but not the cashiers because they give you $15 short & won't check the cameras.

  230. omg I love dollar-treeeit awesome soo cleean and every thingis one dollar as they say i love it alot!!!! i love u dollar tree ~dollar-tree.....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥.♥

  231. Dollar Tree 1000 Gulf FWY League city TX 77573. This store is always clean, well stocked and organized. All the staff I have encountered are awesome. I am always there Sunday Morning for my paper.. Wish you would have more Sunday papers delivered there. They Go way too fast with the couponers....

  232. None of the Dollar Tree stores I go to are ever staffed. You have to wait forever to get balloons or to ask a question. The lines are always long because normally there is only one cashier. You can never find anyone or see anyone else even walking the floor to ask for assistance. I have started only coming in the store for greeting cards at certain locations because they are raggedy with product on the shelves out of place and unkempt, while there are some others that don't seem to carry much product (food) but are very, very clean and service is remarkable.

  233. I want to thank you for finally putting a competent manager at store #5318 I have been going to the east Patchogue store, since they opened and have seen the other incompetent managers, I should have gotten her name, but wanted to let you know what an excellent job she is doing I am sure that you can see the increase in sales she has always been extremely helpful,never runs out of bags the store looks much more organized since sheaived,never wait on line for long anymore,not so in the past,shopping there has been much more enjoyable,I only hope you have some kind of reward system she certinaly deserves it,manager of the month,orsome other reward.,she is a thin redhead

  234. I like doller tree because they have the perfact stuff for me when I go their I like dollor tree sents when I was littie thank u for every thing dollor tree.

  235. My wife and I always find great bargans at dollar tree .we spend more time shopping at dollar tree than any other discount store . the cashier is so nice,and the prices so impressive. we have found that by shopping at dollar tree, we save a lot of money, no store can hold a candle like dollar tree. THe isles are full of great bargans, you just can,t beat the bargans.

  236. Please see if you can help me I have a receipt im trying to enter and is not working code 7950027192490009

  237. I love the dollar tree because they always have what you need and always have new items too.
    Super great if you are throwing a party they have everything you need for decorating.

  238. today I was looking for the sugar-Free candy the one I usually buy, It was'nt on the shelf.....a clerk went to look in the back. They were out...I was really nice of her to check!

  239. Today I was looking for a calendar and they pointed me to exactly where they were at.

  240. I like to shop in dollar tree store because all the items is cheap also all the employees are helpful and friendly.

  241. i always enjoy shopping at any dollar tree...there is so much to choose from. I have yet to go into a dollar tree and not buy something. Its nice to have a store where anyone can afford something.

  242. I love shopping at the Dollar Tree, so much to choose from and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  243. Dollar Tree truly make limited/low budgets for food and personals go farther. "Couldn't make it without Dollar Tree"

  244. Two female employees greeted me with a pleasant "Good Morning" when I entered the store.
    Perhaps they were instructed to do so, but it sounded sincere and was appreciated. Their
    pleasantness carried over when I checked out at the cash register. I am elderly, and
    "us ole folks" appreciate kindness. It made my day.

  245. I just left the Dollar Tree at 455 Main Street Trussville, Al 35173. The cashier needed bills; $5.00 and 1.00. She called a woman named Quita to get the bills for her. It took a very long time for her to return with the bills. When she came back to the register I said "Could I just get my $6.00, please?" Quita looked at me with a mean expression and said, " WHEN I COUNT HER MONEY BACK." There were customers behind me waiting. Everyone was talking about how mean she talked to me. I was so embarrassed to be talked down to by this woman. I am 65years old. She should respect her elders, her job and your company. I think this employee is doing you more harm than good. There are other dollar stores in town.

  246. I tried for two days to find the dollartreefeedback servey with no luck.You need to make it easy to find unless you don't want anybody to win money.

  247. I love Dollar Tree. The employees are really friendly and helpful. Shopping at Dollar Tree can save on food products. Great products. Dollar Tree first before the big grocery stores.

  248. I was in your taylors store #5349 the cashier Alec was rude because I was using a recycleing bag. he wanted me to use your bags, telling me they were recycleable, when I still wanted to use my bag he was put out. I still will visit your store, but will not using him as my cashier. thank you

  249. I am a school bus driver and enjoy shopping at dollar tree for presents and treats for my students.

  250. Dollar Tree actually has most items in their store for $1.00 while the other so called dollar stores do not. This is why I prefer to shop at the Dollar Tree stores.

  251. I'm so glad that we got a decent Dollar store in our small town..And specially Dollar Tree


  253. always love shopping there my cashier was betty great smile I live in red deer alberta wish they had one in fort mcmurray ab

  254. Yes me and my wife shop at dollor tree each week we are good customers, please put us in for the drawings, you can send information, too Ridgecrest 724 south 10th st apt 314/ 309, Arkadelphia Arkansas 71923 thanks,

  255. Why do you have so many darn websites that are nothing more than rabbit trails leading to nothing but dead ends? I don't want your stupid thousand dollars....I only want to comment on my experience at one store I went to for the first & second time this past week. Don't make this thing as tuff as "rocket science!" Thank you and have a good day.


  257. I shopped at the Beaufort,SC store for the first time today. Employee Wendy had told me on Monday that she had the item I was looking for and would put it aside. When I arrived at the store she had not put the items aside and I was told that what you had was on the shelf. Needless to say I will not be back.

  258. I shop a the Sulphur, LA Dollar Tree & I love shopping there. The employees are friendly & helpful & I always find little "treasures" there. I have been shopping at the Dollar Tree stores since 1994 when I first started teaching. I found little goodies for my students, classroom decorations, inexpensive gifts for my students. I enjoy going shopping at the Dollar Tree stores.

  259. I was able to find everything that I needed for my event and it was of course only a $1 each per item. I love the Dollar Store and will return again and was pleased with the service at the Tukwila Store at South Center.

  260. I love our Dollar Tree which is at Church Ranch and I-36 in Westminster, Colorado. I would say I shop there at least once per week and the staff is wonderful, friendly and always make shopping there very nice! Dollar Tree is the BEST! My store is 4136 but the one in Arvada on 88th is excellent as well.

  261. Your recommend a friend needs some work. I put in a personalized message, a friends email address, my email address and a name. Your app didn't have a method to activate/send my email recommendation to my friend. Because of the lack I also didn't get my 10 extra chances as stated in the text of the survey. That was the most frustrating part of doing business with Dollar Tree.

  262. Dollar Tree is a blessing to us who are on a fixed income. The employees are always helpful and friendly. Dollar Tree makes a dollar go a long way.

  263. I have my own neighborhood store that I go to every time #4368 and its the best place to go when I'm looking for snacks or little daily house items for a great price. I find so many things that I need or use that by the time I get to the cashier I have a cart full of goodies that doesn't break my wallet.

  264. Dollar Tree store # 1555 - Thousand Oaks Drive, San Antonio 78232

    Late last week, I was in the store looking for red wine glasses I had bought before.
    One of the ladies (Laura/Lauren?)said "come back next Friday (today), I will put a case aside for you". Well, I did not think much of it but stopped at the store today while shopping in the area.
    She was there working and I casually asked her (not expecting her to even remember)... Sure enough, she went in the back & got my case of glasses (there weren't any on the shelf) - I could not believe getting this kind of service from a $ store. I am so pleased......

    Asked the cashier, if I could speak to the manager to complement on the lady who helped me & come to find out she is the manager of the store!!!! Thank you & I will continue to shop at your store - please keep up the excellent service!!!!!

  265. I visit store #1105 weekly. The store is neat and clean, the staff helpful and friendly. I usually come in to pick up one item and leave with five. This week I spent $10.00 at the store.

  266. My Dollar tree store #4471 did not seem to have a very large inventory for what I was looking for. But will try again r another Dollar Tree!

  267. I was very frustrated this week with the service at the Dollar TRee In Nampa, Id.
    Emilie was working the cash register ...only one station open and there were at least a
    dozen people in line. I finally asked her if she could call for more help....someone else
    was on break so that wasn't possible. GIVE ME A BREAK....what's more important here???
    I think some one needs a little more training. Thanks for listening....DC

  268. Th Dollar Tree Stores in my neighborhood are very effective. Store 370 yesterday really went above . I appreciate great customer service. I work retail as well so I understand. Shout out to that crew on 6/10/2015. I appreciate you.

  269. I love Dollar Tree, my only complaint is I have to drive to another town to shop it, which might be a good thing otherwise I would probably be there daily

  270. to whom it may concern i think that store#1513 is the cleanest and very well organized dollar store i have shopped at in a very long time employes are very helpful kudos too all

  271. You need to install supermarket doors for your stores. Akward & difficult to navigate a shopping cart through double doors.

  272. As I want to submit my entry for the feedback survey, I enter my address etc but when I go to the next page it says not available...

  273. Thank you for the opportunity to win! For anyone having trouble locating the survey, there is a link right under the embedded video and following paragraph,More Information about Dollar Tree..... :)

  274. I tired to take your survey but impossible to get into it.
    I love your store and go there at least a couple times a week.
    the employees are great. Friendly, very helpful, and always smiling. This is very unusable in this day and age.
    Thanks for the excellent service and products.
    Nona Croskey

  275. Crunch time in food prices. Especially for elderly who try to survive on Social (bankrupt) Security. Then, hit with rising property taxes and the nonsense in NH for additional "view tax." (What if I were blind?)
    The average age of the part-time worker is 36!
    Ergo, I'm a "regular at the Dollar Tree. Last visit: $83 (donated to the Church foodlocker. (Last week the local CAPs fed 800.
    Logically, the Dollar Tree prevents crime, i.e., affordable food products. Good job!

  276. I have been shopping at the Dollar Tree in Vernon for a few months now, and OMG the ladies are wonderful. They are always smiling and helpful.

  277. Overall it's a clean store with adequate supplies. Employee's were met customer satisfaction.

  278. Right when I walked in the girl at the register welcomed me. When I was looking at the balloons, I heard another salesgirl tell another one to ask me if I needed assistance. I was only looking, but that was nice.

  279. I am very please with the dollar tree, the employee are very polite and helpful

  280. I love Dollar Tree! They are so friendly! You have some of the best deals that I have ever found. I shop there at least once or twice a week, usually more. You help me supply items for my Girl Scout troop, my children's group at church and school supplies. I also use your items to fill my Christmas shoe boxes for under privileged children and the shoe box ministry of Samaritan's Purse.

  281. Shopped today at dollar store in Novato, Ca. Love the store. great employees, but we need shopping cards. Lugging 120.00 worth of items in hand baskets is awful.

  282. Hi! My name is Robin Hafer and my group and I love shopping at Dollar Tree. I'm trying to take the survey by I don't see any place where I can fill out the survey. I have two current receipts and the survey codes are 5910 0169 0345 0207 and 5810 0736 1445 0209. Thanks for your helpful employees.

  283. Dollar Tree is a great asset to our community & keeps simple, everyday needs available to everyone...

  284. I, appreciate all of the Dollar Tree's across the globe, that I've shopped at. But, that was when, I had transportation. And since, I don't have a car, now I'm really grateful, that there is one within walking distance. "Everything's a dollar $$$$ that's wonderful!!!! :)

  285. I do enjoy shopping at our local Dollar Tree store. The only possible negative comment I could make would be that our smaller store doesn't always stock all the products available to the Dollar Tree franchise. My choices are to travel a further distance to the larger store or to wait and wait and wait...hoping that someday I'll find what I need.

  286. it was store #4029 I bought ibuprofen and paid 1.01 and my cashier was jan and the manager was terri they were very friendly to me

  287. i go to your store every chance i get ...i love it ...keep up the good work...o and by the way...very very clean...hat's off to all you guy's ty

  288. Thank you for putting a store in my area. I have shopped there many years.I know that I have saved $100.00's of $.Thank you. God bless!

  289. dollar tree is awesome, I can get all the nice product in affordable coast.

  290. It would be helpful to be able to get to the proper sight. I love dollar tree and couldn't make my budget without it. It's grand. Love shopping dollar tree.


  292. I always fine extra products that I need that is not on my list. Your store is very close to my job and home.

  293. The people were pleasant and very helpful. The products purchased were good quality and reasonably discounted prices. Thank you very much, I will return often to store#1512 in OKC, OK.

  294. Store #1370 has the friendliest folks I've come across in a very long time. Rebecca is the best. She's always happy go lucky and very, very helpful. It's a pleasure to walk into that store. I rate Rebecca and the store a 10.

  295. I was treated very rudely and disrespectfully by an assistant manager Carol, at store 924 In Parkersburg WV . She needs training or not expose her to customers. It was totally unnecessary and has been reported to Customer service.

  296. Store#4922. I love everyone there! They are all like my Second family, and I am in there more than 5 times a week, on a good week. I never have any money b/c I spend it all there. They have the best prices on food, and it's amazing what you can get for a dollar. A loaf of bread for a dollar? who would have thunk it? A toothbrush? For a dollar. That is awesome!! Socks, shoes, dishsoap. I can honestly say that I am addicted to the Dollar tree. I was so ready when it opened in my town. We had one back when I was young in our mall, but they had closed down b/c they never used to get new things in!! This one has promo items they get in, and always have new items to buy!!!!!!

  297. The Richardson store # 3939 has improved tremendously. I like the freezer in the back and the bread product section. Shelves are always stocked and neat and attractive to the eye. The new manager is named Dedrick and he has truly improved this store. My favorite employee is Maria and she always asks if I found everything I was looking for. If it wasn't in the store Maria always told me when the next shipment would be received....I appreciate that. Both of these are outstanding and deserve commendation. Seasonal items are always arranged attractively.

  298. Jim & I live on a fixed income and helps us in more ways, Like with the every day needs after the rent and bills.

  299. Store # 1983 at 8510 W. 13th St. No. Ste. 110 Wichita Kansas is the worst Dollar Tree Store I have ever been in. First the shelves were not well stocked at all! When I asked if they had more o! a certain item in the back she said no, we should have a truck in Monday or Tuesday, so check back Wednesday or Thursday. Then when I went to purchase a balloon that clerk did not ask if she could help and when I asked what colors the Star were available in she said blue and white. I ended up getting the blue one, which she put helium in and handed to me without a word! Next was check out and there were 3 people ahead of us. One had a basketful! We stood there for sometime and finally another clerk who was not doing anything said she could help us! We will never go back to this store! Hopefully, you will get management there that cares about customers and providing quality and friendly service! If not I am sure you will loose many more customers!

  300. what I really appreciated was Shanna going out of her way to point customers to the products they were seeking. Her attitude, as well, was very warm and friendly. She is an exemplary employee

  301. A pleasure shopping at the majority of Dollar Tree Stores. A wide selection of items used often may be purchased at a reasonable price saving money for monthly bills such as utilities, gas, etc., etc.. I appreciate the stores being kept in a clean, safe manner and I also appreciate the variety of items sold in Dollar Tree Stores. Thank you.

  302. I moved to Corinth MS recently & have never NEVER been spoke to as rudely as I have by this store employee!! My receipt says her name was Brooke & EVERYTIME I have been in this store #3114 she is rude and acts as if she's bothered by the customers!! She snatched my money out of my hand today & very rudely sighed when I took the extra 10 seconds to put my change into my wallet. I'm very disappointed in this type of behavior and would rather spend a little extra on a purchase at Wal-Mart or DGS

  303. The store is so convenient for me. I can always find just what I need. The clerks are very friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to shop there.

  304. Was pleasantly surprised at the lady on the register. I asked her where to find a certain item and she told me where to find it. When I couldn't find it, she proceeded to take me to a different aisle and found the item for me. A pleasant, have a blessed day followed my check out.

  305. This is one of the friendliest stores I have ever been in. I have been in Dollar Tree stores in Chicago, Aurora, Oswego, Taylorville, Decatur, and DesPlaines Illinois. Also several in Georgia.

  306. Looking forward to the larger store. Due to construction, books, Bibles were not available, which was what I happened in to purchase. Did $7.33 purchase of unplanned items. Like the value for the money at Dollar Tree.

  307. poor service, one checkout person at the cash register and long lines. put my items back and left.

  308. I've never been disappointed with the Dollar Tree Franchise stores. The employees have always been helpful and very acomitadating. I will shop at Dollar Tree forever. Thank you once again.

  309. love your store,prices are great. I go in there all the time. I love the solar dancing characters
    you have every month. your store has everything I need.

    I could go on and on. Main thing I shop there a lot and buy a lot when I have extra money. Please stay in business.


  310. I really love the Dollar Tree Store, most of all their greeting cards. Always find what I am looking for and the clerks are so helpful.

  311. love shopping at dollar tree so much is the best store ever I DO MY ART AND CRAFT and it help a lot...

  312. At store #552 Tabitha, the store manager, always asks me if there is anything that I can't find. On the weekends that our local paper has coupons, she saves a paper for me as hoarders buy all the newspapers in the 1st 5 minutes that the store opens. Tabitha should be commended for this & her smile & great attitude.

  313. Out here in Medford Oregon there are only three Dollar Tree stores. Yet each and everyone of them is well operated, stocked, with friendly cordial staff. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences shopping at these Dollar Tree stores. I feel people should know the truth. Thank You Glen W.

  314. they have always been an awesome store to shop at, not to mention the money I save on so many things that I find there thats even in the bigger stores. Very happy and Loyal Customer!!!

  315. I love Dollar Tree, Our store has the nicest Manager and all of her employees are cordial all the time. I buy a lot of items in the store.I have been able to save some money on some of the items.
    Thank You for having one of these store in my area.

  316. To whom it may concern deed may suryey .Would not pay be of 3549 Carolina stree gary Indiana 46409 219-9800424

  317. As always I had a great experience shopping at Dollar General. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  318. everytime I have gone into this store all staff have been very helpful,I have also found evrything that I was lookingfor and more love going to the Dollartree

  319. Dollar Tree is awesome ! I'm farsighted, and I'm very tight on money to by prescription glasses . I checked out their reading glasses section, and they had a pair for me. I'm very greatful to have good temporary pair of glasses until I get the money . Thank you

  320. The employees at the Dollar Tree stores in Hickory are so pleasant. I especially like to shop at store #5832. The store is so clean and organized. The employees are so willing to help me find things. This store has become my "destressing" store. I go here any time that I am stressed, depressed and need a pick up. The experience of going in this store makes me smile. I never leave the store without finding something I want or need.

  321. I bought 6 items 4 were light weight and small. the clerk handed me the bag I asumed all was in the double bag I got home and found the 4 light items were not in the bag and it wasa doubled bag. Needless to sayi am not a happy camper. I am not going to waste fuel or time to go back. survey code is4709 0851 3387 0201

  322. i like dollar tree somethings fall apart a little to fast but what can you expect for a dollar.

  323. I have bought some terrific products at the store but unfortunatly they don't seem to be around to long ! For example I purchased a can of Wye River Foods 'RED CRAB SOUP", it was superb so knowing that it probably would not be around to long,I purchased 20 cans. In fact it is not around anymore! Another discovery was a product from Peru by Del Destino named 'Grilled vegetable mix'. I had seen this product at Whole Foods under a different name for $2.69. Knowing the Dollar Tree syndrome I bought 5 cans and I'm sorry i didnt buy the whole stock! Another one La Torre Foods "refried beans'. Bought 5 cans. Recently Caputo foods " Gnocchi" vanished.Thank God I can always find Kendale Farm and Hanover Foods product other wise my pantry would look more like your store !

  324. Sorry I took this ridiculous survey. Really has no bearing on me. Please
    delete all my information.
    Thanks you,
    James Connor

  325. Really enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree to see what I can get for a dollar these days. I enjoy looking for party items. You can decorate without spending 100.00$ or more for 25.00-30.00. I can even get inflated balloons! Everything except the cake! The clerk was very friendly, with a smile and a joke.

  326. I enjoy going in the Dollar Tree just to see what they have different every week. I also enjoy shopping there also, I always buy more than what I should.

  327. I love Dollar Tree. My favorite place to shop. Always buy more things than I go into the store for. I love it.

  328. Love my dollar tree, My husband and i love the fact that is like 3 mins away from my home and they are so friendly and happy people.. Always have what we need..

  329. love your store too bad I have to travel quite a distance to shop there. I could not do the survey. the process was not very helpful so was unable to do it.

  330. Store Manager Blake Griffin was EXTREMELY rude to both store clerk and myself (the customer). His behavior was absolutely unacceptable. I have never before experienced other than kindness and good customer service from everyone else at this location.

  331. I love Dollar Tree. I get all my cleaning supplies and more. Of course I get pick up things here and there that's I don't really need but for only a dollar you just can't resist. The employes are always nice and friendly and store is always clean. Shelves are always stocked and they have a wide variety of products. Thank you for being here!!!!

  332. Ok being a good customer I visit your stores at times and on Tuesday got a receipt for the customer feedback survey. After several attempts, I gave up. I went to this page, another, then it automatically sent me there...and seeing the word 'survey' I click it, no luck. One page wanted me to open an account. Why cant you just have a simple survey, have your customers answer and be done with it. This was frustrating, and no survey was taken. I tried

  333. I really enjoy the dollar tree. I find that I have to be careful because I could just buy the whole store!

  334. the manager estelle appears overworked and is rude and acts very put out when i ask for assistance. the rest of the staff is nice and courteous.

  335. Love the Ellington CT store . Kevin is great and all the employees are pleasant and helpful. The prices are the best.

  336. Very nice store, very clean and very helpful employees. I bought a pair of sunglasses good quality for the price. I will definetly comeback to this store and tell my friends.

  337. I was in store number 4920 in North Richland Hills, Tx . The younger male
    that was working was extremely professional and genuinely friendly. Not only to me as I shopped and checked out but, I noticed he treated everyone that way. It was a pleasure crossing his path today.

  338. I love the Dollar Tree in Delran NJ even though I live across the bridge in Philadelphia. It is huge and very well supplied.

  339. Stopped in today to purchase 2 items. When I went to check out both lines had 8 to 12 people on them . Three people on line were purchasing ballons, there was no one else who worked at this location who could help the 2 cashiers which caused a 20 minute wait to check out. If you are short of help then the manager to step in to assist.

  340. I love this store. I might as well have a bedroom there because I go here for just about everything!

  341. I love shopping at dollar tree especially with my grandsons they enjoy all the things they can get for such a small amount of money

  342. love your store!! So unique!! Different kinds of food and Everything!! Thank you!!
    Have a great Day!! Most Sincerely,Teri Ann Mayo 4/15/15

  343. Stores are great. Employees helpful and polite. How to get to the survey is extremely NOT user friendly. Have yet to get to it.

  344. Dollar Tree personnel are very nice and helpful. Dollar tree stores I love shopping their, they have a lot of great products.

  345. Dollor tree has everything you need. You can walk in and find everthing. If perfect college to get food, cooking utensils and a lot more. I enjoy going to the dollor tree.

  346. Found great deals on all the stuff I needed and more and Karen the casher was so nice and helpful thanks a 1000 times Karen

  347. I was a customer in store #5346. The cashier was very friendly and super helpful. It was a pleasure to shop in a store where the employees are a delight to talk to. I will not only shop here much more frequently but I will also pass the word to the people I know and come in contact with. Great job and keep up the good work!

  348. I was looking around certain thing to find. A stock person approached me asking if he can help. You did not have the item I was looking for but appreciate the offer to help me. I will be back for sure.

  349. I look forward to my visits to the Dollar Tree Store in Goffstown, NH. I find great value in the items that I buy there - more so than in stores carrying similar items. The staff is always friendly, courteous and helpful. I plan to continue shopping at Dollar Tree.

    John Kroehler

  350. WaKe Up 2 Peace'LaMP'ChaMP Dollar Tree
    Dear.Dollar Tree
    A Great Value & Great People
    My Doller is in LA Store#5013
    3710 S.La Brea Avenue
    Nickey & Eric are Kooooool

  351. I am a customer at your freehold store #3784 that i often use since it is convenient for me. One day when i was there an elderly women asked me where something was, thinking that i was a employee so i decide to help this women and ask one of your associates. i went to go ask one of your associates the question that was standing at the register with another associate talking when i said excuse me she turned to me with this expression that i was a bothering her, I asked her where this particular item was she informed me i turned around to walk away and i was amazed with her attitude. So me working in the field of customer service i was shocked so then a week later i went back into the store to get my niece balloons because she was in the hospital, well was i in for a big surprise because your manager Tiffany had a lot to say to me. She asked me if i was in the store last week and I said yes she then decide to raise her voice, and that is putting it lightly to tell me that I don't need to talk down to her and that she is no child or should be treated that way. Customers in the store were looking at us as you manager Tiffany is yelling at me to get her point across, but i'm not sure what the point was i treated like a child because i asked her where something was in the store? Or that i interrupted her telling a story to the other associate. Whatever it was I have never been so humiliated in my life, all i wanted to do was get my sick niece balloons but I guess when you save money by purchasing them with you i paid for in the abuse from a manager. I cant believe that you would have someone working there like that let alone in management. I am not sure if she confused me with someone else or what it was but being a manager NO ONE should be treated that way and from now on since this experience i will think twice about shopping there and will tell me friends and family.

  352. I enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree Ican always found something new evertime I go there.

  353. the new store in shenandoah just opened, and I'm so happy, I love these stores and now that is one only 10 min from where i live I will be doing a lot of shopping at that store.thank you for opening that store at that location.

  354. Dollar Tree Stores give to me the happiness of saving.
    So i love shopping at the Dollar Tree Stores.

  355. Today I was at a store in north Miami beach store #5631. And I wasn't happy cause I witnessed and employee theft. ive been in retail for over 35 years. I bought five items and the employee asked me for 5 dollars. So I asked him no tax he said no and I saw his hand in his pocket.
    I realized no receipt either so I wonder how many cash customers he has done this too. the sales associate name is Keith.

  356. I think with hard money times. People feel good about getting what they need at a very good price. And the workers that you see every time there become almost like family.

  357. I go to the Dollar Tree every time I can. I like what is sold there. The prices are in my price range now that I'm retired. The people there are very friendly and always ask if I found all that I was looking for.

  358. The cashier who checked me out was very friendly and made sure to ask me how my visit to the store was that day, she has assisted me on prior visits and her demeanor has always been friendly, yet professional. I'm impressed because in this day and age most workers are just that, workers, not concerned for their customers.

  359. I have been shopping at our local Dollar Tree Store since it opened its location a few years now.
    So far, the employees have been friendly and the store has been neat and tidy, no merchandise laying around everywhere. There is the occasional toys being played with by the customer's children and not put back by the parents but usually happens when there is an sale going on ( like Easter, etc.)
    I like to shop for my kid's school supplies, during Easter for decorations, and greeting cards that my daughter likes to give to family, friends and her teachers (she uses her allowance to pay for the cards and trinkets she sees for her friends).
    I appreciate that the store carries U.S.A. made products but I don't like how it also carries products with harmful ingredients in them such as: Cocamide Diethanolamine (Cocamide DEA) Diethanolamine (DEA) Benzophenone, Titanium Dioxide (chemicals that are harmful to us) I have no seen Bisphenol A (BPA) products, though some plastics don't have the BPA free label on them.
    I stay out of the shampoo and liquid soaps aisle because most of the products have one or more of these harmful ingredients in them. They do have the "Warning Sign" located where the products that carry these ingredients are, so buyers beware.
    I do hope that in the future, they stop carrying harmful merchandise, bring in more U.S.A. made products and better quality products for their customers.
    That would be ideal.

  360. Made 2 visits to this establishment today, 4-02-15, Sonja was very friendly but there was another woman I believe to have been a closing manager who had horrible customer service and attitude. I wish I had her name because she needs to be coached on how to treat customers and coworkers.

  361. The supplies avalible are incredible from kitchen utincels, books toys and all thr nececitys for all home supplies. the store is nice and clean and very organizird.

  362. I did my Easter Shopping for My grandchildren And The verity of items was incredible. The service was very nice,

  363. Here in Dunnellon Florida, a semi-rural area, my 10 year old daughter enjoys buying toys and games in your Dollar Tree Store. Myself, your books, food items and general household items are marked at a very reasonable price which keeps me out of Walmart Store which I truly dislike in my community.

  364. The other day we went into the dollar tree in Bend Oregon. We needed to get some things for our car club sock hop. We found everything we needed for decorations, and prizes! Your employees were helpful in showing us where to find all the things we wanted.
    Thank you,
    Sue Rhoades

  365. Love shopping at the store, always clean and well stocked the employees are cheery and vary helpful. The manager is always on the floor and ready to help you to find something or answer any questions, very pleasant.

  366. The customer service needs to improve. They do not greet you as you enter the store. Most of them do not want to be there. They complain too much. The products are great! I am a customer from Columbus Georgia

  367. so I pressed ENTER HERE for my chance to win $1,000 daily and . . . NOTHING. It sent me to nowhere. Sweet little system you've got.

  368. Loved looking at all the new merchandise for every holiday. Also the great assortment of cards for all occasions

  369. I like shopping at Dollar Tree, their cards are nice and reasonable, very pleasant employees and courteous.

  370. I really enjoy shoping at dollar tree, especially in Murray Ky, I live in mayfield Ky which is 23 miles from Murray, The Murray store has so many more things than Mayfield store. I wish the Mayfield store stocked the same things. is there any possible way ???? Thanks

  371. We recently visited the new store in Cornwall, Ontario. WOW we were so impressed that we live approx. 60 miles away and have been there twice. The store is clean, the employees very kind and helpful. Needless to say, we will return soon.

  372. I love all of the merchandise in the Dololar Tree. You can't beat the price either!!! I will continue to shop at the Dollar Tree Stores. They are located everywhere I go!!!

  373. My husband and I shopped at our local Dollar Tree as we usually do weekly. When we got to the checkout, the cashier sent us to a register that was not open. My husband over heard her tell the manager she was not going to check us out because our order was to big. Never have we ever had this happen before. Our total was just over $80.00 which is normal for us. I honestly believe if this is the way she treats the customers she should find another job. We had to wait for the system to load the register she sent us to and the young man apologized for our wait. The lady that wouldn't check us out checked out around 8 customers while we were waiting. This store is located in Holiday Plaza Mall in West Memphis, AR. My husband and I have decided it is time to find another place to do our shopping. Paying a little more and have better service may be the best for us in the long run.

  374. I have been in different stores in the metro Atlanta areas and each store service is not the same. The Camp Creek Market store employees frequently has less cashiers on duty to service customers purchases before,during and after rush hour traffic ( 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm) weekly. At the Alpharetta Hwy store, the service is quicker and pleasant.

  375. I would liketo comment on the ordering process. I am toldthat the merchandise comes in by he sales going out. I am wanting to buy two shower drain strainers that you sell. Itis still in the order book. They have ben out for five weeks. They are notcoming in because they are not selling any. What can I do. Thissystem isnot working for several other items either. Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

  376. I go to this Dollar Tree all the time because it is close but I have gone to others as well. they are always clean, very well stocked and everyone is always helpful and friendly. I am actually thinking about quitting my part time job and applying at Dollar Tree. I KNOW I would be proud to be one of their associates. Although I am afraid my entire paycheck would go directly back into the store. I can never get out of there with just what I have on my list.

  377. the dollar tree I go to all the time is very helpful and friendly and always willing to help you out.,thanks keep up the good work

  378. There are limited items that we purchase. But we buy regularly. It is greatly appreciated when we can find what we need and the fact that we shop at more than one!

  379. I love the dollar tree, no matter were I have went into one everyone is so nice and helpful. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  380. Dollar Tree Stores are a bang for your buck. With a store located within 3 minutes from where I live I am a daily shopper. They have all the household products I need including a great variety of food items. It's amazing how they can sell great items at such a very low price. Thanks Dollar Tree!

  381. I love shopping at Dollar Tree. The best deals of any store yet. Customer Service is great. I will continue to shop at Dollar Tree.

  382. I have been to the Dollar Tree in Rockland Ontario Store # 40217 and I was treated like a queen. The associate named "Angie" was very respectful and knew the store inside out. I will for sure continue to shop at that store because everything is so neatly put in order. You feel respected and you enjoy your shopping because this girl greeted me when I came in. There should be more employees like that in the world. Thank you for giving me such a nice experience

  383. I shop at dollar tree as often as possible,I love Your stores and always find interesting things to buy,don't ever change.

  384. store no.40244.its my first time in dollar tree store and it is very kids also very happy. amazing.............

  385. I love the Yulee, Fl store. Always clean and well stocked. I have visited other Dollar trees in the surrounding area BUT none of them are as clean or well stocked as the Yulee, Florida store. I was love the Yulee store.

  386. I love Dollar Tree. Without that store, I couldn't make it. The clerks are super helpful too!

  387. The workers are awesome! The store is awesome! And I can find things there when other stores only sell in season.
    And did I mention and its employees are awesome!?

  388. I just feel in love with dollar tree. I am on Social Security So this store is perfect for my Family .

  389. A very special store with many values on products. Every one was very pleasant and helpful.

  390. I received very helpful pleasant service at the dollartree store, at st.matthews and empress in Winnipeg

  391. This is my new favorit store, good quality, good service, and you can depend on that it will be $1.00 just like they say, love this store, thank you so much for our dollar tree in new port arkansas, love it, love it

  392. Store#1122 has IMPROVED significantly and should hire more folks to keep merchandise off the isle floors. A little more organization and more organization on the refrigerator items. Move the items away from entry of the store. Other than that it is a great store.

  393. WE REALLY NEEDED THIS STORE IN WILLOWS CALIFORNIA, We do not have many stores period, let alone with these prices, GREAT VALUE, at affordable prices . We are so lucky to have you here THhank you for choosing us!.

  394. Thanks for getting your store in Fort Bragg. It is very neat, clean and well lite. The main problem is mobility. Fort Bragg is a retirement community with a high percentage of disabled. The two main grocery stores and $tree are our main shopping spots. Both groceries have 4 electric carts. When you opened I was told you were also getting them. You are going to lose customers if you don't bring some in. The store is too large to walk around comfortably for most of us.

  395. Always a pleasure to shop at our local Dollar Tree. Revolving selection of products, always a nice surprise.

  396. We have the nicest people working at our dollar tree. I know that they have a very busy job, and have other things to do besides work the register. They are always so helpful. I hate to say this, but I have been in other dollar tree stores where they are not so friendly. So glad that the state st. New Albany store is my store.

  397. Each and everytime I have shopped at Dollar Tree it is the same type of experience. What I want is there and obviously at a great price. My only complaint would be the cleanliness of the floors. If I want assistance it is readily available if I ask. However the floor associates are always busy stocking and doing store recovery which is a very important aspect. But remembering customer service would be a plus. Just simply stopping to say "Ma'am are you finding everything ok." However, I will not stop shopping there. The store is satisfactory to me.

  398. I have a good experience whenever I shop at dollar tree. However, the location I use rarely has more than one till open, which causes a wait at the store.

  399. I recently had a bad experience at Dollar Store 1424 in Amherst, NY. I was standing in the check-out line with about 4 people behind me when the clerk announced that she was closing. I thought this was odd that a clerk would close in the middle of a line. So we moved to another check-out. Then the clerk seeing the number of people at check-out decided to stay open, so I went back into her line. I mentioned to her that perhaps she should have not closed in the middle of a line, This comment did not sit well with her. She became very nasty. She snatched the money from my hand and made several mean remarks. She was so rude. I told her to remember her manners but she continued to be rude. I am sorry I made the remark but the truth of the manner is that she should not have decided to close in the middle of a long line. The clerk's name is Melissa and the incident occurred on 3/18/15. This is the first time that a clerk has been so rude at a Dollar Tree Store and I hope it never happens again,.

  400. thank you for being a great store it is so nice to have a store where you can get thingsfor a dollar and all of the stuff that i have had from the dollar has been really good it has all been food but it is good i would pay more for the food but i am very thankful that is only a dollar plus a little bit of tax but totally worth every penny!!

  401. Liove Dollartree- my favorite store in the whole wide world of my life. I tell everyone. All employees nice and helpful and good people

  402. I receive excellent service and friendliness each and every time at Store 1254.
    The store is well stocked and the prices are great.
    You have one A-1 winner: Sales Associate: Becky. Always cheerful and helpful.
    Store at 331 N. Capitol Avenue, San Jose, CA

  403. I love the bargains and the sweet clerks, all very helpful to find just what I am looking for.

  404. favorite store to shop at. the Spencerport N'Y' store worker bees and Manager very helpful and polite I save all of my house
    hold needs to be purchased at dollar tree.

  405. the amount of products is excellent. also the customer service people are very nice and professional.

  406. I found the store messy and in need to cleaning and getting items where they belong and not on the floor.

  407. I love the dollar tree, I will give my grandbabies $5.00 and they know they can get 5 of anything they want, they love it and it is a way to teach them about shopping! { ps. granny pays the tax if they behave, if not they only get 4 things and have to pay there own taxes}

  408. I love Dollar Tree. It is the best place to shop for just about all my needs. Since I am on a fixed income, I have to be very careful with my money. Shopping at Dollar Tree allows me to by more products like cards, food, gifts and household needs. I'm grateful Dollar Tree is in my neighborhood, but I would go anywhere to shop there.
    Thank you.

  409. Very nice lady waited on us. She was friendly, outgoing, yet professional. Very pleasant experience

  410. This store is very helpful to the community in today's economic.
    Thanks, Dollar Tree Stores

  411. we enjoy shopping in the Dollar Tree. It saves a good deal of money,as a senior citizen we need to save any way we can. Keep on doing the great job.

  412. I went to the store #2073 I was looking for an address book but cashier informed me that not until June. I did find some ground barrier and I got that. I was glad you had it!!

  413. i like dollar tree because can find most products i want and i dont feel gouged when i go to pay

  414. I visit the store [email protected] 301 east main st. in westfield ma. you have a cashier during the day and her name is terri. She is such an asset to the company. Friendly very caring, and is there for the customer. Dollar Tree should be made aware of their employee. Kudo's to Terri or y I am not sure of the spelling of her name.
    Thank You

  415. Dollar Tree is my store of stores for a sundry number of basic items I need at an extreme fraction of what it would cost me elsewhere. It's the best thing happening for those on a budget !

  416. Love Dollar Tree! Good selection! Always buy my greeting cards & party supplies at DT. Use a lot of the plastic organizers. Like the holiday selection also! Staff friendly & helpful. Store is clean.

  417. I love the dollar store. I can usually find what I need and a lot of times, things I didn't know I needed.

  418. Shop at on in west Lebanon n.h. today and last Tuesday whopped at the one in Barre vt and LOVE that store. Its 100 times better then the one in w. Lebanon.I have to drive an hour to get there but worth it. Just wish the in w. Lebaonon was like. Barres.

  419. The New Hartford New York store is always neat, clean & wll stocked! The employees are always very helpful & courteous! It is always my go too store first! hn

  420. the store in Catheral city on hwy 111 is filthy and always has things
    all in the aisle also on the floor it is the worst store we have been in
    also products are not in proper places.You need someone to come
    in and train the help.And make changes and clean up the store

  421. Since I became a dollartree shopper, I have been impressed with the quality of your your products for the value. I travel a lot and now I look for the dollartree stores. The only thing is some stores our a lot cleaner than others. I would like to see the standard for the stores applied to all stores.

  422. More information about Dollar Tree says : " every single item is $1:00 or less !!!!
    I think that is false advertisement because most item are $1:25 or more.
    I was shopping at Dollar Tree today and all 6 items a bought were 1:25 ? So i think you should change your add or better yet lower the pices to $ 1:00

  423. I went today about an hour ago to Everett Dollar Store # 811 S.E. Everett Mall Way 98208 and I got many things among them I got Polkadot Pinwheel ( red color ), but when I open my back at home 1 part of the wheel was missing...I got this toy for my grand baby and now I can't give her because is ruined. I was talking with Kristi at home who was looking for this missing part at her store but she couldn't find it. I will try to order, but I feel really bad that I need to spend extra time to this thing. I will be next time special careful and I will warn my future Cashier to use extra caution during packing to secure all of those parts because they are evidently very delicate. Thank you!

  424. store #40173 Cobourg ON has no access ramp onto the sidewalk close to accessible parking, havt to go to the other end o the plaza by Winners to get up on the sidewalk, if this had been Jan or Feb I probably would have got back in the van and left, never to return

  425. Unable to enter survey. Keep getting survey code not acceptable and entry is correct

  426. Just walking into the store was very nice to see a well organized and clean store. The fact that all of the isles had product signs displayed so that one could go immediately to the area that would have the product one was looking for. The manager was very pleasant and appeared to care for the customers and asked if we had found all that we were looking for. Will patronize this store in the future.

  427. The Dollar Tree Store are always a great place for a quick and enjoyable shopping trip.

  428. I love going to DollarTree so much for so little and I always find what I want. The people are friendly and helpful if for some reason I can not find something. Just love it.

  429. I love my dollar tree because everyone there is so nice and you guys always have what I need! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

  430. everyone is friendly here. the store manager can be rude sometimes with the staff in front of customers.

  431. Dollar Tree is the best store I have ever known before since I came in USA, all cashiers are very kind and helpful. This store helps you to save more money to take care of your family and others. I like to go shopping there. There is no store like Dollar Tree. this is the most trusted name in Store in USA.

  432. Dollar Tree is the best store I have ever know before since I came in USA, all cashiers are very kind and helpful. This store helps you to save more money to take care of your family and others. I like to go shopping there. There is no store like Dollar Tree. this is the most trusted name in Store in USA.

  433. I;m 67 years old and purchase over 40.00 .I had eight bags and was unable to take the cart outside because of the rules.I think the store could take the post off to make it easy for me,and i would have bring the cart back into the store.Customer might buy more if they could use the cart.charge .25 like aldo market to take the cart out and get it back when returned.methuen ma location.workers didn't say anything to me.


  435. Linda was very fast and helpful and the other cashier helped with finding a product, thank you both for being so attentive to the customer need

  436. When asked for an item they pointed and said it may be down that aisle. The item was not down the aisle and I was never provided assistance to find it so I left. This is the Cold Lake location




    SHE KNOWS HER PRODUCTS, and where they are located in the store

    She ALWAYS has a smile on her face, she is just a delight and a pleasant person to interact with

  438. the store I visit most is in Winterville,N.C. and I really enjoy shopping there the staff is very pleasant and helpful, I love to see all the items they stock and the money I save by shopping there,keep up the good work.

  439. I love dollar tree because stuff are easy to find and when I ask someone they come right.

  440. If I win any money at all, I want to help my parents out of dept. I would for sure go every day because I already do! Just even to look around and the people are very nice.


  442. I love dollartree it is cheap and you can find things easy well go up and down and if you can find things

  443. This is not for me I just realized please delete me from you ad.
    Thank You : I am to old for school .

  444. I gave up and did the text survey very easy and quick. I have my code and I am on my way back
    to get my 20% off. Yummy!

  445. I visited Dollar Tree on 25th in Hillsboro # 2378. I always enjoy my visit and always spend more than I intended to..... I found the employee I dealt with, Donna, very pleasant and helpful!

  446. $tree in Thomasville GA has the most courteous sales people in the world, it is a pleasant shopping experience.

  447. Why discriminate against Mexico? Mexicans buy a lot in dollar tree! It's a shame to korea and Honduras are, and not Mexico. Too bad.

  448. Por que discriminan a Mexico? los mexicanos compran muchisimo en dollar tree ! es una pena que hasta korea y honduras esten y no Mexico. Que mal.

  449. My Vernal Dollar Tree is the boom!! It is where I shop and the value is un surpassed in service and quality. We need a bigger store, yet no matter the size the management is the most excellent I have received.

  450. Our Dollar Tree store in Brenham is a favorite of mine for several reasons. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I go there for cards, but I always find other items. Today as I was leaving I noticed they had just filled a table with books and of course I found three that I think will be good reads. It's like that, you never know what you may find there.

  451. Employee did not greet me when I came in store!!! Very rude she was so unpersonable. She did not smile and even say thank you when she rang up my purchases. Her tag said management!!!!! I will NOT walk in that store again. My receipt Sales associate Annie. The way I see it if a employee cannot greet me and say thank you she don't need to be in the public at all. I am very upset about this. Someone needs to go in that store and check this out. Dress like a regular customer and see for yourself how rude she is. Please something needs done about this. Thank you.

  452. There was one cashier opened and a line half way through the store. Several employees were just walking around in the back of the store. The customer service at this store is horrible.

  453. I love the dollar store. I only have 350.00 to live on a month and because of your store I don't miss any meals now thank you so much for opening the store in alameda calif markest sent me

  454. they have alot of stuff people seem to use for a nice price

    to have alot of stuff you would lest expect


  456. I love visiting the dollar trees in Augusta rd, woodruff rd and maulding location. They always seem to have all my neccesities, gift ideas. Anything from toothpaste to wrapping paper to gift bags. Hand lotion shampoos body scrunched. Aluminum foil sheets, roll packs, pans to cook in candy. Reading glasses gift cards balloons anything thatvim in need for dish detergent paper towels gift bags wrapping papers all sorted cards there just so much to be thankful for to get for just one dollar. That is by far my favorite store to browse in there's so much to offer ALWAYS. IM there quite often and love it!! What more can I say

  457. Today I was at dollartree; verygood service; whenever I need something ; \\\i visit Dollartree.
    Thank You very much.

  458. The service at the front is always good and I'm impressed they never fail to ask about bags needed and buying a product for one of our Military.

  459. love it .GREAT for the entire family !!!!! wonderful employees, always a smile! we need one on saint George ave.

  460. Really great to be able to have a change to win this would be so good. The dollar tree is fun to go to and see all the different things, food, candy and kitchen stuff, school and etc. .

  461. I have to say I am very happy we had a Dollar Tree come to Morrisville Vt.. I live in Hyde Park Vt. You can always find they you want or thing you wouldn't thnk you would find in a dollar store.

  462. Our service on 12/28/14 from Elaina was wonderful. She was very nice and polite while checking us out.

  463. Thank God for Dollar tree! It helps when you have a store that homeless people can afford to purchase food.

  464. Everyone who works there are really friendly and helpful. Store#2596 is a very clean place to shop at.It helps me to afford what I need. Thank You

  465. I love this store the shopping great and the people that work there are awsome
    thank you for having such a wounderful store
    thank you for your time


  466. I love store 4327. Everyone is so helpful for the most part. I think Sue is very rude to customers and cashiers every time I am in there. Love the products. Jim is so helpful and thank you Patricia for all your help and always smiling and cheerful. I appreciate the great attitudes and smiles from Jamie and Keean, mostly everybody! Great store!


  468. waited in line while the only cashier blow up balloons for customer,they were wrong so had to do over rest of us stood in line waiting,asked for another cashier no response,customer walked around on floor to find help,man behind me said well this must be free,needless to say we were not happy

  469. I really like to go to the Dollar Store and I go to different one depending in what part of town I am. I found that sometimes I have found something at one store that is not at another store. At one store I found a beautiful refrigerator magnet that had a bunch of horses on it. It was 3D with a pack of horses running through the water. A person's identity if very important and one always needs to stay grounded.

  470. I thank the entire Dollar tree family. I love that Dollar tree comes really handy. I just think the store was made for families like mine. Products are much cheaper, the store is closer and the products a good enough for what my family needs. I always come out with a cart full of stuff even when i go into the store for much fewer things. The staff are superb, always ready to assist you and, cheerfully so. I love it! I love them! And i love it!

  471. I am sick of dollar tree rationing bags.The ban is not in effect yet and might never be.Two attempts at repealing it are pending.Today I bought some soda but was not given bags.I demanded them or gave the perfectly friendly,kind clerk the option of just refunding the sodas if I wasn't given a bag to carry them.Management has the clerks terrified to provide bags for any, "large items",....No other businesses are treating customers and employees this way over a plastic bag law that hasn't and may not ever take effect....and NO!,I do not want to buy a reusable bag.Did corporate buy too many of the trashy things?If the ban ever goes into effect I will get something not made so cheaply and set it up so the sides stay if it's a pathetic attempt at selling the very poor quality reusables-that are more like disposables just expensive...quit it!

  472. It is always a pleasure to have Heather as our cashier. Always helpfull, nice and full of smiles. thank you for making the shopping trip more pleasant! And the male worker with long hair always seems to be cleaning and keeping things nice. thank you both, your a great team.

  473. Always find good products at low prices....and the people working in the store are always so cheerful and helpful.....enjoy my visit everytime.....

  474. No matter where I am, it seems there is a dollar tree nearby. It really helps me to save a few dollars at the grocery store and to find a variety of other things I sometimes need without making multiple stops to do it. It's very helpful to stop in and see what I can find there before shopping at other stores when I'm living on a disability income and my budget is meager. Thank you Dollar Tree.

  475. I shop at the Dollar Tree all the time. I really like the Gourmet Nuts. I noticed that one of the stores has the 123 batteries for my smoke detector. I have been buying the button batteries there for some time. I buy a number of things at the Dollar Tree instead of other stores. Even the newspapers are cheaper at the Dollar Tree.

  476. The service at the store was very good and the clerk was very good with bagging my stuff. She did not put my cleaning supplies with my lunch bags and body soap with my storage bags too.

  477. If you need something in a hurry, just go to Dollar Store. They usually have what you want. Service is great. You can go in and out within minutes.

  478. I love dollar tree and prefer it to other dollar stores. The cashier at store 3176 was very pleasant and helpful today.

  479. please continue to offer the large tall bags at checkout, they are so much nicer to use for longer items. like rapping paper, your stores have many items that are longer than the smaller bags . [][thank you.]

  480. Dollar Tree is wonderful for so many items I need and the store is close to where I live. I go there at least 3 to 4 times per month or more. Store #3171 is great and everyone working there is so nice.